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Found 31 results

  1. This page is for discussion of script features in Fly Tanoa Air. Mod page coming soon. Flying planes in ArmA III is difficult. It takes a lot of practice. Right when you think you got it you realize how much more there is to learn. Just dropping a plane in an empty scenario is fine and well to start but eventually gets boring and, as a pilot in training, you need something more compelling to keep logging more hours. Tanoa Air seeks to provide a fun and re-playable scenario in which to practice your skills. Developer files are available below. If you know how to install and use these files, the files are for you. If not, please wait for the official release, coming soon. Thanks for your patience! Check out a playable ALPHA without FEMALE: Drive Link Check out a playable ALPHA with FEMALE: Drive Link The above files are pre-release ALPHA, not optimized, and may not function exactly as intended. Please leave feedback below and join the discussion. In order for FTA to be fun it must function well. Functionality is the foremost concern. ReadMe file below, DEMO video soon. The "Fare" button (like a taxi-cab) is located on the mission controller (like JET TOYS). The controller also includes a warning system for Altitude, Speed High, and Speed Low, a cruise button for defining flight envelope, a cabin light, ect. (separate scripts). Init and Triggers Variables are established in the init (like pass==0) and there is a marker at each airport (airportMARKER). Each airport also has a large trigger to define the terminal area (AP=1). The mission trigger jumps from point to point. nextFARE.sqf Determines the "FARE" function on the Mission Controller. Randomly selects a passenger (list of 4) and airport destination (5 less one, the current location) and then sets Task (Approach) and Waypoint (Airport) markers to the same. Exits the passenger at destination. Repeats. cargo.sqf The cargo script automatically collects cargo from Aeroport de Tanoa Cargo Zone and prompts with destination Task and Waypoint markers. searchZONE.sqf Randomly selects search area (from 5) and then randomly selects a scene location (from 5 more). Clears and resets the emergency upon completion, ready to go again. note: SearchZONE is only one of three possibilities (ex. searchZONE2.sqf) when players press "SCAN", so adding another layer of randomness. Very random, this one. ringCLEAR.sqf The Ring Challenge script moves a single ring with an attached trigger to the next position each time it is cleared. At the same time a Task Marker is updated to display at the same location. Notes: There is only one task used in the whole mission. Despite how much I say there is only one ring for the ring challenges, there are actually two. The ringGOALmock object is static and defines the starting point of each course. Just about everybody and everything go to objNULL when not in use. readMe searchZONE.sqf Search for a missing boat in a randomly assigned location. Assist the coast guard chopper to find the fishing trawler, Spiridova Vadim. nextFARE.sqf RingClear.sqf Approach the area, prompt to begin ring course. Player clears ring 1 and ring object snaps to ringMARK_2, ringMARK3, ect. Player can complete course as many times as they like and simply fly away to end the scenario. To restart the scenario, enter the area again. Cargo.sqf Pick up cargo at the central airport and deliver it to the people in need. Timer challenge coming soon.
  2. Guilt & Remembrance (v1.3) Mod for handling civilian deaths, reparations, and war crimes in Arma 3. Atone for your "collateral damage" by bringing the bodies of dead civilians back to their family — or else attempt to conceal the deaths by secretly disposing of the evidence. Steam Workshop Direct Download Github Requirements: CBA_A3, ACE3 FEATURES Civilian Deaths * When a player kills a civilian, a new task is generated requiring the player to deliver the body to a member of their family, who lives in a house in the AO (within 20km by default). * Alternatively, players may attempt to conceal the death by taking the body at least 300m away from a populated center, burying it, and striking off the dead civilian’s name from the grave marker. * Dead civilians are announced to everyone on the same side and marked on the map. Burial and Exhumation * Any corpse in a body bag can now be buried or exhumed (requires an Entrenching Tool). * Burying any corpse produces a burial mound from which the dead person’s name and age can be read. * The items carried by the dead are transferred to the body bag, and persist through burial and exhumation. Autopsies * Medics can perform an autopsy on any body in the field to determine cause of death (requires Surgical Kit). *When performed near a medical facility, an autopsy can also determine the time of death, the faction of the killer — and can even reveal the identity of an unknown victim whose death had been concealed, allowing the body to be returned to his family. Customization * Mission creators can attach functions to event handlers to produce custom events upon civilian death, body delivery to next-of-kin, death concealment, or reveal of the identity of an unknown victim via autopsy. FOR PLAYERS: In order to deliver a dead civilian to their family member, you must first place it in a Body Bag via an ACE action (Interactions -> Place body in body bag). The Body Bag can then be loaded into the cargo of a vehicle, driven to the destination, unloaded, and then manually dragged to the relative. (Note: while the task to deliver the body is created immediately after you have killed the civilian, you will not be notified for 20-60 seconds so as not to distract you if you happen to be in the middle of combat.) You can also bury or exhume any body bags if you are carrying an Entrenching Tool. Autopsies can be performed if you are carrying a Surgical Kit. You can change how your notifications for civilian casualties are displayed in your Addon Settings (listed under "Guilt & Remembrance."). Note that this setting may be overriden by the mission creator or server operator. FOR MISSION CREATORS & SERVER OPERATORS: This mod is fully signed for multiplayer use, and has been tested on both local and dedicated servers. It must be run on both the client and server. The following mod settings are customizable from your mission scripts: // set the civilian types that will act as next-of-kin GR_CIV_TYPES = ["C_man_polo_1_F_asia","C_man_polo_5_F_asia"]; // set the maximum distance from murder that next-of-kin will be spawned GR_MAX_KIN_DIST = 20000; // Chance that a player murdering a civilian will get an "apology" mission GR_MISSION_CHANCE = 100; // Delay in seconds after death until player is notified of body delivery mission GR_TASK_MIN_DELAY=20; GR_TASK_MID_DELAY=40; GR_TASK_MAX_DELAY=60; // Set custom faction names to determine blame when performing an autopsy GR_FACTIONNAME_EAST = "CSAT"; GR_FACTIONNAME_WEST = "NATO"; GR_FACTIONNAME_IND = "the Syndikat"; // You can also add/remove custom event handlers to be called upon // certain events. // On civilian murder by player: [yourCustomEvent_OnCivDeath] call GR_fnc_addCivDeathEventHandler; // args [_killer, _killed, _nextofkin] // (NOTE: _nextofkin will be nil if a body delivery mission wasn't generated.) [yourCustomEvent_OnCivDeath] call GR_fnc_removeCivDeathEventHandler; // On body delivery: [yourCustomEvent_OnDeliverBody] call GR_fnc_addDeliverBodyEventHandler; // args [_killer, _nextofkin, _body] [yourCustomEvent_OnDeliverBody] call GR_fnc_removeDeliverBodyEventHandler; // On successful concealment of a death: [yourCustomEvent_OnConcealDeath] call GR_fnc_addConcealDeathEventHandler; // args [_killer, _nextofkin, _grave] [yourCustomEvent_OnConcealDeath] call GR_fnc_removeConcealDeathEventHandler; // On reveal of a concealed death via autopsy: [yourCustomEvent_OnRevealDeath] call GR_fnc_addRevealDeathEventHandler; // args [_medic, _body, _killerSide] [yourCustomEvent_OnRevealDeath] call GR_fnc_removeRevealDeathEventHandler; // NOTE: if your event handler uses _nextofkin or _body, make sure to turn off garbage collection with: // _nextofkin setVariable ["GR_WILLDELETE",false]; // _body setVariable ["GR_WILLDELETE",false]; GUILT & REMEMBRANCE is licensed under APL-SA (Arma Public License - Share-Alike) and is free for non-commercial use. If you add it to your server, please tell me about it — I'm interested in how this mod will be used. For questions, comments, or bug reports, please post below or contact me directly at nick.musurca@gmail.com. ----- CHANGELOG: v1.3 (May 25, 2019): -added: Autopsies -added: autopsy event handler if concealed death is revealed -added: CBA setting to automatically add bodybag to dead civilian inventory (e.g. for missions where getting a bodybag is difficult, like Antistasi) -bugfix: next-of-kin garbage collection v1.23 (May 13, 2019): -civilian dead now marked on your map (but can be disabled from CBA settings) -more reliable performance under heavy CPU load / adverse network conditions v1.22 (May 13, 2019): -bugfix: now supports Antistasi (as well as other mods/game types where civilians are created on the client-side) v1.21 (May 11, 2019): -bugfix: death of Zeus-placed civilians now registered on dedicated servers v1.2 (May 11, 2019): -inventory of corpse now transfers to body bag -body bag inventory persistent through burial & exhumation -bugfixes for dedicated server v1.11 (May 10, 2019): -hotfix: singleplayer scenarios should now work -event handler init moved into preInit -- no need to sleep before adding them v1.1 (May 10, 2019) -added CBA setting to customize notification style -civilian deaths now always create a new diary record -added more possible civilian classes to default array of next-of-kin -added settings to allow mission creators/server ops to customize delay of task notification v1.0 (May 8, 2019) - Initial release
  3. Hello! I get straigt to the point: I am creating a mission in 3Eden and I have stumbled on an holdback. I have used the ALIVE modules to make civilians spawn on the map. (Standard ALIVE Civilian spawn) And if I use Allow interact in the module "Civilian Population" We can interact with them in-game to detain, tell go away and so on... But I wish to have this on the ACE interaction menu instead. How do I make this? I belive this is done tru scripting. Regards!!!
  4. I have this little script i found in a old TXT file i found, i wanted to use it in my game but i can't get it to work, I Believe that it is counting the civilian that i kill in the game and when i get over 1 killed it will end the game, but i have to kill all the civilian in the game to make the game end. if i put 8 in the game i have to kill all 8 before the game ends, i want the game to end if i only kill 1 civilian. Does anyone have the solution for me to my problem. The txt is in my INIT.SQF [] spawn { while {true} do { sleep 3; _cnt = { side _x == civilian } count allUnits; if (_cnt < 1) exitWith {"Loser" call BIS_fnc_endMission}; } }
  5. Hello everyone, I need a little help I try to create, through a script, a combination of modules to add a civilian presence to the cities crossed by the player. The problem is that at the launch of the mission, despite the generation of three modules (visible and existing in Zeus mode) the main module (ModuleCivilianPresence_F) does not link with the other two modules (ModuleCivilianPresenceSafeSpot_F and ModuleCivilianPresenceUnit_F), and I have the following error message : "bis_fnc_moduleCivilianPresence [x] Civilian Presence L-Alpha 1-2: 1 terminated." There are at least 1 spawnpoint and 1 position module. " How to make dialogue, synchronize the three modules, created via a script, ingame ? This is just a piece of extracted code; the rest of my project works perfectly : Do not pay attention to the two ways to create a unit, both ways work exactly the same, I put the necessary characters to hide the text for reading the script > /* and */ _townLoc = nearestLocations [getPos player, ["NameVillage","NameCity","NameCityCapital","NameLocal","CityCenter","Airport"], 2500]; if ((count _townLoc) > 0) then { sleep 0.01; _townPos = locationPosition (_townLoc select 0); /* sleep 0.50; _MCP_Spawn = (createGroup sideLogic) createUnit ["ModuleCivilianPresenceUnit_F",_townPos,[],0,"NONE"]; _MCP_Spawn setvariable ['BIS_fnc_initModules_disableAutoActivation', false]; sleep 0.50; _MCP_SafeSpot = (createGroup sideLogic) createUnit ["ModuleCivilianPresenceSafeSpot_F",_townPos,[],0,"NONE"]; _MCP_SafeSpot setvariable ['BIS_fnc_initModules_disableAutoActivation', false]; sleep 0.50; _MCP_Module = (createGroup sideLogic) createUnit ["ModuleCivilianPresence_F",_townPos,[],0,"NONE"]; _MCP_Module setvariable ['BIS_fnc_initModules_disableAutoActivation', false]; */ sleep 0.50; _MCP_SafeSpot = "ModuleCivilianPresenceSafeSpot_F" createUnit [_townPos, createGroup sideLogic, "this setVariable ['BIS_fnc_initModules_disableAutoActivation', false];", 0.6, "PRIVATE"]; sleep 0.50; _MCP_Spawn = "ModuleCivilianPresenceUnit_F" createUnit [_townPos, createGroup sideLogic, "this setVariable ['BIS_fnc_initModules_disableAutoActivation', false];", 0.6, "PRIVATE"]; sleep 0.50; _MCP_Module = "ModuleCivilianPresence_F" createUnit [_townPos, createGroup sideLogic, "this setVariable ['BIS_fnc_initModules_disableAutoActivation', false];", 0.6, "PRIVATE"]; }; Otherwise I also tried another method : I to place the necessary modules in the 3den editor, then move them by script when the player is near a locality. The modules change position, but the created civil entities always go to the moduleCivilianPresenceSafeSpot module's initial position, ie the position of the module when it was placed in the editor, even if it was changed position. :/
  6. I want to have a Civilian fire at a BluFor force. But i don't want all of the civilians to be against the BluFor only one Civilian (HVT who wants to fight his way out of trouble) i am using the Civilian present module the same way that SayUnkl does in this video: I have tried with : in INIT: SetSide East; HVT1 setBehaviour "COMBAT"; Does Anyone know a way to make it work.
  7. Hello, I am in need of your guys's help when it comes to calling some functions or simply executing scripts for each player individually within Multiplayer. With the help of some friendly folk from the BI Forums I managed to come up with the below script. However, long story short is: I wanted to make a "civilian interaction" script which would allow all players to order civilians to "Get Down!" as well as "Get Out!". It is supposed to work after player respawn as well, so that's also worth pointing out. The script works fine until the point we connect to MP. From there it works only for my character (the civilian gets down and leaves the area when issued), but it does not work for other players on the server. They just play gestures and screm the voicelines I put there, but the civs do not react. I dare to believe it is due to how the script is called, where it is placed and probably something with the locality of the script and the civs called by it, if you may. I have tried calling functions, placing it in initPlayerLocal.sqf, but for the love of me, I cannot figure it out... This is how it looks currently: initPlayerLocal.sqf if (side player == blufor) then { player addAction ["Na ziemię!", {cursortarget call CivDown}]; player addAction ["Wynocha!", {cursortarget call CivGoAway}]; }; acim_fnc_playActionNow = { _unit = _this select 0; _gesture = _this select 1; _unit playActionNow _gesture; }; CivDown = { _civ =_this; _side = side _this; if (( _side == Civilian) && (_civ isKindOf "Man") && (alive _civ)) then { _random = 6; _randomResult = floor(random _random); switch (_randomResult) do { case 0: {[player, "get_down_on_the_ground"] call CBA_fnc_globalSay3d;}; case 1: {[player, "get_down"] call CBA_fnc_globalSay3d;}; case 2: {[player, "freeze"] call CBA_fnc_globalSay3d;}; case 3: {[player, "freeze_2"] call CBA_fnc_globalSay3d;}; case 4: {[player, "stop"] call CBA_fnc_globalSay3d;}; case 5: {[player, "stop_right_there"] call CBA_fnc_globalSay3d;}; }; [player, "gestureGo"] call acim_fnc_playActionNow; sleep 1; if (player distance _civ < 40) then { _civ disableAI "MOVE"; sleep 0.3; _civ setUnitPos "DOWN"; _civ setBehaviour "CARELESS";} }; }; CivGoAway = { _civ =_this; _side = side _this; if (( _side == Civilian) && (_civ isKindOf "Man") && (alive _civ)) then { _random = 6; _randomResult = floor(random _random); switch (_randomResult) do { case 0: {[player, "move_it"] call CBA_fnc_globalSay3d;}; case 1: {[player, "go"] call CBA_fnc_globalSay3d;}; case 2: {[player, "move"] call CBA_fnc_globalSay3d;}; case 3: {[player, "get_the_hell_outta_here"] call CBA_fnc_globalSay3d;}; case 4: {[player, "move_your_ass"] call CBA_fnc_globalSay3d;}; case 5: {[player, "off_you_go"] call CBA_fnc_globalSay3d;}; }; [player, "gestureGo"] call acim_fnc_playActionNow; sleep 1; if (player distance _civ < 40) then { _civ enableAI "MOVE"; sleep 0.3; _civ setUnitPos "UP"; _civ setBehaviour "COMBAT"; _civ move (waypoint_trigger call BIS_fnc_randomPosTrigger);} }; }; I have also created a onPlayerRespawn.sqf which looks basically the same in case the action gets lost, so since the current state requires the script to work after respawns, it leads me to believe that all of it should not be placed in initPalyerLocal in the first place. I will be extremely grateful for someone helping me out with making the script work for all players and allowing them to order civilians to move. Thank you! Adam
  8. Hey guys, I am coming to ask for help with what seems to me like a relatively simple thing, yet I cannot figure this out. I would like to have the AI unit run a script which will make it go prone and stay in place on command. The problem is I cannot seem to get the unit to do what the script says. I beleive it's something to do with the "this select" command and since I cannot figure it out I would be grateful if someone could tell me how to get it to work. What I have so far in the Civ unit init: this addAction ["Get on the ground!", {execVM "Civ_ground.sqf"}]; I can approach the unit and order it to get on the ground, but as I stated, it does not want to do it. In the Civ_ground.sqf I have this: _civ = _this select 0; _civ setunitPos "DOWN"; _civ setBehaviour "CARELESS"; _civ disableAI "MOVE"; Thanks a lot for your help! Adam
  9. Hello guys, I can't create my own script in .sqs or .sqf but maybe I could edit some a little bit, I just don't understand to hiearchy of scripting in .sqf or .sqs and that's the problem. So I'd like to ask you if you could create a script that adds civilian hostility if any civilian in scenario is killed. Also if could be message like "HonzaVinCZ killed a civilian. Civilian hostility in Orfar increased by 10" (Orfar is TAOR marker for civilian placement - it is also the area where the civilian was killed) I'd like to use this in multiplayer scenario. Any ideas? Thank you in advance!
  10. UNDERDOGS Author: UndeceivedVersion: 1.7 (updated May 24, 2018) D E S C R I P T I O N "We were totally excited when we finally got the green light for the job that our contact Manos had told us about. Just a simple burglary - a pile of money waiting for us in return. At that moment we didn't know that this would be the trigger of a terrible nightmare and a wearying run for our lives..." A story-driven mini-campaign (5 missions, cutscenes, multiple endings) about a group of Altian kids trying to survive the consequences of a deadly coincidence. T R A I L E R S F E A T U R E S Story-driven SP mini-campaign (5 missions) A civilian style "crime thriller" - take a refreshing break from the daily military duties Cutscenes Multiple endings Many ways to solve certain tasks Crafting of certain needed improvised items You can adjust the brightness in night missions A V A I L A B L E L A N G U A G E S R E Q U I R E M E N T S Max Life Pack (download @ Steam Workshop or @ Armaholic) Some other addons but they are all part of the campaign file already I S S U E S Playing with other mods apart from the required ones could break the missions or cause bugs. Other than that I have no clue what happens in the Arma dev version, so better play in the stable version. A D D I T I O N A L I N F O R M A T I O N D O W N L O A D S Underdogs v. 1.7 Underdogs v. 1.7 Please note: If you like my missions and campaigns, please give feedback in form of comments and rate them! The biggest motivation comes from reading how you liked them and what I can improve. If you want you can something at Paypal too. Many thanks for your support!
  11. Hey all. I'm trying to put together a quick mod to replace civilian outfits with those from Tryk's pack, mostly so that I can use a single set of units on multiple islands without having 'guy in shorts in the snow.' Plus they look better and are WAY less loud and obnoxious. May also swap out Syndikat's clothes, too, for similar reasons. Does anyone have a template that I can use to do this? Something that starts with the classname and allows me to overwrite the default loadout? I don't know enough about the coding language to be able to put one together myself. I've tried using the HQ Replacement packs as a base but I'm not finding any editable files that I can start modifying, and I don't understand the syntax enough to make it work. I was really hoping for a "paste classname and Tryk Uniform Code here" type of thing, if anyone can think of how to do that? Thanks in advance if you can help!
  12. Mister GTX

    Civilian Presence Module

    Hello Community, With the new Mission from the Tac Ops DLC, they have also introduced some new cool Modules for the Eden Editor and I have played around a wile but I still couldn't figure out how the Civilian Presence Modules work :( I would be really thankful if anybody could explain to me how those Modules work! Warm Regards, Lt. Halliwell, to be continued ...
  13. Hello all I'm looking to add some challenge to a mission by having certain conditions that if breached will result in mission failure. First of all, I have a trigger that will fail the mission if the player's RTO dies. However, I also want the mission to fail if a total of three of the player's squad are killed. Additionally, I have some civilians on the map and would like the mission to fail if two are killed. Any help on achieving this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  14. I was using the civilian casualty counter script posted by the Grumpy Old Man. The purpose is to end the mission if there are too many civilian casualties and notify the player with a debriefing screen. MyCivKillCounter = 0; addMissionEventHandler ["EntityKilled",{ params ["_killedUnit","_killer","_triggerMan"]; if (side _killedUnit isEqualTo civilian AND side _triggerMan isEqualTo west) then { MyCivKillCounter = MyCivKillCounter + 1; if (MyCivKillCounter >= 3) then {endMission "End4"}; }; }]; The problem is it ended the mission when the enemy units were killed. The debriefing screen showed opfor units killed, but not any civilians. This was a recurring problem so I switched to a similar script posted by Kylania. Both are used in the init.sqf. if (isServer) then { FNH_civilians_killed = 0; addMissionEventHandler ["EntityKilled", { _killed = _this select 0; if (side group _killed == civilian) then { FNH_civilians_killed = FNH_civilians_killed + 1; if (FNH_civilians_killed > 2) then { ["End6", true, 4] call BIS_fnc_endMission }; }; }]; }; This worked fine thru a month of testing and adding other things to the mission. After I made a change to some triggers for text communications, the error popped up again. The triggers are separate & not related in any way to the civilians. I am using the islamic state guerilla units from project OpFor as the enemy units. LOP_ISTS_OPF_Infantry_Rifleman_2 & _3 LOP_ISTS_OPF_Infantry_SL. Any help in resolving the problem will be greatly appreciated....
  15. This version is discontinued, find the new one included here This version is discontinued, find the new one included here
  16. The issues is a follows. With ACE 3 running on a server. When a player is shot enough they can become unconscious, when this happens I believe it is ACE that changes that players "Side" over to a civilian from in this instance Blufor. On occasion when said player dies or re-spawns they are not always changed back to the original Faction they were with. Causing AI of an opposing faction not to engage them as they are still seen as a civilian. This creates a few problems resulting a misrepresentation of balance, AI difficulty, Medical system intensity, and a broken experience for players, both those who are now "Terminators" and those who die watching our "T1000" players push onward undieing.
  17. Dying Ember Author: Undeceived Version: 1.8 (updated June 24th, 2017) Note: Please note that the following second and third chapters of the campaign won't be released anymore. Of course the first chapter with its 10 missions will stay here. If you want to play it, give it a go - if you like story based and cinematic campaigns, you could have some nice hours with it - after all it has 10 missions. I'd be happy to get feedback and I'm still up to fix (critical) bugs. But be aware that there won't be a continuation of the story/campaign, which means that many open questions won't be answered and the end might feel like a teaser that never ever will be satisfied. :D For those few who liked the first chapter and were waiting for the story to continue - I'm sorry, guys... :( The thing is that I simply can't bring up enough motivation to get on with it, even though some missions of the next chapter are already in a somewhat playable status and even though the whole plot itself is more or less set up - including some nice twist and stuff. Thanks to all who played and provided feedback. I'd appreciate it if you'd try out my other missions/campaigns. F E A T U R E S : Prequel to the official Arma 3 campaign "The East Wind" by Bohemia Interactive Story-driven SP resistance campaign Full voice acting (German) English or German subtitles (change Arma to the corresponding language in Steam) Many cutscenes, intros, outros and dialogues to absorb you into the story Multiple plots, interwoven in one overall storyline A mix of linear, straight-forward missions and wide and complex ones with many tasks Weapon pool (weapons and gear are forwarded and available in the next missions) Custom music (self-composed titles) + music from Arma 2 and Arma 3 D E S C R I P T I O N : "Dying Ember" is (or rather was) was a SP campaign-project for Arma 3. As a prequel to Bohemia Interactive's "The East Wind", its plot is embedded into the Arma 3-universe and its timeline. The project was supposed to consist of three chapters, of which the first one (this one here) was a finalist in the "Make Arma Not War" contest. This first chapter contains 10 missions. It portraits: The Kavala coup d'etat in 2026 The following establishment of a military dictatorship by the Altis Armed Forces (AAF) The beginnings of a resistance movement Pavlos, the main character, and his best friends experience the 2026 Kavala coup d'etat and fight the following totalitarian military regime, in order to get back their and Altis' freedom. They experience the fall of the democratic government and start resisting oppression and non-existent freedom of opinion, even though at first they have only themselves and almost no equipment. The second and third chapters (which were cancelled) would have been set in the Altian civil war and the time of the Jerusalem Cease Fire of 2030. C H A N G E L O G : D O W N L O A D S : Dying Ember v. 1.8 Dying Ember v. 1.8 Please note: If you like my missions and campaigns, please give feedback in form of comments and rate them! The biggest motivation comes from reading how you liked them and what I can improve. If you want you can something at Paypal too. Many thanks for your support!
  18. Hey Guys, i hope you can help me to get rid of this error. I hope it is something simple and i'm don't see it. I try to add ACIM (http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27355) to the ACE3 Interaction menü. In Singleplayer / Editor everthing works fine (sorry for the german) But as soon i start it as multiplayer / on a dedicated server i get this erros in my rpt file: To add all the Ace options i use this script: I know this part is very very basic, because i tried to reduce other possible error sources. I hope it is a fucking dump mistake and sorry for my bad english. Download Sample Mission: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hyhqsik17lhrpbx/ACIM-ACE-Extension-Test.Stratis.pbo?dl=0 Thx for reading so far! Greetings Gangolf
  19. ******************************************************** Civilian UAV ******************************************************** adds civilian uav terminal, uavs, ugvs and RC planes also adds backpacks and a box with backpacks and terminals Credits/Thanks to: Trojan and Piper models by Helijah http://helijah.free.fr Das Attorney for config help addon/port by [Dust]Sabre http://www.armaholic.com/forums.php?m=posts&q=29041 https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/190480-civilian-uav/ ******************************************************** Requirements: none ******************************************************** Downloads: Download Source Data:
  20. I am having trouble with a trigger. I have been looking in the forum for more than a couple of hours and I could not find specifically what i am looking for. I know nothing of editing, I am only a copy-paster. I want to create a zone that will delete civilians entering it. So I have a trigger activated by civilians, the problem is that I use "{deleteVehicle _x} forEach thisList;" and it deletes also empty vehicles and stuff, which is not desirable. Which would be the syntax for a trigger that would delete exclusively and only civilians entering the trigger without affecting any other element in the trigger's area?
  21. For The Life Of A Friend Version: 1.8 Author: Undeceived Required game version: Arma 2: Combined Operations (v. 1.62) >> Read the final review at OFPEC (9/10) >> Read another review at The Abandoned Workshops Scenario description: "We went out to have some fun teasing Jegorow, the new castle caretaker. But then everything turned out differently..." Features: - Civilian style mission - A story about friendship, murder and revenge - Fully voiced (German) - English and German subtitles (also English subtitles for the Polish and Russian version of Arma 2) - Uses Silola's DAC, which makes combat situations a blast! - Self made music by the author, among other custom music - Many cutscenes Required addons: - "Armed Civilians" by W0lle (version: 1.02) (contained in the mission download) - Editor upgrades by Jon-C5- and Mapfact (contained in the mission download) Versions: Known bugs in version 1.8: - Script errors: If you start Arma 2 with parameter -showScriptErrors, there might appear script errors, which come out of the DAC scripts. These errors however do not influence the gameplay and the mission's functionality in any way and are not showstoppers! Anyway it is recommended to play without the start parameter -showScriptErrors. - Remove AI team mate's pistols as soon as possible and give them rifles to prevent the Arma 2-pistol bug, which sometimes happens (AI doesn't move anymore). Download: For The Life Of A Friend 1.8: @ Armaholic | @ OFPEC
  22. Hi, The extended map info is great for displaying friendly or enemy units. The problem comes with civilians when enemy. Then, this feature displays plenty of civilians objects instead of units/vehicles only. Place some objects like weapons, uniforms on ground. Place empty vehicles. Run any mission and make civilian enemies (run this command): side player setfriend [civilian,0] Now, you can see plenty of purple icons in your map at objects positions. Please, make extended map info for units and manned vehicles only, what the friendship could be, between civilian and side player.
  23. Hello. First off, I want to apologize if I have posted this topic in the wrong area, but I think it's right. If not, oh well. Oops. Anyway, on to my script. What I am trying to do is make a script for the civilians in my mission to make them behave in a certain way by playing some of the cowering type animations in A3. I managed to get the basic idea working by spawning the commands manually into each units initialization field but when I try to define a function and call that I get issues. inside the civ units init: init.sqf: functions.sqf; The problem I am having is I get the error message "Error: Undefined Variable in Expression: this" and the line of code it shows above that is "0 = [] spawn { |#|this playMove "ApanPknlMstpSnonWnonDnon_G01"; };" or something along those lines. I feel like the problem isn't really a problem at all, I'm just missing something obvious or I'm still just completely unfamiliar with scripting in general. I have tried several things but I just can't seem to get it working. Anyone know what is wrong? Thanks in advance for the help (if anyone actually responds lol).
  24. Hello everyone, I am formally announcing my next work in progress project: The Cirrus SR22. The model is courtesy of Helijah. Here's a link to his hangar for Flight Gear. The Cirrus SR22 is a single-engine five-seat composite aircraft built since 2001 by Cirrus Aircraft. I've been working on this the last month and a half on the side, and I've come far enough with it that I feel it's time to share it. Here are some in-game WIP screenshots of the SR22: My current to do list is as follows: -Animate instruments -Fix the flight model -Add the Shadow LOD Possible additions, not of a high priority at the moment: -Working GPS with Altis/Stratis/Tanoa maps -Ballistic Recovery System (Emergency Parachute Recovery) (WIP!) There's a few other things I'm working on, but not significant enough to list here. This aircraft is extremely similar to the Cessna TTx (The Caeser BTT as it's known in-game), therefore I would like to use sounds and hand animations, if BI ever releases the configs for APEX vehicles. If this is the case, expect APEX to be a requirement in the future. I continue to work on this when I can, along with three other projects I have going simultaneously right now. Feed back is welcome :)
  25. This version is discontinued, find the new one included here ******************************************************** Grob G 109 ******************************************************** This is a port of Helijah's FlightGear Grob G 109 Credits/Thanks to: Helijah for the model and textures http://helijah.free.fr Alwarren for the Blender Toolbox Hnchmc for the push script Arma 3 port by [Dust]Sabre ******************************************************** Requirements: Sabre's Aircraft Library https://forums.bistu...s-aircraft-lib/ ******************************************************** This addon for Arma 3 is released under CC-BY-SA The authors of this addon give no warranty License: CC-BY-SA ******************************************************** Download: This version is discontinued, find the new one included here