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Found 137 results

  1. So, i'm making a mission in which i used the Unit Capture and Unit Play functions so a pair of helicopters could land on a clearing in a dense forest, but i want it so that when they get off the chopper they head to an officer and the briefing starts, but i'm trying to setup a trigger that detects alive players but if i set it up to detect all 10 slots, then if mission is not full it wont start, so i want to know if you guys could help me, i remember it was something like: if !alive UnitName or _____ Any ideas? Thanks a lot! :)
  2. Since the 64 bit update I can't access the dropdown-menu of triggers activation field. Anyone else experiencing this? Image showing what I'm referring to.
  3. does anyone have a list of all the mine trigger config types, and how they simulate? the ones I've been able to find so far are RangeTriggerBounding RangeTriggerShort WireTrigger RangeTrigger TankTriggerMagnetic RemoteTrigger IRTrigger I know there are also different simulation types, which just compounds this. but the full trigger list and a brief description would be a good start
  4. So, im making a mission in which 2 helicopters land on a certain spot but they do so using the following functions: rec = [unitname,180] spawn BIS_fnc_UnitCapture; rec = [] spawn path1; But after the helicopters land and end the recording the immediatly take off, no time for the units inside to get out of it, so i was wondering if there was a way to make helicopters stay landed or if i needed to end the animation just a Little bit close to the ground and then issue an "Unload Vehicle" order. Thanks guys!
  5. Hello, For my ambush mission start in a city with various group and units hidden arround, I would like start with all units in given area say "zone1" I want to get a gerenric trigger that I can use to change value of a large number of units (behaviour, combat mode, disable ai, unitpos...) I drop a trigger on the zone activated by East in activation in write: zone1=thislist; {_x setCaptive true} forEach thislist; this is working find. But when I want to cancel setCaptive , I put in an other trigger and write: {_x setCaptive false} forEach zone1 but it dosent work, I also tried {_x setCaptive false} forEach units zone1 I guess the zone1=thislist is maybe a wrong syntax Can anyone tell me the good syntax to call all unit of a given zone ? thank you in advance SKNAM
  6. Hi! I'm starting using the Eden editor to learn how to create a simple mission for multiplayer. Just to start learning about creating mission. I'm stuck with a trigger/condition situation. I have two teams, ALFA (5 units) and BRAVO (6 units) with their own objectives. What I want is that when ALFA completes its objective (kill a bad guy) a hint says "Good Job! Move to extraction point". Show it only to the units of ALFA team, not for BRAVO. I put in the init of the ALFA leader: ALFA = group this. In the trigger condition tried with ALFA in thisList, but nothing happened. Some charitable soul who can give me a hand.
  7. I got a problem and i have trying to figure it out all day long. I tried to create trigger for chopper support but i starded encountering a problem that even if i create the first waypoint in front of the chopper and link it to the trigger point, and then create the following path to the mission area for the choppers where they needed to be it just dosent work, choppers fly straight to the mission area even if the trigger is not enabled. I tried some simple ones too, like just when you walk through the trigger music starts playing but even that doesn't seem to work. I dont know what the problem is and i cant find the solution from anywhere. Please somena help me???
  8. I have a mode house with a door that I would like to animate so a player can open and close the door. But the player gets no option to do so in game. I made the house in blender. Added a memory lod with 3 vertices. Two are grouped as "door1_axis" in a vertex group and lie where the door axis is. The third is grouped as "door_actionptn" in a vertex group and lies mid way in the door. The door itself is grouped as "Door1" in a vertex group. The model is called "house_c_w_d". I define a model.cfg file with class CfgSkeletons containing a default class and class house_c_w_d_bones : Default. The class house_c_w_d_bones contains skeletonBones[] = {"Door1", ""}; . I define class CfgModels which contains class house_c_w_d : Default. In that class is class Animations which contains class house_c_w_dRotation : Rotation which has source="house_c_w_dRotation"; (I've tried "user" as well) and selection="Door1" and axis="door1_axis";. I define a config.cpp file with class AnimationSources which contains class house_c_w_dRotation with source="user";. I also have class UserActions containing class OpenDoor with statement = "this animate [""house_c_w_dRotation"", 1]";. I load the mode in Object builder and the vertices appear in the Named Selections window of the memory lod. I use buldozer to test the animation and it works ok. I put the model in a terrain using terrain builder. However, when I crunch the terrain and load it up in ARMA I can not trigger the animation. There is no option nor window to do so. As if the "door1_actionpnt" isn't recognised nor triggered. Anyone any ideas why? The model.cfg file is here: http://pastebin.com/kJQDpsph The config.cpp file is here: http://pastebin.com/UGJGK9UF Thanks.
  9. I'm working on a mission that doesn't have re-spawns and designed for quick firefights. My intention is to design a mission for a dedicated server with the following: If all Blufor (players) are killed, failure If time runs out, failure If all Opfor units are killed, victory Notify all players (even dead) when there is one player remaining Notify all players (even dead) when there is one enemy remaining have the same number of units and type of unit on the enemy side, i.e. 1 autorifleman blufor and 1 autorifleman opfor (shown in the initServer.sqf is already working) My experience with multiplayer scripting is limited and I'm struggling to understand why it works in local hosted multiplayer (as the host alone) but not on dedicated servers, issues include: After starting the operation using the action (see flowgraph) the LastMan.sqf will start running immediately, even with 2 blufor players Server, after starting the operation using the action, will stop updating unit positions and AI will not react. All players except yourself are running in place, coupled with sudden spikes in framerate loss when initially activated and unable to kill enemies. Enemies don't react to being shot or standing directly in front of them even. this problem isn't present on the locally hosted Possibly an issue of the server ending the mission locally but not for clients (just a guess)? Mission must still be working enough to continue the countdown timer, mission fails properly when timer reaches zero Maybe I should be getting rid of triggers entirely? But it always seemed like they synced across multiplayer better Using the trigger and (count Thislist < 2) is that when all remaining players enter one vehicle, it counts as one unit and starts the trigger Tried using setting the triggers to server only and using Bis_fnc_MP but led to the mission immediately ending upon starting the operation action Code Flowgraph Mission Source https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B85GbOCq33caWlhHNW1KcENzV00/view?usp=sharing Thanks for the help on this issue
  10. I have been trying to create a mission where a task will be activated if the player picks up a file. However, I have not been able to activate the task. Can anyone give me any ideas?
  11. I have a trigger that had this on activation: {[_x] execVM "rearm.sqf"} foreach thislist; // Written by Weasel [PXS] - andy@andymoore.ca // This script rearms, refuels, and repairs vehicles. // Vehicles must be less than height 2 (typically landed, if air vehicles) and must remain in the // trigger area for 3 seconds. It then drains all fuel, repairs, rearms, and refuels. // // Setup a trigger area to activate this (F3 in map editor) with the following settings: // // Trigger REPEATEDLY, BLUFOR, PRESENT // Name: Rearmlist // Condition: this; // Activation: {[_x] execVM "rearm.sqf"} foreach thislist; // // Warning: If this trigger area overlaps another trigger area (such as ammo-transport Scripts), sometimes // things don't work as planned. Keep this seperate if you can. _unit = _this select 0; // Don't start the script until the unit is below a height of 2, and make sure they hold that // height for at least 3 seconds. WaitUntil{(getPos _unit select 2)<2}; sleep 3; if((getPos _unit select 2)>2) exitWith{}; WaitUntil{speed _unit < 2}; sleep 3; if(speed _unit > 5) exitWith{}; // Make sure unit is inside one of these lists (trigger areas) if( not (_unit in list rearmlist1)) exitWith{}; _unit setFuel 0; _unit VehicleChat "Repairing..."; sleep 2; _unit setDammage 0; _unit VehicleChat "Rearming..."; sleep 2; _unit setVehicleAmmo 1; _unit VehicleChat "Refueling..."; sleep 2; _unit setFuel 1; _unit VehicleChat "Finished."; if(true) exitWith{}; It works in SP but not on my dedicated server. What can i do?
  12. Trigger List Changed - v2.1 This script is about handling units which enter or leave a trigger's list or trigger area respectively. This is different from handling "thisList" or "all units inside/outside the trigger". It's easy to handle units in the trigger's "thisList", but handling only those which just entered or just left is a different story. Such distinction might be important for instance if a certain value/operation should be added/reduced/applied/executed only on such units or when a unit enters in the very same 0.5 seconds as another unit leaves, which would let the number of units in thisList remain unchanged while one unit is actually different. This function should be executed server side only! Feel free to use, adapt, expand (and maybe give credit if you consider it useful, I'd be grateful :)). Download v2.1 from Armaholic Changelogs: Have a nice Play!
  13. How do i execute a server command in a mission? When you login as an admin with #login password and then type #mission MISSIONNAME a new mission starts. I want to do that via a script or a trigger after the mission end screen appears. Why? because when people click ok instanly they get joined back into the mission because the server does not load the new one fast enough.
  14. I am making a mission on Isla Duala and I wish to have a trigger that counts all INDFOR vehicles and triggers when they are all destroyed. I found this code: getNumber (configfile >> "CfgVehicles" >> typeof my_unit >> "side") == 2; But I am not sure if this will work. or how to actually get it to trigger when all tanks and BTR vehicles are destroyed. Or would this code work? https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/150285-count-aall-east-vehicles/?hl=count+vehicles#entry2384940 This way I can have a condition where the players destroy all armoured vehicles, then can move in with infantry to attack the compound. Thanks.
  15. I'm able to do it in VR, but even on an empty Tanoa map I can't get a full capture, and, to get the error to go away I have to add ]]] to make it stop, but then when I call it from a trigger it still wont work.. In VR I just raised it and landed and the line of script is longer than flying to the volcano from the main base. Anyone else having this issue ? I'm scratching my head and frustrated after a couple hours with no results what-so-ever. Thank you for any feedback..
  16. I have a trigger that gets activated by anything inside a 10kx10k area. This trigger has "SideScore" call BIS_fnc_endMissionServer; in the on activation, it is delayed by 930 seconds. The problem: When the mission ends, everyone has to wait 5 seconds for the new mission to start, if anyone presses ok the new mission will continue on. What can i do? Is it a server setting?
  17. Hi. In my mission a trigger completes a task and activates a new one. The problem: In singleplayer and local MP it works... on a dedicated server it does not. But the trigger works. It activates a couple of waypoints and completes a mission...but it does not activate the new task. on activation: {_x in crew heli1} count [unit1,unit2,unit3,unit4,unit5,unit6] > 0 on act: heli2 lock false; heli3 lock false; hint "does not matter" The trigger activates when one of 6 playable units enters the heli1 helicopter. What am i doing wrong? Why does it not create the new task but do everything else on a dedicated server.
  18. Hi. In my mission a trigger completes a task and activates a new one. The problem: In singleplayer and local MP it works... on a dedicated server it does not. But the trigger works. It activates a couple of waypoints and completes a mission...but it does not activate the new task. on activation: {_x in crew heli1} count [unit1,unit2,unit3,unit4,unit5,unit6] > 0 on act: heli2 lock false; heli3 lock false; hint "does not matter" The trigger activates when one of 6 playable units enters the heli1 helicopter. What am i doing wrong? Why does it not create the new task but do everything else on a dedicated server.
  19. Hi. I want to have a heli fly somewhere when a unit enters it. But pilots are already inside so i cannot use Blufor is there as condition. I know that i can use unitname in vehiclename. But i have 6 units and when one of them enters i want the trigger to activate. Something like condition: unit1 in heli1 OR unit2 in heli1 OR unit3 in heli1 ... you get the idea.
  20. I have a trigger that will activate 600s after a player has entered the area which is like 15000x15000x-1. I synched that to an end mission module. The problem: When the mission ends and people come back to the mission selection screen, the new mission only starts after 10 seconds or so. If any player clicks on OK, the old mission will keep going on...forever (as the mission end trigger with the timer cant be activated again). What can i do? How do i end the mission globally? I do not want to use any scripts if that is possible...
  21. Greetings, I am encoutering a very strange problem and I wonder if anyone has a solution. The problem I have is that task manipulation via SQF (task functions) wont work inside triggers. For example, lets say that a trigger on activation does: hint "Activated"; task1 setTaskState "Suceeded"; Upon activating the trigger, the hint will appear but the task wont complete. If I do this via modules and sync it all works. This time, this failed with the setTaskState function, but I remember this happening with other task related functions. Does anyone have a solution to this problem? Cheers, Tansvanio
  22. Hi, I don't know much about scripting and have no idea about developing kind of stuff but i can say i am a good EDEN user. Both "PRESENT" and "NOT PRESENT" settings -i guess whole trigger thing- are not working on Dedicated Server at 1.62 Is it a known bug or something i miss? Because it is working at local. Any help would really be appreciated, thanks in advance. (FYI, Steam ARMA3 1.62.x also DEV user at 1.65.138056 )
  23. Hello everyone, it's me again, asking some silly questions. Well, let's jump right ahead, shall we? For some hours I've been researching on how to get scripts to start on themselves upon initialization. Nothing seem's to suit my problem well enough. To be clear: the scripts are stored in this folder structure: -@devAddon_sak - -Addons - - -dev - - - -AnoGearAddition_scripts - - - - -exec.sqf - - - - -a_h_useVisor.sqf Basically I tried running 2 if-statements, that'd determine, whether action1 or 2 is to be used. Initially it looked like this: (before anyone asks: since I started coding in gLua, I started to love if-statements for some reason...) // a_h_useVisor \\ if (headgear player isEqualTo "anoHelmet_opened") exitWith {player addAction ["Close Visor", {player addHeadgear "anoHelmet_closed"}]}; if (headgear player isEqualTo "anoHelmet_closed") exitWith {player addAction ["Open Visor", {player addHeadgear "anoHelmet_opened"}]}; After a bit testing I came to the conclusion:"Well, maybe we need something to trigger it, how about that?" So I created another script file, in which I wrote: // exec \\ _handle = [] execVM "\dev\AnoGearAddition_scripts\a_h_useVisor.sqf"; //note, that \dev\ is the .pbo file in which everything is stored, obviously Also didn't seem to work. So I kinda reviewed the code a bit and that happened: // a_h_useVisor \\ while (alive player) do { if (headgear player isEqualTo "anoHelmet_opened") exitWith {player addAction ["Close Visor", {player addHeadgear "anoHelmet_closed"}]}; if (headgear player isEqualTo "anoHelmet_closed") exitWith {player addAction ["Open Visor", {player addHeadgear "anoHelmet_opened"}]}; }; and // exec \\ //_handle = [] execVM "\dev\SpectergearAddition_scripts\a_h_useVisor.sqf"; _triggerExec = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector", getPos player]; _triggerExec setTriggerText "Activate Script"; _triggerExec setTriggerArea [0,0,0, false]; _triggerExec setTriggerActivation ["ALPHA", "PRESENT", false]; _triggerExec setTriggerStatements ["this", "_handle = [] execVM ""\dev\AnoGearAddition_scripts\a_h_useVisor.sqf"""]; Also didn't work out (in the sense, that the given command couldn't be found. Either I looked up the wrong radio thingy, or i screwed up). Now, what I also tried, was using an EvenHandler INIT on the 2 items in the CfgWeapons section themselves, but obviously it didn't work out, b/c according to what I've read so far: the INIT EventHandler only works in CfgVehicles. I've also tried calling a_h_useVisor through my dev console in the Editor, it didn't give me an error, but it did effectively nothing. :D So there I am, not really knowing what to implement in which way. I am also "a bit" tired of looking everything up, though I still have to, I know, but some help from over here would boost me, obviously. *BTW: yes I know: it could've also been done via animation on the model itself, yet then I would need to know how to properly implement the code for triggering the animation, but as of right now there's none given, and I got 2 models, one w/ the closed and one w/ opened visor.* I can bet my soul for sure I did a silly mistake, so feel free to give me the teach-slap/spank. :wub: Much greets, -Sakuie /* Edits: first: grammatical correction of the title second: grammatical correction of a phrase */
  24. I need a little help. This is for Multi Player Environment. 1. Lets say I have 10 triggers that spawn enemy AI when a player is within the individual bases zone. 2. I want to let the players know where these enemy spawns are, but I want to keep it random for replay value. 3. So, lets say that on any given mission I want three of the AI bases to show up on the players map as a marker. (same bases will show for all players) 4. But, I want the three markers to be random on each play through, and I want all 10 bases to always spawn - so if they stumble upon them, there is still surprise factor - on the players. I'm thinking I just need to name the triggers individually and place them into an array.. but I need help with that. I would assume it needs to be done on server, because if it was local all the players would see different markers.? As I type this, I'm thinking it might be easier to just spawn random triggers that have markers already attached? I'm not really sure how to proceed, but the above gives a good outline. Thanks for any help, Fire
  25. Basically I have 5 generators spread around the map. So far I have everything working, the only thing i don't have working is the wall collapsing. What I want is a trigger that detects that all 5 generators were activated and then there is a wall that falls down.