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Found 118 results

  1. Hi there, I'm currently making a WW2 airborne style mission for me and a couple of friends, but I've run into a problem. After struggling with the respawning inside of a vehicle for a while I've finally managed to do it with the help of a trigger, but now I've run into a new problem: the vehicle they're spawning in is a C-47, but because the AI can't keep them in the air for long I've had to disable the simulation so that they don't spawn inside a crashed airplane. The problem with that is that when simulation is disabled, they are unable to move around inside it, and can't jump out. So I'm stuck with a respawn that is either a crashed plane, or a static plane they can't jump out of. Does anyone know of a way of making the plane stay static in the air but still being able to get out/getting kicked out as soon as they spawn inside it? Or is there a way to make the AI fly around the AO for a undetermined amount of time without it crashing? Any help would be appreciated!
  2. Hello. I have following problem: I made mission. It should be without respawn. In Description.ext I tried respawn = 0 and even to not define respawn. The problem is that I don't want that Init.sqf executes if someone joins in progress. He should be a seagull if he joins in progress (respawn = "BIRD" not worked, init.sqf executes anyway) and Init.sqf should not be executed on his machine. Is there some way to prevent this?
  3. Program wont start because DePbo64.dll is missing from my computer, where can I find this ? I had a look online and could find nothing. thx for your time and help !
  4. Hello. I have following problem: I put AI into vehicle with moveindriver command. After some event he should leave it by: unAssignVehicle sct1; [sct1] orderGetIn false; sct1 action ["GetOut", vehicle sct1]; And after some times he should enter another vehicle by: [sct1] orderGetIn true; sct1 assignAsCargo EscapeBoat; but that ass go back to the first vehicle and enters it. I tried 'allowGetIn false' command. But after I write allowGetIn true, he goes back to the first vehicle. I don't know whats wrong with that vehicle-crap... He just goes back to the first vehicle and enters it even after unAssign commands and other...
  5. Hello, i was curious if it would be possible for someone to help me with a personal request/project. I was curious if someone could help (or voluntarily do themselves) me replace the US soldiers in the Cold War Rearmed^2 mod for ArmA 2? NOTE: I will only be using this replacement personally so do not worry about me turning around and uploading this to other websites for download. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could either help me or guide me to the right area to go about doing this. Thank you,
  6. Hi guys, I'm making ravage scenario which begins with an action packed, panicky introduction, followed by a helicopter extraction to actually start the scenario. Everything else is already finished, so this is the last challenge I'm facing and I don't know what to do. I've created a lot of units for this introduction (civilian/zombie and NATO), but I want them all gone or dead (they get cleaned up automatically really fast) once the player leaves the boundaries of a trigger. This is solely for performance purposes. I have named each individual zombie, civilian and NATO unit and tried the following: [z1, z2, z3, z4, z5, z6, z7, z8, z9, z11, z12, z13, z14, z15, z16, z17, z18, z19, z20, z21, z22, z23, z24, z25, z26, z27, z28, z29, z30, z31, z32, z33, z34, z35, z36, z37, z38, z39, z40, z41, z42, z43, z44, z45, z46, z47, z48, z49, z50, z51, z52, z53, z54, z55, z56, z57, z58, z59, z60, z61, z62, z63, z64, z65, z66, z67, z68, z69, z70, z71, z72, z73, z74, z75, z76, z79, z80, z81] setdamage 1 but this didn't work (generic expression error). the unit list should be 100% correct, I have checked it three times now (the missing units like z10 and z77/z88 are meant to be missing). What am I doing wrong?
  7. Hey guys. I'm having an urgent issue. I'm planning to make an Altis total map overhaul with edited locations all over the map. Now I've hosted a local server (like we always do) and my friend tried to join. It gave him the downloadable content missing "CST_R_Tower" when he tried to connect. We tried to find it for over an hour, and I ain't too fond of editing shit with text editors as most likely I will screw it up. (Like I just did......) I removed "CST_R_Tower" three times, or how ever you call it. (I'm a total noob in scripting and stuff.) If I hit CTRL F "CST_R_Tower" showed up three times, and removed those three... In notepad, the mission.sqm looks like this: https://gyazo.com/b5582cd347ca2026c9a7b89b99ce418e While on Wordpad it looks like this: https://gyazo.com/a84d3b43d40725b4b2464942e872cec9 Both screenshots were after I've edited it, but if I search on the web how to edit a mission.sqm file, they all look different than mine??? Now what happened, after I removed those lines, the entire mission didn't show up in the editor anymore, and in-game, when I tried to launch it, instead of green text, it was light blue text. And when I hit "Play" simply nothing happens. I've put weeks of work into this mission, and just because I wanted to remove some mod that I can't even remember what it is, or can't even find it, it screwed my mission... D:< Any help is greatly appreciated as I can't get myself to re-do ALL this work I've put into it... :( Thanks in advance. ~ Sirion.
  8. Im looking for someone to join zenophone and me in finnishing up a mission project . its based on karrillions rts. ofp/arma1. Its being rewriten with zen's framwork. At this point were 90% ready for a very beta release . So ... If you know rts, zens framework or know how to code . please contact me. And i can get into more detales of the mission .
  9. I'm having a problem with the idiot AI in my group. I have a path set for my tank platoon and I'm just trying to get them to conduct a normal movement to contact, but when we get to the waypoint, the leader drives through the waypoint, as normal, but the rest in my group try to converge on the exact waypoint, or drive in circles around it. I tried setting the completion radius to various values, depending on the terrain, but they constantly do this. It becomes a game of bumper tanks at almost every waypoint and usually a tank winds up upside down, totally borking the mission. Can someone shed some light on this situation for me? Is the AI this retarded by design, or am I doing something wrong?
  10. We've created 27 maps that are of the Attack & Defend type on Apex/Altis lanscapes with the RHS mods. There are (2) Red and (2) Blue bases with a neutral base in the center. Each base has vehicle and player respawn points with armories (except the neutral). Each base has a "sector" with attributes set for who captures it. The uniforms and weapons are also loaded and saved (we will create an option to alter weapons once we get some of these questions resolved) On the below list are the areas we need help with. We've searched the internet but most of the answers are 3-5 years old and were having trouble sorting through them to find what we need. Thus, we're reaching out here to hopefully find the help and willing to pay for it. We have a Paypal account or can do something like purchase Amazon gift cards or if you have another way to collect your fee, it's ok with us. We're hoping to find one person that's knowledgeable with Arma scripting/triggers & modules who can answer all the questions as oppose to going through several people for them. If you'd like to get an idea of what our maps look like, there's (2) in the "Map Team" on our TeamSpeak (globalconflictA3.teamspeak3.com) These are the questions we need help with: 1. The KOTH maps all have a "rearm box" and players don't have to open it to rearm, they just click rearm. How can we get this option/script? 2. Currently, if we use any ammo, when we respawn the loadout doesn't replenish, it stays the same as when we died. Is there a script to reload all ammo automatically? Can this be applied to resupply vehicles as well? 3. How to set up the helo and tank "rearm" locations. 4. Each friendly base has a respawn with the possibility that the opposing army can take it. Can we make the respawns unavailable to the side that owned them when thier captured? 5. Currently the "tasks" show the neutral base along with the opposing army bases as "tasks" (all are visible) Can we set it so that the "tasks" start with the neutral base (with the other bases hidden) and then once the neutral base is captured, the next base appears as the next "task" and so on? (we know this is done with the triggers and modules, but can't figure out the exact process to link them) 5. We want to set the maps to play 1 hour each. Is this something that is done in Eden Editor or on a server? 6. We need help creating (3) "End Game" scenarious: a. Blue Team wins b. Red Team wins c. Draw 7. Can we make a setting that should one side take all opposing army bases, along with the neutral base, the game will end before the 1 hour timer ends? 8. How to put maps on a server? (or is this something the server support people could help me with) And lastly, there's a lot of servers out there. What options should we look for in choosing one? We dont want the cheapest, but not the most expensive either. We're anxious about getting these maps on a server soon. Your assistance will truly be appreciated.
  11. Hello. Would it be possible to tweak the mission editor to allow multiple people participate in mission making?
  12. Hello. I currently developing a coop mission with cutscenes and have 1 problem here. If camera change position, I want that all textures of objects were already loaded (houses, roads and etc..). I used this: preloadCamera. But looks like it doesn't work. Anybody know the solution how to preload the textures, before the camera change it's position..? This command, preloadCamera, there is no detailed description how it works. I don't know for how long it preloads textures and if they stay loaded even after camera change again it's position..? -_-
  13. I'm building a multiplayer mission using ALiVE, ACE, and some other mods, which is intended to be a big 3 way factional battle, with BLU_F and OPF_F to be playable while leaving IND_F unplayable as the initial occupying force to be conquered. So far so good, still tweaking some of the objective modules and taors for balance, but I already have the support and logistics all functioning well thanks to lots of reading and studying of wikis. I can call in artillery and airstrikes just fine, and so on. I must admit, however, that I'm not a very good scripter and I often have to look up how others have done things in order to figure out something. My understanding of it, in regards to everything from syntax to eventhandlers is very very limited, so thanks in advance to this great, very knowledgeable community. So here's my question: I currently have players spawn in solo, ungrouped to any AI, but I want the player to have the option, with a radio command, to spawn a group of their choosing (one of the presets from the cfgGroups list I suppose), and have it join them under their command. As a second feature, when the unit the character is playing dies I would like the player to have the ability to respawn in the group, taking control of one of the other AI in his squad, which I generally already know how to set up IF the units are already set to be "playable" (respawn = 4; in description.ext), but have no idea how to set up if we spawn them ingame as initially unplayable AI. I have no idea how to do this. I have tried other options, such as just linking an unplayable group to the player in the editor, or even making all the units in the group playable for selection, but I ran into various issues, such as not being able to command the group if I selected a unit other than the leader to play from the lobby (obviously) or just having too many units spawning all over waiting for another player to join in order to command them all, or if I want to play ungrouped I'd have all these hangers on. All these issues I felt severely limited my options and I was getting rather frustrated. I finally decided, that for what I want to do, giving an initially solo player the chance to choose a group to command or none at all would be a fun option for the player and lead to a great range of diverse outcomes for how they want to experience the mission. Please bear with me and my lack of knowledge in this, and any help that leads to a solution is greatly appreciated.
  14. 1- place a unit (player). 2- place an object, let's say FM Radio. save the scenario, then go to its folder "\documents\arma 3\missions\name_of_your_scenario" 3- Create music folder "music" and put your music file or the sound file inside this folder. 4- Create "description.ext" file in that folder which is you scenario folder. open it and paste this: class CfgSounds { sounds[] = {}; class sound1 { name = "sound1"; sound[] = {"music\YOURSOUNDFILE.ogg",1,1,18,1,1,1,0}; //The 18 indicates the distance at which the sound will be heard; titles[] = {}; }; }; Go back to the editor "eden" and double click the object and write this in its init field: this say3D "sound1"; That's it. Many thanks to Feuerex who helped me a lot with his videos. Press "Like" button if you like this post. Resources: The mission file.
  15. So, im making a mission in which 2 helicopters land on a certain spot but they do so using the following functions: rec = [unitname,180] spawn BIS_fnc_UnitCapture; rec = [] spawn path1; But after the helicopters land and end the recording the immediatly take off, no time for the units inside to get out of it, so i was wondering if there was a way to make helicopters stay landed or if i needed to end the animation just a Little bit close to the ground and then issue an "Unload Vehicle" order. Thanks guys!
  16. Hi, I've created some MP maps, 21 so far, using the RHS MOD on Tanoa and Stratis with Eden Editor. When I play the maps, I don't see my player on the "map" or friendly bases. Can this be fixed? Also, how can I add player ICONS so I can see my teammates during play? I have many more questions but I wont overwhelm this post. But one more is...I've created Red/Blue bases with a neutral base in the center. I set the trigger so the neutral can be taken by either side and go back and forth as may happen. After the neutral is captured, is it possible to make the next base, that belongs to the opposing side, appear on the "map" as the next target? Thanks for any assistance.
  17. Hello everyone. I don't know how to desribe my problem in the title, my English isn't good enough on that.. I want let the script to randomly pick a marker. My problem is that the markers are being created dependant on the amount of towns on the map. It detects all towns and creates an invisible marker at each, with name "Mark_1", "Mark_2", etc... I need to know how can I let my script at first count all created markers (as each map has a different amount of villages) and then randomly pick one of these markers. The markers are being created as follows (a part of the script): towns.sqf /* Location finder for towns, villages and cities Places triggers and/or markers at these locations */ // Get each locations of villages or cities and create trigger/marker // Original script for finding locations by BrotherhoodOfHam // Final script by Godis if (!isServer) exitWith {}; //#define MARK #define OFFSET 0 _locations = (nearestLocations [[0,0,0], ["NameCity", "NameVillage", "NameCityCapital"], 40000]); { _xy = size _x; _trig = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector", position _x]; _trig setTriggerArea [ (_xy select 0) + OFFSET, (_xy select 1) + OFFSET, direction _x, false ]; _trig setTriggerActivation [ "WEST", "PRESENT", true ]; _trig setTriggerStatements [ "this", "hint 'Entered Village: Watch out in this area';", "hint 'Leaving Village...';" ]; //#ifdef MARK _mkr = createMarker [format ["Mark_%1", _forEachIndex], position _x]; _mkr setMarkerShape "ELLIPSE"; _mkr setMarkerAlpha 0.0; _mkr setMarkerSize [ (_xy select 0) + OFFSET, (_xy select 1) + OFFSET ]; //#endif } forEach _locations; // Now place units I thought I could just add a counter to towns.sqf, so I would get the total amount of all created markers stored in a variable, like: all_markers = 0; // Content of towns.sqf here (create markers) all_markers = all_markers + 1; // count each marker and store number in 'all_markers' But this would need another check for this variable's value, and also another code to select one of them according to the amount of created markers. I think it's kind of inconvenient. There must be another easier way to archive that, I guess. Is there any code I can use to get that in only a few lines? At the end I just need to: 1. find the amount of markers with name Mark_1, Mark_2, Mark_3, etc, etc 2. Randomly select one of these (i.e. to make it visible by setMarkerAlpha or sth else) Thanks in advance.
  18. Hey, what's up guys? So the problem is following: I'm using a description.ext to make some Radio dialogues, but the text doesn't type, only numbers. This is the fragment I have in description.ext: "class mes1 { name = "mes1"; sound[] = {"sounds\mes-1.ogg", db+0, 1.0}; title = "Я - 0-98ой, начинаю работу.";}" It all works fine except for the one point - while playing the game Russian letters are not visible. What might be the problem? Even if I switch my game to Russian (as I am playing it in English), the other scripted dialogues which are coming, let's say from units, are typed ok and I can see the letters. But for those messages I created - no way. How can I solve it?..
  19. Hello! Title says most of it. Attempting to port the TOH Seattle map over and noticing some buildings lack texture because of missing shaders. Can setObjectTexture be used with the object ID of the building to replace the texture? I can't really think of another way to do this. Alternatively if you do I'd love to hear it! Best Regards, Avery Broere.
  20. hi guys, im trying to attach an Eventhandler to a plane, so when it is destroyed, all usermade actions get removed. The script is run by an action. Here is the script: am i missing something?
  21. I haven't found any related topic, only a few comments about the subject with no answer. So, my question is - is there any option there can be more than one editor online in 3den/Eden, let's say, I host a server and my friend joins me to edit some scenarios together in 3den/Eden? Is there any special mod for that purposes? If not, how likely it will appear in the nearest future, integrated in Arma, i.e. without any mods?
  22. I used a model from another game but i made the geometry myself. So my problem is my car bounces when it drives then just spins out as seen here: I don't know whats happening, here's what I've checked so far: -axis is centered on wheel geometry -boundary is in right place -nothing from geometry is clipping on the ground -wheelcircumference is correct -all named selections are correct here's the geometry: I used the real weight (about 660kg) as the mass so could this effect anything also? and my model.cfg (is literally the unedited test car one): class Rotation { type = "rotation"; memory = 1; minValue = 0; maxValue = 1; angle0 = 0; angle1 = 1; }; class CfgSkeletons { class Default { isDiscrete = 1; skeletonInherit = ""; skeletonBones[] = {}; }; class Vehicle : Default {}; class Car : Vehicle { skeletonBones[]= { "drivewheel","", "wheel_1_1_damper_land","", "wheel_1_2_damper_land","", "wheel_1_3_damper_land","", "wheel_1_4_damper_land","", "wheel_2_1_damper_land","", "wheel_2_2_damper_land","", "wheel_2_3_damper_land","", "wheel_2_4_damper_land","", "wheel_1_1_damper","wheel_1_1_damper_land", "wheel_1_2_damper","wheel_1_2_damper_land", "wheel_1_3_damper","wheel_1_3_damper_land", "wheel_1_4_damper","wheel_1_4_damper_land", "wheel_2_1_damper","wheel_2_1_damper_land", "wheel_2_2_damper","wheel_2_2_damper_land", "wheel_2_3_damper","wheel_2_3_damper_land", "wheel_2_4_damper","wheel_2_4_damper_land", "wheel_1_1_steering","wheel_1_1_damper", "wheel_1_2_steering","wheel_1_2_damper", "wheel_1_3_steering","wheel_1_3_damper", "wheel_1_4_steering","wheel_1_4_damper", "wheel_2_1_steering","wheel_2_1_damper", "wheel_2_2_steering","wheel_2_2_damper", "wheel_2_3_steering","wheel_2_3_damper", "wheel_2_4_steering","wheel_2_4_damper", "wheel_1_1","wheel_1_1_steering", "wheel_1_2","wheel_1_2_steering", "wheel_1_3","wheel_1_3_steering", "wheel_1_4","wheel_1_4_steering", "wheel_2_1","wheel_2_1_steering", "wheel_2_2","wheel_2_2_steering", "wheel_2_3","wheel_2_3_steering", "wheel_2_4","wheel_2_4_steering", "wheel_1_1_unhide","wheel_1_1", "wheel_1_2_unhide","wheel_1_2", "wheel_1_3_unhide","wheel_1_3", "wheel_1_4_unhide","wheel_1_4", "wheel_2_1_unhide","wheel_2_1", "wheel_2_2_unhide","wheel_2_2", "wheel_2_3_unhide","wheel_2_3", "wheel_2_4_unhide","wheel_2_4", "wheel_1_1_hide","wheel_1_1", "wheel_1_2_hide","wheel_1_2", "wheel_1_3_hide","wheel_1_3", "wheel_1_4_hide","wheel_1_4", "wheel_2_1_hide","wheel_2_1", "wheel_2_2_hide","wheel_2_2", "wheel_2_3_hide","wheel_2_3", "wheel_2_4_hide","wheel_2_4", "OtocVez","", "OtocHlaven","OtocVez", "damageHide","", "damageVez","OtocVez", "damageHlaven","OtocHlaven", "ukaz_rychlo","", "ukaz_rychlo2","", "ukaz_rpm","", "mph","", "rpm","", "fuel","", "fuel_1","", "fuel_01","", "fuel_2","", "fuel_3","", "prop_01","", "prop_02","", "prop_2","", "prop_1","", "glass1","damageHide", "glass2","damageHide", "glass3","damageHide", "glass4","damageHide" }; }; class civil_car: Car { skeletonInherit="Car"; skeletonBones[]= { "reverse_light","", "daylights","damageHide", "door1","", "door2","", "glass5","damageHide" }; }; }; class CfgModels { class Default { sectionsInherit = ""; sections[] = {}; skeletonName = ""; }; class Vehicle: Default { sections[] = { "cislo", "grupa", "side", "sektor", "clan", "clan_sign", "podsvit pristroju", "poskozeni", "L svetlo", "P svetlo", "zasleh" }; }; class Car: Vehicle { htMin = 60; // Minimum half-cooling time (in seconds) htMax = 180; // Maximum half-cooling time (in seconds) afMax = 100; // Maximum temperature in case the model is alive (in celsius) mfMax = 8; // Maximum temperature when the model is moving (in celsius) mFact = 1; // Metabolism factor - number from interval <0, 1> (0 - metabolism has no influence, 1 - metabolism has full influence (no other temperature source will be considered)). tBody = 150; // Metabolism temperature of the model (in celsius) sections[]= { "ammo", "zadni svetlo", "brzdove svetlo", "spz", "motor", "body", "clan", "clan_sign", "zasleh", "Light_R", "Light_L", "podsvit pristroju", "glass1", "glass2", "glass3", "glass4", "glass5", "glass6" }; skeletonName="Car"; class Animations { // destruct START class damageHide { type="hide"; source="damage"; selection="damageHide"; hideValue=1.0; }; class damageHideVez:damageHide { selection="OtocVez"; }; class damageHideHlaven:damageHide { selection="OtocHlaven"; }; // Wheels START // Wheels Complete Destruct START class wheel_1_1_destruct { type="hide"; selection="wheel_1_1_hide"; source="HitLFWheel"; minValue = 0; // upravit na 0.99 maxValue = 1; // upravit na 1.0 hidevalue = 0.99999; }; class wheel_1_2_destruct: wheel_1_1_destruct {source="HitLBWheel";selection="wheel_1_2_hide";}; class wheel_1_3_destruct: wheel_1_1_destruct {source="HitLMWheel";selection="wheel_1_3_hide";}; class wheel_1_4_destruct: wheel_1_1_destruct {source="HitLF2Wheel";selection="wheel_1_4_hide";}; class wheel_2_1_destruct: wheel_1_1_destruct {source="HitRFWheel";selection="wheel_2_1_hide";}; class wheel_2_2_destruct: wheel_1_1_destruct {source="HitRBWheel";selection="wheel_2_2_hide";}; class wheel_2_3_destruct: wheel_1_1_destruct {source="HitRMWheel";selection="wheel_2_3_hide";}; class wheel_2_4_destruct: wheel_1_1_destruct {source="HitRF2Wheel";selection="wheel_2_4_hide";}; class wheel_1_1_destruct_unhide { type="hide"; selection="wheel_1_1_unhide"; source="HitLFWheel"; minValue = 0; maxValue = 1; hidevalue = 0.00000; UnHidevalue = 1.00000; }; class wheel_1_2_destruct_unhide: wheel_1_1_destruct_unhide {source="HitLBWheel";selection="wheel_1_2_unhide";}; class wheel_1_3_destruct_unhide: wheel_1_1_destruct_unhide {source="HitLMWheel";selection="wheel_1_3_unhide";}; class wheel_1_4_destruct_unhide: wheel_1_1_destruct_unhide {source="HitLF2Wheel";selection="wheel_1_4_unhide";}; class wheel_2_1_destruct_unhide: wheel_1_1_destruct_unhide {source="HitRFWheel";selection="wheel_2_1_unhide";}; class wheel_2_2_destruct_unhide: wheel_1_1_destruct_unhide {source="HitRBWheel";selection="wheel_2_2_unhide";}; class wheel_2_3_destruct_unhide: wheel_1_1_destruct_unhide {source="HitRMWheel";selection="wheel_2_3_unhide";}; class wheel_2_4_destruct_unhide: wheel_1_1_destruct_unhide {source="HitRF2Wheel";selection="wheel_2_4_unhide";}; // Wheels Complete Destruct END #define DamageOffset 0.2 // Wheels Damage START class wheel_1_1_Damage: wheel_1_1_destruct { type="translation"; axis="Basic_Damper_Destruct_Axis"; memory=1; selection="wheel_1_1_damper"; source="HitLFWheel"; minValue = 0.0; maxValue = 1; offset0 = 0; offset1 = DamageOffset; }; class wheel_1_2_Damage: wheel_1_1_Damage {source="HitLBWheel";selection="wheel_1_2_damper";}; class wheel_1_3_Damage: wheel_1_1_Damage {source="HitLMWheel";selection="wheel_1_3_damper";}; class wheel_1_4_Damage: wheel_1_1_Damage {source="HitLF2Wheel";selection="wheel_1_4_damper";}; class wheel_2_1_Damage: wheel_1_1_Damage {source="HitRFWheel";selection="wheel_2_1_damper";}; class wheel_2_2_Damage: wheel_1_1_Damage {source="HitRBWheel";selection="wheel_2_2_damper";}; class wheel_2_3_Damage: wheel_1_1_Damage {source="HitRMWheel";selection="wheel_2_3_damper";}; class wheel_2_4_Damage: wheel_1_1_Damage {source="HitRF2Wheel";selection="wheel_2_4_damper";}; class wheel_1_1_Damper_Damage_BackAnim: wheel_1_1_Damage {selection="wheel_1_1_damper";offset1 = -1.2*DamageOffset;}; class wheel_1_2_Damper_Damage_BackAnim: wheel_1_1_Damper_Damage_BackAnim {source="HitLBWheel";selection="wheel_1_2_damper";}; class wheel_1_3_Damper_Damage_BackAnim: wheel_1_1_Damper_Damage_BackAnim {source="HitLMWheel";selection="wheel_1_3_damper";}; class wheel_1_4_Damper_Damage_BackAnim: wheel_1_1_Damper_Damage_BackAnim {source="HitLF2Wheel";selection="wheel_1_4_damper";}; class wheel_2_1_Damper_Damage_BackAnim: wheel_1_1_Damper_Damage_BackAnim {source="HitRFWheel";selection="wheel_2_1_damper";}; class wheel_2_2_Damper_Damage_BackAnim: wheel_1_1_Damper_Damage_BackAnim {source="HitRBWheel";selection="wheel_2_2_damper";}; class wheel_2_3_Damper_Damage_BackAnim: wheel_1_1_Damper_Damage_BackAnim {source="HitRMWheel";selection="wheel_2_3_damper";}; class wheel_2_4_Damper_Damage_BackAnim: wheel_1_1_Damper_Damage_BackAnim {source="HitRF2Wheel";selection="wheel_2_4_damper";}; // Wheels Damage END // Wheels END //Glass Damage START class Glass1_destruct { type="hide"; selection="glass1"; source="HitGlass1"; minValue = 0; maxValue = 1; hidevalue = 0.99999; }; class Glass2_destruct: Glass1_destruct {selection="glass2";source="HitGlass2";}; // Inherits from the the glass 1, only the selection and the source will be changed class Glass3_destruct: Glass1_destruct {selection="glass3";source="HitGlass3";}; class Glass4_destruct: Glass1_destruct {selection="glass4";source="HitGlass4";}; class Glass5_destruct: Glass1_destruct {selection="glass5";source="HitGlass5";}; class Glass6_destruct: Glass1_destruct {selection="glass6";source="HitGlass6";}; //Glass Damage END // destruct END class Fuel: Rotation { source="fuel"; selection="fuel"; axis="fuel_axis"; maxValue=1; memory=1; angle0="rad -110"; angle1=0; }; class IndicatorSpeed: Rotation { source="speed"; selection="mph"; axis="mph_axis"; memory=1; maxValue=38.900002; angle1="rad -265"; }; class IndicatorFuel: Rotation { type="rotation"; source="fuel"; selection="fuel_1"; axis="fuel_1_axis"; memory=1; minValue=0.000000; maxValue=1.000000; angle0=-0.087266; angle1=-1.658063; }; class IndicatorRPM: Rotation { source="rpm"; selection="rpm"; axis="rpm_axis"; memory=1; angle1="rad 80"; }; class DrivingWheel: Rotation { source="drivingWheel"; selection="drivewheel"; axis="drivewheel_axis"; minValue=-1; maxValue=1; angle0=(rad 80); angle1=(rad -80); }; class Steering_1_1 { type="rotationY"; source="drivingWheel"; selection="wheel_1_1_steering"; axis="wheel_1_1_steering_axis"; memory=1; minValue= -1; maxValue= 1; angle0=1.047198; angle1=-1.047198; }; class Steering_2_1: Steering_1_1 { selection="wheel_2_1_steering"; axis="wheel_2_1_steering_axis"; }; class Wheel_1_1 { type="rotationX"; source="wheel"; selection="wheel_1_1"; axis="wheel_1_1_axis"; memory=1; sourceAddress="loop"; minValue=0; maxValue=1; angle0=0; angle1="rad -360"; }; class wheel_2_1: Wheel_1_1 { selection="wheel_2_1"; axis="wheel_2_1_axis"; }; class wheel_1_2: Wheel_1_1 { selection="wheel_1_2"; axis="wheel_1_2_axis"; }; class wheel_1_3: Wheel_1_1 { selection="wheel_1_3"; axis="wheel_1_3_axis"; }; class Wheel_2_2: Wheel_1_1 { selection="wheel_2_2"; axis="wheel_2_2_axis"; }; class Wheel_2_3: Wheel_1_1 { selection="wheel_2_3"; axis="wheel_2_3_axis"; }; class Wheel_1_4: Wheel_1_1 { selection="wheel_1_4"; axis="wheel_1_4_axis"; }; class Wheel_2_4: Wheel_1_1 { selection="wheel_2_4"; axis="wheel_2_4_axis"; }; class Wheel_1_1_Damper { type="translation"; source="damper"; selection="wheel_1_1_damper_land"; axis="posun wheel_1_1"; animPeriod = 1; minValue="0"; maxValue="1"; offset0= "0.5"; offset1= "-0.5"; memory=1; }; class wheel_2_1_Damper: Wheel_1_1_Damper { selection="wheel_2_1_damper_land"; }; class wheel_1_2_Damper: Wheel_1_1_Damper { selection="wheel_1_2_damper_land"; }; class Wheel_2_2_Damper: Wheel_1_1_Damper { selection="wheel_2_2_damper_land"; }; class daylights { type="hide"; source="rpm"; selection="daylights"; minValue=-0.8; maxValue=0.2; unhidevalue=1; sourceAddress="clamp"; }; class reverse_light { type="Hide"; selection="reverse_light"; sourceAddress="clamp"; source="Gear"; minValue = -1; maxValue = 0; hideValue = "0.2"; }; }; }; class Test_Car_01: Car { skeletonName = "civil_car"; sectionsInherit = "Car"; sections[]= { "Camo1", "Camo2", "Camo3", "body", "karoserie", "palivo" }; class Animations: Animations { class wheel_1_1_Damage: wheel_1_1_Damage{offset1=0.18000001;}; class wheel_1_2_Damage: wheel_1_2_Damage{offset1=0.18000001;}; class wheel_2_1_Damage: wheel_2_1_Damage{offset1=0.18000001;}; class wheel_2_2_Damage: wheel_2_2_Damage{offset1=0.18000001;}; class wheel_1_1_Damper_Damage_BackAnim: wheel_1_1_Damper_Damage_BackAnim{offset1=-0.18000001;}; class wheel_1_2_Damper_Damage_BackAnim: wheel_1_2_Damper_Damage_BackAnim{offset1=-0.18000001;}; class wheel_2_1_Damper_Damage_BackAnim: wheel_2_1_Damper_Damage_BackAnim{offset1=-0.18000001;}; class wheel_2_2_Damper_Damage_BackAnim: wheel_2_2_Damper_Damage_BackAnim{offset1=-0.18000001;}; class DrivingWheel { type="rotation"; source="drivingWheel"; selection="drivewheel"; axis="drivewheel_axis"; memory=1; minValue=-1; maxValue=1; angle0=(rad -70); angle1=(rad 70); }; class Steering_1_1 { type="rotationY"; source="drivingWheel"; selection="wheel_1_1_steering"; axis="wheel_1_1_steering_axis"; memory=1; minValue="rad -90"; maxValue="rad +90"; angle0=1.0471981; angle1=-1.0471981; }; class Steering_2_1: Steering_1_1 { selection="wheel_2_1_steering"; axis="wheel_2_1_steering_axis"; angle0=1.0471981; angle1=-1.0471981; }; class IndicatorSpeed: Rotation { source="speed"; selection="mph"; axis="mph_axis"; memory=1; maxValue=28; angle0=0.17453299; angle1=-3.141593; }; class IndicatorRPM: Rotation { type="rotation"; source="rpm"; selection="rpm"; axis="rpm_axis"; memory=1; minValue=0; maxValue=7500; angle0=(rad 0); angle1=(rad 250); }; class fuel { type="rotation"; source="fuel"; selection="fuel"; axis="fuel_axis"; memory=1; minValue=0; maxValue=1; angle0=0; angle1="rad +55"; }; class prop_01 { type="rotation"; source="rpm"; selection="prop_1"; axis="prop_1_axis"; memory=1; minValue=1000; maxValue=7000; angle0="rad 30"; angle1="rad 35"; }; class daylights { type="hide"; source="rpm"; selection="daylights"; minValue=-0.8; maxValue=0.2; unhidevalue=1; sourceAddress="clamp"; }; class reverse_light { type="Hide"; selection="reverse_light"; sourceAddress="clamp"; source="Gear"; minValue = -1; maxValue = 0; hideValue = "0.2"; }; class damageHidedoor1: damageHide { selection="door1"; }; class damageHidedoor2: damageHide { selection="door2"; }; class Glass5_destruct { type="hide"; selection="glass5"; source="HitGlass5"; minValue = 0; maxValue = 1; hidevalue = 0.99999; }; class Wheel_1_1_Damper: Wheel_1_1_Damper { type="translation"; source="damper"; selection="wheel_1_1_damper_land"; axis="posun wheel_1_1"; animPeriod = 1; minValue="0"; maxValue="1"; offset0= "0.5"; offset1= "-0.5"; memory=1; }; class wheel_2_1_Damper: Wheel_1_1_Damper { selection="wheel_2_1_damper_land"; }; class wheel_1_2_Damper: Wheel_1_1_Damper { selection="wheel_1_2_damper_land"; }; class Wheel_2_2_Damper: Wheel_1_1_Damper { selection="wheel_2_2_damper_land"; }; }; }; };
  23. Hello there, i have read on the ace3 doc that if you use ace_captivestatuschanged To listen for a unit being freed/ cuffed but i cant seem to get it working everytime i use the code its telling me its missing ; or if i use [_unit2, _state(false), _reason (“SetHandcuffed” or “SetSurrendered”)] its telling me a ] is missing and i dont know where or how. if anyone has gotten this to work please let me know :)
  24. Hey! Quick question. I'm trying to set up a mission that uses ALICE 2 to spawn civs and traffic, but I don't want the player to be able to hitch a free ride off of them, as all the vehicles spawned are unlocked. How can I change this so they're all locked at spawn? Thanks!