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  1. Welcome to AhoyWorld! Who are we? AhoyWorld Enhanced, or AWE, is one of several Arma servers of the AhoyWorld community, creators of Invade & Annex. As a public server, we offer a modded, custom dynamic co-op mission running 24/7 inviting everyone to drop by and say hello! Additionally, there are frequent events and game nights open for all to attend, created by staff and volunteering community mission makers. What do we do? AWE aims to bring fun to an organised manner of tactical gameplay. Our roster is open for everyone to pick any available role and be put under the wings of competent leaders -- or take up the role of command themselves! You’ll be playing alongside like-minded members of an open community that strives to bring realism and cohesion forward into each mission. Daily dynamic gameplay on a dedicated server with TeamSpeak integration No rank structure; everything is public Cohesive platoon-based action with an established CoC Whether spec-ops, para-drops or combined arms assaults, we do it all Focus on teamplay and coordination Welcoming atmosphere Newcomer-friendly! For a preview of how we operate, check out our media distribution centre! AWE Media Distribution We also host accompanying events such as dedicated training sessions for those interested in advancing their skills, or a more milsim-style server running a weekly ALiVE campaign. Which mods are there? Chiefly, we use RHS, 3CB & MGP for our equipment, ACE for our realism and TFAR for our comms structure. There are a number of other gameplay-enhancing mods for you to explore, including a selection of terrains for daily play as well as scheduled events. Our modset aims to contain as little bloat as possible, but it’s still full of content! What should you bring to the table? A positive attitude and open mind for a variety of playstyles Enjoyment of organised, semi-realistic gameplay Ability to listen to a chain of command A microphone and presentable English That’s all we ask of you! Interested? Head on over to http://www.ahoyworld.net if you want to find out more and join us. We have a Steam group as well as several social platforms, and an active Twitch stream! TS: ts.ahoyworld.net Any questions are welcome in here, as PM or directly on our forums. We hope to see you soon! Cheers AhoyWorld Outreach
  2. We are a new exile server, looking for active players, staff, and developers! We have already got a great server that is up currently and we want you to come play!!!!!!WHY YOU SHOULD JOIN US? 1. We offer a great staff team that are very active and provide support as soon as possible, not only that we have ingame admins thats constantly monitor the server for rule breakers! 2. We have a great server! ! We offer a awesome EXILE experience with a great economy, missions etc 3. We love change, we want to create something you and we love, so why not tell us our faults! we are always happy to listen and make changes!STAFF TEAM Our staff team are currently recruiting so if you are interested ask a staff member for the application! Once completed our Director of Administration will contact you! Good Luck!QUICK LINKS Teamspeak IP: Server IP: Mods: Cup Terrains, Cup Core, Cup Weapons, Cup Vehicles, Cup Units, TRYK, Extended Base Mod, Advanced Towing, Advanced Slingloading, Urban Rappelling, Advanced Rappelling, DMS Mission System, Zupas Capture Points,CBA_A3,Open Chernarus with JBAD''We hope to see you soon!!!''
  3. Hey guys I'm in the finishing faze of setting up the Ravage server. But I'm in deep need of people who know how take missions and have a better undertaking of Arma servers. I would love to welcome good people into my developing community as you would make a great place. And a happy friend. Contacting me Add me on steam. http://steamcommunity.com/id/AION1414/ Or come into my discord when I'm in there by connecting here. https://discord.gg/D3MsFd5 I hope to see you soon Ps I won't be at my desk untell. 12:15 mountain standard time.
  4. Task Force Cyrus Is Recruting Players! Hi viewers, I am J. Hansen of the 13th MEU, Task Force Cyrus. I invite you (the viewer), to join our growing community of like-minded ARMA 3 players! We are a community unit, meaning, we will do our best to bring you a fun community that you can feel right at home with! We are a small unit currently (under 20 people), and we would love it if you made us your first unit, or official unit! We at TFC, expect you (in a nutshell) to participate as much as you can unless otherwise noted. We have a server and TeamSpeak server for everyone to hang out on. We are active on the forums, constantly targeting potential players to join our numbers! As of now, we have a full squad, and are moving on to open a new squad! Could you be that one man in our 2nd squad? Well, come on our dedicated TeamSpeak and talk to me or a recruiter NOW! (IP Bellow) Q&A: Q: "I am still browsing units and I like yours thus far. Can I try you out?" A: "Go right ahead! We have only a few mods you need to download to play on the server, and we accept tryouts! We want you to try us out, it is the only logical way we can show our true stripes!" Q: "I'm looking for a squad leader position, do you offer that?" A: "YES! WE DO! You just need to get a squad sized element organized, and have attended at least 2 operations (including your team), and also have completed your squad lead trials." Q: "Can I be a recruiter when I join? I'm really great at recruting." A: "Yes, you can be a recruiter. However, in order to be trusted that you will not misinform or spread inaccurate unit information, you will be monitored during recruitment sessions, just until you get the hang of our unit's recruitment material." Q: "I have a buddy who is joining with me. Can we serve together in the same team/squad?" A: "OF COURSE! He is your battle buddy! You will be paired together when assigned to a squad, new or old. If neither squad member wants to give up their position to you, then HAVE NO FEAR! You will be queued and assigned to a new team that opens. In the time being, we urge you to participate by being in a temp-squad." Q: "Is there oppertunity to grow?" A: "Absolutely! Right now, growing is as easy as learning ABC and 123! Claim your spot NOW before we grow to a 20 member unit. Then it will get a bit hard to grow." Q: "When are your operations?" A: "We have 2 seperate operations. A recon op, and then a normal op. We go by PST, and conduct our ops on Saturday. Our operation times and further information is bellow." Operations: Our operations, as mentioned above, start at 12:30pm and last until 3:00pm PST. DONT BE ALARMED! We have 2 operations (as stated above). First operation is a recon operation from 12:30pm - 12:50pm PST. OUR operation is from 1:30pm PST - 3:30pm PST. Recon element can participate during the real op, but they will be normal infantry. Mods: Our modpack is under 20 gigs. We use all the latest designer mods, to really enhance our unit experience. From map gestures to realistic radio communication mods, we use a variety of client mods, and much more! To download our mods, we use 2 services, that I'm sure you have heard about. If not, that's fine. We use a program called ArmA 3 Sync. 2nd, we use a program called withSIX. Either one will do. DO NOT USE STEAM MODS. There have been issues with the server mods and steam mods. Please get our mods @ armaholic.com, if thats what you prefer. Age: We have an age limit of 13+. As long as you are mature, and swear you won't break any rules, you will be let in, without questions! Code of Conduct: We conduct ourselves in an orderly fashion, and with as much dicipline as you would expect in the real military, with a few exceptions, just so that you feel more like a player rather than a slave. We are strict when it comes to insults and impulsive behavior. That ruins the community experience, and the unit. WE DO NOT ALLOW THE FOLLOWING UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! Being cought breaking more than 1 of these terms, will send you to a trial, then we will discharge you from unit. If you continue the behavior, you will be banned from all of our services. No make-ups or kiss-ups will be allowed. Racism Bullying Whining Complaining Dual Uniting Spamming Scamming Yelling Hostility between fellow players Inappropriate radio conversations during operation times Bribing anyone for anything Misconduct during combat (use your imagination) Disobeying orders without a good reason (You can ONLY successfuly disobey an order, if you state in a short sentence why you can't fufill it. You will then be peacefuly reassigned to a different objective.) Unapproved custom loadout configuration (If you don't like what you have, please report to a high-ranking member.) Use of unapproved ordinance in clustered civilian/allied areas (Please alert those around you via radio before tossing an ordinance, such as a grenade.) Killing or destroying civilian entities without approval (If you suspect a car to be rigged with a bomb, please warn your squad leader. He will then alert nearby units and command.) Unapproved class actions (Engineers are the only ones allowed to disarm bombs, while medics are the only ones who can FULLY heal those wounded.) Unauthorized civilian integrogation/detainment (Get permition from your squad leader before capturing entities.) Unauthorized mini-operations (Get permition before doing anything on the server.) That is as far as I will go. Use common sense and keep it clean during combat communications. Closure: We are pleased that you took the time to read our statement. It is what everyone does. Please take nothing personal. This is common unit material. Be mature and do no harm to anyone or anything. Information: Please comment on this post if you have any questions. Please stop by our 24/7 TeamSpeak! IP: Please visit our NEW website! https://taskforcecyrus.enjin.com/ Unit name is subject to change based on what name type is currently popular. Task Force Cyrus may or may NOT be our final name. Thank you for understanding our unit motives, and please, don't let this forum post down you. We just care for the community sooo much, that we want to keep it fun and productive for new and old members. Thank you again for understanding. Everything mentioned is mutualy assured. Your friend (not supreme leader), 2LT Jonathan Hansen: 13th MEU, Task Force Cyrus P.S. Add me on steam if you would like to know more that I did not mention! I accept and keep all friend requests! I'm very friendly!\ My Steam name is Big Smoke. (Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/NATORedemption)
  5. What is it? Introduction... Some of you may already know I was working on such project. It was delayed, postponed because of lack of time, it has required more analysis and conception than planned... but, today, here we are. First, if you're wondering if it's the same tool released yesterday in the dev branch of Poseidon Tools: Yes, it is! The Community Tools Updater is a very simple application able to check if the supported tools need to be updated/installed. If an update is needed, it downloads the new version from a depot maintained by the tool author(s) and install the newer version without asking a single question. The main purpose is to provide to the modding community a simple method to install/update the tools they need without being forced to hunt news on all over the web and take the risk to download an outdated version (I saw this many times with Poseidon Tools). More, the risk of installing an outdated version is avoided by a simple fact: It's the tool maker that update the depot with his work, not a random person. You may recognize some tools made by the community veteran Mikero and some other made by me. For users... Usage is very simple, just download it, extract where you want and use it :) In short-term, the updater will update itself when needed, but for the moment, you just need to take a look at this topic or the depot. It downloads the depot manifest at startup, then checks for updates. Once it's started, you can: Explore the local depot (place where all downloads are stored, including installers and zip tools) Clear local depot (delete the entire depot, just to be sure to do not have unnecessary files) Populate local depot (this synchronizes your local depot with the server depot) Update / Install (obviously, install or update the tools that need it and are checked) * yes, pretty basic UI for now but it's working like a charm! For tools developers... For now, only Poseidon Tools and Mikero tools "packages" are included, but I'm looking for more developers to join us. If you're interested, just let me a message here or a PM! In the best case, your tools need an installer that can take one of the following startup parameters: /s -silent -noUI And one of the following if there are some configuration to do during the installation: /d -default or way to define the configuration in command line If your tool supports this kind of options but not these ones, it's just a matter of exception, not a big deal here. By the way, if you don't have an installer, note that NSIS does the job perfectly (used by Mikero Tools) and is very user friendly. If you have questions What tools are supported? ArmA3p (1) Rapify (1) SteamToolCheck (2) MoveFolder (1) IsRap (1) DeWss (1) ExtractPbo (1) DeWrp (1) DeRtm (1) MoveObject (1) GetDePboVersion (1) DePew (1) DeRap (1) DeTex (1) LintCheckRapV (2) DeP3d (1) texConverters (2) Poseidon Tools (*) TM4 Indenter (*) MakePbo (1) SetVersion (1) DePbo (1) QueryAddons (1) pboProject (1) Eliteness (1) ConvertWrp (1) DeKey (1) DeOgg (1) DePac (1) (1) Fully supported (check version, install/update) (2) Partial support (check version, tool available in the local depot when populated) (*) Will be supported soon (this tool is supported by the updater but the tool is not yet ready to be used with it) How it works? The concept is simple, the updater retrieve a XML file live generated from a depot including what is inside the depot, compares local installations and what's in the depot, then, update if needed. Note that it can install if the tool is missing from your workstation. Advanced and curious users can have a look at the application parameters in the registry: "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\bohemia interactive\Poseidon Tools\Updater" Get the Community Tools Updater: Community updater Beta Note: I developed this tool to allow the modding community to get tools in the simplest way as possible, it was firstly designed for Poseidon Tools, then, Mikero tools have arrived and there are more to come! This is an unofficial tool and provided as it is; you bear the risk!
  6. Salutations, basement dwellers. Tired of lackluster, lifeless Altis Life communities that are part and parcel clones of previously established mission files? Have you been experiencing any mild gastrointestinal discomfort related to IBS? Do 14 year old austitic-screeching home bodies have you contemplating suicide by cyanide capsule? If you answered "I'm not comfortable responding you obnoxious prick," then we have a 10% success rate solution for you. Hardly Gaming Altis Life RPG. Features include but are not limited to: Overhauled map; heavily tweaked mission file; custom npcs; 1 million dollar start with properly paced money making; active administrators; custom meshes/textures, and so much more that I might just spontaneously combust. If you're interested, check out our newly christened website at Hardlygaming.net - Or our Teamspeak 3 server at hardlygaming.voip.pub
  7. Altis Life Roleplay EU | Perks\XP | $ 300 Hi Arma lovers , EU Roleplay community is searching for more people to play real Roleplay on altis life! little website http://altisliferoleplayeu.clansweb.be/ play on our server and people who are mature really important! I run a Dedicated server @ home why? i dont rent servers because u have to much lag. My group is around 26+ years old - we play for fun and have a good roleplay without Trolls. Trolls will be notified 3 times, if still not accepting these orders instant ban! People who have patience is needed, if we have 20members server runs full! For new people who stay 2weeks in server they get extras,! What are we looking for? Players EU/UK fine roleplay Need 5 more Cops with skill or want to learn how to play! Second Admin who have Background AL Scripter\coder who could help improve our server! What do we have ? altis life 4.4 r4 Perks\XP Area Control Capture Rebel Area Car indicators (a) left (e) right (g) Parking indicators Police Checkpoint Rebel Border Zipties for Rebel Blindfold and more. If your interested come to our teamspeak and ask for angryfist85 TS3: rte.guildts.com ADD = steam angryfist85 ADD = discord AngryFist85#6524
  8. Hello! We have chosen to pick up the pace and bring our Altis Life Server Live. We have a really good team of staff to support this decision with both running server experience and Administrator experience. Me (Cookie) And Respawn has worked really hard on getting the server up to where it stands now. Here is a little list of what is added: Fully functionally and Capture gang hideouts (With Map markers of which gang controls what). A lot of map customization such as Athira/kavala: Police station, Hospital, Shooting range. Custom Prison, or i would like to call it Alcatraz as well as customized police headquarters. As well as a few Rebel hideouts spread across the islands. (With and without rebel air). Balanced prices on weapons, vehicles and houses. UK Police force with UK police skins. Open able Vehicle doors on such as the Ghost hawk. Boats got more weight so they can also be used for transport of illegal and legal materials for more variety of vehicles that can be used for such ( Drugs, Minerals, Lumber) You name it. There is also a lot more but we want our players to experience the servers fully for themselves! In development, Coming soon: Level and perk system - Allows the players to enhance their abilities when they do one thing certain amount of times. For instance if they pick x units of cocaine, they will be able to pick that 2x faster, Or pick locking vehicles 2x faster. Might add Dynamic Market in the future aswell but i will see how peoples react to it. What we can offer you as a player: The Absolute Gaming community will offer you a unique experience while playing on our servers with great peoples. Fair admins and a nice staff (You will only meet good and nice peoples in our staff ranks). Experienced staff with experience and successful servers from Arma 2 and Arma 3! Enjoyable game experience with a lot to do and great role-play. This is a strict role-play server and we want to keep it that way so all our players will be happy, We will enforce the rules as strongly as we can to get rid of any peoples trying to break this great experience for us. A Stable and Lag free server with great DDOS protection! Server Information: Server IP: Teamspeak IP: ts.agcn.co.uk Website: http://agcn.co.uk The Only thing we expect in return from our players is good behaviour and a lot of fun! Welcome to Absolute Roleplay, where Roleplay is born! Change Logs: Our Changes Some Images from our server.
  9. Hello All! It has been a while since I have posted on the forums! (Personal Life and all that jazz) I have been a member of the community since OFP however, I didn't migrate my usernames and it seems it has all been lost in translation. My original usernames probably included something similar to OChristie etc! ;) Quick Background: OFP, ArmA 1/2/3, VBS 1/2/3. I make terrains and love it! Lampedusa Challenge The best terrain, mission and unit content pack wins! Summary The community that exists for any large game title always manages to bring a new dynamic to its respective platform. With the ease of modification to the ArmA platform since its conception, the possibilities have truly been endless. Because of all of this, I am very interested to see just how far we can take this little project. Lampedusa Island is here. I would do this myself however I don't feel that I have the skill in A3 terrain development and I love the power that the community have! Structure This challenge can be completed as an individual or as a team. The Challenge To create the best or most interesting terrain of Lampedusa, Italy combined with an in depth, diverse and fun mission to explore it. (Think CTI, COOP, Domination). If you want to create a content pack then feel free! Competition Rules You will have no more than 3 months to complete the challenge and all entries MUST be submitted as a reply to the main BI Forums thread by the 1st April 2017. Most importantly have fun! Tools You are able to use any GIS / Terrain / Mission tools that BI authorise the community to use. Data The starter pack contains Imagery, Elevation and Vector data which should point you in the right direction. You can download the data here: LampedusaChallenge.rar (via Google Drive ~275mb) Testing You are welcome to publicly test your Terrains / Missions on the A3 servers. Good luck. P.S. This thread will grow, please feel free to ask questions and I will add any key information to the thread.
  10. About Us: We are a small group of players looking to grow our unit into the public scene with focus on milsim but on a casual level for those who do not wish to follow a military type structure. We do not do training missions/sessions/etc as a requirement. If you would like to request a training session you can contact me directly. Most of our missions rely on a zeus player whilst everyone else participates in the op. These ops will never be over the type unless majority rules for it. These are meant to be casual and non strenuous, but fun! Mods: We use RHS as a basis for our equipment and units. We also are expanding into using Iron Front assets as well. Age: You must be at least 18+ to join, exceptions can be made after an interview process. Other Req: You must own a microphone, ArmA 3 and ArmA 3 APEX Contact: Steam Community Page or email at sasdeathrite@gmail.com Thanks! tyler4171
  11. ~ VISIT US ONLINE OR JOIN US ON TEAMSPEAK ~ www.tcgaming.enjin.com | ts3.tcgaming.org The community that created the incredibly popular, game changing, ArmA 2 Island Life mod is back and better than ever! Looking for a community that has experience, a solid staff team, an ever-growing user base, and more? I'm happy to say you need not look further than Tactical Combat Gaming, also known as TCGaming. Our Mission TCGaming's mission is to provide like minded individuals across the globe with a laid back environment where we can all come together and just have plain old fun. We do our best to ensure all of our users and members to feel welcomed and cared for. What sets us apart from other Communities - We've got years of experience, and our numbers can prove it. In five years, we've grown from 5 founders with a dream to a large community of nearly 25,000 users. With over 100 active TCG members, we are one of the biggest Enjin communities around, with new users joining us every day. During those five years we pioneered the wildly popular ArmA 2 Island Life mod and continue to set the bar high in the ArmA 3 community and beyond. - We're a family. Our members are in it for the long haul! - There are no silly requirements to join us; in fact, there are none! - When it comes to playing on our life servers, we grant our players the freedom of choice in the way they play. We aren’t ultra strict and serious like some of the servers and communities out there, but we’re certainly not going to let it be a death matching fest, either. We’ve updated our rules to encourage more RP than in the past, but from there, it’ll depend on how people decide to play. The choice is entirely in the player's hands. - We have one of the strongest, active, and consistent admin teams anywhere, with a strict, but logical set of rules that add to the experience instead of detracting from it. Games We Currently Play We play just about anything and everything on PC, but here are some of our main games: ArmA 2:COArmA 3Battlefield 3 & 4SquadWorld of WarshipsWarthunderGTA VCounter Strike: Global OffensiveChivalry: Medieval WarfareAnd so much more! Interested in joining Tactical Combat Gaming? Are you interested in joining {TCG}? If so, awesome! We appreciate your consideration! As said above, there are no requirements to join us. You can register for our Website here: www.tcgaming.enjin.com/login/do/register You can join us on Teamspeak too! Our TS IP is: ts3.tcgaming.org If you own ArmA 3, and the Apex Expansion, we recommend checking our ArmA 3 Montgomery County Life server out! You can find out more information regarding MCL on our website :) Connect with Tactical Combat Gaming FACEBOOK: LINK TWITTER: LINK YOUTUBE: LINK Thanks for checking us out, we really appreciate it! We hope to see you on our Forums & Teamspeak soon! Have a great day! Best Regards, {TCG}Walrus Chief of Public Relations Senior Support Staff Tactical Combat Gaming www.tacticalcombatgaming.com
  12. We invite you to a mature group of active gamers consisting of current and former military, and those with an interest in the military. Mil-Sim is primarily played out on the Arma 3 engine on our own servers using mods that allow for a unique persistent multiplayer campaign. This allows us to run multi session operations by storing game states to a cloud based database and adds a realism to missions and their aftereffects. We play Arma in a tactical and strategic way, usually in a persistent environment with ALiVE, and require a fun, sensible play style. We don't go full on with training requirements and required attendance, this is fun after all. We have regular story driven missions mid week and weekends again with a mil sim playstyle with training classes which are game relevant (ACE Medical, DM Arma Ballistics] offered if you want to take them. This is your community and you make of it what you want to. Other games and services like EXILE are not played mil sim style and are offered to the community to enjoy. In conclusion. We are a large and diverse group of mature gamers who enjoy playing a variety of simulation and strategy games. We are also the home of active and popular You Tubers and Twitch streamers like TheDevildogGamer, Upchuk55, TheOnnerby, The Singleton and we welcome you to a fun and personality filled environment of gamers and hope that your stay is an enjoyable one. Website: http://spearheadgaming.net/
  13. Selod's Gaming Network Selod's Gaming Network is a community of like-minded gamers regardless of platform or location. We’re looking for people who enjoy gaming and love to share their thoughts and experiences in those games. Our environment and atmosphere is casual with a roleplay mindset when in game, we believe in playing Arma 3 Life the right way with out bias. We have a close-knit community that everyone gets along with one another, we don't allow any negative gamers into our Network. We are looking for Seroius players, to play A3L the Right Way . We are currently looking for players to fill the following billets: EMS, LSO, and Civilian. If you have any questions come ask us, Here is our TS3 IP: or click here to submit a application [www.selodsgaming.com] Hope you all will come play with us on Lakeside. Best Regards, SGN Staff
  14. Hello, First of all, I want to present myself. I'm a Brazilian doctoral student developing a thesis about modding practices. And so, I'm following this community for a few months and I'm really interested in what occurs here, specially for two reasons: the involvement of members in modding/playing practices and the support (or even motivation) Bohemia offers for modding. This thread was created to ask for your help in our better understanding of this community. For this reason I made this form and asked permission to post it here: Game modding: Insight about Bohemia Interactive's community modders and players Later, I plan to show you the general results. On the next step, I should send a set of questions about modding to a few of those who sent their mail. ------------------------------------------------- Additional info I'm funded by Brazilian government in my research. My thesis is associated with the Media Studies department at Unisinos. I began my investigation following DayZ mod success in 2014. Operation Flashpoint modding practices were already subject of attention by a Finnish researcher back in 2010. You could still consult his approximation here and here. Feel free to ask any questions. Micilo
  15. ARMA 3 - Arrowhead Community Server [sRV] EU-ARROWHEAD.NET #1 - Conquest Large - CTI - [Hardcore] [sRV-IP] [TS3] eu-arrowhead.net [TS3-IP] [WWW] eu-arrowhead.net [Work in Progress] About Us: Arrowhead is an international gaming community focussed on Arma 3. We provide an immersive player vs. player experience, emphasizing simulation and tactical realism where a strong will, teamwork and communication is key. Victory is not achieved, it is seized. What is Conquest Large? Conquest Large is our own variation based on BECTI which is created by Benny. With this game mode we provide players with a military experience without limiting the great features ARMA 3 has to offer. Every weapon, attachment, armoured vehicle, chopper and jet is available on our server. The main goal of both teams is to extend control over possibly the greatest number of territory points which are spread over the entire map. The more territory you have, the more supply income you generate for your team. Thus providing the ability to allow for more upgrades. The territory you control will function as a respawn point for you and your team. Additionally you can use the redeploy function near the HQ to deploy yourself to one of these territory points. These points are definitely a valuable asset in the field. To capture a territory point, move to the marked location on the map. A territory point consists of a main capture point and several camps surrounding it. The process of capturing can be speeded up. The more players are present, the shorter it will take to capture it. Capturing can be interrupted, when the enemy players team come within the territory’s border. In that case, the advantage in numbers within the territory reach works as a decisive factor. The end-game goal is to find- and destroy all of the enemy structures. This goal can be accomplished in many ways. For example your team can choose to cripple the enemy’s supply rate income by capturing and holding more territory, which will in turn provide your team with a technical advantage in the early- to middle game. Of course there are many other tactical approaches a team can take.
  16. Re-factoring for Multiplayer scripting guide. Planned Contents: 1. Old Network scripting (You may need to take apart someones elses scripts) 2. New Network scripting (Cleaner tidier better)
  17. SonOfKrazyBee

    Section 7 PMC

    Section 7 - PMC “If there is no road we make one†About: Section 7 is a casual milsim community. We have 1 rule, don’t be a dick. We highly enforce that rule. Section 7 was first started to create a relaxing and fun, yet professional gaming community for gamers who want to enjoy the experience of Arma, but in a realistic and intense way. Section 7 is lead by a great group of guys, who will command you through battle, joke around, and teach you new things, as well as give you a lifetime experience. The Section 7 ranking is simple, and simulated. No need to salute or call your higher rankings “sirâ€. Section 7 is lead as well, by veterans, and active duty. Giving you a great front seat to learning new things. Such as bounding, formations, and more. Don’t know how to install mods, or don’t understand proper formations, bounding, and other combat techniques? No problem! Section 7 SO’s will give you the education you need in under a couple of hours to be a awesome S7 operator! So, do you want to play Arma 3 how it was really meant to be played? Stop by and experience a true Arma 3 community. Process Of Joining/Training: Section 7 is very simple and easy to understand group. We do have regular trainings and drill, yet rarely. We have a 1-2 hour IT course, for the new players. The IT (Individual Training), teaches you the very basics of fire team movements, and procedures to make sure you fit in well with your assigned group! For those who want to build up, you can become a well trained pilot or SO, senior operator, and as well can specialize after IT, in advanced courses such as Marksmen Courses, Advanced Rifleman Courses, UGL Courses, and more! Think you're too young to join? No problem, no age limit is required, yet we recommend 18 and older. You got one shot, don’t be an immature person. More Information: For more information you can always visit our website: http://www.s7-gaming.com/ Teamspeak IP: sec7.typefrag.com As well you can always ask questions below! Game nights Below: United States Timezones: 7:00pm Eastern Standard Time (EST) 5:00pm Mountain Standard Time (MST) 4:00pm Pacific Standard Time (PST) 6:00pm Central Standard Time (CST) For more time-zones click the link below: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YUF0WJbOb1UWSzxUXc8pi8tcx_d_rZord01hmx-mFys/edit?usp=sharing
  18. We are a small group of players looking for relaxed members if the ArmA commuity for in-group TvT and coop missions. We try and stay mod lite but some missions may require the CUP Complete series. We also have a 40 slot dedicated server running several different types of missions for public use. If you are interested in joining, feel free to join Obscene 9 on steam or add SilverXarrow on steam to chat. TS: Feel free to join and chat!
  19. [CLAN GESCHLOSSEN] Wir sind die 1848´ger. Wer wir sind und wie wir Funktionieren: Wir sind eine recht heterogene Truppe bestehend aus Veteranen (die seit ArmA 1 dabei sind) und Frischlingen die erst mit ArmA 3 zu uns gefunden haben. Demnach sind wir auf der Suche nach entspannten Mitgliedern aus allen Erfahrungsschichten. Unser Schwerpunkt liegt ganz klar auf dem Spielspaß der gesamten Gruppe was bedeutet das ihr zwar unsere Vision einer authentisch ausgerüsteten organisierten Truppe teilen solltet, aber dennoch nicht damit rechnen müsst das wir euch durch etliche unnötige Lehrgänge quetschen wollen, die in ArmA 3 keinerlei Rolle spielen. Wenn ihr etwas von unseren Veteranen lernen wollt, können wir gerne Trainings auf Anfrage organisieren, bei uns wird jedoch nicht jeder unter generalverdacht gestellt ein Idiot zu sein und muss bei uns eine Grundausbildung durchlaufen wie das bei vielen BW Fanatikern der Fall ist. Bei uns ist außerdem Jeder willkommen, solange er verständliches Deutsch spricht und sich entsprechend benehmen kann. Wir sehen uns ganz klar als Freizeitverein und Schikanen sowie qualvolle angesetzte Trainings die zur Demütigung gedacht sind wird es bei uns nicht geben. Wir sind durchdacht strukturiert und legen Wert darauf dass sich unsere Mitglieder selbstständig organisieren und über unsere Steamsite auf dem Laufenden halten. Wer mehr wünscht kann bei uns Problemlos mehr organisieren, unser Server läuft 24/7 ganz klar vorab haben wir allerdings meistens ein Event pro Wochenende (aufgrund von Familie/Arbeit/andere Hobbys). Das bedeutet allerdings nicht dass bei uns unter der Woche Garnichts los ist. Finanziert wird das Ganze von 2 Personen, organisiert von 4 Freiwilligen und da es bei uns locker zwanglos und unentgeltlich zugeht besitzen wir ein absolut entspanntes Klima auf das wir sehr, sehr viel Wert legen. Dies gilt natürlich in der Regel auch für das Rollenspiel untereinander, da wir eine Einheit bilden, ein Team. Was wir Spielen und wie: In den meisten Fällen spielen wir Infanterieszenarien (oftmals inkl. Unterstützung) in unserer „Theme“ (PMC = Private Military Company = Privatarmee), also eine fiktive elitäre Privatarmee die sich niemals zu schade ist die Hände schmutzig zu machen. Innerhalb dieses Scenarios spielen verkörpern wir die Söldner und Frontschweine die sich für gutes Geld beschießen lassen, unser Roleplay ist allerdings vergleichsweise locker und Einsteigerfreundlich (wir halten alles andere für Ungesund) und soll nur der Immersion dienen. Natürlich gibt es bei uns auch Ausnahmen und andere „Themes“, zurzeit ist bei uns das Vietnamkriegsscenario (Vietcong gegen USA) sehr beliebt, wir verkörpern also nicht nur eine Privatarmee. Unsere Missionen reichen von Special Forces Einsätzen bis hin zu regulären Infanterieszenarien. Natürlich gibt es Ausnahmen doch diese bilden nicht die Regel. Abgesehen davon sind unsere Missionen alle äußerst authentisch, spielerisch sind sie zwar Machbar, jedoch absolut Vergebungslos. In 95% der von uns gespielten Szenarios besteht kein Respawn und wenn ihr nach einer Granate die euch in unserem erweiterten realistischen Modus noch aus 12 Metern ein Schrapnell zerrissen hat und kein Medic in Reichweite ist werdet ihr ohnmächtig und verblutet. Das war es dann für den Rest des Abends. Bei uns gilt also volle Spannung aber auch volle Konzentration. Wer also die Auffassungsgabe eines Goldfisches hat oder Grundsätzlich unter anderen geistigen Defiziten leidet ist bei uns Falsch. Ich kann euch vorab schon sagen: Das wird euch keinen Spaß machen, dafür ist unser Modus zu authentisch/realistisch. Und genau deshalb ist das richtige Sozialverhalten absolut essentiell. Was wir euch bieten: Angenehme offene Atmosphäre und familiäre Stimmung (Bei uns braucht man keine Angst haben die Admins anzusprechen) „Immersive Gameplay“ (innerhalb des Spiels Roleplay der jeweiligen Rolle) Erlesene und realistische Mod-Sammlung (TFAR, RHS, ACE3) und extrem einfache Installation Spannende authentische Missionen dank erfahrener Missionbauer (seit ArmA 1 aktiv) für jeden Erfahrungsgrad Unseren eigenen TS3 + Gameserver (von euch wird keinerlei Beitrag verlangt) Rationale entspannte Organisation (kollidiert das Reallife mit einem Spieltermin ist das okay, nur bitte abmelden wenn möglich) Da wir noch im Aufbau sind, sind leitende Funktionen verfügbar! Zurzeit suchen wir noch einen zusätzlichen Missionbauer und Personen mit Führungserfahrungen Regelmäßige Events an den Wochenenden zu „normalen“ Zeiten (16-21 Uhr) an denen wir eigens für uns erstellte Szenarien bei maximal Performance (hohe Framerates) Spielen. Unsere Mods besitzen alle eine gewisse Qualität dank Qualitätskontrolle (Bug-,Lag- und Suckfrei) Was wir von euch wünschen: Aktive Mitglieder im Alter von mindestens 18 Jahren oder entsprechender geistiger Reife (85% der unter 18 Jährigen Bewerber fliegen wieder raus, verschwendet nicht unsere Zeit wenn ihr Infantil seit) ArmA 3 wenn möglich mit allen DLCs und funktionierendem gutem Headset Ob Veteran oder Anfänger, wir erwarten Lernbereitschaft innerhalb des Spiels um uns stetig zu verbessern und uns einander anzupassen Adäquates Sozialverhalten (egal wie viele nützliche Fähigkeiten ihr mitbringt, könnt ihr euch nicht benehmen fliegt ihr) Bereitschaft sich mit dem einfachen Programm "Play with Six" auseinander zu setzen. Um die Mods zu installieren Mindestens 2 mal die Woche die News abzuchecken und sich ggf. die Events anzusehen (wer die News nicht liest verpasst in der Regel Event´s oder wichtige Informationen und verendet in unorganisierter Inaktivität und fliegt sowieso) Bewerbt euch in unserem Steam Forum: Link zum Forum Oder meldet euch bitte an folgende E-Mail Adresse: insane.1991@freenet.de (Aufgrund des extremen Andrangs an Interessenten ist keine direkte Bewerbung mehr möglich. Wir bearbeiten eurer Schreiben so schnell wie möglich, also in der Regel innerhalb eines Tages. Die Masse an Anfragen hat unseren Spielbetrieb bereits behindert weshalb wir uns zu diesem Schritt entschlossen haben) Die E-Mail bitte in folgender Form: Alter: Spielerfahrung: (Was habt ihr bereits gespielt? Wie und Wo?) Warum ich zu euch will: (Was für eine Spielerfahrung sucht ihr bei uns?) Kenntnisse außerhalb des Spiels: (Seid ihr Missionmaker? Modder?) Sonstige Bemerkungen: (Fragen eurerseits, oder ggf. Bemerkungen) Die neusten Screenshots aus unserer letzten Vietnam Mission: Hier die Bilder vergangener Sessions:
  20. Background Information For the past year and a half, I've been working on building and bringing together a server community. I've been a frequent Arma Life player (mainly Takistan Life, when it was still based in Arma 2), so I have a strong passion for RP game modes. I have tried and failed many times in the process but it hasn't discouraged me, I am still motivated to reach my goal. While playing on popular Taki Life, and Altis Life servers I felt that something was missing. Although I loved the chaotic environment of Takistan Life, and the never ending mischief of terror bombings and police shenanigans, it got quite old after a while. My main goal for this project is to create a profitless RP community that thrives and is sustained by passionate members, yet can still be fun and interesting for beginners. I plan on making this a modded Life RPG, though I am completely liberal to the idea, and if that isn't what you guys want, then I am willing to listen to your voices. However, keep in mind that this 'proposal' is based around a modded Life. Overview I plan to significantly increase the amount of content for the civilian faction, in order to boost interest for that particular faction so that players will be more motivated to be part of the carefully designed economic system I plan to implement. Furthermore, I plan to add a level system, or some sort of skill based stat chart that will enable players to access certain features that will only be available to sufficiently experienced players (ie. Mining will become more efficient as you level up your mining abilities) as well as basic abilities (Stamina, Accuracy, etc.) improving over time. Though this idea is still very young. I also plan to add a simple crafting system so that players will be able to craft a few basic objects. Obviously the system will not be extremely advanced because this isn't a survival game mode, though I remain optimistic. I believe that a justice system is one of the most important aspects of an RPG, so I will definitely be implementing a court system. I will not be whitelisting the cop faction, though players who are willing to join will need to partake in a short training course and agree to the cop faction's terms of agreement. For the main cop faction, I am planning on adding several branches of law enforcement. We have a lot of other unique features planned. If you are interested in learning more about our project feel free to hop on our teamspeak and talk to us personally. Release So when will this be available to play? I am working on this project with only a single partner at the moment who is helping me with the web development. I am developing the Arma side of the mod completely alone. I hope to have a rudimentary beta by the end of January 2016, though development is still very slow. As you can see, I have all of the concepts and features planned out, and I have a basic understanding of how to code 95% of what I am planning to offer. All I really need now is manpower. This is why I am reaching out to the community, and asking for support. If this results in positive feedback from you guys then that would mean a lot to me and would really motivate me in going forward. If any of you happen to be interested in contributing to this project, or helping out with development then I will be sure to find a way to thank you. I am not looking for money, I am only interested in contributing to the Arma community, and to create something that everyone can enjoy. So if there is anything any of you would like to add or recommend, please voice your opinion and I will listen to anything you guys suggest if I think it would benefit the community. Edit: We are looking for a terrain editor/map creator! Anyone who can fill this position please add me on steam. Steam: pixelmonkey1 Teamspeak: tssyd1.vilayer.com:10060
  21. Hello everyone, I am interested in trying to create, I guess a sub community of sorts, devoted to playing PvP tactical missions, but 'open' to the public in the way of a sign up process. I have long followed and watched videos from various communities on YouTube or on the forums here, and I see a lot of people express an interest in joining such a community. But often, joining a community means certain days you have to play on, certain requirements to join and so on. I am by no means trying to remove these groups, simply trying to start something different, for the people out there wanting to do something different. Overall concept: Depending on the amount of people interested I would want a weekly game, Friday/Saturday night (totally up for debate/change) where the community would simply sign up for a role in the current mission, join on the day and work together to achieve the goal of the mission. There would be no requirement other than the willingness to play the role that you have selected, meaning if you selected a squad leader role, the rest of us are counting on you to have some form of plan/idea on how to achieve the goal of the current mission. Example: Missions briefing: - Hostage situation, 2 squads from OPFOR, 2 squads from BLUFOR and 2 hostages. Winning conditions for OPFOR: Defeat all BLUFOR, or hold out long enough for reinforcements to arrive. Failure conditions for OPFOR: No remaining OPFOR, or BLUFOR gets the hostages to an extraction point. Winning conditions for BLUFOR Extract the hostages, or eliminate all OPFOR before reinforcements arrive. Failure conditions for BLUFOR No remaining BLUFOR, or OPFOR holds out long enough for reinforcements to arrive. If hostages are killed by either side, the side that kills them loses. Before I start the process of a more detailed mission briefing and so on, I would like to know if there, in the community, is an interest for such an event/group/community that is open for everyone to freely join, as long as you show commitment and try to make the whole event a fun experience for everyone involved. If I receive enough interest in this project, I will start working on the event and hopefully have something ready for you all!
  22. Hello everyone, I am interested in trying to create, I guess a sub community of sorts, devoted to playing PvP tactical missions, but 'open' to the public in the way of a sign up process. I have long followed and watched videos from various communities on YouTube or on the forums here, and I see a lot of people express an interest in joining such a community. But often, joining a community means certain days you have to play on, certain requirements to join and so on. I am by no means trying to remove these groups, simply trying to start something different, for the people out there wanting to do something different. Overall concept: Depending on the amount of people interested I would want a weekly game, Friday/Saturday night (totally up for debate/change) where the community would simply sign up for a role in the current mission, join on the day and work together to achieve the goal of the mission. There would be no requirement other than the willingness to play the role that you have selected, meaning if you selected a squad leader role, the rest of us are counting on you to have some form of plan/idea on how to achieve the goal of the current mission. Example: Missions briefing: - Hostage situation, 2 squads from OPFOR, 2 squads from BLUFOR and 2 hostages. Winning conditions for OPFOR: Defeat all BLUFOR, or hold out long enough for reinforcements to arrive. Failure conditions for OPFOR: No remaining OPFOR, or BLUFOR gets the hostages to an extraction point. Winning conditions for BLUFOR Extract the hostages, or eliminate all OPFOR before reinforcements arrive. Failure conditions for BLUFOR No remaining BLUFOR, or OPFOR holds out long enough for reinforcements to arrive. If hostages are killed by either side, the side that kills them loses. Before I start the process of a more detailed mission briefing and so on, I would like to know if there, in the community, is an interest for such an event/group/community that is open for everyone to freely join, as long as you show commitment and try to make the whole event a fun experience for everyone involved. If I receive enough interest in this project, I will start working on the event and hopefully have something ready for you all! Moved the thread: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/186124-open-to-join-online-multiplayer-tactical-game-experience/
  23. Teamspeak: 21starmyrangers.enjinvoice.com Website: http://21starmyrangers.enjin.com/home YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/21stusarmyrangers -- 17+ age requirement -- WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANYONE BELOW THE AGE OF 17 -- Why join this group? --More Than Just A Clan-- Weather we are out in the field during an Op, or just enjoying some down time in Teamspeak the 21st is present. We are more than just a group of guys that gather to play Arma this is a community. -- We've Been Here For A While -- This is not some newly started up group. We have been around for quite a while. Our members are experienced and know how to keep a mission together. We had been on ArmA 2 for quite some time and began to switch over to ArmA 3 the day the Alpha was released. We made the official switch at midnight the day the full game was released. --Relaxed Realism-- Realistic gameplay with a laid back style. No drill sergeant screaming here. --Solid Teams-- We operate in assigned platoons within the whole company. This ensures you will always be with people you know and trust. All is controlled by a chain of command. --Welcome Party-- We welcome anybody with the right mindset and the ability to remain mature and collected in realistic combat situations. No special skill-sets required. --Missions Are Custom-- Missions are created from scratch and coded to ensure realistic combat scenarios. AI is actually coded to be smart. Users suggest mission ideas and our map editors make them a reality. --Mods Are Custom-- We have dedicated mod developers that work extremely hard to create custom content for the 21st. Do not limit yourself to what Armaholic or the vanilla game can offer. You will get a realistic military experience here that no other unit can offer. --Training Provided-- New to Arma? Been playing a while but are a bit "rusty"? Have no fear! Our loyal officers will gladly throw you into boot camp and teach you a thing or two. Our boot camp program is conducted on a custom FOB and designed to take you from 0 to 60 as quickly as possible. Learn to be a Ranger! _________________________________________________________________ --Dedicated Servers-- Our multiple - stable dedicated servers are online 24/7 to allow members to play and practice at will. These servers include the cutting edge that the milsim modding community can provide, along with an embedded headless client to maximize performance! --250 Slot Teamspeak-- Our TS3 server is available 24/7 for members to gather and chat. This also allows easy access for the TFAR mod - which grants radio use in during operations.
  24. We've been expecting you, have you been expecting us?" - LT. Blake Do you have what it takes to become one of the most elite warriors in the world? Our Navy SEAL/s are highly trained in every aspect of Arma 3, from advanced sniping, to surviving in the arctic, to blowing up chain explosives. To become part of us, you must first go through the infamous BUD/s training, specially designed by one of our own members of ST2. IF you manage to pass BUD/s, you will then be sent to SQT (SEAL Qualification Training) which will test your skills even further than BUD/s. After passing SQT's, you are considered part of us and will be able to attend our classified operations. "The risk is high, but the reward is great here in SEAL Team 2" - LT. Blake The operations we conduct are custom made and are made to be hardcore and challenging. These operations are amazingly made but are extremely difficult to complete without a solid SEAL Team. Our Operations include: HALO and HAHO Insertions Fast extractions via multiple helicopter variations Desert environments Arctic Environments Woodland Environments Underwater/Maritime operations Recon Operations Fast paced, high action Multiple enemies Multiple variations of enemies 100% seriousness Awesome fun "There will never be a dull moment in Team 2" - LT. Blake SEAL Team 2 strives to entertain their members as much as possible. Being that said, you will rarely find a dull moment within the team, whether it's casual Team jargon, or fast paced action and training on our custom made SEAL Insurgency server. That being said, seriousness and maturity, as well as other rules are highly expected to be followed. You must earn your trident every day, meaning, you could be discharged at any time in our SEAL Team for any mistake you make that is against our rule set. Basic Code Of Conduct: ALWAYS Respect members and guests that are in our teamspeak, in game, on steam, or any other social or gaming media. Use of Foul language MUST be kept to a minimum. Any inappropriate content being shown or posted is strictly prohibited. Keep it clean and respectable. Respect higher ranks and their orders (within reason) as they are a higher rank for a reason. NSF reserve the right to discharge any member within the unit that is an NCO at anytime for any reason. If there is disagreement within the unit, this MUST be brought up to the CO and XO whom will then have the final say no matter the circumstances. "Banter" "Jargon" or any other sort of joking is permitted as long as it is controlled and non-offensive to anyone within the unit. You must try your hardest and best while in an operation. Some sense of Seriousness must be kept present within your behavior while on our ts3, or our game server. Any sort of hacking, scripting, or cheating is prohibited within our game server at any time. You will be a role model to others. You will earn your trident every day. CO and XO Reserve the right to modify this COC at any time and put it into effect at any time. If you think you can abide by our COC, you might have a chance at being part of us. "We promise you fairness" - LT. Blake SEAL Team 2 has a large selection of roles available at all times and are able to be applied for. Below is a list of roles within our unit. Squad Leader Rifleman Explosive Specialist Marksman Lead Breacher Heavy Weapons Operator Communicator Close Air Support Corpsman Point-man/Navigator Primary Driver/Navigator Explosive Ordnance Disposal Advanced Special Operations Sniper Spotter As you can see, we have quite the selection of roles to choose from. Teamspeak 3 Server: ts80.gameservers.com:9202 Website: www.SEALTeam2.enjin.com Well, what are you waiting for? MAN UP AND JOIN THE SEAL/s!
  25. BohemiaBeck

    Idea for a DLC

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