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Found 362 results

  1. error thrown on server OS ''include file\x\cba\addons\main\script_macros .hpp not found." this only happens after we login and try to use #missions to change maps or missions. Since discovery i have; 1. updated/reinstalled CBA 2. reinstalled arma3server 3. updated "force_update_app 233780 validate" 4. moved cba in the load order to the top we have been forced to manually shut down and change the loaded mission at start to play different mission, obviously this is a hassle and not efficient. if anyone knows a fix please let me know. thanks again. A. Jackson Task Force Cerberus Commanding Officer S4 Lead
  2. So I have a script. It is not my script and I believe it was modified form ALiVE or some other mod. this is part of it: it is a vehicle respawn script, that checks if the vehicle abandoned, destroyed and so on. What I cannot understand, what is called by "_veh call _vehInit;"? Because it is clearly a local variable, initialized from parameters with which this function called, and had a "true" or "false" value. How it can be called?
  3. Hi Guys, Scrawling the forums, I have been educating myself on Functions & Remote Exec in aid of spawning AI groups (LV Scripts from Spunoff) via a GUI (Local to Admins which I have created), I have followed the formats from the wiki and Various other posts but I cannot seem to get it to execute, here are the files below it would be great if someone could look over it. Thanks! Description.EXT GUI Extract : dialogs.hpp Fnc_AlesiaMilitia.sqf
  4. So recently i have been very interested in starting a arma 3 Milsim unit as i am a very big fanatic about WWII. I would have started one on my own but i would rather get a few people on board to help maybe some people experienced in making a website, ETC. My Ideas - USMC unit - Army unit - Canadian Unit - Airborne but there are plenty of other Airborne units so wanna change it up :) What the Unit would consist of - Training's - Operations - Special training - Tank platoon - Fighter/Bomber squadron
  5. Hi. Im getting an error in Arma 3 that says ''The instruction at0x0000000001FCC7C7 referanced memory at 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. tHE MEMORY COUD NOTBE READ.''I have tried any fixes and tricks i have found on google and your forums withno luck.I have switched out my memorysticks with brand new one with no luck.When i start up arma i get in to the server, but after 3 minutes i get theerror and the game close down. Im playing modded Exile servers, but i havetried Arma with no mods and still happens. I have tried reinstaling the game,and re installed windows with no luck there either. Now im starting to get alitle clueless what to do.I played arma 3 last week with no problem. i havent installed annything new ordone anny changes to my computer since then.Hope you guys can help me out on this one.
  6. Miscellany

    Arma 3 - Overthrow Mod

    Good day Arma 3 Fans and mod players! Myself and many members of my community have recently started playing a mod called Overthrow, Overthrow is a fantastic mod in which players work together to destabilise towns and take them over in order to takeover the map. With every Cop or Civilian killed influence is gained or lost, during the game NATO forces will attempt to retake and battle for positions which makes for dynamic and interesting game play. It's a thoroughly enjoyable mod and can be downloaded through this page below which also provides more information as the Mod has many features. If you would like to see some comedic game play then please do checkout the video linked below : If you have any further questions or queries regarding the mod then feel free to message me. Miscellany Community Manager, Luke.
  7. We are Czech based, ARMA3 unit focusing on Realistic Gameplay. We play as Czech Army 4th Rapid deployment Brigade, because our player base consists of current or former members of said unit in real life. Our Gameplay is relaxed in terms of military ranks and person to person interaction, but firm in tactics, folowing combat orders, and fulfilling appointed duties. We are looking for , new members, occasional players and other units that would join us on battlefield. What we have to offer: Own Public and own private server. Own TS3 server Training and tactical advisory Provided by Real currently serving soldiers, or soldiers whos service ended recently. Technical advice and troubleshooting by experienced Arma Players, server specialists and mission creators. Fun. What is required from you: Black Lion membership applicant Fluency in Czech or Slovak language Age of at least 18 (16 if we decide that you are mature enough) Working headset with working microphone communicativeness will to learn new skills If you have any questions, contact us at INFO@BLACKLION.CZ or on our teamspeak: ts.blacklion.cz
  8. Is anyone aware of an Android App that can be used for server control for a Dedicated server..I use Epm RCon now on my laptop but would love an Android application I could use to check in on the server. Did some digging and havent found anything. Diesel
  9. I think it has been 4 Years since release and still on the most servers you get like EVERYTHING under 60 FPS in towns? I have a good setup and always had the most recent CPU/GPU in the last 4 Years and the FPS was always the same... So are you ever going to Optimize the game?
  10. Hello! We're Charlie MIKE, looking to recruit some people for our small friendly Arma 3 Community with room to grow. I'll be upfront, I wouldn't call us full time in that we have set designated times for missions. We have about 4 to 5 guys at this time who are great guys to play with. We really want more friends to play Arma 3 with us, and to have fun with us as well. We usually play Arma 3 together nearing the end of the week, or when we can all get together. What we're looking for are guys who can either be full time with us and hang out with us. Or be the part time guy that we can shout out to when we're all on and getting ready to play or show up whenever. We're also looking for mission creators of all levels as I'm the only mission creator at this time. We don't have a website, we don't have an application process. What we do have is good friends who are looking for more to join us. Right now we're running a small Special forces Campaign as well as looking for other missions. We're very open to other missions if the content is provided. We play semi-serious, when we load in to play we joke a little here and there, but while on the Objective we're on point. Currently we have the following: 40 man Arma 3 Dedicated Server with the following mods: all CUPS (except CWA), Task force Radio, CBA, RHS's, and ACE. Private Teamspeak server. Motivated Arma 3 players wanting to play with more. We have high standards of people in regards to our community because we want to play with like minded individuals: Mature, respectful and adaptable (we're in the age range between 25 and up). Good sense of humor (or at least not serious all the time, this isn't a job). Open minded. Willing to continually learn and grow as a player. Able to be serious when the situation is required, and to have fun. Individuals with integrity (responsibility and honesty). No foul/negative people (If you like to back stab and create wedges between people, my friends and I will show you the door) Group player, not individual, with good sportsmanlike conduct. Teamwork oriented mindset. I know we're asking a lot of a person here, but I have the same requirements of others, as I do for myself. I want to foster a community that we enjoy being a part of, that is for the group. The group that has good camaraderie, and doesn't have to worry about knives being put in their back. If this is for you and you feel like this could fit you, leave a message here, or PM me. If you want to add me to Steam and want to join in when we're playing, PM me or leave a message here. We don't have any requirements of playtime. This is only a small community right now, but I would welcome the idea of prospering into something more. I have great kindness, but please don't confuse my nice-ness for weakness. We are currently centered around EST timezone in the North East US region. What we do require for you to have upon leaving a message or a PM: Working headset with mic. Teamspeak 3 Arma 3 + APEX Leave a message here or PM me your General Location (US - East/Central/West), your age and small rundown of you would be great. Hope to hear from you! From all of us at Charlie Mike.
  11. Okay. Hey peoples, one of my first threads here pleading for Help!!! I have been working on a CQB, VR Map for quite a long time now using VR blocks only. Now, I have different rooms from the start to finish that increase in difficulty and each stage is marked by colored arrows that point the direction of the finish area. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So what I have done is I have used large amounts of 1x1x1 VR Blocks, to build walls, towers, roofs, balconies, cover etc. My idea was to have previously cleared stages blocked off by different shaped walls of VR blocks, once the player hit the next stage's trigger that is. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My go-to solution for this was to make a wall of blocks that separates stages 1 and 2 or Blue and Light Blue, Then set all the VR blocks conditions to false so that they would not be there on mission start and then create a trigger out of sight around a corner or something so as the player enters the trigger some magic VR wall appears in the previous stage so that the player can't go back to mission start and basically Re-Kit themselves with anything they want, before going back to finish off stages. I Just don't no how to tell the trigger to make the conditions of the sync'd VR blocks back to true once the trigger owner steps into the trigger. I really appreciate any help i get, Steam Name: Warlord I've been searching forums to no avail. I have thousands of hours of editor experience and not much to show for it so any other tips or anything will be incredibly helpful thank you so much everyone!! I have images of the Map but i can't post them here :(
  12. Story This is a script that I wrote a few weeks ago for a friend. It's supposed to let AI's with specific backpack's deploy static weapons automatically in a combat. You can link specific backpacks with specific static weapons multiple times. This script doesn't work, if the AI is in a combat mode all the time or if the AI never gets to be in a combat mode. There are several routine integrated to avoid script errors. A description can be found inside the SQF file, how to execute the script. It's SP/MP/Dedicated and HC compatible. Have fun. Content It is a single ~80Code-Line-Big Script to let AI's with specific backpack's deploy static weapons automatically in a combat. Purpose The aim of this script is to make it easier to implement a universal script, which makes a combat with AI more interesting. Download Missions and Script on GitHub ArmaHolic Link Credits Script & Media: Rockhount Examples nul=[["B_Bergen_dgtl_F","B_Mortar_01_F"]] execVM "HandleAutoDeploy.sqf"; nul=[["B_Bergen_dgtl_F","B_Mortar_01_F"],["B_Bergen_mcamo_F","B_Mortar_01_F"]] execVM "HandleAutoDeploy.sqf"; nul=[["B_Bergen_dgtl_F","B_Mortar_01_F"],["B_Bergen_mcamo_F","B_Mortar_01_F"],["B_Bergen_hex_F","B_GMG_01_high_F"],["B_Bergen_tna_F","O_GMG_01_high_F"]] execVM "HandleAutoDeploy.sqf"; All 3 examples are possible, because there is no limit for the amount of parameters.
  13. Multiplayer client can't pick up items (ammo things) in the deadbody's vest/uniform/bag on inventory on mission. When change the equipments on 3den Arsenal. feedback: https://feedback.bistudio.com/T126030 it's since 1.72 update... :( STEPS TO REPRODUCE Start Arma 3 Go to Editor Place any AI unit & players(need server and client) change the AI unit's weapon in arsenal. save the mission play the mission on MP kill the AI try the pickup items(ammo) from vest/uniform/bag of deadbody's additional info: it's only in MP and client(not server) player bug. server can pickup ammos from equip changed AI unit deadbody's vest,uniform,bag.
  14. Story This is a script that I wrote a few weeks ago for a friend. It's supposed to simplify the loading of cargo onto vehicles by the player. There are several routine integrated to avoid script errors. A description can be found inside the SQF file, how to execute the script. It's SP/MP/Dedicated and HC compatible. Have fun. Content It is a single ~140Code-Line-Big Script to enable the Player to attach objects with other objects via the action menu in a simple way. Purpose The aim of this script is to make it easier to implement a universal script, which enables the player to attach objects in a specific manner. Download Missions and Script on GitHub ArmaHolic Link Credits Script & Media: Rockhount Examples
  15. Story This is a script that I wrote years ago for a event mission. It's supposed to simplify the command to an AI for shooting at an specified area with the artillery. There are several routine integrated to avoid script errors. A description can be found inside the SQF file, how to execute the script. It's SP/MP/Dedicated and HC compatible. Have fun. Content It is a single ~100Code-Line-Big Script to let an AI controlled artillery shoot at a single destination. Purpose The aim of this script is to make it easier to implement an artillery. Download Missions and Script on GitHub ArmaHolic Link Credits Script & Media: Rockhount Examples
  16. Hello. I am wondering how to create a custom Arma 3 loading splash screen. I mean the one that shows when the game is first loading. The graphics are in ui_f_data.pbo, but I cannot find the config entry for this. I extracted the files for Alive mod that has a custom screen, but the code was obfuscated. I just want to use a custom screen for my mod to make it stand out, but I came up empty searching of Google, as I could only find results for making custom mission splash screens. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  17. Dear players I have a problem with ARMA 3, when I start the game loads to the main menu of the game but after 4 seconds the game freezes and I can not play. The specifics of my pc: Core i 7 6700 Asus z170-p 16 gb ram ddr4 Cx 750 w Ssd 240 adata Radeon asus rx 470 strix 4 gb (I have the latest drivers updated, also probe with old drivers and the same problem occurs. Thanks for your help.
  18. I have been trying for a few days to script a helicopter to come in, land and then for the ai to board, then have the heli take off. I have tried watching videos and even tried searching, there was a redit post where someone provided an example but that file is no longer available and they did not go into details on how it was done. I made a helicopter, put it into the air, set a load waypoint, then created a ai fireteam group and set a waypoint for "get in" I then linked the "get in" waypoint activation to "load". What hapens is the helicopter says in the air, and on top of that the ai immediately heads for the get in waypoint. I thought that the waypoint for "get in" would only become active once "load" was true. I have also experimented with adding a "land" waypoint followed by the load, nothing is working, the ai moves to the position and does nothing. How can I make a simple scenario such that the helicopter flys in, lands waits for the ai to board, then takes off? [solved]I have two working solutions, for anyone reading this who is also having this problem, see my responses below.[/solved]
  19. Hello to everyone that will see that topic. As you have seen the title, I have a strange thing happening with my Arma 3 Launcher and Steam Workshop. I just logged in today to see that I have to download 48 GB of workshop content. I want to mention that all mods are in the folder, my disk is alright, and to be exact, my Arma 3 folder has weight of 35GB. On workshop there was only one mod that was updated today, but it was just some 200 MB looking on the workshop. So I have moved the workshop update from the queue, so I can open the game. And right now every mod is awaiting for update from Steam Workshop and... this is on. (added translation on the green bar in case someone don't know) That is the thing that worried me. I haven't downloaded any mod named "move along. nothing to see here." and there is no mod like that in the mod list. I can turn this on, but I am not doing it for now as it looks really suspicious. (The name fits the situation really). I don't really know what is happening, yesterday everything worked just fine. I hope someone will see this! Stay safe, KC
  20. Kind time of the day friends! I created a character, made a rig, skinning, but I had a non-minor problem with animations, I tried to work in 3D max and Blender, but still when I import (FBX) into OB2 the mesh is strongly deformed. I will be very grateful if you advise how to deal with it.
  21. Welcome to the Guerrilla Gaming Community! The GGC is a casual, tactical, multi-game community that enjoys using teamwork, communication, squad play and maturity to most importantly have fun! We host weekly ARMA nights, and are always looking for active players and mission creators to join our community! We are a laid-back semi-realism based group. No need for the realism salutes and lining up on the wall getting orders for 40+ minutes. We take the best of both worlds. Pick your role, play your role with your team, and succeed. Join, and fight alongside your fellow guerrilla's today! Requirments; Maturity Working Microphone Discord Copy of ARMA3 w/ APEX 18+ age If you're ready to have some fun, with no activity requirements, come apply at our steam page below! We play various games across all genre's. Guerrilla Gaming Community
  22. First of all, hello to everybody who is reading through this. My team and me consisting of two other ppl who are both highly experienced scripters both 3 years+ experience. Who would tackle the difficult part of the project like for example scripting a who new custom survival mod (work is allready beeing done on that front see below) The whole project aims to combine all the good from the arma2 dayz mod (the feel and ambiance, the amazingly high chance to run into another person, the absence of, i can just do some lootruns sell junk at the trader and buy myself an as50), Arma3 features (everything the arma3 engine has to offer and that we can use to our advantage), and some highly polished and custom "exile like" features. (completely custom trading system and tradingzones thats about it, yes there will be no missions because missions are just a big mess all there is either the server is empty -> you can do your missions in peace or server is full -> everbody camps a missions and waits until some idiots starts to do the missions and then snipes him when hes at the crate. Aswell as no exile like base building see below at "Whats planned" Whats planned: As mentioned allready completely custom survival DayZ script (so no exile scripts -> fully custom and expandable). Highly customized map (but done properly well not just some barracks in a massive sand bank square haha we all know and hate that stuff) (Base map will most likely be the A2 Version of chernarus not CUP since it looks quite alot better) (allready in the works) Coming with that new map design what will happen exactly. The whole maplayout will be story based fyi. when a zombie outbreak starts, it will probably not just the country that outbreak was in fighting the outbreak there will be help from other countries. So what is planned multiple smaller outposts from different factions Obviously the whole map would be polished up with props and small overrun checkpoints to make it feel proper zombie appocalypse (further details on interest) When you have that properly planned map layout you almost have to make a fully custom loot table which means that you can only find american weapons at american outposts same with AK's bla bla i think you get the point. What this does very well is encurage ppl to go to multiple outposts to get the best loadout which increases traffic on the map tremendously. (the loottable is allready beeing worked on aswell) Adding to that will come a completely custom trading system that completely gets rid of the whole coin system and makes it far more realistic alswell as a new tradezone system in itself (further details only on interest) Custom crafting system will also be available aswell as a wear system on guns and vehicles. Completely custom base building no ugly ass block fortresses but realistic stuff like pichting a tent, diggin a small hole to hide a chest or seeking shelter in a house and barricading the windows and puting a lock on the door. Lots more in planned and if i would go into detail about most of this stuff here i would be writing this for the next few hrs, and nobody would care to read through this (i think its already a bit much) What are we looking for? Modeling artist, what tasks would be there ? Custom items: backpacks, misc items, clothing (also converting arma 2 clothing (like about 5 skins) and making it modular for the arma3 system) Custom props and eventually even smaller buildings. Config coder, what tasks would there be ? Managing all weapons giving them sound proper recoil etc. General config work for interactions and managing the addon files. Thank you very much for reading through this If you seem interested (and even if you dont have the exact skills we need feel free to still contact us) feel free to contact me or my mates and we will be discussed further details as mentioned already what is described above is mearly a part of the bear shell. Best regards Chris KiwiBear: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198018276573/ MrCopyright: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198067442279/ My steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198046410470/
  23. Hello everybody, i am currently working on a very big and detailed plan to make a properly done arma 2 dayz mod mod oldschool style proper first day of release. I have played dayz since the very first day i know what its all about and i have done alot of research on what was there and how everything setup, unfortunatly i cant do all the coding and modding myself as my skills are limited on the heavy hitters. So i am looking of for some modders and coders who share my vision and passion for the old dayz and are down to work on this unique project, the project it aims to catch tha flair and feel of the good ol days of dayz arma2 mod. As some of you might know, there like 1 or 2 other server out there trying to do this and even tho they do horrible job on it, yet their server are still filled to the brim allmost allways so emagine what a proper done server will achive. A little overview of what is planned https://www.pic-upload.de/view-33301738/Overview.png.html (about 15 pages font size 11 in total and still growing) The main tasks would be : -Getting the hud up to date or rather down to date https://www.pic-upload.de/view-33301742/512231231.jpg.html means all the icons changed (i allready have all the icons ready to go just needs to be changed) -Importing all the guns we need from arma 2 into arma 3 (full list of all guns that where in the game back then is ready) and making them work with sound animations and very important ZEROING, obviously back then guns didnt have attatchments so now they wont have them either which means every gun has fixed attatchments (i allready started with that task) -Map changes chernarus back then was looking quite a bit different obviously this needs to be changed to fit aswell im sure you can find the code for the special dayz mapping somewhere in the dayz files (i got allmost every dayz version file from vanilla to now) but if that wont work ill just map in the stuf. -Custom loottables will ofc also be a task that needs to be done i allready got everything planned out on what spawns where just needs to be added in a lootcompiler -Importing skins from arma2/dayz to arma 3 and make them work i thought of putting them in the vest slot since i plan on giving certain skins more armor like the hero skins to encurage less kos. -Importing all the sounds from arma 2 to arma 3 including the (background music from dayz (dont know if we are allowed to do that might have to get a license)) -Getting custom models from arma 2/ dayz for all the misc items bloodbags, car parts, etc. -Also getting a repair system working because the normal all in one duct tape exile fix is just boring. -Possibitly of making cars damaged and also make guns spawn with attatchments if needed -Getting a debug monitor running -Adding helicopter crashsites with special loot Thats roughly the goal to get these things done and working. I know very well that this is no over the weekend project or even over a few weeks but this project would go off like a rocket i already asked many ppl (100+) if they would be interested in playing on such a server with highly positive responce. I am looking very much forward to translate this into action and make a proper oldschool arma 2 dayz server. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR ATTENTION Best regards. Chris. STEAM: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198046410470/
  24. I have purchased the Jets DLC through the steam store but cannot use the items in game. The DLC is listed in the list under the Arma 3 Tab in my library but I cannot pick up items in game and still get the advertisements on my screen.
  25. Introduction The 1st Battalion, 21st Infantry Arma 3 realism unit is primarily based around military simulation and of course an enjoyable time for all participants. When on Operations and trainings we enforce participants to act accordingly; professional when needed. Although we enforce a professional setting at times, we also encourage our members to enjoy themselves when playing. All in all we are looking for a “serious-fun” experience. Our Community With the ability to conduct combined operations between joined elements, the 21st infantry regiment is a revolution within the arma community. Many of our active members have prior military experience or are currently serving and in turn are helping us accomplish our goal of becoming the most successful realism unit within the community. Members already in the unit are friendly! Don’t be afraid to make some new friends and play some other games with them besides Arma 3 Milsim. We operate based on respect and a have a strict set of rules that if followed, allow an enjoyable and exciting experience within the unit. Additional Notes Our schedule for operations, basic training, etc are relatively flexible when real world affairs interfere. We are welcome to any advice to better the future of this unit! Handmade missions with our custom modpack; modpack can be found on teamspeak: When Do We Have Mission/Operations? Saturdays, 8PM EST. All throughout the week we will have mini operations, and likely everyday consisting of checkpoints, and invade missions. Requirements To Join Must be mature Must have a working Mic Must Own a Legal Copy of Arma 3 Must be at least 17 years old (exceptions made) Must be willing to Download mods Must Follow Rules Interested? Have questions or interested in joining? Message me via Steam(PFC D.Llama) or come talk to us on TeamSpeak. TeamSpeak: (Tell The Recruiter That Llama Sent You)