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Found 246 results

  1. Hi there I'm currently considering making the barrel cargo net (CargoNet_01_barrels_F) a functionnal refuel tank with ACE 3 framework. Problem, the documentation concerning the way to make a refueling device is non-existant. There is only guidelines concerning the way to make an object refuelable. Refuel Framework I've tried to browse through the code on the Github repo, in this file : cfgVehicle.hpp It seems to contain what I need, especially concerning refuel actions. But in this there is plenty of things that I don't know, despite manipulating configs for more than a year now. Such as all theses QPATHOF, GVAR, QVAR, CSTRING things. I think that if I only copy-past theses things into my box' code, it will not be able to work. Do anyone know about it ? Or has ever manipulated it ? Thanks EDIT : Actually it seems to be not possible by simple config entries, it has to be done via lots of copy-pasting and changing tons of things here and there. But rewrite of all this and proper documentation of the framework seems to be on rails in the Ace team : Github link. The dev in charge of this seems to be @jonpas. Thanks to him if he can do things cleaner than what we have know !
  2. Alongside my Command & Conquer project, I have been thinking of other tiny projects that might be really fun to do. One of these projects I wanted to undertake is based on one of my favorite franchises of all time: Army Men. I remember vividly playing with tons of these sets as a kid and also the many games that came out for it. The game I remember most is Sarge's Heroes 1 and 2 (the N64 versions - as that's what I had at the time). I loved the idea of toys coming to life and waging war both in their world and ours. I searched recently and there use to be a mod for OFP in progress a long time ago, but it sadly ceased production, so I feel like maybe I can take up this kind of project. I think it'd be kind of easy, because the weapons are easily recreated and everything is mostly western equipment - but maybe I can expand on this with some more vehicles (to stand out a little) and weapons later. This project wouldn't require much at all as you'd have to primarily make everything look all plastic and matte colored, which I think would be easy enough to do. The mod will initially only contain the Green Nation and Tan Republic, but will eventually see the Blue and Grey nations. Based on what I've seen, this is what I'd need for even the basics: Vehicles: M48 Patton (I can use an M60, because there's not a proper M48 Patton yet) [x] - Done UH-1 Huey (I'd like to seek out permission to re-skin one) (Will use Blackhawk or Chinook?) M3 Halftrack (I can just as easily use a different APC for this if I have to, which is fine) (M113 or BMP?) Jeep (can just reskin the basic jeep and jeep w/ mg) Trucks (again, reskinning basic stuff will work) AH-1 Cobra (Army Men: Air Attack) PT Boat (just will reskin the PBR) Advanced Vehicle models for later: P51 (Green Nation plane) Spitfire (Tan Republic) B25 (Green Nation) Tu-25 (Tan Republic) Classes: Rifleman Bazooka Man Sniper Shotgunner Grenadier Flamethrower (this can never be properly implemented, so avoiding this one) Officer Medic Heroes: Sarge Hawk Thick Riff Scorch Col. Grimm Vicky Shrap Private Hoover Bullseye Villains: General Plastro Malice Col. Blintz Field Marshal Tannenburg Baron von Beige Major Mylar Weapons: M16 M79 Grenade Launcher (would have to ask permission for this) M21 M60 LAW (Unless someone has an M1 Bazooka somewhere that I'm allowed to use) And if I can do it, I want to apply some kind of specular map to everything to make them shiny plastic. Maybe also make some scripts to make them make dying sounds when shot. The heroes and villains probably won't make it in until way later, so basically going to only reskin the West soldiers to be green and tan respectively. Green soldiers will have green weapons and tan soldiers will have tan weapons, otherwise it just doesn't look consistent. I also want to make a script that shows plastic chunks flying when shot if that's possible. I mean we have OFPEC blood for the blood, but I'm sure a similar kind of job can simulate plastic flying everywhere. Even melted plastic puddles. :P I just wanted to see what people would think of this - I think it'd be a welcome mod for people who like fictional and different stuff like this. My other idea for a mod is Battletanx and Battletanx: Global Assault, which obviously would only be vehicle based, but I'll share that later. Made a logo for it too: Based off the Army Men Advance logo.
  3. CLOSE QUATERS PVP - ALPHA Server IP: Server skill: Veteran / no 3rd person Round time: 10 min Rounds per match: 10 Spectator mode for dead players *no mods required to join game I have just started working on new PvP game mode where your main task is to defuse bomb as Anti-Terrorists or kill everyone or defend bomb as Terrorist. You can destroy any wall as AT to get inside the main building. It is going to be mix of Counter-Strike and Rainbow Six, but more realistic since this is Arma so we can do more. It is Alpha - there aren't many features yet, but I'm waiting for any suggestions.
  4. Texture artist wanted for a few ship models I have completed, but haven't been able to texture. All the ships have walk-able interiors, and are mostly UV mapped. intermediate to advanced texture-work knowledge is required, and also some previous experience working with others is preferred. list includes several small ships, a couple destroyers, and a cargo vessel. Leave a comment, or PM me for more details. will not pay, but will give credit where due. (as any good community member will do) Cheers!
  5. M107man

    Help with mod

    I was looking to make my own "mod" using existing units and gear i have ingame from other mods. My goal is to make my own faction on blufor or opfor, like RHS or any other unit mod that has for example "US Army Woodland" and then goes into vehicals infantry etc, but i want them to be permanent, for example every time i load the game up there they are in blufor or opfor or whatever i dont want to just do some scripting to get the gear on them i can already do that some what. If some one could help me getting started that would be great!
  6. ricoarma

    Who speaks

    Hello everyone, I would like to know how to see in multiplayer, who speaks. Is there a mod, to make learn the pseudo of the player who speaks? Thanks
  7. Hey. I am just wondering if it is possible to make a tool that let's you change only pants. (Dividing pants and sweaters from each other in the virtual arsenal.
  8. I'm trying to add specific equipment to my soldiers uniform, vest and backpack. This is for my mod. NOT SCRIPT. I can't seem to find any examples of this anywhere. Can anybody point me in the right direction please?
  9. Happy Saturday! I would like to share some pictures of a terrain I've been working on for the last few months. I am planning on releasing it either on Steam or Armaholic very soon! I am using it as a testing ground for some custom winter-themed .p3d objects (which I am new at making). This is my first terrain and my first mod, and if I were to start over again I'd do a lot of things differently, but I want to publish this either way because I think there needs to be more arctic themed-maps. Right now I am more interested in starting a new project than I am developing this one much further, so I would potentially be open to sharing the source files with someone if they wanted to further develop this. Russian Fjords is a top-secret government military zone, where high tech weapons, vehicles, and equipment are developed and manufactured. It is centered around a deepwater bay in the arctic ocean, and there is only one well-guarded road in or out. The terrain design is somewhat experimental, with some underground tunnels and a high resolution heightmap. The map could be used for sabotage, espionage, intelligence gathering, or even some kind of James Bond themed machina. Honestly you can use it for whatever you want, it's just not really designed to be used for traditional mission based gameplay, it's more meant as a decent-looking, immersive, cinematic landscape than anything. Features: - 8x8km Arctic Map with 6 custom ground materials (Thank you to Dmitry Chugai of texturelib.com for the ground textures) -Heightmap, Attributes, and Sat map created using L3DT Pro and MS Paint - Unique modeled and textured .p3d objects (Snowy fir trees, space rocket) using 3ds MAX and GIMP - 10,000+ hand-placed objects - A long road which goes all the way around the map and took foreveeeeer to level out - An industrial port, and a military airbase, and several military research areas - Several road tunnels - No mod dependencies, should be compatible with any other mods Known issues: -The stock arma 3 rocks do not look "Great" since they are not covered with snow. When I started this map I did not know how to do custom objects at all. -I have not tested this map with AI and don't know how they'd behave, especially in caves/on ledges -The caves are questionable and I wouldn't recommend making a map with them the way I did. The rocks do not occlude light as you'd hope. - Because the heightmap resolution is 4m, some areas are sharp and bumpy, and depending on your terrain LOD setting, distant terrain can look kind of bad. On my next terrain I'll be using at least an lower heighmap resolution to prevent this, but I am not planning on going thru the entire map and fixing every bump at this point - The ocean goes from shore to super deep very quickly. I do not plan on fixing this - I have messed with the rain settings in config to try to make the rain look more like snow but maybe some people will think it looks funky now. I think built in snow support in Arma 3 would be sick, but for now you can at least use some snow scripts (http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=29156 is one snow script, but the PPEffect color correction can make it very bright and hard to see anything during the day. tweak the script as necessary) - There may be issues with my custom objects that I'm not aware of, I'm very new to making objects Planned features: -Creating snow-covered clutter, and objects such as bushes and rocks, maybe icebergs, improving the look and functionality of objects -Adding some more docks and smaller decoration-type objects such as fences -Possibly Adding some runway overlays -Properly naming and labeling all locations on the map in Russian/Cyrillic -Possibly moving the zone of the map north so that the days are shorter -Continually improving my understanding of how to write a proper config (snow particle effects for driving in the snow is one thing I have yet to master) Please let me know if anyone would be interested in working with me on this or a future projcet! I am open to working with others! Thank you!
  10. I am making a new mod and I wish to load images from the PBO file, and call them with the config.cpp. This is my CfgPatches. class CfgPatches { class armastuff { units[] = {}; weapons[] = {""}; requiredAddons[] = {"A3_Characters_F","A3_Data_F", "A3_Anims_F", "A3_UI_F","A3_Map_Altis","A3_Weapons_F"}; version = "2017-02-15"; fileName = "Arma 3 Changes."; author = "Corporal Kerry"; mail = "johncartwright302@dodo.com.au"; }; }; I am confused about what path I should use to call the images. Is it \armastuff\ui\logo.paa or something else? I can never get this to work. Even though the mod icons work, with the mod.cpp. Doing something like adding new graphics to the game never works for me. Any help would be appreciated. This is the only thing I am having problems with. Thanks.
  11. Introduction A fictional private military corporation designed to ad more PMC flavor besides CUP's ION. Contents reskins of CUP's Armored SUV and SUV retextures of 5 VSM vests and 1 backpacks 4 AI Highlights -Virtual Arsenal retextured heavy bulletproof vests -upped armored CUP SUV's -4 types of AI with max skill level -able to use with many mods - Destroyer SWORD unit -Juggernaut vest able to withstand 5.56mm but to ballance you cant run while wearing it -Juggernaut APEX helmet(requires APEX DLC) Gallery RP “Today, We Feed the Vultures” Death Pack was founded by Ryejin Yamato in 2021. By the year 2035 DPC has over 100 members and is considered a private military. DPC’s goal is simple, you pay, we kill for you, no matter the faction. Dead on being guns for hire, like any business Ryejin made it professional. At the same time Ryejin wanted no big jobs, so for years to come, they could hide under the radar of the US and Russian governments. But with CSAT forces on the rise and more conflicts drawing to Tanoa, DPC was not just dealing with terrorists but Chinese as well! Death Packs headquarters is a private office building in Grourge Town, Tanoa. Death Pack history Founded in the year 2021 by Ryejin Yamato, it started out as any PMC would, hiring soldier's and gaining their trust to get the job done. It was rough for Ryejin for many years recruiting, but as Death Pack got popular, the recruitment got easier and more and more recruits were in the company. By the year 2030 Death Pack had enough members and money to be considered a threat to most terrorist groups and competition to other private military companies like ION and that makes enemies. By the year 2035 Death Pack had two new enemies they would always run into on a hired job, CSAT was the most common, since Death Pack head quarters is based in Debai, Iranian CSAT forces where on the rise in the region and even attacked Death Pack directly a few times. on July 14th, 2035 Iran CSAT forces attacked Death Pack HQ directly but thanks to quick thinking and good intel Death Pack wiped out the opposition and only lost 5 men. On February 7th, 2035 a new power came into play in the Tanoa, they called themselves, SWORD. The Strategic Worldwide Organized Regiment Department is a private military Corporation that is fully funded by the Chinese and works for CSAT. Intel suggests they been hiding in the shadows for years and when Death Pack became strong enough to become a threat to CSAT in the Pasific, SWORD came out of the shadows and began military operations against Death Pack. The two PMC's now sworn enemies have fought on several occasions in Iran each side taking heavy losses, each side also winning and losing. Though SWORD may have more military might, Death Pack has always been more brains than bronze. on February 20th, 2035, Ryejin got a call from a United States general giving them an offer they wouldn't refuse, the US general said he would fund them for the next 20 years if they were the wiped out SWORD. Ryejin accepted the offer and informed all his men. Death Pack today(2035) February 21, 2035, Ryejin seek out to old friends well hidden from public view and not only got more recruits and weapons and ammo but a information network that five hackers Ukraine set up were now hired by Ryejin to find any and all Intel they can against SWORD. it was officially time the push SWORD out of Tanoa! STEAM LINK http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=918554228
  12. Can someone help me with this. I'm Kinda new to the whole sound mod but am interested, I have no idea but gotten this far and im just Confused on how to proceed from this point on how i can even get sound through. if someone could help me Thank you. the export for the file is .wss mono out of a pcm 16bit mono wave file. the script is in a config.cpp file. class CfgPatches { class mx { units[]={}; weapons[]={}; requiredVersion=0.1; requiredAddons[]= { "A3_Data_F", "A3_Sounds_F", "A3_Weapons_F" }; version="1"; author="cheif22"; }; }; class CfgSoundShaders { class MX_Closure_SoundShader { samples[]= { { "\mx\shots\closure1", 1 }, { "\mx\shots\closure2", 1 } }; volume=0.17782794; range=5; }; class MX_closeShot_SoundShader { samples[]= { { "\mx\shot\closeshot1", 1 }, { "\mx\shot\closeshot2", 1 }, { "\mx\shot\closeshot3", 1 } }; volume=1; range=50; rangeCurve="closeShotCurve"; }; class MX_midShot_SoundShader { samples[]= { { "\mx\shot\midshot1", 1 }, { "\mx\shot\midshot2", 1 }, { "\mx\shot\midshot3", 1 } }; volume=0.79432821; range=1800; rangeCurve[]= { {0,0.2}, {50,1}, {300,0}, {1800,0} }; }; class MX_distShot_SoundShader { samples[]= { { "\mx\shot\distshot1", 1 }, { "\mx\shot\distshot3", 1 }, { "\mx\shot\distshot3", 1 } }; volume=1; range=1800; rangeCurve[]= { {0,0}, {50,0}, {300,1}, {1800,1} }; }; };
  13. Hello BIS Community, I am trying to make a sound mod, script is right, works with some files but for some reason my own audio export is wrong possibly. My current process is exporting the file as a WAV (Microsoft) signed 16-bit PCM file as a mono file, then do the .wss conversion, (my friend says to do that and works), Just when i do a closure sound, It doesn't seem to load at all, the code is correct, just when I put my specific audio file in it doesn't seem to sound at all. classified as a closure sound. Is there a kind of format or things I need? Any help at all or software plugin to do this will do, thanks if anyone can help.
  14. The two Chinese modders steals other people's work and post them on Arma 3 Workshop: KICKASS and Yuliang. They DO NOT own the most part of copyright of their work, mainly models and textures. They get them everywhere. They know it's against the Steam rules clearly and yet, they still post it. I am not related with the original IP, but I still report them here after I noticed their posts on Chinese social media and forums. I hope BIS developers will not connive these actions and ban them permanently. Simply reporting them on Steam seems useless. As far as I know, KICKASS's items has been flagged and removed for several times, but the guy still upload them again and again. Here's some of their items, not all: VX MOD KA Weapons Pack LITE RAINBOWSIX SIEGE They don't know how to respect people. So, PLEASE, PLEASE remove these loots FOREVER!
  15. Hello, I am looking for an experienced developer (or two) that are willing to help my life role-play server expand and grow to something much more unique. The server/community currently uses/has: Lakeside heavily modded Custom mission file with plenty to do Some bugs, not majorly game-breaking 55 players all-time peak 20-40 players average but we have the money to spend on advertising once the server is more unique Approval for Bohemia monetization We're looking for someone who has advanced knowledge in developing scripts (not just configuring) and is familiar with MySQL (not a requirement). I really hope I'm not breaking any rules by posting this but from what I read on the forum guidelines, it seems alright. Just to be safe, I won't be posting any links/mentioning the community name. Please contact me if you're interested, I will look forward to working with you.
  16. Australian Defence Force Uncut 0.5.1 MEDIAFIRE IMAGE GALLERY NO LONGER SUPPORTED New devs WIP thread:
  17. spikester184@gmail.com

    FPS drop after update. Exile mod.

    Hello, I recently started playing the Exile mod for Arma 3. I was having no issues and getting around 60-70 fps in game. After the recent update I am only getting around 20 fps in game. I haven't changed any settings so I assume that it was because of the update. I was told by the admins of the server that it was something to do with the recent update and that there would be a fix released for it soon. I was wondering if anyone had anymore information on the problem and if there is or will be a fix? Im running the game on windows 10. Thanks for any help,
  18. Brian Sherbino

    Texture Modding Addon

    I'll try to be as simple as possible. Without having to completely remodel the chinook from in game, I'd like to be able to add another variant that is re-skinned as a new vehicle (or at least acts like a separate vehicle, and not a skin added through the mission file). I've managed to get all of the .paa files edited to my liking, as well as a basemod that currently houses my communities content. However, I have no clue how to implement the new skins into the mod so that Arma 3 will recognize said files, and create a new vehicle within Zeus/3den. So, clarification recap: Just a vehicle skin addition On a separate vehicle with a new name
  19. INTRODUCTION This mod was personal pet project of mine for 2 months and now is finally done! This mod holds 2 factions, both PMC's, one good, one bad. DESCRIPTION This faction mod pack includes 2 PMC factions- 2 AI, 2 vehicles each, 5 custom vests, 1 custom helmet. SCREENSHOTS (more images to come) SPECIAL FEATURE On the OPFOR side known as SWORD, their is a AI unit thats to be feared if your on foot! It is called, the Destroyer, based after call of duty MW3 Juggernauts he is the arma 3 version of that same bad guy! His vest and helmet have been set to custom settings where shooting the Destroyer in the head or vest will be pointless if you are using 5.56mm or below. once the vest is on, the player or AI can not run or jog to balance it. As seen in the image above, the Destroyer has a pun on his crotch plate, its also on his shoulders too. LORE SWORD http://deathpackpmcarma.wikia.com/wiki/S.W.O.R.D. Death Pack http://deathpackpmcarma.wikia.com/wiki/Death_Pack_PMC_story Link removed due to permissions mod requirements are a little big for some, sorry about that. CREDIT All credit goes to my good friend Rad for helping me on this projects between a job and collage.
  20. VERSION 0.3 RELEASE -Better crew placements -New and improved shadow LOD -Adjusted CoG (Less wobbling on ground) -New interior and improved -New livery, "PT-17 Stearman Weathered" -Lowered get in points -New mod image -Added scripts -Moved PT-17 Rally and PT-17 Rally Rouge from BLUFOR and OPFOR to Civilian (sorry for any issues this may cause) -Better world model optimization -Couple other things I can't remember... *Expect an update soon, after Jet DLC is released and new documentation is added* OVERVIEW Over the past few months, I have worked on and off on a PT-17 Stearman for Arma 3. The amazing model was supplied to me by Helijah who had created it for the game Flight Gear, and, with his permission, was ported to Arma 3. With the massive amount of help by [Dust]Sabre, I was able to complete this addon. It was my first addon, so it took a while to make, but here it is! I will continue to work on it here and there, as I have a few projects I'm doing simultaneously, and try to fix bugs and issues that arise. TO DO/ WISHLIST -Add that wing walker version -Make some better textures -Add reflections, so it doesn't look so dull -Add Sabre's and my scripts FEATURES -Working instrument panel -Multiple Liveries -Custom engine sounds -Dual controls -Wreck Model -[Dust]Sabre's and my aircraft related scripts Current pictures of the model: If you would like to learn more about this awesome aircraft- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boeing-Stearman_Model_75 LICENSE The PT-17 Stearman for Arma 3 is released under Arma Public License(APL) The author of The PT-17 Steaman for Arma 3 gives no warranty. No commercial or military use etc.. DOWNLOADS (outdated) REQUIREMENTS Sabre's Aircraft Library Credits and Thanks: Hnchmc (Seymour Butz)- For bringing the model to Arma 3 Helijah- For his fantastic model and letting me use it! (Link to his Aircraft Hangar) [Dust] Sabre- For his tremendous ammounts of help (and his aircraft library)! Flanders25- Helping me with issues Alwaren- For his Blender tool box Bohemia Interactive- For their fantastic game! Class Names: "hnc_stearman", "hnc_stearmanN2S", "hnc_stearmanCanadian", "hnc_stearmanRally", "hnc_stearmanRallyRouge", "hnc_stearmanWeathered", "hnc_stearman_wreck" Last Update: April 2nd, 2017 Past Updates Change Log:
  21. Dear Exile Community, Today i've got something special for one of you! My team and I have a spare dedicated server left from our previous project and we're looking into giving it to someone who is able to build and lead an awesome and hopefully huge exile project and community! So, do you have some ideas for an awesome exile project, or already have a project running and want to expand to a bigger server, then keep on reading! :) The server you'll be getting i7 3930K 6x3,20GHz 24GB RAM 1000MBits Connection Hosted by Hetzner in Germany You're probably asking yourself now:"What does it cost? What do you want?" Well, we actually want nothing, but we do have some requirements. Requirements re/Naming the project so that it gets an recall value and players will be like:"Ohh, yeah lets play on Exiliron (just an example)!" Website, forum (we will provide this), and a teamspeak server! This will help growing a bigger community. Every Map you want except for Altis and Stratis! Mainly PVE but with a PVP Area with better loot! No Pay2Win, everything that is in the Donator Shop needs to be available by normal playing too! !!! One thing that is really important to us !!! Commitment! If you know that you won't have much time working on the server because of your work/school and your real life than you should probably take care of those things first instead of thinking about creating and leading an exile project. That means, only apply to this sponsorship when you're confident to invest some time, that you really have, into this project. Also, if you don't have a lot of knowledge in arma3, exile and administrating and programming for such a server we probably won't choose you! We want to give this server to those who are really able to get the most out of it. Other things needs to be discussed out in a teamspeak conversation. How can you apply to this sponsorship? Email me: loohney@gmail.com - with some information about you (age, occupation,where you live, knowledge regarding arma 3 (sqf, etc)). Thats it! Hope that someone will take the chance. :) Regards, Loohney
  22. Hey guys, ever since I've been using the Unsung Mod I've been unable to go more than a few minutes into the Eden Editor without getting a 0xC0000005 STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION unusual process exit crash. I've scoured the interwebs looking for an answer to no avail. I've tried all the steps listed here: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Unusual_process_exit#0xC0000005_-_ACCESS_VIOLATION. But no fix. Any suggestions? RPT: https://pastebin.com/0mGxWAmU
  23. I'm trying to make the superhornet plane into a VTOL by reading this: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/A3_CfgVehicles_Plane_class_config_reference#VTOLPitchInfluence So i have added VTOL=3 in the config and it works fine, but the plane is turning really slow in hover mode so i tried: VTOLPitchInfluence=500.0; VTOLRollInfluence=500.0; VTOLYawInfluence=500.0; That should in theory make the plane turn like CRAZY. but nothing happens once I'm ingame.. I tried changing the same parameters on the Apex VTOL and it works on that one (it turns like crazy) Can someone give me some pointers on why this is? Cheers!
  24. im unable to connect to my server useing tadst and im given this error. any help is awsome many thanks, ultra <21:50:35> "Pte. H. Bowker": 21:50:22 mpmissions\__cur_mp.Takistan\mission.sqm/Mission/Entities/Item82/Entities/Item0.type: Vehicle class CUP_B_BAF_Crew_MTP no longer exists 21:50:22 Mission OP_20Saracen_20StormV3.Takistan read from bank. 21:50:22 Player Pte. H. Bowker disconnected.
  25. So hello there, after the 64 bit update and the mods getting updates I got a problem with shacktac mod, I got the shacktack ui and inside the collection there is shacktak name tag It's a great one and cool but, the overlay is on top of everything else if u are in a group and u are facing some1 and tried to chec inv or open ur ctab you will still see the shacktak interface, So, How to fix that I saw some1 posted that on the shacktac developer that u can disable the nt from cba settings