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Found 62 results

  1. Hello all, I figured I had come far enough to share the W.I.P. images and information about one of my many projects, the Curtiss P40 Warhawk/Tomahawk/Kittyhawk. I figured I should post this W.I.P. thread before someone else beats me to finishing this aircraft. This is my first armed aircraft that is at this stage of development, and is really an experiment with weapon cfgs for the Ju-87 Stuka. The model is by Helijah, who kindly gave me permission to port to Arma 3 Without further ado, the Curtiss P40 Warhawk (Ignore the muzzle flashes, that was an accident :P ) (Some more images) Currently the aircraft is in the final stages of development. I'm just touching up some things, and testing out the weapons. As well, I still need to complete the instruments in the cockpit and set up the sights. Should be released soon. Weapons as of now: -6x .50, three in each wing I plan to add fuel tanks and a bomb, just to give variety, and some practice for me. In case anyone is wondering about what liveries there currently are: -Flying tigers high definition -Flying tigers standard -Red tails -RAF -RAAF -Captured Warhawk (Japanese) -Munda -Desert -Umnak -2 Lt. George Welch's P40, Colours of the attack of Pearl Harbour -2 Lt. Ken Taylor's P40, Colours of the attack of Pearl Harbour Thanks to Helijah for letting me use his models, and thanks to [Dust]Sabre for answering my questions! Any information, or suggestions that may help with the addon, is more than welcome :)
  2. Coop 1-10 Anti-Aircraft Hunt - South Asia New Upload + New Link ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hello everyone,Here is a port of my "Anti-Aircraft Tank Hunt " Mp mission from Ofp,Arma 1 and Arma 2 to South Asia terrain Arma 3. This mission has been developed for dedicated Server use.Designed to be easily edited and read. If clans/groups would like to edit the mission to use mods etc just add the clan tag in name. Here's a Description - - Overview - - CSAT Forces are laying in wait now that US Forces have established a forward air base. Launch Air attacks to Destroy all enemy Anti-aircraft Tanks to make way for future Air-Assault missions in the AO. - Coop 1 to 10 players. - Link To Mission - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1611855601 - Addons Required - - South Asia v1.3 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1571581816 - Factions - - U.S Vs CSAT. - Features - - Dynamic loadout scripts for aircraft. - Customisable Weather and Time of day Params at start of mission. - Recruit Ai Team Members. - Group Leaders In command of AI will use Group Respawn untill no AI are left then respawn reverts to Base. - Increase or Decrease your viewdistance and Terrain Detail During Mission. - Vehicles Respawn. - Assets Available - - V-44 X Blackfish. - AH-99 Blackfoot. - A-164 Wipeout. - F/A-181 Blackwasp II. - Intel - - Estimated Enemy Strength is Strong.Approx 30 AA Tanks in the area. - Objective - - Destroy all Anti-Aircraft tanks. - Credits - - Mission By ANZACSAS Steve. - Team Leader Group Respawn script (1.0) by Mongoose_84 for Arma 1,developed into Group respawn scripts by theOden Arma 2, Edited for Arma3 by ANZACSAS Steve with help from GEORGE FLOROS GR. - Recruit AI Scripts/UI by Bon_Inf*Redux -- by Moser. - GOM_fnc_aircraftLoadout V1.341 made by Grumpy Old Man 17-5-20172. - Dynamic Gfx settings scripts by Bryan "Tonic" Boardwine. - Crate filler v2.12 script by KC Grimes. - Thanks to ANZACSAS Ron for MP/JIP testing. - Link To Missions with Mods/Addons - Tornado GR4 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1936313097&searchtext= F/A-18 Super Hornet https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1936339542
  3. ANZACSAS Steven

    COOP 1-6 Save The Platoon !!

    COOP 1-6 Save The Platoon !! Link - ://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1696372535 -See Steam page for Pic- Here is a port of my "Save The Platoon" Mp mission from Arma 2 to Arma 3. This is a Ground Defence/Close Air Support mission.Players have to Save The Platoon from being overrun. Designed to be easily edited and read. If clans/groups would like to edit the mission to use mods etc just add the clan or mod tag in name. - Overview - - U.S troops are in contact with a large force.Unable to extricate themselves,Close and intense Air Support is their only chance for survival. - Factions - - U.S Vs CSAT. - Features - - Dynamic load outs for aircraft. - Custom Weather and Time of day Params at start of mission. - Increase or Decrease your view distance and Terrain Detail During Mission. - Vehicles Respawn. - Assets Available - - A-164 Wipeout. - F/A-181 Blackwasp II. - Intel - - Estimated Enemy Strength is Strong.Approx Battalion strength. - Objective - - Support ground forces in contact and save the platoon!! If you like this mission please hit the rate button with a thumbs up.:) All feedback welcome. Have fun.:) Steve. - Mod Versions - - BWI Mod T-6/PC-6. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1921404732 - F/A-18 Super Hornet Mod. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1921958131 -Panavia Tornado GR4 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1928190945&searchtext= - Credits - - Mission By ANZACSAS Steve. - GOM_fnc_aircraftLoadout V1.341 made by Grumpy Old Man 17-5-20172. - Dynamic Gfx settings scripts by Bryan "Tonic" Boardwine.
  4. PVT. james_u7qobv7

    Place-able Aircraft Carrier

    Just a place-able carrier that we can do Carrier-Ops off of would be wonderful. I have always wanted to do carrier-ops in Zeus, doing things like CAS requests, transport, amphibious assault, ETC. So if any Bohemia staff/developers look at this forum thread keep this in the back of your head.
  5. Antonov An-2 I present my first vehicle port for Arma 3! It is based on the Arma 2 OA APL files from BIS. more info: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=375881770
  6. Sukhoi Su-34 Fullback by SAB more info: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=375638518
  7. Fly Tanoa Air is a flight SIM-u-LITE scenario with dynamic missions and aircraft features. What's new: (changelog) Steam Workshop Flying aircraft in ArmA III is difficult. It takes a lot of practice. Right when you think you've got it, you realize how much more there is to learn. Just dropping an aircraft into an empty scenario is fine to start but that gets boring and, as a pilot in training, you need something more compelling to keep logging more hours. Fly Tanoa Air provides a fun and re-playable scenario in which to practice your skills. This download is compatible with APEX game version 1.7 and higher Drive Link Download : Fly Tanoa Air 0050 Check out the new mission maker designed with the FTA framework New Live readMe file Check out the [FTA] guidebook, FTA Dev Topic Challenges Features Control Description Images: Videos (new): THANKS to everybody at: Bohemia Forums Check out our Patreon page Ascina Illustration & Design ArmA 3 Nexus mirror Arma Public License No Derivatives (APL-ND)
  8. Coop 1-30 Combat Air Assault South Asia --------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello everyone, Here is a port of my Combat Air-Assault Mp mission from Arma 2 to South Asia terrain Arma 3. A lot of effort has gone into making a straight forward mission based around realistic combat that emphasizes Cooperative Team play and that also runs Stable and Smooth on Servers. This mission has been Developed for Dedicated Server Use.Designed to be easily edited and read.If clans/groups would like to edit the mission to use mods etc just add the clan tag in name. Here's a Description - - Coop 1 to 30 players. - Overview - CSAT have moved into the region.Its our job to clear them out.Destroy all enemy Anti-aircraft units to allow ground forces with intergrated Air support to Combat Air-Assault into five Objective Areas. - Addons Required - - South Asia v1.3 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1571581816 - Factions - - U.S Vs CSAT. - Features - - Dynamic loadout scripts for aircraft. - Custom Base /Group Respawn. - Recruit Ai Team Members. - Group Leaders In command of AI will use Group Respawn untill no AI are left then respawn reverts to Base. - Increase or Decrease your viewdistance and Terrain Detail During Mission. - Vehicles Respawn.. - Assets Available - - CH-67 Huron. - AH-99 Blackfoot. - A-164 Wipeout. - F/A-181 Blackwasp II. - Support Trucks. - Growler light vehicle. - Quadbike - Intel - - Estimated Enemy Strength is Strong.Heavy machine gun emplacements,AA Tanks and Infantry patrols. - Objectives - - 5 Objective Area's to Neutralize. - Destroy all Anti-Aircraft vehicles clearing the way for the Air Assault. - Credits - - Mission By ANZACSAS Steve. - Team Leader Group Respawn script (1.0) by Mongoose_84 for Arma 1,developed into Group respawn scripts by theOden Arma 2, edited for Arma 3 by ANZACSAS Steve with help from GEORGE FLOROS GR. - Recruit AI Scripts/UI by Bon_Inf*Redux -- by Moser. - GOM_fnc_aircraftLoadout V1.341 made by Grumpy Old Man 17-5-20172. - Dynamic Gfx settings scripts by Bryan "Tonic" Boardwine. - Crate filler v2.12 script by KC Grimes. - Download from here - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1571693129
  9. Hi all, before release of DLC Jets I have decided to make Czech version of A-149 Gryphon. Yesterday I already released it! Keep in mind that you need to own the DLC Jets. This addon contains ten versions of Jas 39 Gripen (retextured A-149 Gryphon from DLC Jets) of Czech Air Force 211th Tactical Squadron. Eden editor usage: BLUFOR -> Czech Air Force List of planes: Classic grey Gripen Gripen Tiger 9234 Gripen Tiger 9235 Gripen Tiger 9236 Gripen Tiger 9237 Gripen Tiger 9238 Gripen Tiger 9240 Gripen Tiger 9245 Gripen Tiger 9245b Gripen Tiger 9820 You can read some info about each machine here. DOWNLOAD: Steam Workshop FTP
  10. My old project never finished :) it was my learning modding project for ARMA. Now i have some drive to finish it but need feedback from community if it's worth the time. Dunno if ARMA need such a plane back in time i loved playing ARMA life servers. Please let me know if someone need this mod and i finish it. here are some videos: "love flying it it, it is so much fun" https://youtu.be/2HG9e2afRXE https://youtu.be/2i_3k0A9Xhw here you can view the model: https://skfb.ly/6JKHI !!!model is mine i modeled it in 3Ds max have proof all stages of modeling and texturing... :D armaholic guy was accusing me to stole it cant give him proof he banned me :)
  11. Keep getting requests about the C-130/source code. So I have decided to launch a streamlined version without many confusing features for everyone to use and adapt. APL C-130 A port of the original Arma 2 C-130 and based on BIS APL Source Files. It is the same as my other C-130 addon, just with less different versions and features. Features: C-130 J C-130 J Cargo Version Credits: Aplion - for Arma2- Arma3 port tutorial BIS for original Model/Textures = APL Sample Files License: APL Arma public license. Don't ask me if you can use it. just go ahead. happy modding. Downloads: Source Files to make addons with PBO to use Guide how to integrate into other mod environments: 1. First you rename the mod folder from apl_130 to yourmodprefix_130 (let's call it ymp_c130 as example) 2. Open all textfiles with notepad++ (all hpp, cpp and rvmat files) - search/replace mass rename all <apl_c130> with <ymp_c130>. 3. Open the aplc130_j p3d (no need to rename the filename. You could - but then you have to rename it inside model.cfg and in config in the line for the path to the model) 4. In Object Builders Menu Tools you can find Mass Texture & Material renaming: in first line put this: apl_c130\* in second line this: ymp_c130\* thats it, one click really. 5. in LOD 1, ViewPilot/Cargo and Wreck LOD: rename the droptank, propellerblur and seat proxies to fix their paths (rclick and rename - in named selection list). 6. Open the other p3d files and do the same texture mass rename 7. build your addon That's it. can be done in a few minutes.
  12. Iam porting my Napalm mod from Arma2 and require a model and texture guy or gal to handle a couple of small jobs to finish.
  13. Hello guys, I just want to make an aircraft shot down by flak with triggers. And I want to make it blow in mid air and lit the aircraft so it will look terryfing. Thanks for helping me. example :
  14. Anti-Aircraft Tracer and Bullet Time to Live Mod For Arma 3 by ANZACSAS Steve. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Increases the time to live for the big Anti-Aircraft rounds. - Enhanced Lighting for Tracer. - Works for 30mm_HE Base and B_35mm_AA Ammunition classes. - Thanks to bis and the community. - Enjoy :) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1514439943 http://www.mediafire.com/file/la9sqjhqr54aha5/ANZACSAS_Anti_Aircraft_Tracer_and_Bullet_Mod.7z/file
  15. Helicopter Flight Model - Upgrade Project I'm looking for someone who is well knowledgeable in scripting / coding, animations and air vehicle assets (helicopters to be exact). Now when it comes down to the helicopter part I don't necessarily need someone with real world knowledge or experience but it does help. However, I am looking for someone with intermediate to advanced knowledge of both the standard flight model and advanced flight model of Arma 3. The purpose of this project is to enhance immersion and realism in the flight model for those helicopter enthusiasts alike. If interested please contact me by email below so we can discuss the project and compensation in further detail. feenx.sama@gmail.com Thanks, - P. Dubois --- edit: looking for a programmer, 3d model animator and a sound engineer or someone with a mix of some or all skills. update: Dev team found, work has commenced. No longer actively seeking devs.
  16. I tried googling this and I came up with this code here: p1 action["eject", neo_1]; But when I do that nothing happens, the player doesn't eject out of the plane, I then was looking at the wiki and found a getOut action, but when I did that, it caused the player to actually like climb out of the plane and not be ejected from the ejection seat? So I am asking here how to do this, since all the things I've found online were the code similar to above but that doesn't seem to work, maybe some things changed with the new jets update DLC thing? since when I found this code that was back like a year ago?
  17. Have you ever wanted to be able to control Flaps and VTOL angle separately without having to touch the Auto Vectoring button? Well now you can! This mod adds separate keystrokes to your in-game controls menu for Flaps Up, Flaps Down, VTOL Up and VTOL Down. The keyboard commands can then be mapped to a joystick or throttle (HOTAS) if you want. Turning "Auto Vectoring" on and off is no longer required! Instructions: Open your Controls Menu Click on Configure Addons Select "VTOL/FLAPS Controls Mod" Assign the keys OPTIONAL: You can then unmap the Vanilla FLAPS UP and FLAPS DOWN controls Keep "Auto Vectoring" mapped if you plan to use the F35 from C.U.P. so you can close the flight surfaces When you want to lower or raise flaps, hit those keys. When you want to raise or lower the VTOL angle, hit those keys. You no longer have to hit Auto Vectoring On/Off. This changes automatically. Regular (non-VTOL) planes function normally For VTOL angle to function, aircraft engine must be ON Features: Works on all vanilla planes and VTOL aircraft and CUP VTOL aircraft VTOL and FLAPS controls separated into 4 separate keypresses so you can map to separate controls on your HOTAS Very small addon (0.1 MB) customizable controls via Configure Addons menu (CBA) Future Plans: Once BI implements a command to measure VTOL angle percentage, I can probably eliminate the need for the Auto Vectoring button when using the F35. Once BI implements some way of checking if an aircraft is a VTOL aircraft such as "isVTOL", then I can make this work with all mods automatically. NOTE TO MOD MAKERS: If you have a VTOL aircraft that you'd like me to include in this mod, PM me the classname(s) of those VTOL aircraft. Dependencies: CBA_A3 Bugs: NONE Bikey: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByQshG747KqKWUNEMjRLMVRFTjg/view?usp=sharing Credits: All credits to me. TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Any unauthorized modification of the released files is strictly prohibited without written permission by the author(s) except in the case of fair use for the purposes of learning. In those cases, the modified files can not be released to the public. You are using these files at your own risk. Author(s) of these files are not liable for any damage or loss of data caused by usage of these files. Usage of these files is also prohibited for any commercial purposes. This includes but is not limited to usage on monetized servers. SUBSCRIBE ON STEAM HERE
  18. I created a vehicle init script a few months ago with the purpose of automatically making the plane auto-eject pilots when the damage to the plane exceeds a certain threshold while limiting the damage to .9 for a few seconds preventing it from blowing up instantly. After a recent arma update however the script stopped working so I'm hoping that maybe someone more experienced in arma scripting can help me out with it. My current revisions (seperated with a line) of the vehicle init with comments: https://pastebin.com/XSyXyES1 I'm trying to avoid using seperate script files to make this a simple copy-paste solution for everyone who isn't that familiar with mission editing.
  19. NoSirIamNotaLobster

    Problem Taking Off

    So i got this problem taking off where the plane would 'bump' (like hitting an invisible rock or something) on the runway when reaching certain speed making it impossible to takeoff. It occurs on RHS's Tu-95, TeTeTe3's Su-35 and PAK FA (forgot the author's name) but vanilla aircrafts doesn't seem to be affected including Jets DLC planes. I dont think its because of the runway terrain because i tried it on altis, stratis,and virtual garage all with the same result. Does anybody have the same issue or.. is it just me? P.S i dont know if this should go to mods category because the problem mainly occured on modded planes. Thanks guys, i appreciate every help
  20. G'day Blokes and Shelias around the World, today I want share, with you, a little project I've had on the back burner for the last few months, for the Obvious reasons; Lack of funds + absolutely no skills in Modding at all. So the reason I'm revealing it is because I want an Audience's opinion and see if there are Modders who want to give it a crack! be So lets get to the reasons you clicked on this Forum! *But first some Disclaimers; THIS DRONE IS COMPLETE FICTION THAT I CREATED, The other photo shown are taken off google and I don't own them (Obviously) Sencond, Please have leniency for the Concept art since the time it took to slap it together was 1 hour of dreaming it up before bed then 2-3 hours doodling in Microsoft paint* Now, let me introduce you to the MQ-56 Skua, Multi-role Aquatic Scout Drone. Built with the the purpose of handling the standard UAV missions and a little bit more! Armed with the "usual" UAV payloads i.e. GBUs, ATGM Hellfires & Laser designator. But it also comes with Combat Air Patrol capabilities Being the First Fixed-wing Drone with two AN/M3 50.cals, able to shoot as fast as the Infamous MG42, and the option to carry AASR Sidewinders. Let's list the full Payload & Missions it's good for; This Ship-launched drone is capable of the following task; Close Air Support, Combat Air Patrol, Recon, Artillery Observer, Anti-Submarine Warfare. MQ-56 MK1 (Stealth/Regular UAV) Radar 2x AN/M3 50.cals, 1200RPM 1000 rounds per gun Bombay capacity 2x GBU-12 Paveway II 4x AGM-114 Hellfire 2x AIM-9 Sidewinder MQ-56 MK2 (ASW) Airborne Sonar M3 50s, again Hardpoint; MK 46 MOD 5 Homing Torpedo Bombay capacity 2x AN/SSQ-47B Sonobouy 4x AGM-114 4x MK 34 Depth Charges (fictional) Concept art legend Clear cone window containing forward Pilot Cam and Radar Sensors/ Sonar for ASW Variant Air intakes 2x 50.cal AN/M3 (RPM:1200) 1000 rounds per gun Retractable wings that roll foward then fold back along the side of the drone flaps and ailerons Prop Propulsion twin tail rigging Rudder the Aft wing tips, folds vertical 3x Elevators Insignia as example Underbelly 12. Targeting/Gunner Cam 13. Weapons bay 14. engine exhaust 15. landing gear 16. plane floats 17. tail dragger landing gear 18. MK46 Mod 5 Acoustic homing Torpedoe Now how I figure how Sonar should be done is piggyback on the new Sensors Upgrade, futhermore the MK2s onboard sonar would be weak in strength but can be bolster when paired with some Bouys since they are stationary and transmit via radio, you get the idea, and most know how a bouy works; [see photo]. Anyway thats my pet project, well part one of it! (part 2 will go on my public feed) Hope everyone has enjoyed my ideas & I hope to get good reviews and critiques of my UAV design! (excuse any grammar that I missed, I'm picky about that) With Regards Digger James
  21. Hey guys, I'm using Franze's mig 23 to practice modmaking skills and I feel I've fallen at the first hurdle of just trying to get a working gun. Where have I gone wrong please?
  22. I'm trying to implement the new loadout system to an aircraft with undercarriage bay (the ArmA 2 F35B actually) but I can't find enough info about that (the bays setup in order to work when some weapons will be chosen) except what is written on WiKi (which is not helpful at all). Is anyone familiar with this matter ? I need to know if there is any specific points or parts inside the model which has be named and somehow stated into config ... generally I'm blind on this matter so far but before trying to add this future the aircraft bay was working fine on given condition. Any help will be much appreciated.
  23. Hey guys i was wondering if its possible to place the jet catapult seperatly from the USS Freedome. I was trying to make a relay short runway so i thoght a catapult on a sperat runway on land would be cool. Fast help needed every answer could be helpfull :)
  24. See the image in the link. I made a map, had some AI planes flying waypoints... Now I have these permanent images of aircraft in the sky. Tried reloading the map, same. Tried starting a new Malden 2035 map from scratch in Eden. Same. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1093340498
  25. Something More - an Arma 3 Campaign. [Project DEAD - sorry, explanation below.] Something More* is an in-development Arma 3 campaign based upon the official story-line and set after the events of the Apex Protocol. It is a Single-Player campaign that takes advantage of the latest expansion, Apex, in an effort to combine the realistic, sandbox experience of the ARMA series and an engaging story. Features Prologue of Story based missions Playable cut-scenes Multiple playable characters Piloting aircraft and drones Civilian interaction Decisions matter Playable testing phase Diving/underwater gameplay Downloads Download in a Campaign format here (preferred)... http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=750543820 (steam Workshop) Download individual missions via the Steam Workshop here. Created by Tom Mack. - I plan on posting about the development process on my "Tom Has Thoughts" site, if you wish to see how all this was made, then give it a visit. Thanks to Kydoimos, Lexx, IndeedPete and Wiki and everyone who submitted their thoughts to the "What Makes a Good Arma Campaign" Thread. And thanks of course to Bohemia Interactive.