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Found 106 results

  1. Avant Garde Battalion WWII-Present day! About us: The Avant Garde Battalion is a semi-realistic unit hosting both one off events and campaigns on a host of different time periods, nations, and unit types. We prioritize the second world war but are also open pretty much any 20th-21st century conflict. Not only do we offer a diverse range of experiences and settings, but we also offer you to become part of a greater gaming community with opportunities for promotion and comradery. How to contact us: There are a few ways to get in touch with us including sending us an email or joining either our unit page or steam group. Email: avantgardebattalion@gmail.com Unit page: https://units.arma3.com/unit/avantgardebattalion Steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/agbbattalion Rules: No explicit racial slurs. No trolling. No disrespect towards rankers or officers. No soundboards or voice changers during events. Requirements: Must be at least 16 or older to join. Must be able to speak English. A functional mic is preferable.
  2. Greetings from the Zeus Community. I was wondering if people were interested in joining in a night whereby players would engage in a realistic PvP/TvT/A&D (or however you want to call it!) on a large scale (around 100 man). This will essentially be like two organised teams playing a no respawn coop against each other. Even if you are not in a community it will be open to anyone who enjoys playing in a structured and organised way. We are a casual milsim group focused on teamplay, tactics and realistic objectives. W have had great success in the past thanks to all those who joined us into making a full realistic immersive experience. It has been a while since our last TvT game night and I'd like to announce the next one for Sunday 6th May. It will focus on a large scale A&D hoping to be both immersive and challenging with realistic objectives focused on organised tactics to achieve them. We had 100 players last time and I hope we see the same numbers again. Details are as follows: DATE: SUNDAY 6th May TIME: 18:30 (BST) WHERE: #1 Zeus Community Game Server If you have any questions, please post them here. Tipsi
  3. Hello there, I'm running a Public Server, one thats generally more fun oriented than milsim . With that said I'm open to ideas for things people would like to play. Me and my old timer buddies prefer more of a PvP element, although Coops are also a nice change in pace. So for example, if I put up a series of Star Wars PvP maps where teams take areas to bleed the other teams respawns, would anyone be interested in that? Or a full time PvP with Iron Front server with Coop Mission Nights ? Lampreys and Zombies? Even a Submarine naval themed server could be possible. Anything that could be outside the norm but is still wanted by the community. I would like to gauge the current state of the playerbase before I begin making more maps. If people would prefer just CUP I have some TDMs all ready to go. I'm just not sure i I want to go in the direction of Arma Life or Exile; although it seems those are the most demanded/ populated servers. Any other ideas are welcome. (don't say Armstalker.....I wish..)
  4. Hi I'm Eric McHogan from the Viking PMC (https://www.vikingpmc.com/) We are hosting an ArmA Competitive Series sponsored by Bohemia Interactive on the 28th of April. We Have hand crafted maps specifically made for this PvP event. Maps we will be playing: Sugar Mill - Requires Apex Han Dynasty - Requires Apex HostageHotel SeaSideCache (all maps are downloadable through our Tournament Modlist on Steam) We are currently looking for Teams to join us. Each Team will need 8 players, plus reserve members if possible. Our Prize Pool: 1st place: 35 euros + copy of the game 2nd place: 5 euros + 8 key chains + 1 stratis map + 1 tanoa map 3rd place: 8 pens + 2 reflex (prizes will be sent to team liason) To Sign up Click Here: https://goo.gl/WCZdJZ
  5. Hey guys, I want to create a Battle Royale Style PvP Mission for me and my friends. I want the mission to end when there is only one player left. If possible it should show the mission completed screen. My problem is that i have no idea how to script it. Ive tried googling but i couldnt find anything usefull. I hope you can help me. Vecto1511
  6. I created a TDM scenario for 10 on 10 gameplay. This one is in Agios Dionysios, and has barriers that restrict the playable area. There are limited supplies on the map, and two resupply locations for Blu For and Op For to fight over. Feel free to check it out if you like. Uses minimal mods (should be listed at the link). Any feedback is appreciated. First-person only settings. I am aware that the respawn ticket counter works, but does not display on-screen on a player's HUD (it does display on the player death/respawn screen). Let me know what you think. I plan on making a bunch of these in various towns across Altis, Tanoa, Malden, Chernarus, and Fallujah, among others. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1337308392
  7. crypticsilence

    Red Ember Clan [=REC=]

    RED EMBER CLAN [=REC=] ABOUT US: We mix serious and play as much as possible and look for people who can communicate and think. Our core group has been around since 2010, mostly focusing on military and team tactical games. Large group tactics is our familiarity as we operate groups in various military tactical genres. We have jobs or go to school and don't want to see gaming as another chore to get done, so don't expect rules that will kick you out based on attendance. WHAT DO WE DO?: Some of our main games are Arma, DayZ, and Squad, but we are not limited to just military games. Join up and play with us on other games if you want! We play PubG, CounterStrike, Elite Dangerous, MOBAs (LoL, DOTA, ), RPGs, E-Sports, etc. REQUIREMENTS: Maturity, Headset/Microphone, and Teamspeak. DO NOT BEG FOR MONEY!! we are generous to our members, but beggars will be removed. We expect members to respect other REC members and to have the ability to communicate wants/needs/problems/issues. COMMS: TeamSpeak - redembergaming.teamspeak3.com (PRIMARY) Discord - https://discord.gg/M5533Hp (Secondary/Back Up) HOW TO JOIN: Join our teamspeak and talk with one of our recruiters, moderators, or admins.
  8. "Capture the Flag | Kavala" is a different take on the popular CTF game mode, 3 teams (BLUFOR, OPFOR & INDEPENDENT) fight to capture a flag before time runs out! This mission is different to other capture the flag missions, in this mission, there is only one flag. All 3 teams must try to secure the most flags to either reach the score limit or time limit! This mission is best played with friends, work together and secure your victory, but there's a catch. If there is a tie between the teams when the time reaches 0 then the game moves into OVERTIME! During OVERTIME if 2 teams are ahead, OVERTIME allows the third team to have the ability to catch up to the tie. The first team to get a flag that makes their score the highest during OVERTIME will win the game. This mission allows the user to customize the score limit(1 Point - Unlimited), and time limit (1Min - 6 Hours) allowing the game to last for up to 6 hours! This mission also includes custom UI build specifically for this mission shown in the gif above. At the moment I have tested this mission and haven't found any bugs if you do happen to find any let me know and I will try to fix them ASAP. Thanks for checking out my mission and I hope you do enjoy! Steam Workshop Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1320168087 Author's Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/asaayu
  9. Hello im new to the forums and new to making arma 3 mission i have made my first pvp conquest mission were players have to capture the zone and hold it i am wanting to show player names above there heads so people no there friendly at about 200m but only to show player names at further distances when there in line of sight ill post the code that i have so far any help would be great thanks. onEachFrame { _units = nearestObjects[(visiblePosition player),["Man"],500]; _units = _units - [player]; { _color = switch (playerSide) do { case (EAST): {[1,0,0,1]}; case (WEST): {[0,0,1,1]}; case (independent): {[0,1,0,1]}; case default {[1,1,1,1]}; }; if (side _x isEqualto playerSide) then { if (!(lineIntersects [getPos player, getPos _x, player, _x]) && alive _x) then { drawIcon3D [ "", _color, [visiblePosition _x select 0,visiblePosition _x select 1, ((_x modelToWorld (_x selectionPosition "head")) select 2)+.5], 1, 2, 45, name _x, 1, 0.04, "PuristaMedium", "center" ]; }; }; }forEach _units; };
  10. Hello, This is my first time posting on these forums. Along with a small group, I've been playing Arma on and off for a few years now, but only recently got into Exile with Zombies. We've been playing on a "BS-Free" Malden server, which is awesome, but it's PVE-only. We would like to find a PVP server to play on as well. Obviously hosting servers is expensive, we're looking for a server we can donate to monthly and stick with long-term. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions of good servers playing on Esseker or Altis with Exile, Zombies, and PVP. We're located in Western Canada, but almost anywhere in NA would be fine. p.s. I apologize if this is the wrong place for this post. I wasn't sure between here and the servers section (which seemed more for server admins helping each other)
  11. Hello, I am looking for a SIMPLE score system that I could use in my Deathmatch maps. I wan't no "kill streak", no "best player" of what so ever, just a simple score system that could collect the amount of kills that a player is getting and that will stop the game when limit it reached. I guess you can do this with "eventhandlers" but I'm clearly not an expert in Deathmatchs so ... Please help me :)
  12. Hello everyone, as we were announcing through our social networks, the 27th to 28th of January will begin a new tournament of the CTF gamemode with 20€ in prize money. These will be monthly tournaments called "Masters CUP" and the only requirement to participate is to enrol a team of minimum 6 players before the deadline. Join these event, is FREE! The deadline will always the last Monday before each event. For this first tournament it will be the 22th of January. The matches will always be played at the same time/day. ROUNDS/DAY/HOUR Final / Sunday 28th / 20:00 CET Third place / Sunday 28th / 20:00 CET Semi-final / Saturday 27th / 20:30 CET Quarter-final / Saturday 27th / 19:00 CET The 20€ prize will be divided like this: Winner | 10€ Finalist | 6€ Third place | 4€ The registration deadline for Masters CUP is set on January, 22th. Once reached, we will open a public poll round through our webpage in which you will be able to choose the maps for each round of the competition. At these events the set of rules of the CTF's will be applied that you can see clicking here. You can download the maps since today thorugh the ESM™ web site following this link: ESM | CTF - OFFICIAL MAPS Game mode: CTF Player max. ping allowed: 150ms Mods: Not allowed Players: 6vs6 Teams: 8 Forum: here GL &HL Electronic Sports Masters™ | Where the challenge begins ... esportsmasters.org
  13. There is no server like this Here is the latest list of options and rewards on our ARMA 3 server • Reputation System • Redesigned UI • Hide UI option with #8 key • Redesigned Apoc Airdrop system • Rotating Vendors at restart • Store discount system with reputation gain • Instant AI killing cash • Parking system • UI Redesign Private Message system • Redesign stats bar • Restart notified UI • Customizable on screen compass • Rank system base off Reputation • Loadout slot saving system base off reputation • Unique Server info menu system • Unique Air bus transit system • Added Towns and Vehicle vendor on islands • Unique starting equipment • Uniform Painting • Vehicle Painting • Bank limits set by Reputation • Reputation rewards with Territory owned • Reputation rewards with ALL Kills • Reputation Deduction with teamkills • Hide Body option Website http://PlayingWithFriends.com Server Name: 10k-Start -PWF- Wasteland | Savable Loadouts | AirDrops
  14. david_david

    Mes serveurs Exile

    Bonjour, je vous présente 2 serveurs Exile Voici pour le premier. [FR] No Man's Land Exile Altis /PVP/Patrouille/Missions ip: Dessus missions DMS, ZCP et ville prise par VEMFR, ainsi que plusieurs patrouilles A3XAI. Retrouver des scripts tels que réanimer vos compagnons, remorque un véhicule, rappel urbain. Pour nous rejoindre, il vous suffit d'avoir Exile Mod, ainsi que enhanced movement. Et maintenant le deuxième. [FR] No Man's Land Exile Kerama /PVP/Patrouille/Missions ip: Dessus missions DMS, ZCP et ville prise par VEMFR, ainsi que plusieurs patrouilles A3XAI. Retrouver des scripts tels que réanimer vos compagnons, remorque un véhicule, rappel urbain, claim vehicle. Pour nous rejoindre, il vous suffit d'avoir Exile Mod,@Hidden Ghillies, ADR-97 Weapon Pack (Official Mod), Full NVG, Extended Base Mod, @LRR silenced FFAA MOD V6.0.7.2, NATO SF & SPETSNAZ Weapons, @No_Man's_Land_exile, et bien sur Kerama Islands. Pour des renseignements ou un souci, passez nous voir sur Teamspeak " lesPiedsPlats.nitrado.fr " . A bientôt.
  15. SilentSpike

    [MP] Light Cycles

    Downloads Steam Workshop Google Drive Description Trapped in a virtual arena, you must drive fast to stay alive. A variety of mission parameters are available to mix up the formula. Supports up to 32 players (and has additional spectator slots). This is a last man standing game inspired by Tron, the original concept was created by PabstMirror (a fellow ACE dev) who provided me with the old code which I've entirely rewritten and built upon (i.e. added silly mission parameters to make things interesting). Thought I'd share since this has proven to be a reliably fun, goofy game mode within the group I play with. If you have any suggestions for more mutators please share them! Requires ACE3 (uses the spectator system). Compatible with ACRE (will add a radio to players for all your trashtalking needs). The random vehicle options are compatible with all vehicle addons (they are generated from config). Mission Parameters Arena Size: How big the arena you're trapped in will be. Vehicle Selection Method: How the mission will pick each player's vehicle, by default it uses preselected vanilla vehicles to ensure the mission will play as expected. However, I definitely recommend trying the random options as literally anything could come up! Vehicle Selection Pool: The pool of vehicles from which the selection method will pick from. The current pools are based on the vehicles' max speed for balancing purposes. Block Size: The size of the blocks that make up each player's trail. Block Gaps: The size of the gaps (if any) between blocks in the player's trail. Note that the gap size is relative to the player's vehicle width. Speed Threshold: How fast of a speed the player has to maintain to stay alive. Note that it's relative to the max speed of each player's vehicle. Mutator: Random, ridiculous options to change up the game. These are intentionally pretty ambiguously named, but you should be able to figure out what they all do. Videos Playlist graciously provided by drofseh
  16. 2nd Ranger Battalion will be hosting a Public Player vs Player event on Saturday the 23rd of December (2pm CST). The aim of this PVP event will be to get our name out into the public, and possibly show some people what we are all about but overall, the aim of the event is to have fun, and play the game we all have come to love, the way it was meant to be played. In a large scale, Combined Arms, Player vs Player, environment. The game mode will be as follows: There will be one attacking team and one defending team, after each round the teams will switch. The game will be moderated by a player acting as Zeus. Who may add certain events to keep the battle interesting, like weather changes and perhaps assistance to the losing side. Teams will be assigned on join, and each player will respawn in waves. The game will be modded and use Task Force Radio. A plugin for both arma and teamspeak. We are trying to keep the game mode relatively simple, we want everything to be fun. How to apply: Just respond to this forum. We will reach out to you with a modlist and a teamspeak IP. Make sure you double check the mods before joining. Any extra mods that are not aesthetic will result in a ban (i.e. Blastcore and JSRS, personal arsenal will result in a ban) Requirements: A legal copy of Arma 3. A working Microphone. A general knowledge of the game and modding it. (we're willing to help you out if need be) Semi-Maturity
  17. Hello, in the name of the Electronic Sports Masters™ we would like to invite you to participate in our next league. In this edition, we have limited the number of allowed teams to 14 so if you are interested in joining the event do not doubt it and enroll your team (minimum 6 players) as soon as possible. Enrolment deadline: 15th of October Dates of first round: From 23rd to 29th of October Link to enroll: http://www.esportsmasters.org/esm-season-list.html Link to maps: http://www.esportsmasters.org/download-download/item/esm-ctf-official-maps.html Link to rules: http://www.esportsmasters.org/a-series/rules-ctf-rules.html Teams: 14 Players: 6vs6 Game mode: Capture the Flag (CTF) Mods: Not allowed Sponsors: MIONIX | ArmaHosts | TeamSpeak3 Join our Discord for more information ! https://discord.gg/hYQZ6Vs More details at: http://www.esportsmasters.org/ We hope to see you soon! GL &HL Electronic Sports Masters™ | Where the challenge begins ... esportsmasters.org
  18. Introduction Today (7 Dec 2013) I am proud to announce the release of Tactical Battlefield (TacBF). This mod introduces new Team vs Team (aka Player vs Player) game play features to Arma 3 with gritty new game modes, missions within a standardised environment and consistent rules. Tactical Battlefield takes teamwork and tactics to a new level. TacBF has been under development on different versions of the ARMA engine for around 7 years and is brought to you by me (Dr Eyeball) and Wormeaten, with the support of 12thmechanised.com and the Regiment of the Grenadier Guards [RGG] Arma communities. Latest Tactical Battlefield mod download mirrors: <www.tacbf.com/dl> All Change Logs, (including change log for latest release), can be viewed from: <Change Logs Index>. Visit http://www.tacticalbattlefield.net/forum/ for more information and to join the discussion. Features: Community- Tactical Battlefield already has an established community of players who regularly play, communicate, and coordinate together in teams, sharing tactics, support, and resources and doing everything they can to shoot, kill, and blow each other up in nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat, gritty combat! Missions - around 20x Team vs Team multiplayer missions ranging in size from Tiny to Huge, with specially-designed main bases and in-built mission voting feature. Game modes Advance and Secure (A&S) - Both sides fight tooth-and-nail to dominate objectives in this dynamic and challenging game mode, or until the enemy is worn down to the nub and their 'tickets' run out. Attack and Defend (A&D) - Like A&S, but one side is on the Defensive and occupies key positions while the other side Attacks. Lost objectives can never be re-captured. Failure to capture a single objective by the attacking team will result in defeat. Search and Destroy (S&D) - Gather intel (documents & maps) by searching bodies, seek out and destroy Resistance weapons caches amidst suicide-bombers and Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Devices (VBIED). Roles - Teamwork-focused gear restrictions with pre-configured but customisable loadouts, including Squad Leader, Medic, Engineer, Light Anti-Tank, Heavy Anti-Tank, Marksman, Sniper, Crewman, Pilot etc. Say goodbye to AT Sniper Pilots! Weapon resting - Reduced muzzle climb and deploy bi-pods via our customized TMR code. Suppression effect - By suppressing your enemy with accurate fire, he will temporarily experience gradual shake and vision blur, enabling realistic infantry tactics for suppression fire and assault elements. This code is exclusive, has been developed specifically for Tactical Battlefield, and has been tested, tweaked, and approved by about 40 testers. Wind effects on ballistics - Marksmanship is now a real skill with support for the server-side VTS ballistics addon. [img.]http://i.imgur.com/76GwKvPl.jpg[/img.] Squad Management and map features - Join or create a Squad with a customised call-sign, and recruit new members. Toggle player name-tags. Designate fire teams and leaders and coordinate with other Squads. With special map features, assign orders, report enemy, request support. Logistics - Transporting assets using the cargo system, eg. loading containers into towed trailers. Outposts and respawns - Deploy a respawn point or build your own fortified Forward Outposts with Hesco barriers, barbed wire and mounted weapons. Advanced Medical - Includes diagnosis, CPR, Adrenaline auto-injectors, morphine and bandages. Vehicle Maintenance System - Rearm, repair and refuel APCs, tanks, helicopters, and planes. Thank you for your support As lead developer, I would like to thank everyone who worked on this mod or provided permission to incorporate their work. Special thanks to the TacBF Team who provided endless hours of testing, change reports, suggestions, administration and infrastructure organisation and all our forum members. Also a big thanks to the wider Arma 3 community for their interest and feedback, and of course Bohemia Interactive. What are the upcoming plans for Tactical Battlefield? Prepare next mission pack, enhance existing plus introduce new systems and features, finalise Commander System integration, introduce new game modes, add support for ACRE, ACE, All in Arma and 3rd party addons, plus more. Development and Contributions by Dr Eyeball - ICE/TB systems coding, AAS code fixes and improvements, configs, images, some basic models, imports. Coolbox - original AAS system code Wormeaten - original SAAS extensions, design, organisation DMC - models (the good ones) Norrin - original sling load base code mad rabbit - coding tasks Adanteh - Suppression system, NVG adjustment, general coding. Taosenai - allowing us to include TMR addon Galzohar - allowing us to include @galz_wind_ballistics addon KDK - allowing us to include vehicle textures from blu_mohawk addon. Leon - UI menu/icon graphics Swedge - Help manual TacBF team members - missions, servers, forums, plus numerous hours of testing, suggestions and organisation countless others in the community who have contributed: missions, advice, code sections or other assistance Special credits to: Dale, Hurtz and Adanteh - for organisation and management of forums and servers. Gunther - for management and hosting of servers. Looking forward to the next phase of this project. For more information please visit http://www.tacticalbattlefield.net/forum/ Sincerely, Dr_Eyeball
  19. So i have a couple of questions about arma 3 that i cant seem to find the answer of anywhere, So firstly is there any kind of open world pvp without a specific mission? and is there any kind of looting for weapons like DayZ. I know many will say play dayz but i would rather not spend my money on that buggy thing and would rather not have zombies in the world
  20. Major Kibbins of Kekistan

    [CUSAF] Milsim Warhammer 40k

    If you are looking for a Unit to join come to us, we are a small but growing community. We are comprised of three regiments, Troopers, Grenadiers, and Engineers for more information on how to join please join the group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/CUSAF
  21. Server has scripted custom skilled AI and tons of map additions. Start Gear is Custom also. Mods: -Exile (obviously), -Zombies & Demons, -CBA_A3, -Cup Weapons, -Units, -Vehicles -Maps Core Scripts: -Deploy Bike -Base Payment Notifications -Sell Crates at Traders (R3F) -Igiload -Virtual Garage -Adjustable View Distance -Custom Status Bar -Ejecting Bodies from Vehicles when dead -Towing,Lifting with balanced Classes, Advanced Slingloading Addons: -VEMF Mission System,Custom AI -DMS Mission System,Custom AI (with selfmade Missions) -ExileZ 2 Map is full of stuff me and my wonderful fiancée added,feel free to enjoy the dark atmosphere the server was made for. Last but not least theres something very very special on the server only some people will manage to find out.check the biggest dms mission on the server to get a clue well thats it
  22. Flash-Ranger

    Capture The Flag

    Hello, My nickname is Flash-Ranger. I have played OFP since it's release in 2001. I am a huge fan of your work and of the BIS Spirit. This is why I am so pained to come to you with this request/question. In OFP, the CTF system was perfect. Do you remember the amount of hours we spent (And I'm sure you did too) chasing ourselves with the Flag ? Remember how the flag was attached to us when we captured it ? I hope you know what is coming next : The thing is I didn't play ArmA1 (Cuz it was ... Sorry) nor ArmA2 (cuz I was too afraid of being disappointed) and after spending 7 years on OFP ...... I finally said "Fuck it let's give them a chance" so here I am on ArmA3. So guess what, Hopping form OFP to ArmA3 was ... shocking. But in the good way. I know I'm talking a lot and I should come to the point. But I want you to take the time to read all this to understand why I'm so pissed off. With ArmA3 you killed the CTF system. I want to know why. And then here is my request, can you give it back... The CTF community (I know it is small - BUT STILL HERE) is suffering from your END GAME (THAT IS NOTTTTTTT CTF !!!!!!!) and we have had to create a CTF Template from scratch using Backpacks ... I know we are such a little part of the community ... but please, I am asking for the all of us : Give us back the Capture The Flag system !!!! PLEASE !!!! Some will say "Don't bother, ArmA3 is pure Simulation and this is not worth it" Well-I-Do-Not-CARRRRRE ! We play CTF and We love CTF, and Simulation or NOT, we want to continue playing this game-Style..... Please BIS, hear me. Your sincerely, Flash-Ranger. (This Mail will be posted in the Forum + By contact Form) NB : If you are of the same opinion as me, SPEAK UP, If not, please do not pollute this thread (I already know your arguments) Please compare yourself : OFP > ArmA3 >
  23. Hello ! I'd like to invite you to our Capture The Flag Night on Thursday 9pm CEST ! Come with a friend or alone but bring ammo... you're gonna need it ! More information on what is CTF ? https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3or-7xYrxH_VhweBASxS1-HLhWHQ_InZ Join us on Discord for more contacts : https://discord.gg/hYQZ6Vs For any questions ! Send a message via the Forum, Twitter, or Discord.
  24. Oceanic PvP Series This is the Biggest OCE PvP Event Series, Come represent your Unit What: Every Second Friday Night on the [CoG] Oceanic PvP Series Server there is an objective base PvP event featuring different Arma units. The Missions change every fortnight but is always objective based and tactical. The server is always live if you need to test all your mods are working correctly. Event has been running for 3 years now. If your from outside OCE your still welcome but the ping will be about 230ms for US and 300ms for EU Where: • Team Speak 3: TS.CoGclan.com • Arma 3 Server: [CoG] Oceanic PvP Series When: Calender - Here 1900 Join/ Pregames 1930 First Operation 2030 Second Operation (Main Event) 2130 Third Operation (reverse of Main) If any operation finishes early, time filler games will be played or intermission. (all times are for AEST time zone) If you’re interested in joining yourself or your unit up for these events add me and send me a message. Or visit our website www.CoG-Clan.com If its your first time joining please arrive early so you can be given TeamSpeak Permissions and make sure all your mods are up to scratch. Task Force Radio needs extra attention, info is in the workshop description. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=573021058 Enrolled Units: Combat Oriented Gamers www.cog-clan.com Flying Monkeys in Space https://fmisgaming.com/ The Last Olympians https://m.facebook.com/Thelastolympians/ AUSCorp http://taskforceauscorp.com/realism/ B|Tac http://www.ozgamingnetwork.com.au/forums/index.php?/forum/3-borderline-tactical/ Australian Rebel Army http://steamcommunity.com/groups/AustralianRebelArmy 101st Chairbourne http://101stchairborne.boards.net/ Task Force Raven Fire http://taskforceravenfire.enjin.com/ Australian Strategic Operations Regiment [ASOR] https://www.facebook.com/AustralianStrategicOperationsRegiment/?fref=ts Updates and information is posted here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/477577142433846/
  25. Hello all, I am from the community Carpe Noctem Tactical Operations and I am looking at putting together a hopefully multi community TvT/PvP event night. I am hoping this will become a regular event in all our calendars to sharpen our skills and come together and play Arma 3 on a large scale. At the moment we play with a large MOD set but to accommodate more communities we would slim this down for these events to enable more to join and to have less complications and disagreements about mods, the following are our core mods: ACE RHS US RHS RF ACRE I know a lot of communities use TFAR so this is negotiable but both are very simple to install. Please reply to this post or message me at our website or on steam in the links seen below(my Signature). Regards, Dachi