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Found 37 results

  1. We have no ranks, and very little rules outside the game at least. One major thing is that you need to have thick skin. We are people who love to joke around/poke fun at each other, just be able to handle the banter. The missions that we run are based on cooperative Zeus missions that are hosted daily and are hosted by people with experience Zeusing. Anyone can try to Zeus during are day to day missions Our mod-list is based around adding more features to ARMA to expand on the areas of operations that we cover. We use mods like TFAR and ACE to get a more realistic game play Our operations are at the convenience of the group members, generally though we try to get an operation in daily. We are mainly based in American around the CST/EST, but we also have European players. Requirements Be someone who is respectable, can handle and dish out a little banter. Don’t be a stranger, our community is based around not only just ARMA but other games that we feel like playing at the time, don’t be afraid to jump in and join us anytime! Know when to be serious and know when it’s okay to joke around. Have a Microphone and the ability to use voice over internet programs. Be able to take criticism and have the ability to adapt to the situations presented. Able to listen to orders ingame. We are global but mainly speak English, so being able to somewhat speak English. We have a quick 15-minute orientation/basic training that is required to play in our ops. It only covers extremely basic topics and will be right before conducting an operation or at any other time should a player ask for it. If you think you like to join feel free to talk to us on are Discord Server
  2. Hello! We're Charlie MIKE, looking to recruit some people for our small friendly Arma 3 Community with room to grow. I'll be upfront, I wouldn't call us full time in that we have set designated times for missions. We have about 4 to 5 guys at this time who are great guys to play with. We really want more friends to play Arma 3 with us, and to have fun with us as well. We usually play Arma 3 together nearing the end of the week, or when we can all get together. What we're looking for are guys who can either be full time with us and hang out with us. Or be the part time guy that we can shout out to when we're all on and getting ready to play or show up whenever. We're also looking for mission creators of all levels as I'm the only mission creator at this time. We don't have a website, we don't have an application process. What we do have is good friends who are looking for more to join us. Right now we're running a small Special forces Campaign as well as looking for other missions. We're very open to other missions if the content is provided. We play semi-serious, when we load in to play we joke a little here and there, but while on the Objective we're on point. Currently we have the following: 40 man Arma 3 Dedicated Server with the following mods: all CUPS (except CWA), Task force Radio, CBA, RHS's, and ACE. Private Teamspeak server. Motivated Arma 3 players wanting to play with more. We have high standards of people in regards to our community because we want to play with like minded individuals: Mature, respectful and adaptable (we're in the age range between 25 and up). Good sense of humor (or at least not serious all the time, this isn't a job). Open minded. Willing to continually learn and grow as a player. Able to be serious when the situation is required, and to have fun. Individuals with integrity (responsibility and honesty). No foul/negative people (If you like to back stab and create wedges between people, my friends and I will show you the door) Group player, not individual, with good sportsmanlike conduct. Teamwork oriented mindset. I know we're asking a lot of a person here, but I have the same requirements of others, as I do for myself. I want to foster a community that we enjoy being a part of, that is for the group. The group that has good camaraderie, and doesn't have to worry about knives being put in their back. If this is for you and you feel like this could fit you, leave a message here, or PM me. If you want to add me to Steam and want to join in when we're playing, PM me or leave a message here. We don't have any requirements of playtime. This is only a small community right now, but I would welcome the idea of prospering into something more. I have great kindness, but please don't confuse my nice-ness for weakness. We are currently centered around EST timezone in the North East US region. What we do require for you to have upon leaving a message or a PM: Working headset with mic. Teamspeak 3 Arma 3 + APEX Leave a message here or PM me your General Location (US - East/Central/West), your age and small rundown of you would be great. Hope to hear from you! From all of us at Charlie Mike.
  3. Welcome to the Guerrilla Gaming Community! The GGC is a casual, tactical, multi-game community that enjoys using teamwork, communication, squad play and maturity to most importantly have fun! We host weekly ARMA nights, and are always looking for active players and mission creators to join our community! We are a laid-back semi-realism based group. No need for the realism salutes and lining up on the wall getting orders for 40+ minutes. We take the best of both worlds. Pick your role, play your role with your team, and succeed. Join, and fight alongside your fellow guerrilla's today! Requirments; Maturity Working Microphone Discord Copy of ARMA3 w/ APEX 18+ age If you're ready to have some fun, with no activity requirements, come apply at our steam page below! We play various games across all genre's. Guerrilla Gaming Community
  4. Hey there! I've recently formed a new group, AB-12, designed for semi-casual Arma 3 players looking for a group to play with in Wasteland. I'm hoping to create a group dedicated to intense teamplay, and playing Blufor how it's meant to be played, working towards objectives as one. I'm looking for english speaking players who are team-focused, any ages and any experience levels - whether you've clocked 300+ hours or just cracked the game open, it doesn't matter, you're welcome. If you're interested, please search AB-12 on the Arma Units tab, or follow this link directly - https://units.arma3.com/unit/ab-12. Thanks for reading, Elliott AB-12
  5. deviant210

    The Cooler Server

    TheCoolerServer [TCS] Website - TheCoolerServer.com Teamspeak - http://ts3.thecoolerserver.com Photo Gallery - TCS Photo Gallery FNG Guide About The Cooler Server The Cooler Server is a community centered around Arma 3. We are an open, friendly & casual community seeking to be the best drama-free unit we can be. At TCS we don’t use military ranks like most Milsim groups choose to. Instead, we believe in coming together and forming squads and a command element that gives us the organization to complete any task at hand. We welcome anyone with some maturity to apply. When we are not playing Arma, you can find us playing a vast range of games on our Teamspeak server or developing content for the group. We primarily focus on the US time zones, however we accept anybody from any part of the world. Our Arma sessions focus on providing an immersive yet intense teamwork-focused experience. To accomplish this we use a variety of mods including ACE3 and TFAR. Our sessions typically consist of 1 mission spanning about 2-3 hours. Roles are chosen before every mission with everyone getting an opportunity to do what they wish. However, roles such as Command Element, Squad Leaders, and Specialty Squads are typically reserved for people who are more senior members with more in-game experience. All of our missions are made in-house by our Creative Team consisting of about 5 mission makers. Currently our Saturday Night Ops typically have 20-30 players attending. What we offer Dedicated Arma 3 Server. Private Teamspeak Server. Twice weekly OPs held on Saturdays at 9:00pm (Eastern) and Wednesdays at 8:00pm (Eastern). Opportunities to play the way you want. Almost any role, any time, within reason. An instructional environment where you can learn to play the game. Custom missions, made in house every OP (never play the same mission twice!) An open environment that welcomes new players. Veteran players that will ensure you are never left behind. A friendly community that plays random games together and talks with each other throughout the week Requirements To become a full member, you must complete a training OP(These happen every Friday depending on new recruits) and participate in a Saturday or Wednesday OP within two weeks of acceptance. 18+ Working Mic Fluent English Working copy of Arma 3 Team oriented gameplay style Willing to play Arma in 1st person Arma 3 APEX Willing to download the mods that we use (around 30gb) If you are interested in joining please visit our website and submit an application HERE. Feel free to join our Teamspeak server or post here if you have any questions. Op times: Saturday (Primary OP, PvE focused) 6:00pm (1800) Pacific 7:00pm (1900) Mountain 8:00pm (2000) Central 9:00pm (2100) Eastern 1:00am (0100) GMT Op times: Wednesday (Secondary Op, Generally PvP focused) 5:00pm (1700) Pacific 6:00pm (1800) Mountain 7:00pm (1900) Central 8:00pm (2000) Eastern 12:00am (0000) GMT
  6. Falcon Security Services Falcon Security Services is a semi milsim Arma 3 group but we are more focused on fun rather than realism. Our gametime will mostly consist of Zues coop and TvT events but we will always try new things. We do NOT do training as this is a video game and we expect that you know how to play. Our main strength is our progression bar (unlock tree) that will allow members to customize their kit. How this works? Participate in the OP. receive money after completion. Use money to buy new kit. We have ranks ingame (Squad lead, 2nd lead) but outside of game we are all the same. Ranks are non persistent and anyone can lead just ask. If you are interested please contact Nickolas the Clown on steam.
  7. INTEGER DEVOURER PRESENTS VERSION: 0.10 – WHAT TOOK SO LONG EDITION OVERVIEW BATTLE CARS is a 16 player Deathmatch that focuses on vehicular combat with unarmed vehicles. Players choose one of several spawn points, jump into a car and find a weapon. Weapons are randomly acquired by driving over floating orbs scattered around the playing area. Perfect for people yearning for some less than serious fun in the spirit of Twisted Metal/Interstate 76/Vigilante 8. Get it now on: STEAM WORKSHOP ARMAHOLIC FEATURES VEHICULAR COMBAT with your favorite Sport Vehicles! TURBO BOOST your way around the battlefield!*Special thanks to ProGamer: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=24049*We are not responsible for any deaths caused by flying cars 11 RANDOMIZED WEAPONS of varying degrees of usefulness!Titans/Mortars will probably kill you more than your enemies. SPECIAL POWERS New power: UAV Bomber VEHICLE SPAWNER at the central spawn point!Special thanks to Tonic: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=23020 PROTECTED SPAWNS to save you from dying immediately!Protected from shots/explosions, but not being run over VEHICLE HOP/FLIP ​Base flip script is in; only works on totally flipped cars. Special thanks to Iceman77: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/157916-vehicle-flip-script-to-share/ MISSION PARAMETERS to customize your experience!WOW! BUGS, ERRORS, AND MORE! Experience the pains and struggles of a novice mission maker! COMING SOON ADJUSTABLE VEHICLE TURRETSOnce I figure out how to edit that IMPROVED VEHICLE HEALTH/ARMORSee Above VISIBLE WEAPONS ON VEHICLESee above MORE LOCATIONS!Kavala? Who knows! A HUD NON-COPYRIGHT SOUND EFFECTSPlaceholder sound effectsWeapon Pickups: Metal Slug series Invulnerability Powerup: Super Mario Brothers Nothing Powerup: Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory KABOOM! Powerup: The Price is Right Lightning Storm Powerup: Dragonforce - Fury of the Storm Time Freeze Powerup: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure BALANCING! PROPER SCORING SYSTEM TEAMS BETTER CLEAN UP SCRIPT MORE RAMPS CURRENTLY KNOWN BUGS/ISSUES Driving over the BONUS ORBS sometimes does not trigger the script.Depends on speed and position of vehicle. May have to extend the size of the trigger Hints show for all players Possible mismatch between sound played and item received for other players? Random inconsistent local variable errors!
  8. About Us: We are a small group of players looking to grow our unit into the public scene with focus on milsim but on a casual level for those who do not wish to follow a military type structure. We do not do training missions/sessions/etc as a requirement. If you would like to request a training session you can contact me directly. Most of our missions rely on a zeus player whilst everyone else participates in the op. These ops will never be over the type unless majority rules for it. These are meant to be casual and non strenuous, but fun! Mods: We use RHS as a basis for our equipment and units. We also are expanding into using Iron Front assets as well. Age: You must be at least 18+ to join, exceptions can be made after an interview process. Other Req: You must own a microphone, ArmA 3 and ArmA 3 APEX Contact: Steam Community Page or email at sasdeathrite@gmail.com Thanks! tyler4171
  9. Who are we? Black Tails is an European, casual milsim Arma unit. We have been playing together since early Arma 2 days. Are you interested in a casual and friendly community? We're recruiting! What do we do? We play PvE and PvP, casual milsim missions on Sundays at 20:00 GMT+1. Anybody can select any available role that they want, as long as they fulfil their role and don't go running off on their own. We occasionally also run training missions for those who want to learn more about Arma. Do you use mods? Yes. We mainly use mods like ACE3, ALIVE and TFAR, for added immersion. We also use weapon, unit and map mods when needed. But we keep the number of mods and file sizes to a very reasonable level. What do we expect? The only real requirements we have is that members are nice to each other, act in a mature way and are team players. We don't have a minimum age or skill requirement. We also don't have rules in regards to the attendance, we understand that real life has priority. I want to join or have questions! If you are interested in joining or have any questions, please send a PM, or add me on steam; =BT=Albireo. You can also send an email to: blacktails.vfs@gmail.com Looking forward to meeting you. :)
  10. Frag Platoon is a fairly small tight knit group (of about 12 people currently) which has been around for over a year, however switched to Arma 3 on new years from Arma 2 so we are some could say "new" to arma 3. We are hoping to reach a stable 20-25 players regularly. We feel a small group that plays well together is better than 30+ player counts where you don't really know everyone. That and easier to make missions. Our focus is on on fun and semi realistic play style. Meaning that our missions have a realistic role selection (squad lead, squad medic, fireteam 1, ect) without all the "proper" drills or requirements to be in certain slots its first come first serve for roles. You are not locked to any role for example you can be a rifleman one game and a pilot the next (we do ask you do know how to fly though and not take it and crash instantly). Missions we play vary wildly. Coops, TVT's, Zues missions and gimmick missions (take it easy missions like car races ect) usually played at the end of session. The mod's that we use are in our Arma 3 sync repo. Consisting of: ACE3, Acre, CBA3, Cup terrains, Standalone F-15, John's SU-35, both RHS packs and Shacktac's hud. With Unsung's update in the future Our sessions are at 8pm EST as due to our international members this works best for the majority so anyone is welcome to join. We do not have any "session requirements" meaning we are not forcing you to play with us join us whenever you can. We are even fine if you multi-clan. We do ask to please let any admins know if you cant make it for courtesy sake as sometimes we plan missions based on estimated player count. Requirements to join are fairly simple. Must be respectful, mature, have a good sense of humor and willing to play as a team. No lone wolfing. Must be at least 17 years to join. Sorry no exceptions on this one To join is there is 2 ways: one join our teamspeak and talk to Shazer (me) Ewarrior or Wally the Walrus. or two apply to our group on steam http://steamcommunity.com/groups/fragplatoon Hope this peaks some people's interest!
  11. 3rd Special Forces Operations Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Recruitment is currently: OPEN Who are we? The 3SFO is an Arma 3 US Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Military Simulation Unit (MILSIM). What are the requirements to join the 3SFO? We are seeking inquiries from serious and mature players only (17+). You must have a clear working microphone. You also must sign up and fill out the application on the forums. What positions do we have available? Ground Element 0311 Rifleman 0313 Grenadier 0314 Marksman 0315 Corpsman 0316 Scout Spotter 0317 Scout Sniper 0321 Reconnaissance Man 0331 Machine Gunner 0341 Mortarman 0351 Infantry Assaultman 0352 Antitank Missileman 0365 Infantry Section Leader 0369 Infantry Platoon Leader 7502 FAC Aviation Element 7513 Pilot AH-1Z/UH-1Y 7560 Pilot CH-53E 7562 Pilot CH-46 7567 Pilot UH-1N 6199 Enlisted Aircrew/Aerial Observer/Gunner 7523 Pilot F/A-18 7525 Weapons Systems Officer (WSO) 7253 Air Traffic Controller - Departure Controller 7254 Air Traffic Controller - Approach Controller 7314 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Teamspeak: Website: 3rdSFO.enjin.com Server Name: 3SFO | [ACE3/CBA/TFAR] Invade & Annex | TS3 : Server IP: Port: 2302
  12. SonOfKrazyBee

    Section 7 PMC

    Section 7 - PMC “If there is no road we make one†About: Section 7 is a casual milsim community. We have 1 rule, don’t be a dick. We highly enforce that rule. Section 7 was first started to create a relaxing and fun, yet professional gaming community for gamers who want to enjoy the experience of Arma, but in a realistic and intense way. Section 7 is lead by a great group of guys, who will command you through battle, joke around, and teach you new things, as well as give you a lifetime experience. The Section 7 ranking is simple, and simulated. No need to salute or call your higher rankings “sirâ€. Section 7 is lead as well, by veterans, and active duty. Giving you a great front seat to learning new things. Such as bounding, formations, and more. Don’t know how to install mods, or don’t understand proper formations, bounding, and other combat techniques? No problem! Section 7 SO’s will give you the education you need in under a couple of hours to be a awesome S7 operator! So, do you want to play Arma 3 how it was really meant to be played? Stop by and experience a true Arma 3 community. Process Of Joining/Training: Section 7 is very simple and easy to understand group. We do have regular trainings and drill, yet rarely. We have a 1-2 hour IT course, for the new players. The IT (Individual Training), teaches you the very basics of fire team movements, and procedures to make sure you fit in well with your assigned group! For those who want to build up, you can become a well trained pilot or SO, senior operator, and as well can specialize after IT, in advanced courses such as Marksmen Courses, Advanced Rifleman Courses, UGL Courses, and more! Think you're too young to join? No problem, no age limit is required, yet we recommend 18 and older. You got one shot, don’t be an immature person. More Information: For more information you can always visit our website: http://www.s7-gaming.com/ Teamspeak IP: sec7.typefrag.com As well you can always ask questions below! Game nights Below: United States Timezones: 7:00pm Eastern Standard Time (EST) 5:00pm Mountain Standard Time (MST) 4:00pm Pacific Standard Time (PST) 6:00pm Central Standard Time (CST) For more time-zones click the link below: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YUF0WJbOb1UWSzxUXc8pi8tcx_d_rZord01hmx-mFys/edit?usp=sharing