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Found 157 results

  1. Hello, I am very new to mission creation and the Eden editor. I've taken my time making a Co-Op mission, watched a lot of videos on YouTube. I've used very little code, but I know how to place triggers, set tasks, set task states, and conduct a mission outro. I've tested this mission with friends previously by hosting a multiplayer server, then having them join. I have not put the mission on the workshop yet. It is not finished. Anyway, tonight, suddenly my friends can't get in the mission. I wanted them to join in to test the triggers and hints appearing at the beginning. They could join the server and pick a player slot, but they got booted each time the mission started. They didn't receive an error code, nor did anything appear on my screen. They just got kicked back to the lobby. I feel dumb for posting this on here, because my question is so elementary, but what are some of the most common reasons this could be happening? The mission is multiplayer and under type its Co-Op mission. Friends have joined before as recently as two weeks ago. Any reason why if we're all playing in 32 bit, this could be happening? Thanks for any help.
  2. Hello again. Today I'm in a situation where I want the player to move to a certain spot/trigger location where an enemy patrol (2 units, variable name patrol1) will spawn down the road a ways and follow a set of waypoints. How would I go about doing this? Again new to all of this, please be understanding!
  3. Hello As I near the completion of my first mission, I wanted to add in a slow black fade in screen, followed by 5 lines of text in the lower right corner at the start of the mission. the timing for that would be default for both. How would I go about making this happen? Now I've obtained the script and watched a guide on What it does (down below) but I haven't found one that shows how to set it up setp by step. I've been having an extremely hard time editing it fit my needs, let alone inserting into the mission. Please go easy on me, I'm brand new to mission making and scripting is completely foreign to me. I'm here to learn!
  4. Hello, not sure if this is the right place for this topic. My problem is I want to keep the driver of a vehicle on the road and focused on the waypoints, while the gunner for example, fires away. I tried this setBehaviour "SAFE"; on the driver but that doesnt work?
  5. I'm building a multiplayer mission using ALiVE, ACE, and some other mods, which is intended to be a big 3 way factional battle, with BLU_F and OPF_F to be playable while leaving IND_F unplayable as the initial occupying force to be conquered. So far so good, still tweaking some of the objective modules and taors for balance, but I already have the support and logistics all functioning well thanks to lots of reading and studying of wikis. I can call in artillery and airstrikes just fine, and so on. I must admit, however, that I'm not a very good scripter and I often have to look up how others have done things in order to figure out something. My understanding of it, in regards to everything from syntax to eventhandlers is very very limited, so thanks in advance to this great, very knowledgeable community. So here's my question: I currently have players spawn in solo, ungrouped to any AI, but I want the player to have the option, with a radio command, to spawn a group of their choosing (one of the presets from the cfgGroups list I suppose), and have it join them under their command. As a second feature, when the unit the character is playing dies I would like the player to have the ability to respawn in the group, taking control of one of the other AI in his squad, which I generally already know how to set up IF the units are already set to be "playable" (respawn = 4; in description.ext), but have no idea how to set up if we spawn them ingame as initially unplayable AI. I have no idea how to do this. I have tried other options, such as just linking an unplayable group to the player in the editor, or even making all the units in the group playable for selection, but I ran into various issues, such as not being able to command the group if I selected a unit other than the leader to play from the lobby (obviously) or just having too many units spawning all over waiting for another player to join in order to command them all, or if I want to play ungrouped I'd have all these hangers on. All these issues I felt severely limited my options and I was getting rather frustrated. I finally decided, that for what I want to do, giving an initially solo player the chance to choose a group to command or none at all would be a fun option for the player and lead to a great range of diverse outcomes for how they want to experience the mission. Please bear with me and my lack of knowledge in this, and any help that leads to a solution is greatly appreciated.
  6. dlegion

    eden editor bug

    hello, i discovered after the 1.68 update, that in eden editor, many properties in list, like a common trigger "activation - none" , does not work. for example, in a common trigger, "type" list works (clicking let you choose the guarded by... end... ecc.. as usual) but the "activation" field does not work. clicking on it doesnt open the list to choose your option. same for respawn modules and many others. pretty total-broke the editor right now :(
  7. Hey guys I am having a problem with the triggers in Eden Editor. I downloaded the game about a week ago, but I have about 300 hours in Arma and I never had an issue with the triggers. The problem I now have is that, although I can change the type of the trigger, I cannot change the Activation settings. I have tried the windowed mode, as someone has suggested, but it worked only once and now I cannot change it at all. I have also tried playing without mods and nothing seems to work. Do you know how can I fix it?
  8. Hello, some weeks ago I added support for changeable hull numbers for the Nimitz via an Eden attribute, a custom combo box. This has stopped working with the 1.68 update, although I'm pretty sure I tested it on RC. I've put the config up at http://tetet.de/arma/arma3/nimitz/experimental/JDG_carrier-config.cpp and if anyone wants to check the experimental build, it's at http://tetet.de/arma/arma3/nimitz/experimental/@Nimitz.7z The two parts of the config that no longer work (e.g. instead of a drop down list nothing is displayed) are: class ctrlCombo; // external class Cfg3DEN { class Attributes { class Default; class Title: Default { class Controls { class Title; }; }; class TTT_Nimitz_NumberCombo: Title { attributeLoad = "[_this controlsGroupCtrl 100, _config] call ttt_fnc_attributeLoadCombo;"; attributeSave = "[_this controlsGroupCtrl 100, _config] call ttt_fnc_attributeSaveCombo;"; class Controls: Controls { class Title: Title{}; class Value: ctrlCombo { idc = 100; x = ATTRIBUTE_TITLE_W * 2 * GRID_W; w = ATTRIBUTE_CONTENT_W * GRID_W; h = SIZE_M * GRID_H * 1.2; class Items { class Nimitz { text = "CVN-68 Nimitz"; data = "jdg_carrier\data\num\number68_ca.paa"; }; class Eisenhower { text = "CVN-69 Dwight D. Eisenhower"; data = "jdg_carrier\data\num\number69_ca.paa"; }; class Vinson { text = "CVN-70 Carl Vinson"; data = "jdg_carrier\data\num\number70_ca.paa"; }; class Roosevelt { text = "CVN-71 Theodore Roosevelt"; data = "jdg_carrier\data\num\number71_ca.paa"; }; class Lincoln { text = "CVN-72 Abraham Lincoln"; data = "jdg_carrier\data\num\number72_ca.paa"; }; class Washington { text = "CVN-73 George Washington"; data = "jdg_carrier\data\num\number73_ca.paa"; }; class Stennis { text = "CVN-74 John C. Stennis"; data = "jdg_carrier\data\num\number74_ca.paa"; }; class Truman { text = "CVN-75 Harry S. Truman"; data = "jdg_carrier\data\num\number75_ca.paa"; }; class Reagan { text = "CVN-76 Ronald Reagan"; data = "jdg_carrier\data\num\number76_ca.paa"; }; class Bush { text = "CVN-77 George H.W. Bush"; data = "jdg_carrier\data\num\number77_ca.paa"; }; }; }; }; }; }; }; and the attribute itself: class Number { displayName = "Choose number"; tooltip = "Change the number on the island and foredeck"; property = "ttt_nimitz_number"; control = "TTT_Nimitz_NumberCombo"; expression = "_this setVariable ['%s', _value]; [_this, _value] call TTT_fnc_number;"; defaultValue = "jdg_carrier\data\num\number68_ca.paa"; typeName = "STRING"; }; TeTeT
  9. Hi, I've created some MP maps, 21 so far, using the RHS MOD on Tanoa and Stratis with Eden Editor. When I play the maps, I don't see my player on the "map" or friendly bases. Can this be fixed? Also, how can I add player ICONS so I can see my teammates during play? I have many more questions but I wont overwhelm this post. But one more is...I've created Red/Blue bases with a neutral base in the center. I set the trigger so the neutral can be taken by either side and go back and forth as may happen. After the neutral is captured, is it possible to make the next base, that belongs to the opposing side, appear on the "map" as the next target? Thanks for any assistance.
  10. Ever since my game has updated to the new 64 bit option my Eden editor got messed up. I'm used to hosting Zeus servers so I use the Game Master module and where you get the drop down box to select what addons are available to Zeus it just blinks white and goes back like I haven't even clicked it. Then I was told to uninstall Zeus and reinstall but its not just that module, whenever I use the multiplayer respawn I can use the drop down box on somethings but it does the same thing as the Zeus module when I try to open the drop down box for what faction it is. Just blinks white and doesn't work. I seriously don't want to uninstall Arma because I'm supposed to host a Vietnam server later. I already restarted my computer and it's the same thing, even with vanilla please help!
  11. ***I'm unsure if this is in the correct section if not please move it I haven't seen anything like this but to me it seems like a really useful function. I've recently been in the situation where me and a buddy were both working on a mission file. We would use drop box and obviously couldn't work on it at the same time but that got me thinking - why not add a way to "host" an Eden session much like a server but that would allow others to work collaboratively on a mission file at the same time using the Eden interface. Surely this wouldn't be that difficult to implement? What are y'all's thoughts?
  12. JSRS4: APEX Build 4, Version 1.2, Released 22. July 2016 Description: JSRS4 APEX is a sound modification for ArmA3. The purpose of this modification is to bring new sounds to the game, making it more exciting. Many would say it makes the game much more realistic, but that is not the initial purpose of this modification. Even if some sounds are authentic to what we call "modern warfare", still the main purpose was just to create a certain type of sound feeling. Download: JSRS4 APEX 1.2 The size is real because of the new decoding. JSRS4 APEX ReadMe 1.2 JSRS4 APEX Server Side Files JSRS4 APEX Keys Only Installation: The mod comes in a ready to use status. You dont have to install anything by setup. All you would have to do is to download and open the .rar file. In there, you can find the @JSRS4APEX folder. Now you place this folder inside your ArmA3 main folder. For example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3\@JSRS4APEX. Once its in there you have multiple options. Either you start up the game, go under settings and into the "expansions" menu and select the mod and restart ArmA3. Or you use the integrated ArmA3 launcher that you can find in the ArmA3 main folder, go under parameters and select JSRS4 APEX under mods. Any other ways to install this mod would be nonsense and these two are the best ways, trust me. Changelogs JSRS4 Apex Version 1.2 (current version): - Tweaked V44-X Blackfish config - Tweaked CMR76 sounds - Added new sounds for MB 4WD - Tweaked new sounds for KH-3A_Fenghuan - Tweaked new sounds for MQ12_Falcon - Tweaked new sounds for V44-X_Blackfish - Tweaked new sounds for Y32_Xian - Tweaked new sounds for Prowler - Tweaked ReadMe file - Tweaked MQ12 Falcon engine sounds - Fixed missing SPAR17 Silencer sounds - Fixed beach surface caused running in water sounds - Fixed missing ah9_pawnee\int_main.wss (wrong entry) - Fixed missing forest footsteps - Added new footstep sounds for muddy surfaces - Fixed entries leading to an old/missing PBO - Fixed missing CTAR Hex sounds - Fixed missing LIM85 Firemode FAST sounds - Added new sounds for KH-3A_Fenghuan - Added new sounds for MQ12_Falcon - Added new sounds for V44-X_Blackfish - Added new sounds for Y32_Xian - Added new sounds for Prowler JSRS4 Apex Version 1.0: - Ported on new framework - Fixed missing forest (6).wss files - Fixed .wss entries - Separated Reloading sounds from main sounds - Added some sort of binaural closure effects - Added crack tails to all weapons - Tweaked Ak family shot sounds - Fixed CTD when using LIM85 - Fixed updating base classes on UGL - Fixed error message on main menu 3GL/EGLM - Tweaked reload sound volume - Tweaked Environmental SFX noises - Tweaked new crack reflectors - Tweaked silenced weapon sound effects - Added new noise layers - Tweaked CMR shot sounds - Tweaked stereo sounds for vehicles - Fixed distortion for vehicle sounds external - Added different sounds for different SPAR versions - Added Apex Content sounds under EXTRA - Added new sounds for AK-12 7.62mm - Added new sounds for AK-M 7.62mm - Added new sounds for AK-SU74 7.62mm - Added new sounds for CMR-76 6.5mm - Added new sounds for CTAR-95 5.8mm - Added new sounds for LIM-85 5.56mm - Added new sounds for PM9M 9mm - Added new sounds for Protector 9mm - Added new sounds for SPAR-16 5.56mm - Added new sounds for Type-115 ARX - Fixed missing Tanoa footstep/crawl sounds - Fixed missing class CTAR GL - Added different sounds for SPAR, SPAR S and SPAR 17 - Tweaked Tank sounds - Added new Tank Idle sounds JSRS3 DragonFyre EDEN Version 1.4 RC: - Added sounds for RGN Mini Grenade - Tweaked reloading sound volume/distance - Tweaked Closure effects for various weapons - Tweaked Framework reflector sounds - Added new Tank engine sounds external - Tweaked explosion/thud sound effects - Tweaked snap sound distance/volume - Tweaked SD weapon sound effects - Added soniccrack snap effects to various ammunition - Tweaked explosion sound effect muffler - Added Server Side Files for JSRS public server support - Tweaked debris noises for 20mm/30mm/40mm HE/AP rounds (performance) - Tweaked Gatling Cannon 20mm distance - Fixed removed tails from 20mm/30mm/40mm HE/AP rounds (performance) - Tweaked body hit sounds volume lowered - Tweaked volume and distance for grenade bouncing sounds - Fixed AP 30mm, 120mm shells caused explosion sounds - Tweaked snap and crack volume and distances - Tweaked global snaps louder in forests/on meadows - Fixed updating base class issues - Tweaked MX rifle sounds - Tweaked soldier movement volumes and distances - Tweaked helicopter gear and hydraulic sound volume - Fixed wrong Sniper Bolt Action sounds - Added new Flare launcher sounds - Tweaked REFLECTOR SOUNDS volumes - Fixed missing REFLECTOR SOUNDS on MX Full Auto Mode - Added new OGG file format - Tweaked mod size due to decoding - Fixed missing sprint sounds on concrete surfaces - Fixed .wss sound entries in cfgs - Fixed missing sound files - Fixed wrong numbering in environment cfg - Fixed missing tree wind sounds - Fixed missing houses wind sounds - Fixed error message "helicopter landing sounds missing" - Tweaked handheld weapon handling sounds in cfgs (Reload,Dry,Firemode...) - Increased performance and faster transaction of sound files - Tweaked mod loads faster - Fixed updating base class MXC_Rifle JSRS3 DragonFyre EDEN Version 1.3 - Fixed Coax LMG Rate of Fire - Many internal changes - Added new framework - New tail system - Framework sounds - New tail sounds - Tweaked MX sounds - Tweaked ACPC sounds - Tweaked volumes - Fixed config problems - Fixed missing "Required Addons" preloads - Added new sound update folder - Random maintenance JSRS3 DragonFyre EDEN Version 1.2 - Fixed missing SD sounds for MMG Navid - Fixed missing SD sounds for MMG SPMG - Fixed missing reloading sound for MK20C - Fixed missing dry weapon sound for MK20C - Fixed missing change firemode sound for MK20C - Fixed bolt action sound for Navid MMG - Added new Gau Cas cannon sound WIP - Fixed missing boat wave bumper sound - Tweak gau Cas cannon sound volume - Fixed missing interior AH9 Pawnee/Hummingbird sound - Tweak rain volume - Tweak rain/Environment unnecessary distance values - Tweak Helicopter volume controller - Tweak volume for Air vehicle: - AH9 Pawenee - AH99 Blackfoot - A-143 Buzzard - A-164 Wipeout - AR-2 Darter - CH49 Mohawk - CH67 Huron - Mi48 Kajman - Mi290 Taru - Po30 Orca - TO199 Neophrom - UH80 GhostHawk - WY55 Hellcat - Tweak exchange of rotorSpeed and Thrust factors for helicopters - Fixed AH9 Pawnee far distance sound was played after engine shut off - Tweak increased vehicle weapon volume for autocannons/cannons - Tweak increased helicopter start and stop sounds volume - Tweak boat speeding and water sounds - Added new speed boat sounds - Added new assault boat sounds - Added boat laying in water effect sounds - Tweak flying shell sounds - Fixed missing explosion sounds for Rocket 03/04 HE/AP JSRS3 DragonFyre EDEN Version 1.1 - Fixed missing sound Twin Cannon 20mm on Buzzard - Fixed missing sound Cannon 20mm on Blackfoot - Fixed missing sound Caseless Cannon 30mm Kajman - Tweak off road rattle and suspension on vehicle OffRoad - Added interior bullethits for vehicles - Tweak sound volume of distance explosions - Tweak sound volume of distance weapons - Fixed missing beach and coast wave sounds - Tweak all air vehicle increased volume and sound distances - Tweak M134 Gatling sounds - Fixed missing SD sounds for NAVID HMG - Fixed low volume building destruction sounds - Tweak decreased cartridge distanz from 50 to 5 meters - Tweak explosions of 20mm cannons were to strong/sounded bigger - Added loop function/sound to gatling weapons - Added new sound for 20mm cannon - Added new sound for 30mm caseless cannon - Tweak increased volume of gatling weapons - Tweak CAS plane gau loop function - Added new CAS (gau8) weapon sound (WIP) - Fixed Navid HMG background bolt action sound in some samples - Tweak Increased turbine sound distance of jets - Added missing CAS missiles 03 and 04 sounds JSRS3 DragonFyre Version 1.0 -Added SoundSets -Added SoundShaders -Added LowPassFilters -Added new 3D Processors -Added Closure effects to weapons -Added Gun Scape effects -Added new distance sounds to weapons -Added new distance sounds to explosions -Added new vehicle weapons/distances -Tweaked some sounds EQ -Changed M134 Minigun sound (WIP) -Ported mod to new framework -Created new framework -Created 5000 new sounds for a new framework JSRS3 Beta v2.5-1.1.0 -Hatchback used air break system sounds -MK14 Rifle missing SD sounds -Firemode switch too loud -Firemode switch distance reduced 100% -Dry sound volume and distance reduced 100% -Vehicle weapon sounds tweaked distances and tails -Performance tweak with vehicle firefights -Vehicle weapon sounds sample duration cut for better performance -Environmentsounds for rain and wind internal houses heard outside -Helicopter turbine sounds way louder on close range -Added explosions for Arty round and GBUs -Explosion sound distances increased -Interior Rain and Wind sounds fixed or removed -Turret sounds for tanks reduced around 100% JSRS3 Beta v2.5-1.0.0 -Release Build 1.0 -New weapon sounds -New helicopter sounds -Implemented distance effects -New explosion sounds -New driving effects, wind and speed noises -New environment system implemented -New vehicle configs -New weapon configs -Massively config tweaks -New movement sounds -New gear effects -Fixed turning sound missing steps -Wind sounds -Environment sounds based on overcast -A bunch of stuff I can't remember ____________________________________________ Support: If you'd like to support me, like what I do here or just want to get me drink, feel free to do so :) I thank you very much!!! Patreon or PayPal License: JSRS 4 Apex by Dennis Kahl (LordJarhead) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Based on a work at https://jsrs-studios.com/. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at https://jsrs-studios.com/.
  13. When i start creating an scenario and export to multiplayer. I can't change the attributes -> multiplayer so in other words. Can't place down a respawn point (interface also), can't toggle on the revive. the checkboxes are greyed out. Things that i do: - I verified allready. - Reinstall the game. - I send my mission file to a friend and he can change the attributes.
  14. I haven't found any related topic, only a few comments about the subject with no answer. So, my question is - is there any option there can be more than one editor online in 3den/Eden, let's say, I host a server and my friend joins me to edit some scenarios together in 3den/Eden? Is there any special mod for that purposes? If not, how likely it will appear in the nearest future, integrated in Arma, i.e. without any mods?
  15. When i start creating an scenario and export to multiplayer. I can't change the attributes -> multiplayer so in other words. Can't place down a respawn point (interface also), can't toggle on the revive. the checkboxes are greyed out. I can see everything but can't click on them Things that i do: - I verified allready. - Reinstall the game. - I send my mission file to a friend and he can change the attributes. - Changed min - max players.
  16. Dylan Ahmad

    Eden editor attributes

    When i start creating an scenario and export to multiplayer. I can't change the attributes -> multiplayer so in other words. Can't place down a respawn point (interface also), can't toggle on the revive. the checkboxes are greyed out. Things that i do: - I verified allready. - Reinstall the game. - I send my mission file to a friend and he can change the attributes.
  17. tinboye

    bulk adding objects

    Is there a way I can import objects into eden which were once in a sqf file, I basically if i want to take this: I opened the debug console and ran this to see if it would import them, but it does not. what would I need to add or to change the script to make it work?
  18. How in Eden realized drag and drop tree and how to apply the realization to own one? Very appreciate any help.
  19. Hi there I have tried for two days to ascertain how does one play a "low ranked" human controlled Rifleman in a Squad of AI controlled units on a search and destroy mission. And then half way through said Eden mission. The AI Squad leader grants you control of his 6 man Squad, with you now being able to control the units. I am part of the squad grouped. I cant find the working syntax for is Leader of or set leader. I also doubt a way point on me of Join will work as I am already part of the unit from the start. Unless said unit is disbanded only to join and lead later. I know there is a Mission in the original Cold war crises in Red hammer. You play half way through and are given squad level command. Also unit swapping via playable also is not what I want.
  20. Hi, I am just wondering on how to remove map objects in the Eden editor when not loaded in as a player, but in the editor screen when you can place objects. I have seen screen shots where when they are placing objects there is clear spaces where they have done something to remove them map placed objects. I'm just wondering how this is possible? Cheers!
  21. Hello, I have a working ArmA3 server with the following mods enabled: CBA_3, Advanced Towing, Advanced Sling Loading, task_force_radio, CUP Weapons, CUP Units, CUP Vehicles. Everything works great with just those mods enabled. However, when I add the following mods I start to have problems: @ASDG_JR, MRT Accessory Functions, Specialist Military Arms, NIArms MP5 SMGs, NIArms G3 Rifles, NIArms M14 Rifles, NIArms AUG Rifles, KnownDeadly Mod Pack, KA Weapons Pack NEW, FHQ_Accessories, FHQ Firearms and Weapons Pack, [GG] M1 Garand For ARMA3 I know this is quite a few mods, and asking a lot but I can run all those mods in Eden with both "single player" and "multiplayer" modes. When I enable all those mods on my dedicated servers, users can't get past the "Wait for host" screen, it just sits there for a while, goes to a blank screen and bumps everyone back to the squad selection screen. I've googled around and messed with mod order (I know this isn't supposed to matter) and enable the mods in groups. The closet I got was my original mod set + all the NIArms packs. I'm baffled why the mods work locally but not on the server, what is the local game client doing differently? I've even tried installing ArmA3 on my dedicated server, specifying a custom mod dir that the server is pointed to, and downloading all the mods through steam. ArmA3 version is current stable: 1.64 running on Windows 2012 Standard. Server start string (from TADST): -port=2302 "-config=C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3 Server\TADST\default\TADST_config.cfg" "-cfg=C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3 Server\TADST\default\TADST_basic.cfg" "-profiles=C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3 Server\TADST\default" -name=default -filePatching "-mod=C:\ArmA3Mods\!Workshop\@CBA_A3;C:\ArmA3Mods\!Workshop\@Advanced Towing;C:\ArmA3Mods\!Workshop\@Advanced Sling Loading;C:\ArmA3Mods\!Workshop\@task_force_radio;C:\ArmA3Mods\!Workshop\@@ASDG_JR;C:\ArmA3Mods\!Workshop\@MRT Accessory Functions;C:\ArmA3Mods\!Workshop\@Specialist Military Arms (SMA);C:\ArmA3Mods\!Workshop\@NIArms MP5 SMGs;C:\ArmA3Mods\!Workshop\@NIArms G3 Rifles;C:\ArmA3Mods\!Workshop\@NIArms M14 Rifles;C:\ArmA3Mods\!Workshop\@NIArms Core;C:\ArmA3Mods\!Workshop\@NIArms AWM Rifles;C:\ArmA3Mods\!Workshop\@NIArms AUG Rifles;C:\ArmA3Mods\!Workshop\@KnownDeadly Mod Pack;C:\ArmA3Mods\!Workshop\@KA Weapons Pack NEW;C:\ArmA3Mods\!Workshop\@FHQ_Accessories;C:\ArmA3Mods\!Workshop\@FHQ Firearms and Weapons Pack;C:\ArmA3Mods\!Workshop\@CUP Weapons;C:\ArmA3Mods\!Workshop\@CUP Vehicles;C:\ArmA3Mods\!Workshop\@CUP Units;C:\ArmA3Mods\!Workshop\@[GG] M1 Garand For ARMA3" Server config file: // Config file generated 10/3/2016 4:17 PM with TADST. hostName = "KC SUPERFUN"; password = "<snip>"; passwordAdmin = "<snip>"; serverCommandPassword = ""; logFile = "A3Master.log"; motd[] = { "####################################", "Welcome to KC SUPERFUN!! (ST)", "####################################" }; motdInterval = 3; maxPlayers = 10; kickduplicate = 1; verifySignatures = 0; allowedFilePatching = 0; requiredSecureId = 0; voteMissionPlayers = 3; voteThreshold = 0.33; disableVoN = 1; vonCodecQuality = 10; persistent = 0; timeStampFormat = "full"; BattlEye = 1; doubleIdDetected = ""; onUserConnected = ""; onUserDisconnected = ""; onHackedData = ""; onDifferentData = ""; onUnsignedData = ""; regularCheck = ""; class Missions { class Mission_1 { template = "KC_V7.Tanoa"; difficulty = "regular"; }; }; Thoughts? Ideas? Thanks in advance! :) --Forced
  22. The weapon is visible when you bring it over from Weapon list to the 3D editor environment, but when you start to add attachments like a scope and more ammo to it- it disappears but the tag and box remains in view. In-game the weapon isn't there either. I thought maybe it sunk down into the ground out of sight and tried to use the altitude adjustment to get it back but that didn't work. Why is this happening and is there a way to prevent it? apart from using a script to force the weapon to remain on an object and alter the weapons properties etc. I noticed this also if you try to copy an object and paste with the hotkeys sometimes the copied object is not visible. I think its neat you can change load out and attributes for weapons on the fly but this isn't working at all- aside from ammo crates or vehicles adding stuff into their inventory this way works ok.
  23. When you place a vehicle on the map, it would be nice if there was a clear arsenal button inside the arsenal editing screen for the vehicle. Now, designer has to manually remove every item by pressing minus sign multiple times (a lot!). Thanks.
  24. Hi, I don't know much about scripting and have no idea about developing kind of stuff but i can say i am a good EDEN user. Both "PRESENT" and "NOT PRESENT" settings -i guess whole trigger thing- are not working on Dedicated Server at 1.62 Is it a known bug or something i miss? Because it is working at local. Any help would really be appreciated, thanks in advance. (FYI, Steam ARMA3 1.62.x also DEV user at 1.65.138056 )
  25. ZECCUP A collection of many small to medium compositions for use in Eden/Zeus using CUP Objects. CUP Terrains is REQUIRED. This addon is planned to be used along beside ZEC, which provides a much larger selection of compositions using vanilla objects. BUGS: Compositions don't all show in Zeus The compostions are 100% functional in the Eden Editor, so this addon may still be useful for some. SAMPLE IMAGES: http://imgur.com/a/yqgH8 DOWNLOAD (v1.0.2): Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=750186990 Armaholic: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=31175 Direct: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B85IzH-_03ErYUNVZDZ4dC16NFE/view?usp=sharing SOURCE: Want to make your own addon or help expand ZECCUP? Source below: https://github.com/LISTINGS09/ZECCUP/