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Found 115 results

  1. This campaign is for people who like flying helicopters in ArmA3. Most missions focus on the Mil Mi-24 Hind because of its versatilty. The campaign fully supports the Advanced Flight Model. The story is about a former military pilot and if the mission is played solo this character should be chosen. The first season of the campaign allows for up to 2 player to play COOP as pilot and gunner, later missions will allow more people in several helicopters. All missions are still BETA and the COOP is somewhat untested. Any constructive feedback is appreciated. The campaign includes a ton of references to other games, movies and TV-shows often with some silly humour. Hope you are not easily offended. Thanks -RHS team -CUP team -Grumpy Old Man for his awesome loadout script -ALIAS for his roadflare script -Project Opfor team -all the modders, scripters, mission builders etc. who make this community great since OFP days. Steam Workshop Link Have fun!
  2. DownTownAustinB

    Arma 3 Flight Servers

    Hello everyone, I recently got into helicopter flight, I have been practicing for quite a while. I was just wondering if there are any online servers where I can just hang out and fly helicopters with other pilots, where there is no combat, but just flight and conversation. Anyone know of any servers that might interest me? It would be a great help! Steam name DownTownAustinB
  3. The Helicopters DLC need a big update ! Thats not fair, where is the steering animation ? And why i cant take up while i am rolling on the airstrip ?
  4. Hi guys, I'm building a sort of training map that's getting to be quite ambitious the overall objective being to allow for multiplayer training of equipment and tactics in arma. I have a lot of equipment down and have been creating scenarios etc... for each type of equipment to instruct players how to respond to the specific scenarios. I have a few transport helicopters (little birds) placed in an area with a trigger encapsulating them (10m height) the condition of the trigger being "This" and this code in the upon deactivation field This all works great however I am running this on a dedicated server and it seems only the pilot has control of weather or not the specific vehicle component is damaged, I would like if the copilot could control this so as to have an instructor in the copilot seat randomly disabling components at inconvenient times.
  5. Is it somehow possible to "hook" the helicopter inside the hangar of the USS Liberty and get it thrown out to the Libertys helipad and vice versa? Ingame I´ve found a addaction "hook", but it´s not working? I am using a Ghosthawk and hangar doors are opened. If I´m the driver of the ghosthawk I´ve got the option to hook in action menu, but without any effect. Is there a code known, how to get it hooked from beginning or how do I get it working?
  6. DOWNLOAD LINK https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1436978581 Arma 3 Eagle Wing full campaign The Arma 2 bonus campaign remastered. Situation: After the conclusion of Operation Harvest Red in 2009, the civil war in South Zagoria province has escalated into a outright war between the U.S., backing the Chernarussian government, and the Russian Federation, backing the ChDKZ insurgency. The U.S. launches "Operation Echo Wave" and dispatches a naval fleet off the coast of South Zagoria to aid the Chernarussian Defense Forces (CDF) in their retaking of the province. You take on the role as the US marine pilot, Ed Winters, with Co-Pilot Tim. Your objectives are simple: Head to the airfield and destroy Russian Su-25's After destroying the Su-25's move to Marathon position and engage all hostile helicopters inbound. Your mission is over once all AA missiles have been fired. Requires: All CUP mods except CWA. Nimitz mod CBA mod Haven't tested with ACE or other such mods, so don't expect full functionality. DOWNLOAD LINK https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1436978581 Thanks: Bohemia Interactive CUP team CBA team Nimitz mod
  7. As title says, my buddys game crashes everytime a heli or a plane starts flying. I am stumped as too the reason. when he first got the game we had no issues. but then we started playing mods and now he has issues. even with mods disabled on vanilla. His PC Specs: CPU: Intel - Core i5-4690K 3.5GHz Quad-Core Processor Motherboard: Gigabyte - GA-Z97X-SLI ATX LGA1150 Motherboard Memory: G.Skill - Sniper 16GB (4 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 Memory Storage: Seagate - Barracuda 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive Video Card: EVGA - GeForce GTX 950 2GB FTW ACX 2.0 Video Card Case: NZXT - Phantom 530 (White) ATX Full Tower Case Power Supply: EVGA - SuperNOVA NEX 650W 80+ Gold Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply Operating System: Microsoft - Windows 10 Home OEM 64-bit Things we have tried: Added 8gb of Ram to make 8 into 16. Multiple Reinstalls Full Deletion of Arma in all folders on the PC Full Wipe of anything arma related including mods and starting back from vanilla Tried all of those things and with no mods installed on the pc he is still having issues. Please help, he doesnt want to "waste" his time trying to fix the game and i enjoy playing A3 with him
  8. I want the crew to stay in the helicopter, but i don't know how to get it to land in any other way but this. player addEventHandler ["Fired", { params ["_unit", "_weapon", "_muzzle", "_mode", "_ammo", "_magazine", "_projectile", "_gunner"]; if (_ammo isEqualTo "SmokeShell") then { _unit removeEventHandler ["Fired", 0]; _pos = [getPos _projectile, 500, 500] call BIS_fnc_findSafePos; _veh = createVehicle ["B_CTRG_Heli_Transport_01_tropic_F", _pos, [], 0, "FLY"]; _veh allowdamage false; createVehicleCrew _veh; {myCurator addCuratorEditableObjects [[_x],true ];}forEach units group _veh; //debug _wp = group _veh addWaypoint [position _projectile, 0]; _wp setWaypointType "GETOUT"; _veh addEventHandler ["GetIn", { params ["_vehicle", "_role", "_unit", "_turret"]; [tsk,"SUCCEEDED"] call BIS_fnc_taskSetState; [tsk] call BIS_fnc_deleteTask; call selectRandom [HNK_fnc_createTask_HVT]; {deleteVehicle _x}forEach crew _vehicle; deleteVehicle _vehicle; }]; }; }]; Keep in mind, ive spent the whole day trying out setWaypointstatement, and trying utilizing what the wiki example gave. _helicopter move (getPos _destination); sleep 3; while { ( (alive _helicopter) && !(unitReady _helicopter) ) } do { sleep 1; }; if (alive _helicopter) then { _helicopter land "LAND"; }; And the AI will just hover over where it is suppose to land. Also if you know how to add a waitUntil {speed _projectile == 0}, much appreciated because i keep getting generic error in any form of implementation i choose.
  9. Hello everyone, I decided to share a little thing that has been sitting on my hard drive since (I'm sorry for this joke) last year. Thanks to Helijah for the model, I imported the Hornet Auto Gyro in Arma 3. It was a little side project that I did to show, teach and be a proof of concept aircraft for a friend of mine who I am teaching. Started off pretty simple with it belonging to the civilian side. Then, I decided what the hell, and strapped a .50 and 4 rockets to the side of it, with a couple of grenades dropped by the pilot. It has some great STOL capabilities and flies at roughly 80 KM/H in cruise. Currently the auto gyro is found under BLUFOR, OPFOR, and CIVILLIAN, with it's armed variants under the armed factions. *Side note* I just realized I left the instruments out. Oops. The three of them will be added shortly Here's some screenshots of it. Here's a little video showcase of the auto gyro I won't be releasing it until the friend I am helping is finished with their import of an auto gyro, but hopefully that will not be too much longer PS, if there's any flight model magicians out there, can you help me? It's a stubborn thing to slow down, and I'm not sure what's causing that. Any advice? If you have any comments or suggestions with what I should add/do with the auto gyro, feel free to tell me :)
  10. Hello Everyone! So I'm making a custom campaign for me and some of my friends to play coop. So far I have been using audacity to create sounds files and declaring them with the description.ext using "class cfgsounds". So first I record my audio, then distort the voice and add static to simulate a radio effect, then I simply create a trigger that will play the sounds using the in game UI under EFFECT --> ANONYMOUS ---> MOB1(my custom radio sounding ogg file). So far it has worked great! Everyone can hear the sounds, it sounds like comms over a radio, its plenty loud and clear, and everything is great! On the 3rd mission I have all players inside a flying helicopter and attempt to use the same technique as the previous missions but for some reason the audio is so quiet that I couldn't even tell it was playing unless I listened very closely. I've tried using audacity to amplify the sound to insane values, use the "cfgsounds" to increases the volume, but no matter what I try the sound is still near silent and muffled. I tried to search around google, armaholic, and here to no avail. Does anyone know why the sound is so quiet in helicopters? Or even better, how to make the volume and clarity normal? Thanks for the help guys!
  11. Hi! I'm currently working on a few mod. Most of the planes within the mod has a radar, and I got that shit working just fine. My only problem is the fact that I can't figure out a way to set the zoom on the radar panel. The radar is set to a range of 15 km, but the display can't zoom further than 4km. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  12. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=33610 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1234500643 1-4 pilots and co-pilots can join and get randomized helicopter transport missions. Pick one of five available transport helicopters at Khe Sanh Combat Base and complete five missions. Players can either choose to man a single helicopter or fly a helicopter each or use one of the combat helicopters or planes at the main Khe Sanh Combat Base runway. For example, one player may fly a transport chopper, while another player can fly a gunship for fire support in case of a hot LZ. There is however only light enemy opposition present in the area currently. There are three places setup to deliver fuel, repairs and new crew members. The re-fueling occurs automatically when landing or hovering besides the fuel barrels close to the start area. Repairs and healthy crew members are acquired by landing at the repair/medics marker respectively, staying in the vehicle and using the radio 0-0-1 for repair and 0-0-2 for healthy new crew members. The player himself is not healed though. There's a simple respawn system in the mission, a player will be respawned at the starting area and is able to get new missions from the commander. A destroyed transport helicopter is respawned at the starting area as well. A crash landed damaged but not destroyed helicopter has to be destroyed by other means: Use an available gunship from the main base for this purpose. The mission makes use of a headless client to spawn most AI units there. If possible please use one, as it significantly reduces stress on the server. However the mission will also run with low fps on a hosted system. Best experience will be had on a dedicated server with a headless client (HC), see https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Headless_Client for setting up a HC. As this is about my first published multiplayer mission, please cut some slack for bugs and omissions. KNOWN ISSUES Sometimes the AI at hill 950 only reluctantly boards the helicopter. Often it is good enough to lift off and land the helicopter a few meter from the landing pad. Most times stuck straggler AI will board then. The AI does not like to walk on the landing pad, it will walk through it. Currently the mission will be nearly unplayable during the night.
  13. Back in the Arma 2 AO days a script/ module used to exist that allows the player to call medevac and land at a red smoke gernade. This was a module and could be placed in any mission easily. I tried this module in Arma 3 but it did not work anymore, so I was wondering if anyone had another module. I would rather have the Module because it can easily be used for different missions, rather then writing a whole script per mission. If a module is not available i was looking for a script that might work. I have checked the forums and really don't see a FULL answer for what I'm looking for. I have tried assembling bits and pieces and have yet to get it right. The idea would be as follows. Medevac helicopter "Med_heli1" awaiting at the FOB or airbase. Player would activate the medevac call using the radio menu. Once activated the medical helicopter will begin the call. Trigger would have a timer so that the helicopter may not simply spawn or show up. The timer is to give the player the feel of waiting and securing a sight. Our birds are not ready at a moments notice unless it was already in the air. "Med_heli1" would begin the journey to the EVAC site and would await a signal. This signal could be red, green, or Ir strobe as needed. Until the helicopter sees this or this trigger is activated it would orbit the player area to avoid being an easy target. Once the helicopter detects it will land at the smoke, IR, or a suitable location. (Engines stay on and hopefully it doesn't crash) Player can bring the casualty to LZ (helicopter) and it will be loaded onto. Once all wounded has been loaded or helicopter is full it would RTB and await it's next call. (the idea of having the casualties removed vs having them healed instantly is up in the air, I prefer to have the guy off the squad because it is far more realistic and teaches you to really watch what your doing vs run and gun.) (if this was not possible or not wanted the casualties can be healed over a time and returned to the players squad) The other thing would be to LIMIT how many times the bird could be called or to set a trigger that can force the player to secure the LZ and make sure the no opfor is detected. (In real life those birds dont fly into a hot LZ, that LZ needs to be secured and if you lose control or become overrun a hasty LZ would have to be established, they dont want the birds shot down and even though the 9 line has an ARMED escort option it is RARE.) I have tried some of the options using the EDEN editor but it really looks like a mess so I'm assuming script or module would be the only way to make it work and not clutter up the entire map. Thanks again for any help Bill
  14. Steam Workshop Link Imgur Album of Scenario Missions This scenario has three stand-alone missions which activate upon getting into the driver seat of each individual heli. There is one mission each for the AH-9 Pawnee, MH-9 Hummingbird, and M-900 "civilain model" respectively. The features for this scenario give it much replayability, and it can be used as a sandbox with zeus. ______________________________________________________________________ XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- +++[***AH-9 Pawnee Mission***]+++ Enemy soldiers have occupied the Red Spring Surface Mine. Fly in and clear them out. Intel reports at least one armored vehicle on site and several quadrunners. * Controls: use F2 to command your main co-pilot battle buddy. Call in support if needed by pressing 0-8 to bring up supports. (*Note: enemy positions change each time you play this mission with random placements for added replayability.) *Known issues: NONE! ______________________________________________________________________ XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- +++[***MH-9 Hummingbird Mission***]+++ A foreign born bomb maker has been confirmed on site at his production facility. Fly to the area, take out the three nearby rooftop spotters, land on the roof, and command your team to "Disembark". They will then clear through the building searching for the HVT. Go with them, or stay on the roof... or use some other tactic. I don't really care. *Controls: F3->F6 are the bench gunners. F7&F8 are the medics, and F9 is the Hummingbird's co-pilot. (Note* the team members will make their way through the building from the rooftop and kill the HVT on their own. Then they clear the shed in the back before waiting on the ground near the silos to get on the Hummingbird to RTB. You may need to kill the HVT yourself if they are dead and not up to the task. Be sure to check the inventory for many supplies and weapons. *Known Issues: F7 team member sometimes does not work. I don't know why. I even gave him remedial training. I think his enlistment contract might be up soon. ______________________________________________________________________ XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- +++[***M-900 (Civilian Model) Mission***]+++ You are the replacement air mail delivery guy for the day! Land and deliver the mail to five challenging locations. Enjoy the scenery and fun around the drops. *Known Issues: NONE! ______________________________________________________________________ XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (FEATURES) - Scenario begins with a 60 second visually entertaining ride into the airbase. - All supports available [virtual providers] (Artillery, CAS, Transport, etc) - Zeus (Just press "Y") - Auto-repair / rearm / refuel helipads at airbase - Virtual Arsenal access from ammo boxes near helis at airbase - M-900 has *LOTS!* of gear and weapons in its inventory. - Civilian presence in mission areas - vehicles on roads in main city mission area - Active friendly AI at your base. (Patrols, flight landings, etc) - Auto-saves in appropriate places - Unlimited saves - Warp 4 hours ahead by stepping into the shed next to the ATC tower for five seconds. *(Repeat for evening, night, or morning ops to change things up.) - USS Freedom Aircraft Carrier - with multiple aircraft on board ready to fly - Two hangars full of other aircraft to use - UAVs all have UAV console in their inventory - Tomb of the Unknown Soldier / graveyard * Easter egg obstacle course (WIP) Let me know what you all think. I would appreciate feedback on the Steam workshop page as I check that. ENJOY!
  15. Model and textures by Tjockjocke Coding: granQ Extra credit to tinter and her friends (Mallow HOT-1 modell, Diwako for Bundeswehr textures) for more weapons and several bug fixes. New additions from this gang is gunpods, HOT-1, rockets and cannon as well as German, Tan and Black textures. Get it on Steam workshop. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1298165770 Disclaimer: This addon is a standalone version of the helicopter from the Swedish Forces Pack. We will continue to work with the Swedish mod and that's our primary focus. So please check out that as well :) https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/143603-swedish-forces-pack/
  16. Trailer: Welcome to BIRDY WARS - WHERE Little Birds SOAR.... LOL.. yeah.. always wanted to do something like that.. anyway, This is a mission I made based of "Heliborne" with focus on only ground support. Wanted the game with an Arma 3 flight model, so this is what I came out with. A project made out of fun, but I thought it would be fun so I decided to put in the workshop. I wanted to play Heliborne but I was looking for something closer to Arma 3's flight model and also wanted an actual reason to transport units and land them, rather than the usual heli-taxi mission you see made in the community. (Not because that's what the waypoint says, but because you have to insert the troops there to maybe flank or capture the sector faster.) So Birdy Wars is what came out of that desire. (I ended up focusing on this so much more than actually learning how to fly the helicopter though... T-T ) Wonder if I can make a trailer out of it :P Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1174045120 Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rclahashddpbnxh/BirdyWarsV153b.Altis.pbo?dl=0 Quick SP and MP Description: SP (player in MP actually) - Be able to practise transporting troops to LZ or doing combat runs on AI running around to secure sectors - Just fly.... Don't bother about anything else MP - Go against each other to support your ground AI units to capture the sectors. - Play in Either Ground support Only or Pilot vs Pilot Actual Feature Description: - 6v6 Ground Support Only or Pilot vs Pilot modes (Set in Parameters; WIP) - 3v3 Ground-based Support (1 armed and 2 unarmed vehicles.) - AI-based Sector Control (You support the AI to capture the Sector) - Pawnee for combat roles and Humming Bird for support roles(Spotting, Reinforcements) - Vehicles available same way with armed and unarmed(only reinforcing.) - Spotting:- Apply enemy side in range with smoke/flares depending on day/night. (range set in parameters) - Reinforcements:- Pick up small units from base and inserting them close to sectors to make them assist the attack on the ground. - Simple Repair and Rearm function back in base after landed and engine turned off. - "Advanced" AI to move/attack sectors according to sectors controlled. - AI Patrols on sectors taken by their sides accordingly - Map Tracker to help keeping friendly units' position in check - RHS compatible; Specifically RHS USAF and AFRF. (Set in parameters too.). Default in Vanilla mode. RHS MELB and Humvee used for RHS Enabled games. - Added Parameter to allow armed players and also Virtual Arsenal ammobox near Spawn area. (Off by Default) Some Screens. Roadmap(Might sound a bit too massive though, lol) - Better Clean-up system - AI polishing. (Not like FFIS or bcombat, but just how the AI's waypoints is being decided.) - Limitations of different features to prevent overuse/server crash. Nonetheless, I do hope you had fun! Also, please do comment in regards to possible bugs so I can try to solve it as there is a limit to how much I can search and find with a single brain. PS: Please don't expect quick response and also quick solution to issues as I am doing this in my free time from work. Hope you can understand. Thanks.
  17. Hello, recently I have noticed whenever I get into a helicopter, once the engine is fired up, that the aircraft goes forward and I crash. I can compensate for it by pulling back but it makes it nearly impossible to fly around. I have restarted the game, tried different servers, aircraft, and different profiles. This happens both on vanilla Arma 3 and with mods. I do not have the advanced flight mode on. I even made sure I didn't have the mouse going forward or that my "W" key wasn't stuck. I have not found anything online to help me with my issue so any help or ideas would help.
  18. We're getting out of Vietnam. The order has come directly from the President, so we've consolidated our forces at the Da Nang airbase. There are some friendly squads stuck behind enemy lines and we need you to bring them back to the airbase before we pull out completely. Take your Huey, designated as call sign Shark, and get our boys back safely. Your going to be venturing into enemy territory, so watch for anti-air emplacements. Features: -Singleplayer -Helicopter rescues -Rearming and repair -Original music Download the mod on the Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1253858447 Listen to the original soundtrack here: https://youtu.be/kUOm1rWhY6A Or checkout my other mod, Wave Defense, here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1214321608
  19. I've set up a mission in Eden Editor where a plane or helicopter (using Blackfish currently) will circle around a target. I have everything set up correctly and the plane moves in a circle around the target. The problem is the gunner sight and where the gun shoots are very far apart. The plane is moving around counter-clockwise and when I shoot my bullets go far right of the main box/crosshair. I don;'t have this problem when moving straight, only when moving around. Help please! EDIT: Video link: https://imgur.com/a/U29Oa
  20. I've set up a mission in Eden Editor where a plane or helicopter (using Blackfish currently) will circle around a target. I have everything set up correctly and the plane moves in a circle around the target. The problem is the gunner sight and where the gun shoots are very far apart. The plane is moving around counter-clockwise and when I shoot my bullets go far right of the main box/crosshair. I don;'t have this problem when moving straight, only when moving around. Help please! EDIT: Video link: https://imgur.com/a/U29Oa
  21. Hello guys! :D So i am really new to modding in Arma, and currently im trying to make my first skin for a helicopter. The skin is currently done, but i have one "major" issue. The model doesn't have any landing gear nor interior. I have looked at other peoples config.cpp and cfgVehicles and cfgPatches, without getting an solution for my issue. Here are some screenshots of how it looks like atm. And here is the three config files: cfgPatches.hpp class CfgPatches { class Ch49_rnoaf_330sq { units[] = {"Ch49_rnoaf_330sq"}; weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 1.2; author = "Krijag"; requiredAddons[] = {}; }; }; cfgVehicles.hpp class CfgVehicles { class I_Heli_transport_02_F; class Ch49_rnoaf_330sq : I_Heli_transport_02_F { _generalMacro = "I_Heli_transport_02_F"; displayName = "CH-49 RNoAF 330sq SAR"; scope = public; scopeCurator = 2; scopeArsenal = 2; crew = "B_Helipilot_F"; typicalCargo[] = {"b_survivor_F"}; side = TCivilian; faction = CIV_F; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"\heli_rnoaf_aw101\data\skins\Ch49_rnoaf_330sq_1.paa", "\heli_rnoaf_aw101\data\skins\Ch49_rnoaf_330sq_2.paa", "\heli_rnoaf_aw101\data\skins\Ch49_rnoaf_330sq_3.paa"}; availableForSupportTypes[] = {"Transport"}; }; }; config.cpp #define TEast 0 #define TWest 1 #define TGuerrila 2 #define TCivilian 3 #define TSideUnknown 4 #define TEnemy 5 #define TFriendly 6 #define TLogic 7 #define private 0 #define protected 1 #define public 2 class DefaultEventhandlers; // External class reference #include "CfgPatches.hpp" #include "CfgVehicles.hpp" #include "cfgMods.hpp" Hopefully someone can help! -Krijag
  22. Hello friends, On an edited mission, I have an ammo bearer (selectable) and an empty helicopter, When I select the ammo bearer (via team switch), I enter the helicopter and take off, I fly at a height x (30.50 meters) etc. Then I return to the player (via team switch) and the helicopter descends to ground level. Why it does not maintain the altitude when I left it?
  23. Does anyone know if the spotlight on the Hellcat is working? I just tried it and I can see the spotlight moving around but using the option "Searchlight on" there is no light that comes on. I'm looking to make a search mission and this is crucial to that. I've downloaded a few scripts that "mimic" a searchlight but I'm not a fan of how any of them work and most vanilla helicopters spotlights shine directly down and are not visible from the cockpit (my server is strictly first person). I found the bug reports on the Arma tracker and one comment says that they are broken but this was from 1+ years ago. Seems like it would be a simple fix if it is broken... https://feedback.bistudio.com/T68596
  24. HaslePat

    FOV in helicopters

    Hi! I'm using Arms 3 with my Oculus Rift (via VorpX) and in general I'm very happy with it. I think it is amazing how well it works for not having VR support built in. After fiddling with the resolution and FOV settings a bit I have almost no distortion when as infantry and in ground vehicles. The only problem I have its when flying helicopters. Somehow the FOV seems to be different in there and I have quite severe image distortions especially when rolling my head. Is there a way to fix this? By the way I already noticed the same problem when playing Arma 3 on a Monitor with Track IR, so it is not really VR related. Thank you very much for the help and best regards!
  25. CheyenneAH56

    SCmod v1.41

    SCmod v1.41 aerial firefighting simulator > Trailer > Gameplay Now on STEAM Workshop