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Found 70 results

  1. This small config mod removes player idle animations for standing position. No more yawning and boot scraping during combat. I did not remove idle animations for other body positions or AI. Steam Workshop link
  2. Hey y'all ! I've used the Unused Animations Mod for a long time, but with each Arma update things got worse and worse. So I started to dig in the animation files and made a current Arma version (v1.76) compatible thing. I didn't include the vaulting animation though. Anyway, since a picture is worth a thousand words a moving picture should triple that. Behold * There's a .txt file that explain usage. If not concise enough, ask here. You can download the file from Google Drive k bye
  3. Hey! I've been trying to setup a quick action that allows the player to sling rifle to chest (3 point sling) and look through binoculars. I remember there being an animation for this a few years back in ArmA3. However, it seems like it was removed due to people not being able to move whilst having their binos out. I was wondering if anyone knows if this animation even exists anymore. I haven't been able to find it in the anim viewer and I've spent a few hours looking for it now. Any help or tips that might hint in the right direction would be greatly appreciated! :) EDIT:
  4. I want a dead enemies body to lie straight, on its back. This is to indicate the body had been searched and there will be no intel on the body. After some time playing around I came up with the following code: _enemy switchMove "AidlPpneMstpSnonWnonDnon_SleepA_death"; This does have its quirks, the body stands up and then lies down and stays down. Not a bad trick for a dead unit. I did try: _enemy playMove "AinjPpneMstpSnonWrflDnon_rolltofront"; _enemy playMove "AinjPpneMstpSnonWrflDnon"; This starts off looking really promising but at the end the enemy units flips himself back onto his front, though he does then act dead. It also technically does not work on dead enemy units. Anyone got a better way of doing this. S Edit: (Just for information) Think I have a solution. I must have been so close originally: _enemy switchMove "AinjPpneMstpSnonWrflDnon"; I'm not sure why playMove does not work. - And as I say that I'm thinking the maybe the dead animation ragdoll keeps running and playMove is waitingfor it to finish before running - . I have to thanks the team at =BTC= as I looked at the code in their script to find the solution S
  5. Hello all I am working on a single player immersive Zombie mission and I am attempting to get my player to play an animation. I've never really done this I've normally always made the AI do them. So I have my guy here and a trigger. His name is [p1] I have in the Trigger act: p1 play or switchmove "AinvPercMstpSrasWlnrDnon_G01"; I walk into the Trigger and nothing. So is there something I need to know about animating an actual player not an AI unit?
  6. It's too fast imo. I get that most players would not wanna move too slow when walking, so therefore i think there should be an option to toggle between slower/faster walking. This would also work great for cinematics and just overall feel and gameplay. The sideways walking animation (A/D+W) seems much more natural and relaxed and looks much better, so something like that would improve the game a lot i think. Right now you can only change between running and walking when unarmed. I think it should be something more like this: - When in standard unarmed running pace - C toggles between slower/faster running. - When walking is toggled - C toggles between slower/faster walking. Agree?
  7. I want a good sitting animation that works. I already made one but "Onchair" or "Cargo" and other stuff doesn't seem to work. I only want it to work on MP that can be seen by other computers. I tried switchmove "Onchair" on a local script I saw myself sitting on chair but other computers didn't see me sitting on the chair with the "Onchair" animation. The script works just like i wanted on SP but not on MP so if you guys have a solution for this please let me know.
  8. I'm having trouble with the visual suspension animations matching the actual suspension of a vehicle I created. To elaborate, it's a four-wheeled buggy with fairly big wheels for its body. When driving, the body overall reacts to the terrain as expected within the parameters of the wheel settings in the config. Also, the wheels turn properly in all ways they should (i.e.: steering, driving, and braking). The suspension, on the other hand, moves only very minimally, but it is indeed moving. I have set the maxDroop/maxCompression and offsets to a high value, but this only puts the wheels into the ground. I tried a low value, but then they are only hovering. With an offset value where the wheels actually touch the ground without sinking, it is only good while the vehicle is not in motion. When taking a corner, for example, the outer wheels sink into the ground and the inner wheels come up. There is a slight visual effect, but it is not enough to keep up with the physical effect. MODEL (p3d): I checked the named selections of all LODs in the model, comparing them to the vanilla BIS Offroad truck (listed via eliteness) as well as my own LM002 model, and everything in the new model looks in place. There are some minor discrepancies, though: In the buggy, the rear wheels are positioned a little lower than the front wheels. The body and all components are aligned to the horizon, with the intention of everything leaning forward once the wheels touch the ground. Another small detail is that the front two damper_land_axis are angled up and slightly rearward, while the rear two damper_land_axis are angled up and slightly forward. The front and rear wheels converge as they compress. I don't see how these minor differences would affect the visual suspension, but I mention them in case somehow they do. Also, when I tried the suspension paths strictly vertical, the problem remained. Leaning turn in the problem vehicle The script was borrowed and modified from another vehicle I made in which it was working: Leaning turn in the working vehicle The two vehicles together I'm including the scripts in the likely event that I overlooked something. Here's the config for the buggy: Here's the buggy's model file: Notes: Changing values of the wheel settings and damper settings in the scripts has an impact on the handling and stability of the vehicle (as expected), but very little impact on the visual performance (as not expected). The most noticeable change is from increasing/decreasing the range of the offsets and maxDroop/maxCompression. It will visibly raise/lower the wheels and steering parts initially, but when moving it's very hard to notice any animation.
  9. So i'm trying to make a short video in Arma using the BIS_fnc_UnitCapture command. So far so good, i've record several vehicles to populate my scene making it come alive and i am executing it all from init.sqf. The problem i am running into is that i have a cup vehicle (BlackHawk) flying over that i want to fire from the turret with. I've already recorded the flight pattern, now i want to record the turret movement and fire so i can actually record my scene. No matter what i set a trigger to record, it doesn't actually record the movement of the BlackHawk turret. I've tried recording the movement from the actual vehicle using rec = [BH_1,180,60] spawn BIS_fnc_UnitCapture; and using the soldier which is sitting there rec = [BH_Gunner,180,60] spawn BIS_fnc_UnitCapture; If i record rec = [BH_1,180,60] spawn BIS_fnc_UnitCapture; it records the gun trigger, but not the movement of said turret. If i do rec = [BH_Gunner,180,60] spawn BIS_fnc_UnitCapture; it records pretty much nothing other than the heli velocity, movement etc. Anyone out there familiar with BIS_fnc_UnitCapture that can tell me how to record a gun turret placement in a vehicle for scenes?
  10. I'm looking for help making an animation look nice. I've got a scenario where players have the option (via action menu) to jump down from a wall thats about 5m height. I've found the animation for jumping from the back of the cargo truck which fits in nicely: AcrgPknlMstpSnonWnonDnon_AmovPercMstpSrasWrflDnon_getOutHigh The problem is that the animation doesn't start from a point an jump forward. Rather, it starts at the end-point, teleports the player back and up and then starts the jump animation. Now naturally I've worked out the right sort of distance and height the jump occurs from so I can just teleport the player to the end-point and initiate the animation. However, the teleport is noticable, and it looks...well kind of awful. I'm hoping somebody has a method of overcoming this or perhaps knows of a different way that doesn't use this particular animation. Here's what I have so far: /////////////////// FIND INFO ABOUT UNIT /////////////////// _unit = (_this select 0); _bearing = getDir _unit; _startPosATL = getPosATL _unit; /////////////////// ASSESS JUMP VIABILITY /////////////////// _jumpDistanceLateral = 1.75; _startHeight = _startPosATL select 2; _endHeight = 0; _jumpEndPoint = [_startPosATL,_jumpDistanceLateral,_bearing] call BIS_fnc_relPos; _jumpEndPoint set [2,2.6]; _lineStartZ = (_startPosATL select 2) + 0.5; _lineEndZ = 0.5; _lineStart = [_startPosATL select 0, _startPosATL select 1,_lineStartZ]; _lineEnd = [_jumpEndPoint select 0, _jumpEndPoint select 1,_lineEndZ]; And then: if (!lineIntersects [_lineStart,_lineEnd]) then { _cam switchCamera "Internal"; camUseNVG true; sleep 0.5; setAccTime 0.1; _unit allowDamage false; _unit switchMove "AcrgPknlMstpSnonWnonDnon_AmovPercMstpSrasWrflDnon_getOutHigh"; _unit setPosATL _jumpEndPoint; }; sleep 3; _unit allowDamage true; setAccTime 1; player switchCamera "internal"; camDestroy _cam; Note that the camera and time slowing is just so I can observe what it looks like from the point of view of someone else. YES this mission is multi-player so I can't just ignore it and stick to first person. YES I have run the sequence with time ACC set to 1.0 and yes the teleport is still visible at this speed.
  11. Hey people, I am in need of someone who can help me create three custom animations out of existing ones. This is more or less a simple "merge multiple animations for a scene" kind of job. I will provide mission files with the scene setup (script and audio files). Also I am willing to pay a certain amount of money for this task. Thanks in advance.
  12. Love Metro 2033? Love the work we are doing?!? We are Recruiting! We are looking to expand our Mod Team. We need: -Modders -Artists -Music Creators -Graphic Artists -Animators -Film Makers -Scripters/Programmers -Server Admins and Knowledge of Server Processes. Any knowledge of Arma modding would be beneficial really! Do not worry, We are happy to teach newcomers the steps of modding, so please do not be put off if you feel you have no experience. If you can help and you are interested. Please send me a private message with: - Your Name. - Date Of Birth. - Spoken Languages. - Short Profile about yourself. - Any Experience or Skills you may have. For more information go to www.armetro.tk ! Here is a trailer of our project!
  13. Hi mates ! Do you know how can I script animation when players don't move ? I saw that on all life server and on " antistasi", when a player is static while 2 or 3 sec, an animation start and it can be stop when players move. Can you help me to create à script like this ?
  14. This is my first post, so I'll begin by apologising for any rules I may break or any syntax issues. Secondly, Im Trying to remodel an entire Arma 3 unit for a mod I am creating. The model was imported to Object builder no worries, I then took my time to follow every tutorial I could get my hands on regarding rigging and setting the unit up to be a playable unit in game. Here is a list of everything that has been done up till now (Without knowing any extra steps): -LODs and Texture set up and working, tested in engine and in game. -Geometry working. -Memory components set up (Now these memory points were used for the Arma 2 example). -Weighting selection to allow for animations (So tedious). - model.cfg and config set up correctly (hopefully). Now when I load it into game, everything works fine, the class path, the textures, I can even control as player, and he moves around as normal. EXCEPT, the model remains in the default "T" stance and about half way through the floor. Does anyone know anywhere I could look, or give me any information on how I can make this work. (Please let me know if you need any more details, like images or my config and model.cfg)
  15. In the Unsung mod I face the problem that the BTR-152 gunner goes flying when exiting the vehicle. I've tried to change the getin points but it's of no use. When changing the animation to a standard vanilla gunner anim, the exit works fine. Any ideas or suggestions on what to look for in the animation that breaks the getout of the vehicle so badly? Here's the rtm open with the sample character model of a3:
  16. I have a unit that a want to loop the briefing animation, how can I make it so he can still go into combat? thanks
  17. Hi there. For some reason part of my animation is messing up after pressing export matrices. Here's what i did, I made animation in blender, exported it using armatools addon into an rtm file. also exported my model as a p3d file which is only using one lod at the moment. I open up my model in ob, then i click on from matrices to bring in my animation rtm file. i checked it and had to move all my animation actions down by 1 in the y direction. I test again and eveything looks good, so i hit export matrices and overwrite the rtm file. I then close down ob and restart it to check if my animations is still good, but for some reason the back of my model is sticking out only during the animation. Any idea what could be causing this issue? The only way to get rid of it is to export the animation from blender and redo it in ob again, but then i still get the same problem after exporting matrices. here's how it looks after exporting matrices
  18. Forgive me if this sounds dumb or if i posted in the wrong forum. I am making a custom model with its own skeleton and was wondering if there is a way to test one of the animations i made ingame without having to make all the animations for the skeleton first. I just want to make sure its working right in arma first before i continue making the others. It works fine in object builder when i import matrixes on the p3d model.
  19. Kind time of the day friends! I created a character, made a rig, skinning, but I had a non-minor problem with animations, I tried to work in 3D max and Blender, but still when I import (FBX) into OB2 the mesh is strongly deformed. I will be very grateful if you advise how to deal with it.
  20. Hey all, Wondering if anyone out there can help with a problem I'm having with a reload animation. I took a few weeks off from working on it, and when I came back and made some changes, the fingers became completely distorted when I brought it into game. I've looked at it closely in both 3DS and Object Builder and the fingers look perfect, but once it is in game it becomes all kinds of messed up. I then went back to try and work out what the problem is, going back to the last version that worked in game, opening it in 3DS and re-exporting it, but it also had the same problems, where there were none before. This leads me to believe the problem is happening somewhere between creating the .rtm and packaging the .pbo, although nothing in my whole export process has changed. I'm hoping there is something simple that's wrong that I just haven't noticed, rather than it being something more serious with my export process. Any help or ideas on this would be much appreciated!
  21. So many of you might have noticed how the AI animates when stationary. You will for example, breech a building and find in one of the rooms an AI lying on their stomach, who then uses their freakish abdominal muscles to spin around at the speed of a falcon's sneeze without moving their legs at all and gun you down in the face. AI when stationary seems to act like a turret, very robotically and artificial looking, swiveling around on the spot with little to no animation other than where there gun is pointing. It's immersion breaking and kind of terrifying in a 'familiar made strange' terminator sort of way. And it's doubly strange because players appear to animate fine when swiveling around, (assuming their mouse sensitivity isn't 100%) Bohemia, please fix :(
  22. Hello! I'm looking for someone willing to do animations for several weapons: AA-12 AS-50 KSG M1014 XM-25 Please PM me if you're willing to, and ask me about payment in PMs too!
  23. Hello guys, I need some help please. How can I play Vehicle animation? I'm creating Intro scene, and for cinematic purpose I need to play animation of, for example airplane1 setDamage [ 1, true ]; But without damaging the airplane itself? Or any other effective way to damage just an engine(s) on airplane? I was unable to find any cfg parts to damage, like something this _MH60S setHit [getText(configFile >> "cfgVehicles" >> "MH60S" >> "HitPoints" >> "HitAvionics" >> "name"), _hit]; for helis.
  24. Hey, I tried to make a building with a working door, but whatever I do, it doesn't work. I used the Arma 3 Samples and a tutorial on YouTube, but I'm doing something wrong. The action is there, but nothing happens when i "press" it. Here is my config.cpp I included the model.cfg into the config.cpp because then i don't have to binarize the addon. And of course i have the door_1_trigger/door_2_trigger/door_1_axis/door_2_axis in my memory lod
  25. Hey everyone, first time poster. How can I make an AI play an animation when he gets to a waypoint. Then, have him move to the next waypoint after a set amount of time and play a different animation. Scenario: A medic runs up to one dead body, plays the healing animation for 30 seconds, then moves to another body and plays another healing animation for 30 seconds, and so on. I haven't done mission editing in a loooong time and I never did much with scripting. Right now, I can get the AI to play the animation when the mission starts... and that's it, haha. Any help with this, or guidance in the right directions to tutorials (I've watched a ton that never hit this actual scenario), would be amazing. Thanks!