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Found 137 results

  1. I have a trigger which is activated if someone is inside. However, it should only get activated if someone is inside AND if time is between 11:45 o'clock and 11:59 o'clock. How would I do this? My attempt (checkTime.sqf) _dateNow = date; // _now = [2017,7,2,14,05] (Jule. 2nd, 14:05pm) _hour = _dateNow select 3; _minute = _dateNow select 4; _condA = 0; while { _condA == 0 } do { hint format[ " Hour: %1\n Minute: %2\n " , _hour , _minute ]; //only true if time is between 11:45 o'clock and 11:59 o'clock if ((_hour >= 11 && _minute >= 45) && ((_hour < 12)) then { _condA = 1; hint "condA is true"; //return this this } else { sleep 5; } };
  2. Okay. Hey peoples, one of my first threads here pleading for Help!!! I have been working on a CQB, VR Map for quite a long time now using VR blocks only. Now, I have different rooms from the start to finish that increase in difficulty and each stage is marked by colored arrows that point the direction of the finish area. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So what I have done is I have used large amounts of 1x1x1 VR Blocks, to build walls, towers, roofs, balconies, cover etc. My idea was to have previously cleared stages blocked off by different shaped walls of VR blocks, once the player hit the next stage's trigger that is. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My go-to solution for this was to make a wall of blocks that separates stages 1 and 2 or Blue and Light Blue, Then set all the VR blocks conditions to false so that they would not be there on mission start and then create a trigger out of sight around a corner or something so as the player enters the trigger some magic VR wall appears in the previous stage so that the player can't go back to mission start and basically Re-Kit themselves with anything they want, before going back to finish off stages. I Just don't no how to tell the trigger to make the conditions of the sync'd VR blocks back to true once the trigger owner steps into the trigger. I really appreciate any help i get, Steam Name: Warlord I've been searching forums to no avail. I have thousands of hours of editor experience and not much to show for it so any other tips or anything will be incredibly helpful thank you so much everyone!! I have images of the Map but i can't post them here :(
  3. Hey guys, a bit of a puzzle here. I'm trying to create a trigger that opens a one way gate. Tigger has following conditions: Player present inside trigger. No OpFor within trigger. Gate is alive. Gatekeeper is alive. Players vehicle is facing correct direction. I managed to get everything except the direction so far with this: Activated by player present - this and (alive gatekeeper) and (alive gate02) and (east countside thislist) == 0 However i'm having hard time implementing getdir in to the condition. I managed to get getdir working like this: if (direction (vehicle player) >200) then {hint "Going out"} if (direction (vehicle player) <200) then {hint "Going in"} But how would i make this into a trigger condition? Somehow with _x thislist i would assume..? It's for multiplayer so i can't use command "player" in the trigger. How do you refer to the unit that is inside the tigger instead of "player"?
  4. Hello, my question is : Is it possible to delete a respawn point OPFOR when a BLUFOR go into a trigger, I know how to create a respawn point with a trigger but I don't know if it's possible to do the reverse Thx for your help, And sorry if my English isn't good :/ PS: A second question : How to reserve a radio to the BLUFOR et an other to the OPFOR (For example; Alpha for BLUFOR et Beta for OPFOR) In other words I don't want that the Opfor use the radio of the Blufor ^^
  5. how do you make it so that a trigger will fire if there's 2 explosive charges in a trigger. I followed the advice on here but it didn't work: Also, how do you make it so that a trigger will fire if an explosive goes off inside of that trigger
  6. I am currently working on some side missions for me and my buddies. I wanted a way to make a trigger run a script for a player that enters an area. I managed to get it to work easily, but i am having an issue whre the script runs for everyone in the map. Most of the maps are small TDM maps or other things like that. When a player runs into an area which triggers the trigger, the script runs for not just him, but everyone. This is hard to play with, when some of the triggers run scripts that kill the player because he isnt supposed to be in that area. I want the trigger to only act upon the player who stepped into the area. Please help
  7. Hello, my question is : Is it possible to delete a respawn point OPFOR when a BLUFOR go into a trigger, I know how to create a respawn point with a trigger but I don't know if it's possible to do the reverse Thx for your help, And sorry if my English isn't good :/ PS: A second question : How to reserve a radio to the BLUFOR et an other to the OPFOR (For example; Alpha for BLUFOR et Beta for OPFOR) In other words I don't want that the Opfor use the radio of the Blufor ^^
  8. I'm not sure if this is where this goes but Iv been searching for the past two days and I cannot seem to find an answer. Is there a way to make weapons respawn on the position they were placed after they have been picked up? Either with a timer or event or something, anything at all? Thanks in advance.
  9. Hello all, I'm trying to put together a little Taru training mission for myself and need a repair facility. I'm using ACE and was hoping you could help me with an issue. I put down a helipad prop and tried linking that to the repair facility module for ACE. I set the damage on the Taru to about 25% and placed it on the helipad. When I ran the scenario, the Taru remains damaged. I then included a trigger and, instead, linked that to my repair facility module, with the same negative outcome. I'm sorry if I come across as noob in the extreme, but I'm not mission maker, but I thought I'd have a go, as I want to improve my Taru experience. Also, I'd like to post my screen grabs from Steam, but can't seem to get them to work, so if there is something I'm failing to include in my description, please let me know. I feel the screen shot will go a long way to clarifying my issues. Thanks in advance.
  10. Automated Doors - v2.5 Download v2.5 from Armaholic What? For each player on the map, this script creates and removes triggers on nearby buildings which open the door if a player intends to walk through it and closes it again, when he walks away. This script is configurable and customizable on both server and client side. Features: all doors open and close automatically usable in Singleplayer (client side) or in Multiplayer (server side only) support for dynamic locations where this script should only work support for side specific locations, where this script only works for players of the respective side actions for the following features: enable/disable automatically closing doors enable/disable "Automated Doors" completely irreversibly* remove all actions related to "Automated Doors" globally force doors to stay open, no matter what the player's actions say can be terminated and restarted without trigger-leftovers or action-leftovers minimized server load due to need-based dynamic object management available as script and as addon *) Actions will be available again, if you rejoin the server (MP) or restart ArmA (SP) respectively Supported maps: Altis/Stratis (combined in one file) Chernarus Takistan Zargabad Utes Why? At some point, I got annoyed of having to walk really close to a door and sometimes even having to scroll, if my default action is something different, to get the right action to finally open it. Maybe there's some people out there feeling similarly. How? Download the script here. (Armaholic, same link as above) execVM "automatedDoors.sqf" If you use Automated Doors on a map which is not listed above, but has buildings from one or more of these maps or if you want to override the script's default behavior, paste the respective map name(s) as parameter into the script like this: [["Altis", "Chernarus", "Takistan"]] execVM "automatedDoors.sqf" If you don't do so, the script will automatically take into account all maps. Singleplayer: Using the script: Execute the above line once upon mission start - that's it. Using the addon: Start ArmA 3 with startup parameter -mod=@automatedDoors - that's it. Multiplayer: Execute this script server side once upon mission start. Client side execution is prevented by "isServer" check. After joining a mission running this script, it might take a few seconds until it actually works for you as new player, because the sever runs the "scan loop" regularly, not taking into account JIP or just spawned players. Further Information "Automated Doors" has two optional parameters: maps -> (optional, default: "all") defines the buildings to be taken into account by this script -> e.g. ["altis", "chernarus"] means, all buildings from Altis and Chernarus will be taken into account doorsStayOpen -> (optional, default: false) global definition of door closing behavior - if true, doors will have to be closed manually, player action "Don't keep doors open" has no effect - if false, doors will close automatically, player action "Keep doors open" has an effect You can easily customize important values, like the size of the area of the door triggers, the time between each scan for surrounding buildings or the area to scan on each loop. Do that by changing the defines at the beginning of the file (after the comment block). Define locations: If you want this script to only work in certain areas, create locations of type "Name" and set their name with the prefix "doors". This script will check on each scan loop if such locations exist. If so, it will only manage these areas. If all "doors" locations are deleted, this script will handle the whole map again. Side specific locations: If you create a location as described above and setVariable ["locationSide", any side here] to it, the doors inside that location automatically open and close only for players of that side. Have a nice Play! Changelogs:
  11. Hello,I want to trigger when the player insert a marker on his map in a specific area, like in the prologue mission, where you have to find AAF position (youtube link : ).If you have any link or answer which can help me, please post it!Thanks.
  12. Hello, so my goal is for when the player enters the trigger area a waypoint is set on the Helicopter for the player to move to the helicopter. I'm wondering if I have to set a waypoint and disable it and when the player enters the trigger it enables it. If so how do I do that? Thanks!
  13. Ok so i'm creating a mission on Tanoa where i need to have players load 2 prowlers into a blackfish, once the vehicles are loaded i need that to signal the pilot to take off and air drop at designated location. Now taking off and air dropping i've got working but how do i make it signal the AI pilot to waitUntil the 2 prowlers are loaded. For the waypoint i have this doMove (getMarkerPos "DropPoint");
  14. Hello, since the latest update, my trigger wont fire anymore in mp environment and i can't figure out why, maybe someone can help me here. _cond = "{vehicle _x in thisList && isplayer _x && ((getPosATL _x) select 2) < 15} count playableunits > 0"; _trg1 = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector", getPos helotarget2, true]; sleep 1; _trg1 setTriggerActivation ["ANYPLAYER", "PRESENT", false]; _trg1 setTriggerArea [300,300, 0, false]; _trg1 setTriggerType "NONE"; _trg1 setTriggerStatements [_cond,"nul = [helotarget2] execVM ""scripts\Paras.sqf""; ",""]; Any help is appreciated
  15. Hi, I'm fairly new to creating missions in Arma. I am in the process of creating a zombies scenario which takes up a large majority of the map and include several missions (hostages, supply runs, rescue missions, etc.) However a problem that I am encountering when creating this mission is that when I place down large amounts of zombies or zombie spawners the game begins to lag. Personally on my potato computer I hit 8-10 fps. (I'm aware of deletion settings) however the zombies never seem to delete where or when I want them to. So I am hoping that someone could give a simple way of creating triggers to spawn zombies when a player comes close a certain area.
  16. Hello, I am trying to build a mission in arma 3 but i want to have cutscene's in this mission. After some googeling i found this page: I followed that instructions and it does work but every time a trigger with video is activated i get this error: Picture t\effect_ca.paa not found. what i want is just to play a video I saved in the mission file when a trigger is activated. I don't understand how scripting works yet so for now I am copy pasting video's most of the time. Is there anyone who knows how this works and can tell me how to fix this error?
  17. I have been making a mission involving the Nimitz and a squad that is tasked to take a boat to this island (Map is Kerama Islands for those curious) and blow up AA defenses so F18s can do the rest. I have 3 objectives for the 9 man squad (Each member's Variable Name is F1-F9). The objectives are A.) Get in the boat B.) Unload at the shore/Rearm if needed C.) Take down AA I have C.) finished but I am having an issue with A.) For the objective I have set down the "Create Task" module titled "Get in the ship" and its state is "Assigned" with an always visible marker on the boat. Synced to the "Create Task" module I have a Trigger that has a timer for the Objective to be assigned (Like 2 seconds just so the notification pops up). next I have the "Set Task State" module in the state of completed. There is a trigger synced to the "Set Task State" module. The Trigger has Activation set to "Any Player" and Activation Type "Present" the Condition Script box has the following code: allInTheVehicle = false; while {(not allInTheVehicle)} do {allInTheVehicle = true}; {if (!alive f1 && f2 && f3 && f4 && f5 && f6 && f7 && f8 && f9 || vehicle truck1 != myVehicle) then {allInTheVehicle = false;}} forEach playableUnits; globalAllInTheVehicle = true; My friend supplied me with this script but we couldn't figure out why the objective will not render as completed when all playable units take a position within the boat (Driver, Navigator, Gunners, Etc). Any help with this would be grateful since I am still new to scripting.
  18. Hello evveryone. I'm creating a mission where you are tasked to intercept bomber flights before they bomb a specific target. However to keep things reasonable, I only want the next bomber to spawn after the first one is destoryed. Using the variable name bomber2 what would the trigger code look like for making this happen?
  19. Hello, Im extremely new to the trigger side of the editor, hope I can still post here.. I want a squad to hold until a helicopter arrives, at which point they load into it, after thats done the helicopter proceeds to a waypoint. How do I do that? Please keep it as simple as possible... no scripts.... PS. any simple tutorials you recommend?
  20. Hi! I am making a mission where after you walk through an area (trigger) it tells a tank to start moving to a position... But how do I make the tank not wander around before the trigger is activated?? I tried using the hold waypoint but it asks for an amount of time to hold and I don't know if there is a way to make it stop holding and start moving once the trigger is activated. Thanks!
  21. Hello everyone. I am trying to make a small minigames to play with my friends. The gamemode is pretty much the same as battle royal. A FFA arena where you have to kill everyone, and stay in the zone that is shrinking constantly. I got everything working now except for the triggers. My script is creating 2 triggers at the same place. The first trigger is getting activated when "ANY PLAYER" is "NOT PRESENT". It will then give you a hint that you should return to the zone in 10 seconds. The second trigger is getting activated when "ANY PLAYER" is "NOT PRESENT". It will then kill the player if he is out the zone and the "TIMEOUT" has reached 10 seconds. When testing this with my friend I found out that it is working correctly for me, but not for my friend. The triggers doesn't affect him. Could anyone please help me out? trg1 = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector", getMarkerPos "Marker1"]; trg1 setTriggerArea [500, 500, 0, false]; trg1 setTriggerActivation ["ANYPLAYER", "NOT PRESENT", true]; trg1 setTriggerStatements ["this", "hint 'You have 10 seconds to get back in the zone!'", "hint ''"]; trg1kill = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector", getMarkerPos "Marker1"]; trg1kill setTriggerArea [500, 500, 0, false]; trg1kill setTriggerTimeout [10, 10, 10, true]; trg1kill setTriggerActivation ["ANYPLAYER", "NOT PRESENT", true]; trg1kill setTriggerStatements ["this", "player setDamage 1", ""];
  22. Hi. Im new to Arma 3 and of course to eden. I want to do a simple script. I have one unit who is patrolling, and i want him to run to specific place, when he is in "combat" or "aware" mode (or when any unit in specific area detects enemy). I can easily make him go when he is standing still (target1 doMove position box1), but when i have waypoints, or have to detect his behaviour... i dont know how to do it. im using arma wiki https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/behaviour , but i dont know exactly how to execute it. English is not my first language, so i have hard time to understand scripting from english sites. Thanks for any help :)
  23. Hello, i am writing a mission and I am hitting a hurdle that I can not get over. I have not been able to find any info on the web about what I am trying to do. I am making a mission that involves a hostage providing you with Intel. I want there to be a 50/50 chance that the Intel they provide is good or bad Intel. If good info is randomly generated I want to take the squad down the storyline if bad Intel is provided I want to send the squad into an ambush. Thank you
  24. Hey everyone, first time poster. How can I make an AI play an animation when he gets to a waypoint. Then, have him move to the next waypoint after a set amount of time and play a different animation. Scenario: A medic runs up to one dead body, plays the healing animation for 30 seconds, then moves to another body and plays another healing animation for 30 seconds, and so on. I haven't done mission editing in a loooong time and I never did much with scripting. Right now, I can get the AI to play the animation when the mission starts... and that's it, haha. Any help with this, or guidance in the right directions to tutorials (I've watched a ton that never hit this actual scenario), would be amazing. Thanks!