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Found 297 results

  1. I was wondering if there is any way to require data from .json files inside q .sqf file. Or anything that covers that functionallity. The thing is: when a player buy a new custom loadout on the website, a post request is made with his ID to a file. Then, the if statemant checks the json file to watch for the player ID instead to watch for it on the array. the execVM function can do this? there is other way? Thank you all. //Default way for doing this if ((getPlayerUID player) in ["456789123"]) then { //Donators: Nobody DefaultMagazines = [{custom_items}]; DefaultWeapons = [{custom_items}]; DefaultBackpack = "{custom_item}"; DefaultBackpackWeapon = "{custom_item}"; }; //Exepected way loadout.sqf if ((getPlayerUID player) in {file.json} ) then { //Donators: Nobody DefaultMagazines = [{custom_items}]; DefaultWeapons = [{custom_items}]; DefaultBackpack = "{custom_item}"; DefaultBackpackWeapon = "{custom_item}"; }; //JSON with the buyers ID's file.json {[ '123456789','987654321', '159753468',..... ]}
  2. Hi, I am writing this topic to find some help about a Strange problem that I have since approximately 5 months I used to run a private server between me and my friends to have fun but now I can't … I run the server like Always but none of my friends can see my server… So I am searching why I can't make a server anymore like before. I let you some screens to show you how I was Always hosting my server. Thanks for your help, Dr.Jeff.
  3. i am a noob, i know that. im trying to create a server side addon that i can put my scripts/functions in. i have a test setup that is just supposed to do hello world. can someone please tell me what im doing wrong. thank you for any help. image of my current setup. https://imgur.com/a/cfRcA3i
  4. I have stumbled across an issue with the mission I am working on for my server, it works really well once tested on my client and in the editor. However, once I upload it for testing on the dedicated server, the mission goes wild. It makes units fall down through the ground after you spawn in and vehicles makes flips, they explode and start burning all across the map. Units and vehicles are affected, not static objects such as sandbags. Does anyone know what might be the cause of this issue? It really confuse me, because to my knowledge, there is nothing obvious that should be causing this issue. The units across the map keeps flipping up and down beneath the ground like this. None of my other missions behave in this way, I assume it is mission related?
  5. Hello everyone, and thank you for taking the time. I have now spent quite a lot of time going through the forums and have a lot of experience with mission making and server management myself, however I have a query to anyone who might know more than me on this particular matter. Running a dedicated server and i am trying to make respawning work on the server in a particular behavior; Been looking for the following: - Respawn inside a particular vehicle on dedicated server, not on the ground. - Respawn countdown/timer. - Something like a spectator camera when you are waiting for the countdown/timer (watching a black screen or a map screen is not that fun, more fun to watch other players you play with in the same team/side). I have been trying to tackle this forever, but the respawn system in the editor seem to only work with respawning on the ground not in a vehicle. It works in the editor, but when I run it in the dedicated server everything glitches and blows up, and the respawn vehicle falls deep below the map you can't interact with it only as zeus. I understand a dedicated server needs external files such as a Description file for this. Does anyone know any scripts or how I can make this work? Cheers. --------------- EDIT: I managed to set up a file called OnPlayerRespawn with the following code and it works: player assignAsCargo heli1; player moveInCargo heli1; However, I can't figure out how to make a respawn timer for it or make a spectator camera for the code. Right now the second a player die they instantly respawn inside the vehicle. Any suggestions? --------------- EDIT 2: After hearing I can syncronize the respawn module simply with an empty vehicle, I am having a persistent issue that I have not managed to solve as of yet on my own. But the respawn window is empty, it says disabled and I get no options to choose from. An error that says at the bottom left too. https://i.gyazo.com/f6de357a48cb5f545a12ca521ca4bc01.png
  6. Hi, I need help! when I start the dedicated server using TADST, with the mod ASR_AI3, which I try to access a mission, it tells me the following error: Script \userconfig\asr_ai3\asr_ai3_config.sqf not found and take me out how can I solve that? try applying -filePatching, but nothing Can somebody help me?
  7. So basically, I was wondering if there is any way to add a role into my server, where a player can control static AA such as a Praetorian or Centurion from their UAV terminal? Is there any script that would allow this to work on the server?
  8. So this is an issue I encounter on some servers and do not encounter on others. I'm curious if anyone knows what the culprit might be and if there is a fix. For the purposes of this discussion I'm talking about vanilla sling loading, but this occurs more frequently if using Duda's advanced sling loading. In a nutshell, flying around sling loading any object (I really can't stress anymore that is is truly any object completely independent of mass) at a moderate speed (between 40-60kts, appropriate sling speed), the load and the helicopter are treated as completely separate objects and the server will eventually "hiccup" slightly. This causes the server to think the load and the helicopter are beyond range of each other, thus disconnecting the ropes and letting the load fall to the ground. This doesn't seem to happen on some servers, it happens infrequently on others, or even extremely frequently on other servers. Have others encountered this? I don't see any topics about it and to me it seems like a pretty big deal as it essential makes anything other than the old script sling loading completely useless. I can take a guess that is might have something to do with latency between the client and the server but when my ping to the main server I play on is usually less than 50 and I still have this occur all the time, there seems to be something wrong. Let's talk about it.
  9. I dont know why but everytime I run this script and I'm in zeus interface, it kicks me out of the interface and does not let me get in again. I'm loggin in to the zeus interface via #adminLogged. script: { if (typeOf _x == "B_Boat_Transport_01_F" || (!alive _x) ) then { deleteVehicle _x; }; } forEach entities [[], [], false, false]; Hope someone can help me, because the script does what i want it to do but it keeps doing this annoying kicking
  10. hello, I would like to start a new EXILE server. There are up to 70 players up, there are about 100 AI, and little mods. Which of the 3 servers in the picture is recommended? Thank you in advance for the answers.
  11. Greetings, Asking your help for an issue that we had with some friends for quite a while now. The issue is simple, when we try to log in any server hosted by any one of us with any mod (none being included in "any"), if the mission is already started, meaning that you can go farther than the lobby, you have something like an 80% chance of disconnecting instantly. It is not a kick, neither an error, nor a crash, but it shows to the other players : "user connected user disconnected" And that's all, nothing to the one that can't join, he simply goes back. This apply either while joining from the launcher or with the game already started. For some reason this error doesn't exist with other servers. We found a way to outsmart this bug, glitch or whatever it is. We get everyone to connect to the server while the host hasn't chosen a mission yet and this basically gets you to an infinite loading screen. There you can't be disconnected, so when the host launches the mission, everyone is in the lobby and you can play (hurrah !). But this doesn't fix everything, if a player was to disconnect for any reason (lost connection, out of power, horny gf) The only way to get him back in action is to do that all again from the start, which is quite a pain I'll let you know. So that's why I ask you to help us, we've been living this for 6 months now and the fact that we spent all the last afternoon trying to get everyone to play without managing it eventually motivated me to post this here.
  12. Hey, First I don't know where to put this thread. Second, when I try to host a server now that the official servers are gone, my friends get the message "server not responding" I have tried the following: 1- normal game and network settings + host a server. 2- Dynamic IP + Port Forward 2302 2303 + host a server. 3- Static IP+ Port Forward 2302 2303 + host a server. None of the above let any of my friends connect to my server. P.S. There are certain players who got their servers to work but I don't know how. I asked one of them and he said by magic. Is there something I am missing?
  13. Well I'm trying to configure a standard, basic dedicated servcer in G-portal.com, big problem for me, all wiki inisde the portal was in German, i didnt change anything from the server installation, I cant see the server insiode steam launcher, neither a3launcher, cant connect using direct connection, not sure if i need to do anything else. Are someone here that use G-portal as server host, to give us a hand and help? Regards
  14. Hello recently have bought a server from gamingdeluxe and well yeah mission files in and the idea was that i have set mods always essential and a set of mods optional. However when i add the mods into the command line that i want essential. some of them stay as optional. is there anyway i can literally FORCE the server to load these mods. my command line looks like this (-enableHT "-name=Arma3" "-profiles=instance" "-cfg=instance\basic.cfg" "-config=instance\server.cfg" "-bepath=D:\xxgames\TylerB\18571\battleye" -ip= -port=2300 "-mod=@CBA_A3;@ACE3;@ACEX;@RHSUSAF;@RHSAFRF" -autoinit) however any other mod i add to this command line does not appear as forced by the server. Yes the mod's is in the root directory of the server yes the keys are correct and in the right folder. verify signiture is on V2 Battleye is ON Its a custom mission using rhs etc i want to add the following to the command line to make ESSENTIAL --> splendid smoke backpackonchest tfar beta vsm all in one however when these are in the command line.. the launcher screen either says "no mods required by server" or they arnt forced and listed only as optional. PS. im not like advanced at this but i think what i have done is correct.
  15. Since, as far as I am Aware of, ArmA 3 Admin Debug Console has been deactivated for every Public Community Server, People who actually take the time to do Public Zeus, are in a pretty bad Situation right now. With the Debug Console disabled, many Things are missing. That would be, and just some of them: No ability to let Units surrender anymore. No Virtual Arsenals (the ones where you don't have to manually select everything) Many more Modules missing. Look, I understand that the Debug Console got abused heavily by some People. But I don't want it back. I want a massive update to Zeus, perhaps fully integrating the Ares/Achilles Mod (unsure which one is better, I usually only Public Zeus), but from what I've seen in Videos and such (and also a personal test some time ago, with one of them), which was so much easier, and so much more fun to use. Look BI, I'm unsure if you'll read this thread, or even do anything. But if you do, me and many other Public Zeus would love you. It would also make potential entry for new guys, when they join a Zeus Server as Infantry, way more fluid, and easier to understand. Adding all this would definetly also make Public Zeus more popular. So if you would do so, probably think of adding a few more Servers, so there is actually a Chance for People to make Scenarios. Also please, just add everything from the Ares / Achilles Mod, if it is in your own Code, or if you just take it from the Workshop. Or atleast add the good modules to it, stuff like adding your own compositions, both in AI and Buildings etc.
  16. Server spec: Xeon X5675 2 cores 8GB Ram 100Mbps connection Windows Server 2008 R2 Windows Firewall is close Mission config: 45 players slots based on Malden map, add couple of stuff such like:helicopter, building, vehicle, jet craft. Mods: ACE CBA Red Hammer MCC 4 3CB Equipment TADST performance setting: Maxmsgsend 768 MaxSizeGuaranteed 800 MaxSizeNonguaranteed 400 Maxbandwidth: 100mbit/s Minbandwidth: 1280kbit/s MinErrorToSend=0.004; MinErrorToSendNear=0.04 Maximum Custom File Size=240KB maxPacketSize=2000 HT is Enalbed The first problem is about client connection, few users are stock at “ loading missiong data” screen, the loading bar is stop, even no one is in the server, they just can’t pass the loading progress. Some one can change the player slot to sovle it, but 2-3 guys are never success. Second is about lag, after learned this subject:https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/147591-tutorial-server-bandwidth-optimisation/, I figure out our server can carry at least 64 player above. But when the player number overtake 20, all players get serious lag in the server. I think it’s not about Mods part, We have another server has same Mods, it's have no connection issue, but that one has just only 20Mbps banwidth, so 20 players will cause to lag. I really have no idea for it, anyone can help for this?
  17. Hello everyone, I made a Discord Bot which starts /stops / changes config /etc. from my Arma 3 Server. It is written in Java and works. However I want to know if there is a way of grabbing the Console Output of the Arma 3 Server. I hope this is the right section for this - if not please move it. Thank you! Greetings HB
  18. I've enjoyed playing some custom missions with my friends, but i was always the one that made the missions and hosted them. But since a month or so (Tank DLC) my friends can't see my server anymore and we've tried all possible ways to join: "Join friend", "Direct Connect" "Friends" "Recent" "Filter by host" "Filter by mission". We've even got so far to try to join with the launcher browser. When we tried that they see my server name and can enter the password but they crash when the game starts. My brother is able to join, proberaly since we live in the same house. I didn't touch any router settings and my firewall isn't blocking the network. Any ideas?
  19. Daniel der Popoarzt

    [GER]Altis Life Server

    Moin moin, Wir suchen noch Spieler für unseren Altis Life Server der zur Zeit durchschnittlich 15 Spieler hat. Wenn ihr lust habt guckt doch mal vorbei. Polizisten und Feuerwehrmänner werden immer gesucht. Forum: http://www.altis-hunter.de/ TS3: Server IP:
  20. Hi, i have trouble with create lobby for coop mission. I've checked my port forwarding and it's done correctly and the ports are correctly being forwarded to the correct local ip. I've checked windows firewall settings, even off him. I called my provider and checked to see if his ports are open. CSS and CS:GO servers are created without problems and people can connect to them.The problem is not in my programs (no antivirus and firewalls) and not in the system (PC and router), the problem is in the game. Arma 3 includes UPnP, but it does not help. The server is still not visible. and port forwarding screen What can I do to create a working lobby? Thanks and I apologize immediately for my bad English.
  21. Hi there. I have yet another Server problem. If we play on a server and we for example kill a lot of AIs or similar, the server freezes. No, its not clients. WE see each other walking in one place and.. well.. the server is frozen. No response from arma3 process, can login to putty normally. HTOP shows 100% cap on arma3 proccess, however normally it "flows" between cores. Stuck. Can share logs, however there is nothing in them at the time of the crash. As if the whole proccess is frozen. anyone got ideas? Thanks in beforehand.
  22. Hello right ive been able to do the zeus for #AdminLogged however i also want to try and get a slot active for a member of the public without admin rights. ive tried the classic variable name job but that actually doesn't work. I know there is the GUID but im not going to know a random member of the public's UID. it works on the editor and local host but not dedicated. any ideas? thanks in advance ps. I am using TADST tool and the arma 3 server tool. and the curator mod is ticked
  23. BAXofAZ

    New Frame Drops

    Today I was playing Arma 3 on a multiplayer and surprisingly enough, for Arma, I was averaging around 50+ fps. My graphics were not on ultra and my view distance wasn't ridiculous but it was at a perfect sweetspot. Later during my play, I went into the settings to configure a few things, and when I did so I accidentally clicked one of the Arma presets for graphics, I believe low. And ever since that I have been receiving constant frame drops, I thought it was just multiplayer but after trying Single-player it did the same thing. Before this I would use lower graphics for multiplayer and run fine, and for my own single play, I would use all Ultra with any sort of post processing set to max. But I don't understand why after that accident, it wont go back to normal even after setting the graphics to where they were before. I have a GTX1050ti and a i5-4690 3.5Ghz. While not the best it works, generally. Anyone have anything similar happen or know any fixes? Thank you.
  24. Marlon 'aLuFT' Martineli

    Arma 3 - Dedicated Server Problem

    I had a problem for about three days. I downloaded the "ARMA 3 SERVER" tool normally, I also downloaded the application to easily manage the "TADST v3.1.0" server configurations, put it in the Arma 3 Server folder as it teaches, I opened the ports on router 2302, 2303, 2304, 2305, 2306 and other necessary doors, I opened up too many doors, my "UPNP" is enable. But whenever I start the "dedicated server" it appears in my "ARMA 3 LAUNCHER" on the "RECENT" tab, but when I look in the "INTERNET" tab it does not appear. My friends have tried direct connection, searching in the search box and nothing, just does not appear to them the server. I've already tried disabling the "FIREWALL" completely, I already tried it in virtual marking with "WINDOWS SERVER 2012 R2" and nothing, just appears in the "RECENT", wanted to know if there is any solution to my problem, because all places say the same thing about opening ports or disabling the Windows firewall.My internet provider follows the "PPPOE" system, does it influence anything? Help me please, i need this server :( Prints Screens: https://ibb.co/bQHkPHhttps://ibb.co/g2H8dchttps://ibb.co/fApzjHhttps://ibb.co/hNmejHhttps://ibb.co/e2vuJchttps://ibb.co/jS4Arxhttps://ibb.co/hTPFPH or https://ibb.co/bQHkPH https://ibb.co/g2H8dc https://ibb.co/fApzjH https://ibb.co/hNmejH https://ibb.co/e2vuJc https://ibb.co/jS4Arx https://ibb.co/hTPFPH
  25. hello, since tanks DLC seems that usual randomization no longer works on dedicated server! if i run the same mission from editor, it randomize correctly, but on dedicated, it does not! all offroads are red, all hatchbacks are white ecc... any idea whats wrong and how fix it ? thanks!