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Found 141 results

  1. Full disclosure: I'm very new to scripting - I know I'm probably not doing things the most efficient way, so any tips will be warmly welcomed! I'm making an Exile WWII zombie server using Ravage zombies. The built-in ambient spawner for Ravage works okay, but I wanted to add greater variety in uniforms, loot, etc, so tried to write something myself. As disclosed above, this isn't my strong suit at all. I want the script to trigger at certain locations. I'd got in mind that I'd create an array (called _trgPos) that would hold the positions and radii of each trigger then create each trigger in a loop. This is what I've got so far: _trgpos = [ [[7365.57,2201.88,0],200], // A [[6422.59,2424.74,0],200] // B ]; { pos = _x select 0; _rad = _x select 1; _trg = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector", pos, true]; systemChat format["Creating trigger at %1",pos]; _trg setTriggerArea [_rad, _rad, 0, false, _rad]; _trg setTriggerActivation ["GUER", "PRESENT", true]; _trg setTriggerStatements ["this", "null = [pos] execVM 'zombiespawner.sqf'; systemChat format['Spawning zombies at %1',pos];", ""]; } forEach _trgpos; It's meant to pass pos to the script, which then causes the zombies to spawn when an Exile player enters the area. What actually happens is both triggers are created at their correct location, but when either A or B trigger is activated, the zombies spawn at the location of B. I've seen it works like this in 3DEN or when executed on the server. It seems that B's location is being passed to the script on both triggers. Have I missed something basic? Any insight anyone could offer would be fantastic! (Including zombiespawner.sqf in case it's useful):
  2. Hey, I'm working on a horror mission with puzzles. The trouble has to do with some scripts due to my knowledge. I have one trigger playing a sound. The sound is 21 seconds long. Once the sound trigger has been activated, the player has to go and activate another trigger within those 21 seconds. The second trigger should be activated only when the sound is being played. I'm asking for a solution for the condition field of the second trigger. I'm thinking of something like: this && while {true} do (or something like this) Puzzle idea from Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Link to video: https://youtu.be/dLTcEDjR4VY?t=408 Highly appreciate your help, and thanks in advance! :)
  3. Hello I want to spawn a icon on map after a trigger is fired i want to spawn the markers -> standard draw -> pickup (hd_pickup) i have looked thru the WIKI but have not found anything that helps me. any one who can give me the solution..
  4. Hi, I need help to get this running. I want to call some code on opening the parachute. I didn't found anything matching in the list: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Event_Handlers. I even tried the GetIn-Handlers because the parachute seems to be handled as a vehicle. Any ideas? Thx in advance ;)
  5. Is there a way I can spawn enemy jets when flying over a trigger and also have them marked automatically with waypoint that keeps track of them and have them chase the player instead of fleeing. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hello, I'm looking to creating a short stealth co-op mission where a group must attempt to quietly enter a base, assassinate 3 HVTs and steal intelligence. Except I'm also trying to get a stealth trigger working, where once BLUFOR has been detected by Independent, the maintain stealth task should fail and create an evacuate task, however I can't get the Stealth trigger to work at all as I could be shot to hell by Syndikat soldiers and the task wouldn't appear. Went as far as to cover the whole playing area with a large rectangular trigger area, but it still doesn't work. Anyone knows of any way around it?
  7. Hello Armaholics! I must admit I'm very bad when it comes to scripting. Is there a easy way to have a trigger activate when you have closed a leaflet after you've read it. Couldn't find anything on leaflets on the wiki regarding event handlers. I'm using this for the leaflets: ["init", [this, "image.jpg", "Text message"]] call BIS_fnc_initLeaflet It will be used in a upcoming horror mission this halloween. Thanks in advance! :) Some of my missions: [CO-04] Last Stand - Bunker [CO-04] Last Stand - Compound [CO-04] Last Stand - Town [CO-04] Terrorist Hunt - Village [CO-04] Terrorist Hunt - Factory
  8. Hello, I'll try to make this as simple as possible: I'm wondering if there's a way to have a trigger disabled at first, and later enabled by another trigger. In other words, "spawn" a trigger. Imagine you're going through a corridor, nothing happens when you go to the end of the corridor. Then you head back and something happens on the way back. Example: Thanks in advance! :)
  9. I am making a SP game and i want to delete some vehicles when i don't need them anymore like heli, trucks and planes. {deleteVehicle _x} forEach crew (dropoff) + [dropoff] this i have in ACT in trigger but i only delete the truck when it drives inside the trigger if i put {deleteVehicle _x} forEach crew (plane) + [plane] inside the trigger also it delete the plane before it have been used in the game My trigger : type : NONE activation : BLUFOR activation type : PRESENT repeatabel :ticked off Condition : THIS on ACT : {deleteVehicle _x} forEach crew (dropoff) + [dropoff] (only delete the dropoff vehicle ) i want the trigger to delete any one and any vehicle who get inside the trigger from BLUFOR and one for OPFOR. anyone got some guides lines on how to do it..
  10. Hello, I have a problem and i can't understand. I have a tigger whit: Type: "none" Activation: "bluefor" Acxtivation Type: "Present" condition: this && {!alive obj1}; On activation: _m = createMarker ['destoy1',obj1]; _m setMarkerType 'mil_destroy'; _m setMarkerColor 'ColorBlue'; _m setMarkerText "Cache 1"; hint "Bluefor has destroyed the cache 1"; All work good and when the tigger is actived. But when i play on serveur and i deco reco this trigger reactivates the hint and sound. As if he was repeating himself? Thank you for the help!
  11. Hello everyone, My problem that I want to unlock a gate door only if player has specific item. I use a Trigger for that: Activation for AllPlayer, present. In the condition line I put this: (Player need to have the Ace Cellphone to open gates). "ACE_Cellphone" in items player; In the On Activation line : house1_1 setVariable ['bis_disabled_Door_1',0,true]; house1 setVariable ['bis_disabled_Door_1',0,true]; house1 and house1_1 are 2 concrete wall gates. In my init.sqf file, I put this: house1 setVariable ['bis_disabled_Door_1',1,true]; house1_1 setVariable ['bis_disabled_Door_1',1,true]; There a no problem, It's works fine! My problem is how can the doors stay locked if the player loses or puts down the phone? I try this In a new trigger, but it don't work, !("ACE_Cellphone" in items player;); Somebody can help me??? ;)
  12. Hello first of all. I want to make a Scenario in which a plane starts from the deck of the Aircraft carrier and I want the deck crew member to make the animation which is shown in the Jets DLC campaign/ showcase when the player presses the spacebar to start the takeoff procedure. So it's timed correctly with the Jet taking off and the end of the animation. This, of course, should only be done by the Crewmember who is standing next to the Jet taking off. Since I have no Idea how to script or program I'd like to ask a kind helper to make me a script which makes that above possible but compatible with a 2 player scenario which I'm trying to make. I know this is a lot to ask for but I'm hoping for someone that would be able to help. Thanks!
  13. Hi guys, I'm building a sort of training map that's getting to be quite ambitious the overall objective being to allow for multiplayer training of equipment and tactics in arma. I have a lot of equipment down and have been creating scenarios etc... for each type of equipment to instruct players how to respond to the specific scenarios. I have a few transport helicopters (little birds) placed in an area with a trigger encapsulating them (10m height) the condition of the trigger being "This" and this code in the upon deactivation field This all works great however I am running this on a dedicated server and it seems only the pilot has control of weather or not the specific vehicle component is damaged, I would like if the copilot could control this so as to have an instructor in the copilot seat randomly disabling components at inconvenient times.
  14. I was wondering how one could go about using a Trigger to Spawn a Function once a player enters a Trigger's area. Then delete the Function once the player leaves the Trigger? While having that process repeatable. So far I have tried using the Trigger's Activation field to call the Function (BIS_fnc_Crows), and then the Trigger's Deativation field to delete that Function. However that's where my problem is. As everything I have tired..including searching the internet and using script commands such as deleteVehicle and other similar commands has all failed! I know it's possible as I have done similar things in the past but it dont help that I have not scripted anything since early A2 days, and A3 is seemingly more complex.
  15. Hello, instead of placing a huge mienfield with hundreds or thousands of actual mines, i want to make map areas off limits, with a trigger based kill-zone/minefield. i have a trigger in mind with "on activation" = {_x setDammage 1} foreach thisList but i want it to apply only to units touching the ground. so i would probably need: isTouchingGround but i don't know how to combine it in the trigger field. i would like to have it super simple with just a trigger and without calling external scripts. also is there a way to simulate the visual feedback (heat-map) and audio feedback (beeping) from the mine detector item? maybe a marker area that triggers the mine detector? that would be super neat as a very immersive way of warning the players instead of having just a hint on screen. thanks!
  16. Hi everyone, I've tried, by many ways, to make a protection zone. It means a zone where players don't take damage and the projectiles, like bullets and grenades, disappears. I want to make it activated by a trigger. Do you have a suggestions ? Or maybe a code completly prepared. :) Thanks a lot.
  17. hi, i'm trying to create a trigger that addAction something when all ennemies units are dead into the trigger area but when i'm trying !alive opfor or !alive side opfor, it doesn't work. Any help please ?
  18. EDIT: Solved. Add waitUntil {triggerActivated StartSpawn}; for "_i" from 1 To 4 do { to the start of the .sqf to limit the number of loops and add sleep 600; to the end, like so: Trying to make an AI group spawn at 1 of 4 locations every 10 minutes when Opfor is present. Currently, Opfor enters condition area, a group spawns correctly, but it seems Opfor has to leave and re-enter the area to trigger another spawn. I want the trigger to loop continuously every 10 minutes so long as Opfor remains present. //Trigger //EnemyWest01.sqf
  19. How would you go about caching units only to be deleted later, but doing it all locally? Ive set up a nice script that populates towns with random patrols, now i just need a way for the patrols to get deleted once the player leaves the area. HNK_fnc_createVehPatrols does nothing, thats for later once i figure out how to delete the spawned units. :P Also i ment to type selectRandom instead of floor random.
  20. Hello, I am making a CQB shooting range, in which I use triggers to pop up the targets. How it should work like: 1) you spawn in the mission, all targets are down 2) you come to the trigger´s area, which activates and pops up a target 3) you continue going through the shooting range and activate other triggers popping up other targets 4) when you finish, you can come back to the beginning of the shooting range and "press a button" on a laptop for a shooting range reset (button is an action added via addAction command) Now I am running into problems with the trigger activation. If you set it to non-repeatable, you can active it (and pop up the target) only once in the mission. If you set it to repeatable, the player could walk back and forth causing to pop up still the same target, which I do not want to happen. The idea is, as described in step 4), the triggers are non-repeatable, but once you finish the shooting range and come back to the beggining to "press the button" on the laptop, they will "reset", or however you might call it. Any idea on how to make this or design it in a better way?
  21. Simply put, I am using an addaction to call fn_boltcutterArmory.sqf which generates a trigger to detect if civilians are in the area. If they are, it sets two markers that were previously transparent to alpha 1. If civilians leave the area, it sets it back to alpha 0. I have tried this using a trigger in 3den and it works perfectly fine. Now I use the same settings, but put it in a scripted trigger, and it doesn't deactivate. (because this function is used twice, I added a check to make sure the trigger wasn't already created) private ["_marker"]; _marker = getMarkerPos "federal_armory"; if (isNil ("fed_marker_trigger")) then { tr = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector", _marker]; tr setTriggerType "NONE"; tr setTriggerArea [100, 100, 0, false]; tr setVariable ["fed_marker_trigger",nil,true]; tr setTriggerStatements [ "this", "'armory_marker1' setMarkerAlpha 1; 'armory_marker2' setMarkerAlpha 1;", "hint 'trigger deactivate';'armory_marker1' setMarkerAlpha 0; 'armory_marker2' setMarkerAlpha 0; deleteVehicle trigger1;" ]; tr setTriggerActivation ["CIV", "PRESENT", true]; };
  22. I want to make a mission where task is to clear some trigger area. I have always used default trigger options but after some time I noticed, that using | Activation: OPFOR | Condition: Not present | is a very dangerous thing because AI usually hides somewhere inside rocks or other places and player just can't complete the task. I am trying to use custom condition inside the trigger but no success. Here is my final try: if (opfor countSide thisList < 3) then {t1_1_1 = true;} else exitWith {}; I have to admit that I'm new in Arma 3 scripting.
  23. felipechapmanfromm

    ExecVM from triggers

    How would I do an execVM from inside a trigger. This does not work _trg = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector", getPos _casSpawn]; _trg setTriggerArea [20, 20, 10, false]; _trg setTriggerActivation ["CIV", "PRESENT", true]; _trg setTriggerStatements ["this", "execVM "mount.sqf";", "hint 'Test'"]; and also how do I mount the AI into the nearest vehicle as cargo when it is triggered.
  24. Hello! It's probably a very easy situation but I can't find any help so far. I want to apply the steps below between three locations (LA, LB, LC) Start (anywhere): Task 1- Go LA (On LA) - Success Task 2- Go LB (On LB) - Success Task 3- Go LA (On LA) - Success Task 4- Go LC (On LC) - Success I use trigger (Blufor Present) but I'm having problems. When I sync one trigger and set it to "Repeat", both Task 2 and Task 4 gets activated and when I activate again, Task 2 completes and starts again. When I use two different triggers, Task 4 is enabled when units reach LA for the first time. I need tasks to be activated and completed just like the steps I mentioned above. How can I do that?
  25. I have a mission where you have to backtrack where you came from and I would like more enemies to spawn along the path with a saved Arsenal loadout that I have when you complete a specific task. Is there a way to do this? I do have the Eden Enhanced mod