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Found 8 results

  1. IMPORTANT NOTICE, This is a WIP thread for my ballistics code, if you are looking for the final values please visit the link posted beneath this advisory! Ballistic calculation parameters updated (03/17/2024)! Finalized Values Link: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?173466-ArmA-III-Ballistics-Overhaul For all questions regarding my ballistics work please go to my Q&A thread located here: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?192752-ArmA-3-Ballistics-Overhaul-Q-amp-A Hello fellow ArmA players/modders, ArmA III is a great game with amazing potential thanks to the efforts of its community and Bohemia Interactive. However the ballistics in ArmA III leave much to be desired especially in some of the more well known rounds like 5.56 or 7.62 where bullets do not do enough damage or penetrate the right amount of barrier material. This is where I have decided to help out, I do extensive research, calculations, and testing to all of my ballistics work to ensure they are as authentic and realistic as ArmA III's engine allows me. Q: Why are your ballistics better than anyone using BI's ballistics? A: BIS default is terribly off base, and many mod makers use their numbers as a base and make some small modifications thus making them flawed. All my work is based off of REAL WORLD BALLISTICS taken from reputable sites and are backed by the ammunition manufacturers. My ballistics information is easily within a 5% margin of error making them as realistic as possible within a "simulator". Q: What about Ruthbergs Advanced Ballistics Mod, are his values wrong, are your values better than his, whats the deal here? A: Ruthberg and I communicate with each other fairly often, we are working cooperatively by different means; my code is bullet specific, where as his mod changes the environment and weapon variables that interact with bullets. Ruthberg's ballistic simulation is far better than mine, however his mod does put a lot of extra strain on the server/system using it, so in heavy firefights you are likely to experience lag issues. Because my code is all based on BI's parameters and code you will NOT see any lag from my work. To make things clear, Ruthberg and I are NOT in competition with each other and we never should be, he covers one aspect of ArmA and I cover another, we both have the same goals in mind, we just go about achieving it in different ways with different results to total realism and client/server performance. Q: What kind of limitations do your ballistics have in ArmA? A: This is a very good question, in recent testing I along with a few other mod developers have confirmed that Body Armor as far as the plate carrier goes, adds armor to the legs, arms, hands, feet, and torso to the body, the helmet adds armor to the whole head, face included. Body Armor does NOT have an "armor check" to it, it simply negates a portion of the damage based on how "heavy" the armor is, this means that a JHP or even a frangible round will do more damage to the target even though it would not have penetrated the vest, this is a SERIOUS problem, and to my knowledge there is no mod available that fixes this. Another big issue is how BIS calculated object/material densities in ArmA III, my favorite example is the "Metal Shed from Hell" test, where I take a BIS default ArmA III metal shed that looks like its sheet metal but has enough density to completely stop a BIS default 5.56x45mm NATO round in its tracks. My ballistics including penetration may be Real World correct however this does not mean that they will interact with ArmA's material environment correctly, this is something that is completely out of my control as different buildings have different densities and there is no standard model or reference to work from regarding this. ArmA III also does not simulate drag realistically, this I figure is due to 2 things, 1 BI did not want to spend more time than they deemed necessary to accurately simulate ballistics, and 2 they wanted the game to operate smoothly across a wide variety of systems. Q: How are your ballistics values formulated, and why are they superior to BIS Default? A:I first research the ammunition in question based on military viability and if the round is not military standardized I go into more of a practical Civilian/Law Enforcement sense. I then take the information from my research including a whole ballistic profile and plug it into JBM's ballistic calculator. I then plug in my standard atmospheric model (see the next Q&A for more information on this) into the ballistics calculator. I then run the calculators and and gather the data for transfer to Bakerman's ArmA III ballistics calculator v2. Once the data is compiled in Bakerman's v2 calculator I manually adjust the Airfriciton value to closely match the real ballistics curve (its simply NOT possible to get it 100% correct using default parameters). Once those ballistics curves are matched according to my specs (see below for additional details on this) I start working on penetration and damage values set by BI protocols. After the penetration and damage values are calculated I check the values and performance in game using SMA's (Specialist Military Arms) test range. If all checks out I then release my data for public use. Q: What exactly does your "Standard Atmospheric Model" look like? A: G1 Drag Coefficient (I do not like using G7's unless the data is there, for sniper based rounds like .300 Win Mag/.338 Lapua/.408 Cheytac I may consider using them, the difference in performance should be negligible in ArmA III) ISA (International Standard Atmosphere) density of 0.07648 lb/ft3 @ Sea Level Ambient Temperature of -2.1 degrees Centigrade or 28.4 degrees Fahrenheit 0% relative humidity 0.0 meters or 0 feet in altitude (hence SEA LEVEL) Barometric Pressure of 28.147 Hg This all matches up with ArmA III's speed of sound being set to 330 m/s and the atmospheric density equating ISA parameters. Q: What is this "acceptable deviation" you refer to? A: ArmA III by default does not fully simulate drag functions correctly, so given that fact I have to establish a "threshold" limit to what I consider the maximum achievable deviation from reality, this breaks down as follows... 0-1% = Perfect 2-3% = Ideal 4% = Average 5% = Maximum Limited Threshold Pistols & Shotguns = 50m Point Target SMG's / PDW's = 100m Point Target Subsonic Rounds (AR/SR) = 200m Point Target Everything else will be hand calculated based on the rounds performance data available. *NOTE: These percentages are based on MAXIMUM POINT TARGET RANGES, any shot taken outside of MAXIMUM POINT TARGET RANGES is not configured in my ballistics calculations, this is due solely to an ArmA III simulation issue. Q: What does your "damage profile" system look like? A: My damage profile system is based on BIS's system but with more detail based on bullet composition and design that covers every bullet profile used in modern times. This is a 10-1 scale modifier which again BIS uses in conjunction with projectile velocity and mass to get a damage coefficient. My scale is listed from 10-1 below. BI calls this "Sharpness". 10 - Depleted Uranium (Large Caliber rounds 20mm +) 9 - Tungsten Carbide (Large Caliber rounds 12.7mm +) 8 - Steel Core (Large Caliber Rounds 12.7mm +) 7 - Tungsten Carbide (Small/Medium Caliber Rounds) 6 - Steel Core (Small/Medium Caliber Rounds) 5 - Full Metal Jacket/Total Metal Jacket (Small/Medium Caliber Rounds) 4 - BTHP/OTM (Small, Medium, & Large Caliber Rounds up to 12.7mm) 3 - Jacketed Hollow Point/ Soft Point (Small/Medium Caliber Rounds) 2 - Pre-Fragmented (Small/Medium Caliber Rounds) 1 - Frangible (Small/Medium Caliber Rounds) *Please note that the higher the damage profile number the less damage to the target but the more penetration the round has. Depleted Uranium and Tungsten Carbide rounds do not deform easily at all, this makes their wound tracts much smaller than a hollow point would thus making them cause less damage to the target, this is not to say a .50BMG with a Tungsten Carbide core would not kill someone, its just that its energy transfer would be less as it would pass though the target. Q: Why is you bullet drop different from reality, can you make the bullet drop more realistic? A: Yes I can, however ArmA III's default ballistics engine is very limiting in the way that it does not generate parabolic arch's like real bullets do, this inherently affects drop. Any arching you might see is based on the zeroing of your weapon. Now you CAN make adjustments for drop by altering the speed and airfriction however this would seriously impact damage and penetration and would not represent realism in that sense, its just too little of a change to justify a massive edit that would make the performance unrealistic for something that most people do not even notice. Q: When are xxx calibers/rounds or where are xxx calibers/rounds going to be made available? A: When they are finished, rounds/calibers that developers are currently working with take precedence, while I realize there may be xxx gun out there using xxx ammo/caliber I do have a lot of work on my plate and I will get to the rounds as time progresses; I do not get paid for my work, its all freeware, and I have to pay my bills. Q: Will you do xxx caliber or xxx bullet? A: I believe the RHS team has the best answer for this, and I use their following algorithm to calculate my answers as well: foreach(var question in questions) { if(question is Stupid) { return "We will consult the spirits"; } } *NOTE THIS IS WHAT RED HAMMER STUDIOS WROTE ON THEIR Q&A, I JUST COPY PASTED, ALL CREDIT GOES TO THE RHS TEAM FOR THIS CODE SEGMENT! I encourage all weapons/ammo mod makers and even BIS if they wish it to use these values for their weapons (please keep the rounds named appropriately to accurately reflect the ballistics). Using this code is FREEWARE, all I ask is if you use this code please give a "special thanks" referencing my contribution in your mod. The code and its values come with absolutely NO WARRANTY what-so-ever, the end user assumes all liability for any and all damages that may or may not be incurred by their use. "Standard Agreement" All I ask is that I am included in the credits to your mod for any work my code as contributed towards your mod, if you win any mod contests or prize money I shall NOT require any payment only a mention of thanks in credit where it is due. Groups/Members that require PUBLIC AUTHORIZATION to use my ballistics code: None at this time.... Groups/Members NOT ALLOWED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES to use my ballistics code: 1. 2nT Group - Tristen/MrHuachuca
  2. Hi guys, I'm making a ballistics calculator for vanilla A3 and I'd like to use it to calculate holdovers for the RCO (ARCO, ERCO, MRCO, etc.) family of scopes on a variety of different guns. Essentially, each RCO-style optic has a fixed 300m zero and a BDC reticle with holdovers calibrated for a specific gun (RCO on the MX, ERCO on the SPAR, etc). Common knowledge among the community is that the RCO/ARCO are meant for 6.5mm, ARCO for 5.56mm, etc., but this is not broadly the case. In order to calculate these holds on each weapon, I need to know the reticle subtensions in MOA/mils for the RCO, ARCO, and so on (see this example). I've tried to determine these via experimentation in-game but have only gotten a rough idea. Does anyone have any ideas for how to determine these?
  3. Detachment One is a North America based Arma 3 unit based on MCSOCOM Detachment One. We are extending an invitation to skilled personnel interested in running operations of the following types: Direct Action Special Reconnaissance Special Activities The atmosphere at DetOne is more relaxed, as we have all been a part of previous milsim units. No need to report in, finish statements with “Sir!” nor address members by rank. We have a Teamspeak 3 and Arma 3 server and primarily use TS3 and Discord for communications. Events/Operations The main operation takes place on Saturdays at 9PM EST Other events and training may take place weekly or as determined. Our servers are online 24/7 with the exception of maintenance, so our members can additionally gather/play at any time. https://youtu.be/nAIed1M4a9g Requirements: Minimum age of 18 Teamspeak 3 with Microphone Fluent in English Arma 3 installed Good overall fit for the unit Open Roles: Direct Action Element Member SARC – Special Amphibious Reconnaissance Corpsman Aviator, 1-160th SOAR The unit also has a “Fires Element,” where members can serve roles of: Machine Gunner Infantry Assaultman Mortarman Candidates will undergo an Initial Skills Assessment covering the followin criteria before acceptance: Land Navigation Radio Communication/TFAR ACE Advanced Medical Skills Room Clearing/CQB and POS ID ACE Explosives Further skills on the individual and team level may be trained and developed after entrance. To join or if you have questions, please message one of these members: Bezaleel DareThrylls Arondight Join us on Discord! https://discord.gg/S4NSw8J
  4. This is mainly for the developers or anyone who actually knows for fact the inner workings of arma physics.... Which model is arma using for calculating ballistic calculations for bullet flight? ASM or ICAO? I see people making mods trying to give 'realism' and they using apparently two different standards according to the ammo data given.Vanilla says ICAO (g7) but also ASM (G1) I just want to make sure that arma can tell the difference.
  5. ZackTactical34

    Rifleman's Rule

    I have a question on the concept of Rifleman's Rule. Simply, it has to do with aiming lower when shooting uphill or downhill: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rifleman's_rule Would this apply to other projectiles like rockets and missiles? From what I understand, Arma has a decent ballistics system (obviously with ACE it is even better).
  6. Mariusz B

    Scopes zeroing

    Hello I wasnt able to find answer for my questions in any post that I check so I decided to make my own. I need to know : HOW DOES SCOPE ZEROING WORKING IN ARMA 3. HOW DOES GAME CALCULATE WHAT ANGLE corresponds to for instance 2000m zeroing for given weapon? My wild shot is that there is an algorithm that is calculating what angle needs to be set to hit target at 2000m range and 0.0 elevation it uses same function which simulates bullet trajectory. Am I missing sth?
  7. Hello friends, This is Dagger Weapons (and ballistics) for Arma 3. You can download it here: Armaholic: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=30170 Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=639464956 Six Updater: http://withsix.com/p/arma-3/mods/BwbgUy_jqEipuxRIarFMRg/Dagger-Weapons-for-Arma-3-%28and-ACE-3%29 It adds many new sniper rifles and a wide variety of ammo types, wich use ACE 3 Advanced Ballistics parameters. All ballistics data is based on real life coeficients and you can play the game using your real life ballistics calculator, as well as the ACE 3 ballistics hand held and rangecards. The rifles are based on the wonderful Bohemia´s sample models for Arma 2 and come with many added features like iron sights, rails, etc, and they are painted in many different realistic official camouflage patterns. There are also some hand painted rifles, made using sniper´s real life techniques. Manual, and signature included. No more LEA config file because people use Virtual Armoury now. I hope you enjoy playing Dagger Weapons & Ballistics just like I´ve enjoyed making it. Cheers! photo hosting Requirements ACE 3: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28557 CBA: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=18767 Extra Notes There are optional configs allowing to use Dagger magazines with Massi weapons, SMA and the 3 RHS´s. BC´s come from Bryan Litz books and they were all set to G1 for the sake of comparison with other calibers with less info on them. Current Version V4. Invitation To My Fellow Moders Hey guys, if you make weapon mods and would like to add my ammo and magazines to your mods it would be an honor for me. Please, contact me so that we can advance this idea together! Special Thanks BI team, for the wonderful game, forums and sample models. Massi, for the iron sights. ACE team, for the the many sniper toys (like the Kestrel, Vec-21, tripod, etc). WG6, for the M24A2 idea. AR15 and Sniperhide forums, for the open minded discussions and mutual help. BI team, for the wonderful game, forums and sample models. Massi, for the iron sights. ACE team, for the the many sniper toys (like the Kestrel, Vec-21, tripod, etc). WG6, for the M24A2 idea. AR15 and Sniperhide forums, for the open minded discussions and mutual help. Team Dagger Digao.pf, beta tester, arts suggestions, military research, logo. ToreDL87, supporter. Irvin_Mainway, military research and beta tester. VekongMaster, military research, beta tester. Sorophx, Arma3 youtube video. Multiplaneta, mods research, Arma2 youtube video, beta tester , military research, animations. Feltz, beta tester. Dagger, project leader, 3D reticles, texture, specular and bump maps, manuals, FOV math, ballistics, configs, military research, beta tester. Changelog V1: First release. V2: Added bump maps and specular maps to the weapons, added new ammo types, improved the weapons 3D models. V3: Synced with Steam Workshop. V4: Shared a sudy on Arma 3 ballistics, revised the penetration and damage system, fixed some .308 BC´s, made the ammo SMA, RHS and Marksmen DLC compatible and removed the message at the startup, fixed some rifle dispersions, added different shot sounds, added HP ammo to .300 blackout and 6.8 SPC calibers, fixed assault rifles magazine muzzle velocities to match ACE rifle barrel length parameters. Reduced weapons mass to allow carrying them inside backpacks with other stuff.
  8. I created a ballistic computer (external Excel spreadsheet) for artillery. The difference between what I created and what I have seen elsewhere is that I added a calibration function. The concept is that you provide the initial inputs and fire the first round, then input the coordinates of where that round impacts, and the sheet automatically updates the yellow cells for the adjusted bearing and elevation. This calibration is valid as long as you consider the following assumptions: 1. As you drive the vehicle, any change in position AND/OR change in elevation will throw off your calibration by the same amount. 2. The calibration value is most accurate at the bearing you used during the calibration process, and your results deviate more as your turret deviates from that initial bearing (if you target something 90° from the original target, don't get mad when it's not accurate). All of the testing was completed using the M4 Scorcher, however the M5 MLRS and the MK6 Mortar is included in the file. The equations don't change, only the muzzle velocity values, so if there is any issue with the results start by verifying the velocity values. Using the M4 Scorcher, I drove to a distance of 5.6km, entered my cords and the cords of the target, fired the first round, entered the impact cords, and put rounds on target consistently after that. Remember, the performance of the computer is dependent on the accuracy of the data entry. Calibration process: NOTE: ONLY CHANGE VALUES IN THE GREEN CELLS. 1. Enter your vehicle type in cell B6. 2. Enter your cords in cells B7:B9, using the 4-digit format. 3. Enter the target cords in cells B10:B12. 4. Adjust your firing mode according to the value shown in cell B17. 5. Adjust your bearing according to the value shown in cell B18. 6. Select an elevation value to use for your calibration shot; in theory the "high" value will result in a more accurate calibration (this isn't real life btw), although in practice the difference seems small. Fire your calibration shot. 7. Determine the impact cords of the calibration shot, either by watching the map (King of the Hill) or by utilizing a forward observer. 8. Enter the impact cords of the calibration shot as follows: a. If you fired the calibration shot using the "high" elevation value, enter the impact cords into cells E10:E12. b. If you fired the calibration shot using the "low" elevation value, enter the impact cords into cells F10:F12. 9. The calibrated bearing and elevation values automatically populate into the yellow cells B18:B20. Adjust your turret to the corrected bearing and elevation values and fire at will. Notes: -Re-calibrate any time the vehicle is moved, or if you change target cords and the bearing changes changes more than a couple degrees. -If you can't get the system to work and you are following the steps above, verify that you are in the correct firing mode by pointing at something far away and cycling firing mode until you locate the short range mode, then cycle forward from there. -The computer is set up such that: -You can keep the same calibration values in E10:F12 and change to different targets in cells B10:B12 without affecting the calibration. Remember the assumptions listed above when doing this. -You must clear all of the contents in cells E10:F12 before you can accurately RE-calibrate your firing. (Actually clearing the contents from cells E10 and F10 will remove the calibration effect from the yellow cells, if you are in a hurry). -The computer will return an error message if there are values present in BOTH cells E10 and F10 at the same time. Click on the link below to go to the (locked) public version of the spreadsheet, click on File, and Download As, then Microsoft Excel. If you want, re-upload this file to Google Docs and share the link with your friends, then you can all see the same data if you are in the same vehicle or working together as a crew. Link below. https://docs.google....dit?usp=sharing