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Found 65 results

  1. Hi, I have bought a new PC and in Arma 3 I usually get 40-50fps and decreases to 30fps. My PC settings are: GPU: MSI GTX 1080TI 11GB Mother Board: MSI x299 Pro Carbon CPU: i7 7800x (8 cores) HEAT SINK: Noctua NH-D15S RAM: 32GB HARD DRIVE: Samsung 960 PRO NVMe M.2 SSD PCI-e 512GB Is it normal to have these FPS in Arma with this PC settings? I read Arma 3 used more CPU than GPU. I have also read that for games its better a cpu with 4 cores and more latency (like 7700K) than my 7800x. How can I get more fps or more stability in the game? Is anything wrong? (CPU ~40-50ºC in game) HELP PLEASE! Thanks!
  2. Hola Gents, I wrote this guide about 3 years ago, but since have moved it to a blog site that is dedicated to providing the best quality content on the market. (shameless self-promotion) This guide is to help teams get better at communicating with each other and develop good communication habits. There are many other blog posts all based on items and strategies that I learned while playing Arma 3. I hope you enjoy them all. They apply to pretty much any FPS game out there and it is good tools to put in your team's toolbox. Hope you enjoy them. TwistedxVs www.fpsgamers.co
  3. Hello everyone. I want to ask a question on the well-known problem. On our server we have a problem between count of people and server FPS. When we have low people (10-20) we have good fps 40-65 stable, when we have a lot people, more then 30 (limit of server 100 people) we have 25 fps and lower... At all situations we have much AI. Our map is very big and all ai scattered enough. And we don't know how to use all resources of our specs (Intel Xeon E5-2660v3 - 6 vCPU- 2.6 ГГц-24 GB (DDR-4 ECC)-80 GB SSD RAID-1 and virtualisation VMWare ESXi) , of course we have 64 bit server arma 3. And why only about 50% of all resources are used, i don't know??? At start of server we use simple commands of course (-loadMissionToMemory -nologs -port=2302 -malloc=tbb4malloc_bi_x64 -name=deepzone "-mod=@deep zone" -autoInit -enableHT -maxMem=24576 -serverMod=@inidbi2;@obfusqf;) So may someone give advice what to do?
  4. One of the reasons i bought a new PC was arma 3, now i have a different better new Gaming PC but i get some deja vu FPS drop spikes like nothing, the problem is my friend with normal setup can play and record the game at the same time with stable FPS. My specs: CPU : I5-7400 @ 3.00 GHz (4 CPUs) RAM : 8192MB GPU : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 / 8GB total Memory Windows 10 64bit When i record other games with nvidia shadow play replay feature i feel no different at all, but on arma it dropes from 41 FPS to 29 instantly and outside of cities (on Altis Life Mode) even tho recording is off i still get freezing 1 FPS for 4 secondes when getting near a town, could it be my settings is something wrong ? should i let go of Arma 3 ?
  5. Discopickle975

    Arma 3 stuttering

    Recently, I've been optimizing my arma 3 and have got it to be a steady 50 fps when playing everything except Tanoa. I have been noticing an unfixable issue where the game will stutter when it seems to be loading buildings quickly, such as when driving in a car through a city, or when zooming in through plus on the numpad. It also does it when I start being shot at for some reason. The only fix I have found was to buy an SSD and run arma 3 on it, but I REALLY don't wanna drop $100 on one after just buying an external hard drive to load stuff on. Does anybody know any fixes for this or can Bohemia themselves optimize their game to make it use less of the hard drive to save space for loading things without stuttering. Any help is appreciated!
  6. aksuduud

    HDD bottleneck

    I've been tinkering with A3 performance for a while now and I'm led to the conclusion that I have a rather severe HDD bottleneck, running YAAB I get ~15 fps no matter if I'm on low or ultra preset and my CPU and GPU usage are around 50%, that is single core usage for the CPU, and resource monitor tells me there's massive read activity going on on my HDD, prior to the 64 bit patch my RAM usage was around 95% and after the patch it remains around 95% with no change in performance, the only difference is that now arma itself is using the RAM instead of the windows prefetch service. This is a rather annoying issue, while I get pretty good frames in short missions long or large missions eventually grind to a slowdown, are there any steps I could take to reduce HDD read activity? An SSD would be an obvious solution and I will probably buy one somewhere in the future. Specs: Phenom II 960T @ 3.8GHZ GTX 660 8GB RAM
  7. rocketman120

    Low FPS

    Bought the game a while back and have been playing it on and off a bit, but the FPS frequently drops to a range of 10 - 20 when playing online. It was originally only ~15, but after searching for some fixes online I've managed to get it to ~20. Does anyone have tips? I've turned graphics settings low, and did the recommended editing of the Arma3.cfg file. Specs are as follows: Intel i7-6700k CPU @ 4.00 Ghz 16 GB RAM GTX 1080 Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. HyperVEX

    Bad FPS

    So a mod locked down my other thread because "there are already threads that talk about performance." So here I am saying the EXACT same thing hoping to actually get some help this time. And to the mod that locked my thread, why would I be posting a new thread if I didn't look at the others? Common sense people. Common sense. So here is the stats of my computer: http://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/4552703 For some reason, even at all the lowest settings, I can barely get 30 FPS. Can anyone figure out why this is happening?
  9. HyperVEX

    Bad FPS

    So here is the stats of my computer: http://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/4552703 For some reason, even at all the lowest settings, I can barely get 30 FPS. Can anyone figure out why this is happening?
  10. hi guys! following the suggestions of great teachers around here, i did my best to search google, this forum and other forums, and got pretty far for a noob like me. now sadly i'm at a dead end, and really dont understand where point my next step....here's the details: i'm trying to get an FPS display on screen, so everyone can know in every moment if its the server or theyr PC slowing down (or if everything is fine!) dont want to use hint space, already needed for mission infos. reverse-engineered an old work of Xeno (he edited a domination for me some time ago, and allowed me to edit it, sadly now are months that i dont see him online), and got useful infos here and there in topics like this one: ...i think to be at more than 50%, having it work for client FPS, but i cant understand how a " _this " in the original script could have worked, since it should be local to script, and at what it was referring to! (anyway was working on original mission). here is all the thing i have put togheter: a script named Dfps.sqf a file named Define.hpp than i have a file called RcsTitles.hpp as i saied, it works perfectly for client FPS, but returns an error about Dfps.sqf on line 10, about the " _this " not being recognized. ....in my very limited knowledge, is clear that "_this " is actually not referring to anything, but cant understand how it could have worked or with what i should replace it! really thanks for any help! EDIT: forgot to say i added to description.ext #include "define.hpp" class RscTitles { #include "RscTitles.hpp" };
  11. xXFreeZXx

    Why low FPS?

    At Argo ive got very low FPS ( 33) and i dont know why... ive got a gaming pc with all ne updates.. at games like GTA 5 or BF1 i dont got this problem.. what can i do to fix the problem?
  12. I have created various large objects for a Mod I am developing, they work fine, collision, roadway. The issue is, when someone is injured or killed in the presence of my custom buildings, the have MASSIVE FPS drops and even crashing. Is this something to do with Distance LODS? The complexity of the object? Edit * [SOLVED] Issue was with RoadWay LOD having far too many polygons, will have to adjust and lower the polygon count.
  13. I think it has been 4 Years since release and still on the most servers you get like EVERYTHING under 60 FPS in towns? I have a good setup and always had the most recent CPU/GPU in the last 4 Years and the FPS was always the same... So are you ever going to Optimize the game?
  14. JoshBigD

    fps issues. (i think)

    I have a i7 6700k clocked a 4.4ghz, 8gb of ddr4 (2400mhz) and a ASUS 1070 oc edition card. I've tried running the game at the "Standard" pre-set and the "Ultra" pre-set, i get on average 30-40fps. Please help me figure out why im getting such low frames on what i think is a beast pc. Thanks!
  15. jts_2009

    FPS dropdown

    Hello. Since last week (nothing was changed on system or arma 3, no viruses downloaded and etc...) I have fps dropdown in arma 3. This happens everywhere no matter what Im doing. In editor for example: for goes down to 25-33 for sometime and then goes back to normal state (50-70 and more). While this dropdown happens, you can't really even scroll the map in editor, because the game slips somehow. if you aim, it looks like the mouse responds with a delay of milliseconds. No mods enabled. The only 1 thing I done was: cleared the Arma 3 folder in %appdata%\Local Here is the last .rpt:
  16. Hey, as the title suggests, I have performance problems in Arma2 OA. When I play on a local server alone, I get around 40 - 70 FPS with maxed out settings (without Postprocessing). But when I go and play on an server with ~50 people online, my FPS drop with the same settings to 20. Another point is that when I have texture detail higher than normal, everything flickers like hell! My rig consists of: AMD FX-6300 (Bottlenecked like hell, I know) Nvidia GTX 1080 8GB(!) 10 gigs of RAM Arma2 runs on a pretty fast and modern HDD (I forgot the name) Any obvious reason for the performance problems? I don't have those problems in Arma 3 or other games! ~David
  17. andi74

    FPS tips?

    Hi.I need some tips to improve the fps.Specs i5 2500k oc to 4.2mhz and gtx 1060 6gb , 10gb ram . Playing on a wasteland server with autodetect settings which makes them high and ultra ,i get around 45 50 and some area maybe lower.If i set everything on low it barely changes the fps.Any tips?
  18. hi all, after the jet dlc update, i noticed a way longer loading times to join a mission, or editor, and games freezes at some times (apparently random), and (in Altis) sometimes fall from a steady 38-40 fps to 1-5 fps, alt+tab the game sometimes solves the issues, sometimes not, can't understand whats wrong! please help, it become unplayable, even on empty stratis it can suddenly go from 50+ fps to 1-5 fps for no apparent reason !! plz help !
  19. spikester184@gmail.com

    FPS drop after update. Exile mod.

    Hello, I recently started playing the Exile mod for Arma 3. I was having no issues and getting around 60-70 fps in game. After the recent update I am only getting around 20 fps in game. I haven't changed any settings so I assume that it was because of the update. I was told by the admins of the server that it was something to do with the recent update and that there would be a fix released for it soon. I was wondering if anyone had anymore information on the problem and if there is or will be a fix? Im running the game on windows 10. Thanks for any help,
  20. Salutations, basement dwellers. Tired of lackluster, lifeless Altis Life communities that are part and parcel clones of previously established mission files? Have you been experiencing any mild gastrointestinal discomfort related to IBS? Do 14 year old austitic-screeching home bodies have you contemplating suicide by cyanide capsule? If you answered "I'm not comfortable responding you obnoxious prick," then we have a 10% success rate solution for you. Hardly Gaming Altis Life RPG. Features include but are not limited to: Overhauled map; heavily tweaked mission file; custom npcs; 1 million dollar start with properly paced money making; active administrators; custom meshes/textures, and so much more that I might just spontaneously combust. If you're interested, check out our newly christened website at Hardlygaming.net - Or our Teamspeak 3 server at hardlygaming.voip.pub
  21. Hi, today the 1.68 was released and is on stabil. But my question is, what kind of + gives brings 64 Bit Version, i cant find any improvement. FPS is the same. Thx for the answers
  22. Evening, As you know by now that 64bit is out, and i updated then launched the game with out any mods or Prams To be shocked of how low fps i get. In 32Bit i used to get about 40-50 FPS on daily bases but with 64Bit i get about 15-20 FPS LOW Settings. I Derangement the files and verified the integrate via steam and still no improvement, I Have no clue what is wrong here but if any one knows a fix or steps to take it would be appreciated My Specs: Windows 8.1 GTX 850M I7-4700HQ CPU 2.40GHz 12 GB RAM 64Bit Operating System x64-Based Processer 1TB Storage Thank you!
  23. Opt.Acer

    64 bit FPS

    So I downloaded Arma 3 latest update ( with 64 bit version). Wow my FPS is gonna be slightly better now? No? I run arma 32 bit on 40 fps. When I start it up with 64 bit my fps is 10. MY system is 64 bit I have i7 4720 and 8gb of ram. Can anyone tell me if there is anything wrong with my pc or?
  24. Hello. I have problem. During single player playing I have constantly around 5 FPS and I dont know why. My computer meets recommended requirements and I have low graphical setting and physic simulation at 60 Hz. During playing is processor load around 50 %. Game version: 0.9.0253 HW: AMD Phenom II X4 965 3.4 GHz 8 GB RAM GeForce GTX 960 Screen 1920x1200
  25. Maybe I found a good way to reproduce the Arma3 3FPS bug. Set resolution down to 1080p (in my case i usually use 1440p)Set all Settings to low. then set everything up too ultra(except textures let them be low) arma will start to go from 900mb vram(low settings) up to 1.1gbvram(ultra ones), now set the resolution up to 1440p(1920x1200) arma uses 1,2gb vram. set supersampling to 200% arma now takes huge 2.2gb vram. finally set textures to ultra. arma now gets blackscreen ( i alwas get this one after 3 fps bug) check out logfile now: DX11 error : CreateTexture failed : E_OUTOFMEMORY, like everytime i crash after 3fps bug. additonal strange stuff in log: 16:46:04 Virtual memory total 4095 MiB (4294836224 B) 16:46:04 Virtual memory free 106 MiB (111935488 B) 16:46:04 Physical memory free 7690 MiB (8064290816 B) 16:46:04 Page file free 8919 MiB (9352835072 B) 16:46:04 Process working set 2993 MiB (3138584576 B) 16:46:04 Process page file used 3416 MiB (3582570496 B) so why it is strange? cuz i'm using a gtx 1070 with 8gb vram, and even windows added another 8gb optional dedicated ram of my 16gb ram to it so it can use up to 16gb of vram, arma it self uses its max of 3gb ram if in need + pagefile. so it seems the bug is caused by an dx 11 driver level issues if i'm right? tested this procedure on a modded mp server to reach the stress level of the game easier, but the behavour should be same like without mods because of the vram issues of 4gb max. btw added you, so we maybe find an easy way to share the .rpt files that may help you to investigate the issue. // issue is same with and without profiling.exe Additional info about my complete sys: win 10 x64 i7 6700 gtx1070 @ 8gb gddr5 (samsung vram) 16gb ddr4 @2166 265gb ssd (pagefile used by os) 1tb hdd /pagefile used by os) rpt log when crash is starting: then some time everything was fine again(report of bug and bug ended 15:57:28, but then blackscreen(16:15:50) while .rpt was saying: hope this can somehow be fixed soon, because i think this still can happen in 64bit version that is developed. if devs need full report logs or other details, just give me feedback and i will do my best to help.