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Found 64 results

  1. When i place a game mastee module, it gives me the option to set the owner, name and addons (mods) that can be used by this zeus. The Problem: i cant edit the addons option as the module wont let me open the selection menu from where i usually could select 1 of three options (i think it was addons active on scenario, official addons and all addons (including unofficial)) Please help. It is elemental for me in order to create a zeus mission.
  2. I am certain this been asked before but - how do I find out what addons I used in a custom mission Arma 3? Thanks
  3. I understand is not recommended to do this, but I have a portion of a mod that I wanted to add to the mission folder so that the players didn't had to download or subscribe the mod in before hand. I've managed to do this with a script based mod in which I included the cfgFunction of the mod in the description.ext (mimicking the config.cpp of the mod) and it worked. However I tried doing the same for a piece of clothing but I'm not having the same success. It doesn't appear in Arsenal so I tried to bypass it by using a "addItemCargo" to add the item to a object inventory but it's not working either. Using debug menu doesnt work either. It's not issuing any errors but it appears to be something that isn't prone to show runtime errors anyway (for example mistyping a classname it doesn't complain). The description.ext has a overload of cfgWeapons so that it includes the .hpp with the clothes scripting, alongside a overload of CfgPatches and CfgMods just in case. The mod loaded normally standalone through launcher works so it's definitively the implementation in the mission system. Any idea on what I could be missing?
  4. Okay so before adding a bunch of addons/mods the game ran fine... now that all the addons/mods are added i will reach the main menu and the game will close saying this https://gyazo.com/c331d52bd361224aee925788fff282c6 Here's a list of the mods/addons i added: https://gyazo.com/da298aafb0af74ed4ea55bba6633211e Any ideas on how to fix this??
  5. Hello guys, Can person without any DLCs play a scenario that has objects like buildings, rocks from Apex DLC ? The ERROR that friend gets when he tries to open my mission in editor I'm making a mission that should not be dependant on any DLCs Mission uses several addons (image below) and a lot of Apex objects and clothing, though none on player, my friend has all the mods that are required but doesn't own any DLCs. He's unable launch the scenario, nothing happens when "Play" is pressed. I'm clueless what's wrong, would appreciate some help. Required addons (Map is Bornholm)
  6. I have a problem with the "restartwarnings.sqf" When the mission ends this script doesn't reset the timer it still thinks it's at 0 and mission ends which is a loop. I'm thinking its something to do with []spawn maybe there's a way to re-spawn the timer. restartwarnings.sqf restartWarningTxt = "== WARNING =="; warningSchedule = [60,30,20,15,10,5,3,2,1]; END_TIME = 400; if (isServer) then { [] spawn { ELAPSED_TIME = 0; START_TIME = diag_tickTime; while {ELAPSED_TIME < END_TIME} do { ELAPSED_TIME = diag_tickTime - START_TIME; publicVariable "ELAPSED_TIME"; sleep 1; }; }; }; if!(isDedicated) then { [] spawn { while{ELAPSED_TIME < END_TIME } do { timey = floor(END_TIME - ELAPSED_TIME); finish_time_minutes = floor(timey / 60); finish_time_seconds = floor(timey) - (60 * finish_time_minutes); finish_time_hours = floor(timey / 3600); if(finish_time_seconds < 10) then { finish_time_seconds = format ["0%1", finish_time_seconds]; }; if(finish_time_minutes < 10) then { finish_time_minutes = format ["0%1", finish_time_minutes]; }; formatted_time = format ["%1:%2", finish_time_hours, finish_time_minutes]; }; }; }; givewarning = compileFinal preprocessFileLineNumbers "addons\restart_warnings\givewarning.sqf"; timecheck = compileFinal preprocessFileLineNumbers "addons\restart_warnings\timecheck.sqf"; [warningSchedule] spawn timecheck; timecheck.sqf _END = 99; //_END = count warningSchedule; while { _END == 99 } do { if (timey == 60) then { playMusic "1min"; sleep 2; }; if (timey == 120) then { playMusic "2min"; sleep 2; }; if (timey == 180) then { playMusic "3min"; sleep 2; }; if (timey == 300) then { playMusic "5min"; sleep 2; }; if (timey == 30) then { playMusic "30sec"; sleep 2; }; if (timey == 10) then { playMusic "10sec"; sleep 2; }; if (timey <= 0) then { endMission "END1"; _END = 98; }; _find = warningSchedule find finish_time_minutes; if (_find > -1) then { [warningSchedule select _find, restartWarningTxt] spawn givewarning; warningSchedule = warningSchedule - [warningSchedule select _find]; //timey = timey -1 }; }; pawn BIS_fnc_typeText; givewarning.sqf _minutesLeft = _this select 0; _minuteOrMinutes = "s"; if(_minutesLeft == 1) then { _minuteOrMinutes = ""; }; _notif = [ [ [format["%1", restartWarningTxt],"<t align = 'center' shadow = '1' size = '1' color ='#E44646' font='PuristaBold'>%1</t><br />"], [format["Next restart in %1 minute%2....", _minutesLeft, _minuteOrMinutes],"<t align = 'center' shadow = '1' size = '0.8'>%1</t><br/>"] ] ] spawn BIS_fnc_typeText;
  7. Hello. I have been having an error ever since workshop modding came out where I cannot access any of my workshop mods at all, whether through the launcher or by moving them into the directory so I can control them manually. Steam frequently updates and downloads workshop content as necessary, but there is no way for me to use it and it is incredibly frustrating. For more info, I had my Arma directory located on my C: Drive but got a new HD and decided to port it to my E: as mod content was taking up so much space. I have re-installed numerous times, to no avail. Please let me know if I can fix this, or there is a steam issue.
  8. Alex150201

    Steam Workshop Addons

    Hello everyone I hope you are having a nice day unlike me. I have subscribed to a couple of mods on steam workshop for arma 3 and after they download they don't seem to show up. In the past when this would happen I would keep the launcher open for a couple hours and the addons would show up but that doesn't seem to work anymore. I subscribed to a couple mods last week and decided to leave my pc on with the launcher open throughout the weekend and nothing showed up. Any help is highly appreciated. PS: Mods that have already showed up do get updated if that helps at all :P PS No2: I have also tried resubscribing to the mods but no luck...
  9. I was using this sample to help make my addon work, but as time went on and my addon had some errors I couldn't fix I decided to test the source ! Arma 3 Samples Test_Heli_01.. it didn't work... first there was error in : model = "\Samples_F\Test_Heli_01\Test_Heli_01.p3d"; should be Test_Heli_01\Test_Heli_01.p3d"; then some other error with damage to rotor. along with spam in rpt: Warning: test_heli_01\test_heli_01.p3d:shadow(0), vertex: 791, sum of weights is 200, should be 100 Warning: test_heli_01\test_heli_01.p3d:VIEW_CARGO, vertex: 4291, sum of weights is 200, should be 100 when it came to p3d there were a tone of rpt errors, to many to list. So my thing is how I'm I to learn if the source is not good? Is there something I did wrong? was I supposed to open the p3d files and burn them or something? or is it just it is what it is? I'm not bitching just looking for answers ....
  10. Hello there. I was wondering this question; Let's say I'm working on a mission and all and for example I want to add a certain item that isn't in the base game, not just a texture; an entire item. Although, I don't want to make all of my friends have to download that item separately; I'd like it to be implemented in the mission, so that it'd be simply downloaded from the mission while they join it, like in other ArmA 3 mods that don't require you to install the addons, but to download the "mod". Could this be done with a mission, to posess the item, the texture; and then whenever anyone joins it / downloads it; the items would be available without the need to separately and manually download the item/addon? and/or is it even possible? Thanks in advance.
  11. Hey everyone that is willing to help. I have made an animations and I want to use it in arma 3. I have been told that it's not possible to add it in a missions just with a script but I have to make a config.cpp and pack it into a .pbo and pretty much make it a mod. I have zero knowledge on writing configs so anyone that would volunteer to write me a config for one animations only I would really appreciate. I am also going to post the same things on ARMA 3 - FIND OR OFFER HELP.
  12. Hi all, I am tring to create a basic addon that decreases the amount of fatigue by a variable. I have made it in individual missions, but I'd like to make it an addon so I can have it accessible all the time with my group... I have looked for a guide on how to get this started, but haven't come up with anything. Everything I see is about creating some magical 'p' drive and all this... It seems like it's overly complex for what I'm attempting - I should just be able to script this, correct? Anyways, I have the following script: if !(hasInterface) exitWith{}; waitUntil {!isNull(findDisplay 46)}; waitUntil {!isNull player}; //set global variables missionNamespace setVariable ["OHTC_FatigueMultiplier", 0.3]; _l = 0; //The last fatigue we had while {true} do { if(!(isNil "OHTC_FatigueMultiplier") && typeName OHTC_FatigueMultiplier == "SCALAR" && OHTC_FatigueMultiplier >0 0 OHTC_FatigueMultiplier <= 1) then { //The current fatigue of the player _c = getfatigue player; //The default increase: ie: difference between what we have now, and what we had last time we ran _di = _c - _l; //The NEW increase in fatigue would be the percentage we request of the default increase _ni = _di - (_di * OHTC_FatigueMultiplier); //Assuming we've gone up: let's set the fatigue to the new value; if(_ni > 0) then { player setFatigue _c - _ni; }; systemChat format ["Last: %1, Current: %2, Default Inc: %3, Multiplier: %4, New Inc: %5, Final Fatigue: %6", _l, _c, _di, OHTC_FatigueMultiplier, _ni, getfatigue player]; //Now we set our last historical value to our modified value _l = getfatigue player; }; sleep 1; } And I want it as a mod. I've taken apart a couple mods with Elitness, but I'm not understanding how to piece one together myself. I have folder in my arma directory called "@OHTCfatigueMultiplier". Inside this folder I have another folder called "addons" Inside the addons folder I have a script - init.sqf - that contains the above script. What else am I missing, please? Thank you
  13. Hey everyone that is willing to help. I have made an animations and I want to use it in arma 3. I have been told that it's not possible to add it in a missions just with a script but I have to make a config.cpp and pack it into a .pbo and pretty much make it a mod. I have zero knowledge on writing configs so anyone that would volunteer to write me a config for one animations only I would really appreciate. I am also going to post the same things on ARMA 3 - ADDONS - CONFIGS & SCRIPTING.
  14. hello, I own a hosted server on Linux, but some addons doesn't work well. All what I want is to be able to use RHS units with Zeus + Ares. But Zeus doesn't read it. Is there a conflict between the mods ? Cause I have the command line -mod= @CBA_A3;@ares;@RHSUSAF;@RHSASFR; Does someone have at least maybe a pbo file where every configuration similar to what I want available on download ? Thanks.