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Found 78 results

  1. I am using this code to spawn objects. //spawn the excavator. _posnew17 = getpos oil2; _sol19 = createSimpleObject ["\A3\Props_F_Exp\Industrial\HeavyEquipment\Excavator_01_abandoned_F.p3d", _posnew17]; _sol19 setPos [_posnew17 select 0, _posnew17 select 1, 1.0]; But this does not work with APEX Tanoa objects. But it works perfectly with normal Arma 3 objects like helicopter parts. Is this a DLC restriction? I wanted to spawn the excavator this way. Thanks.
  2. Sealand, for solo player, 2-16 cooperative or 16 vs 16 competitive Subscribe on the Steam Workshop The basics of gameplay are there. After ALL the work that has gone into this, I still only consider this 1% complete. Enjoy this crude work-in-progress alone or with friends. I'd love to hear your ideas for what should come next.
  3. Anyone know of an Apex version of Liberation with RHS swapped units, in Tanoa being worked on? I would help with this effort if anyone knows where to point.
  4. I've been playing through Apex, and it's a blast. However, on the missions where you have NVG IIs, the thermal capability which should be a life-safer in the thick jungle, isn't nearly as useful as it should be. The reticles on the rifle optics all-but disappear in thermal. In 2035, I'd imagine someone would have figured out how to add a little heat or chill to the optic reticles just for contrast, maybe not the reflex dot, but the in-scope reticle. What I've ended up doing is using the thermal capability more for scanning, and once a heat signature is located, I'll switch to NVGs to actually engage the target. I end up switching NVG modes a lot. If you can put your scope right over the target, you can barely make out the reticle over the white background of the target. However, for the most part, if you leave your thermals on while engaging, you are just tube shooting and hoping for the best. Are there any reticles which are more thermal friendly in the arsenal?
  5. mathias_eichinger

    Tanoa Coast Guard

    Hi gentlemen, Tanoa just got another addition: The Tanoa Coast Guard. Author: mathias1978 Author Website: http://mathias1978.deviantart.com/ Requirements: Official APEX expansion: https://arma3.com/apex Version: 1.1 Signed: No Short description: This mod adds Tanoa Coast Guard troops in some infantry roles in a custom camo pattern made by myself, plus a gunboat in a camo pattern done with happyponyland camo generator and a grey colored Lynx helicopter. Units can be found under BLUFOR-->Tanoa Coast Guard-->Men. The boat can bei found under BLUFOR-->Tanoa Coast Guard -->Boats, and the helicopter is located in BLUFOR --> Tanoa Coast Guard --> Helicopters Changelog: v1.1: New ship camo, because community reaction was that the old one would be plain ugly. Credits: BI Studios for a game series that lets me be creative since 2005, having fun since 2001. R0adki11 for continous support and advice. Happyponyland for camo generator: http://www.happyponyland.net/camogen.php IndeedPete for handy retexture templates. Download: http://www99.zippyshare.com/v/pEjDNUc9/file.html Armaholic mirror thanks to Foxhound http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=31839 Steam Subscription: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=789632428
  6. seriously

    Arma 3 Concealment on Tanoa

    Here is my latest video on concealment - What do you guys think about concealment? Is it a practical knowledge to apply? What do you all think about Bohemia's latest Tanoa ghillie? Personally I really like it. I do think Bohemia should release rifle skins that are shaded better than the current ones.
  7. Is there any timeline or estimate on when we might expect some APEX related samples? A friend and I are eager to reskin the lovely Y-32 Xi'an. I dug around in both the release and dev branches of Arma 3 Samples, but I can't find anything in there for Apex. Cheers!
  8. As the topic states, what would be a reasonable time-frame / date as to when the modding community will be granted access to the Encrypted APEX PBO files.
  9. mathias_eichinger

    Tanoa Gendarmerie Mobile

    Hi lads, i was thinking that Tanoa needs a bit more powerful forces and I took the route of assuming a modest investment in their already present Gendarmerie. So I am proud to present Tanoa Gendarmerie Mobile Here's what my Readme says: Author: mathias1978 Author Website:http://mathias1978.deviantart.com/ Requirements: Official APEX expansion: https://arma3.com/apex Version: 1.0 Signed: No Short description: This mod adds Tanoa Gendarmerie Mobile troops in some infantry roles in a custom recolored camo pattern provided by alligator-fists on deviant art camo club, plus a LSV in standard green colors and a RHIB boat. The original camo pattern can be seen here: http://alligator-fists.deviantart.com/art/BATPAT-for-you-465530118 Units can be found under BLUFOR-->Tanoa Gendarmerie Mobile-->Men. The LSV vehicle can bei found under BLUFOR-->Tanoa Gendarmerie Moile -->Cars, and the RHIB ship is located in BLUFOR --> Tanoa Gendarmerie Mobile --> Ships Credits: BI Studios for a game series that lets me be creative since 2005, having fun since 2001. R0adki11 for continous support and advice. alligator-fists over at deviantArt for a camo pattern I was allowed to recolor. IndeedPete for handy retexture templates. Download: http://www1.zippyshare.com/v/WNZ026eb/file.html Armaholic mirror: Thanks to Foxhound http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=31782 Steam Subscription: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=781913027
  10. Some of you may seen enemy using flares in Apex mission Heath of Darkness. They are far more lightning up area as they supposed to do. Regular (vanilla) flares dont have this much brightness and they burn out faster. They do have nice sound effects (like lightworks). I would like to implement this in some of my missions, but I could not found this "enhanced effect". Looking for sound effect for this flares from apex protocol, also much brighter lights ( or wider lightned area ). This is what I have so far: private _unit = _this select 0; private _color = [_this, 1, "red"] call BIS_fnc_param; private _type = switch (toLower _color) do { case "red": { "F_40mm_red" }; case "white": { "F_40mm_white" }; case "green": { "F_40mm_green" }; case "yellow": { "F_40mm_yellow" }; }; private _flare = _type createVehicle (_unit modelToWorld [0, 100, 200]); _flare spawn { sleep 0.5; //The sound of the flare starting to burn _this say3D "SN_Flare_Fired_4"; //insert here sound from Apex protocol sleep 1; //The flare burning loop sound while { !isNull _this } do { _this say3D "SN_Flare_Loop"; //insert here sound from Apex protocol sleep 4; }; }; _flare setVelocity [0, 0, -10];
  11. Description: This mod adds greenish textures to the pacific version of the NATO vehicles. The base content is shown automatically on all Tanoa-vehicles. Mission makers will have to make sure their missions are using the right classnames. The additional content is only useable if included in the mission by the mission maker or somebody able of mission editing. Base Content: Tropic camo (based on FS 34086 "I.R. Dark Green") for the following vehicles and variants: - Slammer - Scorcher - MLRS - Panther - Cheetah - Marshall - Hunter - HEMTT Additional content: Tropic camo (based on FS 34086 "I.R. Dark Green") for the following vehicles and all variants and derivative vehicles, and new variants. Requires scripting to work (see included Readme): - Stomper - Marshall unarmed - Strider - Gorgon - Gorgon unarmed Download: On Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=770918686 Armaholic: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=31711 Requirements: Apex DLC Changelog: - 1.0 inital release Future features: - Quadbike on which the textures are not applied for some reason - Editor preview icons - A better base color - Dirt. All tropic vehicles will get a nice layer of dust and dirt once BIS decrypts the APEX-files, so I can get the average dirt-color. - NATO Markings (the chevron etc) for all NATO vehicles, including the tan variants. - Release of the templates for public use. Known issues: - The hull mounted smoke launchers of the Cheetah are tan, I have no idea why. - Unarmed Marshall and Gorgon are having accessible commander seats. The commander seats seem not to be lockable. - Roof hatch of the unarmed Marshall looks very flat. This is probably not really resolvable (for me). - The Gorgon has some texture issues due to AAF-textures beeing shown in some parts. This is probably not resolvable. There are also NATO-markings from the Czech-Army DLC for ARMA2 from wich the model and texture templates BIS used are originating. - The covered and open HEMTT are having tan beds. This is probably not resolvable. Feedback is highly appreciated :)
  12. mathias_eichinger

    Malden Gendarmerie 2035

    Hi lads, I present to you a small Home Defense force for Malden, in case the Army is deployed overseas: The Malden Gendarmerie Author: mathias1978 Author Website: http://mathias1978.deviantart.com/ Requirements: Official APEX expansion: https://arma3.com/apex Version: 1.0 Signed: No Short description: This mod adds Malden Gendarmerie soldiers in some infantry roles in a custom camo pattern provided by calpa9907 on deviant art camo club, plus an offroad in standard Gendarmerie colors. The camo pattern can be seen here: http://calpa9907.deviantart.com/art/Equator-Burnout-520818300 Keep in mind that there is no general license to use this camo pattern, but if you ask the author, maybe he is ok with it. Units can be found under BLUFOR-->Malden Gendarmerie-->Men. The offroad can be found under BLUFOR-->Malden Gendarmerie -->Cars. Credits: BI Studios for a game series that lets me be creative since 2005, having fun since 2001. R0adki11 for continous support and advice. calpa9907 over at deviantArt for a camo pattern I was allowed to recolor. IndeedPete for handy retexture templates. Download: @zippyshare http://www22.zippyshare.com/v/51BHZBFU/file.html Armaholic Download: Thanks to Foxhound http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=31672 Steam Subscription: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=767129013
  13. Jsempri

    Risky Ambush (Co12)

    THIS MISSION IS NOT AVAILABLE ON STEAM WORKSHOP. TOO MANY BUGS. NEED TO WORK ON IT Mission by Jsempri Your team will take part in a operation to eliminate enemy reinforcements entering the city of Georgetown. Features: FHQ EDEN Task Tracker by Alwarren Psycho's AIS Revive No mods required. Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=767666037&searchtext=Risky+ambush
  14. Subscribe at Steam Pics on steam Tanoan government raised a standing army under intense negotiations with CSATI leadership. Meanwhile, NATO has dispatched some Contractors to help fight back CSATI influence. included: Infantry and motorized units for Tanoan Army Infantry and motorized units for Military contractors. Functions: The contractors are elite soldiers. They will have better skills than most. Quick response crews will disembark upon contact, and make repairs if needed when combat is done. More to come.
  15. Hello guys, Can person without any DLCs play a scenario that has objects like buildings, rocks from Apex DLC ? The ERROR that friend gets when he tries to open my mission in editor I'm making a mission that should not be dependant on any DLCs Mission uses several addons (image below) and a lot of Apex objects and clothing, though none on player, my friend has all the mods that are required but doesn't own any DLCs. He's unable launch the scenario, nothing happens when "Play" is pressed. I'm clueless what's wrong, would appreciate some help. Required addons (Map is Bornholm)
  16. RageBone_

    Apex preview broken

    Hi, the Apex preview files are broken on Linux, and i assume that they are broken on mac too. If you try to launch Arma with the Apex Expansion Content, your game won't start with the message: Data file is too short "......" Expected ... B got .... B this effects all the Apex files, if you delete one, the next one is the reason of that message. Considering that some forums said, that data file to short means corrupted files, maybe through the download, i re downloaded the files 3 times, i even switched between Dev and the Normal Branches to have tried everything. I would have done moor, but i cant because all the content is compressed in .EBO files, therefore i cant try and mess around with uncompressing and re-compressing, maybe renaming, and such stuff. At last, i would like to thank you guys for making the Apex preview available on the experimental ports! Sincerely RageBone
  17. Hello, Anyone know if it is possible to tune Apex coop campaign missions difficulty? Most annoying is the autoreport; player(s?) start to automatically spot enemies it really ruins immersion. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Difficulty_Menu Thanks for any ideas etag
  18. I have a few questions regarding the Apex realease. The product was downloaded without my consent usually referred to as 'preloading'. This usually makes me want it more even though its an extra 90 minutes to get to game. I can accept helping Bohemia here. Upon getting into game there is this little Apex symbol on the side of my screen. Violating an reasonable idea associated preloading. Then having spent the better part of an hour getting into position and just as the firefight starts BAM Apex ad right over the crosshair. Rising to the extra challenge I retreat and recover. Then I get it going again Its getting hot when a cascade of Apex symbols fills the screen. So based on this ..... 1. Is Bohemia in such bad financial shape that A. Expansion are released for $59.99 and (My mistake was complete package) B need in malicious ingame advertising? 2. Why did you fail to get my permission to do this? 3. How do I remove Apex?
  19. If you have Arma 3 Apex and are either incapable or can't bother to be making some missions and content I made one myself. It's an open sandbox with every Apex vehicle, gun, and gear piece available. It features a firing range, respawn and revive system, vehicle respawns, toggle-able missions, and a fully stocked virtual arsenal. Linked below is the 16 player Multiplayer version and Singleplayer version: Multiplayer version: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=704886710&searchtext=peacemakers Singleplayer version: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=704884013&searchtext=peacemakers The singleplayer version has some different features. No player respawns, but you can switch between several playable characters and recruit as many or as little as you would like into your squad. You could also just go completely solo.
  20. The HUD of the Xi'an VTOL is quite confusing... 1. In Chinese "汽油" means gasoline, not fuel. And as the aircraft burns kerosene, I think it should be better to use "燃料"(fuel) instead of "汽油". 2. In Chinese the word "southwest" is literally "Westsouth"(西å—), not "å—西". so are the "Eastsouth"(东å—), "Westnorth"(西北) and "Eastnorth"(东北). 3. Chinese airplanes NEVER use Earthly Branches or Heavenly Stems on their compass because it is REALLY CONFUSING. Instead they simply use Arabic numerals. (After I consulted all of my friends, it seems that no one knows it at all, and we all agree that if this kind of compass really exists, it can only used by fortune-tellers, not airplanes.) 4. In Chinese aviation terms, "æ–¹å‘" should be "航å‘角", "角" be "俯仰角", and "å·" be "翻滚角". 5. Hydraulics should be "液压" instead of "水力学", as "水力学" in Chinese only refers to that branch of science. 6. When using "ä¼" for Volt, I suggest using "安" instead of "安培" for Ampere. 7. In China a gun with caliber equals or larger than 20mm is called "ç‚®", a smaller-than-20mm caliber gun is "枪". So the 30mm caseless machine gun should be "机炮" instead of "机枪". 8. In my opinion in Chinese we seldom use "åå¦å…‹"(Antitank) to describe a weapon. Instead a Chinese may prefer "导弹"(Missile) in such cases. 9. The "ç«ç®­"(Rocket) should be "ç«ç®­å¼¹". In Chinese the word "ç«ç®­" and its derivations are quite complex: "ç«ç®­"(literally "rocket") usually describes the device that shoots the satellites into the space; (In PLA publications they describe the Soviet-built FROG-7 as "ç«ç®­" instead of "ç«ç®­å¼¹" , because it's "very big") "ç«ç®­å¼¹"("rocket shells") refers to the projected missile of "smaller" rockets, like the artillery rocket, RPG rocket and (in this case) the air launched rockets. "ç«ç®­ç‚®"("rocket artillery pieces") refers to the launcher of the multiple artillery rocket; "ç«ç®­å·¢"("rocket nest") refers to the multi-tube launcher of the air launched rockets; "ç«ç®­ç­’"("rocket tube") refers to the launcher of the RPG rocket; (last but not least, be aware that a guided missile can NEVER be called a rocket in Chinese) =========Other mistakes found============ 10. The "中波" in the radio channel display should be "中频". 11. RPM should be displayed as "转速", not "转". 12. Strongly recommend to use Arabic Numerals instead of Chinese Numerals in RPM display.
  21. Overview: My first real mission has just come out of beta testing by a few friends, and is now available on the Steam workshop! I have put down a lot of effort into making it a high-quality mission, and I'm quite happy with how it turned out. The mission is designed to give the player a wide range of challenges, and careful consideration has gone into the setting and progression through the mission. The mission is also designed with replayability in mind, and there are several different ways to accomplish your objectives. Please let me know what you think! In this mission, you will assassinate the Tanoan governor and get away with it! You play as an operative of the Mireles cartel, tasked with taking out the popular and bothersome governor of Tanoa all by himself. This will not be easy, however, as the governor has a highly trained police escort. Getting away with murder on a small island crawling with police will not be easy either... Prepare. Kill. Escape. New! - The police will now employ a sophisticated response to your actions. The AI units will call in additional patrols to areas they believe you to be, based on when and where you were last spotted, and fluidly update these positions whenever their information is updated with new sightings. The dynamic response includes deploying responder units by car or helicopter from various police stations to an area near you, and also emulates radio communication between officers. Features: - A mission combining the best aspects of Arma 3: Carefully scripted story and open gameplay over a large area. - A unique setting, playing as the Mireles cartel. - Dynamic police response with roadblocks and searches. The police reaction will increase over time. - Guerilla tactics to evade and overcome a stronger enemy. - Randomizing key elements of the mission to ensure replay value. - Several viable approaches to completing the mission. Other information: - Required mods: None. - Playtime: 0.5 - 2 hours Changelog on Steam Play / Download: Steam Workshop
  22. Can someone please clarify, I was testing the mission update with Apex Sneak Preview branch, and discovered that BIS's revive system stopped working, and indeed, "Revive" is no more present in "CfgRespawnTemplates".
  23. FoxFort

    Apex Mistakes

    After updating my A3 to stable v1.62 today. I started testing Apex content. Sadly so far, the mistakes that I have seen have been reported the first day the Apex sneak peak was launched. Now they made into final release. So far I spotted these problems. AK-12 weird hand grip AK-12 misalignment 1 AK-12 misalignment 2 CMR76 misalignment Gendarmerie texture Sadly more to come soon. This was also reported in "Apex Gear and weapons Feedback" since about a one month ago and it's still here, which could means that BIS devs don't read (or don't care). Just to point out the obvious stuff that people paid for.
  24. Why: - Why was this removed in the first place????? - Being able to open the ramp adds immersion to the game, which is to my knowledge something BI is still going for Seriously BI, why did you guys remove this, i get that there is no fancy loading animation (and i know why not), but that doesnt mean a feature should simply be removed for no good reason. So i hope you guys could atleast explain this.
  25. Runs great! here are my specs: iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2014) 3.5 GHz Intel Core i5 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 AMD Radeon R9 M295X 4096 MB Bohemia! I used to run Arma 3 on bootcamp. I was an avid player! ever since the arma 2 days. and before that flashpoint. I am so happy you guys released this for Mac. I am an Artist and pretty much have to use a Mac for my work. Having Arma 3 ported to Mac is absolutely amazing! please continue to develop it. I already got apex and have played it through bootcamp, It is awesome! please bring it to Mac. I don't use bootcamp anymore so this port is a dream come true. with my computer I run it at 1080p with all the settings maxed out. getting an average of 50fps in the open areas of Altis and around 32fps in Kavala. I am sure with some optimization it could be way better. although the fps doesn't go above 50 it feels way smoother than on bootcamp. boot camp with ultra settings I was getting around 50fps as well but it would stutter between 80fps down to 40fps which would cause screen tearing. please make the graphics fully accessible. I want to see what happens when things are bumped up some more. all and all Bohemia this is awesome! love you guys