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Found 53 results

  1. MInky7

    Jets DLC Tournament

    I've been practicing my flight skills with the Jets DLC recently and realized that there's not much practical use for the Jets assets outside of milsim and the occasional scenario (that i can think of), so i thought it might be kind of fun to go head on with another pilot, however I don't have any active friends who own the Jets DLC. So here's my proposal, I host a server and hold some sort of tournament. I haven't ironed out how it would work yet which is partially why I made this post, as well as to see if anyone would be interested. Some things that need to be worked out are whether it would be 1v1 matches or Team Matches, how many rounds would be held per each competitor, how the jets would be chosen, etc. So i've set up a little poll to determine how the tournament would be structured and it can be found here. If you have anything to add, or want to help set it up please comment, if you want to compete simply join this steam group. If the poll ends up selecting teams the teams will be assembled at random, though they can have certain members upon special request if you want to go into it with your friends or something. There won't be any reward for winning as i'm broke af, however I do plan on recording the whole thing and uploading it onto my tiny YT channel so that could be considered a small amount of publicity for the winner. I'll update this post with dates, and poll results however a majority of the planning will take place in the steam group. Edit : There may be a reward depending on how many victors there are (there can be multiple victors if teams are chosen) and if there're enough games to go around.
  2. EasternGamer

    Jet's DLC Balancing REQUIRED

    As of recent I haven't really spoken up about this but there is a major problem with the current missile system for helicopters and their survivability. The main issue's relate to the MH-9 HummingBird and main blufor choppers. The main balance issue that came with the Jets DLC was the power of just the infantry AA launchers. They currently will only need 1 shot from the launcher to destroy a HummingBird. This is a major issue because you will have absolutely no warning and you might just explode. This could kill up to 7 people instantly. This makes a pilot like me who uses the thing every often and has learned how to land after being crippled before the update. The point here is that if it is a 1 shot there should at least be a warning or no warning but then at least will take more than 1 shot. You might say its unrealistic but then when you think about it, it is. This is not real life. This is a game where you try balance fun over realism and this is where I'd say the fun aspect needs to be increased for the chopper pilot who has spent hours and hours flying and is then just taken out by an absolute noob who has around 5 hours in the game who knows how to press T and click.


    i purchased jets dlc a week ago, and whenever i play KOTH it keeps showing ads on my screen, the DLC is installed on steam, and its enabled, its a pain in the ass, and whenever i try to ride one of the dlc helicopters it says that i must buy the JETS DLC, but i already bought it, whats the probelm? any help?
  4. JR Bullet

    Jets dlc - AG MACER

    Hi so after the jets update i can't lock on ground targets using AG MACER is that a bug ? Or its me ? thanks
  5. I've made an addon that adds a texture to the texture list in "edit Vehicle Appearance" on the gryphon, but I can't figure out a way to keep the vehicle appearance and the pylon settings for the jet after respawn. Any ideas?
  6. Flying jets in combat used to be quite binary in Arma. You fly or die. We heard you like hitpoints, so we put more hitpoints in your airplane so you can die while you fly. In return, you can show us how to land like a boss after a critical control loss. And put it on YouTube. With Jets DLC inbound, the birds needed to be put on par with other vehicle types in terms of damage effects to achieve some consistency and primarily extend the possible outcomes and challenges pilots will get in a combat. (as with other dev-branch'd features, this 'platform upgrade' will be available to everyone that owns Arma 3). And the challenges you may face include: Leaking fuel Reduced / complete loss of thrust after either one / both engines have been damaged Malfunctioning HUD and MFDs Gear that is no longer retractable if you landed too roughly Loss of control authority and adverse flight tendencies (a gameplay counterpart to tailrotor loss in helicopters) after taking hits in wings and control surfaces At the moment, there's only one aircraft configured with the new hitpoints - the Wipeout. Give it a go, try some Neophron Valley mission and let us know.
  7. I_Plane_Fighter_04_F A-149 Gryphon ["weapon_Fighter_Gun20mm_AA",[-1]]; ["Laserdesignator_pilotCamera",[-1]]; ["weapon_BIM9xLauncher",[-1]]; ["weapon_AGM_65Launcher",[-1]]; ["weapon_AMRAAMLauncher",[-1]]; ["CMFlareLauncher_Singles",[-1]]; B_Plane_Fighter_01_Stealth_F F/A-181 Black Wasp II (Stealth) ["weapon_Fighter_Gun20mm_AA",[-1]]; ["Laserdesignator_pilotCamera",[-1]]; ["weapon_BIM9xLauncher",[-1]]; ["weapon_GBU12Launcher",[-1]]; ["weapon_AMRAAMLauncher",[-1]]; ["CMFlareLauncher_Singles",[-1]]; B_Plane_Fighter_01_F F/A-181 Black Wasp II ["weapon_Fighter_Gun20mm_AA",[-1]]; ["Laserdesignator_pilotCamera",[-1]]; ["weapon_BIM9xLauncher",[-1]]; ["weapon_GBU12Launcher",[-1]]; ["weapon_AMRAAMLauncher",[-1]]; ["weapon_AGM_65Launcher",[-1]]; ["CMFlareLauncher_Singles",[-1]]; O_Plane_Fighter_02_F To-201 Shikra ["weapon_Fighter_Gun_30mm",[-1]]; ["Laserdesignator_pilotCamera",[-1]]; ["weapon_R73Launcher",[-1]]; ["weapon_R77Launcher",[-1]]; ["weapon_KAB250Launcher",[-1]]; ["CMFlareLauncher",[-1]]; O_Plane_Fighter_02_Stealth_F To-201 Shikra (Stealth) ["weapon_Fighter_Gun_30mm",[-1]]; ["Laserdesignator_pilotCamera",[-1]]; ["weapon_R73Launcher",[-1]]; ["weapon_R77Launcher",[-1]]; ["weapon_KAB250Launcher",[-1]]; ["CMFlareLauncher",[-1]];
  8. Graaicko

    New Rangefinding system

    Hi, This a minor rant about the new rangefinding system. I'll be bold, I do not like it and it should not exist. I love being a sniper in wasteland, it is very fun, you just aim at your target read the distance. I off and on play arma for about a month then comeback. But this time I found out they changed it to where you push a button... That I imediately cringed. The automatic rangefinder was easy and more convenient. The game is based in the future, why not have automatic rangefinders. Why change something that was working thoughout A2 and A3? By default the button was binded to \ which is the salute button. This makes no sense. Why add another key command to the LARGE list of binded keys even to where they start overlapping? I hate the new rangefinding system. BIS, please revert the old rangefinding system back. It was just better in everyway. If not, atleast make it a option so the player can choose.
  9. psk_whiplash

    Arma 3 Jet DLC Giveaway

    Hey ! So , I'm currently doing a giveaway of Arma 3 Jet DLC on my Twitter after I won the Armaholic giveaway (thank you Jeza) , in case you are interested on winning the key , all you have to do is : Follow , Retweet AND comment why you deserve to win the DLC (Answer on the tweet). Bonus points for pilot jokes The Winner will be announced on the 16th of June . Good luck ! Tweet:
  10. I've made an addon that adds a texture to the texture list in "edit Vehicle Appearance" on the gryphon, but I can't figure out a way to keep the vehicle appearance and the pylon settings for the jet after respawn. Any ideas?
  11. Hello, I can't seem to find a way to make my OPFOR jets attack BLUFOR infantry. I use this: { if (side _x == west) then { _laserT = createVehicle ["LaserTargetE", [0,0,0], [], 0, "NONE"]; _laserT attachto [_x, [0, 0, 0]]; _cleanUp = [_x, _laserT] spawn { waituntil {!alive (_this select 0)}; deletevehicle (_this select 1); true }; }; } forEach allUnits; To no avail. Any ideas? Thank you, _SCAR
  12. TheJackSparrow

    Not able to turn on radar

    Hi, I am currently having an in-game issue where I cannot seem to enable the radar in the scroll menu. I've tried launching my game with and without mods, but with no luck - the option simply does not appear in the scroll menu when I am inside a plane.
  13. In the Update going with the Jets-DLC, Bohemia Interactive seems to have changed the way the 3rd-person-view for helicopters works. Instead of keeping the camera kind of parallel to the ground, it is now 'fixed' to the helicopter. This isn't quiet good for flying because when slowing down you can no longer see your landing zone if you are flying with keyboard and mouse (you can not look around if you are using the mouse to steer). Is there an option where I can change back to my good old 3rd-person-view?
  14. darthdan@live.com.au

    Freedom issue

    Hey guys. We installed Freedom on our server and can land on it just fine. Doors operational etc but we can't get the catapult to work. Something we should look at in our init?
  15. Hello, the last update ruined the game experience completly, the disadvantage for people who play King of the Hill and are not playing with premates is now incredible big. The AA has to lock on again everytime one rocket was shot, the rockets hit even less than before, the new radar is not showing the right symbols and you cant see shit on it. The Tanks got no rangefinder? You cant lock on to enemy tanks? Where is the sense? Why do you downgrade the game? Why is the Minimap now on the otherside of the screen while driving a normal tank? Why cant you move it? What the hell is going on with the camera while flying chopper in 3rd person?? why cant you leave it as it was, now you need VR and a Headtracker to fly proper? Im angry and slowly but surely im losing the believe in this game and the dev's. Explanation would be great
  16. Hello guys, im currently searching for the new Jets Dlc wepaons class names, so far, that ones from the class names West,Indipendent,Opfor are missing. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_CfgVehicles_WEST It says, theyve only got "3" Weapons: 1x magazine_Fighter01_Gun20mm_AA_x450 1x Laserbatteries 1x 240Rnd_CMFlare_Chaff_Magazine so indeed thats not all. Where can I find the missing class names? Would be very nice, if some one could help me. Greetings
  17. Hello BI Forums, I've done some experimenting and I've come to the conclusion that BIS has done *something* wrong in terms of identifying the position of the throttle and converting that into the analogue thrust percentage. The reason that this is so baffling is that in single player it works flawlessly, on a local hosted mission it works without issue, however as soon as I join a multiplayer dedicated server the whole system goes kaput. Best case scenario is that it only accepts half of my possible travel potential on my throttle (All the way back would be -1, centered would be 0 and all the way forwards would be 1, ArmA appears to only accept 0-1 or -1 to 0 depending on if you bind the + or - axis.) Worst case scenario is that as soon as I move my throttle it automatically jumps to 100% throttle and only goes back to 0% exactly if I put my throttle in a very specific spot. This is strange behaviour. Was wondering if anyone could help me out and provide a bit of assistance, will post the same thing on the ArmA reddit too. Edit: Reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/armadev/comments/6br5hm/arma_issues_with_thrustmaster_throttle/
  18. _Kilo_

    Jets DLC Purchase

    Hello there, i purchased the Jets DLC on the 3rd. I have a paypal receipt. It says I do not have the DLC and Need to purchase it.... Could someone please fix this? You sent a payment of $10.79 USD to Bohemia Interactive Studio s.r.o. (ota@bistudio.com) It may take a few moments for this transaction to appear in your account. Merchant Description Unit price Qty Amount Arma 3 Jets $10.79 USD 1 $10.79 USD Subtotal $10.79 USD Total $10.79 USD Payment $10.79 USD Charge will appear on your credit card statement as "PAYPAL *BISTUDIO" Payment sent to ota@bistudio.com Invoice ID: 865098
  19. Hvymtal

    Jets - Performance Tests

    All aircraft began on the ground with full fuel and all tests were performed with at least 75% fuel. All aircraft were flown on the same day on the same terrain at the same time by the same pilot (Wake Island, default time/day, me) All tests averaged over at least 3 runs, Roll median at 5 Controls were mouse and keyboard with default curves All planes were relieved of ordnance but had full guns and CM, Shikra and Wasp were stealth and had no external pylons, Buzzard had no gun pod PERFORMED ON 12 MAY 2017, ALL NUMBERS SUBJECT TO CHANGE Oukej states that any major flight model changes will not occur between now and launch so this is it UPDATE 12 MAY The big re-test, numbers final until FMs are altered further Fighters & Sentinel CAS
  20. sasha013

    JETS DLC Wishlist

    Does anyone have a wishlist for the upcoming DLC? Personally I would love to see the return on the F-35, maybe the B VTOL variant but with an internally mounted cannon. In fact, it would be really cool if they brought in a static carrier too, something in the lines of HMS Queen Elizabeth for NATO, and an alternative variant for CSAT. OR, another alternative for CSAT? For ADF I would say the Eurofighter Typhoon but Greece were never involved in the project. Maybe an altered F-16? Here's my take on where, I hope, BI are getting their ideas and influences: They might even decide to blend designs, like a combined F22/F35B or PAK FA/J20. Who knows...
  21. All aircraft began on the ground with full fuel and all tests were performed with at least 90% fuel. All aircraft were flown on the same day on the same terrain at the same time by the same pilot (Wake Island, default time/day, me) All tests averaged over at least 3 runs, roll median at 4 Controls were mouse and keyboard with default curves PERFORMED ON 18 MAY 2017, ALL PERFORMANCE NUMBERS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE UPON RELEASE
  22. To BI and B01: Will there be a module or modules available which create prepared configurations for the Freedom, with their respective animations? If yes, could they be adjusted, modified, maybe even given the chance of saving our own custom versions? Thanks in advance! (If anyone else wishes to use this post for their own questions, feel free to post).
  23. In koth the radar is not working proper anymore, when i am on blue sight and want to join a dogfight in jets for example and the enemy team is using a Wipeout i cant lock on to him. I know that the Wipeout usualy is a Bluefor jet, before 1.68 there was no problem with the radar and the lock on but after that i cant get a lock on or the right radar symbol. R and T not working The Cheetah radar is not working in any way, and R and T as well are bugged. 8/10 Times nothing is working.
  24. EDIT: Was named JETS DLC Breaks VTOLs. Upon further investigation (Thanks, Greenfist ) I discovered that my problem resides in the fact that when TV is on, the "flaps" now controls the prop/nozzle position. I'm glad we're still in dev branch because this should be renamed. We aren't in A2 anymore and launching as it is in its current state would be unacceptable. My recommendation, change the name of the function in TV mode from "Flaps Down/Up" to "Thrust Down/Forward". Nice and unambiguous, makes it real easy to understand for new pilots seeing as jets will bring in a bunch of fresh butter-bars to crash all our stuff. Honestly, the new system makes flaps irrelevant anyhow, so I question whether we should just add new control functions for Thrust Down/Forwards and get rid of the "mode," keeping flaps for those of us who still want and like them. Playing with it more, the VTOLS could use some airbrakes but otherwise just needs Virtual Arsenal practice. A lot of it For those of you who got got like me: FLAPS IN VTOL NOW CONTROLS NOZZLE/PROP ANGLE, Flaps DOWN moves the thrust more VERTICALLY, Flaps UP moves the thrust more HORIZONTALLY, if you think of how flaps work, this makes perfect sense, though you wouldn't notice it on the ground or even in the air until someone points it out to you. Tip: Never go below 34% throttle unless you need to bleed altitude FAST, and then be prepared to go full power and pull up hard. FOLLOWING IS ORIGINAL POST. IT IS IRRELEVANT BUT HAS BEEN LEFT IN FOR DOCUMANTATION AND ONLINE ARCHIVING. I HAVE NO SHAME IN BEING A DUMBASS, SH*T HAPPENS, LIVE AND LEARN It appears that with the new throttle mechanics and flight characteristics introduced in JETS, VTOLS do not seem to function as intended anymore. Both the V-44 and Y-32 seem to roll forwards at least 30m before actually lifting off, and getting the thing to transition back to hovering from level flight is basically impossible since the thrusters/props do not seem to actually rotate downward again, even if you stall them in a zoom climb, essentially turning them into glorified planes. As far as I can tell, the only way to get the things to hover from level flight is to turn on invincibility (such as in VA), crash the things into the ground, use the new brakes function to being them to a stop, and then, only then will the Y-32 nozzles or V-44 props redirect their thrust. Not to mention them being difficult to land in level flight already, now whenever you do land you can't bring it down easy either way and it breaks the landing gear. Oh yeah, and even when you are in hover mode, the things don't actually hover no matter what you do, they'll either lurch forwards from black magic thrust or you reverse your direction from trying to get the thing to stop moving by pitching up and crash. With release in may, I really hope that the devs look really hard at the VTOLs and find a way to get them to work as intended
  25. #1.68 Update JET PHYSICS Change for the worse WHY OH WHY have the physics for Neophrons (and other fixed-wing) changed??? Is it a glitch or unforeseen physics effects from 64bit upgrade? Please say it is so..... The landing distances are ridiculously easy now but worse still, the takeoff is 450m (up from 350m) and thus--> Feres and Abdera strips are now gone as options for the Neos. (it took me hundreds of hrs to perfect Abdera): BIS if you want to disillusion/lose your most ardent and loyal subscribers, just keep changing the way the game. We love and play Arma for the challenge, complexity and realism that it offers not the typical easy and simple formats that the 'other games' offer. [COD/CS/BF et all are for plug and play 10yo] PLEASE FIX/REVERSE THESE LAST AIRCRAFT CHANGES!