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Found 337 results

  1. Patch contains MP steam lobby and is distributed only for steam version of game (Arma2: Operation Arrowhead Beta) To be to able to use Steam lobby you must - run game from Steam client, so proper application ID is used - to start public server you must not be hidden behind NAT - to start DS, steam_appid.txt must be present (so DS knows product ID) - steam dlls must be present For more details please read http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?175463-End-of-Gamespy
  2. Hi! :) I have a problem with mlod and lod textures. I trying to edit buildings in 3ds max, but these textures are buggy. How i can fix it? (Sorry for my bad english. :D)
  3. royaltyinexile

    Arma 3 Bootcamp Update

    FULL BLOG POST Hello, all! Ahead of this week's planned dev-branch staging, we wanted to share some details on our next major release: Bootcamp Update. In short, it's a mix of tutorial-oriented playable content, splendid sandbox additions, and new/refined features. Since there are a number of important/complex new updates, we're keen to get it to dev-branch soonâ„¢. As usual, this version represents a WIP build and may be incomplete or unstable, so, unless you'd like to offer splendid feedback, you might want to hold fire until the intended full release in July! Best, RiE
  4. New Beta was released. With one huge change - this beta is not part of Arma2: operation Arrowhead beta product, but is a branch of normal Arma2: operation Arrowhead. This was needed so both beta and normal game have the same product ID. How-to-change-Arma-branches-between-STABLE-amp-DEVELOPMENT. Changelog: - added steam ownership checking - BE update edit: you need to restart steam to see it :) edit2: Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead - Dedicated Server now has branch "beta" as well
  5. ARMA 2 OPERATION ARROWHEAD Hello, I've got a problem. I've recently downloaded Alimag's Briefing Manager. I started to create mission. OK. Started to create tasks and notes. OK. Then took a look at the files to set when task could end. Here's the problem. I saved the files then turned on the game again. Nothing even appears! I deleted the files, and created it again without editing the files by myself - still nothing, but was working previously! Created second mission, created tasks, notes with the briefing manager... NOTHING! I've created third mission - Somehow... It worked! Any idea what can be wrong with my first and second missions? P.S - I created files called "Briefing.sqf" and "init.sqf", so what could be wrong? I'll post down my briefing.sqf, got original copy of Arma 2 OA (Bought from Steam) // A2BM W 110 // DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE waitUntil {!(isNull player)}; waitUntil {player==player}; switch (side player) do { case WEST: { player createDiaryRecord ["Diary",["Backup","Your only's backup is Bravo team."]]; player createDiaryRecord ["Diary",["Briefing","You, sgt. Patrick Scott with your team callsing "Bullethole" are being put in operation "Armed Deal". Check documents for your tasks.<br/>After Alpha team's fail, Russia has over-taken the Chernarus. We must capture it by any means possible. You're cleared to engage, all civilians have moved to another country till operation ends."]]; MAG_tskObj8=player createSimpleTask ["Move to FOB New York"]; MAG_tskObj8 setSimpleTaskDescription ["","Move to FOB New York","Move to FOB New York"]; MAG_tskObj7=player createSimpleTask ["Clear Novy Sobor"]; MAG_tskObj7 setSimpleTaskDescription ["","Clear Novy Sobor","Clear Novy Sobor"]; MAG_tskObj6=player createSimpleTask ["Clear Stary Sobor"]; MAG_tskObj6 setSimpleTaskDescription ["Clear Stary Sobor","Clear Stary Sobor","Clear Stary Sobor"]; MAG_tskObj5=player createSimpleTask ["Clear Rogovo"]; MAG_tskObj5 setSimpleTaskDescription ["Clear Rogovo","Clear Rogovo","Clear Rogovo"]; MAG_tskObj4=player createSimpleTask ["Clear Pogorevka"]; MAG_tskObj4 setSimpleTaskDescription ["Clear Pogorevka","Clear Pogorevka","Clear Pogorevka"]; MAG_tskObj3=player createSimpleTask ["Regroup with Bravo"]; MAG_tskObj3 setSimpleTaskDescription ["Regroup with Bravo<br/>","Regroup with Bravo","Regroup with Bravo"]; MAG_tskObj2=player createSimpleTask ["Clear Pustoshka"]; MAG_tskObj2 setSimpleTaskDescription ["Clear Pustoshka","Clear Pustoshka","Clear Pustoshka"]; MAG_tskObj1=player createSimpleTask ["Clear Vybor"]; MAG_tskObj1 setSimpleTaskDescription ["Clear Vybor","Clear Vybor","Clear Vybor"]; MAG_tskObj0=player createSimpleTask ["Clear Lopatino"]; MAG_tskObj0 setSimpleTaskDescription ["Clear Lopatino","Clear Lopatino","Clear Lopatino"]; }; case EAST: { }; case RESISTANCE: { }; case CIVILIAN: { }; };
  6. http://www.arma2.com/beta-patch.php WARNING: this build is major build 1.63.x thus not compatible backward with 1.62 clients ! both client and server must have this beta build the build contain quite some of crash fixes (if you still get any crashes, it's very important for us to get server's mdmp,bidmp,rpt files (compressed e.g. to my email (which is my BIForum nickname @ bistudio.com)with subject CRASH) BattlEye compatibility: ... SUPPORTED, enjoy ! ... note: also not yet deployed on STEAM! (inside "test" branch, default beta is 103419) +++ Data fixes and improvements by the Community Config Project (CCP) Changelog: https://dev-heaven.net/versions/1391 More info: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?141732-ARMA-2-Community-Configuration-Project-(A2CCP)
  7. I got 1024 x 1024 x 4m terrain. Satmask and satimg both 2048 x 2048. Satellite/surface (mask) tiles settings as 1024 x 1024 with 16 px overlap. Texture layer size 4x4m. Satmask consists of only two colors green for grass and yellow for gravel. And i get these ugly sharp texture transitions: http://imgur.com/cXiQg4y Tried searching for clues how to improve this but I couldnt find any helpful relevant information. Solid advice and wild guesses all welcome and appriciated.
  8. royaltyinexile

    Arma 3 - Roadmap 2014-15

    FULL BLOG POST Hello, all! Joris and myself, with the support of our team, have put together an Arma 3 'development roadmap' blog, which sketches out our medium and longer-term objectives. Our goal is to introduce a number of new developments, presenting a fairly high-level overview. Over the next few weeks and months, we aim to expand upon several aspects in further detail! Until then, we'd like to thank your for all your feedback and support which has truly helped to make Arma 3 splendid. Best, RiE
  9. Hey Folks, I'm experimenting with an Sphere, to make it grow after player input. Is there any possebility to manage this? And: how can I spawn this sphere from an BAckpack? Greets, Biwi P.S: I've already posted the same topic in the ArmA2 Section, but accidentally...
  10. Seeing that trailer makes you wonder, if this is possible in a running multiplayer game, how hard can it be to make this functional for the editor? It looks really advanced.
  11. The Arma 3 devteam welcomes you to their 'Zeus Gameplay Reveal' hangout, taking place on February 15, at 17:00 UTC. Live from Bohemia Interactive's Prague studio, the session will be streamed on Arma 3's channel on Twitch.tv. The session is expected to last about an hour and a half. Karel Moricky (Zeus Design Lead) and Filip Sadovský (Zeus Programmer), will be hosting the hangout, supported by Jay Crowe (Creative Director), Joris-Jan van 't Land (Project Lead), and Thomas Ryan (Senior Designer). They'll be joined by a whole host of other developers for a splendid MP showdown! Based on our previous livestream experiences, we welcome you all to submit questions in this thread - some of which we'll try to answer during the livestream. For general discussion, please use the general thread - we'd like to be able to select about 5-10 questions from this one! :cool:
  12. Good news for all the Arma and Apple fans out there - Arma Tactics is now available at iTunes! Please be aware, though, that the game is compatible with: iPad 2 and up iPad mini iPod touch 5 and up iPhone 4S and up and IT WILL NOT RUN ON EARLIER DEVICES. So, soldier, if you are interested, you should grab one right now...
  13. I feel the need for having preset addons for individual portions of variables. Life based mods are becoming a popular thing and since the game doesnt currently have any of the parts needed, I would like to see something that will aid new developers to the platform to create new mods based on their preferences. Example, a Project Im wanting to work on needs the following. Hunger, Eating, Dehydration, drinking. Those are the main ones that are common in popular mods, other popular mods use a bank system and payroll. Police functions like restraining, stuns, searches, tickets, prison, and so on. Bank and gas station robbery. Jobs like fishing, and foraging for things like apples to drugs. Licenses, and permits. All sorts of different aspects of game play that are not part of the vanilla game. However not every mod needs all of the above and some may want all. For the most part someone could just copy what they see on a server online and make some tweaks, but thats a simple form of piracy. To facilitate this, I would like to see each of the basic functions like "Cop Mod" or Food, water, banking, paychecks, and so forth as seperate addons or modules or just mod folders that can be added simply to a map. I am new to scripting for this game, and dont have the time I would like to spend learning the ins and outs of scripting. I would just like to drag and drop folders in, then link them thru an init file to get them active. Im sure others would like this as well. I try searching for scripts, and end up finding a ton of information on cheats, which I do not want to even see cheats much less use them. I have even posted looking for someone willing to help create a program that would build an init file based on the examples above, and then copy the files needed into a new mod folder. This would be awesome. I am starting on this project now, but most of what Im doing is learning and relearning to do visual basic to create a GUI that will let me insert premade scripts into and able to save a SQF file thats able to be seen in the mod.
  14. royaltyinexile

    Arma 3 Zeus DLC - Announcement

    We've just announced a new, free multiplayer DLC: Arma 3 Zeus. 5JiXznUyldM zeus.arma3.com Built around the concept of a Game Master, you can influence the MP experience of others. Using a real-time editor, create and edit scenarios on-the-fly, inventing new stories, challenges and locations. For a more thorough look at Zeus, join us for our Gameplay Reveal Livesteam, February 15th, 1700 UTC. More information can be tracked across on our FB Event.
  15. Based on public feedback, we made two small but important changes to the Make Arma Not War contest rules: We rephrased the "Registration" section to make it clear that Bohemia Interactive does not intend to publish or adapt the contest entries (it will always remain the IP of their respective author). We're now also allowing contestants to benefit from the unique functionalities of the Community Based Addons (CBA). However, note that CBA is still the ONLY third-party addon which is allowed. The updated rules can be found here.
  16. Hi everyone, I'm working on Scar-H, will follow the Scar-L and the other member of the family. https://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/960x540q90/7/198i.png (208 kB) But I have a problem in texturing; I'm using Blender to unwarp and a place the texture then import it (.obj) in Oxygen, no problem for the moment. But when I try it in Arma III, I have a error message :" Can't load the texture " So I do something wrong ( "you don't say ..." ) but what ? This is how I proceed : _Apply texture in blender with a PNG or JPEG image _Export the textured weapon in.Obj _Convert the Jpeg or PNG in a .paa format with the same name and put it in the data file of wepaon. _use Oxygen _use binPBO personal edition Could you please tell me what am I wrong ? PS: This isn't a import from ARMA II in ARMA III. 2 or 3 mods offer already a scar but i'm trying tho have the most accurate representation of the FN SCAR(belgium).
  17. Although the formations available are helpful, I would like to have the ability to set, and have a squad move in, a formation of my own design. Instead of being restricted to the formations that are recognized already, I could set the individuals into any configuration I want.
  18. Thoughts and opinions? Also, here's some further info: http://cramgaming.com/youtube-policy-changes-2014-good-bad-ugly-13050/
  19. - Bohemia Interactive, creators of the critically acclaimed Arma series and the standalone version of DAYZ, today announce the €500,000 Make Arma Not War content creation contest for Arma 3. With cash prizes ranging from €20,000 to €200,000, spread across four different categories, Bohemia Interactive challenges people to deliver their best work yet - and potentially move onto the radar of hundreds of thousands of Arma 3 players. Using the game as their platform, people can compete in four different categories: Total Modification, Singleplayer Game Mode, Multiplayer Game Mode, and Addon. The headline prize will be awarded to the winner of the Total Modification category, where the sole victor will be taking home €200,000. In the other categories, prize money is divided between 1st place (€50,000), 2nd place (€30,000), and 3rd place (€20,000). Projects which show a lot of potential might also be offered a contract by Bohemia Interactive, whether they have won the contest or not. “We’re delighted to be running a contest of such an incredible scope. The Make Arma Not War contest was brought to life to support our dedicated community of content creators, and stimulate the exciting culture of creativity that has formed over the yearsâ€, said Ivan Buchta, Creative Director at Bohemia Interactive, and one of the contest organizers. “Of course, with the stakes being this high, we’re expecting people to raise the bar – and we hope Arma 3 players will be there with us, to boost morale, and enjoy the fruits of the contestants’ hard labor.†In addition to the €500,000 in cash prizes, Bohemia Interactive is also proud to announce a unique collaboration with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), who will be handing out the Health Care in Danger Special Award. Given to the entry which covers the topic of ‘health care in danger’ the best, the winner(s) will go on a one-week trip to an ICRC mission in a foreign country, organized by the ICRC. While the application period is scheduled to open in 2014, people are already welcome to start working on their project. The closing date for submissions is October 28, 2014, after which a jury of Bohemia Interactive representatives and other industry professionals will begin to evaluate the finalists in each category (10 in the Total Modification/Multiplayer Game Mode/Addon categories, 20 in the Singleplayer Game Mode category). The winners will be announced on January 15, 2015. More details, including how people can cast their vote and support their favorite projects, are to be announced at a later date. “With the launch of the first Arma game in 2001, we’ve laid the foundation for our series’ long-standing history in user-content and modifications. It has led us to enjoy many amazing creations, among which is the popular DAYZ modâ€, said Bohemia Interactive’s CEO Marek Spanel. “Support for mod-making has always been a priority, and with Arma 3, our goal is to take it to the next level. The Make Arma Not War contest, as well as Arma 3’s integration of the Steam Workshop, the updated EULAs, and our refreshed Arma 3 tool suite, is all part of this effort. We can’t wait to see what comes from it!†The rules for the contest, which also includes information on dates, prizes, and categories, can be found on www.makearmanotwar.com. The Make Arma Not War website will be updated regularly, starting with additional instructions on how to apply in the beginning of next year. Last but not least, to stay up to date with the latest developments, people can sign up for the Make Arma Not War newsletter. Important announcements regarding the contest will also be communicated via the official Arma 3 social channels (Facebook, Twitter).
  20. we need a tool or commands to adjust rgb values in configs in realtime ingame! i dont know how much work it would take to make it but until there might be official tools, if someone is able to create an notepad++ (or similar editor) plugin hat has 1. a direct preview function for rgb values and 2. can convert decimal to 255/255 rgb values automaticlly. just my humble and desperate request but i think this would also be a very handy tool for every mapmaker to easily addapt the island lighting to the specific geographical characteristics of the custom terrain. maybe this would be helpfull as well http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=10776
  21. I ask this question for others. If I have ARMA2+OA STEAM edition, or ARMA X STEAM edition, can I purchase the dlc(s) in BISTORE and play in STEAM?
  22. first was unable to get it working now i'm getting error and still no good _trg=createTrigger ["EmptyDetector",getMarkerPos "AREA"]; _trg setTriggerArea [150,150,0,false]; _trg setTriggerActivation ["west","NOT PRESENT",false]; _trg setTriggerTimeout [0, 0, 0, false ] _trg setTriggerStatements ["this", "{ if (([thistrigger _x] call bis_fnc_inTrigger)) then {{deleteVehicle _x} foreach crew _x;deleteVehicle _x} } foreach allMissionObjects ''-[thistrigger]",""]; I've been looking at this way to long Thanks
  23. http://www.arma2.com/beta-patch.php mirror : the build contain quite some of crash fixes I mentioned last two weeks (if you still get any crashes, it's very important for us to get server's mdmp,bidmp,rpt files (compressed e.g. to my email (which is my BIForum nickname @ bistudio.com)with subject CRASH) BattlEye compatibility: ... SUPPORTED, enjoy ! ... note: also deployed on STEAM! (inside "test" branch, default beta is 103419) +++ Data fixes and improvements by the Community Config Project (CCP) Changelog: https://dev-heaven.net/versions/1391 More info: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?141732-ARMA-2-Community-Configuration-Project-(A2CCP)
  24. rellikki

    Arma Tactics videos

    Dedicated thread for Arma Tactics videos. Please post your videos here instead of creating a new thread for them. I'd like to start with one I just made:
  25. Hey all! I'm normally pretty savvy with the editor, however I'm running into a little bit of an issue with my current mission. I'm starting the mission with a helicopter insertion, so the players at the start of the mission spawn inside a helicopter, and are taken to the drop point. At the drop point, the swimmers are ejected, and the helicopter flies away, to be destructed off screen. However this is posing a problem with spawns for me. I want only the players that start this mission on time to spawn in the helicopter, and ones later to spawn on a beachhead by the drop zone, because the original spawn heli will not be present after the start. Does anyone have suggestions for how to do this? I tried to make a trigger switch spawn zones after the helicopter reaches a certain area, but that didn't work, probably because I was moving them into the helicopter in their init lines... So consider me stumped, for the moment. How do I make late players spawn on a beach rather than trying to spawn into a helicopter?? :confused: Many thanks, CodeMonkee