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Found 9 results

  1. http:// Enhanced Advanced Helicopter Flight Model mod for Arma 3 by ANZACSAS Steve. - An enhanced flight model mod for helicopters with an emphasis on modelling torque and ground effect. - More challenging flight characteristics. - Sim level tolerances for RPM and rotor stress. - Take on Helicopters Sim level. - Works for the following helicopters - UH-80,MD500,CH-29. - May work for addons based off these units/classes. - Signed and has server key. - Works in SP/MP. - Can be used by client only. - Enjoy. 🙂 Link - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1923464093
  2. So, it may be due to my undisputed ignorance as for AFM topic, basically using this first time in my life, still, I had a reason to test some of these commands, and either these are bugged, either I do not know, how to use them properly. First, enabled AFM in the game options, then in the scenario entered Hummingbird, used "engine ON" mouse action and watched: enginesRpmRTD (vehicle player) via the console. It reached [4000] and stabilized, so far so good. Then used this: vehicle player setWantedRPMRTD [2500, 10, 0]; Expected value after 10 seconds is [2500], as I understand. But instead this value started to drop probably without end, I stopped the test below.... [-9000]. Yes, negative value, and dropping. Any ideas, how to reliably control heli's RPM via SQF in AFM 🙂 or I am doomed? BTW tried also (vehicle player) setEngineRPMRTD [2500, -1]; does nothing at all as far, as I see. Also this: stopEngineRTD works in immediate manner (the heli freezes immediately). It's intended behavior? Is there any RTD equivalent for usual engineOn command?
  3. I think I've found a bug while flying advanced flight mode in the MH-9 Hummingbird on Code Four Gaming's US #4 Infantry KOTH server. I have 7000 tactical insertions in the little bird since V10 came out. So, I was flying with a full little bird (7 passengers all of whom were wearing spec ops armor. not sure what else their loadouts contained, or if player loadouts even effect the helicopter weight in AFM), and the heli felt extremely heavy. AFM takes into account the weight of each additional passenger, and the helicopter becomes harder to fly and responds differently, something that I am quite attuned to. So it's very obvious when something is out of whack. I kicked out the 3 people inside the little bird (can't kick people off the bench), but even with just the 4 players on the bench, I was still too heavy to fly properly. Has anyone else noticed an excessively heavy little bird in AFM? Is it possible this is a KOTH or C4G bug, or is this an A3 / Bohemia bug? This is at least the second time I have seen this bug happen. I don't know how to replicate it. I fly with a Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog throttle and joystick, as well as Thrust master pedals and TrackIR headtracker. It was not a controls / throttle issue because I can see the collective percentage on the gauge that shows ascent / descent rate. So I know that my controls were working as expected. I repaired the helicopter in the safe zone repair pad, even though it had no visible damage, yet the issue persisted. Any ideas?
  4. pyroflash

    RIME Editor

    Would it be possible to get the RTDynamics' RIME graphical editor for helicopter AFM's added into the official tools package at some point? It's relatively workable in the textual editing environment right now, but editing tables for aerodynamic coefficients is a pain. Something with which access to the graphical editor would greatly ease.
  5. Short story Is there any way of not only modding the (AFM) flight model parameters of helicopters but replace the physics model as well? Like an "Custom Flight Model". Long story I know Arma is not a flight sim and with a different audience but after flying the Huey and Gazelle in DCS for over a year, as well as trying my hands on a R22 in real life, I cannot for my life fly in ArmA anymore. The flight model of most helicopters in ArmA (even with the AFM) is right in the uncanny valley between console and realistic making it the wrong kind of difficult to fly. It feels like the helicopters have the wrong mass/momentum, the rotors don't bite into the air, the engines feel weak, the behaviour is "unpredictable" because the feedback cues aren't really there. With a good simulation and a bit of knowledge of the physics of helicopters you *know* what it will do, when and why - you can feel it - it becomes predictable, natural and almost easy to fly. It's joyful. The UH-80 tilts to the right at takeoff and through the whole flight envelope making me push the stick hard left all the time (that is not how a helicopter works), it's sluggish as hell (not that I have ever flown a real blackhawk) and the tail rotor is either a desktop fan or a jet engine. The *H-9 feels like it has an engine made out of rubberbands, paper and glue. The Huron is OK but breaks down in fire and pain if you look at it funny. Can't do a perfect touchdown like this at 70kph without everything breaking: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2taHRbdesV8 And the damn *'splode, 'splode, 'splode* damage model. "Oops, well any landing you can walk away from... - nope *'splode*". I used to love flying in ArmA, now I hate it and I want it to be fun like it once was 18 months ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lam9_lqVv78 Is there any work going into improving helicopters or can we mod ourselves out of this?
  6. Hello, I am writing a bunch of custom control system logic for helicopter AFM's, but right now, interaction with these systems is very limited. Specifically, I was wondering if it would be possible to say, create a custom keybinding to link to a function inside the AFM to allow things like enabling/disabling/selecting different autopilot modes. In addition, is there any functionality that would allow things like programming SPAD pins to allow a system like BUCS in the Apache to be implemented? It would require modification of the checks used to determine control of the helicopter between pilot and co-pilot, and the ability to switch between one system control logic to another on the fly.
  7. UH-80 AFM Revision I apologize for not having pretty pictures, Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ymn94ir0ja0njwx/KEP_UH80_AFM.7z?dl=0 ----Description---- This mod aims to bring increased accuracy to the vanilla UH80 flight model. I felt that this was worthwhile due to deficiencies in the flight model that do not represent, or reflect the visuals/expected performance of the Ghosthawk (the vanilla flight model only has 4 blades per rotor, T700-701C 30 min. engine power, etc.). The largest implications of this include more hover power, crisper and lighter cyclic response, slightly faster top speed, and more coordinated anti-torque control. Also try to avoid large cyclic movements at high airspeeds. The main rotor may come off. Included: - BIS UH-80 AFM revision ----Installation---- Simply extract the contents into a mod folder, then add it as a local mod folder in the launcher. ----Changelog---- 02 MAR 2017: Changed: - UH-80 AFM --Increased SL tip speed to M 0.72 --Increased engine HP and torque limits to conform to UH-60M specifications. --Decreased gear ratio of main gearbox (be careful, high speed transmission failures and main shaft shear are now extremely likely) --Increased blade root size of main rotor. --Decreased blade radius of main rotor. --Increased main rotor blade count to 5 (previously 4). --Canted tail rotor by 25 degrees. --Decreased tail rotor blade radius. --Decreased tail rotor blade chord. --Changed tail rotor blade count to 5 (previously 4). --Some other stuff.
  8. Hello, I have a few questions regarding flight model editing in ArmA 3. 1. In class RotorLibHelicopterProperties What relationship to maxTorque, stressDamagePerSec, and maxMainRotorStress/maxTailRotorStress have? Additionally, what does the value maxTorque apply to? It is universal across all rotor systems? Is it specific to the main rotor? Tail rotor? What about coaxial/tandem/side-by-side? The example simply says "90% of both engines in XML". 2. In class RotorLibHelicopterProperties Do the defines: maxHorizontalStabilizerLeftStress, maxHorizontalStabilizerRightStress, and maxVerticalStabilizerStress do anything? 3. In class RotorLibHelicopterProperties What does retreatBladeStallWarningSpeed do? 4. In class RotorLibHelicopterProperties What do horizontalWingsAngleCollMin and horizontalWingsAngleCollMax do? 5. In the RotorLib XML, what reference is there to main rotor and tail rotor as far as the model.cfg is concerned? Can there only be two rotor systems? 6. In ToH, it was possible to define multiple stabilizers per geometric plane. e.g. two horizontal stabs, two vertical stabs, etc. In ArmA 3, this appears to be limited. The engine no longer recognizes <HorizontalStabilizerLeft> and <HorizontalStabilizerRight> as valid flight surfaces when used together. Did something change?II had an error in one of my edits that caused the flight model to not load if one of the stabilizers loaded. It is still possible to define as many stabilizers as desired. 7. What is going on after Effective Translational Lift? It should be a dynamic inherent to all rotor systems, so is the engine automatically compensating for it? It does not appear to have a noticeable effect. 8. Is it possible to have a list of all functions of RotorLib that are integrated into ArmA 3? The XML documentation is not all inclusive, and it would be helpful to know exactly what can, and can't be done with the flight model. 9?. I also have a some questions about the vanilla Ghosthawk .xml, but I'm not sure how to list them. The .xml as it stands, appears to represent a UH-60L model aircraft (aerodynamics and the newer model main rotor blades, but lower engine power '30 min rated power for the 701C as opposed to the 701D which is slightly higher', etc.) but the Ghosthawk is a substantially different aircraft (worse aero, probably, different rotor blades, different rotor configurations, etc.) Was this an oversight of some sort that has gone un-noticed? Thank you for taking the time to read through all of my questions!
  9. I need help with specific problem I am working on together with Alex. What we need to achieve basically is weight changes of an aircraft relative to ambient temperature. At the moment the mass raise is linear. I would like to make it like this curve, below: (on the scheme, the first row is ambient temperature of Celsius in 5 degree increament, while the second row is additional weight in LBs). Please, note that the increase is started above 5 deg of C, but for simplicity it can start from 0. Is there any chance for light code that can be a part of a script (that runs very often) and does the math to get such a curve of increase? I guess it might be a factor as a variable that rises along with the ambient temperature. Then the temperature have to be multiplied by the factor to get the rise in weight. At the moment, the constant factor (to get linear increase) is app. 182 lbs for every degree of Celsius.