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Found 512 results

  1. Hello guys, ı have been trying to change some of the loadouts of game classes such as rifleman, grenadier, and medic with a different weapon that is already in-game. How can I do this? Whenever ı edit the regarding config.bin files with Editpad+ it just doesn't work, it gives me out of memory errors and it doesn't really work. Am ı missing something or just doing it wrong please show me the true way for config_men loadout customization. Please help me to fix this annoying issue, ı just want to spawn "rifleman" with m4 without needing to write any codes to the Initialization sector.
  2. If anyone has played the arma 3 campaign 'resist' you know exactly what im talking about. For the rest ill quickly explain. In arma 3 resist you have a sequence in a mission in which you can choose to go a distance by foot over open ground or move to a certain location and enter an 'underground' sewer. The sewer obviously isnt underground because arma doesnt really allow that kind of stuff, instead it is a prebuilt structure, just like a house, but from the inside it feels like its underground. The way it works is a addaction command which teleports you in and out of the sewer and changes time of day at the same time so it seems like its underground. The sewer is built very well and the immersion is immense. Now to my question: Does anybody have prebuilt and/or expanded sewer from Resist? If not, does anybody have a different prebuilt sewer? And in any case, does anybody know the scripts that could be helpful to add a teleport and fadeout/fadein and time change for the object init? Reason is im trying to build a mission for the unit and id like to do something that hasnt been done a million times before. Maybe even @Kydoimos? I know you started building a whole sewer section and I was wondering if you ever finished it/have the started construction somewhere still. The new Composition feature would be amazing for this. Because yours looked realistic and i cant seem to find the right objects to recreate it.
  3. Hey there, im juan I applied the Xbox game pass perk to my account but it is not adding the items to my account. Still no items or crowns my gt is supermegajuan thks
  4. In a multiplayer survival mission I have going, I am trying to prevent my re-spawning players from simply walking up to their own bodies and looting their weapons and ammo -but- I don't want to disable looting altogether because I need them to be able to loot the enemy (OPFOR/Indep) during the course of the mission. So I tried this in an antiloot.sqf: and called it via the init.sqf....but it didn't seem to work. I'm not the best with using scripts so if someone knows what I am doing wrong or has an alternative code for preventing friendly looting i'd be delighted with any help I can get. Cheers
  5. Has anyone figured out how to make it so you NEVER enter that 100m halo animation???
  6. Hey there, I've been trying to create my own mission in the ArmA III Eden Editor, in which a special forces team is meant to take out a terrorist cell, and to add a little more of a realistic atmosphere I created an ambient civilian presence in a town that is central to the mission. My plan is to implement a condition in which the player loses the game if they kill any civilians. However, when the civilians spawn in, they all have these purple identifiers over their heads and not only does it make the screen look busy and crowded, but it becomes too easy for the player to distinguish between civ and terrorist. Does anybody know how to get rid of these? (I'm new to the ArmA III Editor so I'm literally learning as I go so apologies if this is some simple process I should've been able to figure out.) Thanks!
  7. As of recently, my Arma 3 Tools has stopped working... On launch, Arma 3 Tools crashes nearly instantly; not even appearing in Task Manager. I am able to open separately: Publisher, Object Builder, Terrain Builder, and Addon Builder, but nothing else. This is an issue I have seen being reported by multiple people and every time all I see is "Try validating your files," or "Try reinstalling your game." Nothing anyone has said has helped and I am starting to believe that there is no solution. After attempting to launch Tools, I went to check the log file and was met with this... 2020-11-08 20:43:18,863 [INFO]: Set parentName(steam) 2020-11-08 20:43:29,663 [INFO]: Set parentName(steam) 2020-11-08 20:43:54,086 [INFO]: Set parentName(steam) 2020-11-08 20:44:10,454 [INFO]: Set parentName(steam) 2020-11-08 20:44:29,378 [INFO]: Set parentName(steam) This gives me no information about what is occuring. I tried the same with the RPT file, but nothing was to be found... I have done everything I can and feel this is an issue that needs to be dealt with, as there is no discoverable solution currently. A problem like this could possibly halt someone from developing a mod that they have already worked so hard on and no one wants that.
  8. greywolf-sniper 442624

    My tools won't launch

    My arma 3 tools that I installed through steam won't launch. When I click play then select "Launch Arma 3 tools", it closes after half a second, without any error message. However, When I launch Addon Builder, it works. Object Builder and Terrain Builder say P drive is not mounted, then launches. Arma 3 publisher also seems to work without issue Is there any way to fix this? I don't want to have to install some unheard of 3rd party software. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  9. Ive been at it for a god 12 hours but i cant get this script yo execute when i start a mission:inGameUISetEventHandler ["Action", " _tk = _this select 0; if (_tk in MGI_tanks) then { if ((_this select 3) == 'GetInDriver' and count crew (_this select 0) > 0) then { _units = crew (_this select 0); if (!isnil MGI_agent) then {_units = _units - [mgi_agent]}; {unassignVehicle _x} forEach _units; _units allowGetIn false; }; if ((_this select 3) in ['GetInGunner','GetInCommander','GetInTurret']) exitWith { hint parseText ('<t>Jump in driver'+""'""+'s seat<t/>'); true }; if ((_this select 3) in ['MoveToGunner','MoveToCommander','MoveToTurret'] && !(player getVariable ['gunning',false])) exitWith { hint parseText ('<t>Only driver'+""'""+'s seat available<t/>'); true }; }; "]; MGI_EHTank = ["MGI_TK","onEachFrame", { _veh = vehicle player; if (!isNil "MGI_agent" && {!(_veh in MGI_tanks) or !(MGI_agent in _veh)}) exitWith { deleteVehicle MGI_agent; MGI_agent = nil; (findDisplay 46) displayRemoveEventHandler ["keyDown",MGI_keysDriving]; MGI_keysDriving = nil; }; if (player == driver _veh and _veh in MGI_tanks) then { {_veh lockTurret [_x,true]} forEach allTurrets _veh; if (cameraView != "external") then {player switchcamera "external"} } else { if (player == gunner _veh && _veh in MGI_tanks && diag_tickTime > MGI_timerTurreting + 10 && (cameraView == "external" && isnil "MGI_signTkDest")) then { player action ["MoveToDriver", _veh]; player setVariable ["gunning",false]; if !(isnil "MGI_agent") then { deleteVehicle MGI_agent; MGI_agent = nil; deleteGroup MGI_agent_Grp; {_veh lockTurret [_x,true]} forEach allTurrets _veh}; }; }; if (isnil "MGI_keysDriving") then { MGI_keysDriving = (findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler ["KeyDown", " private _handled = false; if (!isnil 'MGI_agent'&& {if (inputAction _x >0) exitWith {1} } count ['turnLeft','turnRight','moveBack','moveForward','moveFastForward'] >0) then { enableSentences false; [] spawn {uisleep 1; enableSentences true}; }; _handled "]; }; }] call BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler; MGI_1ManTank = { if (!hasInterface) exitWith {}; MGI_timerTurreting = 0; MGI_tanks = []; waituntil {!isNull findDisplay 46}; _MGI_mousingGunner = (findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler ["mouseMoving",{ _veh = vehicle player; if (_veh in MGI_tanks) then { _veh allowCrewInImmobile true; _veh setUnloadInCombat [true,false]; player setVariable ["gunning",true]; if (gunner _veh != player) then {player action ["MoveToTurret",_veh,[0]]}; MGI_timerTurreting = diag_tickTime; if (isnil "MGI_agent") then { MGI_agent_Grp = createGroup playerSide; MGI_agent = MGI_agent_Grp createunit ["B_Soldier_VR_F", getpos _veh, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; MGI_agent moveInDriver _veh; MGI_agent setBehaviour "COMBAT"; MGI_agent setSpeedMode "FULL"; }; }; }]; while {true} do { uisleep 2; { MGI_tanks pushBackUnique _x; _x setVariable ["onetk",true]; } forEach (vehicles select { (_x isKindOf "tank" or _x isKindOf "Wheeled_APC_F" ) && isnil {_x getVariable "onetk"}}); }; }; 0 = [] spawn MGI_1ManTank; One man tank crew script that works, But having a mod with this as a init does not wanna execute, Could someone help
  10. Hello, I have seen on Google and Steam Workshop and I found something almost the same as my idea. But still not the same sadly. General info: First of all. I am not a script person so for this mission it will be impossible for me to complete it without help. (allot of help) This mission will mostly be working with script's and coding. For thows who knows how please help me/us. I can help by typing class names for all that gona be in play for this mission. This is not like Warfare or Warlord. Here the commanders must die to be victorius. Main Objective: Kill the (playable) Commander's and conquer sectors for ressources (cash). Do not die. How to play this mission: You start of as an commander for one of the sides. You will start with xxx cash (Starting founds) and will recieve xxx time cash for just staying alive. On the map there is sectors your mission is to capture sectors to get more time cash to purchase units. You will be in Zeus mode mostly of the time (reason for calling it RTS) Purchasing units and buildings. You will see that you only have xxx meters arround you were you can put down ure units and buildings. First thing you would like to do is to build a building that you can hide inside, so you are not in the opening. You will than have to purchase units to do your dirty work. You should start off by building Light vehicle HQ so you can purchase (empty)vehicle for your units. Ofcurse build a Barracks HQ to get more advanced units as-well. You will be able to see on map the enemy base is, they can see yours as-well. Once you get enugh foundings you should go to war!. Order the men to infiltrate the enemy base and find the bastard commander to kill him. When all enemy commanders are dead, you win. If you get killed and friendly commander still alive he can buy you a new life for xxx cash. But this mostly wont happen due to every commander are in their same base. (one base for Blufor, Opfor and Independent) Base area most likley 2-500m big. Template picture: https://prnt.sc/vbjuv4 - Yellow circle = Sectors - Blue Rectangle = Blufor Base - Red Rectangle = Opfor Base - Green Rectangle = Independent Base This Mission: I will need .sqf files but I do not know what kind. So What I need help with? - Cash system script //Were I can just type in class name for unit, vehicle etc... And xxx how much it will cost. - Cash engine //how to use the cash. Need building to get new units. If a commander dies than friendly commander can buy him a new life. - Build system //Start by only be able to buy Barracks HQ and Light Vehicle HQ. Than maybe an Arsenal so Zeus can research Heavy Vehicle HQ and Airfield HQ. Must have Arsenal to edit units (use arsenal on units) - Zeus Restriction's //So the Zeus cant deploy units outside Base, can only give orders outside. Zeus remote control can be acessed when buildt an Radio Tower (use arsenal to research it) Enemy units close in makes Zues unable to place units. - Blacklist for units etc. //Parrameter will be used here. Blacklist units for Faction selected on Parrameter. - Whitelist for units etc.// Parrameter will be used here. Whitelist more than one Faction for a side. - Default Faction on Parrameters // Nato, IAF and AAF. Have RHS mod? Can chose different factions. - Sector system // Make Sector a cash income and sector have guards. - Man pop limit // Make Zeus not able to spawn more than xxx total units, Vehicles and Buildings. All seperate and can edit total in parameters. (buildings have one total limit, Vehicle have one and Units.) - Heal system // In Base run Full heal script every xxx sek to heal etc units. Can use parameters to decide how long time. (This will be best if 1 minute are the mimium limit.) - Repair system // Build a Repair vehicle to start Repair script. Repairs all Vehicle and Structures after xxx sek. (Same as above minium limit 1 minute. Parameter option.) - AI Commanders // This is a LONG shoot. But when and if this is possible than I say thank you! But focus first on MP. - Every Start has same Base spot but Side's can randomly rotate on every new game. - to be cuntiniued... Mod compatible? Yes this mission should have Parrameters that makes you able to decide wich Faction Blufor, Opfor and Independent should be. (RHS mod for an example.) Weapons and items well Yes. There will be possible for some weapons. Depend if make unit's gear free or make some popular weapon mod like NIarms avaible. Work with WW2 mod? Lets just be able to finish Standard first before this point. Like this idea of mission? Now I do not know if this mission can even be built or if Server can handle it without lagg. But lets say it is possible to make this mission, than please leave a like and if you want to help me with this I will really apreciate it!!! I beleave this mission can make arma a new level of experiance. PS! Sorry for bad english! And PM me or add me on steam if interested. Regards!
  11. I have with the help of others created a script that spawns and despawns furniture in houses. Download: https://github.com/Tinter/Tinter-Furniture/releases At the moment it currently is more of a tool-suite as I'm not an impressive interior decorator. I would very much like to gather up a library of compositions with the help of the community, although I'm not entirely sure on how to organize this yet. Github: https://github.com/Tinter/Tinter-Furniture Steam workshop (Does only have a test mission): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1895377640 Showcase of the script: Quick showcase of how to add make and add compositions: It spawns furniture locally as simple objects in nearby houses, despawning it when you're far away. The furniture is defined by compositions that you make in eden and using the scripts provided, organize them into files. The compositions are defined on classnames, but a lot of work has gone into trying to make similar buildings compatible, for example the buildings on Altis and Malden are different, but the script will recognize them as the same. Info on how exactly to do this is in the readme file. Furniture is also spawned on the server so that AI will also (hopefully) consider it. I have no indepth test of performance with this script active, but I have played missions with it active and it didn't slow the mission to a crawl at least. At the moment it currently is more of a tool-suite as I'm not an impressive interior decorator. I would very much like to gather up a library of compositions with the help of the community, although I'm not entirely sure on how to organize this yet. Thanks to Diwako, G4rrus, Tennessee, jonoPorter, Meanwhile
  12. so whenever i try to launch arma 3 through the launcher i get a error message that arma3_x64.exehad an error, so i clicked on that application, and it said it is missing VCOMP123.DLL, i uninstalled and re installed the game 3 times already. also i can run the game directly without the launcher, how can i recover, or get this file back?
  13. So, I'm very much new to making any kind of mod for Arma 3, my only experience with mod making is making mostly some QoL stuff for STALKER and its various standalone mods (I was making a pretty big mod for Anomaly that included its own storyline and assets, but the Anomaly devs told me to just put it on hold and wait for STALKER 2 to come out and then make my mod for that instead), and I'm about beginner level in terms of knowledge with Blender. With it being the month of spook, I want to make a set of custom facewear that are modeled as bird heads and bird skulls, but I honestly have no clue what to do to make it possible. Want to make something akin to the skulls and deer skulls in monk1junk1's Not what they seem... mod. So I'm looking for some help to get me started on the right track and guide me a bit in making something I can use to spook my unit during our spooky ops.
  14. I have been looking for a couple of days and I have not found anything that currently works in the @3Den editor for a demolition objective. What I want to happen: -Player is assigned task "destroy weapon cache" -Player Places charge to destroy objective -Player detonates charge -Task "destroy weapon cache" marked successful/complete - player moves to next objective. What I need: Some sort of module, task, trigger, etc. that can allow me to destroy an ammo box and complete an objective.
  15. Hello, I am trying to retexture a standard nato rebreather and make it have space and armor. It is doing everything i want it to, accept for having the new textures. Its textures still are the base ones. Please help me and also ignore the wierd file names...So what i called it "Nippel" and "Fucking exerything" The following is said code: class Breath: V_RebreatherB { scope=2; displayName = "Ballistic Rebreather"; author = "Napalm"; class ItemInfo : VestItem { uniformModel = "Nippel\data\equip_rebreather.p3d"; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = { "\Nippel\data\Fucking_everything\Breath.paa", "\Nippel\data\Fucking_everything\Breath.paa", "\A3\characters_f\data\visors_ca.paa" }; containerClass = "Supply100"; mass = 25; class HitpointsProtectionInfo { class Neck { hitpointName="HitNeck"; armor=10; passthrough=0.2; }; class Arms { hitpointName="HitArms"; armor=10; passthrough=0.2; }; class Chest { hitpointName="HitChest"; armor=10; passthrough=0.2; }; class Diaphragm { hitpointName="HitDiaphragm"; armor=10; passthrough=0.2; }; class Abdomen { hitpointName="HitAbdomen"; armor=10; passthrough=0.2; }; class Body { hitpointName="HitBody"; armor=10; passthrough=0.2; }; }; }; };
  16. Hello dear Arma 3 Community, I hope you can help me. A few days ago ireset my PC because I had a nervebreaking problem with starting games like The Elder Scrolls Online, The Witcher 2 and a few more. The reason was, that the PC missed dll. files. The result was, that the games wouldn't start anymore. Arma 3 ran without problems, but I wanted to solve the problem. Now after I reseted the PC, the Games above are running fine, but Arma 3 is now the game, which isn't running, because, you can guess, a few dll. files are missing. So what can I do about that? Do you have any ideas?
  17. I just purchased the outlander pack. I received my crowns but didn’t get the skin. I’ve reinstalled the game but that did nothing. Please help.
  18. Hey Been looking around for a way to teleport a vehicle up in the air X amount of meters in Zeus with no luck. I've tried "BIS_fnc_setHeight" and teleport commands but none them will work. I want to execute the command via the "Execute Code" module from ZEN or via the vehicles init (in Zeus). The vehicle in question will contain players, that's why I wanna be to execute it in Zeus. I can't for my life find something that will work and would love to know if someone is sitting on the secret of how to do this? Looking forward to a hopeful fix.
  19. so me and my friends set up a story line and everything is almost perfectly set but I've run into a slight problem.... we made a unit yada yada, i played online to see if our patch was showing and it was, everything looks perfect shows up on the shoulder and on planes cars ect. but when i run the mission i created it seems the patch doesn't show up at all. it still shows the unit tag above my player name so if someone knows a fix to this it would be much appreciated. (running the mission in multiplayer on a lan based server)
  20. I need help with a script, Will there still be any way to download this script here? https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/77374-improved-bullet-cam-script/ The Original Download Link Does Not Open.
  21. StarFish-50124bf6f5acc6e5

    First time modeling

    (im new to this) Hello, im trying to import a 3D building i made in blender into Arma 3. I have already inserted it into object builder and messed around with the LOD's and etc. My issue is the config files needed to make it into a PBO and work within arma as a building / model. I dont really understand where im able to get the configs or even to write them. i've only done this once but forgot to save the files before formatting my computer. I was wondering if anyone has a tutorial or the files needed (where i just rewrite the names inside the script) Any help is appreciated! Thank you
  22. As the title stated above, I've been having a hard time trying to create or find a way to make an addon for creating a custom HUD's for custom helmets.I want to add a health bar, Motion detector(like from halo), ammo bar and compass to this HUD. Any methods, suggestions or tutorials? Any and all help will be appreciated. I'll credit those who give any help in my addon!
  23. Hey BIS Forums, Can anyone explain how SpawnAI unit costs are actually calculated? I'm working on a mission using the SpawnAI modules. The SpawnAI modules have a manpower cap of 50 by default and I'd like to tweak it to spawn more/less units of different types (infantry, armor etc). According to the MP Support Guidelines on the BIS Wiki... a rifleman costs about 0.5 an AA/AT soldier about 6 a MRAP about 6 an APC about 12 a tank about 27 The page says the values are calculated using the cost and threat values defined in the unit's config. I admit I'm not great at math, but I just don't see how they came up with 0.5 as an answer using those two values. Example 1 - a standard NATO rifleman ("B_Soldier_F") and open up his entry in the config viewer: cost = 100000; threat[] = {0.8,0.1,0.1}; Example 2 - NATO AT Missile Specialist ("B_soldier_AT_F"): cost = 130000; threat[] = {0.8,0.8,0.3}; According to the guidelines these units should cost 0.5 and 6 respectively. Clearly I'm missing something, so can anyone tell me how unit costs are actually calculated? Thanks in advance.
  24. Hi there, recently I stumbled across an "Amin Menu" tutorial and sadly the creator dropped it at 3 videos. I am trying to work on the next part he was going to include as a learning experience but I am unable to parse a variable from one function into another. Currently I have a function which gets the selected unit which works absolutely fine. I tried to make the variable global so it could get accessed outside of the scope but I can't parse it in via the .HPP. Is anybody able to shed some light? adminMenu.hpp //User selection class class playerSelectionBtn: RscButton { idc = 1600; onMouseButtonClick = "(lbCurSel 1500) call JC_fnc_playerSelected;"; text = "SELECT"; //--- ToDo: Localize; x = 0.664062 * safezoneW + safezoneX; y = 0.346 * safezoneH + safezoneY; w = 0.091875 * safezoneW; h = 0.028 * safezoneH; }; //Teleport button class class adminTeleport: RscButton { idc = 1601; onMouseButtonClick = "['unit'] call JC_fnc_teleportToPlayer;"; //Here I try to parse unit into the function text = "TELEPORT"; //--- ToDo: Localize; x = 0.250625 * safezoneW + safezoneX; y = 0.22 * safezoneH + safezoneY; w = 0.091875 * safezoneW; h = 0.028 * safezoneH; }; fn_playerSelected.sqf params ["_index"]; unit = (switchableUnits select _index); //Change the variable to global if (!(isNull(unit))) then { unit setDamage 1; hint name unit; } else { hint "No player selected"; }; fn_teleportToPlayer.sqf params ["_unit"]; //Attempt to "fetch" unit inside the params hint format["Teleporting to: %1", _unit]; //Initial test to see if unit was there. Did have ",name _unit" but that returned a generic error player setPos( getPos _unit);
  25. So here's my problem: I have a line of code that goes into the init box of a group leader to make the group hunt the player(s) by setting a waypoint at the player's current position, however, the code runs at mission start (obviously because it's an init). I want to know if there's a line of code similar to WaitUntil that will work for the unit's init box in Eden. The reason I want to do it this way is because I don't want to mess with .sqfs/variable names for each individual unit/squad. What I have now is copy/paste-able in Eden and that's what I'm looking for. I've tried: 1) WaitUntil, but that command doesn't work in Eden 2) If TriggerIsActivated, but either I'm getting the syntax wrong or it doesn't work either. 3) enable dynamic sim, which is great, but it still places the waypoint at the start of the mission at the players Alternatively, I could loop the code, but I can't figure out how to use Sleep effectively where it's still performance friendly. Here's the code: if (isServer) then { _null = this spawn { Hunt_players_fnc = { _player = objNull; _players = +(allPlayers - (entities "HeadlessClient_F")); _distance = 100000; { if (alive _x && _x distance (Leader _this) < _distance) then { _distance = _x distance (Leader _this); _player = _x; }; } foreach _players; if !(isNull _player) then { _wp = (Group _this) addWaypoint [getPos _player, (50 + (floor(random 70)))]; _wp setWaypointStatements ["true","_null = this spawn Hunt_players_fnc;"]; _wp setWaypointType "SAD"; _wp setWaypointCombatMode "RED"; _wp setWaypointSpeed "FULL"; }; }; _null = _this spawn Hunt_players_fnc; }; }; Thanks.