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Found 362 results

  1. deviant210

    The Cooler Server

    TheCoolerServer [TCS] Website - TheCoolerServer.com Teamspeak - http://ts3.thecoolerserver.com Photo Gallery - TCS Photo Gallery FNG Guide About The Cooler Server The Cooler Server is a community centered around Arma 3. We are an open, friendly & casual community seeking to be the best drama-free unit we can be. At TCS we don’t use military ranks like most Milsim groups choose to. Instead, we believe in coming together and forming squads and a command element that gives us the organization to complete any task at hand. We welcome anyone with some maturity to apply. When we are not playing Arma, you can find us playing a vast range of games on our Teamspeak server or developing content for the group. We primarily focus on the US time zones, however we accept anybody from any part of the world. Our Arma sessions focus on providing an immersive yet intense teamwork-focused experience. To accomplish this we use a variety of mods including ACE3 and TFAR. Our sessions typically consist of 1 mission spanning about 2-3 hours. Roles are chosen before every mission with everyone getting an opportunity to do what they wish. However, roles such as Command Element, Squad Leaders, and Specialty Squads are typically reserved for people who are more senior members with more in-game experience. All of our missions are made in-house by our Creative Team consisting of about 5 mission makers. Currently our Saturday Night Ops typically have 20-30 players attending. What we offer Dedicated Arma 3 Server. Private Teamspeak Server. Twice weekly OPs held on Saturdays at 9:00pm (Eastern) and Wednesdays at 8:00pm (Eastern). Opportunities to play the way you want. Almost any role, any time, within reason. An instructional environment where you can learn to play the game. Custom missions, made in house every OP (never play the same mission twice!) An open environment that welcomes new players. Veteran players that will ensure you are never left behind. A friendly community that plays random games together and talks with each other throughout the week Requirements To become a full member, you must complete a training OP(These happen every Friday depending on new recruits) and participate in a Saturday or Wednesday OP within two weeks of acceptance. 18+ Working Mic Fluent English Working copy of Arma 3 Team oriented gameplay style Willing to play Arma in 1st person Arma 3 APEX Willing to download the mods that we use (around 30gb) If you are interested in joining please visit our website and submit an application HERE. Feel free to join our Teamspeak server or post here if you have any questions. Op times: Saturday (Primary OP, PvE focused) 6:00pm (1800) Pacific 7:00pm (1900) Mountain 8:00pm (2000) Central 9:00pm (2100) Eastern 1:00am (0100) GMT Op times: Wednesday (Secondary Op, Generally PvP focused) 5:00pm (1700) Pacific 6:00pm (1800) Mountain 7:00pm (1900) Central 8:00pm (2000) Eastern 12:00am (0000) GMT
  2. Maybe I found a good way to reproduce the Arma3 3FPS bug. Set resolution down to 1080p (in my case i usually use 1440p)Set all Settings to low. then set everything up too ultra(except textures let them be low) arma will start to go from 900mb vram(low settings) up to 1.1gbvram(ultra ones), now set the resolution up to 1440p(1920x1200) arma uses 1,2gb vram. set supersampling to 200% arma now takes huge 2.2gb vram. finally set textures to ultra. arma now gets blackscreen ( i alwas get this one after 3 fps bug) check out logfile now: DX11 error : CreateTexture failed : E_OUTOFMEMORY, like everytime i crash after 3fps bug. additonal strange stuff in log: 16:46:04 Virtual memory total 4095 MiB (4294836224 B) 16:46:04 Virtual memory free 106 MiB (111935488 B) 16:46:04 Physical memory free 7690 MiB (8064290816 B) 16:46:04 Page file free 8919 MiB (9352835072 B) 16:46:04 Process working set 2993 MiB (3138584576 B) 16:46:04 Process page file used 3416 MiB (3582570496 B) so why it is strange? cuz i'm using a gtx 1070 with 8gb vram, and even windows added another 8gb optional dedicated ram of my 16gb ram to it so it can use up to 16gb of vram, arma it self uses its max of 3gb ram if in need + pagefile. so it seems the bug is caused by an dx 11 driver level issues if i'm right? tested this procedure on a modded mp server to reach the stress level of the game easier, but the behavour should be same like without mods because of the vram issues of 4gb max. btw added you, so we maybe find an easy way to share the .rpt files that may help you to investigate the issue. // issue is same with and without profiling.exe Additional info about my complete sys: win 10 x64 i7 6700 gtx1070 @ 8gb gddr5 (samsung vram) 16gb ddr4 @2166 265gb ssd (pagefile used by os) 1tb hdd /pagefile used by os) rpt log when crash is starting: then some time everything was fine again(report of bug and bug ended 15:57:28, but then blackscreen(16:15:50) while .rpt was saying: hope this can somehow be fixed soon, because i think this still can happen in 64bit version that is developed. if devs need full report logs or other details, just give me feedback and i will do my best to help.
  3. Hi everyone, Here is the code i use to create task -childtask here for meeting point- for the dedicated server: [[west, ["Task1A","Task1"], [" <br /> Sub-Task Description Here. <br /> ", "Sub-Task Title", ""], (getMarkerPos "Task1MeetingPoint"), true] spawn BIS_fnc_taskCreate] call BIS_fnc_MP; I guess Arma 3 Tasks Overhaul somehow are used for notification icons. I wonder if i could use image below with the above code and how? https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/File:bis_tasktype_meet.png Thank you for your help in advance.
  4. Time: 2016-12-17 16:00 CET Location: darkwiiplayer.com (Arma 3 and teamspeak servers) Looking for Players to test a new mission on altis. --- About the mission: Players: 2-16 Location: Near Abdera, Altis Main focus: infantry combat Daytime: Most likely evening (Mission allows for adjustment) Aditional features: Zeus, Dynamic Squads, Virtual arsenal, Respawn (base)
  5. Dynamix I'll try to keep this thread as short as I find suitable and on point. No promises... I'll start with giving ya'll little background on the system. I've been developing this script for a good many weeks now, and have come up with what I'm calling the Dynamix System. The system is a set of only a few scripts that act quite similar to EOS, but are structured much differently to allow the beloved functionality to be presented in a very up-to-date and optimized manner. This is actually my first script I'm releasing to the public, so please expect bugs that need squished. Prior to me creating the script, I barely had any SQF know-how. The only knowledge that I had was of JavaScript, which seemed to be the most relatable language. I went ahead and found up the BI Wiki, and spent a good bit of my time to create this puppy. The system has went through some of my very "newbie" stages of development, such as where I had first implemented a matrix system to handle marker and unit status, but I found that to be obsolete after I matured it into simply getting the status from the map, and not throwing around the amount of enemies for each marker from the client and server. Performance Demo As I continued to roam around in the demo video, you could clearly tell that the system was performing at a pretty swell level. Apologies that the FPS wasn't overlayed for you to watch, but I can admit it was a constant 50+ frames - despite all of those active enemy AI and the DS being ran on the same machine. Now, please take in mind that my system is not built for something as bada## as Arma 3. Or, at least I would say it isn't. OS : Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit Motherboard : MSI 970A-G43 AM3 ATX GPU : AMD R9 270 925MHz 2GB GDDR5 (Crimson ReLive Software Version 16.12.1) CPU : AMD FX-6300 (Six-Core) 3.5GHz (Overclocking to 4.19GHz (Yes, the damn thing is stable)) Memory : Kingston HyperX Fury 240-pin (2x4)GB DDR3 (Overclocking to 1866 w/ HyperTransport) Storage : (OS Internal) Seagate HDD 1TB 64MB Cache, (Secondary Internal (Arma 3 Installed Here)) Samsumg EVO 850 250GB Last thing to note and wrap up this section is that over the time that I've been developing this, I made only one hardware upgrade, and that is the SSD (my very first). I can assure you that while I was still developing this system in the early days of my little HDD, it performed only slightly worse than it does today. I find this difference to be insignificant, because the margin of performance from system-to-system varies regardless, so it wouldn't much matter under certain conditions. Features Smooth AI spawning Marker status changes are logged Many editable variables Markers don't unload units Enemies occupy buildings Vehicle spawning Editable unit spawn banks An up-to-date system Open to suggestions Fully explained system Works with SP and MP Only 4kb's How-It-Works It actually works in a fairly simple to understand route. I'll just list out the main steps below. The server either sequentially generates all the marker names to report, or it reads them from a manual bank. It applies to all of the valid ones a certain "initial" color, and logs the invalid ones for debugging. Every X seconds, players will report their object, appropriate marker status colors to be applied, and load distance to the server. The server compares these values to every marker, and activates, captures, or recaptures those whom meet certain conditions. Considering an initialized marker needs to be loaded, it runs another thread that spawns the enemies. From the numbers 2 to 5, are generated units from a set enemy bank. The server takes a break after every unit spawned to reduce stuttering. For every building within a marker, is a chance to occupy a building with a single unit. A break is taken inside this as well. Finally, if there is a road inside a marker, there will be a chance that an enemy vehicle will spawn on that road. A break is taken inside this as well. Let's consider only 2/3 units have been neutralized inside our marker, so we'll look at this comparison. The capture comparison is based off of player knowledge to whether the square is clear or not. Even if an enemy is still inside a square, but the player doesn't know about them, it turns blue. This prevents players from cheating by observing a squares status to see if enemies still occupy it. That wraps the system up... Downloads There is a readme.txt inside the folder that you can take a look at. I've got a heap of comments inside the main script for you to take a look at how to configure the script. This is a personal agreement, where I state that you ONLY redistribute this system under the conditions that you apply proper attribution to all contributing authors, and a link to this OP. MediaFire - V11.8 Took me two whole hours to write this damn thread where I could have been playing Arma all that time, so I hope I covered everything. Enjoy! If you find bugs, I suppose you know what to do.
  6. As promised in SITREP #00008, here is an overview of the lighting tweaks which are in progress and have been partly rolled out to Development branch Arma 3 Apollo Pavel Guglava elaborates:
  7. So... What is Project Arcana? Ambitious. It's a new gamemode alike KoTH or Wasteland, but built from scratch and adding new abilities to the players in the area of magic (if you want to call it that way). The goal is to create a new combat dynamic with fire bolts, lightnings, astral projections for intel, healers, buffers, debuffers, sensory-types, while maintaining the gameplay equilibrium (the most difficult part). Players will be able to specialize in a Psien branch and develop their character through that tree, or reset and start over another. The principle of design is that is has to look smooth or it's not going in (hint "This is a scketchi output for a production release" <-- nope). I am aiming to make it as easy to edit/extend as I can, right now there's no docs (cos so early is not worth it) but I will document e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g (even Arma 3 vanilla stuff that's unclear). PLEASE MAKE SUGGESTIONS When? Who? How? When?:No idea, when it's ready, I guess a month to 1.0. Who?:Right now I am alone, and it's still an on-going process, adding new stuff each day, from design to implementation. I have been in the Arma scene for a while, mostly developing the hard stuff in roleplay server (life_server overhauls, creating network-savy functions, data managment in DB, stuff...), and lately I have been doing some experimental stuff that somehow ended up making this big idea. I am currently looking to add more people to the team if someone is interested. I can do it on my own, but having a sidekick surely will boost the development time. Right now the most needed are scripters (SQF, and if someone knows C++ with threading and networking PLEASE DO COME HERE WE HAVE COOKIES, CHOCOLATE COOKIES). Once in 1.0 we will need a basic modeler familiar with basic, but just for UV adjustments, material edition, stuff like that. Mostly for visual effects. How?:Many Monster cans, pizza and cigarettes. And beer. Lots. Links: Code (GitHub) LICENSE (CC Attr-NC-SA 4.0) Wiki Media: I am not at home right now. Will post some when there's something to show (teleport spell ready + basic core functionality up un running). Roadmap: Get Arma local client running. Get Arma serverside running. Get network RPC server running. Get network RPC client running. Surprise. Intense testing. Moar testing. Beta. Moar moars. Profit.
  8. Hello, Task Force 1776 is proud to offer a new Tanoa Domination mission for Arma 3. We have all the new equipment & goodies plus all the great features of domination for the new Tanoa Map in Arma3. If you are not familiar with TF1776 we have been running Domination in Arma 2 since 2011 and still have pretty much the only active domination server left in Arma 2. We offer a unique twist to domination that most players have come to identify as the top version of the mission. Please visit us on the server and let your friends know about it. We also have a teamspeak, so feel free to hop on with a few of your friends and use a room to communicate. Thank you, Task Force 1776 Representative Ministry of Bureaucratic Administration and Activity Oversight Compliance Division www.TF1776.com Teamspeak: TS3.TF1776.com
  9. Hey all, I found a bug in Arma 3 and it is possible to exploit this bug on nearly every Server which supports to sell the content of a car. Here is a link to my video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LvyoP5vfWU), where I explain that bug. The Video is private in YouTube, but if you send me your mail address, I can whitelist you. I don't want to post this exploit public. Maybe you know about this bug, if not, we hope it will be fixed soon. I already wrote this to Dwarden, but I think his spam filter delete all my messages :D You guys do a great job! If you need more information, feel free to contact me. Staynex
  10. mike00100

    Crouching problem

    Hi, Got a weird problem with arma3. When character is in a tactical walk, mouse move and pressing a "W"(forward) key causes a crouch stance. I've tried everything: change profile, change key settings, with no effect at all. It makes me Insane :/ Using Arma3 1.62 in multiplayer mode, with mods: - RHSUS - NIArsenal - TRYK Gear Please help if anyone has any idea how to fix it. thank you all in advance
  11. 17th Airborne Division is recruiting!! Who are we? The 17th Airborne Division (17AD)is a multinational ARMA 3 ‘milsim’ group which takes its name from a real US Army unit, disbanded after WWII. We have members based in the UK, Europe, the US and the Middle East. We aim to create a relaxed but realistic environment without all of the “yes sir – no sir†nonsense that seems the norm with most milsim units. This is a game at the end of the day and although we formed 17AD to create a more structured and realistic environment to enjoy the game we try not to take the game or ourselves too seriously. That said, once our boots are on the battlefield and the bullets start to fly we maintain unit discipline, know our roles and focus on the task at hand. Structure 17AD employs a ranking system based on traditional military structures (Private, Corporal, Sergeant etc..) however these ranks are merit based and earned by showing leadership, aptitude, initiative and a willingness to get involved. Factors like length of service, your age, who you are friends with in the group or the quality of your jokes bear no relation to your opportunities for promotion. We encourage our members of all ranks to lead squads if they want to and we operate a fairly flexible approach to roles within the team. 17AD is quite a young group and we are still going through the process of assessing each member’s strengths and weaknesses and we will introduce more structured team roles going forward but if you have a particular preference and/or aptitude for a certain area or role that will be taken into account. 17AD Server 17AD have their own ARMA 3 public server which currently runs a custom version of Invade and Annex(Altis) and is open for anyone to join. We try to use realistic communication protocols when in the field and aim to employ realistic combat tactics as much as possible. To achieve this, we use Task Force Radio (TFR) which works through Teamspeak 3. TFR is compulsory for anyone wishing to join the public server, it is our means of communication and without it you can’t talk to us or hear what is being said. It’s a great mod and really adds to the whole experience so it’s worth the effort to install it. A link to a TFR installation guide is available below. We also run a couple of mods to enhance the realism of the battlefield experience, JSRS sound mod and Blastcore FX mod both of which are optional. 17AD may add mods to the server in time to enrich and broaden our field of operations however these will be clearly communicated through our community sites before they go live. We aim to have an additional server for our ‘17AD group members’ up and running in the near future which will host our scheduled sessions, operations & training. More news on that to follow. Requirements · To be over 16 yrs old (exceptions can be made for outstanding candidates) · Own a legitimate copy of ARMA 3 (Apex and DLC content is ideal) · Have access to Teamspeak 3 · To download and correctly setup TFR (link to guide below) · A functional microphone · To be able to speak the English language to at least a basic level · To have a good attitude and be willing to work as part of a team · To be respectful to our members and other public server players · To be an active member of the team How to join Probably the best way to find out more about 17AD is to join us on our public server, run some ops with us and become familiar with the members and the way we play. You can also jump onto our Teamspeak server to ask us any questions you may have, leave a message in this thread, ask a question on our steam community page or get in touch using the contact details below. Details TS server address - ts3.woodsy310.co.uk 17AD server name - 17th Airborne Division Invade and Annex (find us on the server browser) Group page - https://units.arma3.com/unit/17thairbornedivision Task Force Radio installation guide We look forward to meeting you!
  12. Hello everyone, i tried to hide Objects Global via a headless client without any success, also if i'm already connected. Here are some code snippet: _list = nearestObjects [(call compile SEL(_x, 4)), [_classname], 10]; { _x hideObjectGlobal true; _x hideObject true; } forEach _list; If i run the code by my self or via the Server, it works pretty well. I hope someone know my issue and can help me.
  13. Runs great! here are my specs: iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2014) 3.5 GHz Intel Core i5 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 AMD Radeon R9 M295X 4096 MB Bohemia! I used to run Arma 3 on bootcamp. I was an avid player! ever since the arma 2 days. and before that flashpoint. I am so happy you guys released this for Mac. I am an Artist and pretty much have to use a Mac for my work. Having Arma 3 ported to Mac is absolutely amazing! please continue to develop it. I already got apex and have played it through bootcamp, It is awesome! please bring it to Mac. I don't use bootcamp anymore so this port is a dream come true. with my computer I run it at 1080p with all the settings maxed out. getting an average of 50fps in the open areas of Altis and around 32fps in Kavala. I am sure with some optimization it could be way better. although the fps doesn't go above 50 it feels way smoother than on bootcamp. boot camp with ultra settings I was getting around 50fps as well but it would stutter between 80fps down to 40fps which would cause screen tearing. please make the graphics fully accessible. I want to see what happens when things are bumped up some more. all and all Bohemia this is awesome! love you guys
  14. Hi all, This has been covered elsewhere, as i have been developing this for my Nogovan Armed Forces Mod. However i have decided i will also create an version which will only be dependent on CUP. Current planned textures are: AAF FIA Nogovan Armed Forces Everon Defence Forces Malden Defence Forces CUP Factions (UN, Soviet, Russian, SLA, NAPA, CHZ, PRACS, Soviet etc) Icebreakr islands factions Anyway here's a picture:
  15. Insurgency 3 is in closed alpha testing! To Insurgency lovers and newcomers, here is something the lovers awaited, and newcomers are about to experience. From the maker of Insurgency for Armed Assault Pogoman over his port of this excellent mission to Arma2 working version and across Fireball's and Kol9yn's excellent effort to keep it alive and up to date, along with ACE2 support which brought new experience to it, comes a complete, new and fresh revival ( or complete rewrite )l of this excellent mission, brought up to its feet and ready to be battle tested. I guess patience is a virtue, and eventually it pays off if you are patient enough. Thanks to Outlawz7 ( Project Reality BF2 ) and Ruthberg ( CSE, ACE3 ) mission is breathing new air, totally rewritten from ground up, although lacking some functionality which previous versions had, which will not even be possible in A3 in current state, and those being primarily ambient civilians. ( yep BI Ambient Civilians! ) We got the base code running, showing excellent results, and as such mission is qualified for some alpha testing. Anyone interested with large enough player base ( ~30 and up ) please contact me for details and files. Files are not YET public, but will be once we finish alpha testing of the core, and make sure there are no any nasty bugs or performance issues. Once that is done, mission will be hosted God damn forum ate 3/4 of my post....urghhh!!!
  16. What is 2ATF? The 2nd Australian Task Force (2ATF) is an ArmA III Realism group that sets out to resemble the Australian Defence Force to the best of the ArmA engine can offer. What can 2ATF bring? The 2nd Australian Task Force brings a close to real life experience in ArmA III, we offer a range of sub-units that personnel can specialise in, these include: 6th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (Rifle & Support Companies) 16th Aviation Brigade (Rotary pilots) Royal Australian Air Force (Fixed-wing pilots & JTAC) 1st Close Health Battalion 2nd Cavalry Regiment 1st Armoured Regiment How do I join? To join the 2nd Australian Task Force you must meet the following requirements: Be 17+ Be able to follow the guidelines we set for you Own a working microphone Own a legal copy of ArmA III Be able to download a sizeable modpack (19gb) Assuming you meet all the requirements please submit an application on our website at http://www.moreongames.com/ and submit an application under ‘moreOn forms’ and connect to our teamspeak, details are: IP: moreongames.no-ip.net Password: GameOn
  17. Currently i'm playing the preventive diplomacy mission from the arma3 campaign. After loading a usersave or autosave file, the mission immediately fails because of friendly fire. I had never shoot before of other teammates or allied troops. Bug/error discovered yesterday, 2016-05-01, dev build no. 1.59.135790 / Win 10 I will test it again, today with dev build no. 1.59.135811.. will keep you up to date!
  18. Hi everyone, My 2 cent question: I'd like to define in a script, what kind of server I'm playing on. The aim is to make a versatile addon disabling capabilities when gaming on public servers but with better latitude when the mission is hosted (LAN, or even SP). So far, i can't use isServer, isDedicated... just because the client returns always false (except for the hosting PC but it's a particular case). I tried: {missionNamespace setVariable ["dedicated",isdedicated]; publicVariable "dedicated"} remoteExec ["call",2]; but it seems uncertain with some public servers. Any idea to have this data by a more accurate way? Thanks
  19. The concept of " water temperature " and " oxygen concentration " It is a script that gives Water Enhanced • Depending on the time and the water temperature is staying on the surface of the water or water leads to death • Elapsed time until death depends on the time zone month ( season ) in the game • up to the land , if get on a ship and helicopter to recover from hypothermia etc., but the degree of fatigue will be Max • is possible underwater work to avoid such as hypothermia if wearing a wet suit Oxygen Enhanced • leads to death in about 15 seconds, the oxygen concentration is thin at an altitude 3000M more • oxygen concentration if fitted with a jet pilot helmet (A3,RHS,USAF,CUP) is kept normally • in an aircraft , such as a highly regardless of helicopter and jet has been pressurized Download https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-oJmEA...sp=sharing Ver2.0 ChangeLog [added] World index - water temperature of each map(Map that has not been indexed will be the Standard water temperature). [fixed] fatigue limit increase during wet suit worn only when you are in the land. fatigue limit increase during oxygen helmet mounted only except when the vehicle ride. ---World index List--- "Altis" "Stratis" "Koplic" "bozcaada" "evergreen" "SugarLake" "Gorgona" "Takistan" "Zargabad" "pja310" "Shapur_BAF" "Chernarus_winter" "utes_winter" "anim_helvantis_v2" "ThirskW" "Panthera3" "Chernarus" "Chernarus_Summer" "Woodland_ACR" "ProvingGrounds_PMC" "utes" "Bornholm" "Thirsk" "sfp_wamako" "Napf" "sfp_sturko" "imrali" "imralispring" "pja305" "Sara_dbe1" "SaraLite" "Sara" "Porto" "Intro" "IslaDuala3" "Mog" "lingor3" "wake" "Atlantis" "abramia" "australia"
  20. I'm working on an arma 3 life server. I'm trying to change the respawn time so when there is no ems the revive timer is 1min and if there is, its 10min. All i need to get this to work is the command to test for active players on independent. code for revive time: life_respawn_timer = 1;//number goes by min
  21. can some one help me with this issue so i bought a new pc only because of Arma3 and i still get really bad frames on every server and even singleplayer my pc specs are Intel I7 4790k Asus GTX 970 4gb strix MSI z97 gaming 3 motherboard thermaltake 750w gold psu g.skill ripjaws 16gb (8gbx2) every other game i play has a massive improvement but arma3 hasn't changed at all from my depressing amd pc and its really frustrating considering i spent alot of money to get this computer.
  22. If this isn't the correct place to post this (I'd imagine it is) would a mod please move it to the correct sub-forum? As the title says, what's your best or worst experience in Arma 3? My best: I was playing the End Game public test w/ the developers. We were pinned down in the hospital, CSAT forces were every where. If I remember correctly, the people on my team were Ondrej, End Star, and a few other people. We were being suppressed from people behind the rocks, and me being a grenadier, I decided to use my UGL and see if I could take out anyone. A fired a few blind shots, no hits. Not a minute later, some of them begin to push up. I fire a few more grenades, one hitting zipper5 and killing him. We continued to hold our ground, but eventually the other team broke through and slaughtered us. In the next game, we managed to get our FOB up first and I hopped in one of the offroads headed to the objective where you kill the officer. We parked about 200 meters away from the compound. I was an AT man this time. I scanned the hills as we approached the objective, and mid-way to the compound, I noticed something on the horizon. It was an offroad. I grabbed my PCML and locked on, firing a rocket at them. The rocket hits and kills 4 guys. My worst was during Bingo Fuel, where I got the fuel truck after an hour and a half of sneaking around in broad daylight. I started driving to the drop-off point for Miller, and then a Mora notices me and blows up the fuel truck with me in it. GG.
  23. I've been trying to search the internet for information on remote access to MCC sandbox by either Name or UID, I'd rather do it with name, because it would be hard to test with UID. I've been able to search some information about allow MCC to a particular player slot, it works when I preview it, and when I host it local, but as soon as I put it on my Dedicated server, it seems not to work anymore, I've only found youtube videos on how to do it not sure if this line is meant to work for MCC_sandbox 4 for Arma 3 =: this setvariable ["names",["Pineapple_hat"]] I've tried that line it doesn't seem to work, I hope I can find someone that can assist me with this issue, thank you.
  24. Hello, my name is DrStigHD/Callum Brown and i'd like to welcome you to our Arma 3 Life Lakeside server! In our server, we have many features that the community would love! I am going to explain some! We have; The ability to call other players in game! The ability to switch task force radio channels with the click of a button! Special perks for certain items in game! Lots and lots of different textures like a galaxy Lamborghini! Custom HUD Way points! A job system like Garry's mod RP (Players control the economy and jobs.. AI in place for when that's not available. LSMO [Lakeside Mayors Office] If you're intrested in joining our community, visit our website​ or come to our teamspeak at ts.drhdgaming.co.uk
  25. Hello, Since the last update It seems that Arma broke the current standard implementation of Source query. Query for Rules of the servers aren't reported correctly anymore : https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Server_queries#A2S_RULES We can't process mod launched or signatures installed. If you can do something about that, would be great. EDIT: this is incorrectly reported in rpt too : 2016/03/07, 5:01:12 encodedStream: ꯊaÊšµ¹œZGâË@ CUP Weapons 1.5õ >CUP Vehicles - 1.2^øsCUP Units 1.2.2?‘¡ºCUP Terrains - Full 1.0.1k^È(Community Base Addons v2.3.0a3asdg_jointrailscba_2.3.0.160217-c478cf23cup_terrains_core-1.0.1cup_terrains_maps-1.0.1cup_units-1.2.2cup_vehicles-1.2.0cup_weapons-1.5.0DragonFyre25dragonfyreeden1ROJ shay_gmanteam_trankilou [TF]Nkey8 2016/03/07, 5:01:12 parts size:4) 2016/03/07, 5:01:12 part(127): ꯊaÊšµ¹œZGâË@ CUP Weapons 1.5õ >CUP Vehicles - 1.2^øsCUP Units 1.2.2?‘¡ºCUP Terrains - Full 2016/03/07, 5:01:12 part(127): 1.0.1k^È(Community Base Addons v2.3.0a3asdg_jointrailscba_2.3.0.160217-c478cf23cup_terrains_core-1.0.1cup_terrains_m 2016/03/07, 5:01:12 part(127): aps-1.0.1cup_units-1.2.2cup_vehicles-1.2.0cup_weapons-1.5.0DragonFyre25dragonfyreeden1ROJ shay_gmanteam_trankilou [TF]N 2016/03/07, 5:01:12 part(4): key8 2016/03/07, 5:01:13 Connected to Steam servers