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Found 60 results

  1. VERSION 0.3 RELEASE -Better crew placements -New and improved shadow LOD -Adjusted CoG (Less wobbling on ground) -New interior and improved -New livery, "PT-17 Stearman Weathered" -Lowered get in points -New mod image -Added scripts -Moved PT-17 Rally and PT-17 Rally Rouge from BLUFOR and OPFOR to Civilian (sorry for any issues this may cause) -Better world model optimization -Couple other things I can't remember... *Expect an update soon, after Jet DLC is released and new documentation is added* OVERVIEW Over the past few months, I have worked on and off on a PT-17 Stearman for Arma 3. The amazing model was supplied to me by Helijah who had created it for the game Flight Gear, and, with his permission, was ported to Arma 3. With the massive amount of help by [Dust]Sabre, I was able to complete this addon. It was my first addon, so it took a while to make, but here it is! I will continue to work on it here and there, as I have a few projects I'm doing simultaneously, and try to fix bugs and issues that arise. TO DO/ WISHLIST -Add that wing walker version -Make some better textures -Add reflections, so it doesn't look so dull -Add Sabre's and my scripts FEATURES -Working instrument panel -Multiple Liveries -Custom engine sounds -Dual controls -Wreck Model -[Dust]Sabre's and my aircraft related scripts Current pictures of the model: If you would like to learn more about this awesome aircraft- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boeing-Stearman_Model_75 LICENSE The PT-17 Stearman for Arma 3 is released under Arma Public License(APL) The author of The PT-17 Steaman for Arma 3 gives no warranty. No commercial or military use etc.. DOWNLOADS (outdated) REQUIREMENTS Sabre's Aircraft Library Credits and Thanks: Hnchmc (Seymour Butz)- For bringing the model to Arma 3 Helijah- For his fantastic model and letting me use it! (Link to his Aircraft Hangar) [Dust] Sabre- For his tremendous ammounts of help (and his aircraft library)! Flanders25- Helping me with issues Alwaren- For his Blender tool box Bohemia Interactive- For their fantastic game! Class Names: "hnc_stearman", "hnc_stearmanN2S", "hnc_stearmanCanadian", "hnc_stearmanRally", "hnc_stearmanRallyRouge", "hnc_stearmanWeathered", "hnc_stearman_wreck" Last Update: April 2nd, 2017 Past Updates Change Log:
  2. Here is my newest minimod. This time I messed around with the aircraft configs in order to make them less of deathtraps. After many hours of trials I found out that all you really need to do is to lower the explosionShielding (to 0.5 from 10~20) on the main config part (NOT the hitpoints). The result is this: helicopters and planes can take more hits from AA fire and not turn into giant fireball right away, while the modules (engine etc.) do get damaged and destroyed. In the end aircraft are destroyed by crashing down rather than by fire. It is still possible to destroy the aircraft with gunfire or explosive, but they are more resilient to this, but their modules will get damaged, with will knock the craft out and cause AI to bail. It also gives you a chance and time to eject. I also zeroed out epeImpulseDamageCoef with in stops the crashing from being a death sentence. If you are lucky and don't hit anything during the crash, the chances are the helicopter wont explode and you will survive the crash (helo will still get damaged modules). It's pretty random though, but least its no longer a certain death sentence. In combination with above: I changed the crewCrashProtection, so the crew is more likely to get injured during the crash. Note that these are incredibly simple config tweaks, so different aircraft might behave differently. I edited the base classes so all vanilla aircraft as well as many modded ones (pretty much all of CUP) are affected. Features: * lower explosionShielding so aircraft take less damage from AA fire * modules still take damage as normal, so aircraft still crash * zeroed out epeImpulseDamageCoef so it is possible to survive a crash * crewCrashProtection changed so it is more likely for the crew to get injured during a crash * simple base config edit with affects a lot of modded aircraft without the need for compatibility patches Known Issues: Might lead to some odd behaviour of the aircraft under fire (might not get damaged as much as it should), but it usually works pretty well. Let me know how stuff behaves with this mod on Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/8hgnsz2j7ngsmsy/%40less_explody_aircraft.zip
  3. It's just my concepction for new jet, there is no such plane in real life. I don't have name for it yet, but I'll find something soon I hope. Not sure about armament, but It will be probably fighter with vtol enabled. Feel free to discuss, shape and everything else is still open for any changes :) Some images without materials and textures, I've just added glass for cockpit.
  4. Story A few weeks ago a buddy asked me to write a script for a helicopter to lift and transport cargo, the 'Helikopterfrachttransportskript', that finally provides the desired solution. At first I thought that there would be something out there already. However, according to his research there are no scripts or tutorials that let you have an AI helicopter reliably hovering over a cargo in ArmA 3 (having it meter-precise is imperative). This hovering and the whole process of picking up and setting down the cargo was supposed to look more realistic than just an attachTo. And so this script was written. It provides a precise hovering over the cargo, great looking attachment of the sling rope and picking up of the cargo as well as putting the load down in the same way at the target position. There are several routine integrated to avoid script errors in cases of explosions or deaths of the vehicle or AI. A description can be found inside the SQF file, how to execute the script. Have fun. Content It is a single ~250Code-Line-Big Script to let an AI controlled helicopter lift diferrent freight goods to a single destination. Purpose The aim of this script is to make it easier to lift freight goods from A to B without having to have a player pilot. Download Missions and Script on GitHub ArmaHolic Link Credits Script & Media: Rockhount Translation: Dorsal Examples
  5. Hi, I've some strange issue with my jet gear animation. It works fine when I preview it in buldozer, but in game when I switch raise/lower gear, I can only hear gear sound and animation doesn't work at all. Screenshots: Config: Model.cfg no rpt errors or in-game, any ideas how to fix it?
  6. DESCRIPTION: This addon pack will add various reskin to your IFA3 LITE mod. The addons use one common core pbo that has the configs for the new factions. RELEASE DATE: 22-Oct-16 AUTHOR: Lennard ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. AIRCRAFT RESKINS: This addon will add 29 rekinned airplanes to your IFA3 mod for the following factions: - Luftwaffe - Deutsche Afrika Korps - Royal Hungarian Air Force (Magyar Királyi Honvéd Légiero, MKHL) - Royal Romanian Air Force (Aeronautica Regala Romana, ARR) - Royal Bulgarian Air Force (RBAF) - Royal Air Force (RAF) - Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) - Italian Co-belligerent Air Force (Aviazione Cobelligerante Italiana, ACI) - USAAF (North Africa) - USAAF (Pacific) - Red Army Air Force Screenshots: KNOWN BUGS/ISSUES: None known at the moment. CLASSNAMES: Luftwaffe: Fw 190 F-8 - White 4 - "LEN_FW190F8_2" Fw 190 F-8 - Black M - "LEN_FW190F8_3" Fw 190 F-8 - Yellow 1 - "LEN_FW190F8_4" Fw 190 F-8 - Deutsche Afrika Korps 1 - "LEN_FW190F8_DAK" Fw 190 F-8 - Deutsche Afrika Korps 2 - "LEN_FW190F8_DAK2" Fw 190 F-8 - Deutsche Afrika Korps 3 - "LEN_FW190F8_DAK3" Fw 190 F-8 - Winter Camo 1 - "LEN_FW190F8_WIN1" Fw 190 F-8 - Winter Camo 2 - "LEN_FW190F8_WIN2" Ju 87 D-5 - Deutsche Afrika Korps 1 - "LEN_Ju87_DAK" Ju 87 D-5 - Deutsche Afrika Korps 2 - "LEN_Ju87_DAK2" Ju 87 D-5 - Deutsche Afrika Korps 3 - "LEN_Ju87_DAK3" Ju 87 D-5 - Winter Camo 1 - "LEN_Ju87_WIN1" Royal Hungarian Air Force (Magyar Királyi Honvéd Légiero, MKHL): Fw 190 F-8 - White 21 - "LEN_MKHL_FW190F8" Ju 87 D-5 - Black 41 - "LEN_MKHL_Ju87" Royal Romanian Air Force (Aeronautica Regala Romana, ARR): Ju 87 D-5 - Black 41 - "LEN_ARR_Ju87" Royal Bulgarian Air Force (RBAF): Ju 87 D-5 - White 46 - "LEN_RBAF_Ju87" Royal Air Force (RAF): Airacobra Mk.1 - "LEN_RAF_P39" Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF): P-39D1 - "LEN_RAAF_P39" Italian Co-belligerent Air Force (Aviazione Cobelligerante Italiana, ACI): P-39N - 4 Stormo Italy - "LEN_ACI_P39" USAAF (North Africa): P-39L-1-BE - "LEN_US_P39" P-39L - Operation Torch - "LEN_US_P39_2" P-39L-1 - Operation Torch - "LEN_US_P39_3" USAAF (Pacific): P-39D - Sharky - "LEN_US_P39_4" P-39Q - Snooks 2nd - "LEN_US_P39_5" Red Army Air Force: P-39Q - "LEN_RA_P39_2" P-39L - "LEN_RA_P39_3" P-39Q Winter Camo - "LEN_RA_P39_WIN" PE-2 Winter Camo 1 - "LEN_Pe2_WIN1" PE-2 Winter Camo 2 - "LEN_Pe2_WIN2" New factions: Deutsche Afrika Korps (DAK) - "LEN_DAK" Royal Hungarian Air Force (Magyar Királyi Honvéd Légiero, MKHL) - "LEN_MKHL" Royal Romanian Air Force (Aeronautica Regala Romana, ARR) - "LEN_ARR" Royal Bulgarian Air Force (RBAF) - "LEN_RBAF" Royal Air Force (RAF) - "LEN_RAF" Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) - "LEN_RAAF" Italian Co-belligerent Air Force (Aviazione Cobelligerante Italiana, ACI) - "LEN_ACI" CREDITS: BIS - Arma 3 game AWAR - Iron Front Liberation 1944 game & original textures IFA3 team EULA: By downloading this content you agree with the following: - The addon shall in no way be modified or repackaged, unless permission is given by the original author. - No responsibility can be claimed on the original author for (im)possible damage to your system/game that may be caused by installation of this addon. - You may not use this addon for any commercial or military training purposes. - The use of Swastikas is strictly for historical purposes and is not intended to promote fascism, nazi ideology, imperialism and whatsoever. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- REQUIREMENTS: Arma 3 Iron Front in Arma 3 LITE DOWNLOADS: LEN_IFA3_CORE_V1.0 LEN_IFA3_AIR_V1.0 (requires core addon) Steam workshop Mirrors are welcome! Have fun!
  7. CheyenneAH56

    SCmod v1.30

    SCmod v1.35 aerial firefighting simulation TOPIC UPDATE : http://forums.bistudio.com/topic/198215-scmod-v135/ November 2016 new updates.> read the *.pdf readme file for more details about the mod. Download : http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26967 Mirror (filedropper.com) : http://www.filedropper.com/scmodv135 Youtube (gameplay 1.35) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZjW3613Jls8
  8. Hello everyone, I am formally announcing my next work in progress project: The Cirrus SR22. The model is courtesy of Helijah. Here's a link to his hangar for Flight Gear. The Cirrus SR22 is a single-engine five-seat composite aircraft built since 2001 by Cirrus Aircraft. I've been working on this the last month and a half on the side, and I've come far enough with it that I feel it's time to share it. Here are some in-game WIP screenshots of the SR22: My current to do list is as follows: -Animate instruments -Fix the flight model -Add the Shadow LOD Possible additions, not of a high priority at the moment: -Working GPS with Altis/Stratis/Tanoa maps -Ballistic Recovery System (Emergency Parachute Recovery) (WIP!) There's a few other things I'm working on, but not significant enough to list here. This aircraft is extremely similar to the Cessna TTx (The Caeser BTT as it's known in-game), therefore I would like to use sounds and hand animations, if BI ever releases the configs for APEX vehicles. If this is the case, expect APEX to be a requirement in the future. I continue to work on this when I can, along with three other projects I have going simultaneously right now. Feed back is welcome :)
  9. This version is discontinued, find the new one included here ******************************************************** Robin DR 400 ******************************************************** This is a port of Helijah's FlightGear Robin DR 400 Credits/Thanks to: Helijah for the model and textures http://helijah.free.fr Christian Thiriot, Brett Harrison, Laurent Hayvel for textures Alwarren for the Blender Toolbox Arma 3 port by [Dust]Sabre https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/188022-robin-dr-400/ ******************************************************** Required addons Sabre's Aircraft Library ******************************************************** This addon for Arma 3 is released under CC-BY-SA The authors of this addon give no warranty Downloads: This version is discontinued, find the new one included here
  10. While fixing and upgrading my Mig-21MF addon I decided to experiment with damage system, based on two, provided below, links: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/92016-arma-2-track-and-tire-dammages/ https://resources.bisimulations.com/wiki/Damage_Modeling:_Objects#General_properties I found that using "hitPoints" BIS system you may get visual effects on aircraft, quite similar to the one used in IL-2 Sturmovik. How it'd work, in general? An aircraft gets AAA or small arms fire while flying. The game engine calculates whether weapon that was used against it is strong enough to destroy specific part of the aircraft that had being hit. Let's assume that it is. The part of the aircraft hides and then "damaged" version of the part unhides, in the same way like it happens in case of destroyed wheels. The only difference is that the unhidden part has different texture applied with visible bullet holes (alpha channel). Obviously, it might be destroyed further as well, even the animation of hide/unhide can be applied for smaller parts of damage value. For instance, when you shot at car window, the first level of damage would be a several bullet holes visible (only damage texture applied to mesh), the second level would be a many bullet holes (a new damage texture), the third - the window is broken (so mesh changes as well), the fourth - window dissapeared or detached from the vehicle (it need however additional input to the model.cfg and config.cpp to create vehicle-like "window"). The whole system can be used for a soldier model (leg amputation, fragmentation of skull) and any vehicle class entity as well. It depends mainly on desired outcome and how large the model is, in terms of poly-count, since you have to copy and paste some parts of the mesh to the same model. Sometimes even you have to copy the part again and revers its faces as well as add some additional elements to get immersion of a depth of the bullet holes (like on elevator picture below, where two wing frames/ribs have been added to the "damaged" part mesh). This system has a big advantage over any custom script-based one though - the damage can be repaired by both vanila and ACE repair vehicles (tested), with no script behind eating your additional CPU cycles. NightIntruder