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Found 224 results

  1. Hello everyone! Lets suppose that I am making a mission in Eden Editor. How do I make a person have something like a HE grenade by going into his loadout? How do I customize how much smoke grenades he as, etc. Thanks!
  2. Daniel Klimchuk (Edu Cat Moderator)

    Arma 3 Currency?

    As I was playing Arma 3 singleplayer, I noticed the prices on a gas station. Diesel - 21.49 Super + Unleaded - 19.35 Super Unleaded = 18.90 What currency does Arma 3 use? Is it Euro, or maybe Czech Korona? Just interested. Thanks!
  3. *********************************************** Sarogahtyps Spawn Script Creator - SSSC Alpha 0.5 the easy way to cache ur units, vehicles and their waypoints by Sarogahtyp Gives mission designers the ability to delete and spawn their editor created units, vehicles and waypoints as often as they want and at the time they wanna. Its partially very similiar to Jebus - Just Editor Based Unit Spawning written by @dreadpirate but has complete different way of using and of course very different scripting methods. Actual version: Alpha 0.5 Key Features: units and vehicles spawn with the same behavior, damage, loadout (and so on) as they had before they were deleted waypoints are synced with other waypoints and triggers as they were before they were deleted every spawned object has the same group assignement as prior deletion see the full list of what is stored and reset after spawning in spoiler: How to apply this script to your mission: Download and unpack the .rar file. copy the content of the folder "SSSC" to ur mission root. If u already have a description.ext then integreate the one in SSSC to your own description.ext If u have a whitelist for remote execution of commands in your mission then you have to ensure that the following commands are whitelisted because they are remotely executed (HowTo): setVehicleVarName How to use this scripts functions in your mission: everey function returns true if it is ended. thats usefull for checking if its ended when using spawn instead of call. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. you have to mark one unit of each group which should be handled (saved, deleted, spawned) at the same time: saroSSC_fnc_mark [_unit, _index] call saroSSC_fnc_mark; _unit is those one unit of the group which should be handled. _index is a number chosen by you to differentiate sets of groups to handle. Example: if u have 2 groups ( A and B ) which should be deleted at start of mission and another group ( C ) which should be deleted after its done something then u mark like this: In the init field of one unit of group A and one unit of group B: [this, 0] call saroSSC_fnc_mark; In the init field of one unit of group C: [this, 1] call saroSSC_fnc_mark; now group A and B r marked with index 0 and group C with index 1 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- saroSSC_fnc_save [_index] call saroSSC_fnc_save; Use this function at the time u want to save the actual behavior of ur prior marked groups. At this point all information is saved and your groups will be spawned later with the behavior of this point of time. [0] call saroSSC_fnc_save; [1] call saroSSC_fnc_save; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- saroSSC_fnc_delete [_index] call saroSSC_fnc_delete; Use this function at the time u want to delete all objects and waypoints of ur prior marked and saved groups. [0] call saroSSC_fnc_delete; [1] call saroSSC_fnc_delete; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- saroSSC_fnc_spawn [_index] call saroSSC_fnc_spawn; Use this function at the time u want to spawn all objects and waypoints of ur prior marked, saved, and deleted groups. Ensure that there is a small delay after using this function until all objects are spawned. This is neccessary because this scripts contents are spawned (scheduled environment) and run parrallel to other stuff. This is the only function which uses scheduled environment because it needs some more time/performance. [0] call saroSSC_fnc_spawn; [1] call saroSSC_fnc_spawn; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- saroSSC_fnc_destruct [_index] call saroSSC_fnc_destruct; Use this function at the time u dont need the information stored with saroSSC_fnc_save before to free some memory. After using this function u could use saroSSC_fnc_save, saroSSC_fnc_delete and saroSSC_fnc_spawn again on the same marked sets of groups. [0] call saroSSC_fnc_destruct; [1] call saroSSC_fnc_destruct; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- saroSSC_fnc_unmark [_index] call saroSSC_fnc_unmark; Use this function at the time u dont like to do anything with ur prior marked set of groups. After using it u have to mark again first before u can save, delete and spawn. [0] call saroSSC_fnc_unmark; [1] call saroSSC_fnc_unmark; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- saroSSC_fnc_update_triggers call saroSSC_fnc_update_triggers; This function is needed only if mission designer creates triggers by script during mission. It should be run after such scripted trigger creation to update known triggers. Thats neccessary because SSSC gets all triggers at mission start only. no arguments and no return value. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- saroSSC_fnc_set_options This function can be used to choose which options should be saved and restored. This is useful if u dont want to save everything which is featured. Less saving means more performance. See fn_set_options.sqf header for further informations. this function has to be called before saroSSC_fnc_save. it will destroy all allready saved information because of array structure changes. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Planned features: implement option to pass mission designers custom code for execution after spawning (like EHs) store and reset units trait - DONE store and reset units hitparts - DONE store and reset vehicles hitparts - DONE store an reset vehicles loadout - DONE add killed EH for group leaders to ensure group handling works after leader died - DONE add function to update known triggers (if someone creates triggers during mission) - DONE add options array to switch storing of specific info on/off - DONE relase BETA version add function to copy the whole spawn script to clipboard. with this feature mission designers are able to create their own spawn script without saving all information to memory during mission. release FINAL version armaholic release page Script Download (Dropbox) Example Mission (Dropbox) Known issues: 1. A set of group with e.g. index 0 cant interact with waypoints or triggers of a set of groups marked with 1. If u need to interact groups with the same waypoints and trigger then you have to ensure that they are marked with the same index. 2. Found a bug if a group waits at a join (or join and lead) waypoint for the other group and then using save, delete and spawn methods at this situation. Both groups r double spawned if that bug encounters and after that they behave weird. I think I know why that happens and will fix it soon. Changelog: V 0.5 Alpha - 07.06.2017 fixed a bug with editor given variable names (thx for report @gavc) added saving of stuff in backpacks, vests and uniforms inside of vehicle inventories. added saroSSC_fnc_set_options - now u r able to set saving options for units and vehicles. see fn_set_options.sqf header for further informations. this function has to be called before saroSSC_fnc_save. it will destroy all allready saved information because of array structure changes. added support for setFace and face added support for setNameSound and nameSound added support for setPitch and pitch added support for setAmmo and ammo added support for setBleedingRemaining and getBleedingRemaining added support for getOxygenRemaining added support for unitRecoilCoefficient restructured some array for faster handling V 0.4 Alpha - 13.06.2016 added new function saroSSC_fnc_update_triggers to update known triggers added vehicle loadout support substituted some forEach with count to speed up things a bit did some clean up work on scripts added killed eventhandler to leaders to get script also working if a leader dies added support for partial hitpoints of units and vehicles. V 0.31 Alpha - 09.06.2016 fixed a bug with muliple deletions and spawns, it was not working - now it is added handling of units trait (medic, engineer, explosiveSpecialist, UAVHacker, camouflageCoef, audibleCoef, loadCoef) V 0.3 Alpha - 08.06.2016 Initial Release Enjoy! *********************************************** Development Section in this section u can get information about the progress since the latest release and you can get a downloadable dev version with an own changelog and an own dev version number, too. I added that section because I want to give mission designers the ability to add all new features as soon as possible without bothering foxhound everytime I added 2 or 3 commands to the scripts. next steps: global: fix bug desribed in known issues (double spawning maybe caused by group unification and seperation) add function to pass custom code which will be executed after spawning. that could be EHs or disable AI commands or whatever u like. add support for allVariables, getVariable and setVariable units: add support for getObjectTexture and setObjectTexture vehicles: add support for setCollisionLight and isCollisionLightOn add support for getFuelCargo, getAmmoCargo, getRepairCargo add support for isLightOn and setPilotLight add support for locked and lock add support for lockCargo and lockedCargo add support for lockDriver and lockedDriver add support for lockTurret and lockedTurret add support for canUnloadInCombat and setUnloadInCombat add support for getObjectTexture and setObjectTexture groups: add support for setGroupIdGlobal instead of setGroupId release: release Beta version actual dev version: none Changelog since latest relase: none download link: none
  4. wika_woo

    Editor Tips

    .... That if you press CTR + O in the map selection screen you get the famous 2D editor :) Thought i'd put that here...
  5. OK, I am trying to make a SP mission where the main characters thoughts will be displayed in the side chat in order to give the player new tasks. However whenever I run the scenario as the main character I get no text in the chat even though the trigger activates and the chat indicator at the bottom lights up for a bit. BUT if I run the scenario as another NPC I can clearly see the text the main character says in side chat when the trigger get activated. I am very new to the editor so I might be missing something simple. The trigger I am using has a condition of: alive VK (VK is the player variable) with a 3s delay so that I have time to load in the mission before it activates. On activation I set: VK sidechat "text" This is what I see when i run the scenario as the main character. This is what I see if I run it as a different character. Please help.
  6. Hi, Here is a 2 cent remark about editor preview, and a question. Edit in Vanilla 1.76 place a BLUFOR weapon squad on a map (standard group in editor, 8 units) Just delete some units (even odd, or what you want), say delete 2,5,6,7 Run preview You are leader (player is by default and I didn't change that) Your group is now: you, 3, 4, 8 exit to editor. Don't change anything Rerun preview your group is now: you, 2, 3, 4 (with the same units, only the number has changed) Nothing important, "severity" to none, I admit. But my question is: What's difference between 1st preview (when you've done these deletions) and the further ones? So, is there any other things, for which the preview (but save mission also) could change? Is it specific to deletion of objects? how deep?
  7. Hello! Recently I'have been in playing with the editor and because I'm a noob for me it would be easier to start from readymade mission and edit them to my liking. I play combat patrol with friends but it starts to feel some what repetitive and we would like to have more diversity in the game. So... 1. Is there a place where I can download/share coop missions? Especially combat patrol. 2. Is Steam workshop planned for project Argo or Is ARMA 3 Malden missions compatible with Argo? And a side note: I have always wanted to play Arma with friends, but some of them feel that it's too complex. So for them Argo is good mix of realism and playability..and free :-). I believe this game could work also with larger number of players 20-50 players with different roles ( mix between Squad, Battlefield and Arma) Anyway I'm looking forward for future updates to make this game even more enjoyable!
  8. How would I be able to detect if a player throws a purple smoke and then have CAS fire on the target?
  9. Hi there, I need some quick help with some even handlers.. Anyway, the idea is in the mission you attack an oil rig. You shoot on the oil pipes which makes the oil pipes explode and burn. The idea is because of the explosions you kill the enemies inside and win the mission. Okey, so I have this script here: thisaddEventHandler ["hit", "scriptedCharge = "DemoCharge_Remote_Ammo_Scripted" createVehicle (getMarkerPos "bombmrk"); scriptedChargesetdamage 1;"] Alright, I also want, once you hit the oil pipe, the oil storage next to it will explode bybeeingtrigger with an even handler explode. Anyone can help me with this? This will BTW be a mutliplayer mission.
  10. I've spawned many different corpses on the beach. I want to remove all the maps and radios from their equipment but I don't want to click on them one at a time as I've many different corpses to go through. I've tried selecting them all and editing their loadouts together with the loadout editor but it doesn't quite work. It applies the entire (current) loadout to every selected unit. Is there a way that I can run a script within the editor that will do this for me? Not looking for the code, just the technique. Any suggestions?
  11. Hey there, running into some trouble here. So I'm doing this SP mission, and I want the player to do a set of tasks (3 actually) within a certain ammount of time (lets say 5 min. (300 sec.). Just a little briefing about what I'm trying to do: - Dude get's out of the Heli, visits this unit and prety much this units tells him that he has 5 min. to gear up and then get into another heli before this one takes off. So my point here is, if the player isn't inside of that Heli within 5 min. mission ends (failed) and has to restart, however if he is there in time, I want the mission to keep going, so it would just mean that the task was completed and the timer would stop. There must be a very simple way of doing this, currently using task modules and triggers that are sync to the player (trigger owner). Any help would be appreciated!
  12. eisenmaik

    Eden Editor

    I cant find a Jet armed with Cluster Bombs in the Eden Editor... Or is there a special way to change the weaponry?
  13. Good day, Great forum and hoping someone can help, I sometime play the Escape game mode for Tanoa / Malden with friends and we use the standard game mode that comes up when I host a session. Is there any way to alter the stock MP Game in Eden?. I am aware I will need to unpack the PDO , But where would I find it and where would it have to be saved to be able to access it with EDEN. Hope someone can assist. Would appreciate a response in as simple terms as possible as I am a but of a dummy. Thanks Sandstorm
  14. Hello! I am currently making a Coop mission for me and my friends and are setting up the finishing touches. But, I have some minor problems when it comes to the spawning and respawning-module. 1. I want my playable units for this mission to start inside a moving vehicle. But, when ticking the option "Select respawn posistion", the game will NOT start from where the playable unit is, and insted will force me to choose one of the made up respawn modules. 2. I want the players to unlock new spawnpoints as the game progress. This I know works with a simple trigger "player, present". But when I tick OFF the "Select respawn position" and only use triggers, then the game will not allow me to spawn at all. Does anyone know what I should do here? I've been googling and tubing for so long that i'm going crazy. Thank you so much in advance. - Whale
  15. Hi anyone, I'm working on a really big mission. So far so good. Today I wanted to continue my work but couldn't open the mission! Two weapons, I placed in my mission, and included in the "KA Weapons Pack New RC" mod from the steam workshop are now missing. (Problem 1) For that reason I looked up how to remove mod dependecy in the mission.sqm. Although the mission.sqm file is binarized, I opened it with the default text editor. (I've not made a copy of the mission.sqm file!!! fu.. me I'm such a complete moron!!!!) Anyway after saving it I'm no longer able to see my mission in the editor (file open) menu!!!! (Problem 2) Does anyone knows any reason why that happend ? Please help me I put a lot effort in the mission !!!
  16. Good day, Great forum and hoping someone can help, I sometime play the Escape game mode for Tanoa / Malden with friends and we use the standard game mode that comes up when I host a session. Is there any way to alter the stock MP Game in Eden?. I am aware I will need to unpack the PDO , But where would I find it and where would it have to be saved to be able to access it with EDEN. Hope someone can assist. Would appreciate a response in as simple terms as possible as I am a but of a dummy. Thanks Sandstorm
  17. Loadout, init, the lot. All reset to nothing and the type of the passenger changed to pilot/crew *AND* forced group changed to join the helicopter group, deleting all waypoints previously assigned to the player's (now deleted) group.. just.. what the fuck?! No "undo" available for this action, either. Extensive init script lost. Loadout lost. Waypoints all lost. Autosave overwriting save. FUCKING LOST IT ALL.
  18. Hello After make sume missions on armed assault editor, Can i make a small setup like dlc from my missions ?
  19. Hayden Almeida

    Argo Map Editor

    Hello everyone. There is some place that teaches how to edit new map with Eden editor for ARGO? I am with idea to create new RAID map, but i am lost somehow. I puted some triggers and Modules in the map, but i think that isnt work properly. Someone to help create a basic raid map? Thanks and sorry for my bad english.
  20. Hi everyone recently, i try to make skin on arma 3, i reskin the mirage 2000 from hellenic Armed Force Mod ^^ I have change image pnj to paa, build addon etc... in game the mod have been correctly loaded but when I going to eden editor, I can't find my plane and the name of mod didn't appear in the search barre Anyone can check my config and tell me what is wrong please ^^ https://pastebin.com/1PH9EgB2 thank you very much !
  21. I am back to Arma after a long break and would like to know how to change the default enemy side with the combat patrol module. Thanks.
  22. -DL- Shane-uk

    Argo editor tutorials ?

    hey guys are there any argo editor tutorials out there i have played around with arma 3 editor and made missions etc .... i only ask as i would like to build a clash mission but not sure how the clash mode works in the editor ...... is it like sector control on arma 3 ? any help would be great thanks
  23. Hey (: I've made a TDM Map and set it include respawns 6vs6. but when i change the loadout inside the virtual arsenal and save as, i got an problem. the first time the soldier (for example a sniper) spawns, i got the choosen loadout. but everytime after the first spawn when the soldier spwawns, he gets the standard loadout from the soldier i had changed. for example. i take a marksman with MK14 and give him an CMR and silencer in team blue. but when he dies, and spawns a second time, he got his MK 14 again. how can i edit this to become the custom loadout also on every spawn?
  24. Okay. Hey peoples, one of my first threads here pleading for Help!!! I have been working on a CQB, VR Map for quite a long time now using VR blocks only. Now, I have different rooms from the start to finish that increase in difficulty and each stage is marked by colored arrows that point the direction of the finish area. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So what I have done is I have used large amounts of 1x1x1 VR Blocks, to build walls, towers, roofs, balconies, cover etc. My idea was to have previously cleared stages blocked off by different shaped walls of VR blocks, once the player hit the next stage's trigger that is. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My go-to solution for this was to make a wall of blocks that separates stages 1 and 2 or Blue and Light Blue, Then set all the VR blocks conditions to false so that they would not be there on mission start and then create a trigger out of sight around a corner or something so as the player enters the trigger some magic VR wall appears in the previous stage so that the player can't go back to mission start and basically Re-Kit themselves with anything they want, before going back to finish off stages. I Just don't no how to tell the trigger to make the conditions of the sync'd VR blocks back to true once the trigger owner steps into the trigger. I really appreciate any help i get, Steam Name: Warlord I've been searching forums to no avail. I have thousands of hours of editor experience and not much to show for it so any other tips or anything will be incredibly helpful thank you so much everyone!! I have images of the Map but i can't post them here :(
  25. Sandman122312

    night time?

    so ive played around with the editor a lot and ive tried to make a night time op or a late in the evening op and the only thing I could do is make it dark for a few moments than be right back at 8:00 in the morning, is there anyway to fix this or do we have to wait for a later update?