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Found 11 results

  1. Need you 🙂 I'm building a debug hint and I'd like to see in that hint message the name of the current playableUnits selected by AI. Edited: AI = only one suicide bomber who runs to the nearest player in multiplayer coop with 2 or more players. hint format ["Nearest player = %1.", _playerNearest]; // <---------------- Not working. While {true} do { //code { //code _playerNearest = _x; } forEach playableUnits; //code }; I dont know the syntax to the hint return the selected playableUnit name.
  2. Advanced Developer Tools by Leopard20 Short description: An addon that adds completely new and revamped developer tools to the game, including a Debug Console with syntax highlighting, Config Viewer with many new features, etc. Long description: If you're a mod/mission maker, then you definitely must've used the Debug Console, the Config Viewer, as well as other in-game tools that can help you test and verify your codes and configs. But when you use those tools, the first thing that strikes you is their clunkiness and a rather user-unfriendly design. For instance, lack of syntax highlighting in Debug Console means that you'll have to actually read every single word of your code in order to make sure you haven't made a typo, etc. That's why most of us use third party code editors such as Visual Studio Code and Notepad++. But this means that you'll have to switch out of the game every time you want to write and test some code. Or let's take a look at the Config Viewer: every time you want to go one level deeper into the config, the whole config viewer must be reloaded! And if you have hundreds of mods loaded, this means you have to spend more time waiting for the Config Viewer to load than actually viewing the config! This is exactly why I made this mod: to make the Arma environment more user friendly to the mod/mission makers. So without further ado, let's take a look at the features! Screenshots: Review Video (Thanks to Instant Arma): Documentation: The documentation is available in the mod folder. You can find the online version here. ⚠ If your input method is set to anything other than English in Windows, some input related features (shortcuts, auto-completion of brackets, etc.) might be broken. I'll try to address this issue in future updates. Download: Steam Workshop Note: This is a preview release. Please provide feedback regarding the mod features, such as design, what you'd like to see, etc. Thank you! Localization: Interested in translating the mod to your language? Or maybe the translation is not good and you'd like to improve it? Please visit the localization repository on GitHub. Known issues: FAQ: Requirements: None (Arma 3 v2.06+)
  3. I am new to mission creation and a scripting approach and my progress at learning has been good but looking to streamline what I am sure is a sub optimal process for loading new scripts and then testing those on live server. I am working on an A3Wastelands mission, now becoming increasingly customised it has grown from 6MB to sitting at about 10MB. I will explain my current workflow and welcome suggestions about changes to that to improve cycle time from new script developed to tested on server. Workflow Generate/modify new script - using Visual Studio Code - managing a local git repository to stage and commit all changes. I like the editor and combined with the git process is great to understand what you have changed, setting up for good rollback processes when it all goes skew. Some changes like syntax requires one set of brackets, edited in seconds. Clone from git folder on local computer to new local location, but without the git entries folder - they add to much to a folder size for next step. (5 seconds give or take) Generate local .pbo using .pbo manager to zip up the "gitless clone" copy of the mission. Compiling quick (10 seconds give or take) Using Filezilla connect to my.gameservers (that is the host provider I am using). Get new .pbo into correct mpmissions location on server, ensure configs line up and restart server. (with variable ADSL internet speed can be 1-5 minutes to upload). Restart server. (usually about 30-60 seconds to initialize server for login access from Arma launcher). Reconnect to server with local ARMA launcher and start game. (usually 2-5 minutes to upload new mission files, establish client session) Run server for period. Previous provider had a streaming log viewer functionality, new one doesnt, so using periodic log file (RPT) download, to then open log using GamutLogViewerProfessional. The line parsing, filtering in the log viewer is great, and fast, its just the continual download and lack of live streaming that has become annoying. Fast but repetitive. Most testing involves cycling sub missions quickly, fast timings for new missions spawning and quick expiry, god mode to poke the missions for responses required, and attempting to use diag_log to set log messages for error/logic/expected response flaws. (time consuming and rpt file entry problems currently) Based on responses observed in game or in logs, change code and return to step 1. Opportunities Things I know I dont know about, but had no luck finding answers yet - reference articles/sites would be fantastic. I think I might need to get RCON skills - but again a little unclear if that helps me more as an administrator vs a code tester. The admin stuff isnt a big deal at present. Live log streaming - seen evidence but dont have a solution in place for that at Gamerservers yet. .pbo generation - previous host had an inbuilt capability to compile the .pbo on the server reducing the upload traffic and time considerably, is the best way to look at installing a .pbo generator on the server myself for this? Is that a big deal to implement? git publish - seems more like publishing back to a public repository, wonder of i should be pushing to a local folder ie the one that wont have the .git folder, or could i git push to the server folder just the changes. No luck finding git answers to this myself yet. I do not use the debug console within the editor or the server when running - i think i am missing something about the debug console concept it appears lined up to force only very simple issues. Again lacking reference sources to learn more on that. For a complex mission with many scripts, are these something that can be tested in mission editor, or outside editor. I use editor for waypoints, additional buildings, manually generating mission routes that are then codified into sqfs., i dont test the sqfs in there yet, should I. Server memory consumption appears to be an issue as restart intervals increase. Previous server could run for 24 hours and stay under 2GB memory allocation, at 48 hours be under 150% and then by 72 hours crash due to over commit. Rather than double subscription settled for 24 hour restarts. New host does not have this easy monitoring indicator so i think i need an additional piece of software to monitor. suggestions? Anything else that I dont know, that I dont know about, sure there is heaps. Finally, anyone who has had the patience to get his far through this monologue, i appreciate your time so far. Even if you only have a suggestion for 1 item in workflow or a comment on an opportunity I welcome your input. I did 6 months of pascal, fortran, basic programming, but i refuse to say how long ago that was..... So suggest i write up a new C# routine, that feels well beyond where I am at now. Server management is new to me, but sort of getting the idea of the Arma approach to server side, client side management. Thanks
  4. Hi there! I am experiencing FPS drops on Antistasi MP servers. #Monitor 5 reports stable drops to 4 FPS and such which only get fixed with a restart. It Works with three HCs Okay, I checked everything, no .rpt fails, checked some CPU - intensive functions to be not looped (BIS_fnc_safePos may flood a server if called constantly, I've seen that), checked all while and waituntil commands to have some sleep delay, I diag_logSQFscripts to see what scripts are running and all of them are loops on the sleep line, even with very few AI spawned. So I'm a bit lost on how to debug this. Is there anything else to look for? Thanks in advance!
  5. I've got some issues with vehicles in convoys and need a way to debug them. Short question: How can I access the functions shown in this picture by BI: (source: https://dev.arma3.com/post/ai-path-following-improvements) I'm mainly interested in the vehicle path, but the speed and steering graphs would be nice as well. Long question: My main problem are randomly stopping vehicles. I set up a mission with a convoy, which has a defined start- and endpoint. The vehicles get spawned at the startpoint, start to move as a convoy and get despawned at the endpoint. So far so good, the script is working fine. But somewhere on their way some of the vehicles just stop and won't move any further except for the leader. The leader then reduces its speed for the other vehicles to catch up, which never happens. The stopped vehicles wait for about 1 minute and then even shut off their engine, as if they had no destination. When the leader reaches its destination and gets despawned, some of the stopped vehicles start moving again and the same thing repeats itself until every vehicle got to its destination (which takes hours). To debug this behavior, I need some kind of debug function that shows me why they are stopping. Thus the question how I can show the vehicle path from the provided picture.
  6. Hi all, I hope you like my first GUI. Many thanks go to @7erra for his help in developing this (take a bow). Download from: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AgVgq3247H10gfxTBhrnUi1LyWqiLQ The GEM will monitor any valid expression which it can graph, which can be useful for scripters to be able to follow the change in certain expressions while developing. Use it to follow a variable or expression in game. How to use: - download the files from the link above - place the folder 'Atmo_GEMonitor' in the 'functions' folder of your mission. - it pretty much should be 'plug and play' except for... - in your 'description.ext' class CfgFunctions { #include "functions\Atmo_GEMonitor\GEfunctions.hpp" }; #include "functions\Atmo_GEMonitor\GEDescription.hpp" and your init.sqf [] spawn AtmoGEM_fnc_Init; // An example of how to start a monitor or use the action menu within mission. ["diag_fps", 1] spawn AtmoGEM_fnc_CreateMonitor; if in multiplayer make sure to add an [] spawn AtmoGEM_fnc_Init; line to the respawn eventhandler or script. Features: - the main dialog is linked to an 'Action' (middle mouse button) menu. - also linked to the 'User1' key. Change this in your key configuration. - default monitor is "diag_fps" at 1 second. - choose between three types of monitor - DOUBLE CLICK the type to change. - change the expression to monitor. - change the update delay - (equivalent to sleep x). - hide or show the monitor. It will continue to update in the background. - delete the monitor. - create a new monitor. As always it may contain a bug. Please let me know if it does and I can fix it. It needs some code tidying but I will get to that. Let me know what you think, and enjoy. Oh, and if you use it in your missions please credit me!
  7. Hi, I searching for a way to spawn units randomly in a marker. I've tried something with radius etc but it seems that units spawn even out of the marker and even on water... I'd like to spawn those units only on ground and in the definided marker. And I have another problem, The units I try to spawn are zombies... And when I choose to spawn 2000 of them with a debug marker to know where each zombies are, I don't find any zombies at the markers positions... is there any units limit on Arma 3 ?
  8. Leopard20

    Turn off debug errors

    Is there a way to turn off debug errors? (...not found,etc ) I use some old missions and addons that keep giving me errors (which are non important mostly, like missing linemarker class and stuff). It's kinda annoying.
  9. RaptoR DanKel

    Opening Zeus in Debug

    Is it possible to open Zeus using the A3 debug console, i've tried searching ways and found nothing.
  10. Latest V1.3: MOD THREAD MOD VERSION WORKSHOP ARMAHOLIC This script enables Curators to see the Frames-per-second of each individual client when playing in multiplayer, or yourself when in SP. Allowing the Zeus to identify if there is a widespread framerate problem, or if a few select users are experiencing issues. Comments in the code explain how to modify it if you want to change the 'Warning text' threshold which by default is 20fps. Pasting this code into the initPlayerLocal.sqf of any mission should work without a problem.Given Arma 3 is now in 64 bit it's the perfect opportunity for players to test their performance in multiplayer coop games with large scale combat. Find out who's computer is the beefiest when playing with your unit, or be able to identify which player's computers are having trouble keeping up with all the action on screen. A great tool for mission makers looking to maintain an optimized experience for their players when monitoring their progress in Zeus. DISCLAIMER: The script version is out of date and does not have all the features of the mod. The mod only needs to be downloaded client side and I recommend you use it instead. If you still wish to use the script, or simply see how it runs, it is here at your disposal. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //Paste the following into the initPlayerLocal.sqf file// ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ////////////Script Written by DriftingNitro////////////// //////////Help from Commy2, Dedmen, and Dscha//////////// ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //Spawns a thread that will loop for each player and // //output their FPS to the server to be read by the zeus// ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////// [] spawn { while {true} do { player setVariable ["DNI_PlayerFPS", floor diag_fps, true]; sleep 0.1; }; }; ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //Waits until curators are initalized in order to check// //if player is zeus to run the fps scripts // ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////// waitUntil { private _hasCurators = (count allcurators) > 0; private _hasInitializedCurators = (count (call BIS_fnc_listCuratorPlayers)) > 0; private _curatorsInitialized = !_hasCurators || _hasInitializedCurators; ((time > 2) || _curatorsInitialized) }; ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //If player is a curator it will run the script and each/ //player will have their FPS appear beneath them // ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////// if (player in (call bis_fnc_listcuratorplayers)) then { addMissionEventHandler ["Draw3D", { { _distance = position curatorCamera distance _x; //if zeus camera is farther than 1200 meters away from the targets the text will not display if (_distance < 1200) then { _playerFPS = _x getVariable ["DNI_PlayerFPS",50]; //if the FPS is below 20 it turns red and becomes more visible for zeus to see so they are aware if (_playerFPS <20) then { drawIcon3D [ "",//Path to image displayed near text [1,0,0,0.7],//color of the text using RGBA position _x,//position of the text _x referring to the player in 'allPlayers' 1,//Width 2,//height from position, below 0,//angle format["%1 FPS: %2", name _x, str _playerFPS],//text to be displayed 0,//shadow on text, 0=none,1=shadow,2=outline 0.05,//text size "PuristaMedium",//text font "center"//align text left, right, or center ]; } //if the FPS is above 20 text is smaller and less visible as to not conern zeus as much else { drawIcon3D [ "",//Path to image displayed near text [1,1,1,0.3],//color of the text using RGBA position _x,//position of the text _x referring to the player in 'allPlayers' 1,//Width 2,//height from position, below 0,//angle format["%1 FPS: %2", name _x, str _playerFPS],//text to be displayed 0,//shadow on text, 0=none,1=shadow,2=outline 0.03,//text size "PuristaMedium",//text font "center"//align text left, right, or center ]; }; }; } forEach allPlayers; //Here is the array of units you wish to display the FPS text for, it can be //changed to be an array of specific units or players if you wish }]; }; ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////End FPS Script////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  11. Hello first off, I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this. I was on the fence between here and "ARMA 2 & OA : ADDONS - Configs & Scripting". Im want to know more about the actuall scripts/commands than the addon itself so I think it belongs here. Edit this post as you wish. I saw someone use a debug console and I thought it was the greatest thing I have eveer seen in Arma. However now having one (This one in specific https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/72232-debug-console-for-arma-2/ ) I dont quite understand it. For example I managed to get some things working like: hint format ["Hello %1",getPos player]; cursorTarget setDamage 1 cursorTarget setDamage 0 player setPos [(getPos player select 0) +10, getPos player select 1, getPos player select 2]; but if I tried to run a script (that I know works when executed from my action menu) It did only some parts like hints, and finding my direction, but I didn't spawn anyvehicles in like it should have. Here is the line I executed in the console: _handle = execVM "flyingDestroyerT1.sqf"; This above is me not understanding how this works especially why I cannot for the life of me figure out how to spawn a vehicle from it. Next, since I I managed to get "player setPos" above to work, I wanted to try to make a command to teleport infront of myself like the one in infistar by branching off of that command since it only moves me one direction reguardless of where I faced. So I came up with this, which doesn't work: player setPos (player getPos [50,(getDir player)]); I saw in the wiki That I could use the getPos command like this: player getPos [10,45]; to get the position 45degrees and 10 feet away from me so I thought I would replace 45 with getDir since I know that worked for an output in the debug console but nothing happened once executed, I tried many forms of this with no success so I succome to the forum. Shorted down, my end questions are: -Why/how can I spawn vehicles in debug (I've seen it happen in Arma 3) -any basic info I should know about the debug console since I found little to no info/help on it. -How to get the TP infront of me command/script to work. -Why only half of my script "flyingDestroyerT1.sqf" ran when used in the console (I can include this if you wish). Thanks, this is pretty much my first post, sorry for mistakes or this being impossible to understand, I tried my best!