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Found 156 results

  1. Hey guys, Does someone know if there is a way to use CustomAttributes that you can edit in the eden editor with just the description.ext or so? I want to use the attributes for some different maps and can not edit all the maps for that, and i can not always use eden editor for it. So i search for a scripting way to get them active. To be precise i want to use the revive feature in all its power without the eden editor based map. Something like this in the description.ext does not work. Not all attributes are listed as desctiption.ext values in the BIKI ReviveRequiredTrait = 0; This is the code from the eden mission.sqm class Attribute1 { property="ReviveRequiredTrait"; expression="false"; class Value { class data { class type { type[]= { "SCALAR" }; }; value=0; }; }; }; Some attributes are withing the description.ext, but not all the required ones, you would need to control the revive feature. If anyone has an idea about this, that would be great. Regards Arkensor
  2. The challenge: I decided to try and find a purpose for the Virtual Reality terrain! :lol: This is the first TvT scenario I've ever created and was looking to see what others thought. Steam Workshop download: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=719318132 and a direct .pbo download http://www.filedropper.com/sectorcontrolv4vr
  3. Hello, Well it is not the end of the world, but I imported a mission in eden. Yesterday, after the update I was going to make an adjustment and it wanted to import it again. So, since it went fine originally I did not think about it. But, unfortunately the markers and all object are wiped out. Has anyone seen this? Is this just a rebuild? In the end if I had to rebuild I could probably make it better performance wise (not mad or sad... kind of feeling like oh well), but I would still not like to start scratch since I was working on Tanoa thing. Thanks! dub
  4. Hello! Let's say I wanna make a helicopter extraction, according to some tutorials I watched I've got to sync the heli's waypoint "load" with the units waypoint "get in". Although, if I try to sync these, the only option I get is "sync to waypoint activation" and not just "sync to". So how could I get this done within the Eden editor? Thanks you very much in advance.
  5. Hello, Well, before 3Eden I was working in a long mission for a lot of time, then It came Eden update and I don't know why I saw you could backup your 2d mission. I was stupid not doing any "manual" backup... When I first load the mission in 3Eden all seemed moved from where it was, and the pilots and troopers with "movein [vehicle]" in their init are out of the vehicle, so I think it's normal and all should fix when starting the game. Well, when I preview in Eden editor I got a bunch of errors: And the game starts as no player was selected, from a very high view... and all the init are not executed, even simple scripts doesn't works. Please, help me :c
  6. Hi I was trying to convert this mission file to the Eden Editor and it says scenario saved but it doesn't save. Here is the mission file. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27188
  7. Hello. I was searching for answer to this question, but couldn't find anything that can really help me. I am not so good with scripting that's why some tutorials I found were really complicated for me. So my question is, how to add custom unit in the game editor ? I created 7 characters all with custom uniforms and weapons but I would like to have them as a unit in editor so I don't have to copy/paste them every single time I start with new mission. I have them saved in notepad files. I hope you understand what I want. I am sure this was asked before so don't go hard on me for asking it again, please. You can post links to some tutorials, any help will be appreciated. :)
  8. So the new EDEN update was released and I was happy. After launching Arma, I had realised that the font had changed. I liked it at first but It looks disgusting when it says the ammo and gun name. The Main Menu font is nice but everything else is just horrible. Is there a way to revert font without falling back on version 1.54? Post your opinions and whether or not you guys want the font to be changed. :D
  9. Ive spent a long time making a mission in the new Eden editor and I havent had any problems up to this point. Ive tested the mission muiltiple times throughout making it never having any problems. But when I was pretty much putting the finishing touches whenever i test it the camera is put in the sky looking top down like there is no player in the mission. I have checked muiltiple times I DO have a player and muiltiple playable characters. Does anyone know whats wrong?
  10. Hi, I'm trying to make a mission using the 3D editor based around defending a few camps. I'm trying to make it so a new task pops up after an enemy unit (zombies in this case) enter a 500M trigger, as well as playing an alarm. The trigger works fine and is reusable (cools down, replays etc). However, for the tasks, I'm not sure how to get it to 'disappear' and come back when more enemy units enter the trigger again. For example: I have the task to say what direction the enemy is coming from (It's a large camp, using NWAF on Cherno), so it'll pop up 'Defend South East Barricade'. That comes up fine when the trigger is activated by a hostile. Only thing I'm stuck on is making the task itself repeatable so it pops up again as if it never activated in the first place. I'm not bothered about the task showing up as 'successful', I just want it to pop up on the screen so the player knows where to go. Thanks in advance
  11. Hello, Please, in Eden, add a check box on each objects compatible with createSimpleObject command. That way, editors could place decorative objects with the benefit of Eden 3D. Thanks
  12. Opening them in normal notepad gives you a lot of characters, while opening them with Notepad++ there are lots of "NUL", "SOH", etc. Is there any way to decode it or any way to safely edit the new SQM? It's just to delete some addon requirements (which aren't even used in the mission).
  13. I'm not really sure where to ask this, but I noticed now that since EDEN has been release my old structuring for making custom campaigns doesn't seem to work anymore since it gives me an error like this: I think it has to deal with how the mission.sqm file is different then what it used to be with the 2d editor, and I am wondering if anyone else knows the new standard we are suppose to use in order to make custom campaigns utilizing the EDEN editor. I would really appreciate help, because otherwise I and maybe many others will not be able to create campaigns using missions that were made with the EDEN editor and I'm really not sure what to do.
  14. ArmaMan360

    EDEN Editor freezing

    Ok I am using EDEN and it starts well, I am able to rotate and manipulate the camera view with every possible angle. Also easily able to navigate the unit selection at the right panel. But the problem occurs when I place the first unit. The moment I left click on the desired location, nothing spawns but that little, red unit spawn marker thing remains there but the mouse cursor is freely movable. Unable to even alt tab or ctrl alt del my way out of it. Then I restarted my laptop, then ran ARMA without any mods, and still the same freeze. Only this time, the unit did spawn after a substantial lag of 15-20 seconds. And the consecutive units spawned with no issue. I believe it has only to do with the first unit I spawn. And btw I am running the latest stable. Thank you and congrats for EDEN :)
  15. Now that when we have the compositions in 3den that opens whole new level of editing I'm now wondering why we can't organise / layer our compositions into folders? Are you planning to do so or is it impossible to make because It will be on Steam Workshop where you will basically have to stick with the current predefined category system? Sorry for bloating forums with it, but feedback tracker is still down and I can't seem to find any other topic to post things like this.. Cheers.
  16. I'm trying to replace an object that I've played in the Eden Editor through a script, but I've changed the XYZ rotation of the object. I have managed to give the new object the XYZ position values of the old object, but I'm struggling to figure out how to change it's rotation. Is there an easy way of doing this? I've already tried setVectorUp, but it doesn't seem to accept the above XYZ rotation values from the Eden editor. Edit: Woops, looks like I posted this in the wrong subforum.
  17. Arma build: both public and dev build 1.57.134914 There is a major issue in Eden editor, where the Asset Browser does not list any objects with a side. This means all objects defined in a mod, (like TacBF has), are inaccessible to create a mission, which makes this rather urgent. At this stage, I think it's the side property which is causing the problem, but cannot be sure. It does list objects with a side of 4 (unknown side), but not 0 or 1. Unsure about 2 or 3. #define sideEast 0 #define sideWest 1 #define sideResistance 2 #define sideCivilian 3Note: the side assets do not appear in any of the other (4/)5 coloured Side tabs either (BLUFOR, OPFOR, Independent, Civilian, Props) This Eden screenshot shows a class which cannot be found in Asset Browser, but is listed in Entity Browser. Screen shot 1 This Eden screenshot shows 3 neutral (unknown side) classes which are found in Asset Browser, but there should also be 3 west and 3 east variations of each of these assets. Screen shot 2
  18. As the title says, if you set a unit as owner of a trigger and set the trigger to fire for example to any group member, it will only fire to the OWNER. Doesn't matter what option you choose (leader, all group members, any group members) it will only fire to the owner. This affects both single player and multiplayer. Although the .SQM appears to be correctly coded, in practice it does not work as intended. I'm trying to make a mission with a trigger that only fires to a single group and it's nearly impossible to make it work. The alternative is using "unit1 in thisList" but even this alternative isn't flawless because if the "unit1" doesn't exist, the function doesn't return either TRUE or FALSE resulting in the condition to be incomplete and not work at all. The workaround I found is using endless IFs (numberOfUnitsInGroup ^2) to check wether or not - first of all - wether or not that unit exists "!isNill "unit1" and if it exists it THEN adds the function of "unit1 in thisList". Because you have to check for every unit and every possible combination of wether or not the pawn was created in the mission, it makes a simple operation of setting trigger owner and setting to any group member, unbelievably complex to solve. Another alternative that I haven't tried is using a switch that perhaps could facilitate the madness of using tree IFs. The only way to make the Trigger Owner method to work correctly ONCE in eden is if you make this method in 2D editor and export to 3D editor. It will work ONCE when you run the mission but once you return back to editor it appears the .SQM is rewritten and stops working. This is an unbelievable bug that did not exist in the old 2D editor and should be fixed with high priority.
  19. Hi all, I was working on a mission using my standard mods I use and loving EDEN until I previewed the mission - everything in preview went fine and exited back to the editor. Now all EDEN does in 3D mode is freeze, I can access the units selection box on either side but the Graphical Interface of the Map just stays put. The little 3D tool in the bottom left hand corner (its the 3D line that looks like a 1/4 of box) moves and spins but the actual maps just stays frozen looking at what it was looking at when I launched the preview. I just tested it running the game naked with no mods and I didn't have this issue - any help would be great. Tommy
  20. Hi, I have a strange problem (since the Eden-update?). When I want to enter a helicopter as any role (even as pilot) I am not allowed and thrown out again with the message "You need to be a pilot in order to enter this vehicle". It is the first time I encounter this in a mission, did not have this problem pre-Eden. I created the mission on my own but I really don't know where I can set this role selection. I use MCC but couldn't find any settings for this (and again, I had no problems earlier). Any ideas? My mods are @CBA_A3;@Ares;@ASDG_JR;@CHVD;@cTab;@helo_hmds_kimi;@hlcmods;@L_ES;@Leights;@mcc_sandbox;@MELB;@PRKZ;@RDS;@RH_acc;@VTS_Weaponresting;@rhs_afrf;@rhs_usaf;@BC-Phoenix;@BC-Tracers;@st_nametags;@sthud;@task_force_radio;@U100;@Vcom_AI;@cz75_stanceindicator Edit: it has something to do with MCC. When I completely delete MCC modules in the editor, I can enter choppers. Which brings me to the next problem: when I change settings in MCC modules, they are not saved but always spring back to default. I am mostly interested in MCC's "Save gear" function but springs always back to "no". Any help is appreciated
  21. I was wondering if it was possible to add new subcategories? Thanks, Night515
  22. assassino

    Hit Group limit

    So I realized the other day that every individual soldier is counted as a group in the eden editor. This presents a problem for me especially when trying to create scenarios with manned bases. I did a test and placed down a ton of soldiers in the 2D editor and imported it to Eden only to have it denied because of the group limit. Has anyone else noticed this? Besides that i'm loving eden editor by the way
  23. Steps to reproduce : Create a playable unit. Turn on respawn under multiplayer options. Set custom loadout by using Arsenal feature on that unit. Start multiplayer game. Kill your character. After respawn your character defaults to default loadout. This is applicable to Eden editor. Arsenal feature is unusable if loadout doesn't persist after respawn.
  24. Hello, I've got a problem, opening and testing my mission (tested in V1.54, editor 2D, several hundred of subscribers with no problem), downloadable here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=607086669 I remarked it's now impossible to have all supports. Artillery still works, supply drop and CAS (non virtual) lead to grayed assets when called. This occur in all modes: preview SP, MP from Eden. I must precise, these supports are synchronized when player(s) grab a backpack radio. Anyway, this worked well in 2D editor. I backup my mission.sqm in order to re-open it in 2D editor, everything works fine... ARMA3 V 1.56 seems OK but not Eden (problem with sqm for recognition of linked items or something like that). Please, don't remove 2D editor prior to consolidate Eden. This editor is really a great work with youth lacks. Thanks Pierre MGI
  25. I'm Having this issue with the Eden since RC, i just can't click on the black menus screens. the only way to use then is to use the arrow keys to select the one i want and press arrow key right. it's strange because even on hovering over the menu it does not highlight the selection, neither let me click it. the issue is with ALL of these menus on the eden new windows (not the video options ,audio or controls options ).