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Found 65 results

  1. I've had arma 3 for quite some time now and recently upgraded my computer due to the fact that I could never play demanding games such as arma. My new computer specs are a intel i7 6700k processor with a gtx 980ti and 8gb of ram. However, even with this upgrade, I find it to be unplayable on ANY server I try, even on the lowest settings possible. I'll usually get somewhere between like 5-15 fps which makes no sense whatsoever for the specs of my computer. I have no problems getting decent frames on singleplayer or any other games such as squad or really any multiplayer game. My internet is fine and I have a decent connection so I really have no idea as to why any game I join is unplayable for me, its really frustrating. If anyone could help/provide advice that would be great, thanks.
  2. Hi everyone! I've faced a problem, when spawning a structure, consisting of 500+ objects, on demand. When it happens, one or another random object from this structure doesn't show itself physically (for every player, so it seems to be not a client-side problem). I'm wondering if there's a way to prespawn an objects in any virtual way and when they needed - just to enable them or clone into a real ones. The hideObject way isn't appropriate for this, because the hidden objects are still participating in server-side calculations. That's why i've decided to use deleteVehicle after this massive structure done it's job in scenario (it really saves a server FPS). I've tried to set for every such object "_obj enableSimulation false; _obj allowDamage false;" but it seems not to be helpful when this kind of complex structure (consisting of 500+ objects) are on the map in amount of 3 or more. I really appreciate any help, guys. Thanks!
  3. ATC Guardian

    GTX 1060 FPS Issues

    Could someone please explain to me why I'm getting horrible FPS after upgrading my graphics card? -------------------------------- Old Specs: Windows 10 Anniversary Update x64 (Latest Build) Intel Core i7-4820K CPU 3.70GHz 20GB RAM 1920x1080p 144hz Monitor EVGA GTX 760 2GB GDDR5 (Drivers 372.54) Current Specs: Windows 10 Anniversary Update x64 (Latest Build) Intel Core i7-4820K CPU 3.70GHz 20GB RAM 1920x1080p 144hz Monitor MSI GTX 1060 6GB GDDR5 (Drivers 372.54) I used auto-detect gaphics for both GPUs. Also tried GeForce Experience auto-optimize. -------------------------------- Launch Parameters: CPU Count: 4 ExThreads: Enabled Hyper-Threading: Enabled Malloc: System MaxMem: 20480 MaxVRAM: 6144 No Logs: Enabled Also changed these lines in Arma3.cfg: GPU_MaxFramesAhead=1; GPU_DetectedFramesAhead=1; -------------------------------- I use to get 30-50 FPS on vanilla ARMA 3 multiplayer. Now playing on the same server, vanilla ARMA 3, I tank to around 3-10 FPS and it becomes totally unplayable. Not sure how that makes sense, but I even tried on low settings just for the heck of it and the same issues are still there. Any idea what is causing these issues since going from GTX 760 -> GTX 1060?
  4. Hey I been playing Arma since Arma 2, mostly in the realism aspect, I do play other things. I am wondering will there be a new render for Arma 3? Just like what happened in DayZ? It would definitely help a lot.
  5. Hi! Im getting max 40FPS looking at the sea or the ground and i get 15 in the city and just looking at the city I get 25 and driving around I get 30fps. If i change my settings from ULTRA to LOW there isnt much FPS difference. I have my Arma3 instaled on SSD. My specs: GPU: GeForce GTX 970 (i bought it 2 weeks ago) CPU: Intel® Core i5-2310 CPU @ 2.90Hz Memory 8.00 GB RAM (7.98 usable) I have 4 Cores and 4 Threads. I have been looking at videos and forums and nothing helps. I've got better PC then some of my friends and they run arma3 just fine. Please help me!
  6. Hello, I'm pretty sure there have been endless discussions in the forum about the graphics performance of the Arma 3 game, but it remains important for the developers of the game to realise that some users cannot play at 25-35fps; the juddering is just unbearable. I purchased the game more than a year ago and I had to leave it aside, in good hope that gradually the developers will optimise it and, some day, I'll be able to play it at my monitor's refresh rate (i.e. 60 fps). I've seen no improvement so far. Instead, I'm reading about new content to be released while the game engine remains too slow for me to enjoy the game. Notably, my PC is powered by an i7 5820K, a Titan X 12GB and 32GB DDR4. Reducing the draw distance and visible objects' distance below 1000m does help significantly, but it doesn't look good. So, if someone from Bohemia reads this, please consider that some of your customers can't play a game if it renders below the frame rate of their monitor, i.e. in most cases that's 60 fps. Thank you.
  7. EatDefeat

    1.60 FPS?

    Since the 1.60 update, my FPS has dropped dramatically. In singleplayer, I got 50-60 FPS prior to the update, but now i'm struggling to reach 40. In multiplayer it's even worse. I was once around 35-45 FPS, but now I have dropped to maximum 30, usually around 20-25. Before I used a mix of high, ultra, and standard settings. Now am forced to use all standard to reach the FPS I was at prior. I have heard a lot about people having much improved FPS because of the update, but has anyone seen negative effects? If so, what was/might be causing them?
  8. Moving this into performance tweaking topic-no need for anew thread. https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/155563-arma-3-performance-tweaks-and-settings-guide/
  9. Hello everyone, I was just wondering if anyone notice a performance drop since the last update? I use the -nologs in the start up and view distance set to 2500 and prior was maintaining 50 + fps for the most part (no mods here). Have been tweaking settings around now keep at 30 +. Just seems all over the place since the update, but to be honest I was not really on for a few weeks when it was released so i cannot be certain. I have not made and big changes on my servers. Just polling to see if was just me. thedubl
  10. Greetings gentlemen , i have a rather pressing issue which truelly is a thorn on my ballz , here it goes this is my system http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/dx9qTW, and the problem is the fact that my fps is terrible for a system of this kind first . it doesnt matter if i use crossfire on or off arma 3 till not fps improvement it doesnt even use the second gpu and second . if am running with one card the gpu usage flauates all the time its not stable at all mostly hovering aroung 45% usage and to top that off the cpu is barely getting used at all at most 45% this is terrible its the only game am having problems with this is in multiplayer http://imgur.com/a/Hc4sh this single player using the mission benchmark from steam workshop http://i.imgur.com/DItTjZL.jpg http://i.imgur.com/Qy445yt.jpg and now this is single player mission http://i.imgur.com/aYx9RiE.jpg
  11. I just want to be clear. So i'm sure this has been posted many times, but i've done my searchers and not clear around exactly what i wanted to ask. When designing mission, what overall affects performance? 1. Placed objects (Am i correct that this is only an issue when its within view distance of player? Once they move far out, this no longer applies. Would there be a benefit to delete and/or hide objects?) 2. Placed Units. (Assuming disabling SIMULATION on every unit will improve mission overall, correct? Any other tips? Skill an issue? Or no matter skill it has same impacts?) 3. Overall scripts (Of course every script will impact mission. Are the ones that perform loops the worst? Should additional scripts be avoided at all costs when possible?) Any other tips i'll take it :)
  12. However you may see some validity in this topic. Alright so I'm sure many of you are aware that the optimization in Arma is, to be blunt, s**t. However I noticed something when I was monitoring the performance of the PC under different circumstances (using MSI Afterburner (GPU) and Task Manager (CPU)) and I noticed that at no time did Arma actually utilize my GPU or CPU to 100% even thought the FPS was struggling horrendously. I'm not too aware of how games really work but I would imagine that surely if your frame rate is low, the game should always try and achieve if not the highest, a good stable 60 FPS, this is not the case. Arma barely utilized my CPU (maximum probably 20%) and GPU spiked to around 60% usage but never reached 100%. I spawned about 50 Infantry units to be annihilated by a platoon of tanks, FPS dropped to a mere 5 FPS, however CPU/GPU just never reached something like 80%. Okay so I've asked regarding this about a few other games and various people have given me responses like "This game is very math orientated which mean it will use the CPU a lot, your CPU is really bad so you should change it out". To me that's actually pretty helpful but yeah could've explained a bit more. Okay so this could go either way - 1. Arma is optimized poorly for AMD/Nvidia hardware and fails to utilize them enough 2. My components are too under powered to actually run Arma at get a stable FPS 3. There's something else I should consider doing, which may be my issue I would appreciate any answer, even if you're telling me this is the wrong section and you're shutting down my thread. ------------------------------------------- I should probably put my PC specs here - Processor - AMD FX8350 8 Core Processor @4GHz Graphics Card - MSI GTX 960 2G GDDR5 RAM - 12GB Hyper Fury X HDD - Some random HDD My launch settings (via Arma launcher) - No intro No splash CPU Count = 8 Enabled Hyper Threading malloc = -malloc=system maxmem = 12033 maxvram = 2049
  13. Server Name #1: CLS #1 Wasteland Stratis | $10K START | gaming.clsesports.com.br IP: Server Name #2: CLS #2 Wasteland Altis | $1500 START | gaming.clsesports.com.br IP: Website: arma.clsesports.com.br Forum: forums.clsesports.com.br Teamspeak for questions: gaming.clsesports.com.br Accepting Suggestions =D Server Powered by: NITRADO.NET
  14. Hello, I just came back after being a month gone from my pc because my processor died. I got the same processor again because it was great (I had 45-60 fps on ultra, AMD user btw). But now that i got my pc back from the repair with the new processor (same model) after being a month or more gone, the game lags like hell, I can barely get 30 fps when I spawn myself in on the editor(drops down to 9 fps when looking at the airport military base on Stratis). So what have these updates done since I can barely play it? My Specs are: AMD FX-9590 Eight-Core Processor 8GB RAM Windows 8.1 AMD Radeon R9 200 series
  15. polaker

    low fps

    i bought this game yesterday and i have very low fps ( around 20 ) i have i5 3570 8gb and in cs go i have around 200 fps , gta5 on high- no problems , arma on low , high , ultra , 20 fps ... wtf