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Found 4 results

  1. Newest Versions: -HAL 1.22 HAL [NR6] (SCRIPT VERSION ONLY) -HAL 1.23 (discontinued) HAL 1.23.4 [NR6] (SCRIPT VERSION ONLY) Mod version of the pack under construction. Download Links: HAL 1.22: HAL [NR6] (Google Drive) HAL - Brief Radio [NR6] (Google Drive) - new version which replaces radio voice with placeholder empty sounds. You still get the radio clicks from comms but no speech. (Reintroduction of the no radio version) HAL 1.23 (discontinued, features from .23 will be eventually added to .22) HAL 1.23.4 [NR6] (Google Drive) 1.23 has been discontinued on HAL NR6 for now since the modifications I've made are larger than the ones 1.23 contain over 1.22 and remaking 1.23 altogether would be easier. Old Versions Archive Armaholic: HAL 1.22 [NR6] (Armaholic) User manual from original mod: PDF manual Mission Samples And Set up Template for Big Boss and Large Scale scenarios: Sample Pack 1.01 (HAL 1.23.3 + NR6 Reinforcements + NR6 ZBE_Cache) (OLD) Note: Most of these samples use CUP and RHS. If you want a clear demo of how I usually setup missions, use the Stratis sample and the template included in the pack. NR6 Reinforcements for HAL: NR6 ZBE_Cache for HAL: NR6 Sites for HAL: INTRODUCTION This is a a modified/updated version of HETMAN - HAL by Rydygier which includes various changes/upgrades concerning battlefield immersion, new features and compatibility with dedicated server. The functionality of the script itself is expanded and upgraded but works almost the same wayas the original HAL does. For a detailed description of the original system by Rydygier, you can find his here. USAGE So far, I have only made a script version of the modified system which means that you will have to include all the contents of the script's files in the directory of the mission on which you want the system to run. AS OF 1.22.8: Simple mode is activated by default meaning that you have to set up HAL as previously done, but instead of placing objectives as RydHQ_Obj1,RydHQ_Obj2, RydHQ_Obj3, RydHQ_Obj4, you do not need to place them at all. Instead, you must add objectives by placing down objects (such as gamelogics or triggers) and putting these objects in the array of your leader (ex: RydHQ_SimpleObjs = [myobj1,myobj2,myobj3]). Unlike the previous system, there is no specific order they will follow to capture these objectives other than distance and convenience. There is also no limit of how many objectives you can place down. Additionally, I have added a preinit.sqf file in which you can place variables and empty arrays you want to be defined before anything else is loaded in the mission. This can be useful if you want to use the pushback command for adding your objectives to the array instead of naming them. I will have example missions for this in the near future. Even though the new system is faster to setup and more flexible, please read the original documentation concerning how to use HAL. This is the only major difference other than the additional features. Quoted from the original thread: "To activate HAL for one side, one of the units of that side must be named LeaderHQ. Essential also is the placement on the map of any object (for example, an empty trigger) named RydHQ_Obj1. The location is entirely your choice. Its position will designate a target point which the Artificial Commander will try to conquer at first (for example, a spot near the leader of the opposing side). Analogously, there should be placed in freely chosen areas (eg in cities, strategic positions or simply nearby opposite Leader) three other objectives (RydHQ_Obj2, RydHQ_Obj3, RydHQ_Obj4), which will be conquered in numerical order. If the mission designer wants less than four objectives, then simply place the unneeded objectives at same position as the ultimate objective. For the script version only, to initialize HAL the following code should also be executed in some way, e.g., by placing the following script in the init field of any object (for example, in the activation field of an empty trigger or waypoint): nul = [] execVM "RydHQInit.sqf"; Alternatively, that line may be placed at the end of a mission's init.sqf. Init.sqf is recommended place for init config variables (beacuse of better readability), especially for bigger configs, eg containing RHQ arrays. See included manual for all details, and there is lots of them." As said by Rydygier on the original thread, it is important to read the user manual in order to properly setup HAL and fully enjoy its capabilities. FEATURES -[ADDED] Radio chat with both sound and text from other AI groups and LeaderHQ work on both dedicated server and singleplayer (added a sideradio function); -[ADDED] Orders from HQ usually given through OLYMPUS work on dedicated server as well; -[CHANGED] Contents of the order messages from HQ use squadID instead of mission names and come from the Leaders themselves instead of OLYMPUS channel; -[CHANGED] New markers for debug of a more aesthetic variant with additional info such as groupID; -[CHANGED] Revamped the task system for players to work on dedicated server (instead of only giving a notification) and to include more immersive tittles and description while also using tasktypes for more interesting tasks; -[CHANGED] Removed the markers for players in the debug since the task system takes care of it. Made the markers for players same as for AI groups; -[CHANGED] Fixed different typos; -[CHANGED] Changed the contents of the radio calls to something that I find more immersive; -[ADDED] "AreaTakenA" or "AreaTakenB" config values to add in init of Gamelogic representing objective for BigBoss -[ADDED] Ability to deny tasks and enable/disable tasking. Set RydHQ_TaskActions = true to enable system; -[ADDED] Ability to deny tasks and enable/disable tasking using ACE Interactions instead. Set RydHQ_TaskActionsAceOnly= true to enable system alongside RydHQ_TaskActions; -[ADDED] New Big Boss system can assign up to 4 objectives per Leader; -[ADDED] BFT style markers for friendly and known enemy (update each cycle); -[CHANGED] Tasks now show up for entire group and players who are not always squad leaders; -[CHANGED] New defensive mode guards all Big Boss objectives; -[CHANGED] Fixed cargo system; -[ADDED] Option to use NR6 Site's defense for garrisons if NR6 Sites is installed; -[ADDED] Complete overhaul of HAL's objectives. New simple mode is activated by default. Removes the limit of 4 fixed objectives per leader and removes the need of Big Boss for having multiple objectives captured at once. -[ADDED] Lots of new features, documentation of them will be added at a later date. NEW CONFIG VARIABLES: General: RydHQ_TaskActions = true; Makes player actions for tasks active; (Regular actions don't work in vehicles, only ACE ones) (Boolean) RydHQ_SupportActions = true; Adds support actions (request infantry, armored, CAS, transport support) RydHQ_TaskActionsAceOnly = true; Makes player task actions only visible in ACE actions (Boolean) RydxHQ_GarrisonV2 = true; Activates NR6 Site's CBA Defense script to replace HAL garrisons (Boolean) RydxHQ_NoRestPlayers = true; Removes withdraw orders for player led groups recommended if using actions RydxHQ_NoCargoPlayers = true; Removes cargo assignment for player led groups recommended if using actions RydxHQ_ReconCargo = true; Recon missions will use cargo system RydxHQ_InfoMarkersID = false; Adds groud ID next to BFT markers Leader specific: RydHQ_InfoMarkers = true; Activates BFT for the Leader (Boolean) RydHQ_BBAOObj = 1; Sets the number of objectives that can be captured at once with Big Boss (Integer from 1 to 4, ) RydHQ_SimpleMode = true; Activates simple mode (default true) RydHQ_SimpleObjs = [] Array of objectives for that leader. Place the objects you want to use as objectives for that leader in this array RydHQ_MaxSimpleObjs = 5 Maximum objectives to capture at once in simple mode RydHQ_CRDefRes = 0.5; Ratio of how many groups will remain as reserve patrolling among different objectives in defensive mode (these groups can be used as defensive attack/recon when the Leader is still in defensive stance) Simple Objective Specific: this setvariable ["SetTakenA",true]; sets given simple objective captured for the leader mentioned (A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H) Important to be used on objectives already captured at mission start otherwise the leader will capture its own objectives first. Group specific: this setvariable ["Unable",true]; Makes Group unable to follow tasks while keeping it under HAL control, used in player task actions and Sites Advise me if I forgot any. NOTES: If using Big Boss, turn simple mode off. Capture orders are now less simple minded. If you use RydHQ_NoRec = 100 and RydHQ_RapidCapt = 0 to remove recon missions in order to speed thing up, groups will disembark 400 to 600m before the objective and will approach them more strategically meaning that even though the Leader is sending its troops without any recon, they will act as if they don't know what's there yet and use caution. CHANGE LOG HAL 1.22 -HAL 1.22.8 -LOTS of new changes and additions, will complete the list at a later date -More aggressive defensive mode depending on leader personality; -Completely new HAL mode (simple mode) for leaders where you only have to place down objectives and add them to an array in order for them to be considered (no more limit of 4 fixed objective with fixed order); -New capture objectives; -New player supports; -Size icon for BFT markers; -HAL -Improved and fixed cargo system (should be quite reliable now); -Improved reliability of Big Boss objective capturing; -Changed the way Big Boss scans if objectives are captured, now counts the number of men in and out of vehicles; -Removed debug green center markers from the defensive mode as they would spam the screen on each cycle; -"Unable" group variable now works with BB garrison missions too; -Various little improvements; -HAL 1.22.7 -Tweaked the tasking system; -Tasks now show up for entire group and for players who are not necessarily Squad leaders; -Complete Big Boss revamp; -Fixed and enhanced Cargo system; -BFT style system for friendly units and known enemy (updated every HAL cycle for low precision and realism); -Garrison system based on NR6 Sites (only available if NR6 Sites is installed); -Big Boss can now assign up to 4 objectives to be captured at once per Leader; -Various fixes; -Critically revamped defensive mode for Leaders who will now defend all big boss objectives if in BB mode; -There's a lot of stuff in it that I can't remember; -HAL 1.22.6 -Complete rewrite of tasking system ( wasn't bulletproof enough); -ACE mode added for tasking system (for use in vehicles); -New "Unable" variable for HAL controlled groups which keeps the group under HAL control but prevents HAL from issuing orders to that group (Used in tasking system and in the new NR6 sites system); -Adapted radio markers for new group ID display; -Some low impact fixes on some scripts in SP; -Probably more stuff that I forgot about; -HAL -Reconfigured the tasking system for non-dedicated environments. Last version was broken in some instances; -Completely rewrote the task control system introduced previously for major optimization and reliability; -HAL 1.22.5 -Minor optimization of the new BB config values; -Updated task names for cargo missions; -Changed the tasking system so that the enhanced tasks show up in non-dedicated environments; -Added task control from squad leaders. Leaders can now deny tasks and enable/disable tasking for their squad if RydHQ_TaskActions = true; -HAL 1.22.4 -Added new "AreaTakenA" or "AreaTakenB" config values for Big Boss objective -HAL 1.22.3 (release) -Added dedicated server compatibility for tasks -Added new markers for debug with new descriptions and information -Revamped the tasking system. -HAL 1.22.2 (testing) -Added dedicated server compatibility for radio orders from HQ -HAL 1.22.1 (testing) -Added dedicated server compatibility for radio HAL 1.23 -HAL 1.23.4 -Changed the tasking system so that the enhanced tasks show up in non-dedicated environments; -Added task control from squad leaders. Leaders can now deny tasks and enable/disable tasking for their squad if RydHQ_TaskActions = true; -HAL 1.23.3 -Fixed wrong task names for Cargo Missions -Minor optimization to the new AreaTaken config values -HAL 1.23.2 -Added new "AreaTakenA" or "AreaTakenB" config values for Big Boss objective -HAL 1.23.1 -First port from HAL 1.23 wip3 CREDITS All credits for the original system go to Rydygier who created this powerful script that has been greatly improving large scale battlefield scenarios since previous versions of Arma. BUG REPORTING If you encounter any bugs concerning the modifications I have made to HAL 1.22, do not hesitate to provide feedback on this thread as it will help me improve the script. If the bugs are concerning HAL 1.22's core functions, I'd recommend taking it to the original thread as my help will be quite limited here and your feedback would be more useful to Rydygier.
  2. NR6 PACK 1.00 NR6 PACK 2.00 (Google Drive) NR6 PACK 2.00 (Google Drive) - Brief Radios for HAL NR6 Compositions 0.1 INTRODUCTION This is a pack containing NR6 HAL and all of its expansions. This holds all of the work that I have done linked to HAL. In this you will find NR6 HAL which is a modified and expanded version of the original HAL made by Rydygier, NR6 reinforcements for placing dynamic reinforcements for each side/faction, NR6 Sites for creating populated camps, FOBs and garrisons, NR6 Air Reinforcements A and B providing dynamic reinforcements for air assets such as helicopters and fixed-wings (A for new spawing aircraft and B for reinforcements using parked aircraft), NR6 Zbe_cache for HAL compatible group caching. This is the recommended way to use NR6 HAL as it contains tons of new features that seriously complement the original experience. USAGE Here is a sample mission for vanila Arma 3 which uses every feature of this pack. NR6 Pack Sample Mission This sample mission also use the Garbage collector from George Floros which I highly recommend for bigger scale scenarios. As for the individual usage of each I recommend you refer to the release thread of each but here's a brief explanation: HAL: Refer to the standalone thread; NR6 ZBE Cache: [AiCacheDistance(players),TargetFPS(-1 for Auto),Debug,CarCacheDistance,AirCacheDistance,BoatCacheDistance] execvm "zbe_cache\main.sqf"; NR6 Sites: [position of site, radius of site, number of groups, chance for patrol,,minimum building size, side, array of available groups for guard to spawn (can be a config path or array), controlled HAL leaders] call NR6_Sites; NR6 Reinforcements: [Side, Strength (in number of groups per spawn from 1 to 10), Spawning Positions (as array of positions), Spawning Radius (In meters, recommended 100 to 700 depending on Strength. Minimum 10m.), Available Forces (number of groups), Faction, Threshold (from 0 to 1), Array of leaders for that side (example : [LeaderHQ,LeaderHQB,LeaderHQC]), Source object, Rejoining position] spawn NR6_fnc_Reinforcements; NR6 Reinforcements mode A: [Side, Spawning helipads/objects (Array), Starting aircraft (array), Amount of available Aircraft, Faction, Threshold (0 to 1), Leaders (array), Pool of available aircraft classnames if "custom" faction is chosen (array), Delay time between checks (seconds) ] spawn NR6_fnc_AirReinforcements; NR6 Reinforcements mode B: [Side, Spawning helipads/objects (array), Starting aircraft (array), Availabe empty aircraft (array), Threshold (0 to 1), Leaders (aray), Delay time between checks (seconds)] spawn NR6_fnc_AirReinforcementsB; FEATURES For the features contained in this pack, refer to each of the standalone release threads of its included content. This pack contains the following add-ons merged for ease of use: HAL [NR6] 1.22.7; NR6 ZBE Cache 1.2; NR6 Sites 1.1; NR6 Reinforcements 1.2; NR6 Air Reinforcements 1.0 (soon to be released as standalone); CHANGE LOG NR6 PACK 1.00 -Initial release CREDITS Credits for the original HAL go to Rydygier. Credits for the original ZBE_Cache go to zorrobyte. Credits for CBA go to the CBA Team. Requirements: -CBA for NR6 Sites; -ACE for enhanced Task actions (optional); BUG REPORTING If you encounter any bugs, please try to find which addon is causing it and refer to the proper thread to report it. If you don't know which is the cause, I suppose you could submit it here. License: As CBA is licensed under GPLv2 and ZBE_Caching by Zorrobyte is licensed under GPLv4, this pack which contains modified versions of both is released under the more recent Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License as well. https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/
  3. Download Links: RNR6 1.1: RNR6 1.1 (Google Drive) INTRODUCTION This is an independent reinforcements script addon for HETMAN - Artificial Leader (NR6 Edition or Original). It is designed to be used in conjunction with HAL as it adds dynamic group spawns per side according to losses sustained per side. USAGE Place the script SQF file and description.ext inside your mission directory. (Adapt description.ext if needed) Run the script using the following code in the init.sqf of your mission or on the init line of any map object: [Side, Strength (in number of groups per spawn from 1 to 10), Spawning Positions (as array), Spawning Radius (In meters, recommended 100 to 700 depending on Strength. Minimum 10m.), Available Forces (number of groups), Faction, Threshold (from 0 to 1), Array of leaders for that side (example : [LeaderHQ,LeaderHQB,LeaderHQC])] spawn NR6_fnc_Reinforcements; Ex: [east,1,[(getpos RO1),(getpos RO2),(getpos RO3)],100,50,"LOP_TKA",1,[LeaderHQC,LeaderHQD]] spawn NR6_fnc_Reinforcements; Ex (using custom faction): [west,1,[(getpos RB1),(getpos RB2)],100,30,"custom",1,[LeaderHQ,LeaderHQB],[['Hum_al_serg','Hum_al_corp','Hum_al_sold','Hum_al_sold','Hum_al_sold','Hum_al_corp','Hum_al_sold','Hum_al_snip','Hum_al_soldAT'],['Hum_al_serg','Hum_al_soldAT','Hum_al_soldAT','Hum_al_sold'],['C_mako1_al_F'],['MEOP_veh_kodiakArm_alliance']]] spawn NR6_fnc_Reinforcements; FEATURES -Adds a reinforcements system fully configurable per side and per leader. -Only available sides are east and west so far. I plan to add support for independent as well. CHANGE LOG RNR6 1.1 -Optimization of code; -Added ability to have multiple spawning positions; -Ability to add custom factions inside script or from editor using calling arguments; -Usage of functions instead of execVM for better performance; RNR6 1.00 -Initial release CREDITS Credits for the original HAL go to Rydygier who created the powerful script that has been greatly improving large scale battlefield scenarios since previous versions of Arma. BUG REPORTING If you encounter any bugs or have any requests, feel free to comment on this thread.
  4. Hi, so i recently un-pbo-ed the original 1985 (CWA) campaign and attempted to port it over to ArmA3 with CUP units. After replacing all units in the mission.sqm files with their respective CUP or BIS counterparts i loaded the mission files up in Eden and everything looks good in there. But now comes the weird part: In the second mission i have the squad commander (AI) sitting as passenger in a truck with the squad, a squad member (also AI) is at the wheel. The waypoint is set 800m away and when the mission start nothing happens. Everybody is just sitting there, the scripts are firing correctly and the scripted conversation is actually running as supposed to. To find the mistake i actually took out the entire squad from the truck and that made them move towards the waypoint on foot. Placing the squad back in the truck and moving the leader to the wheel also caused the truck drive there normally. Using the original driver will cause one unit to disembark while the truck continues towards the waypoint - this only works if i took out and placed back the entire squad in the truck again. The mission starts with enableRadio = false, which switches back true after the script has ran through. Now while this might easily be avoided by simply placing the squad leader at the wheel it annoys me because it changes the original state of the mission, and it leaves plenty room for error with other AI commandeered vehicles unless i find out the EXACT reason why the game malfunctions this way in this situation. So, any suggestions and ideas or even actual knowledge would be much appreciated.