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Found 46 results

  1. Interesting problem I know. It probably is something quite simple but I can't figure it out. Now, I'm fairly new to scripting (about six months) so I'm not 100% sure what I should do. The basic premise is that the player has a UAV with an M136 launcher on it. The drone then fires that launcher. Got that part down. I've even got it so that the drone rearms when it goes back to "Home". Now, what I'd like to do is to have the players rearm it in the field. They can have a launcher on their back, bring the drone to them and then attach the launcher onto the drone. The drone has a new launcher and the player looses theirs. Here is the code that I have so far. I know that it must be very simple but any help is very much welcome in advance. For you're consideration, I'm using ACE, CBA, RHS (All four modules) and more quality of life mods. Nothing that would effect scripting in any way.
  2. if I had the darter I could lock the camera simply by doing- _uav lockCameraTo [(screenToworld [0.5,0.5]), [0]]; and if I wanted to show an on screen PIP of the uav feed I create a camera object and place it like this- _cam attachTo [_uav, [0,0,0], "PiP0_pos"]; how can I do both of these for the pilotCamera found on planes in the new jets DLC? Thanks guys. -o5
  3. Peter Snowballs

    UAV Greyhawk Bug (?)

    I would like to know if anyone else is having this bug or if someone could help me fix mine... but as of the update with the Tanks DLC coming in, I'm not able to switch to any weapons when I'm connected to the Greyhawk drones...I've tried restarting Arma, re-downloading Arma, verifying cache...and nothing worked. I could use the laser just fine and the turret works completely fine, but I can't switch to the weapons when I have the GBUS on the drones. Any info on this matter will do... Thanks!
  4. I am editing and improving an old copy of AW Invade and Annex and converting everything to RHS assets. Everything is working except the restrictions.sqf. Apparently, it does not work very well with modern versions of Arma 3. Is there a modern low-impact way to white-list sniper and UAV assets? I just want the rhs UAV operator to have access to the UAV terminal, and to white-list sniper weapons to the RHS sniper slots. But I am looking for a method that has low impact on performance. I tried this script and it will not work at all. https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/186196-restrict-weapons-and-gear-to-certain-units/ Thanks.
  5. I have a F-16 mod, I want to make this as a UAV but i don't know how, any reference about Config?
  6. Following problem, I want to set a UAV that is flying arround a Location for Units on the Ground to use it as an Eye in the Sky. But I want them to only be able to Controll the Gunner/Camera so that they don't start messing arround with it. I allready searched for a solution but didn't find one, it would be nice if someone has a way to accomplish this.
  7. https://imgur.com/a/c7PMH The album is only for viewing you need the .paa format found here - http://bit.ly/ArmaLeaflets The wiki will show you how to get it in game - https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Leaflets If you want to make your own - The size is 722 x 1024 over a transparent 1024 x 1024 The video below shows how to convert to the proper format Please send me any that you make and I will add them to the dl
  8. ARMA needs a way for multiple players to view a UAVs live feed at once Currently doing research on how multiple players can connect to a UAVs turret view at once . This will be important for a assault team so each member can have eyes on the battlefield from the air using the AV camera. Does anyone know of a way or even a mod to address this gap in drone functionality? Right now, only 1 player can cannot to a UAVs view at a time. Can this feature be added in a patch please?
  9. Hey people. So I have been playing Arma for years but never used planes/UAVs/Drones. So excuse my basic questions. I want to know what shoots targets when you laser designate them? I understand when you laser designate a target a jet can see it via his hud. But I was playing the default tutorial and once you laser designate the slammer that is moving the slammer gets hit with a missile from the sky. I just want to know whats shooting it? I tried making a mission to figure it out and no luck. The jet I put in the map shoots it at will or wont shoot at all. I know I can lock the target via Greyhawk and shoot it with Greyhawk but this is not what I want. Thanks in advance if you can help me out.
  10. 1.66 stable, I have two crewed objects in the editor: Slammer tank and Darter UAV. Both have same init code: this doWatch player; doWatch does good job for my old autonomous turret script for UGVs and static unmanned MGs. At preview tank turns his turret at me (then starts constant 360 horizon scan, which isn't good too BTW), UAV does nothing. Also nothing happens for doTarget (expected). Same for spawned and crewed Darter. Same for (gunner this) doWatch player;. I'm positive, invisible UAV's gunner is manning the only UAV's turret. If I take remote control over this turret and change its direction, after releasing control turret turns back to initial direction. Meanwhile UGV Stomper RCWS behaves same, as Slammer. Is there any way to actually rotate UAV's cam turret (and reliably lock on for, say lasing the target) pointed object/position via script? To change UAV's cam turret direction at all with SQF?
  11. Is there a way to have 2 players control a single drone? 1 control DRIVER the other control GUNNER position.
  12. Hello, I'm doing a mission where there is an empty UAV (that new badass helicopter :D) and in case it's needed, I have a script that creates a crew, set a combat mode and the skill of the helo, but I can't get the uav the follow me... It's a transport helicopter mission so it's here to "defend" me. The actual script: _drone = d1; createVehicleCrew _drone; _drone setCombatMode "RED"; _drone setskill 1; while {alive _drone} do { _drone move getpos player; // _wp = group _drone addWaypoint [position h1, 0]; // _wp setWaypointType "LOITER"; // _wp setWaypointLoiterType "CIRCLE_L"; // _wp setWaypointLoiterRadius 100; sleep 2; }; The _wp variable it's something I've tried that didn't worked neither...
  13. ATC Guardian

    Two UAV Issues

    I've noticed two issues with UAVs in ARMA 3, one of the issues just started within the past few ARMA updates, the other issue has been persistant through all the past few years from what I can tell. The newest issue is that when flying any of the UAVs and then using the UAV PIP camera so you can see the UAV while your walking around seems to be broke. It still technically works but instead of using the "Gunner" camera view it now uses the "Driver" camera view. In the past it has always used the gunner and not the driver view. One of the recent updates must have had a bug that reversed this which isn't good at all and pretty much makes the UAV PIP useless because all you see is the driver's view which is most of the time clouds and sky, so you don't actually see the gunners view which is pointed at the ground, even when the gunner is locked onto a specific area or target, you still only get the drivers view of the sky. The second issue which has been going on for some time is the shaking on the camera. I know this has been reported in the past but haven't heard anything about fixing it. A few people said to disable camera shake because it is caused by the UAV shaking because of the geforces in the sky, other people say uncheck autonomous while looking around for targets, and others say make a script to limit the UAV speed so that the geforces don't affect the camera. This issue should be worked on because it is very very hard to look around/aim/lock on to targets with the camera spazzing out all the time to an unbearable degree. It is most visable when using the Greyhawk to loiter around the AO. I'm pretty sure this has to be a bug and not built that way because I'm sure modern UAVs have stabailizer systems in place so they don't shake AS BAD as the ones in ARMA 3 do.
  14. The APEX Drakon Finally, after 6 long months of development it's here... Introducing a new Unmanned Aerial System for Arma III. The jet-powered APEX Drakon offers a new way to control the battlefield in a sleek, effective way. Derived from the General Atomics Predator C 'Avenger', the Drakon comes equipped with a slew of incredible weapons and takes no prisoners. Not only was this model built from the ground up by none other than Kiory, this incredible machine comes equipped with a custom loadout editor made from scratch by AWOL, a well known Arma mod creator. Efficiency, design and quality were all key factors in creating this masterpiece. Prologue After a year into Arma's release, I had become frustrated with the vanilla UAV systems. With a game based in 2035, why were we using propeller driven aircraft? Also, why such a weak armament and why are they still extremely buggy? With those frustrations in mind, I set out to fix it myself. Meeting up with Kiory and AWOL, we began work on a new UAV system that would completely change the way UAV's would be viewed in Arma. 6 months later, the Drakon was released. While we still have a long way to go to get it where we want to, this is a step in the right direction. Addon Contents Includes the APEX Drakon .pbo file which comes with a single Drakon and a custom loadout editor built into the mod. FEATURES Jet-powered UAV system Nearly double the speed of vanilla UAV systems 4 external hardpoints and 1 internal bay Custom loadout editor and service menu (To be included in future builds) HELLAD Solid State Laser system Multiple camouflage patterns Stealth and Laser selectable variants Re-built UAV terminal TUTORIAL CREDITS Arma 3 engine: Bohemia Interactive Project lead: Church 3D Artist: Kiory Code/Scripts: AWOL Video Production: Church END USER LICENCE AGREEMENT: DISCLAIMER You are permitted to install and use this software for personal entertainment purposes only. You may not use this add-on (nor any of its parts) in any other add-on or mod (not even partially) nor redistribute or mirror it without Church's prior consent. This add-on is released under Creative Commons License Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs For use with Arma III DONATIONS Our incredible mod team could use your help investing more into this mod! If you'd like, please donate to our cause! DOWNLOAD LINKS HOW TO INSTALL AND USE: Simply extract the @Drakon file from the .zip folder and drop it directly into your Arma directory folder! Once in game you must spawn an ammo support vehicle next to the Drakon in order to access the APEX Support Menu. Enjoy! KNOWN ISSUES Keep in mind the Drakon is still very much in an alpha state. This is our first release and there WILL be bugs. Here are a few we are aware of: The Drakon still uses Arma III's unfavorable UAV system. We know, it's something we want to get away from. The Laser Designator doesn't spawn on the UAV unless you first apply a loadout. The UAV flight model needs to be cleaned up. It currently floats too easily and the stall speed needs to be adjusted. The UAV turret cam works when it is stowed away, allowing you to see inside the drone. This will be fixed in a future patch. For some reason the Drakon doesn't get along with ACE's missile system very well. We're looking into that. For now, avoid using with ACE. There may be many others. These are just the ones we're very aware of. Feel free to PM me with any bugs you find outside of these ones. FOR MAKING WORK WITH ACE Thanks to Bamse for pointing this out. Remove these 6 .pbo files in order to avoid conflict with ACE. ace_javelin.pbo ace_laser.pbo ace_laser.pbo ace_laser_selfdesignate.pbo ace_laserpointer.pbo ace_missileguidance.pbo ace_yardarge450.pbo THANK YOU! PLEASE ENJOY OUR MOD!
  15. tazmania720

    Two UAV Operators

    This question was asked a long time ago and with all the changes I figured it would be safe to ask again. Is it possible, in vanilla or a mod, to have two players control a UAV; one flying the other operating the turret? Real life this is the case. Thanks.
  16. ******************************************************** Civilian UAVs ******************************************************** more info: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=374109590
  17. Many questions have collected: -UAV Darter waypoints do not always work. https://feedback.bistudio.com/T82570 -MQ-12 Falcon Drone. Shift of the center of the camera https://feedback.bistudio.com/T118532 -UAV type "support" . Error or unknown type ? Effect of blinking of the screen. There is no return to control UAV. https://feedback.bistudio.com/T120280 -The corner of the direction of the camera is clamped, a dead zone under UAV. https://feedback.bistudio.com/T119472 -Create two parameters "Autonomous traveling" and "Autonomous laser". Or turn off influence of the Autonomous parameter on function of work of tracking of the camera. https://feedback.bistudio.com/T120265 Expansion of functions of the panel in the terminal of management of UAV. When you need to operate several UAV, there is some inconveniences. https://feedback.bistudio.com/T120263 AV terminal of control of the UAV copes with problems of management. But there is a lack of flexibility and absence of information of behavior of the UAV in the information panel. To place the most part of a context menu of management in the information panel (as shown in drawing). In a context menu it is possible to leave only "follow unit", "destroy unit". To add the context menu "watch unit" - visual maintenance of the purpose. After connection of the terminal to the UAV, there is no access to options of behavior of the UAV. There is only a be disconnected menu. When there is no a traveling point, there is no access to the menu of behavior the UAV. It isn't correct, I can't change behavior of the UAV when it already arrived to an appointment point, or before travel to a point. Advantages of such visual and functional change of the panel of the terminal of the UAV: fast access to information of behavior of the UAV fast access to change of behavior UAV fast access to information and change of behavior for each point of a route of UAV management of Zoom of cameras in the terminal Try to switch management between two \three UAVs, to change them tasks, in this case it isn't always convenient to use a context menu. When you switch from one UAV to another, you don't see what tasks carries out and what nature of behavior is defined for this UAV. https://youtu.be/WpjP-S8TYwU It is necessary: Add a menu item, in the screen to the purpose - "Watch Unit" / "End Watch Unit". Function has to include tracking of the camera the purpose. Add management of Zoom of cameras. Function of management zoom of the camera in the terminal.
  18. If you are in the gunner's seat of a vehicle, and you connect to a UAV, AI behaviour will take over - ie, while you are piloting the UAV, your character will use the vehicle gun to engage any nearby enemies. This can really give away your position if you're trying to be sneaky!
  19. Hey, everyone. Having used player action ["SwitchToUAVGunner", uav] to put a player as the UAV gunner, I can't terminate it automatically with uav action ["BackFromUav", player]; Is this action not working or am I potentially missing something here?
  20. Haveing difficulty with this one. Basically what's in the title. Set a waypoint where there's a marker, set the type, in my case it's loiter with range of 500m, behavoir is never fire and altitude 'High Altitude 500m'. Thanks in advance
  21. I'm new to mission creating and I want to add a UAV to the mission. I can get a UAV to spawn in on the map, but I'm having difficulty getting the terminal. I've tried adding it to the person at the mission start and also adding it to a custom cargo box. For spawning in with the character I use this: this linkItem "B_UavTerminal"; For adding it to a custom supply box I do this: clearMagazineCargo this; clearweaponcargo this; this addItemCargo ["b_uavterminal, 1"]; The mission has me parachuting in. When I have the terminal added to the character. Every time I land, right before I hit the ground, my speed spikes and I either die or am severly injured. This seems to only happen when I try to jump in with the terminal I can't get it to show up in the box when I use the above. Any ideas? Thanks Jason