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Found 112 results

  1. XXIV (24th) Armeekorps The 24th Armeekorps was founded to create immersive and realistic ArmA3 community with a focus on the Germany Army during World War 2. Part of this Community is a dynamic campaign that starts with the Occupation of Czechoslovakia, the Invasion of Poland and the Blitzkrieg in the West and takes in important Events like Dunkirk, the Battle of the Bulge, the fight for Stalingrad and the Battle of Crete. We feature - Zeus-aided Missions - Dynamic and Chornologic Campaign - Regular Trainings and Events - Ranks - TFAR - Website / Forum - Teamspeak 3 - EU/US Friendly Times We are recruiting Currently we are looking for: - Pilots - NCO's - Medics (Requires knowledge of ACE-Medical) - RTO's - General Recruits and Personelle You can contact us over ... ... our Website ( http://xxivarmeekorps.gamerlaunch.com/ ) ... our Steam Group ( http://steamcommunity.com/groups/24thArmeekorps ) ... our ArmA3 Unit Page ( https://units.arma3.com/unit/xxivarmee ) ... our Teamspeak ( ) ... me personally ( http://steamcommunity.com/id/thedesertfox_xxiv )
  2. I have an idea of a campaign for Arma 3, my question is how do I make gear persistent from one mission onto the next. I am making a base that’s going to be used for mission briefing and gearing your player. That alone would be its own scenario, with the mission following after, how about would I get my gear selection to carry over to the mission
  3. So I have decided to use ARMAIII to story board my game I am developing in UnrealEngine. I am a student for game design at Full Sail. My questions will come randomly, basically I would like to bring people onto my team who have a semi-advanced wisdom of scripting and mission building in ARMAIII. I simply dont know all the INIT functions and scripting. I am an audio engineer, and business systems engineer. I can program linux, so this work with 3d3n editor wont be too difficualt and my questions will be limited to mostly, how to pack certain things, create images, camera sweeps of the map during mission into, you know. The things that make it really interactive and interesting. Yes there is a lot of help on Youtube, those videos are years old and I find most of their help, is not that great. It would be nice to network with some intelligent people who are willing to help with this. If anyone could help, with simple answering a few questions about triggers and playing group assignments. Respawns, I would be greatly appreciated. I plan to make a combat simulator, with military and civilian crisis aspects. Think, Paris, Vegas (MY family was in it.) For military, Seal Team 6, Watch the movie Act of Valor for my inspiration. I plan to make my game cinematic. Which is hard in ARMA. That will have to come in Unreal perhaps. 1-410-709-8637 diveyez@r2nhosting.com I have three clustered servers waiting for usage. You can use this website, or https://msssops.biz has a Discord widget on there and you can reach me directly. If I am in the music channel, please message me because I may not hear you. If you become a full part of the project, you will receive a 5-10% income from what it makes, my game in Unreal is set for a 2020 release date. That is simply because that's when I get my degree, and network with the advertising and marketing staff and alumni at Full Sail. I already have obtained many credits as a Business Information Systems major, and previously, a BoS in Music Business. I write music and produce all my own sounds. I am on beatport, yada,yada. Lets focus on the game, I can make music for it in one hour. Thanks, SolarCataclysm.
  4. Good evening Ladies and gentlemen Hakkar Logistics is a group that carries out small and medium operations in hostile envionrments, most of the operations vary between convoy patrols, elimination missions, intel recovery, sabotage, humanitarian aid in conflicted zones. Our unit is broken down to a similar way the Spartan army was structured with a few variants cuted out possitions to adapt it to our operation methods in our current context: (from top to bottom) - Commander - General - Squad Leader - Operative We aim to keep our hierarchy as small as possible to make our operatives essential elements to our operations, motivate them to become as versatile as possible in challenging situations. As our operations grow, it will be essential to have some of this squadrons specialize in certain tasks, this groups will be assigned as we grow bigger and the operations become more complex. This missions will be executed by a Zeus which is going to be the commander. SPOKEN LANGUAGES: English and Spanish CONTEXT Our unit is in control of the USS Phoenix, a carrier that is within Tanoan sea limits. After a biological all-out warfare between world powers, the civilian population of the world suffered a 80% of casualties,governments crashed and now the world is dying and the few of us who survived are determined to secure a livable environment for those survivors and find the root of the problem to weed it out, this will take us in alot of different kinds of missions and challenges, this successful missions will later be transcripted into written stories for our memories and hopefully videos. Our supplies at the ship are limited and need to constantly find ammo and weapon depots to restock our inventory at the ship. Rules - We expect our operatives to stick to their roles and context of the scenario once the mission briefing has been given by the commander. Anytime before or after the mission it is ok to goof around and/or be out of character. - Respect your team mates - 0 tolerance for trolls as well as 0 tolerance for snowflakes. - Adhere to the communication etiquette during missions - Problems with other players are to be discussed discretely with the commander of the unit. FIND US HERE: https://units.arma3.com/unit/logics If you wish to join or find out a little bit more, comment below for more information or contact me via Steam to have a chat; add me: mcguiver178
  5. Okay so, weeks ago I played the Laws of War story campaign. There was a segment where... So yeah, I really don't get this bit. Was this talk of...
  6. Dying Ember Author: Undeceived Version: 1.8 (updated June 24th, 2017) Note: Please note that the following second and third chapters of the campaign won't be released anymore. Of course the first chapter with its 10 missions will stay here. If you want to play it, give it a go - if you like story based and cinematic campaigns, you could have some nice hours with it - after all it has 10 missions. I'd be happy to get feedback and I'm still up to fix (critical) bugs. But be aware that there won't be a continuation of the story/campaign, which means that many open questions won't be answered and the end might feel like a teaser that never ever will be satisfied. 😄 For those few who liked the first chapter and were waiting for the story to continue - I'm sorry, guys... 😞 The thing is that I simply can't bring up enough motivation to get on with it, even though some missions of the next chapter are already in a somewhat playable status and even though the whole plot itself is more or less set up - including some nice twist and stuff. Thanks to all who played and provided feedback. I'd appreciate it if you'd try out my other missions/campaigns. F E A T U R E S : Prequel to the official Arma 3 campaign "The East Wind" by Bohemia Interactive Story-driven SP resistance campaign Full voice acting (German) English or German subtitles (change Arma to the corresponding language in Steam) Many cutscenes, intros, outros and dialogues to absorb you into the story Multiple plots, interwoven in one overall storyline A mix of linear, straight-forward missions and wide and complex ones with many tasks Weapon pool (weapons and gear are forwarded and available in the next missions) Custom music (self-composed titles) + music from Arma 2 and Arma 3 D E S C R I P T I O N : "Dying Ember" is (or rather was) was a SP campaign-project for Arma 3. As a prequel to Bohemia Interactive's "The East Wind", its plot is embedded into the Arma 3-universe and its timeline. The project was supposed to consist of three chapters, of which the first one (this one here) was a finalist in the "Make Arma Not War" contest. This first chapter contains 10 missions. It portraits: The Kavala coup d'etat in 2026 The following establishment of a military dictatorship by the Altis Armed Forces (AAF) The beginnings of a resistance movement Pavlos, the main character, and his best friends experience the 2026 Kavala coup d'etat and fight the following totalitarian military regime, in order to get back their and Altis' freedom. They experience the fall of the democratic government and start resisting oppression and non-existent freedom of opinion, even though at first they have only themselves and almost no equipment. The second and third chapters (which were cancelled) would have been set in the Altian civil war and the time of the Jerusalem Cease Fire of 2030. C H A N G E L O G : D O W N L O A D S : Dying Ember v. 1.8 Dying Ember v. 1.8 Please note: If you like my missions and campaigns, please give feedback in form of comments and rate them! The biggest motivation comes from reading how you liked them and what I can improve.
  7. I'm not sure if this was a problem before the 1.68 update but i havent found anything relating to it on google or here. In the campaign mission resurgent west, when you have to get into the marshall and link up with the FIA, the marshall stops moving after it engages some enemies not to long after you enter the vehicle. Since everything is scripted, i can't exit the vehicle or do anything at all, I've restarted the mission several times with the same outcome. Any solutions? or do i just have to wait til BI discovers this problem on they're own and fixes it?
  8. weaponsfree

    The Voodoo Missions

    The Voodoo Missions I'm starting to have a lot of missions spread across 3 campaigns, so in the interest of keeping them a little more centralized I'm creating a single page to store them and update with info. Voodoo Team is a band of ex-NATO Special Forces troopers. They started out as a regular front line unit during Operation Dardanelles in the Aegean Sea. After having seen what private mercenary groups like Ion Corp can do when left unchecked, they left NATO forces to create a Merc-Hunting team. Financed through unofficial and unaligned nations seeking a way to curb the rise in influence of non-state corporations such as Ion. Led by their Intel Officer know only as Highres, their first real test against Ion Corp was Operation Venture on the Tanoan Islands. They led a successful guerilla campaign against a large Ion Venture on the Island. The success of that operation brought in new recruits and new equipment. They are increasing the scope of their activities in the latest Operation Free Malden, where they are deploying heavy weaponry and air power for the first time. Campaigns (Ordered by most recent) All missions are Single Player or COOP Operation Free Malden Mission 1 : Hammer In order to Free Malden, we have to offload our new Infantry Fighting Vehicle. It's currently strapped to the deck of our trawler, which allows it to fire on targets on land. But to get it rolling, we need to capture a deep water port. La Riviere has one such port, and although it is well defended, we should be able to get in fast without alerting them too early. Strike fast with 3 teams, and capture the town and port! Workshop Link ========================= Operation Venture Mission 1 : Spider Spider has arrived on the south west island via speedboat. He's been driven to the nearby airfield where a deal with the local gang is being hammered out. Spider is meant to leave via that same speedboat, so our first task is to destroy it to prevent his escape. Ion does have air assets in the area, but it will take time for them to organize an airlift, so we will have time to reach the airfield, and kill Spider. One of our local contacts has left an RHIB near the airfield for our extraction and return to this safe house. Take note, the local gang is real nasty. They control the entire South West Island, and they'll shoot any (especially armed) strangers on sight. We can try and do this all stealth like, but I don't think we're getting out of this one without a few firefights. Workshop Link Mission 2 : Contacts Our Intel Officer HighRes is out meeting a contact. The rest of the team is resting at our beach safehouse. What could go wrong? Workshop Link Mission 3 : Requisition As you know, since our safehouse was destroyed last week, we are desperately low on hardware. Luckily, Ion Corp has tons of weapons and gear on the island just ripe for requisitioning. And they're not being very discreet about it. We know they are bringing in large weapon shipments through the Blue Pearl Industrial Port, which they have conveniently offered to guard for the local government in exchange for guns and bribes. These bribes keep the local government out, which is good for us because we don't have to worry about shooting local police while we aggressively requisition some new gear for our purposes. The downside is that the port is crawling with armed Ion thugs. We will have to steal a Weapons Truck from the Port, and bring it to our new Safehouse. Workshop Link Mission 4 : Intelligence Our raid on the Blue Pearl Port really helped us get back on our feet. We've got weapons and gear, and I've been able to re-establish SatCom. The downside however, is that Ion has used our attack on the port as a pretext to take over pretty much all of Tanoa security. They are now in most towns and cities with more agents arriving daily. I'm starting to think controlling the entire Island was the Ion Objective from the start. In any case our mission is still the same. Find and disrupt all Ion operations on Tanoa. More specifically we need to find out where the Regional Director is operating from. To that end we need additional Intel. Workshop Link Mission 5 : Centerpiece Our Intel raid has paid off. We've discovered that ION is not actually looking to control Tanoa outright, they just wanted an excuse to build up major military infrastructure on the Islands, and then sell the resulting installations to CSAT for a huge profit. The Centrepiece of their venture is the Island of Tuvanaka. They've been restoring and rebuilding various facilities on the island, and it will be offered to CSAT as a complete pre-packaged base of operations for the entire Area, with pre-packaged subdued local government to boot. If we can sufficiently degrade and destroy Ion military installations on Tuvanaka, we can make their Venture near worthless. Workshop Link Mission 6 : Power We managed to cripple ION's Venture on Tanoa. ION Personel have started to depart the Islands, but the Director is still at large. Communication Intercepts indicate he's based at a Villa near Georgetown. He has an armed guard, and the Villa is ringed by powerful floodlights. We will cut the power to his villa by blowing a power line, then storm the building, find the Director and take him out. Workshop Link Mission 7 : Departures Since we almost got you killed last time, Highres assures us that today's intel is top notch. Seems the Director was pretty convinced we had been killed at the Villa, and showed his face in public. He was followed to an Ion HQ building in LaRochelle. Intel also says that he's about to get the hell out of Tanoa. This is our last chance to get him. Workshop Link =========================== Operation Dardanelles Mission 1 : Preperation Take out an enemy Recon Helo so it can't be used to spot our invasion force. Workshop Link Mission 2 : Invasion! Hit multiple beaches and clear out enemy forces from the Southern tip of the Island. Workshop Link Mission 3 : Consolidation Consolidate our foothold on the island by capturing the radar station Mike. Expect a massive counter attack. Workshop Link Mission 4 : Sabotage! The frontline has stabilized, go behind enemy lines to sabotage an arms dump. Get out quick though! Workshop Link Mission 5 : Knockdown A major concentrated assault should break through the lines. Take the lead assault team deep into enemy territory to take out its HQ. Workshop Link Mission 6 : Rout! The enemy is in full Rout. Lead a sniper team and distraction team to the airfield. Lure the General out of his hiding spot and take him out. Workshop Link
  9. This is my first post and my first play through of he campaign. I played non stop before the release but have been out of the country ever since. I noticed the weapon pool works like absolutle hell. Only SOME items from the scouting missions are saved. The crated get maxxxed out quick and your pretty much screwed. My question is about personal. I soent hours doing 100% side missions before the first adapt base. Then again 100% scouting (this is when I noticed the weapon, gear pool was shit) before the breaking even mission I was wondering hell do j even care if my squad mates die.? Will I have x less if I have x die the mission before?
  10. Hi, First, sorry for my english, I'm french ^^.... second, I have a bug in the main campaign in one mission: crossing paths (ou "croisée des chemins" in french). At the end of the mission, just after the last encounter against the AAF forces, the screen stop with a message like "sound file missing battlefieldexplosions3" and then i press OK and i continue this mission. Maybe someone has the same bug and I want to highlight it for the devs to correct it. Thanks for reading, it could be unpleasant ;)
  11. panicsferd

    [SP/Campaign] Revenge

    Revenge A year has passed since the CSAT faction was able to get their retribution against their NATO enemies, now that they have the Mediterranean under their control, there has been a increasing amount of insurgency across Altis. The CSAT have decided to hire a mercenary outfit from ION to help them eliminate the Insurgency threat. Follow the story of Lt. Sanders, who is as an ION contractor is hired to stop the insurgency in the Mediterranean. Please Note: This custom campaign of mine starts a year after my previous campaign: Retribution. In order for you to understand the story you would want to have played that campaign. Retribution - Armaholic,Steam Workshop Download: Download - Steam Workshop Change-log: Version 1.3: Fixed an issue with the campaign config files where there were duplicate entrees so that it wouldn't load and arma 3 would crash because of it. Requirements: The CSAT Modification Project Theseus Services RHS: Armed Forces Of The Russian Federation RHS: United States Armed Forces
  12. Hello, I would like to make a campaign made of few missions, in which I use several custom made things, which are common for all of them (textures, insignias, etc.). The problem is that I don´t know how should I define the path to these files in the DtaExt folder in the campaign´s decsription.ext. Anybody got an idea? Thank you!
  13. Searched around for an answer to this, but I couldn't find anything, so here we go! In the campaign, in the latest stable branch update of 1.70, there are voice acting lines missing. These lines are the ones mission offering characters would say before you walk off to the briefing with Miller. This has happened so far in every instance of approaching the character in camp Maxwell. I've replicated the issue in the latest dev branch as well. While this isn't a huge problem in of itself- the campaign still plays and functions fine and as far as I can observe, there are no missing lines in other situations. However, it is a little awkward that the characters just stand there staring at you for a few seconds before the "start briefing" selection pops up. Plus the lines better contextualize the mission you're about to go on and offer some bits of character interaction, which I personally appreciate.
  14. Something More - an Arma 3 Campaign. [Project DEAD - sorry, explanation below.] Something More* is an in-development Arma 3 campaign based upon the official story-line and set after the events of the Apex Protocol. It is a Single-Player campaign that takes advantage of the latest expansion, Apex, in an effort to combine the realistic, sandbox experience of the ARMA series and an engaging story. Features Prologue of Story based missions Playable cut-scenes Multiple playable characters Piloting aircraft and drones Civilian interaction Decisions matter Playable testing phase Diving/underwater gameplay Downloads Download in a Campaign format here (preferred)... http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=750543820 (steam Workshop) Download individual missions via the Steam Workshop here. Created by Tom Mack. - I plan on posting about the development process on my "Tom Has Thoughts" site, if you wish to see how all this was made, then give it a visit. Thanks to Kydoimos, Lexx, IndeedPete and Wiki and everyone who submitted their thoughts to the "What Makes a Good Arma Campaign" Thread. And thanks of course to Bohemia Interactive.
  15. Hello my friends! This is the first time I'm recruiting voiceactors, I'm not sure if this is very difficult but I want to try! I need: - Three voiceactors with American accent (or very good fake American accent), main character, Papa Bear, and teamleader - Two Russian voiceactors, one for commander and one for Spetznatz operator - One voiceactor for Nogojev Communist officer, language: English and Russian If you want to be voiceactor, then tell me: - your Gmail/Email - any info about your accent and age - role you want to be I will send you the speech texts and information via Email/Gmail, BEFORE I CHOOSE THE VOICEACTORS, PLEASE SEND ME AN .OGG TEST SAMPLE! RECORD THIS SENTENCE: "THIS IS PAPA BEAR TO ALPHA SQUAD, THE ENEMY IS INBOUND FROM THE WEST. GET YOUR BOYS READY, OUT." REMEMBER TO SEND THIS SAMPLE AS .OGG DIRECTLY VIA GMAIL AND PACK IT AS .ZIP FILE! I will choose the actors by listening to these samples. VOICEACTORS WHO WANT TO BE RUSSIAN CHARACTER, PLEASE RECORD YOUR SPEECH IN RUSSIAN! When you have recorded the assigned speeches, send them to me as .ogg files via Gmail! Packed as .zip file! If you have any difficulties in working with this thing, please inform me and I'll try to help you out. This is my first time when I recruit vocieactors so please keep that in mind! I might panic sometimes but I'll do my best!
  16. Here's a demo version of my new campaign for Arma: Cold War Assault AKA Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/?tix8ydiw82oj719 This campaign has also Red Hammer style overview pictures. This is for testing and please share your thoughts and if you find any bugs then report for me, thank you. It would be nice if you could give an honest rate (x/10) of course it's your call.
  17. This is the second version of my OFP campaign 1988 - Red Star Rises. Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/33k1wtzc11cek52/%401988.zip Arma: Cold War Assault version 1.99 Campaign: 1988 - Red Star Rises Version: 1.1 Author: Kalle Required addons: Editorupgrade103 by Mikero (included) Islands: Everon, Kolgujev Playable options: Singleplayer Playable characters: 3 Missions: 19 Language: English 1988, Everon "Michael Ferodov, a former resistance fighter is having a peaceful morning. Suddendly he's ordered to return to his army reserve unit. He and his teamleader, Miroslav Hodek travel to their platoon and they will begin refresher trainings. Next morning something terrible happens and they must fight for survival and freedom". Features: Infantry combat, UAZ driving behind enemy lines, one gunship mission, several US black ops missions, drama and rescue mission. Fully English supported, unfortunately no voiceacting, lots of intros and outros, briefings, radio chatters. This is a story-driven campaign! TheNinjaStalker made a video where he plays my campaign: IF YOU HAVEN'T PLAYED IT YET, THEN DON'T WATCH THE VIDEO!
  18. Just a thread I decided to make to put all my missions on (got the idea from Wiki :) ) Currently in development of: Retreat, Organise and Act A campaign that runs along the events of Survive, Adapt and Win. Currently 4 episodes are planned. Campaign Overview Sgt. Andrew Martinez... A normal soldier, until the Stratis incident hit and most of NATO was wiped out. He along with his fellow survivors must Retreat from an overwhelming enemy, Organise a force to be reckoned with and finally Act on the advantages gained. Features: Quality voice acting, custom scripts, cutscenes, follows parallel to Survive, Adapt and Win, Over 300 voice lines. Mission 1 Falling Point - Completed Mission Description: Charlie squad has been tasked with securing Alpha, Bravo and Delta's flank. They must hold out long enough until the three teams have secured Agia Marina. Charlie will then converge on the town to hold it along with the other teams, until NATO arrive. Links: Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=717799540 Armaholic: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=31396&highlight=FALLING%2BPOINT GoogleDrive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9NbVBWWOxNDSnlweE1NbkJWS0U/view?usp=drive_web Mission 2 Escapists Grasp - Completed Mission Description: Martinez has been captured by the AAF and is headed for Altis. Escape and find a way to safety. Links: Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=742160956 GoogleDrive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9NbVBWWOxNDSzBtZUU5ZUtxeUE/view Mission 3 Surprise Diplomacy - 80% completed Mission Description: On the eve of the NATO invasion, Beta, Eta, Theta and Omicron launch an attack on a small Marine base - just North-East of the AAC airfield. ETA: On hold Mission 4 Crossways - 10% completed Other projects I work on will also be posted here :) Huge thanks to my voice actors, BI forums and steam friends. Hope you all enjoy. Eagle Wing Mission 1 https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/195292-eagle-wing-mission-1-a2-remake/ The invasion on Chernarus is about to begin... End of the World Mission 2 Survival of the fittest... OPERATION ARROWHEAD Good Morning T-stan The invasion has just begun...
  19. Hey guys, me and 5 friends have been playing missions in arma for years, using Zeus missions as a sort of DnD campaign. The 5 of them play through missions I make and I use Zeus to make missions on the fly, control NPCs and all that good behind the scenes stuff. Our most recent campaign takes place in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. universe, and we just concluded the first "episode" succesfully the other day. I'm currently working on #2, but my lack of the editor is starting to show, so I have a few questions and any suggestions are also welcome! So for this next mission I'm looking to try a few things: -I want the group to be suppressed by a sniper and I want them to use some sort of moving cover to flank him, but short of vehicles I wouldn't know what to use. Any suggestions? -I've been placing triggers with sounds effects as jumpscares, but I would prefer being able to place them with the Zeus sound module. Is there any way to load sounds into that module so I can place and move them on the fly? -The S.T.A.L.K.E.R. universe contains these things called "anomalies", and in those games they look like some sort of force field that hurts you when you get too close, anyone got any ideas how to replicate those in ArmA? There are objects in the game that look like them, but I can't figure out a way to make them move around, or maybe have any effects happen around them. I've been thinking about spawning an invisible unit with particle effects enabled on it, but I cannot figure out for the life of me how that works. I'm also looking to make some puzzles in the game that actually require some thinking, anyone have examples or ideas on how to do those? Those are basically all the questions I have for now, would really appreciate some help! Also, if there's any S.T.A.L.K.E.R. fans in here, let me know what you would want to see in a missions based on the games. Appreciate it!
  20. jstibbsy

    [SP] Escapists Grasp

    Mission - 2 Escapists Grasp Campaign Overview Sgt. Andrew Martinez... A normal soldier, until the Stratis incident hit and most of NATO was wiped out. He along with his fellow survivors must Retreat from an overwhelming enemy, Organise a force to be reckoned with and finally Act on the advantages gained. Mission Overview Martinez has been captured by the AAF and is headed for Altis. Escape and find a way to safety. Credits Sgt. Andrew Martinez - Adrian Green SSgt. Michael Sanders - Scott Alsworth Cpt. Verga - Anne Luchtenveld Sgt. O'Cardinal - Caboose (Jake) General Help - BI Forums ArmA 3 itself - Bohemia Interactive Features Custom voice acting Cutscenes Dialog Story Scripts Links http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=742160956 https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9NbVBWWOxNDSzBtZUU5ZUtxeUE
  21. jstibbsy

    [SP] Falling Point

    Mission - 1 Falling Point Campaign Overview Sgt. Andrew Martinez... A normal soldier, until the Stratis incident hit and most of NATO was wiped out. He along with his fellow survivors must Retreat from an overwhelming enemy, Organise a force to be reckoned with and finally Act on the advantages gained. Mission Overview Charlie squad has been tasked with securing Alpha, Bravo and Delta's flank. They must hold out long enough until the three teams have secured Agia Marina. Charlie will then converge on the town to hold it along with the other teams, until NATO arrive. Credits Sgt. Andrew Martinez - Adrian Green SSgt. Michael Sanders - Scott Alsworth AAF Soldier - Anne Luchtenveld Pvt. Tim Matthews - Avery Credits script - Scott Alsworth Script Check - Christopher Herr General Help - BI Forums ArmA 3 itself - Bohemia Interactive Features Quality voice acting, custom scripts, cutscene, follows parallel to Survive, Adapt and Win. Download: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=717799540
  22. Scenario developer looking to help with the creation of new scenarios and game mechanics for non-profit. Skills: - Extensive knowledge of the SQF scripting language, and best practices - Extensive experience with Arma mission/scenario creation - Good knowledge of Arma terrain creation - Good knowledge of configuration files and addon creation (as well as best practice) - Extensive knowledge of Arma Graphical Interface design and development - Competent with graphical imaging software - Good knowledge of website application programming and development (PHP and ASP.NET) - Can work as part of team Requirements: - Communication to be in good, full English language - Flexible and reasonable time constraints in order to complete work - Small to medium sized projects - End users willing to help debug so as to improve performance and error handling - Non-profit and end users must adhere to licences (APL, APL-SA as well as own licence) Contact: - Please contact me via Private Message (make sure to include your timezone if you are not GMT) Kind regards, Bull
  23. Hello all Small and short bugreport; In dev build no. 1.59.135857 some of the single player campaign are missing. there isn't anymore the list/sections with "Survive", "Adapt" and "Win". its finished somewhere in the middle of the 2nd episode. pls fix it, i would like to continue the campaign ;-)
  24. Currently i'm playing the preventive diplomacy mission from the arma3 campaign. After loading a usersave or autosave file, the mission immediately fails because of friendly fire. I had never shoot before of other teammates or allied troops. Bug/error discovered yesterday, 2016-05-01, dev build no. 1.59.135790 / Win 10 I will test it again, today with dev build no. 1.59.135811.. will keep you up to date!
  25. I could really use some help on how to upload my campaign to the steam workshop and I am kind of new to having it work as an addon, before I would just upload the campaign pbo to armaholic/dropbox and then just extract it to the arma 3 campaigns folder. My Mod folders structure is below: Main Mod Folder: @Revenge Inside @Revenge: Addons mod.cpp Inside Addons: Revenge.pbo Inside Revenge.pbo: Images Missions description.ext Mod.cpp FIle: picture = "Revenge\Images\overview_ca.paa"; logo = "Revenge\Images\overview_ca.paa"; logoOver = Revenge\Images\overview_ca.paa"; tooltipOwned = "Revenge"; overview = "Follow the story of Lt. Sanders, who is as an ION contractor is hired to stop the insurgency in the Mediterranean."; hideName = 1; hidePicture = 0; name = "Revenge"; dir = "Revenge"; Description.ext class Campaign { name = "Revenge"; disableMP = 1; briefingName = "Revenge v0.1"; author="Panicsferd"; overviewText ="Follow the story of Lt. Sanders, who as an ION contractor is hired to stop the insurgency in the Mediterranean."; overviewPicture ="\Campaigns\Revenge\images\overview_ca.paa"; firstBattle = Beginning; class MissionDefault { lives = -1; lost = ; end1 = ; end2 = ; end3 = ; end4 = ; end5 = ; end6 = ; }; class Beginning { name = "The Beginning" cutscene =; firstMission = R01; end1 = ; end2 = ; end3 = ; end4 = ; end5 = ; end6 = ; lost = ; class R01: MissionDefault { briefingName = "Opening"; author = "Panicsferd"; overviewText = "a group of ION contractors have been sent to Stratis, on a mission to aid their new employers."; overviewPicture = "\Campaigns\Revenge\images\R01_ca.paa"; end1 = R02; lost = R01; template = R01.Stratis; }; class R02: MissionDefault { briefingName = "Leaving"; author = "Panicsferd"; overviewText = "After being briefed on the mission, the ION group is now leaving Stratis for Altis."; overviewPicture = "\Campaigns\Revenge\images\R02_ca.paa"; end1 = R03; lost = R02; template = R02.Stratis; }; class R03: MissionDefault { briefingName = "Contact"; author = "Panicsferd"; overviewText = "An AAF convoy has been attacked; the ION group is tasked mid-flight to aid them."; overviewPicture = "\Campaigns\Revenge\images\R03_ca.paa"; end1 = ; lost = R03; template = R03.Altis; }; }; }; Thanks again and I would really appreciate the help.