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Found 231 results

  1. Hello all! Here is a pure UNSUNG Echo update liberation mod on the map Da Krong! This is literally just a UNSUNG mod mission that you can load up in either the editor or your public/private server to enjoy. Again please let me know if there are any issues that need to be addressed. *ADVISE: This does not include ACE at all. If you would like to variations with ACE Enabled, I will upload copies of the missions to the public* Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you all. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1195582852
  2. I think about reconnaissance pod and mechanics to use it in a coop mission. Is there any way for delivering a screenshot taken from the game (recce pod) to the same coop game session using setObjectTextureGlobal or similar method? EDIT: Allright, it seems to me that Arma3Net might be a solution with external SQL database connected to the said coop mission. Could someone confirm/deny the assumption that SQL DB can receive a screenshot taken by one of mission player and then serve as a source for Control Dialog or setObjectTextureGlobal command?
  3. [ALiVE, SP/COOP 1-8] War In Takistan The Islamic radicals ISIS have managed to gain a foothold in Takistan. Your Job as part of a NATO multi-national force is to eradicate the enemy from the country. ISIS hold 4 key locations on the map and they can and will send in reinforcements. ISIS are also aware of where you base is located and it is possible that they might launch an attack themselves. Prepare yourself for War! CO-OP Mission for 1-8 players Features: Zeus Revive Ability to Call in Cas Ability to call in Arty Ability to call for transport Remember to ensure your soldier is carrying a Laser Designator to ensure that you can fully use the ALiVE features and to have the abilities to call for support. Requires the following mods (which can be all downloaded through Steam Workshop) CBA_A3 ALiVE Cup Weapons Cup Units Cup Vehicles Cup Terrains Core Cup Terrains Maps Cup Terrain CWA Spyder Addons RHSAFRF RHSUSAF Project Opfor JSRS Soundmod (optional) Advanced Rappelling (optional) Link To Steam Download Steam Workshop Download Google Drive Download Armaholic Link Please leave any feedback below. It would be appreciated as I am always looking learn and see how I can do better. :) Thanks to HeroesandvillainsOS, for the help the other day!!
  4. TheNewt2

    Public server trolling

    Zues is an amazing idea and i love tgat it has public official servers but the thing that absolutely breaks it for everyone are the trolls, eitger people who just want to ruin the game for others or people who have no interest at all in the tactical and strategic aspects of Arma. While admins do have the power to kick players and players can also vote to kick thia does not stop particularly determined trolls from coming back immediately after being kicked, now thus leaves few options, the admin has to stop playing the game to continually kick out a troll player, the players have to kill the troll each time he spawns or the zues/moderator has to closely watch the troll ensuring he doesnt do anything, all of these things pull someone out of immersion for an extended period of time, now i have been admin before and i generally kick for racist comments or excessive team killing just so you all have an idea of the type of people im talking about, if im unlucky after kicking that player for the next ten minutes i have to repeatedly kick this player each time he joins back, now i've let players join back after kicking them and the usual thing that happens is either extreme disrespect to me and or zues/mod or shooting everyone and inciting others to do the same. I feel the fix to this is extremely simple though and it eludes me to why it already isnt in place, if there was a ban time that makes it unable for a player who is kicked to rejoin for say 5-10 minutes this would discourage trolling and make it easier on all players involved, admins wont have to worry about needing to kick a player repetedy and zues could carry on with missions, now this doesn't even have to be an admin power, it could be done through a vote. Even if it is done through a vote that still better than nothing, as of right now trolls have free reighn on public zues servers and constantly succeed in slowing down interupting or even stopping gameplay altogether. There needs to be some way to counter this or else public zues servers will continue to have a bad name. Thank you for your time Newt
  5. zonekiller

    ZKs Soccer Altis

    ZKs Soccer Altis 1 to 28 players - MP and JIP compatible This is just a bit of fun play a game of Soccer against AI or Players even both at the same time All the soccer fields are different sizes and are marked on the map. some have grass others dont Just click on the map at the field that you wish to play on. (The two that have yellow markers are the ones with AI) 2 soccer fields are populated with AI and Referees the rest of the fields just have a ball and a referees each. You and your friends can play on any field. Its simple to play just kick the ball into goal posts, If you need a more powerfull kick just hold down your spacebar. Have Fun :) Download ZKs_Soccer
  6. caliban55

    The long watch

    Mission summary: Mission name: The long watch Mission type: Coop combat patrol Maximum player number: 14 Supported world island(s): Malden 2035, Tanoa, etc. Features: Virtual Arsenal Dynamic Groups Auto-scaling of enemy troop strenght with connected player numbers Medical and revive system Mission parameters changeable for servers Description: The long watch is a ArmA 3 combat patrol mission which mainly puts the focus on infantry combat and teamwork. A dynamic mission assignment is generated for the players to complete (for example, destroy something, download, support, scout, etc.). The next step is for the players to reach the exfil point to finish the mission. You can create a dynamic group by pressing the U key and invite players to your group, or join an existing group. The default medical and revive system is enabled, you will need a medikit or field aid kit to revive a downed team member, medics have a massive speed modifier to revive. Some mission types will have civilians present, so be carefull what you shoot at. Killing civilians can result in a mission failure. The mission requires players to work together to complete the mission. You can test the mission on our server and I will also add the mission file to my Steam Workshop and Play with Six repository. Please leave any feedback here, if you want to . Server IP:Port Steam Workshop link for Malden 2035 version: The long watch Malden 2035 Steam Workshop link for Altis version: The long watch Altis Steam Workshop link for Tanoa version: The long watch Tanoa
  7. This mission is inspired upon the original (ArmA 2) Domination game mode. * Island Tanoa * No mods (vanilla) * Coop 10+1 (also playable alone in MP mode) This mission is inspired upon the great game mode 'Domination' that was made by 'Xeno' on ArmA 2. This mission is created from scratch so no copy/paste from the original Domination code, but I it is inspired on the original Domi. You can expect the same gameplay/setup, but then towned down to coop proportions. This is mainly an infantary mission now instead of a full combined ops mission. In this version there are no AI retaliation waves after capturing a town and the bluefor base will not be attacked. However, there is a chance that one of the random AI patrols outside of towns will go towards a town to protect it. Roles: *Commander (High command+support ability) *Team Leader *Explosives Expert *Medic *Rifleman *Grenadier *Auto Rifleman *AT Rifleman *Pilot (Chopper+CAS) *Sniper *Spotter Features: * Commander role is able to place waypoints for all teams (CTRL+SPACE) and is able to call in different kinds of support (support channel) for a limited amount of times. * Domination style camera intro * Video outro * Halo jump. You can Halo jump from the flag pole at the base and a Halo jump flag pole will be placed at every town you capture (along with a custom ammo box) * set the mission to evening or morning at the base (atm clickable signs @base, will become an addaction for commander) * Scripted service point for the choppers and rewarded CAS jet. * Respawn players @Base (60secs) * Respawn Vehicles (rewarded vehicles will not respawn!) * Place sandbags (place a sandbag wall at the place you look at) (WIP) * Garbage collecting * Side-Ops with rewards (2 side ops missions) * Dynamic markers for all players * Saved loadouts * More underway... Objective: The objective is to capture all towns just like you are used to in Domination. To capture a town you need to eliminate all OpFor within the AO area and you need to destroy the communications tower. After these conditions have been met a 'Halo Jump' flag pole will appear in the captured town and a new town location that you have to capture will be present on the map. Besides from capturing towns side mission(s) will be available that will give your team a reward if you complete it. Currently a CAS jet and a Ghosthawk will be available at the base after completing side-ops. This mission can be played as a milisim and use choppers instead of Halo, but the flag poles are there just in case you want to play it more casual. In total there are 5 towns to capture. Not sure if it's enough, but it should give a coop team a few hours of fun. Notes: I am still working on the mission and adding things to the mission. Feedback is apreciated :) Have fun! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1138392037
  8. I have a released another WW2 mission on Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1121098414 SUMMARY MISSION SETTINGS: TYPE = Coop; PLAYERS: Min = 1 , Max = 17; RESPAWN = Side (including Teamswitch).<br/> MAP: WW2:Omaha(I44); TIME: DayTime<br/> Injury system: BIS Basic<br/><br/> SITUATION:<br/> We are a single infantry squad protecting an injured tank crew until an evac team can arrive.<br/> <br/> Intel reports that an advancing enemy force consists of:<br/> - one half track;<br/> - at least 3 tanks; and<br/> - about 30 soldiers.<br/> <br/> We have been order to hold the village until it is safe to call in a rescue vehicle to evacuate the injured crew.<br/><br/> Radio for armoured support (1 Sherman and 1 Stuart) when you need it.<br/> <br/> We have two medics to support us. Call them via the SUPPORT MENU: "F1-5-1".<br/><br/> Radio for the evac team when you think it is safe to evac the injured.<br/> <br/> MISSION:<br/> We have been ordered to hold the current village.<br/><br/> Our squad must :<br/> - stop the incoming enemy until the evac team can collect the injured:<br/> - call the evac team when it is safe;<br/> - protect the evac vehicle until it gets to a safe evac location.<br/> - save at least one of the injured.<br/> <br/> EXTRA ADDONS:<br/> While not required to play this mission we do use the "CUP Low Grass Addon" when we play. You can find it's download link in this description: <br/> http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=293256076 <br/><br/> MISSION NOTES: <br/> Units: one 11 man infantry squad and 6 crew in 2 Tanks (all can be AI or player). <br/> Scenes: Short Intro and multiple win and lose outros; <br/> Tasks: 6 tasks to complete; <br/> Time to complete: 30 minutes (approx). <br/><br/> HAVE FUN and ENJOY...Remember it is just a game.<br/><br/> If this rates well (ie Thumbs Up) I will release some more of the missions we play.
  9. CUSTOM COMBAT PATROL ON SANGIN (FRENCH ARMY). Mission Coop for 10 players which will quickly plunge you into the action against a militia Taliban. The base of the mission is a fight patrol, (present module since Malden on 2035), with some objectives in more ... The squad leader and the team leaders have the possibility of calling up of the support (logistic dropping, air support and artillery). Given that the players have tactical supports the IA you reserve a small surprise if you stay too long in the battle zone. VIDEO : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1B5Hb1YbzM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrV7QQgKbjg MISSION FILE : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1148383037&searchtext=
  10. Oddball-47 Ronin

    The 14th Valley - Unsung Vietnam

    The 14th Valley 2 versions; Day and Night (links below) Coop: recommended 2-4 players (will allow 9) Requirements: ArmA 3 Unsung Vietnam War mod, CBA_A3, Apex DLC NVA units along with large caliber AA guns have occupied and built out The Three Canyons area of Da Krong. You are tasked with assaulting and neutralizing the AA batteries. Mission features: (1) Progressive resapwn points (thanks to Sergeant Dennenboom of Elite Warriors) (2) Virtual Vehicle Spawners availlable at LZ Savage and Camp Sarge. (3) Soundtrack mucic to enhance the immersion factor. (4) Numerous sound effects add to the atmosphere. (5)Full arsenal availlable to kit out with; both at LZ Savage and Camp Sarge, as well as numerous ammo crates in and around enemy emplacements. (6) On call artillery fire support. (Accessed via the "0" (ZERO) key at the top of your keyboard. Scroll wheel options availlable after that. (7) Option to insert/remove earplugs. (8) Random enemy patrol script ensures replayability. (9) And thanks to Sergeant Dennenboom, an "official" end to the mission. Mission Notes: In order to guarantee that you respawn with your arsenal kit/loadout, remember to "SAVE" it while in the arsenal screen. It is VERY important to ensure before beginning that your sliders for "Effects" and "Music" are set to at least 50 percent. (Mission sounds/music based on those levels.) It is recommended to set the "Radio" slider to zero to reduce/eliminate annoying AI chatter. Read the briefing and check the map out to get a feel for what you need to do and how you want to go about it. It is suggested also to disable all AI in the slots not taken up by a human player. While it is possible to play with 2 players, it is highly recommended you have at least 4. Known Bugs: "no entry cfg weapons. NAM_M16'" (problem with the Unsung Delta mod) Requirements: ArmA 3 Unsung 3.1d Vietnam War mod, CBA_A3. and the Apex Arma 3 DLC Credits: My thanks to Kronsky, Nemesis, and Grumpy Old Man, Sushi, Aliascartoons, and Tonic for their scripting genius. Without their tools, this mission would have been MUCH the lesser. And to Kegety for his PBO/De-PBO tool. And special thanks to Sergeant Dennenboom of "Elite Warriors" for sharing his knowledge and time with me. And lastly, but not leastly (is that even a word?) big thanks to the entire crew behind the "Unsung Vietnam" mod. They have rekindled my enthusiasm for Arma 3 ! Urban Patrol Script Version: 2.2.0 Author: Kronzky NRE_earplugs.sqf Author: Nemesis GOM - Ambient AA :Author:Grumpy Old Man sush_pow_script.sqf Author: Sushi VVS Virtual Vehicle Spawner script by: Tonic Ambient Light script by: Alias LINKS: Day Version: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1138096388 Night Version: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1138099931
  11. I have a released a WW2 mission on Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1118900545 SUMMARY MISSION SETTINGS: TYPE = Coop; PLAYERS: Min = 1 , Max = 13; RESPAWN = Side (including Teamswitch).<br/> MAP: WW2:Omaha(I44); TIME: DayTime<br/> Injury system: Alternate Injury System (AIS) by Psycho<br/><br/> SITUATION:<br/> An enemy convoy is returning four tank crews to their tanks in a village. <br/> We have set up an ambush to eliminate the convoy and crews before they can return to their tanks.<br/><br/> We are one lone squad. Intel reports that the advancing enemy force consists of: <br/> - five half tracks; <br/> - one tank; <br/> - about 16 tank crew returning to their tanks; and <br/> - about 30 soldiers. <br/><br/> We have one dammaged Sherman tank with low ammo and fuel to assist us. Call for it using the radio.<br/> We have one medic to support our squad.<br/><br/> MISSION:<br/> Our squad must eliminate all the incoming enemy. <br/><br/> EXTRA ADDONS:<br/> While not required to play this mission we do use the "CUP Low Grass Addon" when we play. You can find it's download link in this description:<br/> http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=293256076 <br/><br/> MISSION NOTES: <br/> Units: one 10 man infantry squad and 3 crew of a Sherman Tank (all can be AI or player). <br/> Scenes: Short Intro and multiple win and lose outros; <br/> Tasks: 6 tasks to complete; <br/> Time to complete: 30 minutes (approx). <br/><br/> HAVE FUN and ENJOY...Remember it is just a game.<br/><br/>
  12. The District is a tactical Mission up to six Players. Operate behind the enemy lines and try to survive. Under the leadership of officer Khalil Muhtaram, the new To-199 prototypes are being tested. According to our information, a copy of the jet is stationed on the airfield of Malden. We have to destroy this prototype and eliminate Khalil Muharam. Dressed undercover as a worker, you must infiltrate the enemy lines. Your task is to kill the enemy officer and then destroy the new prototype of the To-199. Our drones confirmed a high enemy density. Features: * No addons needed. Just subscribe and Play! * Approximate Playtime: 30-45 minutes * Gearup with Arsenal * Intro & custom music * Languages: English, GermanBugs/Feedback: Any Questions? Found a bug? Just add me on Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/justm4na/ Notes: 1. You are able to play this Mission solo but its very hard! 2. I made this just for fun. I really appreciate if you rate and comment my Mission. Download: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1137633886
  13. Dead End is a tactical Mission up to seven Players. Operate behind enemy lines and seek and eliminate the target.Our informs have reported that the CSAT officer Ismail Jawadi was sighted near Frini. So far we had no success to grab him. This seems to be our best chance to eliminate him.You start from U.S Camp Yankee. Take care of the equipment and fly to the destination area. Increased enemy activity was noted. Infiltrate the enemy territory and kill the officer. Features: * No addons needed. Just subscribe and Play! * Approximate Playtime: 30-60 minutes * Gearup with Arsenal * Intro & custom music * Languages: English, German Bugs/Feedback: Any Questions? Found a bug? Just add me on Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/justm4na Notes: 1. You are able to play this Mission solo but its very hard! 2. I made this just for fun. I really appreciate if you rate and comment my Mission. Download: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1137808580
  14. Hello everyone, new to arma 3 but not for arma series, i have more than 250hours of A2 arrowhead, and 40+ hours of cold war assault. Not looking for squad or clan, just looking for public servers which is coop, more like teamwork. But i can play with some one time to time, mic 8/10 speech (english) 6-7/10.
  15. Hello! I am currently making a Coop mission for me and my friends and are setting up the finishing touches. But, I have some minor problems when it comes to the spawning and respawning-module. 1. I want my playable units for this mission to start inside a moving vehicle. But, when ticking the option "Select respawn posistion", the game will NOT start from where the playable unit is, and insted will force me to choose one of the made up respawn modules. 2. I want the players to unlock new spawnpoints as the game progress. This I know works with a simple trigger "player, present". But when I tick OFF the "Select respawn position" and only use triggers, then the game will not allow me to spawn at all. Does anyone know what I should do here? I've been googling and tubing for so long that i'm going crazy. Thank you so much in advance. - Whale
  16. Hi I have made a coop mission. I want to run a script (which does a short end movie) after all players have died, and then end the mission using BIS_fnc_EndMission. However, the mission ends as soon as the last playable man is killed and the standard "MISSION FAILED -All players died" ending occurs. We are playing/testing it in the 3den editor (ie 3D editor) as non-dedicated server via LAN. I am using 3D editor and have the following settings set within the editor in Attributes->Multiplayer menu: - Respawn: Switch to side member; - Ruleset: -> Mission fail when everyone dead: not ticked -> Single player death screen: not ticked -> Switch to another character: ticked - Allow Manual Respawn: ticked - Enable Team Switch: ticked I have spent hours searching online with no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  17. Hi I have made a coop mission. I want to run a script (which does a short end movie) after all players have died, and then end the mission using BIS_fnc_EndMission. However, the mission ends as soon as the last playable man is killed and the standard "MISSION FAILED -All players died" ending occurs. I am using 3D editor and have the following settings set within the editor in Attributes->Multiplayer menu: - Respawn: Switch to side member; - Ruleset: -> Mission fail when everyone dead: not ticked -> Single player death screen: not ticked -> Switch to another character: ticked - Allow Manual Respawn: ticked - Enable Team Switch: ticked I have spent hours searching online with no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Im editing a serie of coop missions http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=965356876 Here is my first mission "Time limit", I try adapt difficulty based in nº players in mission (2 steps, <6 players or >6 players). -Helicopter is set in advanced fly mode. -Night mission. -Behind enemy lines. -English/Spanish lenguage. Sinopsis: We took a couple of days looking for the Scud SS-21_Scarab_9M79_Tochka without success in the south. Intelligence reports indicate that there is going to be an imminent attack. So we sent a SOG agent to get some reports from the enemy. Since we want the agent to remain there without being discovered, it will be the MARSOC who pick the information. Meet with the agent to verify that he is not compromised, obtain the information and eliminate the threat. *Note, only if its necessary, there are admin alive options to teleport to friends if they die. But ideally they respawn in base, there are another helicopter. This mission is part of this collection http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=965356876 Thanks!
  19. weaponsfree

    The Voodoo Missions

    The Voodoo Missions I'm starting to have a lot of missions spread across 3 campaigns, so in the interest of keeping them a little more centralized I'm creating a single page to store them and update with info. Voodoo Team is a band of ex-NATO Special Forces troopers. They started out as a regular front line unit during Operation Dardanelles in the Aegean Sea. After having seen what private mercenary groups like Ion Corp can do when left unchecked, they left NATO forces to create a Merc-Hunting team. Financed through unofficial and unaligned nations seeking a way to curb the rise in influence of non-state corporations such as Ion. Led by their Intel Officer know only as Highres, their first real test against Ion Corp was Operation Venture on the Tanoan Islands. They led a successful guerilla campaign against a large Ion Venture on the Island. The success of that operation brought in new recruits and new equipment. They are increasing the scope of their activities in the latest Operation Free Malden, where they are deploying heavy weaponry and air power for the first time. Campaigns (Ordered by most recent) All missions are Single Player or COOP Operation Free Malden Mission 1 : Hammer In order to Free Malden, we have to offload our new Infantry Fighting Vehicle. It's currently strapped to the deck of our trawler, which allows it to fire on targets on land. But to get it rolling, we need to capture a deep water port. La Riviere has one such port, and although it is well defended, we should be able to get in fast without alerting them too early. Strike fast with 3 teams, and capture the town and port! Workshop Link ========================= Operation Venture Mission 1 : Spider Spider has arrived on the south west island via speedboat. He's been driven to the nearby airfield where a deal with the local gang is being hammered out. Spider is meant to leave via that same speedboat, so our first task is to destroy it to prevent his escape. Ion does have air assets in the area, but it will take time for them to organize an airlift, so we will have time to reach the airfield, and kill Spider. One of our local contacts has left an RHIB near the airfield for our extraction and return to this safe house. Take note, the local gang is real nasty. They control the entire South West Island, and they'll shoot any (especially armed) strangers on sight. We can try and do this all stealth like, but I don't think we're getting out of this one without a few firefights. Workshop Link Mission 2 : Contacts Our Intel Officer HighRes is out meeting a contact. The rest of the team is resting at our beach safehouse. What could go wrong? Workshop Link Mission 3 : Requisition As you know, since our safehouse was destroyed last week, we are desperately low on hardware. Luckily, Ion Corp has tons of weapons and gear on the island just ripe for requisitioning. And they're not being very discreet about it. We know they are bringing in large weapon shipments through the Blue Pearl Industrial Port, which they have conveniently offered to guard for the local government in exchange for guns and bribes. These bribes keep the local government out, which is good for us because we don't have to worry about shooting local police while we aggressively requisition some new gear for our purposes. The downside is that the port is crawling with armed Ion thugs. We will have to steal a Weapons Truck from the Port, and bring it to our new Safehouse. Workshop Link Mission 4 : Intelligence Our raid on the Blue Pearl Port really helped us get back on our feet. We've got weapons and gear, and I've been able to re-establish SatCom. The downside however, is that Ion has used our attack on the port as a pretext to take over pretty much all of Tanoa security. They are now in most towns and cities with more agents arriving daily. I'm starting to think controlling the entire Island was the Ion Objective from the start. In any case our mission is still the same. Find and disrupt all Ion operations on Tanoa. More specifically we need to find out where the Regional Director is operating from. To that end we need additional Intel. Workshop Link Mission 5 : Centerpiece Our Intel raid has paid off. We've discovered that ION is not actually looking to control Tanoa outright, they just wanted an excuse to build up major military infrastructure on the Islands, and then sell the resulting installations to CSAT for a huge profit. The Centrepiece of their venture is the Island of Tuvanaka. They've been restoring and rebuilding various facilities on the island, and it will be offered to CSAT as a complete pre-packaged base of operations for the entire Area, with pre-packaged subdued local government to boot. If we can sufficiently degrade and destroy Ion military installations on Tuvanaka, we can make their Venture near worthless. Workshop Link Mission 6 : Power We managed to cripple ION's Venture on Tanoa. ION Personel have started to depart the Islands, but the Director is still at large. Communication Intercepts indicate he's based at a Villa near Georgetown. He has an armed guard, and the Villa is ringed by powerful floodlights. We will cut the power to his villa by blowing a power line, then storm the building, find the Director and take him out. Workshop Link Mission 7 : Departures Since we almost got you killed last time, Highres assures us that today's intel is top notch. Seems the Director was pretty convinced we had been killed at the Villa, and showed his face in public. He was followed to an Ion HQ building in LaRochelle. Intel also says that he's about to get the hell out of Tanoa. This is our last chance to get him. Workshop Link =========================== Operation Dardanelles Mission 1 : Preperation Take out an enemy Recon Helo so it can't be used to spot our invasion force. Workshop Link Mission 2 : Invasion! Hit multiple beaches and clear out enemy forces from the Southern tip of the Island. Workshop Link Mission 3 : Consolidation Consolidate our foothold on the island by capturing the radar station Mike. Expect a massive counter attack. Workshop Link Mission 4 : Sabotage! The frontline has stabilized, go behind enemy lines to sabotage an arms dump. Get out quick though! Workshop Link Mission 5 : Knockdown A major concentrated assault should break through the lines. Take the lead assault team deep into enemy territory to take out its HQ. Workshop Link Mission 6 : Rout! The enemy is in full Rout. Lead a sniper team and distraction team to the airfield. Lure the General out of his hiding spot and take him out. Workshop Link
  20. Currently, it seems that Combat Patrol doesn't reward the player after the completion of missions. Will this be changed? If not, what's the reasoning for it? I'd much rather play this game co-op to level up and get weapons necessary for performing well in pvp maps. This reduces the pressure and frustration from being a new player and helps to get them acclimated to how to play the game without ruining pvp matches due to a large skill gap.
  21. The 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division - How Company Introduction: We are the 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment (PIR) we are a semi-serious milsim unit that plays with a variety of mods in conjunction with the World War Two setting. Within the unit we have key structure and organization that mirrors that of the real U.S Army Airborne during the fourtys time period. Our key priority in this group is to bring players together with a similar interest and have fun in a structured setting to allow organized play. We have recently opened our doors just a week ago and are already growing quickly leading to us expanding further! Joining Process: If you're interested in joining or want to gain more information do not hesitate to get in contact with myself via a link below where I can pass you on to a recruiter who can explain more. When you apply to the 505th PIR you will have to go through Basic Combat Training which will teach you the ins and outs of WW2 Arma, once you have done that you will be assigned a Squad and Billet. We have many billets to offer which include: U.S Airborne Rifleman U.S Airborne Machinegunner U.S Airborne Medic U.S Airborne Radio Telephone Officer U.S Airborne Mortarman U.S Airborne Officer U.S Army Aviation Pilot We have plans to open brand new attachments as we continue to grow with input from our members. The PIR have few regulations on joining the unit as we believe everyone should be able to experience the ARMA 3 setting in World War 2. The Requirements Include: Must be 16 years of age or older. Must hold a legitimate copy of ARMA III Have the Teamspeak 3 Application and working microphone (Assistance can be given) Able to attend an event on Saturdays regularly. Contact Us! Discord: https://discord.gg/q7VfB25 Chief Recruitment Officer: T/Sgt. R. Paddock Teamspeak information can be aquired via discord. If you're interested in joining then do not hesitate to contact us! Thank you for reading
  22. Players must quickly assault a Syndikat held town as they search for a stolen file that has troop movements for the area. Using the cover of night, silenced weapons, and night vision players will have to get the drop on the bandits, if they allow themselves to get bogged down the superior numbers will overwhelm them. Ambushes and roadside bombs are common tactics of Syndikat. Features: -Enemy Faction: Syndikat -Player Faction: Russian Armed Forces -Map: Tanoa -Dedicated Server Compatible -Required DLC: Apex -Required Mods: CUP Units, CUP Vehicles, CUP Weapons, TFAR, CBA. -Playable in Singleplayer on a LAN server. Special thanks to Mulluskan, 417, Scorch052, and Robodog for helping me test, learning how to script, and giving me feedback for this mission. Any and all feedback is welcome. Here is a link to the workshop page: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1087600510

    Zombie Survival Course

    by GEORGE FLOROS [GR] Description: Survive - Loot and Clear the Areas. 31 Different Enemy Faction. Fight VS Zombies or NPCS.Supporting almost EVERY map (ArmA 1/2/3). Gameplay with a lot of options (MODULAR environment). Features: Respawn VCOM AI Psycho's aid system JIP compatible Game Mode selection 31 Different Enemy Faction Supporting almost EVERY map (ArmA 1/2/3) Long lasting Gameplay with a lot of options And much more Installation: Place the mission file in the MPmissions folder inside your Arma 3 installation. Your ArmA3 installation should be in yoursteamfolder/steamapps/common - Optional VCOMAI userconfig - The mission is using the VCOMAI . To use the extra settings see the Install Instructions of VCOMAI folder . Usage: Recommended and/or optional addons and mods to use with Zombie Survival Course: Heros Survive http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=31161 CUP Terrains Complete http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=30045 CUP Weapons http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27489 CUP Units http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=29301 CUP Vehicles http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=29716 RHSUSAF http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27149 RHSAFRF http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27150 RHSGREF http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=30998 Operation: TREBUCHET http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28614 Notes: It is supporting almost EVERY map ! (ArmA 1/2/3) , just by changing the name on the end of the mission name like : Zombie_Survival_Course.Stratis to : Zombie_Survival_Course.Tanoa 3 Game modes to choose A. Clear Area , ( Suggested for Zombies ) B. Clear Area + Destroy Communication tower ( Suggested for NPCS ) C. Capture + Hold Area ( Only for NPCS ) It is possible even to play with Virtual Arsenal available , if you enable it from the Extra Mission options . The Loot spawn system from Heros Survive is DISABLED . The Loot Script by BangaBob will be running instead + it works on any map . To Check + test the spawn of the items , there is also an option on the parameters , on the Loot Probability , to Enable Debug Weapon = 0 Magazines = 1 Items + Heros Survive items = 2 Vests = 3 Backpacks = 4 Heros Survive items = 5 2 extra pics to see the spawn of the items Select your desired Environment There is included in the selections , also Loot for , Community Upgrade Project [ CUP ] to activate it you must have the certain addon [ Weapons + Units + Vehicles] . For changes , go to the mission parameters . Your Selections may have effect on the performance , check more the parameters settings. If you want to enable the Heros Survive (SURVIVAL mode) , enable from the parameters and also you MUST have enable this addon , in order to play this mode! If the Survival mode is enabled , you will see on the right side the survival icons . Every time you are starting the mission , the starting position will be on random. If it stops generating objectives , then you should restart the mission. - Optional VCOMAI userconfig - The mission is using the VCOMAI . To use the extra settings see the Install Instructions of VCOMAI folder . Credits & Thanks: A3 Wounding System Script by [TcB]-Psycho- =BTC=_TK_punishment Script by BTC Giallustio TAW view Distance v1.4 Script by Tonic AI HALO Jump Script by cobra4v320 Heros Survive Scripts by heros Loot system Script by BangaBob Advanced Rappelling Script by Duda Advanced Urban Rappelling Script by Duda Advanced Towing - Script by Duda NRE Earplugs Script by NemesisRE VCOM AI Driving Script by Genesis92x Vcom AI 2.81 Script by Genesis92x Mag Repack Script by Outlawled Monsoon Script by aliascartoons Snow Storm Script by aliascartoons Real Weather by code34 Generic Dust Particles Script by Goon Generic Snowstorm Particles Script by Goon Situational Music Script by DemoCore Addon-Free Stat Save System [BETA] by Stealthstick/Zooloo75 Randomly generated roadside IED's by brians200 Engima's Civilians Script by Engima Engima's Traffic Script by Engima findSafePos Script by Joris-Jan van't Land taskPatrol Script by Joris-Jan van't Land Thanks to All script contributors Thanks to everyone who tries to do the best for this game! Thanks to BIS for such a great platform . Thanks to BIS Community and BIS Community Forums . Thanks to Armaholic Community and Forums . Changelog: v2.3 Added Headshot + Killfeed Script v2.0 Optimize Unit Spawn distance , for Roaming Selections Optimize for Suiside Bombers Spawn Minor fixes v2.2 Downgraded A3 Wounding System Script by [TcB]-Psycho- to 15102016 ,because of errors v2.1 Optimized Unit Spawn for Roaming Selections Updated A3 Wounding System Script by [TcB]-Psycho- to v24062017 Added Suiside Bombers (civilians) v2.0 added options for: Civilians , Vanilla / APEX or CUP Civilian traffic , Vanilla / APEX or CUP ( vehicles ) Ambient life , Vanilla ( animals ) Roaming ZOMBIES Roaming NPCS ,Vanilla / APEX / CUP / RHS Roaming NPCS vehicles ,Vanilla / APEX / CUP / RHS / TREBUCHET Weapon Jamming Vehicle Crew Display Killing Civilias feed AI chatter Ambient Radio Chatter BIS_sandstorm v1.2 Minor fix (error with Ryanzombies) v1.1 Fixed some issue with Zombies and Demons classnames Added compability with , Operation : TREBUCHET v1.0 - Zombies and Demons Forum topic: - BI forums - Armaholic forums Armaholic Zombie Survival Course v2.3
  24. SmallMilitaryEncounter Generator A dynamic mission for ARMA3 that generates small military encounters. The intent of the mission is to have something similiar to an Domination / Invade & Annex type COOP missions, but in a smaler and more infantry focused scope. And have a mission that is easily customize able, at least in my opinion. Most things you may want to change can be found in the files under config/. Also the mission is build from scratch and not a derivative of some other mission existing. I hope that most of the stuff works quite stable, but the mission didn't have very much "stress-testing" or balancing. This is also a reason why I relase it here, gather some feedback/criticism. You can follow further development via GitHub. Missions: _SMEGen_.Altis - default Enemy Faction: CSAT - default Player Faction: NATO _SMEGen_CUP.Chernarus - default Enemy Faction: CUP NAPA - default Player Faction: CUP USMC _SMEGen_CUP.Takistan - default Enemy Faction: CUP Takistan Army - default Player Faction: CUP US Army SMEGen_IFA3.Staszow - default Enemy Faction: IFA3 Soviet Forces - default Player Faction: IFA3 Wehrmacht DOWNLOAD from GitHub DOWNLOAD the PBOs DOWNLOAD from Armaholic FIND in my Workshop Changelog V.050 Mission Parameters select the enemy faction select a reward set select the amount of simultaneous mission sites select the AI skill level ( militia / regular / special forces ( for details check T8/config.hpp )) select if you want to keep your gear after respawning select if you want vehicle patrols between objectives Available tasks Currently there are 4 types of mission-sites with different tasks available. There is always a set of tasks available. If those tasks are finished a cleanup will happen and a new set of tasks will be generated. All sites on which tasks are spawned are currated in the config files! Towns clear occupied town destroy 2 mortars destroy 2 resupply vehicles kill HVT and his Guards gather INTEL from HVT Military Bases clear occupied base destroy 2 mortars destroy 2 resupply vehicles kill HVT and his Guards collect INTEL from HVT Road-Positions destroy broken down convoy clear road block / checkpoint IED site: clear IEDs or gather INTEL Installations destroy communication base (radiotower) recover UGV and return it to base (stomper) download INTEL in a compound Rewards Player Gear A player ranks up with every succesfully completed task. With every new rank the player will get acces to more, better gear in the virtual arsenal. Vehicles for completing a set of missions: mobile HQ / mobile respawn armed light APC armed light helicopter After completing two mission one vehicle will be spawned, starting with the MHQ. If one vehichle gets destoryed it will be respawned instead of spawning the next tiers vehicle. There won't be multiple iterations of the same vehicle. The reward vehicles can be found outside the base in the hangars. Also vehicles can be reapired in a service station in the main base. Vanilla Systems The missions uses various vanilla systems: BIS tasks BIS dynamic groups BIS virtual arsenal BIS respawn menu Time Acceleration: the time is accelerated: 4h IRL = 24h in game. If you want to change this, there is a module placed in the mission. Additional Scrips And the mission uses some other scripts: T8-Units Script FAR Revive (but in my own 'flavour' with some of the later sqf improvments) download data script (a bit updated version of my script) Singleplayer I use the singleplayer mostly for debugging. There are also some keys preset to help with porting the mission to a new map. You will need the following extension for SP debugging: KillzoneKids MakeFile extension KillzoneKids DebugConsole extension Keys: F5: log current player position as 'town' F6: log current player position as 'military base' F7: log current player position as 'road' (direction of the player matters! look down the road) F8: log current player position as 'compound' (use open, even space approx. 75m x 75m ) F9: exports the logged positions to a file with arma-config formating. http://imgur.com/a/hD6mM License # SME.Gen - SmallMilitaryEncounter Generator # A dynamic mission for ARMA3 that generates small military encounters. # Copyright (C) 2015-2016 Hauke Sven "T-800a" Fischbach # full License: https://github.com/T-800a/SME.Gen/blob/master/LICENSE This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details. You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA. When publishing a derivative of this product you may not use a name that might create the impression that your version is an official release. Some folders of this project may contain a seperate LICENSE file. Should that be the case, everything in that folder and all subfolders is subject to that license instead.