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Found 32 results

  1. Intrusion 1.02 Description Engage in this timed sector control battle where all units coordinate fighting, support and strategy in a common effort to capture and hold the key winner’s location when the battle ends! Philosophy The philosophy behind this game mode is to create some fun cooperating and TvT gameplay by balancing the imaginary slider between gaming (strafe jumps and hot action) and reality (strategy, losses and waiting times) at a good position somewhere in the middle. Further, it aims to offer good gameplay for the lone player just trying to find a server for some evening gameplay, as well as for friends who whants to join, and even leagues fighting each other. This game is meant to attract players that have some patience and the ability to feel rewarded by doing a bit of good military work before getting the ”ah” feeling of seing their targets getting blown into pieces. Features A Sector Control mission for 1-60 players (that supports SP, COOP and TvT). Capture flags and collect resources to get vehicles and weapons gaining you advantage over your enemy. AI bots can be used to fill up one or both sides, so the feeling of a great battle can be achieved even when you play alone or with just a few of your friends. Easy to get started for beginners. Start capturing the flags, and you will be valuable immediately. It’s also relatively easy to understand the deeper mechanics. It may require a small effort, but it’s all in the briefing. Progressive gameplay. You start out as infantry with standard weapons, but as resources are ticking in, your side will unlock and establish more and more advanced materiel. Fight as an individual. Be strong, do good, and earn higher ranks! Fight as a squad. Team up with friends, share responsibilities, be tactical, help each other out, and earn higher ranks together! Fight as a brigade. Follow the brigade leader’s orders, find a superior strategy, utilize the squads' different abilities, and win the battle together! All squads has a ”profession” (dependent on choice and rank). Like in reality, each squad has one role, and one specialized vehicle assigned that noone else is allowed to use. Download At Armaholic (coming soon) Direct download at OneDrive: Intrusion Malden v1.01, Intrusion Malden v1.02 Intrusion Tanoa v1.02 At Steam Workshop Intrusion Malden Intrusion Tanoa Advice For Best Gameplay Feature rich missions like these run best on dedicated server. Player on hosted server may experience some FPS drop, a bit dependant on number of players and AI in the mission. Code The code for this mission is written entierly in SQX using the TypeSqf Editor. The code is shared at Github. Licence MIT. Dependencies Arma 3. Version History Version 1.02 New Move Base Dialog Rating increase is now "reduced" instead of "blocked" when player respawns/dies etc. Made top screen info appear on one line instead of two. Made rating and rating for next rank visible for players. AI now refuels their vehicles if no human player is on their side. Introducing Intrusion Tanoa. Version 1.01 Added battle locations. Removed AI movement debug information when running locally. Improved the loading screen. Version 1.0. First version. My Other Missions Escape Tanoa by Engima (built on the original Escape Chernarus branch from Arma 2) Operation Broken Arrow Night in July
  2. Hello, I create this topic to inform you that a new persistent mission for dedicated server using the ravage mode is now available!!! The scenario is a team versus team on the map Ruha. I will describe step by step the goal of the mission. Mission File : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1EkEUWnESTgwZdBKbatfm1xI8vYtjCxhk After 68h of testing on dedicated server here the performance result : So its highly optimised, all the main features are spawned, simulation of AI, static object, weaponholder.... are perfectly managed. Solid 50 server fps/Low bandwith usage with 220 AI Primary objective and relating information Quick description : -Each team got a protected main base (off map) and a contested outpost (center of the map). The main goal is to evolve its 2 bases by bringing the cargo box that can be found on random crash sites. The player must find a truck to be able to load the crate then bring them in a predefined area (at base). Every 6 crate there is an upgrade (fortification, AI guard...). Note, this cargo box can be also used to stock loot. So the main objective is to survive, secure and upgrade the base, then raid the enemy base to steal the cargo box and equipement. Every player will be informed if any hostiles forces (player or AI) are approaching the base. Additional information about the main base : The main base (out of map) is protected except that it is not 100% protected, the enemy side got 5 minute to go trough a 800m radius then come back out of this radius, if not they are killed instantly. So if the main base is upgraded its impossible to raid it. The main base is also the respawn area, there is a map where the player can choose an insertion point, the insertion point are refresh at every server restart. Additional information about the contested outpost : The outpost didn't benefit from any special protection, so the player must hurry up to upgrade and defend this place. Take note that the outpost are closer from everything (loot, crashsite, point of interest...). The 2 ennemy outpost are close to each other to facilitate encounters between players and thus create hot zones. Secondary Stuff Secondary Camp : There is more than 10 static secondary camp on the map, they are hidden and the player must find them, this camp are identifiable cause they got the same set up, an abandoned house, 2 trailer and a white CUP flag. This little place are usefull to hide and secure loot, if any player is able to occupy a secondary camp for more than 1 hour (that also work with a friendly AI), a small team of friendly AI survivor will come to guard the area, there is no side restriction so if a blufor come then occupy the area for 1 h a small team of blufor survivor will guard, if an opfor player kill the guard then occupy the area for 1 h an opfor team will guard the area and vice-versa. Take note this zone can be triggered only 1 time for each side and the player didn't recive any information if the area is under attack. Base Building : There is a simple base building system, there is only few crate that can be found (mainly in warhouse), where the player can select from a panel of asset to build is own safe place, there is no restriction a player can build any asset anywhere or provide more fortification for the main base or secondary camp. AI recruitement : Every friendly AI are recruitable, make sure they got a first aid kit in their inventory to be able to revive you. Other playable unit : Playable Zombie : There is 2 playable Z slot if the player want have fun by doing Zombies stuff, they can jump and got a higher HP than the normal infected. Asian Bandit : There is 4 playable slot, Asian Bandit are the main AI roaming faction, they didn't get any base, protected area or secondary camp, so the player bandit respawn randomly on the map but they got a huge advantage, they can recruit any Asian roaming AI and can approach the crashsite without being attacked by the guard. Renegade : There is 4 playable slot, Renegade are hostile to everyone, this playable slot was added for the lonewolf player or for a more hardcore gameplay. Take note this Playable slot got a forced identity, so the playable Asian Bandit have an Asian face and speack Chinese, the Renegade have a ravage renegade face and speack french. Danger and weird encounter The player will be confronted to an hostile environement, horde of infected, bandit, dynamic radioactive area, radioactive rain, highly dangerous and unidentified threat (no spoil). Information on the loot system There 3 loot system in this scenario : -Ravage loot (ability to search in box, trashpile...) -Loot on the floor, they are part of easy loot but limited loot, this loot are generated only on server restart, so it will more difficult to get easy stuff over the time. -Custom loot where the player can search in closed woodshack structure, train (wagon), boat wreck, plane wreck, big cargo... Credit and community script used in the mission GF AutoLoot Crashsite : GEORGE FLOROS Environement effect and weird stuff : Alias Persistence : GRAD Team Mag Repack : Outlaw AIS : Psychobastard R3F_LOG : R3F Team LARS_Searchloot : LARS Lootspawner : Bangabob Advanced Towing : Duda AI Recruitement : Grumpy Old Man Boss Script : LSValmont Special thanks : Mods used for make this mission Haleck for the Ravage mode CUP team Temppa for Ruha CBA Team Bnae for project infinite CZ 584 by ЛИБЕРАХУ ПОРВАЛО Robert Hammer for the pistols pack Ryan for Zombies and demon. And a very special thank to the arma community who are very helpful.
  3. So guys i am new to scripting i am searching if someone can help me with this iam creating a mission who i need to spawn opfor players randomically with a weapons cache i dont know if is possilble if someone can help me will be great sorry for my bad english
  4. Every Friday any number of units show up and we divide up teams then play. all missions are player made and all of it is pvp, every Friday, same time, usually 8pm EST sometimes before. We need more members, on average as of now its only been 30 - 40, we can use even more. Here is the discord https://discord.gg/4ejtgHc Don't have to be in a unit to play, simply let one of fnf staff know you're without a unit and they will sort you. This is modded Arma, RHS is commonly used, ace Basic Medical, custom maps occasionally and during holidays or pre-scheduled annual events, RHS can be changed out for IFA or any other gear/vehicle altering mod.
  5. =SOLDIERS OF FORTUNE= PvP Clan in the Arma series since 2003. We only hire the best. We only play PvP. We are =S.O.F= and we have the reputation of crushing our enemies. If you think you have the skills, you can apply. We do not require exclusive membership to =S.O.F=. BIOGRAPHY Arma 3 2019 to today Reborn in the beginning of 2019, =S.O.F= has the objective of rebuilding it's past reputation. We participate in all TvT and PvP events we can find and train regularly to prove that we are the best at what we do. Game modes we play : - Capture the Flag - Sector control - (Team) Deathmatch - Capture & Hold - KoTH (Not often because it's for campers lol) - Advance & Secure And a lot more... Operation Flashpoint 2003 - 2010 We have spent many years spreading terror in Capture The Flag / Deathmatch etc ... Our fellow members will never be forgotten : =S.O.F= BAD'nFEARLESS =S.O.F=I.S._RUS =S.O.F=Zoran =S.O.F=Ice_Cold =S.O.F= »Dio«™ =S.O.F= DimanOFP™ =S.O.F= SpecOp =S.O.F=Reno =S.O.F= GeeZeR =S.O.F= Pavel™ •»KÂ¥VÅÅÑ §HRÎKÊ«• =S.O.F= † §. † And many more ❤️ LINKS Unit page : https://units.arma3.com/unit/sof-ofp Discord : https://discord.gg/8hGseNt HALL OF FAME
  6. DOWNLOAD ON STEAM WORKSHOP: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1546710863 Z-DWAR video: there are 2 servers running 24/7 , one with DWAR and one with ZOMBIE DWAR you can easily find them filtering DWAR word in main server browser, or at this IP: IP : dolfrang.ddns.net port: 2302 ZOMBIE DWAR mods required: CBA_A3, RAVAGE, CHERNARUS REDUX, CUP terrains CORE port: 3302 DWAR mods required: CBA_A3 CUP weapons CUP units ACE3 RHS AFRF RHS USAF CUP vehicles CUP ace3 compatibility addon weapons CUP ace3 compatibility addon vehicles advanced urnban rappeling advanced rappeling ace compat RHS USAF ace compat RHS AFRF task force radio enhanced movement (optional) hello there! Here's the survival / COOP / TvT mission using the great RAVAGE mod, As civilian, you have to try to survive and call for rescue using a satellite antenna during a zombie apocalypse! As crew of a NATO destroyer during a zombie apocalypse, your task is to investigate radio signals and save survivors while searching for the cure! As DUMBrella corp mercenary, your task is to shut off this mess by killing every witness and recover the lost anti-virus! The mission is persistant, the position of the signals and the cure its randomly selected every round, so never match is the same to the previous one. the land is full of infected that will hunt players, only safe heaven is the NATO destroyer in the sea! can be played in SP, COOP, TvT . REQUIRED MODS: CBA_A3 RAVAGE
  7. DOWNLOAD on steam workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1546702207 DWAR video: there are 2 servers running 24/7 , one with DWAR and one with ZOMBIE DWAR you can easily find them filtering DWAR word in main server browser, or at this IP: IP : dolfrang.ddns.net port: 2302 ZOMBIE DWAR mods required: CBA_A3, RAVAGE, CHERNARUS REDUX, CUP terrains CORE port: 3302 DWAR mods required: CBA_A3 CUP weapons CUP units ACE3 RHS AFRF RHS USAF CUP vehicles CUP ace3 compatibility addon weapons CUP ace3 compatibility addon vehicles advanced urnban rappeling advanced rappeling ace compat RHS USAF ace compat RHS AFRF task force radio enhanced movement (optional) Hello there! I'm happy to finally announce the release of my 3-years work : DWAR ! DWAR idea is born in ARMA2 times playing Xeno's Domination, when i really wished to had a way more dynamic battlefield, with every possible military situation happening randomly, from air fighters combat to underwater scuba divers fights, with the possibility to play alone, COOP, TvT, TvTvT, TvT+AI, even as civilian. can be used also for training turning off AI! I really wished to have everything that ARMA3 has to offer all packed in a single versatile mission, that is autonomous, due to so many random factors two match are never the same, there is total freedom of action, with priority always on good performance! From my point of view its the most complete and dynamic battlefield where everything can happen from the sky to the undersea, and automatically includes every mod you throw at it, so for example if you play it with CUP units, it automatically include CUP units in the random list to choose from to spawn AI! Its also customizable by setting for example AI numbers, side mission frequency and a tons of other factors like kamikaze, IEDs ecc... From casual players to MilSim units, this mission is so versatile that should fit every taste! I really hope you will enjoy this so much as i do ! bye!
  8. @pierremgi - TvT 50/50 Campaign - You have to help me onesmore. As said earlier I would like to punish players when they kill a civilian (AI). The max number off civilians during the mission will be 6. When placing the script in the unit init it works all fine but only for 2 kills. I have been trying the use the addition codes too but dnt succeed unfortunately. Dnt forget noob here but love doing this - appreciate yr help - thanks quote Posted February 6 civilian men? I can't test it but try: this addEventHandler ["killed",{ params ["_killed","_killer","_instigator","_side"]; if (([_killed,true] call bis_fnc_objectSide == civilian or captive _killed) && !isnull _instigator) exitWith { [side _instigator,-1,false] call BIS_fnc_respawnTickets }; if (count crew _killed >0) then { _side = [_killed,false] call bis_fnc_objectSide } else { _side = [_killed,true] call bis_fnc_objectSide }; [_side,-1,false] call BIS_fnc_respawnTickets }]; The problem is what you want to protect with that. I guess you can't copy/paste this code in all init fields of the units/vehicles. So you can define an array of units. Never mind the method, just think about edited (3den) or spawned (in game). The second case needs a loop to refresh the array but, without treating the former units again and again. First, the code is: { _x addEventHandler [.....] } foreach AnArrayOfUnits; // can be [bob1,bob2,bob3] but also allUnits for example (men only), or vehicles (as written) or allUnits + vehicles Second, if you spawn some new units, you need to track the new units and "treat" them with EH. Two ways: You treat them, immediatly once they spawn (I kept the case of an array here): { _x addEventHandler [....] } forEach arrayOfNewSpawnedUnits; // just after spawning code or make a loop in init.sqf, waiting for some new arrival, considering general arrays like allUnits or vehicles: [] spawn { while {true} do { { _x setVariable ["treated",true]; _x addEventHandler [....] } forEach AnArrayOfUnits select { !(_x getVariable ["treated",false]) }; // works fine with allUnits or vehicles } }; unquote
  9. damsous

    [TvT 42] ATB

    Advanced Tactical Battlefield Short description : -Team versus Team mission from 2 to 42 players. (NATO vs AAF) -Simple, balanced and high performance mission that require team play to win. -Battlefield like mission with sector, ticket and class restriction. Rules : Each team must capture and hold sector, the first team at 0 ticket loose the game, each death consume 1 ticket. Mission Feature : -Each team start in a outpost near the combat zone, they can buy vehicle or paradrop to the battlefield. -Each team got a limited amount of credit for buy vehicle so the player must manage how they spend the credit (Repair, Rearm...), there is no way to earn credit so if a team run out of credit the only way to get one its to steal a vehicle. -Few class get special abilities : * Squadleader can call limited support (mortar, airstrike, ammodrop). * Sapper can build sandbag wall. * Medic got unlimited revive, (everyone can revive but that consume a first aid kit and that take more time) -TAW view distance script. -Mag repack script. -No Virtual Arsenal or ammobox (only paradrop), cause i want to make a balanced game, for exemple there is 1 Sniper for each team, 1 AA Specialist for each team....... Mission File : ATB Mission pack
  10. The Dogs of War, are a small but growing unit of mature players, who seek for a semi-realistic mil-sim experience. Our missions are carefully designed by our founder and constantly fine-tuned and developed as we make our path through them. We play at the moment KP Liberation Lythium, because we all love that a lot. Right now we are about 8-10 regulars and we are looking for you if you: - Enjoy ARMA3 - own ARMA3 and all DLC - are able to participate in game nights once a week (GMT +1) - are a communicative person - be respectful What we bring: - self-made missions. All members of the unit are heartily invited to bring their ideas for future missions and feedback to the current mission. - own TeamSpeak Server - own dedicated Root server - Amazon S3 mod host server (as well as a formidable sync-tool, that automates mod setup and keeps the mods used up to date) - our servers are all based in Germany. - it`s fine if you are already a member of another unit or clan. We will not ask you to be exclusive. The more experience and networking, the better. - We encourage the use of our Discord group and our clansweb page. hooah! Feel free to send us your application. After an application is sent, you'll go straight to a Trial Member status. That will stay for a month. After that, we look together if you and we fit. We like to play like a Mil-Sim. But with the needed portion of fun. if you like please join on Friday night to our public event. all necessary information you can find here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fJgAnm_2tILiGXrbw-gTXnNfLrEuRkK8zgKsUPZDP7k/edit?usp=sharing
  11. Greetings from the Zeus Community. I was wondering if people were interested in joining in a night whereby players would engage in a realistic PvP/TvT/A&D (or however you want to call it!) on a large scale (around 100 man). This will essentially be like two organised teams playing a no respawn coop against each other. Even if you are not in a community it will be open to anyone who enjoys playing in a structured and organised way. We are a casual milsim group focused on teamplay, tactics and realistic objectives. W have had great success in the past thanks to all those who joined us into making a full realistic immersive experience. It has been a while since our last TvT game night and I'd like to announce the next one for Sunday 6th May. It will focus on a large scale A&D hoping to be both immersive and challenging with realistic objectives focused on organised tactics to achieve them. We had 100 players last time and I hope we see the same numbers again. Details are as follows: DATE: SUNDAY 6th May TIME: 18:30 (BST) WHERE: #1 Zeus Community Game Server If you have any questions, please post them here. Tipsi
  12. Armaverse Nordic is hosting a 24/7 server for Iron Front with team vs team missions The missions are built on Arma 3's Warlords game mode and use HoverGuy's Simple Shops framework (GitHub, BIS forum thread) to provide players the freedom of choice regarding gear, vehicles etc. while still at the same time somewhat restricting the access to top-tier assets. Warlords game mode offers Sector Control / CTI hybrid style gameplay. This game mode unleashes the ultimate all-out combined arms warfare Note about the overall gameplay: the server is forcing Veteran difficulty, so 3rd person mode will not be available. Available missions include action for the following factions of Iron Front: the German Army, the Soviet Army, the United States Army and the Army of United Kingdom. The game server is provided with the possibility to use Advanced Combat Radio Environment 2 (Get it from GitHub, Steam Workshop) To join the ACRE2 enabled TeamSpeak server head over to ts3server:// or direct IP ( to connect from the TeamSpeak. About modifications Required: @CUP Terrains - Core - The Community Upgrade Project Terrains core pack Get it from >> Armaholic, Steam Workshop @IFA3_AIO_LITE - Iron Front in Arma 3 Get it from >> Steam Workshop, other sources please see: http://ww2ina3.com/wiki/index.php?title=WW2_Download#Mirrors Recommended: @CBA_A3 - Community Base Addons Arma 3 (required with Advanced Combat Radio Environment 2 and ShackTac User Interface) Get it from >> Armaholic, Steam Workshop @ACRE2 - Advanced Combat Radio Environment 2 Get it from >> GitHub, Steam Workshop @ShackTac User Interface - ShackTac User Interface Get it from >> Armaholic, Steam Workshop @Immersion Cigs Get it from >> Armaholic, Steam Workshop @LAMBS_Danger.fsm - AI enhancement mod for Arma 3 Get it from >> Armaholic, Steam Workshop To easily download all the modifications that are listed above you can also use a Arma 3 Mod Preset file! Just download the preset HTML file to your PC and drag-and-drop the file to the Arma 3 launcher to directly start downloading all the required and recommended modifications from Steam Workshop. Arma 3 Mod Preset Armaverse Nordic Iron Front @ pastebin.com You can find the raw paste data inside the spoiler below. Just copy-and-paste it for example into Notepad and save the file as HTML. For now there won't be any other possibility to send feedback other than this very forum thread so be it either hate mail, positive feedback or suggestions please leave a comment below! Please consider a donation to help keep the server operational (all donations will be directed to the monthly server fee). To donate, click the direct link below between the PayPal icons. https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=V5FHKHW9H57NU On behalf of Armaverse Nordic Asmodeus
  13. Oceanic PvP Series This is the Biggest OCE PvP Event Series, Come represent your Unit What: Every Second Friday Night on the [CoG] Oceanic PvP Series Server there is an objective base PvP event featuring different Arma units. The Missions change every fortnight but is always objective based and tactical. The server is always live if you need to test all your mods are working correctly. Event has been running for 3 years now. If your from outside OCE your still welcome but the ping will be about 230ms for US and 300ms for EU Where: • Team Speak 3: TS.CoGclan.com • Arma 3 Server: [CoG] Oceanic PvP Series When: Calender - Here 1900 Join/ Pregames 1930 First Operation 2030 Second Operation (Main Event) 2130 Third Operation (reverse of Main) If any operation finishes early, time filler games will be played or intermission. (all times are for AEST time zone) If you’re interested in joining yourself or your unit up for these events add me and send me a message. Or visit our website www.CoG-Clan.com If its your first time joining please arrive early so you can be given TeamSpeak Permissions and make sure all your mods are up to scratch. Task Force Radio needs extra attention, info is in the workshop description. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=573021058 Enrolled Units: Combat Oriented Gamers www.cog-clan.com Flying Monkeys in Space https://fmisgaming.com/ The Last Olympians https://m.facebook.com/Thelastolympians/ AUSCorp http://taskforceauscorp.com/realism/ B|Tac http://www.ozgamingnetwork.com.au/forums/index.php?/forum/3-borderline-tactical/ Australian Rebel Army http://steamcommunity.com/groups/AustralianRebelArmy 101st Chairbourne http://101stchairborne.boards.net/ Task Force Raven Fire http://taskforceravenfire.enjin.com/ Australian Strategic Operations Regiment [ASOR] https://www.facebook.com/AustralianStrategicOperationsRegiment/?fref=ts Updates and information is posted here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/477577142433846/
  14. Looking for another milsim group or groups interested in competing in friendly ~20v20 Team vs Team Objective based missions. The majority of the missions consist of two rounds (50minutes each) where each group get a chance to play one round as BLUFOR (Attackers) and one round as OPFOR (Defenders). Mission information and intelligence provided days or weeks beforehand so each time has a chance to train, plan, and rehearse their execution. Mission Details: Operation Two Eyes Out - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9SkDEggRSDjak9QTGgybUNyWk0/view?usp=sharing Summary of Settings: - 2 ROUNDS , EACH GROUP PLAYING 1 ROUNDS OF OPFOR/BLUFOR EACH -1st Person Perspective (no 3rd Person) -No Respawns (UPON DEATH YOU WILL BE IN SPECTATE MODE) -Signatures Enabled -Battle Eye enabled -ACE MEDICAL SYSTEM (MEDICS CAN REVIVE) Addons/Mods:(small mod count for performance and ease of use) @CBA_A3 @ACE @ACEX @ACRE2 (use of Babbel so opposing sides can't understand each other)
  15. Watch the introduction video Description Arma At War or short AAW is a teamwork oriented Player vs Player Gamemode Modifciation for Arma 3. We, the developers have been working on something very similar for the past year but have decided to work on our project under a different name. Arma At War is an attempt to capture the gameplay elements of the popular games like the Project Reality: Battlefield 2 mod or Squad and deliver them in a separate game mode for ArmA 3. Gameplay, coordination and communication play as big of a role as the openness to modern concepts and influences. While we are trying to make the entry barrier as low as possible, we will still include the depth and complexity the would be expected from a Project Reality version in ArmA 3. The catch phrase 'Easy to learn, hard to master' really shapes the whole project. Core Features Advance And Secure Gamemode [Done] Capture and hold zones in a pre-determined order. Custom User Interface [In Progress] Including Spawn Screens, custom compass etc. High Performance [In Progress] Code is written to ensure high performance gameplay at high server and client frames and fast networking code. Logistics System [In Progress] Assist your team by resupplying the frontlines, build FOBs or emplacements. Medical System [Done] Treat wounds, revive and transport wounded team mates with our intuitive Medical System. Marker System [Done] Assign order markers to guide your squad or spot enemies on the map. Squad Management System [Done] Create, join and manage your squad and squad members. Deployment System [Done] Choose from a variety of Kits and join the fight on an allied Base, Rally Point or FOB. Kit & Vehicle Restrictions [Done] No more solo-tanking in lone-wolf snipers thanks to our Restriction System. Commander [In Progress] Guide your team to victory by assigning orders to Squads or make use of Support Weaponry like artillery or mortar strikes. Mod Support [In Progress] Want your favourite factions to battle against each other? AAW allows to be modified extensively. Learn more Join our discord discord.me/atwar-mod Follow us on twitter https://twitter.com/war_mod Servers Armaworld Teamspeak: Website: http://armaworld.de/ Contact: @Katho ; @eckart ; @Raven ; @[FDS] Nordmann http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ Region: EU/GER Mods: no Language: International IP: Port: 2312 Hostile Takeover Teamspeak: TS.HT-Community.com Discord: https://discord.gg/pTyGxNH Website: http://hostiletakeover.co/ Contact: @SofaKing1337 ; @WARHAWK_HT ; @Jakob HT http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ Region: US Mods: no Language: International IP: Port: 2302 Onion Gamers Teamspeak: ts3.oniongamers.com Discord: https://discord.gg/Uqc668V Website: www.oniongamers.com Contact: @AJAX ; @Mobius Region: US Mods: no Language: International IP: bmr3.oniongamers.com Port: 2302 LibertyGaming Teamspeak: ts.libertyrp.net Discord: https://discord.gg/YMkymHY Contact: @Hyypperionn Region: Australia Mods: no Language: International IP: Port: 2312 RU27 Discord: https://discord.me/ru27 Contact: @Ghosto http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ Region: RU Mods: no Language: International IP: Port: 2332 AMFR Teamspeak: ts.teamamfr.fr Contact: @AMFR_Kendose Region: EU Mods: RHS & TFAR Language: French IP: Port: 2302
  16. TOURNAMENT DETAILS 1) Kickoff - February 25th - 18:00 CET (Central European Time) 2) 8v8 - Team vs Team 3) 8 custom made PvP maps (New maps and old favorites: updated and balanced) 4) Limited to 8 teams/squads. First come, first serve. 5) First Person Locked. 6) Prize Pool: $50 7) Twitch / Teamspeak / Hosted Servers. 8) Mods: Task Force Radio / ShackTac / CBA_A3 ]DETAILS Following the huge success and enjoyment of Season 1 of the VIKING PvP Tournament, it’s time for Season 2 to begin! If are you a group/squad who enjoys testing your PvP skills in the field, come join us. We will host the event server and teamspeak server, so all you need to do is show up and play. The missions are 8v8 objective based PvP missions but of course if you can only field 7 men on the day then we'll make sure to match you with a squad of the same numbers. This is something we'll all discuss on the day before we kick off the event. We will have an official Twitch Stream broadcasting the event but you are of course welcome to stream it to your followers too. There will be 20 observer slots available per mission for those teams on standby to observe others. Make sure to follow our VKNPMC Twitter for regular updates. EQUIPMENT There will be no crazy sights or equipment here. You will be armed with an AR and the basics. This event is to test your individual skill as players but more importantly how efficient you are as a fighting unit. HOW TO SIGN UP 1) Contact me directly (add me and message me) 2) Reach us on steam via our tournament page and join the group Steam Tournament Page 4) Contact one of our members via our WEBSITE MAPS You are welcome to practice / strategize before the tournament on all of the maps that will be played. Here is the link to all the tournament maps on the workshop: HERE Looking forward to seeing you all on the battlefield! VIKING OUT.
  17. Flash-Ranger

    Capture The Flag Week !

    Hello all, I will be hosting a Capture The Flag game every night (~8PM onwards Paris Time) for anyone that would like to discover this type of GamePlay. Feel free to lookup what CTF is at : https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/188883-capture-the-flag/ Hashtags :) - No Mods - TvT Friendly matchs - CQG style - PvP Please feel free to drop in ! Server name: 88th Co.-Walking Death- eSports Server -NO MODS- Address: Required game version: 1.66.0 Best Regards, Flash-Ranger
  18. Hello all, I am from the community Carpe Noctem Tactical Operations and I am looking at putting together a hopefully multi community TvT/PvP event night. I am hoping this will become a regular event in all our calendars to sharpen our skills and come together and play Arma 3 on a large scale. At the moment we play with a large MOD set but to accommodate more communities we would slim this down for these events to enable more to join and to have less complications and disagreements about mods, the following are our core mods: ACE RHS US RHS RF ACRE I know a lot of communities use TFAR so this is negotiable but both are very simple to install. Please reply to this post or message me at our website or on steam in the links seen below(my Signature). Regards, Dachi
  19. Greetings from the Zeus Community. I was wondering if I could arrange a night whereby the Zeus Community and another community would engage in a realistic PvP/TvT/A&D (or however you want to call it!) on a large scale (around 100 man). Even if you are not in a community it will be open to anyone who enjoys playing in a structured and organised way. We are a casual milsim group focused on teamplay, tactics and realistic objectives. We have our non-addon game nights on Thursdays and Sundays, while our addon game nights occur on Wednesdays and Saturdays. However, we have many players active on the other days as well. We reckon we could muster about 30-50 people if this was to be organised. If we were to arrange a TvT, I would suggest: We would have to find common ground with which to play with. For example, we use a range of CUP terrains and RHS units. I'm guessing at the very minimum we could both have task force radio and CBA. The mission involved would be realistic and objective based (none of that CTF/invade & annex). We have mission makers who would be available to cater to our/your needs (whatever mods we decide to both use). We could play on our server and on our TS. Basically, we can handle all the preparations, but we just need to find middle ground in regards to the addons to use and when we should host the event so that all can enjoy. At the end of the day, if need be we can start off with vanilla Arma3 with CBA and task force radio for our first meeting, just to get the ball rolling as smoothly as possible, and if it is successful and met with great interest, we can start adding more mods to our encounters. If you are interested and don't play with mods, we can still do this as well. Please let me know if you are interested! Our Teamspeak Address is: teamspeak.zeus-community.net Kind Regards, Tipsi - Game Admin of Zeus Community
  20. If you are looking for a project where communication, cooperation and coordination counts then the MACE PVP/TVT is for you! Stand in front of another player and defeat him in a virtual battle. MULTI-PLAYER ArmA COMBAT ENGINE This was first concieved as a mission within ArmA2 and has been developed and improved by the MACE/Total War community within ARMA3. The MACE engine is a modded version of the Zdrob Engine by eRazer, and is a platform upon which players can create any battlefield environment within ArmA3. Specifically for multiplayer team games - PvP/TvT, the MACE engine provides a scalable battlespace from infantry only, to full combined arms with support units, armored vehicles and aircraft. Zdrob Engine Inside The mission is powered by the Zdrob engine, created by its author eRazer, using his extensive experience of sqf scripting and he has over 4000+hrs within ARMA3 mostly editing/scripting missions. This has been developed over the last 3 years with the ideas and feedback of the community (initially PAC / 9GU) and has now evolved into the Zdrob engine (Zengin) which is a framework/tool to build multi-player PvP/TvT missions. Dynamic Mission Framework The dynamic nature of the mission allows great variety with every mission. Its does this through customisable mission parameters and tools. The server administrator can choose predefined (map dependant) or "dynamic locations", with up-to 10 dynamic/moveable sectors, each with their own unique size. As the server fills with players, the dynamic roles and deployment systems of the mission, adapt automatically according to the No. of players on the server. This allows the mission to automatically change from, small scale infantry combat to large scale, combined arms battle, without restarting the mission. Commmunity The MACE project is a community of international communities, large/small and individuals players. We are an OPEN community of serious, hardcore, PVP players, who like a challenge. We are activley looking for other like minded players, groups or communites for participation in our organised battles and practice sessions. Game Modes There are a selection of game modes: AAS : Advance and Secure A&D : Attack and Defend KOTH : 1 Sector Control Search and Destroy (in development) Using these tools, you can safely say that, playing the same twice mission is almost impossible. Check more info on http://www.arma-mace.com For more info join our Steam Group - http://steamcommunity.com/groups/armaprmace MACE Discord MACE Twitter : @Arma3Mace Cheers, MACE HQ http://imgur.com/a/NtMnf
  21. Summary: Two teams fight for control of pre-defined sectors using limited assets — the team with a majority of sectors held bleeds the others tickets, with the match ending when one team reaches 0 tickets. The intent of this missions is balanced and fun infantry combat. Armed vehicles have limited respawns and longer respawn timers than their soft-skinned counterparts, and the better equipt classes have fewer available slots than standard riflemen. My friend who worked on this mission and I are hoping this resembles gameplay you'd get from games like Project Reality or Battlefield's Conquest game-mode — except in ARMA. Feature list: Respawns available at your base and on your Squad Leader's rally point (Destroyed on Squad Leader's death) Lightweight niceties like earplugs, squad name markers, health display (all toggleable, F1-F5 keys) Custom bleeding values using RHS ammo class names (So larger calibers can cause higher tiers of bleeding) Custom medical - very slow health regeneration that can be somewhat sped up by sitting down. This is to avoid players deciding to respawn (losing their team a ticket) if they're too badly injured to continue. Pre-defined classes with unique roles, while not being unfair — you won't get a rubbish PDW simply for going medic. RPG assistants also carry a disposable 1-shot launcher along with the ammo for their reloadable counterpart carried by the primary AT role. There are also two types of standard rifleman. Opfor have the choice of an AK74m or AK-103 rifleman, while Bluefor have the choice of an M4 or M16. Magnified optics are reserved for Designated Marksmen and Special Forces. Limited vehicle selection. While there is some asymmetry with vehicle loadouts, this is hopefully both balanced and flavoursome. Only the largest version (Athira) includes high-tier modern vehicles. This is primarily an infantry mission and we did not want thermals or high-power vehicle weapons / GMG's to be common. REQUIRED MODS: RHS: AFRF RHS: USF DOWNLOAD (current version: 1.01) : Steam Workshop: 32vs32: Pyrgos Kore Athira* 16vs16: Terminal * The Athira version is an experimental mission with one very large capture zone, plus high-tier vehicles and gear (Tanks, jets, high-end helicopters, plus a crate at base with static ATGM, GMG, and MG backpacks). Servers: N/A Future plans: If anyone actually plays this and likes it we might expand this mission with new areas (perhaps also on upcoming maps like Tanoa or Taunus), add extra features (BIS revive was tested but disabled in this release due to a bug with spawning), make prettier FOBs (The current bases are quite lazy but I wasn't going to waste time on immaculate item placement at such an early stage), add side missions or other random events. If you have feedback this is the place for it; there may still be some rough edges here and there, so if you notice a problem or have comments on balance/ticket values, let us know and we'll take that into consideration for the next iteration. The new 1.60 respawn screen also now appears to allow class limits, so we'll take a look at using that rather than the arma 3 lobby for role selection (so you can change your kit on respawn w/ a preview of its gear).
  22. Frag Platoon is a fairly small tight knit group (of about 12 people currently) which has been around for over a year, however switched to Arma 3 on new years from Arma 2 so we are some could say "new" to arma 3. We are hoping to reach a stable 20-25 players regularly. We feel a small group that plays well together is better than 30+ player counts where you don't really know everyone. That and easier to make missions. Our focus is on on fun and semi realistic play style. Meaning that our missions have a realistic role selection (squad lead, squad medic, fireteam 1, ect) without all the "proper" drills or requirements to be in certain slots its first come first serve for roles. You are not locked to any role for example you can be a rifleman one game and a pilot the next (we do ask you do know how to fly though and not take it and crash instantly). Missions we play vary wildly. Coops, TVT's, Zues missions and gimmick missions (take it easy missions like car races ect) usually played at the end of session. The mod's that we use are in our Arma 3 sync repo. Consisting of: ACE3, Acre, CBA3, Cup terrains, Standalone F-15, John's SU-35, both RHS packs and Shacktac's hud. With Unsung's update in the future Our sessions are at 8pm EST as due to our international members this works best for the majority so anyone is welcome to join. We do not have any "session requirements" meaning we are not forcing you to play with us join us whenever you can. We are even fine if you multi-clan. We do ask to please let any admins know if you cant make it for courtesy sake as sometimes we plan missions based on estimated player count. Requirements to join are fairly simple. Must be respectful, mature, have a good sense of humor and willing to play as a team. No lone wolfing. Must be at least 17 years to join. Sorry no exceptions on this one To join is there is 2 ways: one join our teamspeak and talk to Shazer (me) Ewarrior or Wally the Walrus. or two apply to our group on steam http://steamcommunity.com/groups/fragplatoon Hope this peaks some people's interest!
  23. Anrop.se is a Swedish Arma 3 community playing PvE and PvP operations. We meet other "clans" once in a while and are looking for some new to challenge. We are between 20-40 at our PvP,s. Look at Anrop.se This is from the latest PvP, a few moments. https://m.youtube.com/watch?list=PLEiay7j6ECkvHB1zIadz7rgq-Bg_OXSqp&v=7t8K1vtV2M0
  24. Find here one evergreen of Gruppe Adlers TvT Missions: Breaking Contact. Well suited for groups from 20 but living to its full potential with much higher player counts. Supports up to 112 players and many maps (CUP TP and more). Very high replayability value - free spawn selection. Best played in a roughly 2:1 attacker defender ratio. Dependencies CBA, ACE3, ACEX, RHS Escalation, TFAR, optionally RDS_CIV Mission Concept Russians have to protect their radio truck from destruction from US forces. At the same time they have to deploy antennas (send radio message) a preselected total amount of time to win. When deployed the radio truck is marked on the map for US. If US manages to neutralize the truck or kill all Russians, the game is over. At their start vehicle both factions can buy a limited range and number of vehicles with a preselected amount of credits. US forces have air superiority whereas Russians can field a little bit more raw fire power. Rules no respawn, no play area restrictions, ACE spectator, no scopes, basic medical, fixed loadout, quick start Parameters Time, Weather, US Spawn Distance, Money, Deploy time to win, Time Acceleration, Ingame Replay Accuracy, JIP time, BFT toggle, Civilian Traffic Toggle (needs RDS_CIV!) Setup Info * Doesnt work locally, you need a Dedicated Server * Opfor Commander Slot is mandatory, otherwise you are stuck in a waiting loop * For testing purposes with only one player you might fill up Blufor with AI Additional info * Admin slot is Zeus to help out teleporting JIP and fight bugs * Russians might redeploy, the sum of deployed time counts for winning - makes for very dynamic gameplay * Russians might buy a mobile radio box, which takes the radio truck as a relay. Sending on its own it only has half the power (or if the distance is above >500m from radio truck). This enables more static positions if necessary (destruction of radio truck does not lead to win anymore but only destruction of mobile box, if bought). * Its highly recommended to use the predefined amount of money * For every player there is a little bonus in money * Check the mouseover in the buy menu to get info about what you will purchase (Ammo Truck/Ammo M113 comes to mind) * You can eradicate the helipad in the buy menu when you are fully equipped to hide your spawn * Mission is localized in English and German * BIS dynamic group system can be used with <U> * US Camo automatically chosen (hardcoded for every map) * NVG are to be found in the start vehicles (HMMWV/radio truck) * Arrows above heads will disappear after 5mins ingame. They hint on Teamleads and SQLs to increase start time * There might be features I forgot to mention here :) Known issues in this version * JIP players will spawn in strange places. Use Admin Zeus to teleport them Currently supported maps Altis, Beketov, Bornholm, Chernarus, Chernarus Summer, Clafghan, Esseker, FATA, Gorgona, Capraia, Kunduz, Namalsk, Panthera, N'Ziwasogo, United Sahrani, Stratis, Sugarlake, Takistan, Tanoa, Taviana, Thirsk, VT5, Bystrica, Zargabad Download (1.6.6) https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BycA9qJqQcnmUTFYMGRBMXdYYTQ?usp=sharing Armaholic Mirror: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=30640 Source https://github.com/gruppe-adler/TvT_BreakingContact.Stratis (conversion for other maps than stratis is done with build script) I will continue to tweak and balance the game mode and release stable versions when I see fit. Please report any issues or make proposals to github. Screenshots http://imgur.com/a/QNhju
  25. FFtA3 : From Flashpoint to Arma 3 Project description : FFtA3 is a Multiplayer project. My objective is to recreate all the best OFP maps (starting by CTF: Capture the Flag and all the way to DM and TDM). As an old school player, playing Flashpoint since 2001 I have recently installed Arma 3. Only finding very little CTF and DM GamePlay, I have started gathering the wonderful maps we all played and on witch we spent soooo much time and started transferring them in the Arma 3 world. Scripts and Templates : In collaboration with the "88th Walking Death" squad and some other coders, I have built up stable CTF, DM and TDM templates. It's is now operational since 1.68 Update. Special thanks to [88] LORD without who this couldn't be possible. Credit : CTF Template: General work flow : Flash-Ranger DM & TDM Template: General work flow : Flash-Ranger WeaponSystem : [88] Murcielago Friendly Tag System : JTS Mission recreation : Flash-Ranger Where to play : Map already recreated : - [CTF] The End - [CTF] Lost And Lonley - [CTF] Never Scared - [CTF]=S.O.F=Born To Kill - [CTF] Corridor - [DM] Tequila Sundown - [TDM] SNIPER SHOWDOW - [TDM] Urban Sniper - [DM] MAZED - [DM] Ultimate Gunship (WIP) - [CTF] S-Curve (WIP) Maps to come : - [CTF] Dead Mans Alley - [CTF] Head ♥♥♥♥ - [CTF] Scotch Valley - [CTF] ToySoldiers - [CTF] Crazy ctf - [CTF] MiniHexenkessel - [CTF] Cashville - [CTF] Dead Zone - [CTF] X-RAY - [CTF] URBAN ALLEY - [CTF] Little Everon - [CTF] LightHouseKeeper - [CTF] Up In Smoke - [CTF] PARADISE - [TDM] Double Tower Sniper - [TDM] SniperZ ... Please feel free to send me some recommendations by Mail and if you have the maps you are asking for somewhere, send them too. What is CTF ? CTF stands for Capture The Flag. It is a "Close Quarters Combat (CQC)" game-mod played by a limited amount of players (2 to 24 players) in a restricted area (500m MAX). CTF players have to capture the enemy flag and bring it back to their own Flag. Fatigue is disabled and Snipers/long range riffles are not available (for CQC verison). The team that scores the most times in a given time is the winner. CTF can be adapted to bigger maps and applied to a terrain. Listen to the ArmaNET podcast FFtA3 CTF Map Features : - Weapon Menu - Friendly tags (Optional) - Flag tags (Optional) - Self Heal system FFtA3 DM Map Features : - Lobby Weapon type selection - Full Randomised weapons & scopes - Friendly tags (For TDM Only) - Self Heal system NO MODS ARE NEEDED FOR THE SYSTEM TO WORK. CHANGELOG : (Send FeedBack : flashrangerarma3@gmail.com) 08/05/2019 : - SNIPER SHOWNDOWN : Full system update 06/03/2019 : - [DM] MAZED first release. 30/01/2018 : - [TDM] Urban Sniper First Release. 18/01/2018 : - SNIPER SHOWNDOWN : No-Respawn bug Fixed 17/01/2018 : - ALL MAPS Intro Synchro Fixed 16/01/2018 : - All CTF maps : open doors problem fixed 15/01/2018 : - CTF system Update (All CTF maps) - TEQUILA SUNDOWN > Fixed MP bug Download : THE END : Workshop / Google Drive LOST AND LONELY : WorkShop / Google Drive NEVER SCARED : WorkShop / Google Drive =S.O.F=BORN TO KILL : WorkShop / Google Drive Corridor : WorkShop / Google Drive Tequila Sundown : WorkShop / Google Drive Sniper Showdown : WorkShop / Google Drive Urban Sniper : WorkShop / Google Drive MAZED : WorkShop / Google Drive @FFtA3 @FlashRangerArma