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Found 45 results

  1. 1st Royal Altian Marine Battalion Who We Are The 1st Royal Altian Marine Battalion is a Altian military simulation unit aiming to provide an accurate and professional portrayal of the Altian Armed Forces. The 1st Royal Altian Marine Battalion has also taken massive strides towards implementing accurate doctrine and realistic training. Our unit also adheres to strict disciplinary guidelines while still adapting to the real lives of our members outside of how we operate, the 1st Royal Altian Marine Battalion is the culmination of numerous different assets within the Altian Armed Forces. We consist of a regular infantry element, a reconsaince element, and a aviation element. All these elements operate either together or separately to complete a wide variety of different objectives within our operations, with care being taken to try and diversify the scope of the missions our unit partakes in. How We Work In following our pledge towards realistic and accurate milsim, the 1st Royal Altian Marine Battalion holds its training and operations to a high standard. To elaborate, operations are oriented around realistic scenarios, while our training program has been developed to provide enlistees with the necessary tools and skills needed to excel in combat. The operations and trainings are not conducted on a daily basis, and are generally rotated on a semi-flexible schedule Requirements Must be 16+ (No Exceptions) Must be mature and have a professional attitude Must be willing to follow the chain of command Must own a legal copy of ArmA 3 Must be willing to dedicate time towards the unit, as it shall to you Must be able to make at least one unit event a week unless excused Must complete the training process in the required time frame Must maintain respect for yourself and others at all times How Do I Join? Joining is a very simple process; it can be done by finding a recruiter, who can be found on our teamspeak at Or alternatively, please reference our website at http://www.1ramb.org/joinus Thank you for reading this post
  2. Hi! Today I want to present you my newest mission: Undead Altis - The Mystery. I've been working on it for 4 months, and I hope you guys will enjoy it! :D, let me copy 'n' paste the description: ZOMBIES AND DEMONS REQURIED* Day of 4-th February, 2017. In last episode your group managed to reach safezone, rescue the pilot, collect helicopter parts and repair the chopper. All of the survivors were extracted with an extra help of friendly pilot. However, at 0:00 helicopter started to expierence weird turbulences... FEATURING: -Main quests, -Side quests, -Hidden tasks, -Headshot only feature, -ONLY WALKERS! -Huge, playable area (Open World Survival), -Hell a lot of places to loot! -Ammunition is rare, -3 hours playability! [Considering ALL quests] (Popcorn and cola required!), -Multiple jumpscares, -Night enviroment, -Custom vehicle lights script, -Great variety of objects, -FPS FRIENDLY! (Even low-end PC Arma users will be able to keep their FPS high and nice!), -Various mysteries all around the island, -Hidden locations! -Notes! -Infection system, -Respawn implemented! -Ambient music, with sweet wind effects! -Custom recoil, -Custom sway values, Nothing is always obvious, you have to use your thinking. The scenario was designed to be fun and terryfing at the same time. You will never have more than 3 magazines on you. God speech! Use your brains and ammo wisely! CREDITS: A r k - Voice Acting (GHC)RandomMusic - BETA testing LoneEagle - BETA Testing Juhani Junkala - Ambient music ("AMBIENCE") Enviro Ambient - Wind effects ("FALLOUT/post apocalyptic ambient") Jimmakos - Templates Deamons lil' Deamon - Templates Mr. Sanchez - Support CaptainX11 - Support Luke (Gandalf) - Support Dan Tronic - Support dotMorse - Logo, textures Walkthroughs are GREATLY appreciated! BY RATING THE SCENARIO YOU'RE LETTING ME KNOW YOU EXPECT MORE CONTENT! YOU'RE ALSO SHOWING YOUR GREAT SUPPORT, AND IT MEANS A LOT TO ME! :) Mission file: ~18 mbs INSTALLATION GUIDE: a)Singleplayer users 1)Click "Subscribe" at the workshop item 2)Launch the mod "Zombies and Demons", you can find it on workshop, here (CLICK) 3)Open your Arma 3 4)Head over to Singleplayer --> Scenarios 5)Look for the mission under "Workshop content". Enjoy! b)Multiplayer users (SIMPLE) 1)Make sure you have your ports forwarded, exact guide can be found here (CLICK) 2)Make sure both of you are subscribed to the mission 3)Load the mod "Zombies and Deamons", which can be found here (CLICK) 4)Open your Arma 3, then head over to Multiplayer --> Host own server 5)Setup your own server, and you're good to go with your buddy! c)Multiplayer users: (NO CLIENT DOWNLOAD!) (COMPLEX) 1)Make sure you have your ports forwarded, exact guide can be found here (CLICK) 2)Make sure both of you are subscribed to the mission 3)Head over to Arma 3 --> Other Profiles --> "Your profile name" --> Saved --> Steam (or SteamMPMission) 4)Find the mission by it's name (Undead Altis), it will have weird %%$@!# signs by them, ignore them. 5)Open the folder and copy the .pbo mission 6)Head over to your Arma 3 directory and open MPMissions folder 7)Place the mission inside the folder 8)Open your Arma 3, launch the "Zombies and Deamons" mod, which can be found here (CLICK) 9)Have one of you go to Multiplayer --> Host Server 10)Set it up and you're free to go! d)Multiplayer users: (NO PORT-FORWARDING) (3-RD PARTY PROGRAMS REQUIRED) 1)Download Hamachi (Or Evolve) client, which can be found here (CLICK) and install it 2)Create an account and setup your own network, it is fairly simple, and it doesn't need any explaining 3)Make your buddy join your network or vice versa; join his network (Or "Party" if it comes to Evolve clients) 4)After you're done launch the mod "Zombies and Deamons", which can be found here (CLICK) 5)Open your Arma 3, then head over to Multiplayer --> Host your own server 6)Setup your own server and you're good to go with your buddy! RECOMMENDED, BUT NOT REQUIRED ADDONS -Task Force Radio (CLICK) -Advanced Combat Enviroment Radios 2 (CLICK) -Arma Enhanced Inventory (CLICK) -Arma Enhanced Movement (CLICK) -JSRS Soundmod (CLICK) -Deadfast 3-rd person mod (Ghost Recon style) (CLICK) If you want to stay tunned for more missions please follow my profile! I surely won't let you down! COMMENTS MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! YOU'RE READING AT YOUR OWN RISK! DOWNLOAD LINKS: Steam
  3. tmcardinal5

    Atlis map render issue

    So I recently re-installed Arma 3 from steam had no extra mods just the game and I joined a king of the hill server on Altis and the map wouldn't render players didn't render right I had 1-5 fps and nothing loaded in after 5 minutes so I went to a server playing on Stratis had no render issues everything loaded. I have tried verifying integrity in steam it says I have all files but even just trying a showcase scenario on Altis it doesn't render and I can't do anything not sure if I am missing files or what the deal is didn't have this issue before I re-installed again same problem so any help would be great.
  4. Altis last offensive Description: After conflicts in Libya, Syria and Iraq, terrorists settled on the Greece island Altis. Their escalation was fast and uncontrolled, until now. You are the best Altis Air Force pilot providing air support together with NATO air and ground units. Biggest offensive in European union ever from end of Altis civil war. Expect heavy military vehicles, artillery and epic action mission. Official DLC required: HelicopterDLC Addons required: No addons needed Specials: Two different endings If you like my creation you can support me. Thank you. Steam workshop: Altis last offensive
  5. Arma 3 Altis Life - TS3 - Zythum Gaming - Altis Life - 30k Start {Active Admins} {Public Cop} Zythum gaming is a community start with a group of friends! We are starting to expand to let everyone enjoy our custom Altis Life mission! We are looking for APD! If you think you have what it takes, Join our teamspeak and find out ;) (High ranks available, must have good background) Admins are important to every server. I'm looking for down to earth people to help monitor the server and the ts server! Lmk if you're interested. Arma 3 Altis Life - TS3 -
  6. Hi guys!! I'll buy a GPU to play Wasteland Altis on full servers (around 75~100 player) with the maximum range of vision possible (graphic settings can be reduced). I want to get the R7 370 ... but I'm in doubt if I get the 2gb or 4gb version. Can someone help me? My specs: CPU FX6300 Corsair 8GB 1333mhz RAM PSU CX600 V2 Corsair Hyper 212 Cooler Tower dual fan CoolerMaster Sorry for my english. I need to use google translate Tu guys!!!
  7. I was looking over maps that BI has put out about Altis & Stratis in the past. When looking on Armed Assault Wiki, I ran across a map depicting Altis & Stratis on the same terrain grid. The grid is in the limits on the Terrain Build structure that you can insert both terrains within a 42 x 42 mile grid (Grid size: 8192 x 8192, Cell size (m): 7.000, Terrain size (m): 57344.000). My question is has anyone done this as of yet? If not, why not? If not, how would I go about doing it so I can put it on Steam for all to share. Link for the map: http://armedassault.wikia.com/wiki/Stratis
  8. Hi All, I built this a while ago as a small mission for my group at the CPM. The boys liked it so I decided I would put it up as a template in case anyone wanted to use it. It is created entirely from BI or CUP assets and has a fair amount of CQB options. Our mission was to SDV to the rig at night and infiltrate. AI doesn't like it too much but it's brilliant for curated missions or roleplay (like we run at the CPM) or PVP. Features include: Multiple infil options by water leading to a small bottleneck at the top Offices and pump rooms, for adding your own story elements A usable helicopter pad (Ever tried making a landing pad float.... ?) Immersive lighting for night ops. Images here Anyway have fun. And if you like this sort of thing, drop in the CPM at or our teamspeak at ts1.cornishpastymen.co.uk:9993 Click here for Armaholic link Silos
  9. Time: 2016-12-17 16:00 CET Location: darkwiiplayer.com (Arma 3 and teamspeak servers) Looking for Players to test a new mission on altis. --- About the mission: Players: 2-16 Location: Near Abdera, Altis Main focus: infantry combat Daytime: Most likely evening (Mission allows for adjustment) Aditional features: Zeus, Dynamic Squads, Virtual arsenal, Respawn (base)
  10. Altis Forces Rearmed Altis Forces Rearmed (ALFR) intends to revise the current ArmA 3 AAF faction with more contemporary equipment and assets. This initial release contains a selection of weapons and units based around a conceptualised ORBAT that can be found here. With later releases we will be bringing a chinook to complement the existing rotary wing fleet and we hope to expand by replacing the current wheeled and tracked assets currently available as well as increasing the variety of indirect fire support assets. Please note, this is not intended to in anyway replicate any current military force and while regional forces have been referenced for deciding on capabilities they are by no means the focus of the project. Currently included weapons: Currently Included Vehicles: Change Log: 14-08-2016: v1.5 Added: Optional replacement config in tb_alfr_replaceBI.pbo Added: Optional RHS, ACE, and RHS+ACE mags compatibility addon. Fixed: author config entry errors on all included addons. Fixed: Mk21 UGL Sight rotation. Changed: Mk21 Inherits from Spar 16 base class. Better sounds and more appropriate character reload animations. Changed: Mk23/24 Inherits from LIM-85 base class. Better sounds and more appropriate character reload animations, weapon reload animations adjusted to fit. Changed/Fixed: Engine rework of all Landrovers. Changed: Landrover Sounds, attenuation and compartment positioning. Changed: Reworked Landrover headlights. Depreciated magazine classes no longer compatible with ALFR Weapons: tb_200Rnd_556x45_box tb_200Rnd_556x45_box_tracer_yellow tb_200Rnd_556x45_box_tracer_red tb_200Rnd_556x45_box_tracer_green Use new BI equivalents/alternatives. Download Current ALFR Release (v1.5) Required: Community Base Addons Mirrors: Armaholic (v1.5) Credits and Thanks: Toadball - Config Work Vking - Config work and fixing Toadball's config work. Deathstrike - Equipment / Unit textures. Kiory - SR25 EC Model and textures. Bohemia Interactive - ArmA 2 / Operation Arrowhead MLODs used to derive the majority of the pack's weapons. United Operations - Hosting and supporting the project from it's earliest incarnation. Mission Maker’s Resource: Altis Forces Orbats. Thanks to VKing for the organisational diagrams. ---- Moving forward we are looking at enhancing the capabilities of existing weapon systems in game to emulate their real world counterparts as well as expanding on and replacing existing systems.. This includes but is not limited to: HE rounds for the Mk 13 with variable setting fuzes. Simulating the full range of capabilities added to the 40mm CTWS of the Warrior. New air defence equipment, namely the RBS-70. Replacing existing transport vehicles, tanks, and IFVs. In order to do this we would like to take on another 2D artist and a 3D artist to help improve / replace our current models and help with the production of new game assets, if you are interested please don’t hesitate to drop myself a PM.
  11. Selod's Gaming Network Selod's Gaming Network is a community of like-minded gamers regardless of platform or location. We’re looking for people who enjoy gaming and love to share their thoughts and experiences in those games. Our environment and atmosphere is casual with a roleplay mindset when in game, we believe in playing Arma 3 Life the right way with out bias. We have a close-knit community that everyone gets along with one another, we don't allow any negative gamers into our Network. We are looking for Seroius players, to play A3L the Right Way . We are currently looking for players to fill the following billets: EMS, LSO, and Civilian. If you have any questions come ask us, Here is our TS3 IP: or click here to submit a application [www.selodsgaming.com] Hope you all will come play with us on Lakeside. Best Regards, SGN Staff
  12. The world as we know it is gone. Within days, Red Venus spreads like The Plague, infecting millions. Those who are infected later die and come back and feast on the living. Fast forward to 2 years after the outbreak, (2 A.Z) The People's Survivor Army, an advanced military organization on Altis took up arms to restore order and beat back the infection once and for all. The year is now (3 A.Z), the PSA have failed to stop the infection. They pulled back to their last operational base, Fort Huxley, and turned it into a safezone for survivors. It is currently the last known functioning PSA facility on the island. Will you join the ranks of the PSA? Become another survivor? Take up arms against the PSA? Or flee far away and establish your own faction/tribe/community? It's all up to you in this harsh Roleplaying world! What Exactly Is Red Venus? Red Venus is an Apocalyptic Life sim where you RP one of three modes (You can swap between them). Military, survivor/civilian, and mercenary. Military personnel have to enforce laws, ensure safety in safezones, and attempt to take Altis back from the dead and rebuild civilization. Civilians are basic survivors who must choose between a safe life within the safezones, or a hard life of banditry away from the safezones. Finally, Mercenaries are basically survivors who do not trust the military anymore, and decided to take matter into their own hands, where safety of civilians is their number one priority. Red Venus is the first ever gamemode meant to immerse the players into a heavy Roleplay environment based in the zombie apocalypse. Rather than throwing the players into an open world with the basic survival mechanics with no real idea of who you are or what you're supposed to do, instead Red Venus puts the players into one of three factions, fighting the undead and struggling for survival. Red Venus relies heavily on Roleplay. It puts the players into a post-apocalyptic world, but also prohibits RDM and pointless killing; "Forcing" players to roleplay. What Makes This Different? So first of all, this allows you to play as someone we barely ever see in zombie games: The government. They will have to coordinate and execute side missions and large military objectives to eliminate the undead threat. While also having to worry about Civil-control, settlement management (Think State of Decay-Style), and even combating the local resistance based on the player's moral choices. For mission makers and server owners: Red Venus RPG is fully customizable. With an easy-to-use system, you can remove and add the features you would like to use in your server. Feel free to completely customize it and host it on your server for others to play. Experimental release for editors and players ------ Click To Download As of 5/7/2016, you can now distribute and/or upload your edited scenario to the workshop. However "Red Venus RPG" has to be somewhere in the name. What Features are in the current experimental release? (As of today) - Three playable factions. - Safezones. - Fast-roping from choppers for a quick and safe insertion of military personnel. - Random air drops and helicopter crashes. - Situational ambient music system. - Custom character classes (Doctor, Hunter, Mechanic, etc...). - Day/Night cycle. - Dynamic weather. - Money system. (You currently start with $500, and get $200 every few minutes). - Fully lootable world. - Zombies spawn all over Altis. There are currently 3 different zombie types. - Horde mechanic. - Shops system. - Interaction menu system (ACE). - Advanced medical system (ACE). And a lot more... What Mods/Addons do I need to play/edit this? http://steamcommunit...s/?id=679223128 Available on this page up there!
  13. taketotheshadows

    Need help with Zeus Items

    I have a quick question about items for the new Apex expansion. My question is, If I make say, a custom bunker in Zeus on Tanoa, save it, and then try and load that into a mission on altis, will players who don't have the Apex expansion be able to see and use these items?
  14. Hello, we are looking for scripters and modellers for our Altis Life server. We want to provide bigger variety of assets to play with, but there are only few guys in our dev squad. Please feel free to let anyone you may know, or yourself just find us at czskaltislife.4fan.cz and ask for myself to talk more in detail and get you as excited as we are...
  15. 1st Royal Altian Marine Battalion The 1RAMB is completely fictional, as is the country we fight for. Bohemia Interactive Studios presented the AAF and so we took it upon ourselves to tell their story. Show that a Third-World military can still hold their own in the world. We use a few modifications to help enhance the realism and fun such as incorporating the FN FAL into our arsenal and the M60. We have a wide array of uniform combinations with certain clothing mods that help enhance our concealment from only ourselves as we try not to hit each other with Thermal Optics. We hope you’ll hop aboard as we are constantly looking to expand not only our unit but those around us in our community. We hope to see you soon. Requirements a. You must have Teamspeak 3 b. A working mic c. Download our mods d. Must be mature Open Positions in 1RAMB Rifleman Rifleman(AT) Automatic Rifleman Assistant Automatic Rifleman Grenadier Corpsman Our Platoon Staff? OC: JLt B. Santos NCOC: MSgt Z. Smith Corpsman: N/A RTO: Cpl C. Young How many people does 1RAMB have? We currently have 14 and it is our 1st week! We currently have one platoon open and are looking to fill that before we open any thing else such as air assets and tank assets. In each platoon there is 4 sections, 3 "regular" sections and then we have a weapons section. How to contact us? You can contact us by Steam, Teamspeak 3 or our website! Teamspeak3: Website: 1ramb.webs.com Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/arvilsaar
  16. Server Name #1: CLS #1 Wasteland Stratis | $10K START | gaming.clsesports.com.br IP: Server Name #2: CLS #2 Wasteland Altis | $1500 START | gaming.clsesports.com.br IP: Website: arma.clsesports.com.br Forum: forums.clsesports.com.br Teamspeak for questions: gaming.clsesports.com.br Accepting Suggestions =D Server Powered by: NITRADO.NET
  17. Hi everyone! I would like to announce in this way some planned additions for the Altis map. Besides small, rather visual, adjustments and improvements like the addition of new detailed models (street benches, phone booths, kiosks, etc.) or the extension of signposts to more crossroads, there will be two larger location additions. Namely, it will be The Stadium and abandoned Ghost Hotel compound. Ghost Hotel compound [21889.8,20975,0.00120354] The Stadium compound [5478.28,15003.3,0.00146103] http://i.imgur.com/8ohlMqW.png (691 kB) We believe that these new locations will enrich the Altis map even more and offer an interesting background for your custom missions and skirmishes. And as a small teaser, here are a few photos from real-world locations that served as inspiration: http://i.imgur.com/H7gF1PZ.jpg (198 kB) http://i.imgur.com/bdABzNO.jpg (137 kB) We're curious to learn what you think about these larger changes - especially since it may affect custom scenarios you have already created in the above locations. We don't intend such large changes beyond this.
  18. maddogx

    Altis - Info & Discussion

    Please use this thread for any discussion about the soon-to-be-released island of Altis. I will endeavor to keep this post up to date with any official info that comes out. FAQ When will Altis become available? Altis is available right now on the dev branch. How will Altis affect performance compared to Stratis? As is the case with all larger islands, Altis comes with a framerate hit compared to Stratis. Your view distance probably plays the biggest role here. Even if you are able to run Stratis with 12k view distance, Altis will probably kill your framerate at this setting due to the significantly higher number of everything. Reducing your draw distance is the obvious solution. How big will the download be? ~2.5GB, perhaps more if you're switching from the main build.
  19. Hi guys My nickname is Trpaslik and I’m one of the environment artists at BI. We welcome every kind of feedback, criticism and suggestions you can give to us about the Altis map so please use this topic to make some. Please note that unfortunately we can’t promise to have the time to reply but we appreciated every piece of feedback here.
  20. only with the driver 320.14 i am able to activate fxaa in the driver panel. With all newer drivers i can´t activate fxaa in nvidia driver panel and ingame i get jaggies (for example in the editor map too). GTX 570, win7-64bit. Can anyone confirm?