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  1. =SOLDIERS OF FORTUNE= PvP Clan in the Arma series since 2003. We only hire the best. We only play PvP. We are =S.O.F= and we have the reputation of crushing our enemies. If you think you have the skills, you can apply. We do not require exclusive membership to =S.O.F=. BIOGRAPHY Arma 3 2019 to today Reborn in the beginning of 2019, =S.O.F= has the objective of rebuilding it's past reputation. We participate in all TvT and PvP events we can find and train regularly to prove that we are the best at what we do. Game modes we play : - Capture the Flag - Sector control - (Team) Deathmatch - Capture & Hold - KoTH (Not often because it's for campers lol) - Advance & Secure And a lot more... Operation Flashpoint 2003 - 2010 We have spent many years spreading terror in Capture The Flag / Deathmatch etc ... Our fellow members will never be forgotten : =S.O.F= BAD'nFEARLESS =S.O.F=I.S._RUS =S.O.F=Zoran =S.O.F=Ice_Cold =S.O.F= »Dio«™ =S.O.F= DimanOFP™ =S.O.F= SpecOp =S.O.F=Reno =S.O.F= GeeZeR =S.O.F= Pavel™ •»KÂ¥VÅÅÑ §HRÎKÊ«• =S.O.F= † §. † And many more ❤️ LINKS Unit page : https://units.arma3.com/unit/sof-ofp Discord : https://discord.gg/8hGseNt HALL OF FAME
  2. Name: Red Roosters Gaming Branch: PvP/PvE server 32vs32 Language: English/Russian/French - English in-game Timezone: CET Operation time: 24/24 - 7/7 Our Redline mod is a Wasteland mission that we custom for our needs. Its a 32 vs 32 PvP/PvE mission with persistance and huge scale fights. Requierments to join: 1. Subscribe to the workshop addon RRG mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1647710321 2. You can syncronize every mod you need with the official Arma3 Launcher : - CBA_A3 - CUP Weapons - CUP Terrains - Core - CUP Terrains - Maps - CUP Units - CUP Vehicules - Chernarus Isles - RHSAFRF - RHSUSAF - RHS GREF - 2035: Russian Armed Forces - @RRG 3. Join discord to check rules and more : https://discord.gg/5ztnvkS Here's a trailer we've made to show what's our mod is about : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIUdJR96ot8&t=1s Join us !
  3. Come and join the =167= Family About =167= The =167= Clan was formed on April 26th, 2003 in the PC game Medal of Honor Allied Assault Spearhead by Rick and a player named “DarkNimbus”. Soon after, the =167= Clan had its own single-page website through an old free host called Yahoo! Geocities. From there, the =167= Clan started to recruit and quickly established their own TeamSpeak 2 VOIP Server. By 2006, the =167= Clan had a much larger and more organized website and their own MOHAA: Spearhead Server. Over the years, the =167= Clan won many scrimmages and two tournaments in MOHAA, including a national tournament sponsored by EA Games. As the Medal of Honor series aged, =167= expanded into other games including Battlefield 2, Call of Duty 4, World of Warcraft, Battlefield 3, Arma 2 DayZ Mod, APB: Reloaded and Arma 3. The foundation behind the =167= Clan was and is organized. With an extensive website, ranking system and awards, the =167= Clan gives members incentives to contribute and grow within the group and as individual gamers. Led by the same group of leaders for over 10 years, the clan offers stability, structure and a friendly and fun environment for all. General Requirements Must Be Over 16 Years of Age Must Own Arma 3 Must be able to run Arma 3 along with any mods required Must be able to speak English Must have a working Microphone Must have discord/be willing to make a discord. How to Join Please join our discord https://discord.gg/WTg5UnV to apply. Check out our website at https://167clan.net Feel free to ask us any questions you may have in this thread or on discord. Regards, Nap =167= Clan Operations Commander =167= Recruitment Team Member
  4. Hello, soldiers! Welcome to my latest mission: Eradication. Eradication is a mod/variant which combines the new Warlords mode and the Ravage Mod, creating a post-apocalyptic type Warlords scenario. Story: 10 years ago, a deadly sickness spread throughout the island. The island had been closed off and quarantined, left to rot and be consumed. Within the chaos, two major factions rose to the top. The year is now 2019, and a highly trained US Marine Task-Force has been deployed to establish a foothold on the island, neutralize the two major factions in the region, and attempt to eradicate as many infected as possible. BLUFOR players will control the US Marines, OPFOR players will control one of the major factions on the island, and the INDEPENDENT faction will be AI controlled and will defend all towns and cities with their lives. Renegades and lone survivors will also roam the island killing everything on sight. Both teams of players will have to loot and scavenge the area to ensure they never run out of ammo or resources. However there is NO hunger/thirst system as I thought it would take away from the main idea of the mission. You will be able to tweak some parameters before playing to make it customizable to suit your needs. To play solo/with AI: Host a LAN server normally and keep the AI in the player slots. Everything else is basically the same as the Warlords mode, but has been modified to fit the setting. If this mission is well received, I will make versions for other maps. More Info: - The Independents represent the 2nd major faction in the region, the 1st being the OPFOR faction. - You can search any wreckage or furniture piece. All buildings have been fully furnished. - Renegades and bandits will sometimes be carrying important Ravage items. - The OPFOR faction has slightly weaker units, but they make up for it by being cheaper to recruit. Required Mods: - All RHS Mods - Ravage - Derelict - CUP Terrains (For CUP maps) DOWNLOADS: Malden 2035 Malden 2035 LITE Takistan Stratis (Coming soon) Tanoa (Coming soon) Altis (Coming soon) Please leave any suggestions or feedback in the comments! MEDIA:
  5. 96th Kharonian Strikeforce [XCVI] +++SUMMARY+++ The 96th Kharonian Strikeforce is a multinational, English speaking Arma 3 unit with a semi realistic attitude to gameplay. Our activities primarily consist of Zeus and Warlords gamemodes, as well as frequent events and operations with other units. The unit itself is part of a larger multigaming community named Ordo Kharon, membership within which is optional. ++++++ +++MEMBERSHIP CONDITIONS+++ The following is a list of requirements and conditions that must be met in order to become and stay a member of the 96th Kharonian Strikeforce. Functional microphone Ability to speak English Mature and respectful attitude Discipline and motivation Activity Ability to adapt and resourcefulness ++++++ +++MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS+++ The following is a list of benefits and qualities that can be experienced within our community environment. Bootcamp sessions led by experienced individuals Strong incentive for individual improvement and teamplay Hospitality and respect towards recruits ++++++ +++OTHER+++ Our active hours are from 1600 - 0000 UTC Voice Software - Teamspeak for ingame, Discord for basic communication, arrangement and organization. +++MEMBERSHIP INITIATION+++ In order to sign up as a recruit, you must: Meet the membership conditions and acknowledge all of the information listed above. Join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/xqFWbTT +++ OR +++ contact me on Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198035141606 Declare the purpose of your entry on the server in the #admission channel, which, in this context, would be your membership initiation. +++OUR INSIGNIA+++
  6. I am in need of a team of people with scripting knowledge thAT can help make a mission or edit existing missions with and add ace for extra realism benefits the mod and or missions Im trying to reincarnate is Tactical battlefield. please contact with replies.
  7. Is it possible to disable 3rd person zooming? We all know that "1st person vs 3rd person" debate, but Instead of forcing 1st person server-side, I would like to restrict 3rd person view a bit, so you cannot zoom behind the wall and spot people at 700m range. This could improve 3rd person pvp gameplay quality.
  8. Who We Are: 1st the Queen’s Dragoon Guards is a European ArmA 3 Milsim community which simulates a a Light Cavalry Troop and focuses on adversarial and cross community cooperative game-play. We play across a range of periods from with our main focus on the twilight years of the Cold War. As light cavalry we simulate a self-reliant and highly mobile force which makes use of light vehicles such as the Land Rover WMIK. We habitually functions as small independent teams in order to inform and guide friendly forces whilst also disrupting and confusing our enemies. We are also one of the leading members of the cross community organisation Nato Forces of ArmA 3 [NFA]. As part of which we host a persistent Hearts and Minds Scenario for cross community cooperative play and monthly adversarial operations which have attracted over 60 players and 5 participating communities. Our Schedule: Our sessions are ran on Thursdays and Sundays at 2000 UK time (GMT / GMT +1 season dependent). Typically our Thursdays focus on crew development and trade skills (such as observation posts or close target reconnaissance. Our Sunday events are dedicated to cooperative and adversarial operations, on occasion these are reallocated to Saturdays when doing major adversarial operations as part of NFA. Our Community: We are a tight-knit and well natured community of friends who play all kinds of other games besides ArmA 3. We pride ourselves on a good community atmosphere and our ability to have a laugh. We also provide support to those members who wish to develop skills like leadership, tactical knowledge and mission creation. How To Join: If you're interested in joining or just want to know more about what we do, please get in contact via ts or discord. Our recruitment process is as follows: Step 1: Fill out an application form on the Discord registering interest and post it on the Community Application channel in the discord. Link can be found below. Step 2: Respond to the invitation to interview and arrange a suitable time and date. This will be conducted on our TS. Step 3: Attend Interview. Step 4: If successful at interview respond to a request for suitable dates and times to conduct your phase 1 training. Step 5: Complete Phase 1 Training. This takes around one hour thirty minutes. - At the completion of the phase 1 training you will become a full member of the community. Community Contact Details: Teamspeak: Discord: https://discord.gg/2kebban Operational Media:
  9. Bonjour à tous, Hi all, Nous organisons un PvP régulier francophone à 136 joueurs chaque dimanche à 17h00 sur le serveur Arma3France.fr La mission est codée avec amour par Pokertour, que vous connaissez sans doute bien - gage de sérieux et de fluidité. Check out our event PvP 136 players / french spoken every sunday at 5.00 (FR, Paris Time) - english speakers are welcome in infantry squads. Aucun mod n'est nécessaire, aucun téléchargement. No required mod, no ad-don. Fast Rop ; SAI Revive system ; Pas de mort instantanée, vous tombez inconscients et saignez potentiellement 300s > un médecin peut vous relever durant ce temps, sinon respawn pour un coût de 10 tickets et 5 nouvelles minutes d'attente. Restez donc près de vos médics ; No instant death > could bleed for 300s > Revive by medics only > or respawn after bleeding (cost: 10 tickets). Stay close to your medics ; Contrôle de secteurs avec perte de tickets en fonction de la géographie occupée ou perdue ; Sectors control with ticket bleeding ; Guerre totale - Air, sol, mer, sous-marin ; Total War - Air, ground, sea, submarine ; Jeu sérieux avec joueurs motivés et formés ; Serious game played by educated and motivated guys ; Vous pouvez réserver un slot spécifique (pilote, servant de pièce, etc.) durant plusieurs dimanches si vous vous montrez réguliers et sérieux ; You could get a booked / reserved slot with your favorite role if you proved yourself loyal to the event and serious in game ; DLC autorisés mais pas obligatoire (nous vous avons posé quelques véhicules et aéronefs) ; You can use DLC (we spawned some nice planes, helis and other stuffs), they are not mandatory anyway ; Si aucun pilote en jeu, nous disposons du CAS et du drop de munition sur ordre et automatisé ; If no one available to play pilote roles, we give you a CAS and ammo drop control (limited on time). See you around. Discord : https://discord.gg/akXgYuf Website : https://www.arma3france.fr ******************************************** Hi all, We organize a regular PvP francophone to 136 players every Sunday at 17:00 on the server Arma3France.fr The mission is coded with love by Pokertour, whom you probably know well of seriousness and fluidity. Check out our event PvP 136 players / english spoken every sunday at 5.00 (EN, Paris Time) - english speakers are welcome in infantry squads. No mod is necessary, no download. No required mod, no ad-don. Fast Rop; SAI Revive system; No instant death, you fall unconscious and potentially bleed 300s> a doctor can pick you up during this time, otherwise respawn for a cost of 10 tickets and 5 new minutes of waiting. Stay close to your medics; No instant death> gold respawn after bleeding (cost: 10 tickets). Stay close to your medics; Sector control with loss of tickets based on geography occupied or lost; Sectors control with ticket bleeding; Total war - Air, ground, sea, submarine; Serious game with motivated and trained players; Serious game played by educated and motivated guys; You can reserve a specific slot (driver, room service, etc.) during several Sundays if you show regular and serious; You could have a reserved / reserved slot with your favorite role if you are proven to be loyal to the event and serious in game; DLC authorized but not required (we have put some vehicles and aircraft); You can use DLC (we have some nice planes, helis and other stuffs), they are not mandatory anyway; If no pilot in play, we have CAS and ammunition drop on order and automated; If no one available to play pilot roles, we give you CAS and ammo drop control (limited on time). See you around. Discord: https://discord.gg/akXgYuf Website: https://www.arma3france.fr
  10. Hello, i'm a regular player of Zeus on multiplayer, and i've seen the series grow over the years(ARMA 2, ARMA 2 OA, ARMA 3, etc) During ARMA 2, Warfare/CTI was probably my favorite gamemode. I was wondering, could there be modules and objects in place for the zeus to utilize, in order to construct a similar scenario to that of CTI/Warfare like in ARMA 2 with ease? More specifically, I was thinking about features like such: in-game place-able marketplace for players to purchase new vehicles, weapons, and ammo, etc on the field(This will allow players to provide for themselves instead of relying on zeus to always add items) -in-game currency automatically rewarded to players for killing enemies, completing objectives, etc(Required mechanic for the above) Ability for teams to vote a single player as commander to allow the construction of friendly structures such as possible FOBs(new respawn points by choice of the players) Module for Zeus to occupy a town with selected enemy forces of choice. Anything else that makes sense These were some of the additions I thought of, any suggestions are appreciated. Why did I suggest these changes? I feel like the Zeus, currently, is a little handicapped in some aspects. To supply players with non-default class weapons and equipment, Zeus must place down dozens of crates to allow players to have variety or simply find the gun that the players want(Why not just have it all in one Virtual Arsenal type of system) Also, i'm aware that there are vehicles respawns, but they have been known to crash the game for the Zeus, and sometimes players don't necessarily need the same vehicle continuously. Minimizing unnecessary clutter is obviously ideal for performance. I feel like some of these additions would help lighten the load on any Zeus just starting out as well. Because I feel like some of these things should be automated; and players should be able to have a bit more freedom without relying on the Zeus all the time.
  11. Hello, in the name of the Electronic Sports Masters™ we would like to invite you to participate in our next league. In this edition, we have limited the number of allowed teams to 14 so if you are interested in joining the event do not doubt it and enroll your team (minimum with 6 players) as soon as possible. Enrolment deadline: 3rd of September 4rd of October Dates of first round: From 17 to 21 of September 15th to 21th of October Link to enroll in: JOIN NOW! Download maps: ESM™ | CTF - OFFICIAL MAPS V3.4 Link to rules: A-SERIES CTF RULES Teams: 14 Players: 6vs6 Game mode: Capture the Flag (CTF) Mods: Not allowed Player max. ping allowed: 150ms Fore more information Join our Discord! https://discord.gg/hYQZ6Vs If you want have a look at the maps feel free to join one of our server: Name: Electronic Sports Masters™ | OFFICIAL SERVER 1 [EU#FR] IP: 2316 Name: Electronic Sports Masters™ | OFFICIAL SERVER 2 [EU#FR] IP: 2322 Video created by @GAMmovies Making Cinematic / Machinima / 88th Co."Walking Death" We hope to see you soon! GL &HL Electronic Sports Masters™ | Where the challenge begins ... esportsmasters.org
  12. Hey there, Der Server a small community of friends are looking to expand our current roster of eight. We come from around the globe EU, US, and CN. With this being said our missions run around a time to suit a majority. We are a mature group but also all get along really well and can have some good banter. The community plays with an relaxed approach towards playing “realism missions” and being part of the “realism community”. We don’t expect you to call higher ranking members sir, ma’am, do rigorous training courses, or know everything out of a tactical handbook. Instead we use the available mods to develop missions which would be played in a fun manner whilst also trying to tactically play out the mission. Each week the mission changes unless it’s a campaign so there’s never any set faction or playstyle we would be playing for weeks on end it helps to keep things fresh! TL:DR: if you like to play realism missions but don’t want to have to go through the hassle of training etc with a community then this is the place for you! There are some slight rules that what we adhere to and would like future members to adhere to:- -Speak fluent English with a working microphone and headset -17 years + -Ability to follow orders from others (in-game command structure system) -Be respectful and mindful of others We have recently made a switch to discord to arrange missions and will be used as a hub for the community ongoing however we still use teamspeak for voice comms. If you are interested join and drop me a message I’m usually always available! Thanks and I hope to see you around!
  13. Working on a TvT Campaign and would like to have a script that changes a flag when a faction captured an area (trigger) been looking around but can't find anything suitable - help appriciated - thanks
  14. Fall of men is role playing game where you can talk and commerce with NPCs and do quests. You must also try to survive in the hostile post apocalyptic world, where even other players maybe hostile This mission is continuous work in progress but can already be played. Note the mission on server below is not always up to date but is running last stable release Features currently in game: Quests: NPCs with quests Doing quests will reward you XP and money Talk to NPC via dialogues over 30 quests! (more to come) Quests to clear bandit towns (one so far) Survive: Hostile world outside of towns (AI controlled bandits) Bandits drive cars Bandits call for backup if given enough time! CSAT controls north west of the map The bandits and CSAT will send hit squad after you (via air) if you mess with them too much The enemy has placed road blocks and small camps around the map Beaware that players with high lockpick skill may break into your house Hireable companions Abandoned vehicles spawn across the island Skills: XP / level system Different skills (total 8) Gain money and XP by killing the bandits You can try to lockpick and steal cars Skills include: Accuracy (amount of weapon sway) Stamina Armor Speed Barter Speech (Unlocks special options in conversations) Lockpick Pickpocket (Try to take items from NPC, who will get mad if you get caught!) Law: Law and guards in towns (don't shoot or steal!) You can surrender and get rid of the villain status if you break the law in town (but you lose couple skill points) Player can rob the bank. Making him hostile to the current town Commerce: Trading with NPC shopkeeper Buy houses where you can store your gear/loot Caravans travel between towns (You can trade with the caravan trader) Loot from previous plays go to your house's container when you buy a house Player can deposit money in bank. Each town has independent bank Some houses outside towns may contain valuable loot. The doors are also locked if any Money you left in banks will be saved to your character Also money you used to buy houses is returned to you when you quit Car dealers in towns! Property: Claim any house in the wilderness as your home! You can build walls around your houses in the wilderness (using zeus, press Y) Lock your car Setting: PvP 8 populated towns so far Tweakable gameplay via parameters Weather parameters Cool atmosphere parameters Ambient helo flying around (CSAT area) Instructions: Look for NPC with icon on top of them. They will give you quests and trade. Use mouse scroll wheel to select actions and middle click to use Player data is saved so you can continue where you left Fast travel between towns via helicopter! Talk to the pilot in town Notes: Multiplayer support No addons required Should disable weapon sway mods Game is saved when you press esc and also periodically Map is Altis version 0.8.13b To play: Multiplayer -> Server browser -> Host server Download: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1401710021 Screenshots in the steam download page Official site: https://armagc.blogspot.com/
  15. Hello there, I'm running a Public Server, one thats generally more fun oriented than milsim . With that said I'm open to ideas for things people would like to play. Me and my old timer buddies prefer more of a PvP element, although Coops are also a nice change in pace. So for example, if I put up a series of Star Wars PvP maps where teams take areas to bleed the other teams respawns, would anyone be interested in that? Or a full time PvP with Iron Front server with Coop Mission Nights ? Lampreys and Zombies? Even a Submarine naval themed server could be possible. Anything that could be outside the norm but is still wanted by the community. I would like to gauge the current state of the playerbase before I begin making more maps. If people would prefer just CUP I have some TDMs all ready to go. I'm just not sure i I want to go in the direction of Arma Life or Exile; although it seems those are the most demanded/ populated servers. Any other ideas are welcome. (don't say Armstalker.....I wish..)
  16. Hi I'm Eric McHogan from the Viking PMC (https://www.vikingpmc.com/) We are hosting an ArmA Competitive Series sponsored by Bohemia Interactive on the 28th of April. We Have hand crafted maps specifically made for this PvP event. Maps we will be playing: Sugar Mill - Requires Apex Han Dynasty - Requires Apex HostageHotel SeaSideCache (all maps are downloadable through our Tournament Modlist on Steam) We are currently looking for Teams to join us. Each Team will need 8 players, plus reserve members if possible. Our Prize Pool: 1st place: 35 euros + copy of the game 2nd place: 5 euros + 8 key chains + 1 stratis map + 1 tanoa map 3rd place: 8 pens + 2 reflex (prizes will be sent to team liason) To Sign up Click Here: https://goo.gl/WCZdJZ
  17. Greetings from the Zeus Community. I was wondering if people were interested in joining in a night whereby players would engage in a realistic PvP/TvT/A&D (or however you want to call it!) on a large scale (around 100 man). This will essentially be like two organised teams playing a no respawn coop against each other. Even if you are not in a community it will be open to anyone who enjoys playing in a structured and organised way. We are a casual milsim group focused on teamplay, tactics and realistic objectives. W have had great success in the past thanks to all those who joined us into making a full realistic immersive experience. It has been a while since our last TvT game night and I'd like to announce the next one for Sunday 6th May. It will focus on a large scale A&D hoping to be both immersive and challenging with realistic objectives focused on organised tactics to achieve them. We had 100 players last time and I hope we see the same numbers again. Details are as follows: DATE: SUNDAY 6th May TIME: 18:30 (BST) WHERE: #1 Zeus Community Game Server If you have any questions, please post them here. Tipsi
  18. Hey guys, I want to create a Battle Royale Style PvP Mission for me and my friends. I want the mission to end when there is only one player left. If possible it should show the mission completed screen. My problem is that i have no idea how to script it. Ive tried googling but i couldnt find anything usefull. I hope you can help me. Vecto1511
  19. I created a TDM scenario for 10 on 10 gameplay. This one is in Agios Dionysios, and has barriers that restrict the playable area. There are limited supplies on the map, and two resupply locations for Blu For and Op For to fight over. Feel free to check it out if you like. Uses minimal mods (should be listed at the link). Any feedback is appreciated. First-person only settings. I am aware that the respawn ticket counter works, but does not display on-screen on a player's HUD (it does display on the player death/respawn screen). Let me know what you think. I plan on making a bunch of these in various towns across Altis, Tanoa, Malden, Chernarus, and Fallujah, among others. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1337308392
  20. This mod is no longer updated/available (that was fun but very time consuming, thanks everyone for your support) Ground Zero Scenario Series Dead or not, they are a threat Gameplay 1-40 solo/coop/PVP survival game (host the game in multi even for solo else it will be broken). Survive in a hostile environment among civilians, militaries, thugs and optionally, zombies.Every game is different! Feedbacks welcome. Main features Permanent skirmish between the 3 factions (and Zombies if Ravage or Zombies & Demons is activated) Up to 40 players/AI in coop/PVP with dynamic respawn systems Huge randomized content 3 game modes 30 different type of missions each coming with variable elements 10 random events, dynamic weather , day & night cycle impacting the game, etc. Ambient systems for increased immersion: civilians, animals etc. Classic survival pillars: food, water, temperature, loot, vehicles, advanced health system etc. Open world: explore the region, follow the available missions, encounter random events... Dedicated server support Headless client support Custom save games for mission progress Automatic multi-mods support framework Mods Collection All Ground Zero different maps/scenarios Required mods Check the "Required items" widget on the right column of Steam workshop CBA_A3 Heros Survive Optional mods supported for even more immersion vCom AI Ravage Zombies and Demons BWS Zombies Any mod bringing content in the form of men, vehicles or equipement/gear will automatically be activated and stacked Update log http://arma-3-ground-zero.wikia.com/wiki/Update_log Wiki Work in progress wiki Downloads Ground Zero Altis Ground Zero Beketov Ground Zero Chernarus Ground Zero Chernarus 2035 Ground Zero Chernarus Redux Ground Zero Isla Duala Ground Zero Kunduz Ground Zero Malden Ground Zero Ruha Ground Zero Sahrani Ground Zero Stratis Ground Zero Takistan Ground Zero Tanoa Ground Zero Trava Ground Zero Vidda Ground Zero Wake Island Credits Click here
  21. crypticsilence

    Red Ember Clan [=REC=]

    RED EMBER CLAN [=REC=] ABOUT US: We mix serious and play as much as possible and look for people who can communicate and think. Our core group has been around since 2010, mostly focusing on military and team tactical games. Large group tactics is our familiarity as we operate groups in various military tactical genres. We have jobs or go to school and don't want to see gaming as another chore to get done, so don't expect rules that will kick you out based on attendance. WHAT DO WE DO?: Some of our main games are Arma, DayZ, and Squad, but we are not limited to just military games. Join up and play with us on other games if you want! We play PubG, CounterStrike, Elite Dangerous, MOBAs (LoL, DOTA, ), RPGs, E-Sports, etc. REQUIREMENTS: Maturity, Headset/Microphone, and Teamspeak. DO NOT BEG FOR MONEY!! we are generous to our members, but beggars will be removed. We expect members to respect other REC members and to have the ability to communicate wants/needs/problems/issues. COMMS: TeamSpeak - redembergaming.teamspeak3.com (PRIMARY) Discord - https://discord.gg/M5533Hp (Secondary/Back Up) HOW TO JOIN: Join our teamspeak and talk with one of our recruiters, moderators, or admins.
  22. "Capture the Flag | Kavala" is a different take on the popular CTF game mode, 3 teams (BLUFOR, OPFOR & INDEPENDENT) fight to capture a flag before time runs out! This mission is different to other capture the flag missions, in this mission, there is only one flag. All 3 teams must try to secure the most flags to either reach the score limit or time limit! This mission is best played with friends, work together and secure your victory, but there's a catch. If there is a tie between the teams when the time reaches 0 then the game moves into OVERTIME! During OVERTIME if 2 teams are ahead, OVERTIME allows the third team to have the ability to catch up to the tie. The first team to get a flag that makes their score the highest during OVERTIME will win the game. This mission allows the user to customize the score limit(1 Point - Unlimited), and time limit (1Min - 6 Hours) allowing the game to last for up to 6 hours! This mission also includes custom UI build specifically for this mission shown in the gif above. At the moment I have tested this mission and haven't found any bugs if you do happen to find any let me know and I will try to fix them ASAP. Thanks for checking out my mission and I hope you do enjoy! Steam Workshop Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1320168087 Author's Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/asaayu
  23. Hello, This is my first time posting on these forums. Along with a small group, I've been playing Arma on and off for a few years now, but only recently got into Exile with Zombies. We've been playing on a "BS-Free" Malden server, which is awesome, but it's PVE-only. We would like to find a PVP server to play on as well. Obviously hosting servers is expensive, we're looking for a server we can donate to monthly and stick with long-term. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions of good servers playing on Esseker or Altis with Exile, Zombies, and PVP. We're located in Western Canada, but almost anywhere in NA would be fine. p.s. I apologize if this is the wrong place for this post. I wasn't sure between here and the servers section (which seemed more for server admins helping each other)
  24. Hello im new to the forums and new to making arma 3 mission i have made my first pvp conquest mission were players have to capture the zone and hold it i am wanting to show player names above there heads so people no there friendly at about 200m but only to show player names at further distances when there in line of sight ill post the code that i have so far any help would be great thanks. onEachFrame { _units = nearestObjects[(visiblePosition player),["Man"],500]; _units = _units - [player]; { _color = switch (playerSide) do { case (EAST): {[1,0,0,1]}; case (WEST): {[0,0,1,1]}; case (independent): {[0,1,0,1]}; case default {[1,1,1,1]}; }; if (side _x isEqualto playerSide) then { if (!(lineIntersects [getPos player, getPos _x, player, _x]) && alive _x) then { drawIcon3D [ "", _color, [visiblePosition _x select 0,visiblePosition _x select 1, ((_x modelToWorld (_x selectionPosition "head")) select 2)+.5], 1, 2, 45, name _x, 1, 0.04, "PuristaMedium", "center" ]; }; }; }forEach _units; };
  25. Hey! Today I want to announce our latest project, the "Advanced Combat Animations" mod, by "our" I mean Mihal, Maximili and me. This project has been a Team effort from the beginning on and this team has brought this mod that far, that we can finally share this with you guys. So what is this mod even about? This mod adds many new Animations to be used in PvP or even PvE Combat. Many of these Animations are from an Arma 2 mod, called "SMK" by Smookie, he did an awesome job on these animations, but sadly he's not active in the Community anymore. So we decided to bring his mod back alive in Arma 3, but this mod won't be a straight port of his mod, we are adding new animations and features, building up upon his mod from Arma 2. What's the current Status and ETA of a release? Well, we've been working on this for several weeks now and we only got a few issues to fix. Once these Issues are solved we will release this mod on the official Forums, Armaholic and Steam Workshop. We are aiming for a release before the end of march. If you are interested in the development of this mod, make sure to join our Discord Server here! Here are some screenshots: LICENSE CLARIFICATION