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Found 32 results

  1. If you are looking for a project where communication, cooperation and coordination counts then the MACE PVP/TVT is for you! Stand in front of another player and defeat him in a virtual battle. MULTI-PLAYER ArmA COMBAT ENGINE This was first concieved as a mission within ArmA2 and has been developed and improved by the MACE/Total War community within ARMA3. The MACE engine is a modded version of the Zdrob Engine by eRazer, and is a platform upon which players can create any battlefield environment within ArmA3. Specifically for multiplayer team games - PvP/TvT, the MACE engine provides a scalable battlespace from infantry only, to full combined arms with support units, armored vehicles and aircraft. Zdrob Engine Inside The mission is powered by the Zdrob engine, created by its author eRazer, using his extensive experience of sqf scripting and he has over 4000+hrs within ARMA3 mostly editing/scripting missions. This has been developed over the last 3 years with the ideas and feedback of the community (initially PAC / 9GU) and has now evolved into the Zdrob engine (Zengin) which is a framework/tool to build multi-player PvP/TvT missions. Dynamic Mission Framework The dynamic nature of the mission allows great variety with every mission. Its does this through customisable mission parameters and tools. The server administrator can choose predefined (map dependant) or "dynamic locations", with up-to 10 dynamic/moveable sectors, each with their own unique size. As the server fills with players, the dynamic roles and deployment systems of the mission, adapt automatically according to the No. of players on the server. This allows the mission to automatically change from, small scale infantry combat to large scale, combined arms battle, without restarting the mission. Commmunity The MACE project is a community of international communities, large/small and individuals players. We are an OPEN community of serious, hardcore, PVP players, who like a challenge. We are activley looking for other like minded players, groups or communites for participation in our organised battles and practice sessions. Game Modes There are a selection of game modes: AAS : Advance and Secure A&D : Attack and Defend KOTH : 1 Sector Control Search and Destroy (in development) Using these tools, you can safely say that, playing the same twice mission is almost impossible. Check more info on http://www.arma-mace.com For more info join our Steam Group - http://steamcommunity.com/groups/armaprmace MACE Discord MACE Twitter : @Arma3Mace Cheers, MACE HQ http://imgur.com/a/NtMnf
  2. Summary: Two teams fight for control of pre-defined sectors using limited assets — the team with a majority of sectors held bleeds the others tickets, with the match ending when one team reaches 0 tickets. The intent of this missions is balanced and fun infantry combat. Armed vehicles have limited respawns and longer respawn timers than their soft-skinned counterparts, and the better equipt classes have fewer available slots than standard riflemen. My friend who worked on this mission and I are hoping this resembles gameplay you'd get from games like Project Reality or Battlefield's Conquest game-mode — except in ARMA. Feature list: Respawns available at your base and on your Squad Leader's rally point (Destroyed on Squad Leader's death) Lightweight niceties like earplugs, squad name markers, health display (all toggleable, F1-F5 keys) Custom bleeding values using RHS ammo class names (So larger calibers can cause higher tiers of bleeding) Custom medical - very slow health regeneration that can be somewhat sped up by sitting down. This is to avoid players deciding to respawn (losing their team a ticket) if they're too badly injured to continue. Pre-defined classes with unique roles, while not being unfair — you won't get a rubbish PDW simply for going medic. RPG assistants also carry a disposable 1-shot launcher along with the ammo for their reloadable counterpart carried by the primary AT role. There are also two types of standard rifleman. Opfor have the choice of an AK74m or AK-103 rifleman, while Bluefor have the choice of an M4 or M16. Magnified optics are reserved for Designated Marksmen and Special Forces. Limited vehicle selection. While there is some asymmetry with vehicle loadouts, this is hopefully both balanced and flavoursome. Only the largest version (Athira) includes high-tier modern vehicles. This is primarily an infantry mission and we did not want thermals or high-power vehicle weapons / GMG's to be common. REQUIRED MODS: RHS: AFRF RHS: USF DOWNLOAD (current version: 1.01) : Steam Workshop: 32vs32: Pyrgos Kore Athira* 16vs16: Terminal * The Athira version is an experimental mission with one very large capture zone, plus high-tier vehicles and gear (Tanks, jets, high-end helicopters, plus a crate at base with static ATGM, GMG, and MG backpacks). Servers: N/A Future plans: If anyone actually plays this and likes it we might expand this mission with new areas (perhaps also on upcoming maps like Tanoa or Taunus), add extra features (BIS revive was tested but disabled in this release due to a bug with spawning), make prettier FOBs (The current bases are quite lazy but I wasn't going to waste time on immaculate item placement at such an early stage), add side missions or other random events. If you have feedback this is the place for it; there may still be some rough edges here and there, so if you notice a problem or have comments on balance/ticket values, let us know and we'll take that into consideration for the next iteration. The new 1.60 respawn screen also now appears to allow class limits, so we'll take a look at using that rather than the arma 3 lobby for role selection (so you can change your kit on respawn w/ a preview of its gear).
  3. Frag Platoon is a fairly small tight knit group (of about 12 people currently) which has been around for over a year, however switched to Arma 3 on new years from Arma 2 so we are some could say "new" to arma 3. We are hoping to reach a stable 20-25 players regularly. We feel a small group that plays well together is better than 30+ player counts where you don't really know everyone. That and easier to make missions. Our focus is on on fun and semi realistic play style. Meaning that our missions have a realistic role selection (squad lead, squad medic, fireteam 1, ect) without all the "proper" drills or requirements to be in certain slots its first come first serve for roles. You are not locked to any role for example you can be a rifleman one game and a pilot the next (we do ask you do know how to fly though and not take it and crash instantly). Missions we play vary wildly. Coops, TVT's, Zues missions and gimmick missions (take it easy missions like car races ect) usually played at the end of session. The mod's that we use are in our Arma 3 sync repo. Consisting of: ACE3, Acre, CBA3, Cup terrains, Standalone F-15, John's SU-35, both RHS packs and Shacktac's hud. With Unsung's update in the future Our sessions are at 8pm EST as due to our international members this works best for the majority so anyone is welcome to join. We do not have any "session requirements" meaning we are not forcing you to play with us join us whenever you can. We are even fine if you multi-clan. We do ask to please let any admins know if you cant make it for courtesy sake as sometimes we plan missions based on estimated player count. Requirements to join are fairly simple. Must be respectful, mature, have a good sense of humor and willing to play as a team. No lone wolfing. Must be at least 17 years to join. Sorry no exceptions on this one To join is there is 2 ways: one join our teamspeak and talk to Shazer (me) Ewarrior or Wally the Walrus. or two apply to our group on steam http://steamcommunity.com/groups/fragplatoon Hope this peaks some people's interest!
  4. Anrop.se is a Swedish Arma 3 community playing PvE and PvP operations. We meet other "clans" once in a while and are looking for some new to challenge. We are between 20-40 at our PvP,s. Look at Anrop.se This is from the latest PvP, a few moments. https://m.youtube.com/watch?list=PLEiay7j6ECkvHB1zIadz7rgq-Bg_OXSqp&v=7t8K1vtV2M0
  5. --------------------------- What is ALiVE RHS | COLD WAR --------------------------- Zcoop/TVT CTI 12 vs 12 vs 8 - AFRF vs USAF vs Insurgents dynamic and asymmetric warfare, team versus team battle. addons required: - ALiVE RHS | Cold War CBA, ALiVE, RHS - ALiVE RHS | Cold War (Takistan) CBA, ALiVE, RHS, CUP Terrains - ALiVE | Cold War CBA, ALiVE maps: Altis, Stratis, CUP Takistan I liked to know what ALiVE is really capable off, so this mission is a result of it. --------------------------- How to play --------------------------- BLUFOR's main goal is attack enemy positions and defend your own. OPFOR's main goal is attack enemy positions and defend your own. INDEPENDENT's main goal is to sneak deep into enemy territory and destroy with explosives military objects. Independent is hostile towards BLUFOR and OPFOR Civilians are hostile towards BLUFOR and OPFOR Civilians are friendly toward Independent so don't kill them if you play on Independent side, your faction does need them. Squadleader's/Zeus main task is with the use of Zeus set new respawn points and support team with spawn vehicles/equipment. Rules of Engagement for BLUFOR and OPFOR: Observe the Civilians, they may have nasty things in mind ! Stop search and interrogate suspect civilians, if you find any weapons or explosives then permission is granted to eliminate him. Revive?: To revive a unconscious fellow approach him then press key "spacebar". To force respawn press and hold "spacebar". Virtual Arsenal?: You can change gear/rearm at virtual ammoboxes. You can slingload virtual ammoboxes to new respawn positions set by Zeus. Arma3 wiki Arsenal Zeus?: Only Squadleader is able to access Zeus by pressing key "Y". Players can ping Zeus by pressing key "Y". Arma3 Field Manual Zeus Command and Controll?: Provides tools covering map markers, tasks, military reports, intel feeds and group management. Players must have Item Radio. To open the ALiVE Tablet press the "menu" key on your keyboard. ALiVE wiki Command and Control Combat Support? A powerful support console allowing players to request AI combat support including helicopters and artillery. Players must have Item Radio to submit CS requests. Recommended to carry a Laserdesignator marking targets for CAS. To open the ALiVE Tablet press the "menu" key on your keyboard. ALiVE wiki Combat Support Combat Logistic? Provides a dialogue for players to request new vehicles, weapons, defence stores and AI teams from the Military Logistics Force Pool. It is essentially a player interface to access the same Military Logistics pool as the AI Commanders. To open the ALiVE Tablet press the "menu" key on your keyboard. ALiVE wiki Combat Logistic Disarm IED's?: Only Explosive Specialists or players carrying Mine Detectors can detect and/or disarm IEDs. IEDs can often be destroyed with controlled explosions or by using large caliber weapons. Civilian Interaction? Ask civilians about personal details such as where they live in order to collect Intel. Ask civilians about insurgent activity in the area. Ask civilians about nearby civilians that may be preparing to commit an act of terror. Order civilians to "Get Down", "Go Away", or "Detain" them in order to maintain control over the situation. R3F Logistics?: With use of R3F Logistics you are able to stow cargo into vehicles and transport it to destination. Virtual ammobox will respawn at base if destroyed while in cargo. You can toggle on/off in mission parameters. ---------------- Mission License ---------------- *This mission is released under Creative Commons Licence Attribution-NonCommercial CC BY-NC-ND* You are permitted to edit, tweak or change the mission however please read and agree to the following below. -- You must NOT re-release the mission to the BIS forums or any other distribution platform. -- You may alter or change the mission for ONLY personal or group/unit use. -- User must state somewhere clearly that it was built using ALiVE RHS | Cold War. -- ALL headers in files must REMAIN UN-EDITED. However you may add a line Edits By: (author) if you do minor changes. -- Do NOT mirror the mission on any distribution platform. ------------------------------------------- Mission Creation Team and Credits ------------------------------------------- * maquez [Q-Net] Special Thanks --------------------- * Storm * DE_MOON Bohemia Interactive ALiVE Dev Team RED HAMMER Studios Community Upgrade Project download: ALiVE | Cold War missions Steam Workshop: - ALiVE RHS | Cold War (Altis) - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=451378482 - ALiVE RHS | Cold War (Stratis) - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=451371831 - ALiVE | Cold War (Altis) - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=455536759 - ALiVE RHS | Cold War (Takistan) - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=592691030 dedicated server recommended notice: mission loads freaky slow! apart of Stratis and Takistan version, you need a fast and up to date server/computer to run these missions! I do NOT give any support if you run mission with other addons than the required ones! Please wait a few seconds at mission start, scenario needs to load a lot of data! I did not set mission persistence for ALiVE WarRoom, feel free to unpack mission set all ALiVE modules to persistent and add the ALiVE Database module. R3F Logistics is configured for ALiVE persistence but also disabled, ALiVE wiki Supported Scripts you can enable it by removing the "//". ALiVE wiki Database, ALiVE wiki Persistence This mission is NOT intended to work in singleplayer! But you can host it LAN. This mission is still WIP, I may alter or release certain restrictions from license the mission is considered as stable. This mission will be updated frequently, for most up to date version download from googledrive. missions last updated: 27.01.2016 development continued here: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/188116-vnpa-missions-factory/?p=2981481
  6. Hello, i would need help to add extra scoring system for Domination mission (two teams) : basically i would like to add score points to a player who succeed to destroy MHQ of the opposite team. for example: if a Blufor player (X) destroy a Opfor MHQ (BTR90_HQ) he gets several points (Y). with this message in the global chat : "Player X destroyed a OPFOR MHQ, he gets Y points." if the player team kill his own MHQ he lost Y points : 'Player X destroyed a Blufor MHQ he lost Y Points. same thing for OPFOR.
  7. WASTELAND SURVIVAL ZOMBIES & DEMONS 24 Players v.01 Needs Ryan zombies & demons. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28958 Its on workshop too as Zombies & Demons Think of a wasteland + Dinamic zombie sandbox but without lag. A survival mission without any objetive, only survive. Avaible too on workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=505011505 TEAMS: -OPFOR 12 players -BLUEFOR 12 players -ZOMBIES (AI) no limit -Features -Awsome zombie & demons mod by Ryan -Jumping zombies. -Scary noises. -Spider zombies. -Super strong demons. (only 20 can spawn at same time, usually they protect ammoboxes, not recommended to solo them.) -Some zombies can throw vehicles at you, be carefull. -ZOMBIES spawn along the island and are attracted to noises and lights (spanw & despawn depending if players are near the area.). -Respawn on base 10 secs -LOOT systems that spawns weapons/ammo and items inside the buildings. -Vehicles spawn alon the island. -Visible night (Full moon) -Autocleaning of bodies -ONE OBJETIVE, SURVIVE. -TEAM SPAWN BASES for planning from where you can teleported to action. -PLAYZONE IT'S NOW ALL STRATIS. Fight on Stratis to the dead, ally with the opposite team to survive or kill anyone on sight the zombies don't mind, they want you and will get you. Try to survive). Future plans: -Fix bug reported if any. -Move to altis. -Maybe add in future building system like in wasteland missions. Known issues: -Little lag when the zombies are spawned. (only at first) -Zombies may hit you from down the bridges and maybe from 1st floor to second (mod bug, waiting ryan to fix it) -Zombies, specially the fast ones usually act like retard :) when ssee someone on stairs or seconds floors in some houses. -Sometimes zombies get stuck on roofs when jumping. -nothing more. need feedback. DOWNLOAD steam workshop http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=505011505 Wasteland Survival TvT-24 (@) IF YOU WANT A SMALL AREA SURVIVAL TRY MY OTHER MISSION : SURVIVAL ZOMBIES & DEMONS 20 Players http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=504554016 OR Survival Zombies & Demons TvT-20 (@) v0.4f Changelog: 0.1: Release 0.1fix: FIXED Bluefor Respawn Fixed zombies that dont throw vehicles.