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Found 3 results

  1. Headphones and why they are Important for games Most people overlook their audio for games in their setup, they buy expensive video cards, displays and even fancy ram with LED lights... I Would like to go over a few things, terminology, price/performance value what to look for and what to stay away from. Terminology Drivers- are the speakers which are used in your headphones designed for use in close proximity to your ears Big = better. Virtual Surround Sound - you dont need 5 sets of drivers per ear to have surround sound, generally this is a marketing term for stereo audio having more then 1 Driver per Ear is a waste of your money and your sound quality. Amp - a Amplifier which helps to push your headphones a little bit both in terms of volume and in quality. Open Back- Headphones with exposed drivers, provided great sound stage for the most part, will leak sound so you can hear what is going around you, and people can hear what you are listening to... will not bleed into mics if you set mic gain accordingly. overall these and the semi open are the best for gaming. Closed Back - Headphones which are completely enclosed drivers, the typical headphone type you are used to isolates sound. Semi open - really its just open back with a few trade offs. Sound Signature or Frequency response - how the headphone acts during certain frequency range. but be higher, lower or neutral (FLAT), V shaped means More Bass and treble and not much mid range sounds. Monitor or reference headphones mean that they have a flat Frequency response. Please try to Stay away from headsets... aka headphones with mics, usually you can find the same headphones without a mic at 200 to 300% less price, I would highly recommend Sony Clip on ECM CS3 Mic with a 3.5mm extension, really great sound quality you could use it for making voice overs in games... better then pretty much any headset mic. Stay away from brands such as Beats, Bose, skull candy ect... while some people may like them... its better if you look else where. Price I find that anything around 40 to a little less then 200 will give you very good headphones, above that you start to have steep diminishing returns for only slightly better audio... If you have a good motherboard and your house was not wired by grandma and grandpa you should have clean undisturbed signal with little or no noise so dacs will not be needed unless you really want to as most Highend (not high priced) motherboards should have a good quality dac built in. Try to stay away from wireless systems, i find anything wireless to just be a hassle with sub-par performance compared to a system which uses conductors, not only do wired headphones/ all devices work better in almost all regards you don't have to replace batteries and yes li po batteries will not last long, you have much lower latency with a wire close to the speed of light that is, more interference that might be picked up through a wireless system, plus wireless systems are harder to repair. Feel free to Post down below your comments, recommendation as well as any questions you have ;) will add headphone Amps down below at a later date and a few other things ... Headphones list AKG K612 - Pro one of the best Headphones I have tried, works very well of gaming and music, Flat sound signature, open relatively easy to run without an amp Around 150 USD (sadly build quality is a little low, connection issues led to me opening and re soldering the left ear) AKG K712 - the K612 older brother, better in all aspects but are around 300 USD great if you can find them used for around 200, but if not AKG K612 are pretty much the same, it also comes with a detachable cable AKG Q 701 - Great Audio, open back, Little harder to run then the K612, not much bass which is not such a huge issue little over priced for what they are AKG K240 and MK II - Great Semi Open Headphones around 50 to 95 USD easy to drive at 55 Ohms AKG K271 and MK II - Great Value Closed headphones easy to drive 55ohms drivers Audio Technica ( ATH ) ATH M20x,30x,40x,50x, - Get which ever headphone you can afford, they are little over hyped maybe for good reason, easy to run, closed (50's are over priced get the 40's instead) ATH AD 500X - Really impressive Headphones one my top pick for under a 100 USD for gaming headphones, open, easy to drive, Very accurate and large soundstage higher then 90% of headphones, lite on the base. sold for under 80 USD, wings on top can be moded with elastic or rubber band if one has issues with them, very light and very comfortable, flat sound signature besides for bass ATH AD 700X - A small step up above the 500x just a touch more bass around 100 USD ATH AD900X - A step up above the 700x, competitive to AKG k612 pro with less bass but more sound stage sold for around 150 USD ATH AD1000X - same as the previous line up with again a little more Bass and a touch of higher quality audio which might be unnoticeable for most people. sound for around 300 USD ATH A550x/ A700x/ 900x - Closed back version of the AD series, slightly less Sound stage but still very good for being closed back. and more bass. Takstar HI2050 - Great Cheap headphones if you can find them, opened back, little strong on clamping force, great sound stage, great bass, semi flat Sony MDR-7506 - Closed back headphones, some say they are better then the ATH Mxx series sold for less then 100, and they are portable much like the ATH Mxx. Philps Fidelio X1 Good Headphones have a high amount of praise, open back, large and comfortable. (stay away form the X2 due to the low quality manufacturing from the company being bought) Philips SHP9500 Better Valued Fidelio X1 per dollar ratio can be had for under 80 USD. DT-770 Closed headphones, comes in 3 resistance ratings, V shaped sound signature, its german take it or leave it... starting price at 150 USD DT-880 same as the 770 but semi opened starting price at 150 USD DT-990 Opened headphones, better sound stage, less bass starting price at 150 USD Sennheiser HD598 - very good Headphones, light weight, great sound stage, flat sound signature, little base lite, can be picked up for around 150 Sennheiser HD 558 - lower cost HD 598 if you can find them, very slight less bass and treble which helps to flatten the highs out Sennheiser HD 518 - Great value for the money if you must have a Sennheiser under 80... Sennheiser HD 201 - Closed headphones, Cheap, great feel Sennheiser HD 419 - Closed Headphones, Cheap, great feel Fostex T50 RP- are semi opened Headphones they are pretty good, around 100 to 150 in price, higher treble Fostex T20 RP Opened headphones for around 150 USD. great headphones Status Audio OB-1 Really great Headphones for under 100, no silly branding, poor sound stage, Strong build, recommend Superlux HD 668B - oh were to start with these headphones, I have nothing to say bad about these headphones for what they are. they are semi opened, great sound stage, very good sound, very light, detachable cable which you can pick up at any store, 3.5mm extension. flat sound signature and did I say they are sold for UNDER 40 USD... might be uncomfortable so please buy the 20 USD Velour HM5 pads :D to improve sound and its comfort value. might need to stretch them out on some books for a few nights Superlux HD 669 closed HD668B Superlux HD681 EVO semi opened headphones sold for under 30 USD cant say about sound quality but they should be close to the HD 668b Superlux HD 661 Like sony 7506 but a little better considering its price and superlux performance for what they cost Superlux HD 685 Closed headphones very nice similar to the AKG K550 but not at a 200 USD price range... had for under 60 USD Superlux HD 562 - Cool little portable On ear Headphones for outdoor use when you are playing arma mobile... And for those who need a headset I would recommend the hyper X :P to close this out I would like to say that you can defiantly get 5 to 10 years out of your headphones, most headphones will suffer from continuity issues and then most people will throw them out... however this is not needed, you can fix this issue. all you need is a soldering iron, lead/tin solder 60/40 (not plumbing) some silicon 24 to 30 awg wire depending on your need, and some 3.5mm plugs and jacks, you can mod your headphone to use detachable cables such as a 3.5mm extension or 2 male 3.5mm prong connectors, a cheap multimeter which has continuity mode. liquid tape and a hot glue gun, a screw gun with some drill bits, and wire strippers (automatic or pillar type) or if you are pro a side angle cutter (diagonal cutter). You can also make your own Track IR system if you feel like you can, which I highly encourage people to do so. however if you want to be boring you can always just spend your money and wait a few days for it to be shipped to your door... :lol:
  2. it appears to me that the latest beta update changed the way stuff is removed from the map deleteVehicle _x}} forEach allDead; now realistically works in a way that it sinks casualties in the ground over a brief delay instead of a fast delete am i correct?
  3. in case someone want to test solution to the problem of too spammy RPT file (report log) try use commandline parameter in the DEV branch (sorry not yet in STABLE) -nologs and tell us the results (in other words, we want Your feedback) HOWTO: in the STEAM's game list, select Arma 3 Beta, then right-mouse-button click to raise menu > select Propterties > in General tab (first one already) > select Set Launch Options > type in there (w/o the quotation marks) "-nologs" if you want multiple parameters then e.g. "-nosplash -nologs" more params http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma2:_Startup_Parameters#Available_parameters original thread: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?158939-Game-Freezing-after-Today-s-(9-7-13)-Update&p=2438036#post2438036 p.s. be aware this means none errors saved to RPT file (report log) so in case you want report some bug to Arma 3 feedback tracker http://feedback.arma3.com then please disable this commandline param first