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Found 49 results

  1. 16 AIR ASSAULT BRIGADE BRITISH MILSIM ESTABLISHED 2005 The 16 Air Assault Brigade is looking for mature individuals who are interested in joining a community based around teamwork, communication and real-world tactics. We run 3 hour operations every Wednesday and Sunday from 8 pm to 11 pm UK time. About us The 16 Air Assault Brigade is a multinational Arma 3 milsim community; a gaming community which looks to implement real world organisation, communication and tactics into ArmA 3. Our Structure, organisation and tactics are based off the British Army's 16 Air Assault Brigade and we strive for a high level of realism and immersion. To accomplish this our 40+ members run an infantry platoon supported by medics, heavy weapons and aircraft every Wednesday and Sunday. Members are encouraged to join our supporting arms, whether as a medic, pilot, mortarman or heavy weapons specialist but it is important to note that everyone is a rifleman first. From the Major, right down to the newest recruit. Success and Stability Success and stability characterise The 16 Air Assault Brigade, which has existed continuously since 2005. This is enabled by our hardworking and dedicated community who strive to maintain the consistency and quality which we are known for. Every member is valuable, and we take great care to develop our members, giving them the tools to maintain and extended the high standards of the community, long after the original membership has moved on. This allows The 16 Air Assault Brigade to run seamlessly, despite changes which can damage other communities. Joining Due to our standards we do have some requirements. You must be 18 years old or older, have a working microphone and be able to regularly attend operations on Wednesday and Sunday from 8 pm to 11 pm UK time. Additionally, we do not allow our members to be in any other ArmA milsim communities, this is because we expect a high level of commitment from all our members. You can be in as many non-milsim/non-Arma communities as you like, so long as they don't interfere with your commitment to The 16 Air Assault Brigade. If you are in doubt about any of our rules, please feel free to ask a question to myself or another member of our team. Contact details bellow. If you feel you’d be a good fit for the The 16 Air Assault Brigade, you can join by heading over to our website and filling in an application form. Your application will then be read by a member of our team and you will be invited for a short interview within 24 hours. This gives us an opportunity to get to know each other, and make sure the The 16 Air Assault Brigade is a good fit for you, and you a good fit for it. Once accepted you are considered a full member of the community, entering as a recruit until passing our phase one training. During this time, you will attend operations under the supervision of a senior private. Contact Us Please do contact us if you have any questions about joining or being a member of The 16 Air Assault Brigade. Join us on Teamspeak ( ts.16aa.net:9987) or post a question on our forum: 16AA.net. We look forward to seeing you soon. MEDIA SOURCES YouTube Website
  2. J. McMerry

    RMMV (WIP)

    As we know the british millsim groups are missing the MAN fleet of cargo trucks so I decided to start making them so what I have got planed is. MAN HX 6 tonne Flatbed, cargo open, cargo closed, ammo, fuel. MAN HX 9 tonne Flatbed, cargo open, cargo closed, ammo, fuel. MAN HX 15 tonne Flatbed, cargo open, cargo closed, ammo, fuel, DROPS/EPLS, REBS. MAN SX 15 tonne, Flatbed and the MAN SX Recovery Lorry plus I will make Left hand drive variants in there as well
  3. 11th Armoured Division "Black Bulls" Who Are We: The 11th Armoured Division is a realism unit portraying the 11thAD (WW2) and 1RTR (Modern day) of Her Majesties Royal Army. We are a small scale unit (20 active) typically operating at Platoon level but as we expand we plan to begin company level operations. Our main focus is on accurately portraying motorized/mechanized infantry and Armored units in Arma 3, from the weapons and specials to the tactics and commands given. Training in the unit is based on the manuals of the time so you can rest assured your experience will be as close to what the real soldiers of the time went though. What do we do: Our unit strives to provide a realistic experience in ARMA 3, to this end we organize campaigns with shifting front lines and the ever present need for supply. What we play as well: We are playing Arma to prepare us for when Post Scriptum is released. We also play War Thunder as a Historical based squadron, to play against other like historical squadrons. We also hope to get into Squad as the Royal Dragoon Guards. Order of Battle: Post Scriptum/ Arma 3: 24th Lancers (WW2) 8th Battalion, Rifle Brigade (WW2) 75th Anti-Tank Regiment, RFA (WW2) Royal Scots Dragoon Guards (Modern) War Thunder 24th Lancers 15th/19th Kings Royal Hussars 75th Anti-Tank Regiment, RFA Website: https://11thad.shivtr.com/ Steam Group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/11thBlackbulls Discord Server: https://discord.gg/JseC8Dk Signed, Lieutenant Colonel Lucas I. A. Maynard Executive Officer of 11thAD and Commanding Officer of 24Lncr
  4. 11th Infantry Brigade An ArmA 3 Military Simulations Unit Who are we The 11th Infantry Brigade is best described as a Military Simulations, or "MilSim" community. Our aim is to provide our members with a realistic and immersive environment in which we can simulate the British Army's 11th Infantry Brigade. We specialize in light role infantry, whilst utilizing the Foxhound LPPV, among other ground based vehicles. With several of our members having served in the British Army's infantry and supporting regiments, we can offer what many communities can't - Authenticity. We make sure we provide game play that is both enjoyable and true to the real thing. Why Join Us? As mentioned before, we are one of the few communities with both active and retired British Army Personnel, meaning we can provide one of the most authentic styles of game play available. As part of our community, we offer several specialist courses, from Signals, to Medical, to Leadership. These are not only skills that can be used in game, but in certain cases can be carried to real life. We do this as we wish to train our members to be the best they can, so that we can enhance our experience in and out of game. Events Our events occur bi-weekly, the style of which depending on our current theater. Our community operates in "blocks" using the deployment style of missions. This means for a certain period of time, our two events each week will be part of an on going campaign, or this may rotate to a short period of training before the next deployment. Events take place on Fridays and Saturdays each week, with events starting at 7pm UK Time Our Requirements In order for us to have the best possible experience in game, our applicants go through an application process to ensure only the best make it through. If you wish to read into this at detail, please check our forums (given below). Aged 17 or over at time of applying Obtain a legal copy of Arma 3 Have a working microphone You do not have a VAC ban within 100 days of applying You are able to commit to our regular events each week Contact Us Website: www.11thinfantrybrigade.co.uk Teamspeak: ts.11thinfantrybrigade.co.uk Thank you for your time, we hope to see you soon! Regards, Regimental Recruitment Office, 11 Bde
  5. What is our unit? The Essex Regiment is a Second World War UK based unit that attempts to recreate a realistic portrayal of the British military during the mid 20th century period. We are a serious milsim, meaning that when on operations, members should be serious and follow designated procedures. The Essex Regiment focuses mainly on conventional warfare, meaning most missions will be lively and kinetic. Occasionally we may also perform counter-insurgencies and other less conventional operations. The Essex Regiment uses a rank system based on the British Army during the Second World War period. In our unit, players will receive promotions and commendations based on their merit and dedication with the unit and not solely based on their role. This means that members will be rewarded for their capability, knowledge and time devoted to the unit. Who is our unit based on? We are based on the Essex Regiment. It fought during many of the different campaigns throughout the Second World War. From the battle of France in 1940 until the fall of Germany in 1945. Our unit won't strictly follow all the campaigns followed by the Essex Regiment as we feel that campaigns such as Norway and Burma and others set in the final days of Empire will allow for differentiation in combat and environment. However the unit will try to stick as close as possible while keeping game-play fun and engaging and will undertake campaigns in a chronological order of events mirroring the events of the Second World War and its immediate aftermath. When do we play? We have two events a week. We conduct exercises and training on thursdays at 2000 GMT (in summer this changes to GMT+1) and operations on sunday at 2000 GMT (again changing to GMT+1 in Summer). How can I join? If you're interested in joining our unit, you must be of 16 years of age or above. If you are below 16, it is possible that you may still join the unit but you must have a mature attitude. The interview process will take a bit longer as your place in the unit will be discussed with other interviewers. Be aware that if you are caught lying about your age after being accepted into the unit, you will be removed from the unit. To join our unit, feel free to add and message one of our officers (As indicated in our Steam Group) or alternatively come chat to us in our team-speak or Discord: Teamspeak: Discord: https://discord.gg/YbXg49h Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Essex_Regiment Once you've shown interest in joining our unit, you will be asked to attend an interview at a time that is convenient for you. In this interview, you will be asked a variety of questions including your age, any previous Arma experience and questions about yourself. Don't be discouraged by this interview process as it is more to find out more about you and where we think you would fit best. Once the interview process is complete and you have shown promise, you will be accepted into the unit. You will be invited into the Steam group and be able to join the Essex Regiment in all its operations and other activities.
  6. About Us The '1st Battalion the Rifles' is a Milsim for arma 3 which is inspired by the official battalion in the british army. We hope to be one of the most respected arma 3 units in the community and help give this community a reason to be here. We use a wide variety of mods to help us make arma 3 more immersive and entertaining. We also use real formations and commands aswell as radio's and map skills to give you the feeling of what being in the forces is like. Currently in the milsim we have a few members who have either served, serving or looking to join the armed forces. The majority of our members have attended cadets in the life aswell as having family members in active service. We hope to reach out to everyone over the world as we have people from the U.S, Sweden, and the UK. We now have a dedicated server with 40 slots! Aswell as our teamspeak 3 How to enlist .Head to our website here:1st Battalion website [Website is currently down, working on a new one] .Add me on steam: Click for steam link Detachments Available .Rifles (Standard Infantry) .Royal Signals (Comm's and Navigation) .Royal Medical Corps (Advanced Ace Medical - Medic Role) .Royal Logistics Corps (Transporting Supplies or People, ATO - IED disarming and Repairing) We believe having different detachments will be the best for the unit by making it more immersive and allowing the members have a bigger role. In operations we have limited ammunition in our depot along with vehicles and helicopters. If we lose a vehicle and want to replace it, it will take a few operations for it to arrive etc. Brief Requirements - Must own a Mic - Must be ages 14+ (We like to appeal to younger ages aslong as they respect our rules) - Must own a Legal Copy of Arma 3 - Must be obliged to download mods which we require. (Sound mods are optional) - Must be able to speak english with ease and understand it. How we operate - We operate in First person only. - We obey the chain of command. - We use TFAR to communicate. - We communicate in Teamspeak 3 - There is no "YES SIR! NO SIR" - Follow orders. - GMT timezone // Operations @7pm Gmt T.B.U
  7. Description:Unhappy with the ingame Mora IFV, we have decided to edit it with the aim of making it more true to its real-life counterpart. We basically nerfed the hell out of it to make it more realistic. As I'm doing all this on my HP Probook, I'm not able to provide a demonstration video (of decent quality) at this time. I'll do my best to sort something out in the near future. Features: - Woodland and Desert retextures (reworked Grace's textures) - Added Woodland and Desert SLAT armour and camouflage nets- Autocannon (L21A1 RARDEN) has 6 round magazines and a lot slower rate of fire- RARDEN uses correct ammunition and a realistic amount (27 HE-T and 15 APDS-T magazines)- RARDEN doesn't reload automatically (the gunner has to press R or select the ammunition type)- Tweaked reload times - Coaxial machine gun (L94A1 Chaingun) has 11 magazines of 200 rounds and also a lot slower rate of fire- Turret traverse and gun elevation has also been slowed down to a realistic level- Turret stabilisation removed- The gunner can traverse (and fire) when turned out - Weapon safety- ACE inventory for a full section replen- And other small tweaks... On the RARDEN... The weapon has a pretty unique reload system that we, due to engine limitations, were not able to simulate fully. In reality it uses 3 round clips, two of which can be loaded in the magazine at the same time. Now the trick is, you can fire all six rounds in automatic, however the reload will be slower because the next round has to be manually cranked into place by the commander (we also couldn't get the commander to reload and select ammunition type, seems to be hardcoded to the gunner). But, if you fired just the first three rounds, the commander would be able to put another clip in the magazine and cranking wouldn't be necessary. In short: we had a choice between reloading every three rounds or having a slower reload every six. In the end, we've decided that it was more important to have 6 rounds ready to go if the situation requires it. On ACE 3 dependency... I honestly have no clue why it depends on it... The vehicle breaks completely when launching without it. It seems to be an inheritance issue, which is strange because it inherits from the vanilla APC_Tracked_03_base_F, autocannon_30mm and LMG_coax. I would love to make it vanilla friendly, but for the time being we've put in ACE items in the inventory since it already depends on it. If anyone could provide assistance with the reload system or the ACE dependency it would be greatly appreciated! Installation:Unpack and copy the @20th AIB Realistic Warrior folder into your game folder.Included files:20AIB_Warrior_Public.pbo20AIB_Warrior_Public.pbo.20AIB_Gundich.bisign 20AIB_Gundich.bikey Media: http://i.imgur.com/TMPzTIV.jpg https://i.imgur.com/TeRs99M.jpg https://i.imgur.com/4zDxHvF.jpg https://i.imgur.com/uRDPNML.jpg https://i.imgur.com/FamkuYt.jpgNotes:ACE is required (the mod completely breaks without it, unsure why)We fully recommend that Grace's Real FV510 Handling and power mod is used in conjunction with this one, as it provides realistic handling.Credits & Thanks:20th Armoured Infantry Brigade Mod Creation Team:Gundich (Choffix) - Configs and texturesKeown - Provided most of the information on the WarriorDexter - Configs With - Media Rory Murphy for starting this project two years ago Grace for his textures. and Bohemia Interactive for the Mora 3D model, configs and the game to rule them allChangelog:v1.00- Initial release v1.02 - Added compatibility with Tanks DLC - Tank DLC features such as SLAT and camo nets fully functional in both woodland and desert colour scheme - Merged woodland and desert variants into one vehicle, textures can be changed through the garage feature - Added safety - Tweaked inventory - Various other minor tweaks v1.03 - Fixed weapon inheritance Known issues: - Turret magically stabilises itself when in cockpit freelook (seems like an engine limitation) - Gunner MFD not displaying fully correct information regarding ammunition - "unknown animation source muzzle_hide_cannon" (unsure what causes it, shouldn't affect gameplay) Requirements:Advanced Combat Environment 3 (ACE 3) Community Base addons A3 Download links: Armaholic Steam Workshop Google Drive
  8. -Snafu-

    SP The Green Zone

    I was inspired to create this mission after reading some accounts written by British troops who fought in Helmand Province in the late 2000s/early 2010s. Set in March 2007, command a troop of Royal Marines with an attached Fire Support Group as 3 Commando Bridage takes the fight to Taliban territory. You will lead the troop in a mission to clear a section of the Green Zone to the designated Limit of Exploitation. A battery from 29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery will support you. Can you develop a sound plan and make effective use of supporting assets to get your troops home alive? The mission is in development and will be finished when it's done. Features: - Blackblood's UK desert troops - PUKF weapons and Landrovers - CoC's artillery and mines - Reno's Afghaneveron - Kenoxite's squad control - Platoon command - Basic intro with custom music giving some historical background To Do: - Test Screenshots:
  9. The 10th Battalion Kings Regiment is now looking for members! Formed from a disbanded group, the 10th Battalion Kings Regiment stepped in for the remaining members who wished for a more relaxed enviroment but a serious tone during missions. Being a small group, we're dedicated for this and wish to make it a grand thing! Possible roles range from Rifleman to Mortarman and Medic to Sniper/Designated Marksman. Aswell as looking for more members, we're looking for server devs to help us get a server ready aswell! If you wish to learn more, please contact either: Patchwork @ Discord: Chriss#1190 Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/CustomURLmakemespecial/ Baby Seal @ Discord: UnlovedScouser#5701 Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198083841400
  10. An unidentified sniper from the elite Joint Task Force 2 made the shot from a distance of 3,540 meters using a U.S.-made McMillan Tac-50 rifle and Hornady 750 gr Amax ammo chambered in .50 BMG cartridge! The Canadian Armed Forces confirmed Thursday that a member of Joint Task Force 2 made the record-breaking shot, killing an Islamic State insurgent during an operation in Iraq within the last month. The elite sniper was using a McMillan TAC-50 sniper rifle while firing from a high-rise during an operation that took place within the last month in Iraq. It took under 10 seconds to hit the target. “The shot in question actually disrupted a Daesh [Islamic State] attack on Iraqi security forces,” said a military source. “Instead of dropping a bomb that could potentially kill civilians in the area, it is a very precise application of force and because it was so far way, the bad guys didn’t have a clue what was happening.” The military source said the JTF2 operation fell within the strictures of the government’s advise and assist mission. “As stated multiple times in the past, members of the Canadian Special Operations Task Force do not accompany leading combat elements, but enable the Iraqi security forces who are in a tough combat mission,” the statement said. “This takes the form of advice in planning their operations and assistance to defeat Daesh through the use of coalition resources.” The kill was independently verified by video camera and other data. “Hard data on this. It isn’t an opinion. It isn’t an approximation. There is a second location with eyes on with all the right equipment to capture exactly what the shot was,” another military source said. A military insider told The Globe: “This is an incredible feat. It is a world record that might never be equalled.” The world record was previously held by British sniper Craig Harrison, who shot a Taliban gunner with a 338 Lapua Magnum rifle from 2,475 metres away in 2009. Previously, Canadian Corporal Rob Furlong had set the world record in 2002 at 2,430 metres when he gunned down an Afghan insurgent carrying an RPK machine gun during Operation Anaconda. Weeks before, Canadian Master Cpl. Arron Perry briefly held the world’s best sniper record after he fatally shot an insurgent at 2,310 metres during the same operation. Both soldiers were members of the 3rd Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry. U.S. Sergeant Bryan Kremer has the longest confirmed sniper kill shot by a U.S. soldier. He killed an Iraqi insurgent with his Barrett M82A1 rifle at 2,300 metres in 2004. JTF2 special forces are primarily tasked with counterterrorism, sniper operations and hostage rescue. Much of the information about this elite organization is classified and not commented on by the government. The unit’s snipers and members of Canadian Special Operations Regiment, who are carrying out the main task of training Kurdish forces, have been operating in tough conditions in Iraq. The Trudeau government pulled CF-18 fighter jets out of Iraq in 2016 but expanded the military mission, which will see the number of Canadian special forces trainers climb to 207 from 69 in an assist, train and advise mission. Canadian commandos are not supposed to be involved in direct combat, but are authorized to go up to the front lines on training missions with Kurdish Peshmerga fighters and to paint targets for coalition air strikes. For operational security reasons, sources would not reveal the names of the elite Canadian sniper and his partner, nor the location where the action took place. A sniper and his observer partner are often sent to remote and dangerous locations to hunt down insurgents while having to carry heavy equipment. Once they have located the target, snipers follow the same methodical approach before each shot. Breathe in, out, in, out, find a natural pause and then squeeze the trigger. Canada has a reputation among Western military forces for the quality of its snipers, despite the small size of the Canadian Armed Forces compared to the United States and Britain. “Canada has a world-class sniper system. It is not just a sniper. They work in pairs. There is an observer,” a military source said. “This is a skill set that only a very few people have.” The skill of the JTF2 sniper in taking down an insurgent at 3,540 metres required math skills, great eyesight, precision of ammunition and firearms, and superb training. “It is at the distance where you have to account not just for the ballistics of the round, which change over time and distance, you have to adjust for wind, and the wind would be swirling,” said a source with expertise in training Canadian special forces. “You have to adjust for him firing from a higher location downward and as the round drops you have to account for that. And from that distance you actually have to account for the curvature of the Earth.” Source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2017/06/23/how-canadas-tiny-military-produced-deadly-record-breaking-snipers/?utm_term=.654ffa726d7c https://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/canadian-elite-special-forces-sniper-sets-record-breaking-kill-shot-in-iraq/article35415651/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Longest_recorded_sniper_kills Their Loadout Specs (Most Likely): https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-evVfZruOxISVpISjB1Wld0OW8/view https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-evVfZruOxIUi1UTkppQmF0Y00/view
  11. Outlaw Network is a casual milsim group with a fun and relaxed environment, aiming to replicate the British Armed Forces equipment, weapons, vehicles and tactics. Details Teamspeak ts.outlaw.network Server IP Requirements Microphone Fluent in English Able to make operations during GMT hours How to join To join you can simply join the teamspeak server and join the "waiting for staff" channel. Operations We run weekly operations on a Saturday Be in game for 19:00 GMT and operation will start by 19:30 GMT Although official operations only happen once a week the server is up 24/7 so mini ops are likely to take place many times during the week. Training Training is every Friday Be in game for 19:00 GMT and training will start by 19:30 GMT Mods To fully replicate the British Armed Forces we use mods Main modpack- http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1282093994 Optional modpack - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1289058180 Our optional modpack contains additional mods such as JSRS which are not needed to join the server
  12. INTRODUCTION The Guards Armoured Division is a serious attitude British World War II milsim unit. Our primary focuses are teamwork, historical accuracy, operational realism and enjoyable experience. Roots of the unit date back to May 2017. Still active as of March 2020. To describe our unit the best, we’re a unit that is heavily influenced by history of the real Guards Armoured Division during World War II. Medium Sized unit. Currently, we have 50+ Members in our discord most likely expect around 20+ Players on ops. Feedback is heavily valued in order to shape the unit for us all to enjoy. Ranks are given according to their need and leadership skills, rather than as a reward for good performance. We have different and enjoyable supportive branches to join that won't completely take your infantry experience. Many opportunities to conduct historical operations focused on various nations. Allied with two different British themed WW2 units. Relaxed attendance, operational seriousness. New player friendly. DETACHMENTS Infantry Platoon - 1st Battalion, Grenadier Guards HQ Section HQ Section is the section which commands all assets on the field. This usually holds 6-7 men, and sometimes holds a Mortar / PIAT detachment depending on the situation. Rifleman/Runner x1 Radioman/Signaller x1 Platoon Sergeant x1 Platoon Commander 1x Mortar Detachment: Mortar Commander x1 Mortar No. 1 x1 Mortar No. 2 x1 Infantry Section Backbone of any platoon. Main operational formation within the British infantry. Holds 8-10 men. Rifle Group: Rifleman x6 Corporal x1 Gun Group: Bren Gunner x1 Bren Assistant x1 Lance Corporal x1 Armoured Troop - 2nd Battalion, Welsh Guards Our armoured component, armed with the best weaponry the British army has to offer. Crewman x2-3 Tank Commander x1 Royal Army Medical Corps The gentlemen that keep our frontline troops ready for combat. Orderly - 4x OPERATIONS Our attendance policy is far from being strict. We are aware of the real life issues that everybody may have at any chosen point of their life, as well as their regular out-of-game duties. We can understand whenever somebody isn’t able to play the whole week due to their work schedule. Our schedule: Friday 7 PM British Time Main mission Sunday 7 PM British Time Training/Side Mission Happens when announced on the discord REQUIREMENTS & JOINING It is required that applicants are at age of at least 16 and have a working microphone. We expect that the applicants can act mature and serious during the operations, as well as respectful towards the other members of the unit throughout the whole stay. If you’re willing to join, join our discord for more enlistment info. Link at the bottom of the page. NEW MEMBER A new member starts at the rank of Recruit. Recruits are gentlemen that had just joined the unit and hadn't completed their basic training course yet. Recruits have low priority in different matters - Privates have priority over them. Basic special (non-branch) roles such as machine gunners can be taken as long as a Private ranked member isn't interested in filling that position during the operation. A recruit should never be afraid to ask different game related matters, such as procedures or game mechanics. Recruits become Guardsmen upon completion of their Basic training. LINKS & MEDIA Teamspeak: guards.tsdns.pl Discord: https://discord.gg/TcHsjKc Steam group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/guardsad
  13. Well its Christmas, and barring the last few years, its always been an RKSL Studios tradition to release new addons at Christmas. He's the first of this years escapees. RKSL Studios presents the WK450 Watchkeeper 450 Remotely Piloted Air System. The Watchkeeper WK450 is a Remotely Piloted Air System (RPAS) for all weather, intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance (ISTAR) use by the British Army. It has a mass of 450 kg, a typical endurance of 17 hours, a payload capacity of 150 kg and uses a rotary Wankel engine. It can operate up to 150 km from the Ground Control Station (although multiple stations can be linked to extend the range). It was originally intended to enter service in June 2010, but years of delays, technical issues, hardware modifications, difficulties in training sufficient pilots and incidents means that it is not expected to be fully operational until late 2017. END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT You may: DISTRIBUTION: You may distribute the original .PBO files within this download freely, so long as the PBO files are unmodified and the Readme and EULA files are included. Under the following conditions: ATTRIBUTION: You must give the original author credit. The content of this archive is the sole intellectual property of RKSL Studios and its Creators. NO COMMERCIAL USE: This content is provided free of charge solely for entertainment purposes. You may not use this addon for commercial, military or teaching/training purposes. NO DERIVATIVE WORKS: You shall in no way modify, repackage or reverse engineer any of the archive's content and PBO files included in this download without first receiving prior permission from RKSL Studios. NO VBS USE: Use of this SOFTWARE may not be used in the VBS/JCOVE product lines or any other simulator without written authorization from the LICENSOR (RKSL Studios) DO NOT UPLOAD OR RE-UPLOAD TO STEAM WORKSHOP: You may not upload to Steam Workshop or any other service that reassigns rights over RKSL Studios Intellectual Property to 3rd Parties. FULL END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT: Common A3 RKSL Studios EULA [Click to read more]. POLICY ON RE-UPLOADS FOR STEAM: Any uploads will be met with a DMCA takedown request [Click to read more]. FULL DOCUMENTATION: WK450 Watchkeeper v3.101[Click to read more]. ADDON FEATURES The Watchkeeper IS UNARMED It does not even have Countermeasures. Planned Future Features Ground Control Station - placeable 20ft ISO container unit - intended for future use. Transport Container - placeable 20ft ISO container unit - intended for future use. MAGIC-ATOLS - Microwave And GPS Integrated Cooperative - Automatic TakeOff and Landing System - Deployable runway using BIS carrier technology Intended for future development. Dismountable from support vehicles. KNOWN ISSUES All known issues are recorded in the WK450 Bug Tracker. If you find any problems please report them and help make these addons better. WK450 Watchkeeper BUG TRACKER Credits This addons and model is 100% unique and doesnt not incorporate any 3rd party content: Model: Rock Textures: Rock Config: Rock Testing: The lads of DAR-V Fuller of Task Force 316 Mathias aka ToxicLemon Research & Information British Army Website Ministry of Defence Images Ministry of Defence - Defence Equipment and Support - DeSider magazine Phil, Julian & Marc of Royal Artillery. (Great info on the use of H450 and WK450 in Afghanistan - Some declassified pics and great banter.) Francois P of Thales (Very supportive, lots of pointers on where to look for reference.) Ari of Elbit (Forgotten his last name - met at a tradeshow and he was enormously helpful.) Thanks Rock Dec 24th 2017 MIRRORS: @RKSL Studios - DOWNLOADS Page @Steam Workshop QUICK NOTE: About Steam Workshop reuploads. We will remove any re-uploaded content. If you don't know there is a tool that crawls the Steam Workshop and matches files so even if you upload it for "Private/clan use" we will find it and we will issue a DMCA Take down request. Instead, Just create a Collection and save us all the trouble.
  14. Hi all! Just some forewarning, I am a complete beginner level modeler (in my opinion) and also know zero about texturing, coding, etc. Me, being me, decided I really wanted to get the ol' Chieftain into ArmA 3, and since I enjoy Blender, whipped up a chassis model. Here it is: I know, I'm completely unqualified to take on this task, but I've really wanted to get into vehicle mods for ArmA 3 and figured I might as well try getting one of my favorite vehicle's in, with some help of course. That in mind, I've come here to hopefully get some advice from folk's who know their stuff, or are just willing to toss in their two cents. 1. I'm completely uncomfortable trying to make the turret, as it has a certain shape that I find very difficult to replicate, and I don't want to put something on this tank that I don't feel is authentic and respectful to the real vehicle, any advice on how to tackle this piece is appreciated. 2. I've never managed to successfully make a respectable texture for the vehicle's I've made, and was wondering if anybody could offer me some aid/advice on how I should go about whipping up some proper, decent quality textures, especially camo-type textures like so: https://i.pinimg.com/736x/22/73/1a/22731a4726741d178a36c884679c524f--carri-armati-model-tanks.jpg Keep in mind I don't have access to Photoshop, but I have installed Gimp. 3. I've got a plugin on Blender (ArmA Toolbox is the name) which allows me to convert my model from Blender to ObjectBuilder with LOD's and such attached, but I'm unsure how to go about creating those LOD's in either program since I'm a dummy, if someone could enlighten my dysfunctional brain, that'd be wonderful. 4. I've tried finding information on the specifics of getting a tank into ArmA 3, config and ObjBuilder wise, but I can't find much at all beside's the WIKI, which I have difficult grasping, am I just dumb or is this stuff not well documented? I think I've mentioned everything I was worried about but just for clarity's sake, I'd like to mention that I am eager to get into the whole process, as I've always wanted to create vehicles and weapons for my favorite game, but lacked the courage to ask the people who actually know how to do it. So yeah, that about wraps it up, thanks for taking the time out of your day to check and read this far, I really do appreciate it. Hopefully I put this in the correct area, if not I apologize and please move it, thanks!
  15. Hello, I'm in a unit called 1st Princess of Wales Royal Regiment or 1PWRR for simple... basically we're a British Army based mechanised milsim unit and we just started actually, some previous members of 4th Infantry Brigade and we're open for recruitment right now. OPs and trainings will be on Thursdays and Sundays for now, but we will also have some WW2 unofficial missions on other days. Age limit is 17+ and if you are interested here's the link to the website so you can join. https://1pwrr.co.uk/ If you do have any questions, post them in the comments or send me a PM. Thanks.
  16. Welcome to Operation Pegasus This Is the first announcement of an exciting project I have harbored a strong Interest In since WW2 assets were available for the Arma series. Now with a more user friendly approach to modding within the game, I felt It was the right time for me to unleash my creative juices and create what I wanted to see In game. This map and assets will be a realistic representation of Oosterbeek through to Arnhem, complete with custom buildings centered around areas the British airborne forces were Involved within Operation Market Garden.
  17. I will shortly be releasing my new British Vests and Helmets pack on Armaholic. Like my other mods this was pack was made mainly for my own amusement and for use within the Arma community that I am part of. This started life as a relatively modest pack containing a couple of Osprey vests and has expanded to circa 43 vests in OD/MTP/CS95 and Black. The pack includes various load outs and equipment types, light and heavy vests along with some pistol belts. All models are ported Arma 2 content from BI. The pack is designed for use with my other Uniform pack. Pack Features: 43 vests 5 Mk 7 British Combat Helmets Few pictures below showing some of the loadouts/equipment types, but the pack contains far more than shown. Dropbox link below - Armaholic link to follow. https://www.dropbox.com/s/jrtpjrhfatysy47/%40Smill_VHO.rar?dl=0
  18. 7th Armoured Divsion With roots in the War Thunder Community 7th Armoured are looking to branch out into Arma and create a historically accurate unit based on the famous Desert Rats using combined arms tactics. We've picked two units that served together historically and are looking to form a Platoon of the 1st Rifle Brigade (Mechanised Infantry) and a Troop of 5th Royal Tank Regiment utilising period equipment, structures, and tactics. We already have a solid player base, server complete with mods, and teamspeak but are looking to fill our ranks with like minded gamers to allow us to organise full scale missions with German WW2 milsim units from within the community. As a milsim unit we are aiming to be quite structured but have always prided ourselves on our relaxed and friendly nature so we hope to find a good balance. If you're interested in finding out a little more about us or would like to join, please either send me a pm, leave a message here or join our Teamspeak: and ask to speak to an NCO/Officer.
  19. NATO (European) Reaction Corps is a English Speaking Multinational Unit Playing Arma to a Milsim standard, with a truly International Feel. NATO(E)RC was formed in September of 2016 by a group of people who have been in the Arma community for many years. Born from 3 main reasons. 1. Frustration of the wider arma community who seemed hugely opposed to co-operation and hostile to other units. 2. The Idea that Modern warfare would no longer be individual nations but rather coalition based. 3. Honestly Half of us were Swedish, the other half British and we couldn't decide a nation to become. What started as an experiment has become a highly successful venture. From originally 4 guys the battle group now boasts an average of around 40 People attending operations with a rate of attendance of roughly 83% of all those on the roster. As a community we emphasis co-operation, Teamwork, Discipline and banter as core aims. Operations are Sundays at 8PM GMT, With individual National Training's taking place on a variety of days. Unit Composition Commander of the unit is Maj. E. Hawkins (1RRF) and XO Lt. P. Knez (P4). The main command is made up of a NCO from each unit to ensure all units have an equal say within the battlegroup. Units are formed into 2 Categories; Main and Secondary. Main Detachments are Infantry that are well established within the battlegroup. Secondary are supporting arms and newer units. The Two founder units are 1st Battalion Royal Regiment of Fusiliers and P4 Skaraborg Regiment. Main 1st Battalion Royal Regiment of Fusiliers - British Armored Infantry P4 Skaraborg Regiment - Swedish Mechanized Infantry 2nd Battalion 8th Marines - US Marine Corps Infantry Secondary Combined Air Wing - Multinational Fixed and Rotary Wing Air Assets Irish Guards - British Light Infantry Recce Platoon Fallschirmjägerregiment 31 - German Airborne Infantry Joining The Battlegroup The Battlegroup is not looking for any new detachments at the moment but is all open to talks to other existing units within the Arma community. Each unit provides its own recruit training to ensure all their members can complete missions with a high degree of efficiency. The Combined Air Wing will not allow inital entry recruits, all its members must of spent at least a month in a unit already and have reached a rank equal to OR-2. General Requirements 16+ (Exceptions may be made and a Detachment IC's Discretion) Speak English Have a Mic and Teamspeak Willing to Download Mods Wanting to play in a Milsim Environment Can Take a Joke There is something for everyone in the NATO(E)RC whether you want to be part of a face paced aggressive force or want to carefully plan out and execute missions. Each nations SOPs and fighting styles ensures there will be a place for everyone. If you are intressted in anything you read here or simply want more information about the unit join the teamspeak ip below and speak to someone with the C1 Server group or any member, and they will be more than happy to help you out. Teamspeak IP - natoerc.net Finally to anyone that read this far thank you. From all of us at NATO(E)RC Thank you and have a good day
  20. Who are we? The 2nd Yorkshire Battalion (2YB) is a group for people who want to have the realism of the military simulation side of ArmA but want to have fun and not have the realism ruin the experience. We aim to provide a mature, fun and interactive environment to focus on operations and gameplay over having pristine realism. We focus on fun, teamwork, tactical and realism in that order. What do we offer over other groups? We offer an organised structure for both in-game and out of game to avoid any confusion and show peoples specialties. We have structured training and qualifications so everyone gets a fair chance at becoming the best soldier. Realistic operations that relate to present day. Our Divisions? We have multiple 'divisions' within our group. Our main infantry force is a platoon of infantry soldiers, this is three sections or six fireteams. We also have an RAF division which handles all our flying needs including transport and close air support. We have support sections that include indirect fire, logistics, explosive ordnance disposal, armour and heavy weapons Requirements to join us? Some requirements we have that are vital for the continuity of the this group so please check that you follow all of these. You must be over the age of thirteen (13) You must also be mature and dedicated to our groups You must not be member of any other ArmA 3 MilSim clan You must own ArmA 3 You must be available to download TeamSpeak 3 You must be able to download all mods used by our group How to join us? We currently have a website in development where we will have a sign up sheet however you can sign up with this link here Also follow our twitter for constant updates: https://twitter.com/2Yorks Our modpack: @3CommandBrigade (Equipment, Units, Vehicles, Weapons) @ALiVE @ACE @asdg_jr @CBA_A3 @task_force_radio CUP Terrains DISCLAIMER: This group is currently in development therefore if you decide to join be prepared to take administrative roles and operations will not be for a possible month until roles are assigned and stability has been created.
  21. Camp Bastion by DonbassCZ Description: Camp Shorabak, formerly Camp Bastion is an Afghan Ministry of Defense airbase located northwest of the city of Lashkar Gah in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. The base has barracks for the Afghan National Army. Between 2005 and October 2014 it was the logistics hub for International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) operations in Helmand during the War in Afghanistan and Operation Herrick, it was capable of accommodating over 32,000 people. The camp was built by the British Army and was the largest British overseas military camp built since the Second World War. The base was also home to troops from a number of nations including the United States of Americaand Tonga. Shorabak contains the Afghan National Army (ANA) camp (also called Camp Shorabak), and held Camp Leatherneck until 2014. In November 2006, the then British Prime Minister Tony Blair visited Camp Bastion, and, while addressing a gathering of British troops, described it as an "extraordinary piece of desert ... where the fate of world security in the early 21st century is going to be decided". Features: Afghan, US and UK parts in base, Canteens, HQs, helicopter airfield and plane airfield with 2 runways and huge ramps, terminal, massive containers yard , warehouses, fuel depots... Known issues: Only manual landing and taking off! The biggest base in Arma 2! Requirements: - Softshelter - ASC EU Lights - MBG Buildings 3 - European Theatre - MBG Killhouses - MAP Editorupgrade (EU) - MBG Islandobjects - Avgani Iraq & Afghan Village (just opxbuilding.pbo, opxmisc.pbo) - MCAGCC 29 Palms (just wgl_commercial.pbo, wgl_objects) - Arma 2 Credits and Thanks: eddyD and Deanosbeano - Softshelter ASC Addon Team - ASC EU Lights Mondkalb - MBG Buildings 3 - European Theatre, MBG Killhouses, MBG Islandobjects Lester - MAP Editorupgrade (EU) Opteryx - opxbuilding, opxmisc Phaeden - wgl_commercial, wgl_objects BIS - Arma 2 Pictures: Entry to Camp Bastion: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/607223562237594203/C742386227CE2CB34C877F3B6764FC32AD7B174C/ Barracks: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/607223562237598457/129EAA96B49C7C2F507A4A0BBAA0E47BB2509574/ Warehouses: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/607223562237599289/63287C838F4BF741F5EB0CEAA90FCC7316ABF6BA/ Fuel tanks: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/607223562237597671/267BBDDBFB99C1377CD0995686C3F5539C71B03E/ Helicopter airfield: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/607223562237595098/D5E0323F7DD5EEE8D1C0BDF69E4CEA4BC102FA3B/ http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/607223562237596095/29E1F50DF20983381D9D583B1D4C45863B16D024/ http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/607223562237602481/0C60C750735AA2D0B2C2CA81824D29FBAB033C34/ Plane airfield: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/607223562237596812/1C8A0D36DCB65CD035485FE935D727F237AF8637/ http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/607223562237601086/235D6119879B1DC0D338ED31E685ED1011AF18E1/ http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/607223562237601847/B7AACE882091D98BEBD0720D09F250A8744AA89B/
  22. Introduction To The 1st Battalion, Parachute Regiment Evening, morning, afternoon ladies and gents! I am posting on behalf of my unit, The 1st Battalion of the Parachute Regiment. We are a newly formed unit who have a lot to offer anyone who may be interested in joining! We strive to produce a realistic, however, fun and friendly environment while on operations and deployments. We conduct operations as closely to British Army standards. With extensive knowledge of the British Armed Forces the operations we conduct are of a high standard. aswel as thoroughly planned out. In addition to this i would like to point out that out operations we carry out are as a result of what happened in the previous operation to emulate a level of a story line which can create many memories for the future! We host other events out with ArmA to help create a sense of community and bring members together to create string friendship and relations with each other. We are in the process of making an ALiVE server which will be running 24/7 so that all of our members can hop on and do a patrol when they want. This will allow us to make sure that our unit is just as active as our members. We do not have set age limit however if you do your interview or you sound immature or even worse, act immature your interview will be terminated and so will your chance to join the unit. Legally however we cannot accept members any younger than 14. Training for Infantry If you join, all members must go through and pass a phase one training course lasting roughly 3 nights. This covers everything you would need to know to be a basic standard rifleman. On completion of your Phase One you will then go on to your desired role training (Phase Two) this is where you carry out the training for that role. All training is carried out from firsthand experience. Training For Pilots and Air Crewmen Due to the fact that being a grunt on the ground and being a fly boy is completely different means that both training regimes are completely different. We have 2 different flying courses from either fixed wing or rotary wing. All from first hand flying experience. Our Server List 24/7 Invade and Annex (55 slots) Training Server <> Closed unit only server (60 slots) Operations Server <> Closed unit only server (60 slots) We use the exact same ranking structure as both the British Army and Royal Air Force. Also the way people get promoted is through availability of that rank and the ability to lead. We carry out our operations on a Sunday and Tuesday night. We do it on these nights so that people's social life are not affected. We all like to go to the pub on a Friday/Saturday night you're not the only one. What Mods Do You Use? We have a custom modpack which is comprised of all our equipment. This can be fetched from our private repository once you have passed the recruitment process. How To Join? To join all you need to do is head along to our Teamspeak where one of our Recruitment and Training team will get a quick interview with you and then depending on if you want to become a infantry man then after that you need to download our mods and the turn up to our training sessions which will be at a set date. However if you want to become a pilot then you need to do a flight assessment after which you may or may not be approved to go through the training programme. ======================================================== If you would like to join hop along to our Teamspeak! Teamspeak: Website: Currently under development.
  23. Website: http://539a3.clanwebsite.com TeamSpeak: evoonline.co.uk:9988   About 539 Assault Squadron Royal Marines The 539 Assault Squadron was founded in late August of 2015 as an ARMA 3 539 is a British ArmA 3 Realism Unit based on 539 Assault Squadron Royal Marines, We are a infantry platoon within the Royal Navy. We are currently accepting members age 16 upwards. It doesn’t matter if you’re not the best shot in the world, as long as you’re willing to try, you should be fine! 539 Assault Squadron Features * Custom made insergancy missions made by RobJ2210. * Main Operations every saturday at GMT 8.30pm. * Imposed British Rankings. * Very mature and respectful community. * A community of friends to game with anytime across multiple games. Freindly Community We are all like-minded individuals with a wide varirty of ages ranging from 16 to 40. All of us enjoy playing ArmA MilSim without the stress and drama that comes with being in a unit that required work on your end. So long as you are willing to learn how we play and turn up when required, that's all we need. What are the requirements to join? Age Requirement 539 does have a minimum age requirement of 16. We do have a mature community and will not hesitate to remove people that threaten that. We are a community that doesn't want to worry about anything we say in front of people of a younger age. Don't Start Any Drama One of our main requirements. We are a friendly group of people that don't care much for ArmA drama, stress or arguments. If you bring any of these to the group you will just be thrown out. If you don't like someone, don't talk to them and avoid confrontation. If you can't do that then one of you will have to go. Few More Must exhibit maturity. Must be willing to comply with the unit training and operations regime. Must be at least 16 years of age (waivable for applicants with exceptionally high maturity levels and low voice.) Overbearing, loud, or obnoxious candidates will not be accepted. The applicant must not be a member of any other unit. Must besble to attend 2 out of 4 Main Ops a month Interested? You can visit our website here: http://539a3.clanwebsite.com Still not convinced? You can watch our Promo Video or you can jump in our TeamSpeak server and ask questions to your hearts content: evoonline.co.uk:9988