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Found 141 results

  1. I reskinned Carrier Rig (Green) V_PlateCarrier2_rgr but I do need to define picture / model and armor value myself I want to use all the base value of the Carrier Rig I used just changing the texture I have tried changed Vest_Camo_Base on line 20 to V_PlateCarrier2_rgr and got an error "Undefined base class" how do I fix it? config.cpp #define true 1 #define false 0 class CfgPatches { class RTAF_Vest { units[] = {RTAF_Vest}; weapons[] = {}; requiredAddons[] = {}; }; }; class cfgWeapons { class ItemCore; class Vest_Camo_Base: ItemCore { class ItemInfo; }; class RTAF_PlateCarrier_wdl: Vest_Camo_Base { author = "Splendid Modder"; scope = 2; displayName = "RTAF Carrier Rig (Digital Woodland)"; picture = "\A3\characters_f\Data\UI\icon_V_plate_carrier_2_CA.paa"; model = "\A3\Characters_F\BLUFOR\equip_b_vest02.p3d"; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"\RTAF\data\RTAF_PlateCarrier_digiwdl_f.paa"}; class ItemInfo: ItemInfo { uniformModel = "\A3\Characters_F\BLUFOR\equip_b_vest02"; containerClass = Supply80; mass = 15; armor = 0; passThrough = 1; }; }; }; config.cpp I use as template https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Characters_And_Gear_Encoding_Guide#Vest_configuration class cfgWeapons { class ItemCore; class Vest_Camo_Base: ItemCore { class ItemInfo; }; class V_vest_new: Vest_Camo_Base { author = "Splendid Modder"; scope = 2; displayName = "New Vest"; picture = "\A3\characters_f\Data\UI\icon_V_BandollierB_CA.paa"; model = "\A3\Characters_F\BLUFOR\equip_b_bandolier"; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"\A3\Characters_F\BLUFOR\Data\vests_khk_co.paa"}; class ItemInfo: ItemInfo { uniformModel = "\A3\Characters_F\BLUFOR\equip_b_bandolier"; containerClass = Supply80; mass = 15; armor = 0; passThrough = 1; }; }; };
  2. Here's list of error I got Config : some input after EndOfFile The exception unknown software exception (0x000dead) occurred in the application at location 0x000000007441DAD8 Exit code: 0x0000DEAD- .rpt file config.cpp #define true 1 #define false 0 class CfgPatches { class RTAF_plane_cas_01_f { units[] = {RTAF_plane_cas_01_f}; weapons[] = {}; requiredAddons[] = {}; }; }; class cfgVehicles { class B_Plane_CAS_01_F {}; //External Class Reference class RTAF_Plane_CAS_01_F : B_Plane_CAS_01_F { _generalMacro = "Plane_CAS_01_base_F"; scope = 0; displayName = "RTAF A-164 Wipeout (CAS)"; faction = "BLU_F"; author = "Unknown"; vehicleClass = "Air"; Side = 4; crew = "B_pilot_f"; typicalCargo[] = {"Soldier"}; hiddenSelections = {"Camo_1","Camo_2"}; hiddenSelectionsTextures = {"\RTAF_10\data\RTAF_plane_cas_skin_00_f.paa","\RTAF_10\data\RTAF_plane_cas_skin_01_f.paa"}; class Library { libTextDesc = "RTAF_A164"; }; }; }; This code works well on wheeled vehicle but I cannot use it on Air vehicle I don't know how to fix this problem This is code I use as template (The one that I says it's works well) #define true 1 #define false 0 class CfgPatches { class B_MRAP_03_F { units[] = {B_MRAP_03_F}; weapons[] = {}; requiredAddons[] = {}; }; }; class cfgVehicles { class I_MRAP_03_F {}; //External Class Reference class B_MRAP_03_F : I_MRAP_03_F { scope = 2; displayName = "Strider"; faction = "OPF_F"; author = "Tactical Light"; vehicleClass = "Car"; Side = 0; crew = "O_soldier_F"; hiddenselectionstextures[] = {"\csat_strider\mrap_03_csat_ext_co.paa"}; class Library { libTextDesc = "Strider"; }; }; };
  3. The following are several error in expression messages that I found written to the client/local.rpt log file: 16:46:11 Error in expression <distToWater interpolate [0.2,0.21,-1,1]> 16:46:11 Error position: <distToWater interpolate [0.2,0.21,-1,1]> 16:46:11 Error Undefined variable in expression: disttowater 16:48:54 Error in expression <(distToWater interpolate [-10.0001,-10,-1> 16:48:54 Error position: <distToWater interpolate [-10.0001,-10,-1> 16:48:54 Error Undefined variable in expression: disttowater 18:00:05 Error in expression <forceSize interpolate [150,150.1,-1,1]> 18:00:05 Error position: <forceSize interpolate [150,150.1,-1,1]> 18:00:05 Error Undefined variable in expression: forcesize 18:14:00 Error in expression < []]; private "_item"; _item = _queue select _index; if (_timerType == "fram> 18:14:00 Error position: <select _index; if (_timerType == "fram> 18:14:00 Error Zero divisor 18:14:00 File A3\functions_f\Misc\fn_loop.sqf, line 152 Game version: 1.58.135742 See also: Error in expression - fn_groupIndicator
  4. Hello, I've designed model of his idea of waiting for a chair but after I finished the design and programming when I run the game with a Mod show me this message : Config : https://www.dropbox.com/s/9j0nrogus30a12x/config.cpp?dl=0 What is the solution ???? Regards, Abdul Rahman.
  5. I can open the launcher from steam but when I attempt to start the game I get a popup informing me that "Arma 3 has exited in an unusual manner" immediately after BattlEye launches. I have tried running the game directly from the executable, and in both Windows 7 and Windows 8 compatibility mode, (Running Windows 10 on my machine) both as my normal account and as an admin. I've validated the files through Steam, and reinstalled the game entirely twice. I couldn't figure out how to attached the crash report to this post so I've uploaded it here: http://www.filedropper.com/armareportlog20160425t230307timothy Any assistance would be much appreciated.
  6. I'm not really sure where to ask this, but I noticed now that since EDEN has been release my old structuring for making custom campaigns doesn't seem to work anymore since it gives me an error like this: I think it has to deal with how the mission.sqm file is different then what it used to be with the 2d editor, and I am wondering if anyone else knows the new standard we are suppose to use in order to make custom campaigns utilizing the EDEN editor. I would really appreciate help, because otherwise I and maybe many others will not be able to create campaigns using missions that were made with the EDEN editor and I'm really not sure what to do.
  7. Starting BattlEye Service... Updating BattlEye Service (NOTE: This may take several minutes to complete)... Launching game... Note: File blocks can be ignored if they don't cause problems with the game. [iNFO] Blocked loading of file: "C:\Windows\SysWOW64\zcengine.dll". Este es el error que me encuentro cuando intento acceder a la pantalla de partidas multiplater y no me sale ninguna partida. Si inicio Arma 2 sin Battleye si me deja ver las partidas existentes cuando quiero entrar en alguna reinicia Arma 2 para ejecutarlo con BE
  8. The following error message was written to the client.rpt log file: 21:47:03 Error in expression <0.5],[1,1,0,0.5]] select _teamID; _map drawEllipse [_pos,.4,.4,0,_colorTeam,"#(> 21:47:03 Error position: <drawEllipse [_pos,.4,.4,0,_colorTeam,"#(> 21:47:03 Error 0 elements provided, 4 expected 21:47:03 File A3\functions_f\GUI\fn_groupIndicator.sqf, line 85 These error messages have occurred on multiple occasions when playing co40 Domination! Blufor. Full .rpt file available on request.Game version: 1.56.134787
  9. Hi community, Since 3DEN, If I run any mission (coop 8 - 1player 7 playable slots) in MP, the revive option returns "ERROR: No vehicle IS REVIVING YOU" in the incapacitated chrono bar. Furthermore, if I choose another unit than player, there in one more problem: After player's respawn (I'm testing MP with 1 player), 2 units have the same name (player's name): Player and another unit. So the automatic name of the unit in the chosen slot seems to disappear. In 2D, these missions registered in MP, (backup mission.sqm), don't have these problems (reviving + lost of unit's name). So it's not linked to mods but editor behavior.
  10. My Zeus Game Master mission works near flawlessly, except for some reason all the virtual entities die when the mission starts. I will select the Zeus virtual entity at the start screen, and when it goes to the briefing it shows "No Signal", then starts with the screen pointing up and it shows me the death screen. Why is this happening? The Zeus can work if being used by a regular unit, but that causes strange re-spawning bugs. I want a normal virtual Zeus entity to be the Game Master, but that is impossible if it dies for no reason. Am I missing something for my virtual entities to be dying? I am using version 1.56 for the Eden editor, is that the cause of this strange bug? Description.ext author="Smash Balls"; onLoadName = "Overlord 42+1 Master Altis"; OnLoadMission = "There is an almighty Overlord of which I wouldn't disobey! The NATO faction has a starting desert HQ with a handful of starting assets to use."; loadScreen = "overlordCastle.jpg"; overviewText = "Our lord of death and destruction has arrived!"; displayName = "Overlord 42+1 Master Altis|Preset Base(NATO)"; respawnVehicleDelay = 30; respawn = "BASE"; respawndelay = 15; respawnDialog = 1; respawnTemplatesWest[] = {"MenuPosition","MenuInventory"}; respawnTemplatesCiv[] = {"MenuPosition","MenuInventory"}; respawnTemplatesVirtual[] = {}; respawnOnStart = 0; disabledAI = 1; joinUnassigned = 1; aiKills = 1; class Header { gameType = ZGM; //DM, Team, Coop, ... minPlayers = 1; //min # of players the mission supports maxPlayers = 43; //Max # of players the mission supports playerCountMultipleOf = 1; };
  11. Hi folks ! Today I encountered some errors with my dialogs. I tried to split my stuff into different files to reorganize it. In this way, I created hpp-files to define engine-related / custom constants (as it's suggested here). So I created 1 file by constant type : controls.hpp (for control types and styles), fonts.hpp (for... fonts) and colors.hpp (for...tadam... colors). I also declare my basic ressource classes (RscText, RscStructuredText, etc...) in dialogs.hpp. All these files are included in my description.ext . This error appears when dialogs - including the color constants - are initialized (dialogs.hpp or CharactersList.h) : 15:33:34 Warning Message: File C:\Users\Steezy\Documents\Arma 3\missions\Test.Stratis\CharactersList.h, line 36: '/RscCharactersList/controlsBackground/MainTitle.': ';' encountered instead of '=' My game crashes if I try to preview the mission through the game editor or on dedicated server with the same error message. These are parts of my scripts : description.ext ... // GUI constants and base classes #include "controls.hpp" #include "colors.hpp" #include "fonts.hpp" #include "dialogs.hpp" // My dialogs #include "CharactersList.h" class RscTitles { #include "playerHUD.h" }; ... controls.hpp // ## Control types ## \\ #define CT_STATIC 0 #define CT_BUTTON 1 #define CT_EDIT 2 #define CT_SLIDER 3 #define CT_COMBO 4 #define CT_LISTBOX 5 ... // ## Control styles ## \\ // Static styles #define ST_POS 0x0F #define ST_HPOS 0x03 #define ST_VPOS 0x0C #define ST_LEFT 0x00 #define ST_RIGHT 0x01 #define ST_CENTER 0x02 #define ST_DOWN 0x04 ... colors.hpp (buggy script ?) #define COLOR_SLD_PURERED {1,0,0,1}; #define COLOR_SLD_PUREGREEN {0,1,0,1}; #define COLOR_SLD_PUREBLUE {0,0,1,1}; #define COLOR_SLD_PUREWHITE {1,1,1,1}; #define COLOR_SLD_PUREBLACK {0,0,0,1}; #define COLOR_SLD_DARKRED {0.6,0.2,0.2,1}; #define COLOR_TRANSPARENT {0,0,0,0}; ... fonts.hpp #define GUI_FONT_DEFAULT PuristaMedium #define GUI_FONT_NORMAL PuristaMedium #define GUI_FONT_BOLD PuristaSemibold #define GUI_FONT_THIN PuristaLight ... dialogs.hpp class RscText { idc = -1; type = CT_STATIC; style = ST_LEFT; x = 0; y = 0; h = 0.037; w = 0.3; sizeEx = "(((((safezoneW / safezoneH) min 1.2) / 1.2) / 25) * 1)"; font = GUI_FONT_NORMAL; colorText[] = COLOR_SLD_PUREWHITE; colorBackground[] = COLOR_TRANSPARENT; text = ""; shadow = 0; tooltip = ""; tooltipColorShade[] = {0,0,0,0.65}; tooltipColorText[] = {1,1,1,1}; tooltipColorBox[] = {1,1,1,1}; deletable = 0; fade = 0; access = 0; fixedWidth = 0; colorShadow[] = {0,0,0,0.5}; linespacing = 1; }; ... CharactersList.h class RscCharactersList { idd=20003; onLoad="uiNamespace setVariable ['RscCharactersList', _this select 0]"; onUnload="uiNamespace setVariable ['RscCharactersList', displayNull]"; movingEnable="false"; enableSimulation="false"; class controlsBackground { class Image: RscPicture { idc = 1200; text = ""; x = 0.448438 * safezoneW + safezoneX; y = 0.148 * safezoneH + safezoneY; w = 0.0825 * safezoneW; h = 0.077 * safezoneH; }; class BlackBackground: RscText { idc = 1000; x = 0.293751 * safezoneW + safezoneX; y = 0.225 * safezoneH + safezoneY; w = 0.4125 * safezoneW; h = 0.55 * safezoneH; colorBackground[] = {0,0,0,1}; }; class MainTitle: RscText { idc = 1001; text = "Choose your character"; //--- ToDo: Localize; x = 0.29375 * safezoneW + safezoneX; y = 0.225 * safezoneH + safezoneY; w = 0.4125 * safezoneW; h = 0.044 * safezoneH; colorBackground[] = COLOR_SLD_DARKRED; sizeEx = 0.8 * GUI_GRID_H; }; }; class controls { class RscCombo_2100: RscCombo { idc = 2100; text = ""; //--- ToDo: Localize; x = 0.304062 * safezoneW + safezoneX; y = 0.291 * safezoneH + safezoneY; w = 0.216563 * safezoneW; h = 0.022 * safezoneH; colorText[] = {0,0,0,1}; colorBackground[] = {0.9,0.9,0.9,1}; }; class RscText_1003: RscText { idc = 1003; text = "Side :"; //--- ToDo: Localize; x = 0.402031 * safezoneW + safezoneX; y = 0.324 * safezoneH + safezoneY; w = 0.04125 * safezoneW; h = 0.055 * safezoneH; }; }; }; I deliberately omit to change all the color propertie values of this script by constants to point on only one error. What have I done wrong ? Thx in advance :)
  12. Hi all, I am currently developing a system that will select random objectives then assign markers to that area so that it is visible. I have run into an issue with the "SetMarkerPos" command. The error I receive is "Error setmarkerpos: type string, expected Array". The reason it is setup below is due to the fact I have 3 objective types. Town Objectives Primary Objectives Secondary Objectives The script i have created for setting marker positions for Town and Primary objectives is simple as all that is required is that the markers for those are moved to that designated town. However, a secondary objective can only exist inside a primary objective and not all of the primary objectives have a secondary objective. The idea is/was to combine the name of the Primary objective (publicvariable of "mainmark") with secondary_%1 to create the names of the secondary objective markers. I am then able to see if there is a secondary objective nearby to the randomly selected Primary objective and if there is, move the marker to it to indicate such. however I receive the above mentioned error when trying to set the markers position. I was hoping I could receive assistance in fixing this error either via directing me on how to assign the string into an array so the error stops or by finding another way to achieve this goal. Thanks. Below is the script I am using to achieve this goal. null = execVM "obj\objective_controller.sqf"; _distm = getmarkerpos mainmark; _distt = getmarkerpos townmark; _dista = _distm distance _distt; if (_dista < 2200) then { execVM "obj\objective_controller.sqf"; }; if (_dista > 2200) then { _getmarkm = getmarkerpos mainmark; _showobjectivem = "mark_main_area" setMarkerPos _getmarkm; _showobjectivem = "mark_main_name" setMarkerPos _getmarkm; _getmarkt = getmarkerpos townmark; _showobjectivet = "mark_town_area" setMarkerPos _getmarkt; _showobjectivet = "mark_town_name" setMarkerPos _getmarkt; }; //----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- //Find secondary nearby _townsec = format ["secondary_%1",mainmark]; _dists = getmarkerpos _townsec; _secfind = _distm distance _dists; if (_secfind < 500) then { hint format ["placing %1 in %2 area", _townsec, mainmark]; _showobjectivesec = "mark_secondary_area" setMarkerPos _townsec; _showobjectivesec = "mark_secondary_name" setMarkerPos _townsec; }; if (_secfind > 500) then { };
  13. I'm having some problems hosting a dedicated Arma 3 server on linux. I set the server up following this guide: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Dedicated_Server#Instructions_.28Linux_o.2Fs.29 The server used to work like that until several months ago, but when I'm trying to use it again now, I cannot get any missions started. As a player, I can connect, select a mission and press OK, but once the mission finishes loading, I find themselves back in the lobby again. If I keep pressing OK to start the mission, this will continue indefinitely. The server is running under Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS 32 bit. (I chose the 32 bit version because Arma 3 itself is 32 bit, so I thought this might lead to fewer compatibility problems.) I originally encountered the problem trying to play a custom mission with a large number of third-party mods, but to debug the problem better, I ran the server without mods and with BI missions only. This is the server.cfg: passwordAdmin = "<censored>"; //password = "<censored>"; hostname = "TMSCTI"; maxPlayers = 160; motd[]= {"Welcome to our TMSCTI server"}; voteThreshold = 1.1; voteMissionPlayers = 1; kickduplicate = 0; logFile = "server_console.log"; persistent = 1; verifySignatures = 0; allowedLoadFileExtensions[] = {"hpp","sqs","sqf","fsm","cpp","paa","txt","xml","inc","ext","sqm","ods","fxy","lip","csv","kb","bik","bikb","html","htm","biedi"}; allowedPreprocessFileExtensions[] = {"hpp","sqs","sqf","fsm","cpp","paa","txt","xml","inc","ext","sqm","ods","fxy","lip","csv","kb","bik","bikb","html","htm","biedi"}; allowedHTMLLoadExtensions[] = {"htm","html","xml","txt"}; forceRotorLibSimulation = 1; disableVoN = 1; The command line used to start the server was this: ./arma3server -config server.cfg -mod= The console output from the server can be found here: http://arma-tms.de/screenlog.0 (It's a bit too large to paste here verbatim.) I've also tried setting up a completely brand new virtual server following the original guide, but this lead to the same problem. Could someone help me with that?
  14. Helloooooo, I noticed that this was an issue for some people and noticed that it has been submitted to the devs. But, I wanted to know if there is anything I can do. Every once in a while the following pops up in the RPT. It does write like 30+ times in a minute when it happens. 20:16:26 Error: Failed to open file a3\sounds_f\vehicles\air\noises\servo_heli_comm_vertical.wav 20:16:26 Cannot load sound 'a3\sounds_f\vehicles\air\noises\servo_heli_comm_vertical.wav' Is there anything that I can do on my end to fix this on the server? Thanks, dubl
  15. Hi, I do have problem with "quit in unusual manner". It occurs when I play arma 3. It happens after a variable time in game (sometimes 5 minutes and sometimes more than 5 minutes). The game just crashes with these error logs image Any idea what could be wrong? It makes me crazy when I want to play. Thanks a lot.
  16. Recently I started a Multiplayer server with the intent of having a friend join me (he bought and downloaded the game explicitly to play with me). But every single time he joins, he connects is stuck spectating and then it shows he disconnected, we tried removing all addons, we tried having him host and it was the same thing only from my end, we tried different maps, different settings, different circumstances (i would save the game/not save, be in lobby, be in game) nothing seams to work, some assistence would be appreciated.