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Found 88 results

  1. Hi guys, Short question, have tried on discord, but one of my terrain object I have imported from Terrain Processor using the area random module is reeds, or P_phragmites_summer from a2, using cup assets. They import just fine but are then substituted on export for random objects like signs or park benches. Sometimes they export fine but at some point they get degenerated and I have to clear the layer and reimport. Any idea what does this? What I want What TB thinks I want
  2. OK here we go... version 1 of my Tu95 port for A3 and CUP. The major Tu-95 family derivatives are present. The Tu-95 versions in this addon provide conventional bomber, strategic strike capabilities, and in the Tu-142 the ability to detect Ship objects (submarines, boats, etc.) via the use of the sonobuoy detection feature. Download the mod and the PDF "guide" here: https://onedrive.live.com/?id=5B54FC51A7917265!32228&cid=5B54FC51A7917265 Tu-95 "Bear-H" Tu-142 "Bear-F" (note tail stab antenna sensor array and front glass bombardier canopy, and lack of underwing weapon pylons) 3M80 ASM version (aka P-270). 3x 3M80 "Moskit" missiles Conventional bomber version w. 24 FAB-250 bombs Tu-95 MS-16 (Bear-H) with 16 Kh-65 CALCM Tu-142 dropping sonobuoy
  3. Hi all, SP MP up to 16 players. CUP mission. you don't need more addons than the CUP collection and CBA. Ride across Takistan and establish a bridgehead from South to North. Randomized scenario and enemy forces. Advanced side missions. Choose your parameters as Arsenal presence, day duration, civilian life and suicide bombers occurence, weapons loot in houses, and more... Be prepared for counter attack. In Takistan, there is often nowhere to hide. YOU CAN RUN, YOU CAN'T HIDE! I suggest MGI Tactical pack addon for beginners . Steam link: TAKISTAN RIDE by Pierre MGI
  4. DOWNLOAD http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=809625816 Arma 2's Operation Arrowhead, mission 2 - Good Morning T-stan remade for arma 3. The invasion has just begun... THIS IS A WIP Features Original voice acting Four player COOP - play as a Pilot, Commander of a Bradley, Delta team leader and Grenedier. Each role can be played without the others Hostile battle cries Civilian help and interaction Each role has unique tasks Atmospheric Weapons in UH-60M Original music and effects MODS REQUIRED CUP PAGE - http://cup-arma3.org/download CUP Terrains Core CUP Terrains CUP Vehicles CUP Units CUP Weapons CBA A3 http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=450814997 Known Bugs If the Heli pilot dies right at the start of the mission, respawns WON'T be available until the first insertion team touches down. Basically you'll keep respawning in a helicopter every 30 seconds then explode until the respawn is enabled. Currently if you kill the civilians (rebels), Citizen won't get mad at you. When playing in SP, an error will occur when you kill an OPFOR unit which is about to say a warcry - this DOESN'T affect the script or mission at all. Because units have disabled FSM, they take longer to react to combat. When clear the leader will stop and do nothing, continuing the mission allows the squad leader to continue. Thanks to... CUP TEAM CBA TEAM Bohemia Interactive BI Forums Please report any bugs with COOP and SP.
  5. hcpookie

    POOK Mi28

    Port of my Mi-28 from A2. Credit: Port of original CMA Mi28 from here. REQUIRES CUP as this is a port of my A2 work. While my work includes all three versions - main version, export Day model (no NVG), and export Night model (NVG, no FLIR), the current build contains only the "full" model with FLIR, NVG, and radome. Future releases will add the export model w/o radome and slightly reduced capabilities. I may also add several loadout options as per RL capabilities. Download the "preview" version here: https://onedrive.live.com/?id=5B54FC51A7917265%2151699&cid=5B54FC51A7917265
  6. Moerderhoschi


    mdhClassReplace.jar is a simple javaprogram to replace classes in all ext, sqs, sqf, sqm files in the folder and subfolders of the toollocation. Set classnames in the mdhClassReplace.cfg file. i wrote it to replace all the A2 classnames of my arma 2 missions with the CUP ones. So the tool scans all ext, sqs, sqm, sqf files and replace the classnames with the ones set in the mdhClassReplace.cfg. mdhClassReplace.jar Source: how does it work: 1. create and write log messages into the mdhClassReplaceLog.txt 2. read the mdhClassReplace.cfg to get the old and new classnames for the replacement 3. check every ext, sqs, sqm, sqf file in the folder and subfolders of the toollocation for the old classnames and replace them with the new one how to use it, example to port A2 mission to A3 with CUP: 1. download the mdhClassReplace.7z 2. extract it to an empty folder 3. put your arma 2 missions into the same folder 4. doubleklick the mdhClassReplace.jar file 5. check the mdhClassReplaceLog.txt file to see what the tool has done 6. copy your arma 2 mission into your arma 3 missions folder and open it in the 3D editor (hopefully it works :D) attention, use this tool/mdhClassReplace.jar on your own risk Download: http://moerderhoschi.bplaced.net/public/tools/arma3/mdhClassReplace.7z my A2 -> CUP ClassnameMSExcelWar :D -> http://moerderhoschi.bplaced.net/public/tools/arma3/ArmAClassnames.png updates: v1.1 - fixed issue with case sensitivity at classname replace -> now the class replacement is case insensitiv - added more classes to replace to the mdhClassReplace.cfg v1.2 - added more replacements to the mdhClassReplace.cfg - update of Javaprogram .sqs and .ext files now also checked along with .sqm and .sqf kind regards moerderhoschi
  7. Firstly, what an amazing port, hats off to the CUP team. I would not even play ArmA 3 if it were not for this. Sorry but, ArmA2 rocked! Secondly. please don't think I'm complaining. This is my honest opinion and I'm just trying to improve the realism in a few arias that are lacking to my eye. My concern / issue is: I'm noticing that some of the surface textures and building textures for imported terrain,and Units/infantry are too bright in ArmA 3. I'm referring to the ported terrains from CUP. In other words, the colors and detail is being crushed. I'm not a mod maker so I don't know what's involved in adjusting the lighting on these types of textures. These issues are not present with the default islands that come with ArmA3 . So, when I switched back to ArmA2 to compare, the textures in Zargabad for example, and the units and their weapons ..especially had much more detail under ArmA2. Some examples are. Zargabad under arma3, the ground textures are too light and missing detail. If I bump the gamma they look great, but then the shadows on trees and buildings get too dark. There is too much contrast. Ambient occlusion looks great, but with that, the shadows get too dark on buildings. The US soldiers outfits are almost pure white in some places, with total lost of detail in the material of the cloth. There seem to be a problem with most of the CUP solders with light cloth The lighting levels are too high crushing the detail. Another example, the inside of the parachute when you look up looks like the contrast is set too high, when compared to arma2, there was a much smoother gradient. The metal on the weapons of the US solders are missing a lot of detail. If you look in arma2, you can see the metal scratches and imperfections, You can't in arms3 under CUP. I'm assuming the modders just haven't gotten around to everything? Or is this project complete? Example screens: www.pyramid-of-wisdom.com/brightness_cup1.jpg www.pyramid-of-wisdom.com/brightness_cup2.jpg
  8. G'day all, I've whipped up one of my favorite Operation Flashpoint Campaign missions. Let me know what you think, I've used CUP USMC units while I wait for the CUP Conflict 85' mod to come to fruition. Link to Steam Workshop ------- "AIRBORNE - OFP REMAKE"
  9. A remake of the Operation Flashpoint single mission "Lone Wolf". Using CUP USMC units. "It's the middle of the night and you, as a special forces soldier, have one objective: destroy the tanks in the enemy base, to give our grunts a chance in the coming offensive." Always enjoyed playing this one. It's a quick, simple, yet slightly challenging SF mission. There's some gear selection so check your inventory during the briefing. Enjoy playing :) Link to Steam Workshop ------- Lone Wolf - OFP Remake
  10. Imported my SILO "house" for side missions, scripting, etc. Original thread: http://forums.bistudio.com/topic/177204-nuke-silo-side-house-for-side-missions This is what I consider a "pre-release" version. I would like to make the textures more military-like and less house-like. And a few more things. REQUIRES CUP TERRAINS! Need the trees and terrain features. The Silo is in fact a "House" object. It is intended to be teleported to for a "blow up the missile" kind of mission, like a side mission. It places well in the editor. Since it uses the original Chernarus or Desert terrain, it is best placed within those maps. HOWEVER you can change the "ground" texture to anything you wish via the hidden selection with the setObjectTextureGlobal command. Found in the 2D editor under "Objects". Found in the 3D editor under "Structures - Village". Download "version 0.9" here... this isn't quite ready for prime time but it does work within the game : https://onedrive.live.com/?id=5B54FC51A7917265%2151694&cid=5B54FC51A7917265 Ideally, those who make EVO type missions w/ the side missions (bomb the convoy, etc) can now create a "disable the missile" with this House object. I intend to build a custom map so mission makers who are challenged with teleport scripts can still use it. Mission makers can script a teleport trigger (like the "elevator" trigger scripts) to enter/exit the silo. The "entrance" is intended to be your team sneaking or otherwise forcefully entering, so there technically is no "front door" so to speak. To use, spawn or place it way out of the way of the normal AO so that it isn't accidentally stumbled upon. You could place it 100km away, no matter. Just need that teleport trigger to enter it. Place the "enter missile bunker" trigger somewhere like one of the bunker entrances on Stratis, or one of the "mine shaft" entrances on Takistan. It is intended to spawn on the upper-most room. Work your way down to the missile. You could plant a charge, etc. Path locations are present so AI should be able to wander the hallways. Ideally the mission maker will place roaming AI in and around the entrance so players "breaking in" will have a bit of a challenge. And remember... "check those corners" :)
  11. Recently an idea came to me to make a map based on Eastern Afghanistan and the ecosystem in provinces like Kunar, Nuristan, and Nangarhar. The provinces make up a very unique ecosystem in Afghanistan, being widely covered by foliage and having a very high elevation. Along with that, they are some of the most violent areas in the country and are some of the hardest to maintain control of. They are a hotbed for Taliban insurgent activities and gun running. We've seen maps like this before, such as Clafghan, FATA, and Tora Bora from ARMA 2, but I wasn't very happy with either of those maps for a variety of reasons. FATA's mountains aren't dense enough, Clafghan is too lush and I just generally dislike the atmosphere, and Tora Bora is too light on foliage and just kind of boring. I know the process of map-making can be a very long and trying experience, and I have absolutely no experience with terrain creation in ARMA, and that prompted the main driving idea behind this proposition. I thought, why not use the Takistan Mountains Cut-out map and tweak the flora, ground textures, and Sat-Image to represent this type of ecosystem? There's plenty of villages and military bases in this area, and the mountains are a perfect size and steepness. What do you guys think of this? Is it even legal? Is it feasible? Is it something you'd like to see/use? Where can I get started on undertaking this, supposing there's enough reason to begin? TL;DR; put trees on takistan cut-out Here's a proof of concept I threw together with the Eden Editor
  12. As part of a USMC platoon deployed to Bystrica, command a force recon team to setting up a safezone around FOB 'Foxhound', the temporary base in the region. As Russia looks to expand communism to its neighbours, it begins a radical troop movement, threatening the countries on its borders. Seeing this, the NATO and UN deploy a collaborative USMC specialized recon force to counterattack the advances of the militias and communist parties secretly being funded from the Russians across the border. Play as Corporal Reynolds, serving under the 1st Armored Recon batallion led by General Campbell. (This is Day 1 of the upcoming campaign.) Mission Features: Infantry combat, Vehicular Combat, Specialized warfare, Grasping Storyline, Commanding, Support Units, Armored combat.
  13. http://dev.cup-arma3.org/T1461 Some russian veh had mixed he\at rounds like the shilka and the hindp how would I make a magazine like that? Only idea I could come up with are a few hundred 1x magazines of each but how do I make that not flood action menu with switch to? Also how do I make it switch alternating? Or 2 magazine one he one at and have a script rapid swap them back and forth when trigger depressed. Or add a 2nd weapon into the first that alternates fire? Anyone have experience?