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Found 8 results

  1. Hi. There's a two issues I'd like some help with for a KP Liberation mission I've created for the Chernarus 2020 map: 1) I want to add an oil rig as a factory. I've added the factory marker in the editor as below where I've experimented with changing its height. However, when I play the mission on the server and enter the capture zone, the bar just fills up blue with no AI spawning. I've only managed to spawn AI twice: once in mid-air where one died and the others vanished and another where a BTR-80 was in the water. Would I need a separate script that kicks in just for spawning OpFor AI on the oil rig? In the second screenshot there's respawn positions that came with the composition which I normally delete before saving. Can they be used instead? 2) I'd like to have active/dynamic playermarkers back just like in this thread. If you unPBO the mission, there's a GREUH_playermarkers.sqf file which I gather must be what I'm after. However, in the Parameters screen it's something that's only available under the GREUH player menu not KP Player Menu but GREUH doesn't work. How do I enable it for KP Player Menu? I know this can cause issues but for my mission I'm not using the Steam Workshop version and instead using the mission.sqm and all the folders/files in Missionframework from the GitHub site. I have also asked on the Discord channel (KP DEVELOPMENTS -> # kp-liberation) but unfortunately no one could help. Although someone did suggest because it's a composition rather than a single 'asset' (i.e. a house) I'm using and/or being on the water this might be what's causing the first issue? I have asked on the KP Liberation thread as well as the Discord server but unfortunately no one's being able to help so far. Thanks in advance!
  2. This is modification of famous KP Liberation mission from GREUH and Wyqer which I make for my dedicated (server is private, but if you Russian-speaking, feel free to contact me to access. I am not against non Russian-speakers, but obviously, this game is about communication 🙂 Goal is to make this mission more like Squad and give some little more realistic aspects: No factories Vehicles and resources available on main base Player respawn decreases resources amount at nearest FOB Some small adds and changes Added fake target to empty vehicles (need to improve) Added KP Crate Filler (need to improve) Added set camonet to respawn truck (ACE action) Disabled vanilla radio VON channels (use TFAR/ACRE, you will never back 🙂 Added some classames to config Added some items to special vehicles inventory Removed player inventory cleaning at respawn Custom preset used for Russian preset Added tatoo (skip time to morning) at FOB Custom squads disabled Some addition to GREUH's view-distance correction system (in ACE self interaction) Disabled GREUH's sound correction Don't need recycle building for recycle Some FOB repackage changes Unflip disabled (use ACE instead) Reduced minimal distance from sector to build FOB (use at own risk, but I have no errors) Resources amount at redeploy manager Logistics disabled Fog fix changed some more... Future plans: Make building system closer to Squad - commander set building point, units build it (lack of knowledge, can't make by now); More maps (weferlingen_summer only at now) later... Requirements (looks like not necessary, but you will loose some units, vehicles, functionality, never tried) : ACE, CUP, RHS, https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2172276194 (for Russian preset), also see original mission tips (link at top). I am welcome any help, changes, suggestions, etc. I prefer you will push your commits to GIThub, it saves time a lot, but any other method will be accepted 🙂
  3. Dwarfakiin

    KP Liberation Zeus control

    Alright, so... I'm having general issues with the AI of this game, and I highly doubt it's because of the actual AI, since enemy AI seems to be more than capable of doing exactly what I'd like to do... such as move. So for those of you unfamiliar with KP Liberation, you control your forces using Zeus, which is a fantastic idea. You can't edit any troops, and you can't even interact with enemy forces, but for some reason, whenever I am using the AI, they always do the most ridiculous things you've ever seen, worst part is they generally do this during combat. I'll list my issues below, and if anyone has any kind of fix for these issues, please please please! let me know. - AI getting into a vehicle then instantly dismounting, then repeating the cycle, sometimes even when I haven't told them to get in a vehicle. They seem to do this mostly whenever they're in combat, as when I set them to safe, they (most of the time) work fine and get in their respective vehicles, but of course if I'm using something like a Gorgon or Marshall, where the intent is to keep them in these vehicles to transport them safely, and so they can make use of the fire power they have, it generally isn't helpful when the gunner is playing musical chairs. - AI sometimes having incredible detection range, and other times having god awful detection. So this one is really annoying, I find that sometimes, we'll say for instance in a MBT, the AI will start engaging from 1 - 1.5KM, which would be fantastic if the liberation mode didn't penalize you for destroying buildings, which the MBTs seem to be adept at from long ranges. However by far the worst side of this, is when a enemy tank is maybe 100m away and is firing at my allied tank, and yet my tank doesn't seem to care about it, it just sits there and ignores it, even my AT soliders that accompany my MBTs seem to ingore the tank until it has completely decimated my tank. - So this one is kinda hard to explain, but it is an issue I'm dealing with right this second, at the same time as dealing with the first issue. My AI for whatever reason, are considering the OPFOR MBT which is about 2.5KM away a major threat, and they are gunning for it constantly, even though I am telling them to go the opposite direction, as I am trying to mount an offensive and don't fancy them going in one by one. Often times when I have this issue, the AI make things even more frustrating by exiting their very expensive vehicles and just walking, which causes me to lose the vehicle aswell. There's also the matter of when I do actually want my troops to move in, they seem to get wet feet and decide they aren't paid enough for this, because they start sprinting in the other direction, funnily enough, often to get in a vehicle. I can somewhat mitigate the fact they're trying to get in vehicles by just giving them 100-200m between each move marker, but it doesn't always work. For some reason they seem to think it's alot easier to run 2km down the road to grab a HEMTT from my FOB, than it is to walk 400m forward (and yes, I've had them try a frontal assault with HEMTTs and even an unarmed Huron before, where they flew over and just hovered there for about 20 seconds before the pilot died, killing all on board) - Lastly, the AI are just all round awful. Their Pathing doesn't seem to work half the time, they often don't take cover, sometimes they'll throw grenades at technicals and APCs but won't use the AT Launcher on their backs and they'll occasionally spread themselves so thin, that they can easily be picked off without the rest of the team ever knowing where the fire is coming from. Oh there's also the fact that putting AI in control of vehicles seems to be an all round terrible idea since they seem to love to travel 130mph head first into the nearest building. Sorry for so much reading, but the AI in this game are so infuriating at times (Anything past this is kinda a rant so y'know, read ahead if you wish) They really do ruin the game for me, as they make life so difficult when you have to command them and such. It'd be nice just for once to spend 10 mins on setting up my team and getting to the AO which would require an hour to take, rather than it being the other way around. I know the AI in this game can at times be amazing, truly amazing. But it only ever seems to happen every once in a blue moon, the rest of the time you're spent watching them run each other over in apparent fits of friendly fire and rage. I really do hope that if we get an ArmA 4, the AI will be significantly improved because they're supposed to be special forces, not "special" forces. I'll admit, at times I do get a slight giggle out of the stuff they do, like one time when one of my MBTs just mowed down a troop of enemy soliders because they decided to stand infront of it when it was traveling at top speed, but most of the time it's just frustrating and annoying. Not to mention that there's been alot of times when I've made a convoy of some kind, sent them on their way, and then as I'm catching up to them, I'm finding either completely destroyed prowlers and hunters, or just vehicles that had difficulty getting round a corner and decided "Oh well, they're too far ahead now, might aswell just sit here and wait for them to come back" meanwhile the convoy leader is just sat there thinking "Yeah I'm sure they'll catch up" little bloody deserters. Most of the time when I bring it up with anyone about the AI, they're always saying "Well that's why you play with players" but unfortunately I don't have 16 friends I can use to fill in my Huron, so I guess the amazingly stupid AI has to fill in the gaps. The weirdest part for me is that all of these issues seem to go if the soliders I'm using are in my own squad, and are ordered the normal way rather than by Zeus, which is odd since I originally thought that Zeus would have far more control than the normal squad system ever could. Anyways, rant over, if you can help with any of this they please dear god do, it'd make my life so much easier and I would greatly appreciate it, and thank you so much for taking the time to read all of this, I am very grateful.
  4. [SP/MP] OPFOR KP Liberation - Project Opfor / RHS Changes Made After looking at all the liberation missions it became clear that there where hardly any OPFOR sided liberation missions out their, compared to the orignal one, so we decided to deliver an OPFOR experience to liberation by making a Kp Liberation based on the OPFOR faction. So what we have done here is take Kp Liberation and change all the factions around to make it so you are able to play as the OPFOR faction, with out having to do anything, below is just a few of the main changes. We have used Project opfor as part of the base gear that will be used by the other factions. -Playable OPFOR faction. RHS AFRF (VDV/MSV) -Changed BLUFOR faction. Project OPFOR (Islamic State) -Changed GUER faction. Project OPFOR (Sahrani) -Changed the enemy marker colours to blue. -Changed spawn point marker to match OPFOR faction. -The friendly side is now OPFOR. -Added a extra tutorial page to help people. -OPFOR Medical vehicles changes. -Changed all factions to match new sides. -Fixed exploding choppers on the Ship. This mission will support other mods. If there is demmand a public server can be setup. Overview of the mission The area has fallen to the enemy, and it is up to you to take it back. Embark with your teammates on a persistent campaign that will span several weeks of real time to liberate all the major cities of the area. - Experience a massive “Capture the Island” campaign involving a large range of different settlements across the entire area. - Cooperate with up to 34 players, including a Commanding role, two fire-team squads, a medevac and a logistical support squad as well as AI recruits to fill the gaps. - Purchase both infantry and vehicles (both ground and air) using three different types of physical resources; supplies, ammunition and fuel. - Build the FOB of your dreams with an in-game "what you see is what you get" system. - Play within an immersive engine that not only punishes you for civilian casualty but diversely reacts in turn. - Combat aggressive and cunning hostile forces who react and adapt to your actions. - Monitor and work alongside, or against, independent guerrilla forces. - Learn that every window is a threat thanks to the custom urban combat AI. - Accomplish meaningful secondary objectives that will benefit your progression. - Never lose your progress with the built-in server-side save system. Statistics / Different on each map Capitals: 10 Cities: 68 Military: 26 Factories: 24 Radiotower: 22 Total Sectors: 147 Below you can look though the maps in the steam workshop. OPFOR Chernarus KP Liberation : OPFOR Altis KP Liberation : OPFOR Sahrani KP Liberation : OPFOR Tanoa KP Liberation OPFOR Takistan KP Liberation OPFOR Lythium KP Liberation More still to come. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Understanding Markers Capitals: There are several larger or important cities in the region. When all are under friendly control, you'll most certainly have beaten back the enemy to a point where they cannot re-establish control. This is your primary objective. They are very well defended and you'll have to deal with a very high chance of enemy reinforcements or counter attacks. Cities: Generally small to medium-sized cities. Factories: Across the region you will find civilian factories under enemy control. Capture these, as they only need a storage area and can then produce the three resources. As such they are a very strategic first target! Military Bases: Home to large amounts of highly equipped enemy forces, these installations are heavily defended and will require large and well co-ordinated assaults if you have any hope in capturing them. While capturing enemy bases you'll prove that your operation is progressing in a promising way, therefore you'll unlock some heavier assets. Radio Towers (RT): When under enemy control, RT will be used to call in reinforcements when a nearby sector is attacked by our own forces. The reaction time will depend on the distance between the tower and the sector. When under friendly control, the towers will give useful map intel on hostile troop movements in the vicinity by intercepting their radio communications. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Credits: -Creator: Zbug -Primary Editor: Wyqer -Secondary Editor: Luacs - Cross over This mission is under the Arma Public Licence (APL)
  5. Timezone: EST Gamemode: KP Liberation Language: English Short Description: Hi and welcome to the 41st Dagger Wolves Community! We are a growing community that mainly specializes in vanilla and modded KP Liberation missions! We try to focus on organization and communication so if you want to join a unit that offers lots of and different encounters and opportunities consider joining the 41st! We have a few rules to keep us orderly but I am proud to say that our community consist of people that are friendly and inviting!! We hope you will consider joining us and becoming a Dagger Wolf today! JOIN US ON DISCORD Arma Unit: https://units.arma3.com/unit/41stdaggerwolves JOIN US ON DISCORD https://discord.gg/wpC6BPJ USE INVITE CODE - wpC6BPJ
  6. I run a dedicated server with the following specs: Motherboard: Asus X79 Sabertooth CPU: Core i7 3930K 3.2GHz RAM: Viper Xtreme 16GB RAM DDR3 Disk drive: Samsung 960 Pro NVMe M.2 256GB OS: Windows Server 2016 (x64) I host a KP Liberation mission (currently v.963) for Altis on the server which I have modified (*) but the error occurred before I modified the mission file. The error is the server will just crash at random intervals with no obvious trigger. I have looked at the log file but it doesn't as far as I can tell detail the cause of the error or what is the error. This issue occurs when I play on my own as well as with others, but it seems to be more frequent when there are other players. There's only one instance I can recall where we had a long game about 2 hours and there were no crashes (and we were attacking Pyrgos which was quite populated with A.I). Here's some points: 1) I use a Headless Client hosted on the dedicated server machine (this occasionally drops out as well) 2) Win 10 build (previous build): the crash occurred (using the same CPU, Mobo and SSD for O/S) 3) Win 10 build: the same issue happened when I tried a different mission file which was for CTI 4) The only similarities ArmA content wise between the Win 10 and Server '16 builds were they used the RHS mods (AFRF, USAF, SAF and GREF) and CUP mods (Weapons, Units and Vehicles). See the below Launch Parameters for all mods used. But I can see another server SWISS [SF] (8-Core Processor, 4800 MHz/SSD) which has the same RHS and CUP mods so this would rule out a mod compatibility issue? 5) My dedicated server is hosted on my home network and goes through the same router as my gaming machine. Launch Parameters Log file Error Log Files and Dump Files As a first step in troubleshooting, will I have to go vanilla? Then if there's no issue test by adding 1 mod at a time? The launch parameters I pasted above have been amended since the last crash so the CBA mod loads first, would the mod load order make a difference? * just halved resource production time and changed values to '0' so there's no penalty for killing civs/destroying buildings
  7. Having a bit of an issue and did not know if anybody here could help me out. I made a version of KP Liberation on Takistan where opfor is the RHS Russians but my friends want me to merge some units from the Russia 2035 mod into opfor as well. I've gone into the opfor_rhs_afrf.sqf and have added or replaced units with the class names from the Russian Forces 2035 mod (example: "min_rf_t_14_desert",) but when ingame it refuses to replace any of the units I set to change in the preset. Any extra steps I need to take to get this working? Any help would be very appreciated.
  8. Having a bit of an issue and did not know if anybody here could help me out. I made a version of KP Liberation on Takistan where opfor is the RHS Russians but my friends want me to merge some units from the Russia 2035 mod into opfor as well. I've gone into the opfor_rhs_afrf.sqf and have added or replaced units with the class names from the Russian Forces 2035 mod (example: "min_rf_t_14_desert",) but when ingame it refuses to replace any of the units I set to change in the preset. Any extra steps I need to take to get this working? Any help would be very appreciated.