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Found 298 results

  1. Hey guys, i think i m doin a little mistake in my addon creation. The addon i try to create is called inidb. I know that there is a downloadable release but its library (inidb.dll) is for windows only. I downloaded the library linux sources from git hub (https://github.com/newtondev/inidb-linux) and compiled them to the needed inidb.so file for my virtual linux server. The unpacked addon is part of that download and consists of a config.cpp file and a init.sqf. config.cpp: class CfgPatches { class iniDBI { units[] = {}; weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 0.1; requiredAddons[] = {}; init = "call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers '\inidb\init.sqf'"; }; }; Those 2 files are the content of the folder inidb which i packed with cpbo to inidb.pbo My folder structure at server is as described at git hub: @inidb (folder) db (folder) inidb.so (file) addons (folder) inidb.pbo (file) Im starting my server with the option: -mod=@inidb Generaly my dedicated linux server is able to handle mods. I have other mods (not self created) which are running fine. In my mission which should use the addon i ve the following init.sqf file: init.sqf if(isServer) then { call compile preProcessFile "\inidb\init.sqf"; }; The log file at server produces the following line: Warning Message: Script inidb\init.sqf not found I think there are 2 things which could cause this message and i need your help to get a clue whats goin wrong. It could be that i did a mistake with the path to the addons init.sqf file. The other thing could be that the addon is not loaded by the server for some reason, but i dont know. I googled that problem fo a week and i tried other pathes as described above and i tried to autostart the script by setting up a module in config.cpp and in my mission. But nothing helped, i cant get it working. Edit: Ok, 24 hours r gone since i posted this, 50 views and no little answer. I think i m doin something wrong with that thread. For that reason i try to simplify it to some questions: How defines an addon the path to its scripts? Is it defined by the folder which was packed with cpbo? What does that $PREFIX$ file do i read about? Do i need those file in my case and which content would be correct? The script file in the addons pbo-file should be called from a script in my mission with call compile preProcessFile "\inidb\init.sqf"; what is to do that this works? Are there any reasons which could cause a server to not load an addon? Guys ur help would be very appreciated cause i m stuck with the creation of my mission and cant do a little step forward until the problem with that addon is solved. ********************************************************** code container for WIP: if (!isServer) exitWith {true}; /* Author: Sarogahtyp Title: SSSS - Sarogahtyps Simple Server Statistics Description: Arguments: number - refresh time in seconds Return value: boolean - true if script has been finished */ _admin_check = []; _admin_obj = objNull; while {true} do { // wait for a logged in admin waitUntil { sleep (20 + random 20); _admin_check = (allPlayers - entities "HeadlessClient_F") select {(admin owner _x) != 0}; (count _admin_check > 0) }; _admin_obj = admin_check select 0; //throw infos as long as admin is logged in while {(admin owner _admin_obj) != 0} do { // collect server infos _s_fps = str diag_fps; // frames per second _s_just_players = allPlayers - entities "HeadlessClient_F"; // all player objects _s_plyr_num = count _just_players; // number of players _s_just_HCs = entities "HeadlessClient_F"; // all HC objects _s_HC_num = count _just_HCs; // number of headless clients _s_a_grp_num = {local (leader _x) and alive (leader _x)} count allGroups; // all groups where alive units in _s_e_grp_num = { (count units _x) == 0 } count allGroups; // empty groups _s_d_grp_num = { ({!alive _x}count units _x) > 0 }count allGroups; //groups where only deads in _s_unit_num = {local _x} count allUnits; // living units _s_vec_num = {local _x} count (vehicles - entities "WeaponHolderSimulated"); // living vecs _s_wh_num = {local _x} count (entities "WeaponHolderSimulated") //weapons on ground _s_al_ent_num = {local _x} count entities [[], [], true, true]; // alive entities _s_de_ent_num = {local _x} count entities [[], ["Logic"], true]; //dead entities except logic //collect HC infos //request not available info from HCs remotely if (_s_HC_num >0) then { for "_i" from 0 to (_s_HC_num - 1) do { _str = format ["Saro_HC_report_%1", _i]; missionNamespace setVariable [_str, []]; [_str] remoteExecCall ["Saro_fnc_report_stats_to_server", (_s_just_HCs select _i)]; }; //wait until all HCs responded with desired info waitUntil { sleep (0.1 + random 0.1); _sum = 0; for "_i" from 0 to (_s_HC_num - 1) do { _str = format ["Saro_HC_report_%1", _i]; if (count (missionNamespace getVariable _str) > 0) then { _sum = _sum + 1; }; (_sum == _s_HC_num) }; }; }; sleep (15 + random 15); }; // info while end }; // endless while (end) /* Author: Sarogahtyp Title: SSSS - Sarogahtyps Simple Server Statistics Function Name: Saro_fnc_report_stats_to_server; Description: function used via remote execution by server to recieve some statistical infos Arguments: String - name of global variable which should returned to server by publicVariableServer Return value: true */ params ["_ret_string"]; _tmp_info_array = []; _tmp_info_array pushBack diag_fps; missionNamespace setVariable [_ret_string, _tmp_info_array]; publicVariableServer _ret_string;
  2. Hi, I m running 2 Arma's servers on a Windows Server. On both these addons are allowed : CBA - JSRS 2.1/2.2 - JSRS 3 - STHUD - Low Grass - Blastcore Phoenix 2 - v1.2 Until now both were working well. But since update V1.52 one of them have an issue. Symptoms : The server is running to the launch. Everything is ok. Mission start and People can join whitout problem. But after a while (random time), no one is able to join it despite the fact that the server is always online. On the log i found this : 2015/10/05, 15:51:17 NetServer::finishDestroyPlayer(1585338180): DESTROY immediately after CREATE, both cancelled 2015/10/05, 15:51:43 NetServer::finishDestroyPlayer(1612290099): DESTROY immediately after CREATE, both cancelled 2015/10/05, 15:52:29 NetServer::finishDestroyPlayer(1668866208): DESTROY immediately after CREATE, both cancelled 2015/10/05, 16:20:17 NetServer::finishDestroyPlayer(1523693791): DESTROY immediately after CREATE, both cancelled 2015/10/05, 16:20:54 NetServer::finishDestroyPlayer(1620113081): DESTROY immediately after CREATE, both cancelled 2015/10/05, 17:06:54 NetServer::finishDestroyPlayer(248531044): DESTROY immediately after CREATE, both cancelled I think the problem come from this. If someone has the solution he is welcome to share. The other server is working well and it is set as the server with trouble, only missions are not the same. Thanks by advance.
  3. hello, I own a hosted server on Linux, but some addons doesn't work well. All what I want is to be able to use RHS units with Zeus + Ares. But Zeus doesn't read it. Is there a conflict between the mods ? Cause I have the command line -mod= @CBA_A3;@ares;@RHSUSAF;@RHSASFR; Does someone have at least maybe a pbo file where every configuration similar to what I want available on download ? Thanks.
  4. Server Name #1: CLS #1 Wasteland Stratis | $10K START | gaming.clsesports.com.br IP: Server Name #2: CLS #2 Wasteland Altis | $1500 START | gaming.clsesports.com.br IP: Website: arma.clsesports.com.br Forum: forums.clsesports.com.br Teamspeak for questions: gaming.clsesports.com.br Accepting Suggestions =D Server Powered by: NITRADO.NET
  5. Helloooooo, I noticed that this was an issue for some people and noticed that it has been submitted to the devs. But, I wanted to know if there is anything I can do. Every once in a while the following pops up in the RPT. It does write like 30+ times in a minute when it happens. 20:16:26 Error: Failed to open file a3\sounds_f\vehicles\air\noises\servo_heli_comm_vertical.wav 20:16:26 Cannot load sound 'a3\sounds_f\vehicles\air\noises\servo_heli_comm_vertical.wav' Is there anything that I can do on my end to fix this on the server? Thanks, dubl
  6. This has been annoying me as I have been trying to get the Jurassic Aarma Raptor Pack working in multiplayer with verifySignatures=2 Link to the addon: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=332909923&searchtext=raptor+pack I signed and created the keys using DSSignFile and DSCreateKey The DSSignFile and DSCreateKey files seemed to work for another but for some reason it is not working for this addon. I just keep getting wrong signature It works with verifySignatures=1 but not verifySignatures=2 If anyone can help me out please let me know.
  7. So Bohemia recently nerfed the scopes ranges so now they don't go as far is there a way I can change this on my server to get them back up higher?
  8. Hey guys, I am looking for a way to administer my local servers. (Servers I host over the internet) Is it possible to run an admin menu on my local server that allows me to teleport, spawn items and revive players. When I run this menu I dont want to have to edit the mission file that I'm playing, so i would like to play a steam workshop mission but as I hosting locally I should be able to run custom scripts that let me administer right? Thanks in advance guys :)
  9. Hello My name is John and we have been working on a Arma 3 Life Server. We have our own Server Box for the Game server. The Teamspeak is a NPL 512 slot, and 40+ people trying to help. The thing is, they are all what i call (Google Devlopers) besides one gentlemen. But work is an overload on him and we are requesting some experienced help. No matter what your talent is in the scripting/modding world, we will most defiantly take a look at you. When we get up and running you will be rewarded for the amount of help/work you put into the community. Serious Inquires only please. 18+ is required Email John: 3rdsfo@gmail.com Map is already up, Most things work properly, they just need help on the pile of work left to do.
  10. Hey guys, I have been playing a lot of COOP missions with my friends. but everytime they join they have to download the mission file from me to play and my upload speed sucks. We have tried download the mission from workshop before joining but even then they have to download. Is there anyway to download the mission file in advance so my friends already have the file on their drive and dont have to download from me?
  11. Status of server development/improvements: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?148288-Dedicated-server-status Performance / Profiling branch feedback http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?169944-Arma-3-STABLE-server-1-38-quot-performance-binary-quot-feedback Stress test http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?187697-Arma-3-(release-candidate)-1-38-128916-stress-test-MP-(MultiPlayer) RC test How-To setup/run arma 3 dedicated server http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?147537-Tutorial-How-to-run-ArmA3-on-a-dedicated-server How-To debug server issues http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?182955-TUTORIAL-DEBUGGING-Server-issues-(e-g-not-loading-correctly) Linux server feedback http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?169926-Linux-Dedicated-Server-feedback Headless client http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?149412-Arma-3-Headless-Client Headless client development feedback http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?183918-Dedicated-Client-Headless-Client-feedback-(dev-branch) BattlEye feature news, detailed information http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?167504-Regular-Expression-(Regex)-Support-for-BE-Filters http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?166050-New-BattlEye-Feature-Mission-specific-Script-Event-Filters http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?145530-Globally-banned-by-BattlEye-See-this * still needs better manual for bonus BE features Discussions/contacts (Skype/Irc etc.) this http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?152378-Admins-communication-channels was merged into http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?131825-Skype-groups-amp-other-contact-groups Tools: Tophe's tool , server configuration http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?104991-Tophe-s-Arma-Dedicated-Server-Tool-(TADST) EPM RCON , advanced remote control via BattlEye' RCON http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?160118-EPM-RCon-Tool-(Beta)-Changelog-and-Information BASIX , opensource anti-hack tool/mod - http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?175855-BASIX-Serverside-Anti-Hack-Administration-Mod ALIVE , AI offloading improvements and performance monitoring http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?169350-ALiVE-Advanced-Light-Infantry-Virtual-Environment B.E.C. (no-longer developed) http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?180125-B-E-C-quot-Battleye-Extended-Controls-quot-Admin-tool-for-dedicated-servers ASM (no-longer developed): http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?155881-Arma-Server-Monitor-(very-small-but-useful) BattleWarden RCON, one of first RCON tools for Arma serie, https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/132652-battlewardennet-rcon-for-arma-dayz/page-4#entry2928783 How change branches of Arma 3 on STEAM client http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?149411-How-to-change-Arma-3-branches-between-STABLE-amp-DEVELOPMENT-versions-STEAM-client ---------- Post added at 19:00 ---------- Previous post was at 18:40 ---------- reserved
  12. Dear Devs, Hi there - is there any way we can get textures for the lovely objects that have come with the Heli DLC? Just discovered most can be re-textured with the setObjectTexture command! :D I know the PBOs are encrypted - but might the textures become available on Arma 3 Tools at some point, perhaps?
  13. What a way to start the weekend off: with the USS Khe Sanh (LHD 9)! This mod is essentially meant as a no-frills, no-other-mods-required successor to Myke's old Arma 2 mod which allowed the Arma 2 LHD to be spawned in the Editor instead of being just part of the Utes terrain, combining that with a port of the Arma 2 LHD's components and some incorporating changes of my own (i.e. utilizing certain Arma 3 files instead of Arma 2 files, renaming some named selections and animations in English, etc.). CREDIT: Bohemia Interactive: Provided the sources (i.e. models, material files, configs, textures) with which the LHD is built. ArMaTeC: Provided the script central to this mod and to Myke's. Myke: Inspired and produced the basis for this mod. Chortles: Myself. LICENSE: This mod is released under the Arma Public License - Share Alike (APL-SA). As such, others are permitted to adapt, build upon, fork, or otherwise derive from this mod for noncommercial purposes within the Arma computer game series, but are to give credit where due for the mod('s) content (i.e. as per the Credits above), and such releases are to be under the same license as this. CHANGELOG: v1.0 : 11 July 2014: Initial release. DOWNLOAD: v1.0
  14. http://www.arma2.com/downloads/update/a2oa-server-1.63.112555.tar.bz2 http://www.arma2.com/downloads/update/a2oa-server-1.63.112555.tar.bz2 temporary mirror, as our FTP is down n/a Warning: WARNING: this build is major build 1.63.x thus not compatible backward with 1.62 clients ! both client and server must have this beta build Note: * it requires Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead data to be updated to version 1.62 first in order to run properly. * needs to combine with latest OA 1.63 beta client : http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?168767-ARMA-2-OA-beta-build-112555-(1-63-build-release-not-backward-compatible) Please provide us with feedback to this topic. * Contains some bug fixed not linux specific + timestamp in logfile (linux specific) * Fixed: Linux Date format wrong (https://dev-heaven.net/issues/17313) * this version brings OA dedicated linux server into sync with actual windows server improvements and ai/mp fixes (only up to it's nr. not higher)... http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA:_Dedicated_Server previous thread about 1.62.xxxxx linux server :
  15. As the title suggests, I am trying to access the init from a created object from an sqf.. My example example of the object and position. //f-18_1 _pos = [14228.0078125,16305.0800781,0.00465202]; _object = createVehicle ["JS_JC_FA18E", _pos, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _object = _this select 0; _object setDir 144.741; _object setPosATL _pos; Now I would like to add a re-spawn via external script,, Iceman77's advance vehicle re-spawn to be more exact.. _nul = [this, 2, 1, {}] execVM "vehrespawn.sqf"; But I'm at a loss for a solution at this point, as the code normally implemented in the argument, seems to have changed in the last while. setVehicleInit processInitCommands clearVehicleInit So,, that is my question. I would like to access the command remote.. So that leads me to. call BIS_fnc_MP; However, I'm unfamiliar with this method. I just want to access the init field of an object for re-spawn or simple commands to run my missions/projects.. Could someone help elaborate, as I'm sure others would like help with this as well... As you can see I clearly did some research, but I need help or a nudge in the right direction.
  16. So, how do you, people, feel about such perspective? New Torment... https://torment.inxile-entertainment.com/ http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/inxile/torment-tides-of-numenera
  17. Thoughts and opinions? Also, here's some further info: http://cramgaming.com/youtube-policy-changes-2014-good-bad-ugly-13050/
  18. as of today, servers on DEV branch are reporting also to STEAM master you can open the server list in STEAMclient > View > Servers search for "Arma3Client" game name in filters note: servers behind NAT need forward all needed game and steam related ports p.s. feedback and commentary is welcome :)
  19. first was unable to get it working now i'm getting error and still no good _trg=createTrigger ["EmptyDetector",getMarkerPos "AREA"]; _trg setTriggerArea [150,150,0,false]; _trg setTriggerActivation ["west","NOT PRESENT",false]; _trg setTriggerTimeout [0, 0, 0, false ] _trg setTriggerStatements ["this", "{ if (([thistrigger _x] call bis_fnc_inTrigger)) then {{deleteVehicle _x} foreach crew _x;deleteVehicle _x} } foreach allMissionObjects ''-[thistrigger]",""]; I've been looking at this way to long Thanks
  20. Hi guys, I've managed to get most of the current Bohemia Interactive games working well with WINE. You have 2 options: (Full-sized image is >2MB!) WINE: WINE is a compatibility library that allows users to run Windows software on Linux. It's not Windows, nor is it an emulator or virtual environment like VMWare or Xen - it's a set of libraries that translate Windows function calls to their equivalent Linux versions. You can install WINE using your distribution's package manager. For example, on Ubuntu use: (Ubuntu users must install the WINE Team's PPA repository to provide them with up-to-date versions of WINE) sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa sudo apt-get update Then simply install the packages: sudo apt-get install wine1.5 winetricks or search for 'wine' and 'winetricks' on the Ubuntu Software Center and install them. Once you've done this, open a terminal and type 'winetricks --no-isolate steam' then when Steam has been installed and you've downloaded the game, 'winetricks strictdrawordering=enabled'. Look to the 'Notes/Troubleshooting' section for further information on known bugs and workarounds. PlayOnLinux: Download PlayOnLinux by following the directions on the PlayOnLinux website. Install the latest version of WINE - at least 1.5.13 - choose 'Tools' -> 'Manage WINE versions' then select either amd64 or x86 (either is fine) and '>' to install it. Install Steam or ARMA II. Choose 'Install' then 'Install a non-listed program' in the bottom left. Choose to 'Install a program in a new virtual drive', call it whatever you like. Tick the first option and select the version of WINE installed earlier. Choose the ARMA II or Steam installer and follow the prompts - remember that you can move your old installation to the new prefix, look in .PlayOnLinux/wineprefix/PREFIXNAME/drive_c for your virtual 'C drive'. Install required libraries and fixes. Click 'Configure' and select your new prefix, under 'Install Packages' choose to install 'xact'. Under 'Display', set 'Strict Draw Ordering' to 'enabled' and 'Video memory size' to your videocard's memory size. Play! Double-click the Steam or ARMA II icon in the PlayOnLinux menu and play the game. Manual build and install: If you're comfortable with managing multiple WINE versions and compiling your own software, here's the information you need: WINE version 1.5.13 from WineHQ website or git StrictDrawOrdering enabled in registry Example: git clone git://source.winehq.org/git/wine.git ~/wine-git cd ~/wine-git git checkout wine-1.5.13 mkdir ../wine-build cd ../wine-build ../wine-git/configure This is where you should check everything, to make sure all the features you need are included with the build of WINE you're going to be compiling. You may need to install some libraries to satisfy dependencies, here, for example any warning about xinput or opengl is bad juju! make -j3 make prefix="~/altwine" install Note that 'make -j3' is for a dual-core processor - your value should be the amount of cores your processor has +1 (ie, a 6-core processor should be -j7). This speeds up compiling! Combined Operations Some people have reported difficulties running ARMA II: CO from Steam - there are two ways to get around this: the easiest is to right-click on OA in Steam, go into Properties and Launcher Options and add '-mod=C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\arma 2;EXPANSION;ca' or similar (pointing to your original ARMA II folder). Next time you choose 'Play Game' and click OK it'll be CO. An alternative - especially if you want to use the latest beta version of ARMA II - is to use a bash wrapper script. You could use a few case statements for different mod combinations or servers and create a menu, even. Mods Unfortunately, the current version of SIX Updater doesn't work at all under WINE due to it's dependency on .NET 4.0. Since many mod updates are delivered exclusively over SIX Updater, this is a problem for WINE users. SIX Updater Legacy does support Linux, but both the git versions and ruby gems are woefully out-of-date, crashing with every version of ruby and gem dependencies that I tried. One solution is using a web interface developed by Banshee for ARMA 2 servers. This has various tools for downloading mods, starting and stopping servers and other basic administration tasks. Alternatively, I've modified an old script made for Linux server users by Dr. Pulp that works just fine for clients. It's pretty easy to use - simply download the script, edit the ARMA_DIR directory to point to your WINE's ARMA II or OA directory and ARMA_SYNC_DIR to point to a storage directory in which you are happy keeping copies of the mods and either edit the list of mods in the MODS variable or pass each mod through as an option ('./arma2rsync ace acex acex_ru acex_usnavy' for example). You'll need to make sure that you have rsync, gunzip and convmv installed through your package manager. View the script here, or download it here, copy it to a folder of your choice and rename it to 'something.sh', the 'something' being entirely up to you. Make it executable (either chmod +x something.sh in the console or right-click, properties and allow execute permissions), edit the variables then execute in the terminal as above. It wouldn't be difficult to create a Mono/GTK/Qt4 wrapper or launcher to do all this from a GUI (and even launching the game or/and connecting to servers. SIX updater-ish but lite+Linux?). If there's any demand, I'll look at freeing up some time to do so. Success Stories Endotic GeForce GTX 550 Ti, ArchLinux Testing (amd64), NVIDIA 290.10 Wine 1.3.34 + Wine 1.3.36 (w/raw3) FreeBSD 9 (amd64) Wine 1.5.1 (w/raw3) Funtoo (amd64), NVIDIA 302.17 Wine 1.5.9 (w/raw3) AMD Radeon 6990, Funtoo (amd64), Catalyst 12.6 Wine 1.5.10 (w/raw3) Wine 1.5.13 (Tentative success on the Radeon, still trying to track down some performance issues) Operated GeForce GTX 560 Ti, Slackware x86 w/PAE, Nvidia 285.05.09 Wine 1.3.32-1.3.36 GeForce GTX 560 Ti, Slackware x86 w/PAE, 3.1.7-zen kernel, NVIDIA 290.10 Wine 1.3.37 Notes/troubleshooting There are a few issues with ARMA II and WINE at the moment, these are pretty much universal across BiStudio's current generation games: BattlEye doesn't work anymore - due to BattlEye relying on a function as yet unimplemented on WINE (KiUserExceptionDispatcher), you are unable to join servers that have the BattlEye software enabled. LoD issues - objects flicker and disappear, and textures decrease and increase in quality apparently at random. It might occasionally throw you off a little. Muzzle flashes leave an afterburn effect and the area around your weapon is generally messed up if you don't enable StrictDrawOrdering in the WINE registry. You can do this via winetricks, the script does it automatically. Shadow quality settings above or below 'medium' seem to only render gun shadows. You need to set shadows to 'medium' quality to get character shadows. The player profile options screen flickers, but it's still perfectly usable. Fixed? Report here Don't move your mouse during loading screens or the game may crash. Fixed Sometimes the mission map entities will flicker and sometimes you lose the ability to click briefly in menus - just use the keyboard (RETURN and TAB) to navigate, and it will be fixed in the next screen. It's not bugged out on me ingame yet. Fixed On ARMAII and non-beta OA, antialiasing must be set to at least 'Low' or no textures will appear and everything will go grey. Fixed Sound issues Sound seems fine, use winetricks to install xact and override x3daudio1_6 under winecfg -> Libraries if there are any issues. If you have other problems, try adding a 'VideoMemorySize' string set to your memory in MB (eg. 2048) in HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Wine/Direct3D (create the key if it does not exist) in the WINE registry. 'wine regedit' or winetricks will work if you've installed the patched version of WINE system-wide. Be sure to use the propriety graphics drivers for running games under WINE if you're looking for top performance - check with 'lsmod' that either 'nvidia', 'intel' or 'fglrx' are listed as their free and open source counterparts 'nouveau' and 'radeon' tend to lack certain features required for rendering modern 3D games (though they perform excellently for 2D applications). If you have any other problems, just leave me a message here - I'll get back to you. I tested this on the systems listed under 'Endotic' above. You may need to use WINE version 1.3.32 to install and patch ARMA II retail (without Steam). (Thanks Operated!) On the newest WINE git builds, you may need to remove the ARMA2_OGG.cmd scripts in the arma 2/OA/BFC/PMC installation directories or it could forkbomb you by attempting to use explorer to open a web page repeatedly. If you notice any sudden slowdown during 'Installing Official Game Group, try 'killall cmd.exe' in a terminal. Fixed If you're looking for absolute top performance, try editing the Makefile included with the WINE sources - do some research on CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS for your particular processor. Secondly, use a performance-optimized kernel such as the pf or ck patchsets. Thirdly, try out the BFQ scheduler. Finally, look at using schedtool to switch the application's scheduling policy to SCHED_ISO (pf and ck) or SCHED_FIFO - test them both and see which works best for your use case. Run the Windows Server Software via WINE As a bonus, here's a bash script to install a minimal version of WINE to a server for running the latest ARMA 2 OA, TOH or Iron Front server application. The current ARMA II Linux dedicated server application is still in development, as the devs have noted that several library and dependency updates need to be made. It works with Ubuntu, CentOS and Debian, I'll make a version for any other Linux distro if there's any demand. Note that you must run it as a non-root user - not only is this good security practise, WINE will bug out if you try to run it as root. Known issue: the script can't currently su properly. If you don't have sudo and don't want it, add quotes like this: '' around all $(sudoequiv) commands. Example: $(sudoequiv) apt-get install build-essential ia32-libs ia32-libs-dev lib32z1-dev libc6-dev-i386 libncurses5-dev libncurses5-dev libfreetype6-dev libx11-dev lib32ncurses5-dev libxcursor-dev flex bison prelink libjpeg62-dev libpng12-dev BECOMES $(sudoequiv) 'apt-get install build-essential ia32-libs ia32-libs-dev lib32z1-dev libc6-dev-i386 libncurses5-dev libncurses5-dev libfreetype6-dev libx11-dev lib32ncurses5-dev libxcursor-dev flex bison prelink libjpeg62-dev libpng12-dev' Please be patient until I resolve this :) Note that it uses Xvfb to run the server application 'headlessly' - ie. without a true x server. You can also use X11 forwarding over SSH (though this would neccessitate being constantly connected to the server) or setup x11vnc to create a VNC server that the application would run on (which would let you see errors and output). Xdotool will send keypresses to the fake X server (and any real X servers you have open) - it's used to 'OK' a possible error message concerning a missing profile file if you run the server with the wrong working directory (you should be cd'ed into the server's main directory if you run the server manually, if you didn't you'll need to kill the server process and try again, the best way to do this cleanly is 'wineserver -k') - the return keypress should not do any harm if it's not required, but you may wish to remove this part if you have another Xserver running. To check that the ARMA II dedicated server is running use 'ps aux | grep arma' or 'netstat -pant | grep arma' - you should see a 'wine arma2oaserver.exe ...' process running and the arma2oaserver listening on a network port. Note that it seems to work best with -malloc=system. On Iron Front, the -malloc switch is apparently disabled, so you can rename or remove the Dll directory instead. If you're looking for absolute top performance, try editing the Makefile included with the WINE sources - do some research on CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS for your particular processor. Secondly, use a performance-optimized kernel such as the pf or ck patchsets. Thirdly, try out different IO schedulers - noop, as and deadline can all perform well, noop especially if you use a ramdisk or RAID array to store your working files (note that CFQ, the default, and BFQ are unsuitable for servers). Finally - and perhaps most importantly, for high load servers, look at using schedtool to switch the server application scheduling policy to SCHED_ISO (pf and ck) or SCHED_FIFO - test them both and see which works best for your use case. Remember that these tweaks will allocate a lot of resources to the server process, possibly causing resource exhaustion or server instability if you take them too far. Footnote You can try getting PlayOnMac, downloading the latest WINE git version and updating your X11.app via XQuartz if you'd like to try on Mac OSX. No news whether this works or not.
  21. The end (of the year) is near, Christmas time, usually the time we should stop for a minute and reflect about our lives and how we live it. Please take this chance here to stop by for a minute, relax and just think about the year that passed and think what next year will/could/should bring to you and your beloved. And since it is already a good tradition, let me quote the probably most popular editorial from the New York Sun of 1897.
  22. Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead - Linux Standalone Server 1.56 BETA is available now. Note that it requires Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead to be updated to version 1.56 first in order to run properly. Please provide us with feedback to this topic.
  23. I'm trying to make a 1v1 multiplayer map so my friend and I can dogfight. The goal is to get one opfor and one blufor to respawn ad the respective airports and have 3 planes each. SU-25, AV8, F35. I've created each side and got the player respawns to work, but for the aircraft I've got some problems. 1) I'm using the same code for every aircraft but only the BLUFOR team's AV8 and F35 respawn, nothing else will, heres the code: BLUFOR Acft Names: BlSu Bl35 BlAv OPFOR Acft Names: OpSu Op35 OpAv The init codes are in each acft as follows: VehicleName respawnVehicle [-1,0] (VehicleName is replaced with each vehicles assigned name.) 2) How (after I get all the acft respawning like they should) would I go about making them respawn exactly where I put them at the beginning of the game? Right now they spawn in the area of my respawn_east/west markers I've assigned for the player restarts. My description.ext: