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Found 7 results

  1. PhantomFlower

    Guide to Mini DayZ ^

    *This is a copy paste from the Mini DayZ sub reddit. I have left all of the watermarks, authors names intact. If you have any information that you would like to add, please feel free to comment, and I will add it into the main post. Thank you guys. :) *POST UPDATED 10/12/17 VERSION 1.2.0* Written by: OttavOnSalvia, AusTF-Dino If I used info from an image or post submitted on the MDZ Reddit please check that I sourced you, if your tag isn't there, please contact me and I'll make sure to reference you. The Infected “The infected are former Chernarus citizens who have not been able to beat the infection. They are the most common enemies in the game, and various kinds of them will make it difficult for you to survive:” Regular Infected The most common type which can be encountered everywhere. Their running speed is about the same as player’s but they can be easily lost by breaking the line of sight. When they die, there is a chance they drop some regular loot or ammo for civilian guns. During the late stages of the game they can appear in hordes which are stalking the player. Military Infected This type lingers only near military locations such as military bases and block posts on crossroads. It deals more damage than a regular infected and has more health. Some of them have pistols or rifles on them. Crawlers The fastest enemies in the game. They are very similar to the regular infected, but they run much faster. This type usually appears on the same place as the regular infected. Sleepers Usually lie down in cities and near roads. When a survivor gets close or something noisy disturbs them, they rise. Experienced players can spot sleepers from afar. Biohazards/Red These infected appear near the same locations as the regular infected. When they die, they leave an acid puddle that deals damage and has a high chance of infecting the survivor. These puddles disappear after 10 seconds. Red biohazard infected were adding to the game in version 1.2.0 they are faster, and leave a trail of acid as they walk. When they are killed, they leave a much larger puddle behind. Screamers They cannot harm survivors directly, but when they spot one, they start screaming and hoarding all the other infected from the nearest locations. They meet regular survivors rarely. They can also wake up sleepers. Please note: killing the infected gives you additional XP.” -MDZ Dev Team | Referenced on Reddit by /u/CannedBitz Guns/ Ammo An infographic of all guns and what ammo they use - Credit to /u/Steeler8820 Note- The Colt uses .45 ACP ammo. The Vests all provide the same level of bullet protection- always go for the best with the highest storage capacity. Melee Weapons List of Current Melee Weapons Melee Weapons ITEM Unarmed None Knife (any) Used in Crafting, Hunting Pipe Wrench None Hatchet Used in Crafting, Cooking, Base Building Shovel Used in Farming Pitchfork Used in Farming Pickax Used in Farming Fire Axe Used in Crafting, Cooking, Base Building Baseball Bat None Bows and Crossbows Improvised Bow Crafted/Composite Arrow. 1 magazine capacity, Silent, High Accuracy Crossbow Crafted/Composite Arrow. 1 magazine capacity, Silent, High Accuracy Pistols Magnum .357, 6 round capacity FNX Pisotl .45, 15 round capacity Colt 1911 .45 7 round capacity Glock 9mm, 18 round capacity? Amphibia . .22 10 round capacity. Rifles and Machine-guns Izh43 Shotgun 12 cal, 2 round capacity Remington Shotgun 12 cal, 6 round capacity Mosin Nagant Sniper 7.62, 5 round capacity MP5 9mm, 30 round capacity sks 7.62x39, 10 round capacity m4 carbine 5.56 30 round capacity sporte4r .22, 30 round capacity ak74 5.45, 30 round capacity aks-74u 5.45, 30 round capacity akm 7.62x39 30 round capacity svd 7.62, 10 round capacity repeater .357 7 round capacity ump45 . .45, 25 round capcity FN-CAL 5.56, 20 round capacity RPK 7.62.39 7.62x39 40 round capacity Other Weapons Pants and Shirts or Jackets Base Building Warning! There is currently a bug that despawns the civilian tent as well as the items inside after a game crash, use at your own risk! Base building is essential toon any survival game. To get you started here is a list of things you might want to look out for when scavenging early game. Civilian tent - very rare drop but also essential for any base Fireplace - can be crafted and used as a source of light as well as a place to cook (see Crafting for recipe) Planting tool - includes pitchfork, pickaxe and shovel; used for farming (see Farming for more info) Fencing - includes wood fence (can be crafted) and barbed wire (found at military locations) used to keep out/slow down the infected Building a base should be an END GAME OBJECTIVE. Do not prioritize this early game, focus on getting through the islands and stockpiling so you actually have stuff to put in your base. Final note the purpose for civilian tents is to store items. To store an item simply drop it on the ground while inside the tent and it will not despawn. Farming/Berries List of all farmable crops: Zucchini Bell Peppers Tomatoes Crops can be planted with the pitchfork, shovel or pickaxe. They supply you with ample amounts of food and prove to be rather handy when it comes to long term survival. Each plant takes half a day to fully grow and give the player three of whatever crop was planted. Crops can be planted from both the food itself and a food packet. The zucchini is the best choice due to its very high hunger and water restoration. For now, there are three berry types in the game: Cranberry – red berries, usually grow in forests. Gives +15% water and +15% food to the player. Bilberry – blue berries, usually grow in forests. Gives +20% water and +10% food to the player. Cloudberry – yellow berries, grow only near lakes. Gives +10% water and +10% food to the player and grants also x2 health regeneration speed for 30% seconds if the player is in the regeneration state. All berries of the same type stack by 5. Crafting Here's a list of all craftable items along with their respective recipes: Wood fence - 1 woodpile + 5 wood sticks Improvised bow - 1 ashwood stick + 1 rope Arrow - wooden stick + any knife Improvised bag (3 slots) - burlap sack + rope Improvised bag (5 slots) - 3 wood sticks + improvised bag (3 slots) Fireplace - woodpile + rags/papers/wood stick To craft an item simply drag one of the needed items and drop it on the other. Final note, duct tape, a sewing kit and a cleaning kit can repair 15%, 50% of clothing items and 25% of firearms respectively. Strategies Bum- Rush Find a hatchet/fire axe/woodpile as soon as possible and get to the 2nd island within the first day, often with little to no gear. Find the nearest armed bandits and ambush them taking their gear in the process. Coined by- /u/io7hazcookiez Time needed until endgame- Little Effectiveness- Moderate Island 2 Route Similar to the bum rush, you rush to island 2 with minimal gear and then run a route through the 3 military forts at the end of each rout taking time to go to 2 small towns for food, water and duct tape for the boat. Leave for island 3 once you've acquired a mountain bag, primary of your choosing, secondary of your choosing, sufficient amounts of ammo for both and duct tape (pick up clothing/armor as you see it put if you don't find a gorka set don't sweat it). All this gear isn't for the difficulty of the 3rd island (which is nonexistent), but rather because of the harder to loot layouts of the 3rd island compared to the 2nd. Coined by- /u/OttavOnSalvia Time needed until end game- Little Effectiveness- Moderate Take It Slow This method will let you get the most out of the first 2 islands. When you spawn, make a beeline to the nearest settlement. Get a new shirt and rip the default one into rags. After that, look at the map and decide on a route that will get you to the other shore, preferably passing through several towns and cities, the fire station, and the hospital. Repair the boat and move on. Do the same thing on the second island, making sure to go through military bases. Coined by- /u/Austf-Dino Time needed until end game- Moderate Effectiveness- Moderate This guide is still a WIP. Please suggest edits and changes and we'll get right to it! Survival Tips/FAQ Avoid melee combat, it is very dangerous and damaging to your gear. Use a gun or unlock the sprinter perk and run away from zombies. Don't take on bandits until you're ready. Bandits are very deadly, especially when they have guns. If you have a gun and they don't, take them out. Otherwise, stay away from them until you have godly gear. Live off the land. If your storage is full, and you find some food, pick it up, eat it and continue on. It's unlikely you'll come back for it. Also, prioritise rice and kvas. Those give you the most food and drink bonuses. If you find wolves while going from one town to another, don't kill them. Let them chase you into the town, then run past some zombies. The wolves will kill the zombies for you and then you can easily take them out. At night, turn your brightness all the way up and keep going OR hide out in a house. From /u/waperperks Avoid all combat unless absolutely necessary. Getting hit reduces equipment condition which in turn affects your ability to resist the cold. By doing so, you conserve ammunition and your weapon condition, allowing you to last longer. Also, if shot, you will bleed, wasting your bandages. On your veteran play through, do not stand still to ponder about life. Plan your route first (i.e. what path to take to visit all military bases). Constantly move around to find food and water as your food and water bar drops fast. When you find drinks (especially in towns), do not immediately use it as there may be a tap nearby which you can drink from. You can then bring the drink along with you. Eat or drink stuff which fills up little of the bar first. I.e. eating 2 canned tuna instead of the rice. This tip helps you to conserve slots. If full on water and food while exploring towns, do not immediately eat or drink anything that you find. Explore the town first then come back for it later when you need it. Doing so makes your food and water bars last longer. Avoid military outposts unless you have good gear (not military bases). The loot there isn't impressive and you will usually use more ammo than you get in return. Regeneration You will automatically begin to regenerate lost blood when you are not sick or bleeding and your hunger, thirst, and temperature are above fifty percent. Blood or health regen can be increased by taking vitamins or by perks. You can also choose a perk "Red +" which lowers the amount of blood you lose from sickness or bleeding. Bleeding When attacked in melee or ranged combat you have a significant chance to begin bleeding, or losing health. Bleeding may stop on it's own after some time but the best way to prevent dying is to apply bandages or rags to the wound. Blood Loss from sickness, starvation, or dehydration Sickness, starvation, and dehydration also cause blood loss although at a slower rate than bleeding from a wound. Dehydration and starvation are the easiest fixes as you simply have to eat or drink to stop the blood loss. Sickness or Infection Sickness or infection are basically the same things in my mind and can be caused by a number of things. You have a chance to be infected when a zombie hits you. You will become infected if you kill a hazmat/radioactive zombie and stand or pass through their radioactive pool. You will become sick if your temperature reaches zero. You can recover from sickness or infection by maintaining your hunger, thirst, and temperature above 75 percent. Disclaimer: Most of the time! I have had a bug where i met the requirements and I wasn't able to shed the sickness. When you are sick your hunger and thirst meter degrades rapidly. You CAN cure sickness or infection with the antibiotic tetraclycine, although it is a rare find. Other Ways To Restore Health or Blood Health or Blood can also be restored using saline or blood kits found usually in hospitals. They are a rare find and usually merit holding on to for emergency situations as often times you cannot find a bandage or the necessary food or antibiotics to get you healthy again.
  2. I'm starting this thread to put an end to all the confusion here :) Below are facts of how they currently work on the dev branch. "Main missions" - classic campaign missions "Scouting missions" - optional missions, where you can explore the wonderful places of Stratis and Altis, collect equipment from the deceased you find or make and improve your tactical and combat skills "Side-quests" aka Side missions - optional tasks of various kinds included in the scouting missions itself Scouting missions 1. How to start the scouting mission? - leave the base by foot in any direction. - activate the "Start scouting" action from the quad-bike (Survive, Adapt) or offroad (Adapt only) at the base (if you cannot find it, open map and zoom in, there's a marker "Patrol"). The map will open and you'll be able to choose from few predefined starting points. They are dependent if you go on foot or with a vehicle. You can only go for scouting before being informed about an upcoming main mission. 2. How many scouting missions are there? There are five scouting missions, one for each base. All enemy patrols have a certain chance to be present in each playthrough - so stay aware even in the areas which were enemy-free in your previous scoutings. All empty vehicles and "unique sites" (corpses with valuable equipment etc.) have also a certain chance to be present. However after you have found them already, they will be taken/stolen/looted/buried by locals afterwards. 3. How many times can I go to the scouting mission? As many times as you want before you move to another base or have to go for a main mission. 4. Is there any time limit for the scouting missions? Yes, it's the remaining time for the next main mission briefing. If you fail to get back before timeout for next mission, you will be automatically moved back to base. 5. Where can I get any vehicles? There is always a default vehicle at the base you can use. There are also usually some vehicles close to the starting positions of the mission. Beside these, you can find some vehicles in almost every city and mostly also in the AO of the side-quests. 6. Can I take some comrades-in-arms to the scouting? Yes, at Gori and Topolia in Adapt you are able to go on scouting with a small team. - both bases have a limited pool of warriors which can accompany you - they are always already waiting for you in the vehicle (offroad or a different one you take from the scouting) - to go on scouting with them, activate the "Start scouting" action on a vehicle they are in 7. What equipment I collect in the mission is saved? All equipment is saved. 8. Are the vehicles saved in some car park? Yes, there is always a default vehicle at the base you can take to the scouting. Beside this, the vehicle you return to the base with is also saved. If you return with more vehicles at Gori or Topolia, only yours will be saved. 9. Do any of the actions I make in the scouting missions or side-quests have an impact on the main missions? You can 'only' have a better equipment for you and your team. 10. How can I fully heal myself if I don't have a medic? - there are some medical trucks you can use or you can return back to base (a very skillful doctor will take care of you before you enter the base :) ). - there is also one medic willing to accompany you while at Topolia. 11. My vehicle got immobilized, can I repair it somehow? As you are not a repair specialist, you cannot. Try to find a new one and drive more carefully next time :p 12. I got killed by a sudden explosion, is this some sort of script? Yes, the area you can move in is limited, yet clearly marked on the map. 13. I found/got killed by a real mine, can I defuse it somehow? As you are not an engineer, you cannot. However some mines can be triggered by a nearby explosion or you can step over them. A mine detector is a vital instrument in some areas. 14. It's pitch black and I don't have NV goggles. You can always find some flashlights and chemlights in the armory. NV goggles can be otherwise found on certain types of enemy units, mostly the commanders and special forces. Or, if you don't like dark adventures, you can first go to a next main mission (if it's not the last available mission from the current base) and go scouting later. 15. Are there any static weapons I could use? Yes, there are few of them and some are carried by infantry support teams. Side-quests 1. What are the side quests? They are the optional tasks included in the scouting missions. To learn what exactly are you supposed to do in them, please read the task info. 2. How can I receive the side quest? There are two ways - you either overhear a conversation between some men in the camp, or when you reach a pre-defined distance from the side quest's AO in the scouting mission. 3. How are the side quests distributed among the scouting missions? Each side quest belongs only to one scouting mission. If you move to another base before completing some of them, they won't be active anymore. 4. How's it with saving the game? The game will be automatically saved when you 1. enter the side quest's general AO and 2.when you complete the task. Be aware that some save games may happen when you are in contact with enemies, though we made our best to have the save game areas enemy-free. I'd advise to return to base after you finish one or two side quests. 5. What happens to the objects included the side quests when I complete them? All units, vehicles and ammo boxes will be deleted when you go to the scouting mission again. Therefore decide carefully what you want to take with you back to base. 6. How many side quests are there in total?
  3. Hello everyone! Friendly reminder that there will be another Dev Stream happening tomorrow (September 26) on our official streaming channels at usuall o'clock (meaning 6 PM CEST (UTC +02:00) Mixer: https://mixer.com/vigorgame Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/vigorthegame But I have a special favor to ask - Should you have any questions about Vigor in general or about the upcoming update - make sure to share them with me right here, right now So I can make sure to address them in the live stream. Sometimes it's really hard to spot all of the questions in the chat and this way it will be much easier to answer the majority of your questions. - Also, make sure to vote (like) for your favorite questions so we can prioritize them.
  4. So due to some reddit posts on the Arma subreddit and some youtubers and some people I have seen and basically everyone who has every complained about Arma's AI, I have decided to make an AI commanding guide. I suck at shooting closer, question my driving skills, and am possibly the worse pilot in Arma, but I can command the AI effectively and have yet to see a guide on AI that shows everything I know. Now this is my first post so you may be questioning how much I know, but I assure you I have over 100 hours in game (not including editor) and at least 40 looking at arma related content and while that may not seem like a lot everything I do I make sure to know about. I have not included any of the commands from the dynamic menu since I rarely use it. This guide has two sections: command descriptions and interactions which are separated for ease of readability. Anything with the (important) after it are things that are commonly misrepresented/misunderstood. Commands: 1: Moving 2: Target Units will target selected object/vehicle/man. (Note: Can be used on friendly and unknown units but friendly units will be listed in separate page from enemies) 3: Engage (important) 4: Mount 1. Dismount: Units will exit the vehicle they are in. Is also used to have the AI land helicopters/planes. (Use on AI controlled planes at your own risk. It is more or less a 50/50 shot with runways) 2. Mount ___: Units will board vehicle. Will also have helicopters pick up units when under your command. (Effectively a get troops command for the helicopter) 5: Status (You can probably figure this one out on your own but if you need it, it is here. 6: Action 7: Combat Mode (important) 8: Formation https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/2D_Editor:_Waypoints#Formation There are also some formation guides that have pictures of the different formations. 9: Teams 0: Reply All of this is my creation from experience with the game, collective resources I have found, and experiences of others I have watched. Feel free to copy and paste this post, but I request that you link back to here. The only exception being reddit which has advertising rights to content I have copied from here: https://www.reddit.com/r/arma/comments/6jkq9j/arma_3_ai_control_tips/djfmg02/
  5. okey so when ever i got some off my new work in to oxygen and i take a look on it in the viewers thing i can see true the walls if i wach the right side i can only see true the right side wall
  6. Sharp93

    ArmA Wont Start

    Hi guys,when i try to start ArmA the part where it marks the boxes with a check mark it goes all the way except it stops at the 3rd from the last, and then i get No Entry 'bin\config.bin.ControllerSchemes' so i click ok and then the game starts up and its a black screen for about 3 seconds then closes and i get another error message,this time it says Error compiling pixel shader PPSpecularAlpha aney 1 know what the problem is,all my drivers are up to date and i have XP Pro SP3 Pentium D Dual-Core 2.66GHz on both cores and i got 2 gigs of RAM and an Nvidiea Geforce 8400 GS with 512 memory on it and it passes the reccomended requirments
  7. This page contains Frequently Asked Questions about ArmA 2 game release on STEAM. Note: TBA - To Be Announced, TBD - To Be Determined Q: Why are there different release dates on Steam? A: This depends on work-flow and particular agreements with the publishers. USA,Canada region: 26th June 2009, EU region: 30th June 2009, rest of the world: 30th June 2009. Q: Why is the Steam EU release later than EU retail release and even US release? A: This decision is related to existing publishing and distribution deals for various countries. Q: If I cancel my preorder of Steam version, do I get refund. A: Yes, of course. Q: Who is in control of game updates on Steam? A: Bohemia Interactive. Q: When new patch is released, would I need to wait for special update of Steam version? A: Yes. Update should be available at the same time as for the retail versions and should be delivered to your Steam account automatically (unlike normal patches for retail version where you will need to manually patch the game). Q: Is there SECUROM copy protection used? A: No, Steam version is protected in a different way. Q: What copy protections are used in Steam release? A: Steam copy protection and BI internal solution. Q: Are there any activation limits for the Steam version? A: No, only the standard Steam account limitations apply. Q: Any chance of preload on Steam before release? A: Most likely yes unless something unpredictable prevents it to happen. - Note: TBD Q: What is size of the Steam version download? A: ~8 GB Q: Will be there any special bonus for Steam buyers? A: TBD, TBA Q: Can we use our retail keys to register on Steam? A: TBD, TBA Q: What version will be on Steam on release? A: Version 1.02 may be available for preload, although improved 1.02+ build may be available on release. Q: Will Steam offer beta patches? A: TBD, yet most likely not Q: Can we expect demo on Steam? A: Yes, TBA Q: Will the demo be distributed exclusively on Steam? A: No. Q: What language versions of game will be on Steam? A: For now and near future English language version only Q: What Steam features works already? A: Steamclient VOIP, Steamclient overlay and Steamclient browser inside overlay, Steamfriends in Steamclient. Q: Can we expect use of SteamWORKS (VAC, Cloud, etc.) features? A: No, not at time of release but some features may become used later in future. Q: Are there any feature drawbacks of Steam version compared to retail version? A: No, all features are same. As with any other version, community-made addons and scenarios work with the Steam version. Q: Is Steam version compatible in multiplayer with retail version? A: Yes, absolutely Q: Will the Steam version work offline? A: Yes, via Steam offline mode. Q: Is Steam version supporting commandline like switches like retail? A: Yes. Q: Is there complete ArmA 2 manual included with STEAM release? A: Yes, it will be available as PDF download from STEAM. * these FAQs will be updated and expanded as and when needed ...