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  1. Hello all, I am from the community Carpe Noctem Tactical Operations and I am looking at putting together a hopefully multi community TvT/PvP event night. I am hoping this will become a regular event in all our calendars to sharpen our skills and come together and play Arma 3 on a large scale. At the moment we play with a large MOD set but to accommodate more communities we would slim this down for these events to enable more to join and to have less complications and disagreements about mods, the following are our core mods: ACE RHS US RHS RF ACRE I know a lot of communities use TFAR so this is negotiable but both are very simple to install. Please reply to this post or message me at our website or on steam in the links seen below(my Signature). Regards, Dachi
  2. TOURNAMENT DETAILS 1) Kickoff - February 25th - 18:00 CET (Central European Time) 2) 8v8 - Team vs Team 3) 8 custom made PvP maps (New maps and old favorites: updated and balanced) 4) Limited to 8 teams/squads. First come, first serve. 5) First Person Locked. 6) Prize Pool: $50 7) Twitch / Teamspeak / Hosted Servers. 8) Mods: Task Force Radio / ShackTac / CBA_A3 ]DETAILS Following the huge success and enjoyment of Season 1 of the VIKING PvP Tournament, it’s time for Season 2 to begin! If are you a group/squad who enjoys testing your PvP skills in the field, come join us. We will host the event server and teamspeak server, so all you need to do is show up and play. The missions are 8v8 objective based PvP missions but of course if you can only field 7 men on the day then we'll make sure to match you with a squad of the same numbers. This is something we'll all discuss on the day before we kick off the event. We will have an official Twitch Stream broadcasting the event but you are of course welcome to stream it to your followers too. There will be 20 observer slots available per mission for those teams on standby to observe others. Make sure to follow our VKNPMC Twitter for regular updates. EQUIPMENT There will be no crazy sights or equipment here. You will be armed with an AR and the basics. This event is to test your individual skill as players but more importantly how efficient you are as a fighting unit. HOW TO SIGN UP 1) Contact me directly (add me and message me) 2) Reach us on steam via our tournament page and join the group Steam Tournament Page 4) Contact one of our members via our WEBSITE MAPS You are welcome to practice / strategize before the tournament on all of the maps that will be played. Here is the link to all the tournament maps on the workshop: HERE Looking forward to seeing you all on the battlefield! VIKING OUT.
  3. Looking for another milsim group or groups interested in competing in friendly ~20v20 Team vs Team Objective based missions. The majority of the missions consist of two rounds (50minutes each) where each group get a chance to play one round as BLUFOR (Attackers) and one round as OPFOR (Defenders). Mission information and intelligence provided days or weeks beforehand so each time has a chance to train, plan, and rehearse their execution. Mission Details: Operation Two Eyes Out - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9SkDEggRSDjak9QTGgybUNyWk0/view?usp=sharing Summary of Settings: - 2 ROUNDS , EACH GROUP PLAYING 1 ROUNDS OF OPFOR/BLUFOR EACH -1st Person Perspective (no 3rd Person) -No Respawns (UPON DEATH YOU WILL BE IN SPECTATE MODE) -Signatures Enabled -Battle Eye enabled -ACE MEDICAL SYSTEM (MEDICS CAN REVIVE) Addons/Mods:(small mod count for performance and ease of use) @CBA_A3 @ACE @ACEX @ACRE2 (use of Babbel so opposing sides can't understand each other)
  4. RHS: AFRF + RHS: USAF (CUP Terrains) Description FT-2 RHS is a PvP (TvT) multiplayer game mode with an intensive large scale battles of two sides for strategic key locations. Over 130 playable battle locations with different amount of sectors to capture (ranging from 1 sector to 4) brings the core of teamwork and individual gameplay in a more arcade-like style, with one major task in hand - make your team win! Gameplay Each player has the possibility to spawn at thier Team base or thier deployed MHQ (if not destroyed) & captured sectors. The player starts with default equipment and is tasked to capture and hold the sectors, every time a player captures a sector he is rewarded with resources which can be used to buy more advanced equipment and\or vehicles, the same stands with eliminating other enemy players or enemy vehicles. Players can purchase new equipment at base, next to ammo caches in captured sectors or at the MHQ. Vehicles are purchased only at the Base. Features130+ locations Equipment & Vehicle Stores (Standalone GUI) DLC Vehicles and Weapons are included The ability to make up to 8 Gear Presets + 1 Quick Preset to equip your character fast Airborne deployment capability (via Billboard at Base) An option to Treat downed teammates (must have a Medkit in the backpack) Melee Assault - ability to knife your enemies without firing your main weapon Lock\Unlock Feature for your owned vehicles and an addition to throw out unwanted passangers Capturing Heavy Vehicles - an ability to throw a grenade into an enemy APC\IFV\MBT to secure it for your self A whole bunch of other features (movable mounted weapons, holstering main weapon, cutting the parachute cords, unmanned vehicles control via hotkeys, increase\decrease volume etc) Group\Party System Unique battle logging and award System Friendly Markers on Teammate units Capability to transfer resources to teammates Quick viewdistance selection feature (Hotkey) Each time a match has ended 30% of the funds are saved towards the next match Full UI translation into 8 languages (English, German, French, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian) Overview Interactive Gallery of FT-2 Missions Game servers FT-2 RHS EU | @RHSAFRF,@RHSUSAF | TS: hia3.net Location: France Required Mods: @RHSAFRF, @RHSUSAF Address: rhseu.hia3.org Port: 2402 FT-2 RHS RU | @RHSAFRF,@RHSUSAF,@CUP_Terrains | TS: hia3.net Location: Russia Required Mods: @RHSAFRF, @RHSUSAF, @CUP_Terrains Address: rhs.hia3.org Port: 2302 Media User Interface Gameplay Battle Locations Video
  5. ATC #8 CAMPAIGN PRESENTATION Artwork: BDR Whiskey Scenario: Altis Mods: CBA; ACE3 (ATC version); @ATC8; Task Force Radio. New mission features and rules! Battle day and time: Sundays at 18.00 UTC New!!! New Server with improved performances! Preliminary battle date: September 3, 2017 Registration opening: OPEN NOW! To learn more: http://www.arma-tactical-combat.com/atc-8-campaign-presentation/
  6. The 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division - How Company Introduction: We are the 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment (PIR) we are a semi-serious milsim unit that plays with a variety of mods in conjunction with the World War Two setting. Within the unit we have key structure and organization that mirrors that of the real U.S Army Airborne during the fourtys time period. Our key priority in this group is to bring players together with a similar interest and have fun in a structured setting to allow organized play. We have recently opened our doors just a week ago and are already growing quickly leading to us expanding further! Joining Process: If you're interested in joining or want to gain more information do not hesitate to get in contact with myself via a link below where I can pass you on to a recruiter who can explain more. When you apply to the 505th PIR you will have to go through Basic Combat Training which will teach you the ins and outs of WW2 Arma, once you have done that you will be assigned a Squad and Billet. We have many billets to offer which include: U.S Airborne Rifleman U.S Airborne Machinegunner U.S Airborne Medic U.S Airborne Radio Telephone Officer U.S Airborne Mortarman U.S Airborne Officer U.S Army Aviation Pilot We have plans to open brand new attachments as we continue to grow with input from our members. The PIR have few regulations on joining the unit as we believe everyone should be able to experience the ARMA 3 setting in World War 2. The Requirements Include: Must be 16 years of age or older. Must hold a legitimate copy of ARMA III Have the Teamspeak 3 Application and working microphone (Assistance can be given) Able to attend an event on Saturdays regularly. Contact Us! Discord: https://discord.gg/q7VfB25 Chief Recruitment Officer: T/Sgt. R. Paddock Teamspeak information can be aquired via discord. If you're interested in joining then do not hesitate to contact us! Thank you for reading
  7. A deadly rage virus has transformed the population of Altis into bloodthirsty creatures! Do what you can to survive this onslaught! 28 Weeks Later is a FULLY VANILLA survival sandbox aimed at replacing the deceased Dynamic Zombie Sandbox mod as the owner ceased working on it. It's basically like DayZ, as in open world, zombies around the map, loot, eat, drink, etc.... However I've personally added some twists to spice up the gameplay such as setting up small camps during the night, or taking on Bandit camps and their leaders. Why Should I Play This? Well, for starters it doesn't require any mods, so you can just jump in and play at anytime. It will also be updated a lot and I will be getting a server for it soon, so what do you have to lose? You no longer have to download 4 GB + mods for a legit zombie survival experience. What does this have that other mods don't? 28 Weeks Later is aimed at providing a user-friendly Roleplay environment for all those Altis Life players, as well as a unique survival experience to those who are new to Arma and/or DayZ. I plan on making this work on any map simply by modifying to ".Altis" extension in the near future. I built this from the ground up, and it is still in development. So expect A LOT of updates EVERYDAY! :) If you have any questions, or if you have any suggestions you want me to add in, leave them down below. Have fun and good luck! P.S: If you would like to play with us, message me and I'll send you the IP for our TeamSpeak Server :) Steam Workshop (Recommended for instant updates)
  8. This is Battle Ground. Co Op, PVP, SECTOR missions: Battle Ground Tanoa Is a multiplayer game mod that i have bean working on for some time, i'm publishes it for the pleasure of other people can try it out and have some good time on the Battle Ground. Im not going to take all the credits here, as i get a lot of help from good people testing it out and good friend looking out for the script. Features: Tanoa and Altis - Totally dynamic combat system from T8 Units. - Ranking system and money system. - Fully working Shop system from HG. - Fully working Garage system from HG. - Data Terminal or Briefcase at the red triangles for XP and money - XP system . - ATM Airdrop system - R3F Logistics - full logistics system - AIS-Wounding system- - Complete mulitplayer compatibility with up to 40 players. - Admin system: (For the HG add your steam id in to the hg/config/HG_Config.sqf under admins[] = {YOUR STEAM ID} Hit windows key to enter) (For the Admin system add your steam ID in to the allowedIDs.txt and also in to the script/DonorSpawn.sqf.Than you can use on of the reserve slots on the mission to be a admin. - 3 Random side missions that comes after some time the first is after 20 minutes call Air Drop then it's on underwater Treasure mission also a Submarine take over.S - To change to your server name at the beginning of the intro you do that at script/infostart.sqf keep the name and author as it is Thanks. Features: MALDEN - Totally dynamic combat system from EOS. - Ranking system and money system. - Fully working Shop system from HG. - Fully working Garage system from HG. - Data Terminal or Briefcase at the red triangles for XP and money - XP system . - Airdrop system - R3F Logistics - full logistics system - AIS-Wounding system- - Complete mulitplayer compatibility with up to 40 players. - Admin system: (For the HG add your steam id in to the hg/config/HG_Config.sqf under admins[] = {YOUR STEAM ID} Hit windows key to enter) (For the Admin system add your steam ID in to the allowedIDs.txt and also in to the script/DonorSpawn.sqf.Than you can use on of the reserve slots on the mission to be a admin. - 3 Random side missions that comes after some time the first is after 20 minutes call Air Drop then it's on underwater Treasure mission also a Submarine take over.S - To change to your server name at the beginning of the intro you do that at script/infostart.sqf keep the name and author as it is Thanks. Servers: =IVS= Battle Ground Tanoa Discord for news and update Download Links: Battle Ground Tanoa v1.06 Battle Ground Altis v1.06 Battle Ground Malden v2 Download Link Steam: Battle Ground Tanoa Changelog: Credits and Thanks: - ToneSR - HoverGuy - M-K. Mosa - Carlos_Homes It will be some more updates and fix along the way.
  9. u think can do some plant the bomb or something but in a medium map? plant the bomb rules: 1.- one team plant the bomb and another team defend. 2.- have time limit. 3.- if u die cant respawn unless u get the air drop, or time pnenalty . like ur game have now. 4.- if all team is eliminated another team won. 5.- when some team plant the bomb, another team have 2 min to disambly. sorry my english xD. p.s. i hope find some way of give more balance to the game im new and lvl6 some times im vs lvl16 and is a crap, sorry but i feel that.
  10. CLOSE QUATERS PVP - ALPHA Server IP: Server skill: Veteran / no 3rd person Round time: 10 min Rounds per match: 10 Spectator mode for dead players *no mods required to join game I have just started working on new PvP game mode where your main task is to defuse bomb as Anti-Terrorists or kill everyone or defend bomb as Terrorist. You can destroy any wall as AT to get inside the main building. It is going to be mix of Counter-Strike and Rainbow Six, but more realistic since this is Arma so we can do more. It is Alpha - there aren't many features yet, but I'm waiting for any suggestions.
  11. I've recently been working on a mission that will involve a little player on player deception, but I'm struggle with a way to balance it that will be fun for everyone in the mission. First a little setting of the scene so everyone gets an Idea what I'm going for. The island of Stratis is a militarized location for the AFF and also a site of a Biochemical testing facility. An EMP on the island takes out communication with the mainland. Assuming the worst a HAZMAT special operations team is sent in along with a NATO overseer to find out what happened. Unknown to the players at the start of the mission the research division was secretly looking into interdementional rifts and caused a demonic incursion on the island that wiped out most of the inhabitants. (Demons wont appear until later in the mission and be specific encounters, the mission is designed to be more suspenseful than just waves of zombies. I highly recommend leutin09's 'helvan indecent' videos to see the kind of atmosphere i'm going for). A large storm/unknown disturbances are making communication difficult at long ranges with basic radios, meaning the team will have to meet their insertion chopper at a defined location and wont be able to radio the rest of the squadron circling the island. This is the basic setup/story for the mission. The twist however is that the NATO 'overseer' is an agent for the faction preforming the dementional tests. That player will have separate briefing tabs only they can see describing their mission. Their task is also to find out what happened, but to retrieve the results of the testing and leave the team they deployed with stranded on the island. My issue is finding a fun way to balance the experience for both parties. Being the overseer and just trapping the hazmat troops in a room and blowing them up with a charge or shooting everyone in the back would be pretty dam easy, that would be boring and cheap and not lead to the experience I want to deliver. While the overseer is a high rank he is not in charge of the mission, that duty falling to the primary player leading hazmat team 1 (there are 2 teams of 3 + the overseer, obviously a better experience with more people). So while they will be working together, the overseer cant simply order the team to 'wait here' or 'stay put while i steal your vehicles'. But likewise the hazmat leader cannot order the overseer around with authority (mission meant to be role played at least somewhat, going to recommend task force radio in description for best experience). At some point the deception will be revealed and at first i think people will be like 'dude wtf are you doing' they'll catch onto the story component and go with it. I was thinking was that the overseer has a kill-switch to disable one of the jeeps the force starts with and escape in the other to another area where they have more to investigate, leaving the hazmat team with no fast transportation. The difficulty is making so that the hazmat men and overseer have encounters which will be hard to balance and time. I think his jeep should get wrecked/break at some point when he's equally close to a common objective with the hazmat team, forcing an encounter. I was thinking that during the players first encounter with demons over the radio the players hear the extraction heli team getting attacked by 'something' and then cutting to static. After (or during) the demon attack the overseer could abandon them for a secondary objective of his. During this his truck could be ruined, forcing him to move at a similar pace as the hazmat team, both gunning to the extraction site. Upon arrival they would discover the bodies of the team and find the chopper crashed and ruined nearby. Unable to contact the rest of the platoon circling the island, they would try try to reach the radio station to transmit a stronger signal. It either wouldn't work or they would contact the heli squadron (barely) and decide on an extraction point. The overseer, being nearby watching the team from a distance, would reveal himself and tell the team that he discovered the device is going to go off again and release another EMP, which would bring down the extraction choppers and their only way off the island. Despite the obvious mistrust, the overseer would be the only one able to disable the device but isnt able to reach it on his own (maybe its to heavily guarded by demons or something), and also needs to get on the extraction choppers, which are part of the hazmat team, who he has already betrayed at this point. From here there is a tense 'alliance' with the hazmat team keeping a close eye on the overseer. He would have to both work with the team and find a way to leave them at the last possible moment. I think an EMP should bring down the backup helos but one is still usable. The hazmat team should have reason to keep the overseer around (bring back for debrief and questioning) but he is all the while plotting his escape and a way to leave them stranded on the island. I think if executed right this would be a very fun and unique mission to play but I need suggestions to refine my rough idea of what I want to make it flow. I know certain 'scenes' I want to take place but linking them together in a way that makes sense and flows will be tough. -Initial deployment and looking for clues -Overseer's initial betrayal and leaving the hazmat team -overseer/hazmat teams separated with separate tasks (overseer would probably loose vehicle during this) -both sides converging on extraction site, find helo ruined -using radio tower to contact rest of helicopter squadron -overseer comes back in contact with hazmat team, both sides enemies but need to work together -overseer and hazmat team working together (tense alliance out of necessity) -heli backup goes down, one salvageable -attempt to repair?/find?/defend? final helo to escape island with overseer making final play to abandon hazmat troops/hazmat troops attempt to stop If your still with me thanks for reading this far! Open to any ideas of how to make this work/changes to make it better. Let me know any cool ideas you have for this!
  12. autotank death match with unsung MOD swamp hut 2 Death match with unsung MOD Plane rage death match with unsung -Mod these DM's only require unsung mod
  13. Hi, I have a MP PvP system where I display a Timer at the top left of the screen. Problem : When the mission ends, and outro is launched, Timer is not at 00:00:00 for everyone. some are 15s early, some are late etc ... all players are not synced ! Here is how it works : What it looks like ingame (Video example) : When the players exits the Weapon Menu : Null = [] execVM "timer.sqf"; Timer script be like : description.ext in my Mission, outro.sqf is activated by a trigger : Many thanks for all the help I can get ! Best regards.
  14. Best PvP Mod DayZero Is Back ! DayZero is BACK online. Come enjoy the best pvp ever :). In 14 days time, a new patch will hit ! Get whitelisted here: www.zombies.nu Discord invite: https://discord.gg/3TvgCW6 www.zombies.nu se1.dayzero.nu:2102
  15. Heya everyone! My name is Justin and I am known as the moderator J_L Fox at KonvictGaming. We are currently looking to improve our community features and are introducing new ideas. One of them are community zeus events. The idea is to run scheduled zeus events in which we will cover pvp, pve, small skirmishes, large scale operations as well as roleplay based focused gameplay. If you are interested in attending such events you'll need to make an forum account and become a trial of KG, so that you have access to the forum and the event related threads. For more informations regarding the community of the event, feel free to contact me via our forums or teamspeak Teamspeak: ts3.konvictgaming.com Forum: KonvictGaming.com kind regards Justin [J_L Fox] Off topic: KonvictGaming informations and requirements Currently we are looking for new members which enjoy not only the gaming aspect, but also the social side of a gaming community. We already support over 12 games such are: • League of Legends • Counter Strike: Global Offensive • Overwatch • Final Fantasy XIV • Heroes of the Storm • The Division with each of them offering events, a dedicated moderation team and an active playerbase. To join the community you need to meet a few requirements which are: • 16 years of age, or older. • Mature. • Have a working Microphone. • Be able to communicate in English. If you meet the requirements and are interested in the community you can sign up on our forums and fill out a community member application. Our moderators will help you through the process if needed.
  16. Im looking for someone to join zenophone and me in finnishing up a mission project . its based on karrillions rts. ofp/arma1. Its being rewriten with zen's framwork. At this point were 90% ready for a very beta release . So ... If you know rts, zens framework or know how to code . please contact me. And i can get into more detales of the mission .
  17. New Thread; _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________ Frontline is an up and coming PvP teamwork orientated mod which currently is in testing phase, it draws inspiration from the Project Reality mod, Squad and Tactical Battlefield. Frontline is a full overhaul mod which encourages the highest levels of team-play whilst not being strictly a mil-sim mod. Custom features are including, but not limited to: * Role and Group system * Modified TFAR version * Suppression * Squad Radar * Spotting System * Medical/Revive module * Weapon Rebalance (Reworked recoil, balanced scopes) * Particle Overhaul (Better smoke, with less FPS impact) * Rally points and Forward Outposts * 3D Interaction (Better door opening, ladder climbing) Our forums are currently under construction, but we have a discord which has more information on the mod, including the custom made launcher and details on testing nights. http://discord.frontline.frl Frontline is currently in an early testing phase, and we require people to help test the mod. If you are interested in playing a PvP mod which encourages teamwork and cooperation, then please add Gwadien on Steam and I shall respond to any pending questions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tFzmgf4Aso - - - - - Frontline uses the Project Reality Arma 3 server-side mod as a general framework, plus for important modules like the respawn UI, Group system, markers and more. Additionally some of our systems (Like the medical module and spawnpoint system) are based directly on their code. If you want to play something without the mod requirement and config changes, try PRA3 instead. Their discord ishttp://discord.me/pra3 You can find their full project at: https://drakelinglabs.github.io/projectrealityarma3/
  18. Hello, For some reason, my Healing system is not working when the player's legs are hit .......... Can someone help ? While {True} Do { WaitUntil {Alive Player;}; Sleep 1; While {(damage player) < 0.1} Do { Sleep 1; }; Heal_Act = Player AddAction ["<img size='1.0' color='#FFFFFF' image='Images\heal_ca.paa'/>","Heal_System\Action.sqf",[],-100,False,True,"",""]; Player SetDamage 0.26; While {(Damage Player != 0.25) And Alive Player} Do { Sleep 0.1; }; Player SetDamage 0; Player RemoveAction Heal_Act; };
  19. Hello, I am working on a PVP scenario where only OPFOR is allowed to respawn. The synopsis of the scenario is that a team of 18 OPFOR soldiers with basic gear has to track down and kill two BLUFOR spec ops soldiers with advanced gear. Once the BLUFOR is killed, the mission is over for both sides. I've managed to set up everything correctly apart from the respawns. I've tested it out; BLUFOR has no respawn point, but instead just respawns on OPFOR's respawn point. How should I script it so that BLUFOR is refused to respawn? Keep in mind that both sides consist only of real players.
  20. allnamesaretakendammit

    [PVP] Manhunt (4 vs 40 (!))

    Hi everyone! I'm pleased to announce that my very first MP mission is complete. I'm uploading it exclusively here on the forums so I (hopefully) can get some feedback from more seasoned players and mission makers. Before I begin describing it, here are the dependencies: CBA CUP Core CUP Weapons CUP Units CUP Terrains (takes place on Altis, but uses Arma 2 objects) NIArms Core NIArms MP5 pack TRYK's Uniform Pack About "Manhunt" takes place during the nighttime (the daytime pictures in this post is just to better illustrate what the units look like). A team of up to 4 BLUFOR equipped with silenced weapons and NVGs are dispatched to battle up to 40 OPFOR units with mere flashlights. BLUFOR can choose to either survive for 60 minutes "gathering intel about the area", or complete a side quest involving the destruction of an asset to end the mission. OPFOR squads must decide whether they shall defend the asset or go manhunting. If all BLUFOR units are killed, OPFOR wins. If time (60 minutes) runs out or the asset is destroyed, BLUFOR wins. > BLUFOR's side quest is to destroy this anti-air radar. OPFOR's side quest is to (unsurprisingly) protect it. BLUFOR: BLUFOR consists of 4 player slots, each with different attributes: The UAV Operator is the team leader, and has access to unlimited UAVs to help the team avoid incoming soldiers hunting for them. The Marksman is in charge of taking out units from a distance before they get too close to spot any members of the team. The Recon Scout (AT)'s role is to scout enemy vehicles and destroy them. NOTE: he does not get unlimited rockets. The Missile Specialist (AA)'s role is to defend the team against the enemy's search helicopter. He does get unlimited rockets. > The BLUFOR team. BLUFOR's Hunter acts as their arsenal and is used for transportation and rearming. > The BLUFOR units are equipped with HK MP5-PDWs and silenced M9. > ... apart from the Marksman, who is equipped with an MXM with a Nightstalker scope. OPFOR: OPFOR consists of up to 40 players and 7 squads. Squad 1 to 4 consist of 8 men each. Equipped with Katibas, Optic Reflex scopes and flashlights Team Leader, 6 Riflemen and 1 Combat Life Saver Squad 5 consists of 2 pilots, who's role is to fly the search helicopter Equipped with Sting 9mm with flashlights The helicopter is unarmed. Squad 6 is the mechanized infantry, and consists of 4 men. Equipped with Sting 9mm, ACO scopes and flashlights. One engineer, three crewmen 1x Vodnik with 2xRPKs Squad 7 is the mortar squad Equipped with dismantled tripods, Katiba Carbines with ACO scopes and flashlights. The team also has access to 2 unarmed UAZ, 4 Quad bikes, 2 Zamak transports, an ammo truck and a fuel truck. > This is what most of the OPFOR units look like. > The search helicopter > Vodnik > The vehicles OPFOR can use. Balance To balance a game mode where one team is this much larger than the other was definitely the hardest part, and it may be subject to change based on your feedback. Here are a few notes regarding balance: Vehicles do not respawn. It is extremely hard to spot the BLUFOR soldiers when they've found a good hiding spot. This is the reason I added a search helicopter to help ground units track them down. To counter it, I made one of the BLUFOR units an AA missile specialist. The missile specialist can only carry one missile at the time, so I made them infinite (as long as the Hunter is still alive). OPFOR gets a chopper – BLUFOR gets UAVs. BLUFOR gets a RHIB boat to allow for an alternative route onto the island where the side quest is located. To counter this, the OPFOR also gets RHIB boats to intercept them. OPFOR spends longer time getting out of base than BLUFOR. This gives BLUFOR the chance to quickly lay down a tactic before OPFOR are ready on the battlefield. To prevent BLUFOR from rushing the island, OPFOR has been given a Vodnik 2xRPK. Adding a Vodnik was the reason I made one of the BLUFOR units a Recon Scout (AT). All BLUFOR units originally had high powered weapons, and/or access to them in the Hunter. Now, only the marksman has a high powered rifle; the rest have MP5-PDWs. This gives OPFOR a greater chance at coming close to BLUFOR. To prevent BLUFOR from feeling safe on rooftops, an M252 mortar was added. The mortar team spawns with only the tripod; the tube itself is located further away. This is to prevent OPFOR from mortaring the BLUFOR spawn location at the start of the game. The mortar is not replenishable, so OPFOR must use it wisely. Can also be used to light up the battlefield. OPFOR currently has unlimited respawns. I may remove the ability in future version. Some teasers: > A typical scene in this game mode > Danger close > CSAT search helicopter patrolling the anti-air radar > BLUFOR using their RHIB _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Looking forward to see your feedback. Don't hesitate to let me know if something doesn't work properly when you play it. I also want feedback regarding balance issues. Thanks for reading my post! For those of you who choose to download and play the mission: I hope you enjoy it! DOWNLOAD LINK: https://ufile.io/01obm
  21. Greetings all. I am currently recruiting for GG, a unit accepting people world wide from within the arma 3 community. We are looking for dedicated players to join our ranks and help our unit grow into something great. We Run 3 Milsim ops per weekend: Friday- 10pm UK GMT // 6pm US EST Saturday- midday UK GMT // 8am US EST Saturday- 10pm UK GMT // 6pm US EST Our main mil-sim focus atm is vietnam but we change up and doing WW2 milsim also. Our main focus with WW2 milsim is PVP and PVP events, with us recently taking best unit of the event and the MIL-SIM event held at the end of last year. What we expect from you: Dedicate time to attend at least ONE operation per weekend and reply to the attendance roster thread on our forums every friday! WHAT WE OFFER: #solid group of core gamers who love to have a laugh. # dedicated remote server for private ops #Clan sponsor (reflex servers) provide us with a free 30 slot arma server running Unsung PVP. #Short inital Basic training, next two steps of training are done in game but are made to be enjoyable and simple and also dont take up alot of time (all under 30 mins each, BMSAT and RTCST are done in group) Various positions open: Rifleman Grenadieer FlameThrower infantry Medic AT gunner AT assist MG ammo berer RTO (radio operator) If you would like to join or know more info please contact capt Wolf via steam -http://steamcommunity.com/id/KwolfSOG/
  22. ArmSTALKER Online – In development. This is a modification for ARMA III which turns it into S.T.A.L.K.E.R and feels like MMO-project, not just singleplayer. Now project is in development. ================»> Main features: • Full freedom in the opened world of Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. • Up to 7 different clans: the bandits, the free stalkers, the Duty, the Freedom, the Monolith and the Military.; • A lot of monsters, anomalies and artifacts; • Huge amount of real-life weapons and its customization; • EcomiÑ system, auctions and trading. • Realistic world with migrating mutants, traveling stalkers, fighting Clans and Emissions. • And much more: an opportunity to become a legend of The Zone, interesting quests, crafting, different features of artifacts, unique weapons, full realism, PVP and PVE zones and etc. OTHER SCREENSHOTS: MONSTERS: VIDEOS: ArmSTALKER Online - Death Zone TRAILER. ArmSTALKER Online - Opening Scene (soon EN version). ArmSTALKER Online - Main Menu. ArmSTALKER Online - Teaser changes on Arma 3 (First modification based on ArmA2). ArmSTALKER Online - Presentation controller. ArmSTALKER Online - More mutants (with bug sound :( ). ArmSTALKER Online - Tested mutant ArmSTALKER Online - Animation Bloodsucker ArmSTALKER Online - Laboratories We need modelers, programmers, animators and mapmakers. Follow us: FACEBOOK Twitter Vkontakte Mutants models do not already have a lot of bumps and polygons. We are working on it. Our planned map:
  23. dm with unsung jets non steam download
  24. Flash-Ranger

    Capture The Flag Week !

    Hello all, I will be hosting a Capture The Flag game every night (~8PM onwards Paris Time) for anyone that would like to discover this type of GamePlay. Feel free to lookup what CTF is at : https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/188883-capture-the-flag/ Hashtags :) - No Mods - TvT Friendly matchs - CQG style - PvP Please feel free to drop in ! Server name: 88th Co.-Walking Death- eSports Server -NO MODS- Address: Required game version: 1.66.0 Best Regards, Flash-Ranger