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Found 34 results

  1. Tournament Details: 1) 8v8 Team vs Team 2) 7 custom made PvP maps 3) Twitch stream / commentator 4) Our TS and server hosted. 5) January 7th, 12:00 GMT 6) Links to Maps Collection (Feel free to play / practice / strategise before) : HERE How To Sign Up: 1) Contact me directly via the forum / reply to this thread. 2) Reach us on steam via our Tournament Page and comment 3) Sign up via our website Contact & sign up page Description: Hello possible tournament participant, are you a group/squad who enjoys testing your PvP skills in the field? We've been an active group for over two years now and we're looking at doing something for the community, something for groups similar to ourselves Our mission devs have created a number of team based PvP scenarios that we know you're going to enjoy. The plan as we see it is to gather a certain number of groups who want to test their metal in the field to participate in the first annual Viking PvP Tournament. The basic format will be as follows; squads will be pitched in knock out rounds until we have two squads left (final). They will fight it out on the battlefield for first place. We will host the event server and teamspeak server, so all you need to do is show up and play. The missions are 8v8 objective based PvP missions but of course if you can only field 7 men on the day then we'll make sure to match you with a squad of the same numbers. This is something we'll all discuss on the day before we kick off the event. We will also be streaming the event but you are of course free to stream it to your followers too. 7th of January 12:00 GMT noon start time See you there! P.S. - There will be no crazy sights or equipment here either. You will be armed with an AR and the basics. This event is to test your individual skill as players but more importantly how efficient you are as a fighting unit.
  2. European Operations Forces is the first professional European Milsim team for Arma 3. That means that all important positions are with monthly salary. We are looking for staff, blog/article authors, admins, designers, server admins and mission makers, as well as Operation Officers, Commanders and Train Instructors. Our Website and Forum will be custom built and not a ready template, and will be ready in 4 weeks. So European Operation Forces is asking for experienced players in Arma 3 with more than 1000 hours in game, both in Cooop and PvP missions in order to undertake the job of Team Captains, Leaders, etc. These men will command a team in Operations but also train other soldiers as well. We are looking for: Infantry Division Commander with good knowledge in all infantry movements and tactics. Special Forces Division Commander with good knowledge in Diving, parachute etc. Air Division Commander. Armored Division. We are also looking for : Mission Makers Servers Admins All with monthly salary, Please send CV with full details in hq@eurof-team.org P.S: Please don't send us your applications or messages here at the forum. Use the email provided. Thank you
  3. The 3rd Battalion 7th Marine Corps [7th M.C] is a realism unit currently based in ArmA 3, as a realism unit we aim to play ArmA 3 with as much realism as we can in order to fashion a real sense of teamwork and structure. We do this by using real life equipment and learned methods striving to simulate a real life military based unit. All our members are to act professional and act with the highest levels of discipline at all times in order to authenticate a military environment. We do use modifications in ArmA 3 such as weapon packs, radio communications and more in order to stick as close to authenticity as possible within ArmA 3. To Be "The Cutting Edge" on a Battlefield Unit Recruitment Priority Armored - Bradley Crew and Commander - (High - Main Priority) Infantry - Delta Company - (Medium) Special Operations - M.A.R.S.O.C - (High) Aviation and Aircraft Branch - (Medium) E.O.D - 1x E.O.D. Team - (High) Basic Info Arma 3 Server - Running Teamspeak 3 - Will gain information on acceptance. Website - www.7thmc.co.uk/ Server MODS are used - Ace, RHS, 7th Marine ModPack Requirements Age: 16 + English Speaking Mic and Teamspeak Available Mature and Self Disciplined Application to Join If you would like to join please fill in our short application form on our website, www.7thmc.co.uk/ Also feel free to add me on steam through RAFDobby for more information. Thank you, good luck.
  4. We've been expecting you, have you been expecting us?" - LT. Blake Do you have what it takes to become one of the most elite warriors in the world? Our Navy SEAL/s are highly trained in every aspect of Arma 3, from advanced sniping, to surviving in the arctic, to blowing up chain explosives. To become part of us, you must first go through the infamous BUD/s training, specially designed by one of our own members of ST2. IF you manage to pass BUD/s, you will then be sent to SQT (SEAL Qualification Training) which will test your skills even further than BUD/s. After passing SQT's, you are considered part of us and will be able to attend our classified operations. "The risk is high, but the reward is great here in SEAL Team 2" - LT. Blake The operations we conduct are custom made and are made to be hardcore and challenging. These operations are amazingly made but are extremely difficult to complete without a solid SEAL Team. Our Operations include: HALO and HAHO Insertions Fast extractions via multiple helicopter variations Desert environments Arctic Environments Woodland Environments Underwater/Maritime operations Recon Operations Fast paced, high action Multiple enemies Multiple variations of enemies 100% seriousness Awesome fun "There will never be a dull moment in Team 2" - LT. Blake SEAL Team 2 strives to entertain their members as much as possible. Being that said, you will rarely find a dull moment within the team, whether it's casual Team jargon, or fast paced action and training on our custom made SEAL Insurgency server. That being said, seriousness and maturity, as well as other rules are highly expected to be followed. You must earn your trident every day, meaning, you could be discharged at any time in our SEAL Team for any mistake you make that is against our rule set. Basic Code Of Conduct: ALWAYS Respect members and guests that are in our teamspeak, in game, on steam, or any other social or gaming media. Use of Foul language MUST be kept to a minimum. Any inappropriate content being shown or posted is strictly prohibited. Keep it clean and respectable. Respect higher ranks and their orders (within reason) as they are a higher rank for a reason. NSF reserve the right to discharge any member within the unit that is an NCO at anytime for any reason. If there is disagreement within the unit, this MUST be brought up to the CO and XO whom will then have the final say no matter the circumstances. "Banter" "Jargon" or any other sort of joking is permitted as long as it is controlled and non-offensive to anyone within the unit. You must try your hardest and best while in an operation. Some sense of Seriousness must be kept present within your behavior while on our ts3, or our game server. Any sort of hacking, scripting, or cheating is prohibited within our game server at any time. You will be a role model to others. You will earn your trident every day. CO and XO Reserve the right to modify this COC at any time and put it into effect at any time. If you think you can abide by our COC, you might have a chance at being part of us. "We promise you fairness" - LT. Blake SEAL Team 2 has a large selection of roles available at all times and are able to be applied for. Below is a list of roles within our unit. Squad Leader Rifleman Explosive Specialist Marksman Lead Breacher Heavy Weapons Operator Communicator Close Air Support Corpsman Point-man/Navigator Primary Driver/Navigator Explosive Ordnance Disposal Advanced Special Operations Sniper Spotter As you can see, we have quite the selection of roles to choose from. Teamspeak 3 Server: ts80.gameservers.com:9202 Website: www.SEALTeam2.enjin.com Well, what are you waiting for? MAN UP AND JOIN THE SEAL/s!
  5. Hi everybody its been now 4 days i'm looking searching the net for a response but i can't find nothing that works, so this why i came here asking some help, as i'm sure its very simple to resolve, but i'm not a dev. i'm learning. i have a script that respawn on squad leader but the check to see if squad leader is alive doesn't work for some reason. if team leader is dead, players are able to respawn on his dead body, if the team leader is gone from the server, players can respawn on their own dead bodies. if team leader dies he can also respawn on his own dead body ! here is the code what is wrong ? player addEventHandler ["Respawn",if (leader player != player) && {alive (leader player)}) then _groupLead = leader player; player setPos ([_groupLead, 2, -(direction _groupLead)] call BIS_fnc_relPos); } else { systemChat "Group leader was not alive, you have respawned at base."; };
  6. Forgive me if this is in the wrong section, The map is based on Call of Duty's Black Ops map: Nuke Town but with my twist to keep the Arma feel 20 players but 4 will be reserved so an admin can get on the server, so will be 16 players, 8 per team. You have random spawns at the back of the gardens. You are not locked to teams after 3 minutes so ignore that. 3 Classes (soon to be 6) Medic Silenced ACP-C2 .45 (4x 9rd Mags) Katiba Camo with ACO Scope (4x 30rd Mags) Medikit Smoke Grenades Green (3) to cover up the person he is to treat Engineer ACP-C2 .45 (4x 9rd Mags) MXC 6.5 with ACO Scope (4x 30rd Mags) MineDetector Hand Grenade Sniper ACP-C2 .45 (4x 9rd Mags) GM6 Lynx 12.7 mm (Camo) with SoS Scope (4x 5rd Mags) Smoke Grenade Yellow APERS Range Mine Ghillie Suite I will be adding red and blue class differences then once the server take off ill add more classes. 30 second bleed out with suicide Name: NaughtyBullGaming.com Presents: A3 Nuke Town: Team Death Match IP: Mods Needed: None Mission File Size 3.5MB I have setup a Teamspeak 3 Server for each team as well on: Please put any feedback here and I hope you like it, its took a lot of work to make by myself with some help from a few key people :)
  7. Hello everyone, a few of us will be helping out our colleagues at GamesCom next week, including myself and Salat, one of our designers. Thus I will be unavailable for fixes and will likely be inactive on the forums during that time. The rest of the team will continue working on fixing bugs, improving missions and also getting trading cards ready, so something to look forward to. They will of course be available to answer questions and sort through the tracker, but will be unable to change core game functionality. Most importantly, Steam Workshop support will be implemented during this time, and the tools along with the support will be released once we have returned. Developer builds should still occur regularly, so you will not miss out on any fixes and updates. Kind regards, Martin Melicharek (TKOM Project Lead)
  8. For my new campaign, I got to work changing the textures and armor of the default SUV. So the easy work is done- now comes the fun part. I want to change the side from all the default ones the SUV comes with (civ, uno, taki army, pmc) to just one that has its own custom name. The only problem is that i need some insight on how to change the faction to my own unique one. The code under me was pulled from the end of "CfgVehicles.hpp". WHat do I have to change here to make it my own? class SUV_TK_CIV_EP1 : SUV_Base_EP1 { scope = public; crew = "TK_CIV_Takistani01_EP1"; typicalCargo[] = {"TK_CIV_Takistani01_EP1", "TK_CIV_Takistani01_EP1", "TK_CIV_Takistani01_EP1", "TK_CIV_Takistani01_EP1", "TK_CIV_Takistani01_EP1"}; rarityUrban = 0.8; faction = BIS_TK_CIV; side = TCivilian; }; class SUV_TK_EP1 : SUV_Base_EP1 { scope = public; rarityUrban = 0.8; side = TEast; faction = BIS_TK; crew = "TK_Soldier_EP1"; typicalCargo[] = {"TK_Soldier_EP1", "TK_Soldier_EP1", "TK_Soldier_EP1", "TK_Soldier_EP1", "TK_Soldier_EP1"}; }; class SUV_UN_EP1 : SUV_Base_EP1 { scope = public; rarityUrban = 0.8; side = TGuerrila; faction = BIS_UN; crew = "UN_CDF_Soldier_EP1"; typicalCargo[] = {"UN_CDF_Soldier_EP1", "UN_CDF_Soldier_EP1", "UN_CDF_Soldier_EP1", "UN_CDF_Soldier_EP1", "UN_CDF_Soldier_EP1"}; }; }; If it helps, here is the config.hpp #define private 0 #define protected 1 #define public 2 #define true 1 #define false 0 #define TEast 0 #define TWest 1 #define TGuerrila 2 #define TCivilian 3 #define TSideUnknown 4 #define TEnemy 5 #define TFriendly 6 #define TLogic 7 enum { STABILIZEDINAXISX = 1, STABILIZEDINAXISY = 2, STABILIZEDINAXESBOTH = 3, STABILIZEDINAXESNONE = 0, }; #include "CfgPatches.hpp" #include "CfgVehicles.hpp" Thanks!