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  1. Hello! Looking for someone to help me with texturing, scripting, creating and posting an patch/insignia to steam workshop. I have to original file at hand needed to be made into a mod. Contact me for future discussions about work and compensation. Best regards -DWhale
  2. About me: Norwegian. Male. 25+. Student. Fluent in English. Gaming enthusiast. Love to record while playing and editing. Typical traits: Enthusiastic. Patient. Hardworking. Fair play. Easy adaptable person. Looking for: I like everything from PvP to PvE. I enjoy playing anything ranging from casual missions, to realism based coop + some light milsim. Everything depends on chemistry and good ol' fashion fun and teamwork. Looking for missions ranging from 5 players to 40+ players. European based team. English speaking. (can also be Scandinavian) Active and driven community. Friendly and open-minded community. (We all make mistakes) Experience: 670+ hours in Arma III. 200+ hours in Editor. (made multiple scenarios and coop missions) Enjoy playing every role. I'm very comfortable with not being in Combat 24/7. (Can work as a MEDEVAC, commander or other non-combatant units or Civilian) 100+ hours playing Zeus. (I need more experience) Fairly okay pilot and crewman in air and land vehicles. Familiar with most mods and maps. (RHS, CUP, ACE, ARES) Beginner level scripter. (Eager to learn more. Want to learn modding and terrain building) Well drilled in most ACE 3 aspects. Especially regarding ACE 3 Medical. (both basic and advanced) Know my way around CS6 and to some degree Sony Vegas Pro. Experience in driving, handling and promoting communities. (online and in-person) Looking forward to talk and getting to know some other communities! Contact me through the forums if I am of any interest. -Cheerio!
  3. daddy-whale

    Help with flak script for IFA3

    Want to thank everyone for posting and helping. Really loving this community. F2k sel's substitution script worked like a charm. Thank you so much everyone. Sorry for not posting earlier, have my finals soon. Cheers! -DWhale
  4. daddy-whale

    Live feed control (LFC)

    Getting two errors in the script. One from the livefeed.sqf and one from feedinit.sqf. I downloaded them as they were on mediafire. Any ideas? :S UPDATE: NVM. I'm an rtard...
  5. daddy-whale

    Help with flak script for IFA3

    You guys are lifesavers. Thanks! +1 Respect! Edited: Didn't work, tried changing the script and replaced it with both "LIB_FlaK_38_X4" and "AUTOCANNON_AA". Sorry to bother you, but, I have very basic knowledge of scripting.
  6. Hello, I want to put FLyingpenguins flak script inside a Flakvierling 38, but, I can't seem to get it right. Anyone here with knowledge of how to make this a reality? Script: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28654 Init line: this removeMagazinesTurret ["LIB_80x_SprGr_FlaK_38", [0]]; this addEventHandler ["Fired", {deleteVehicle (_this select 6); _this execVM "Flak\flak.sqf";}]; Thank you so much in advance -Whale
  7. Hello! I am currently making a Coop mission for me and my friends and are setting up the finishing touches. But, I have some minor problems when it comes to the spawning and respawning-module. 1. I want my playable units for this mission to start inside a moving vehicle. But, when ticking the option "Select respawn posistion", the game will NOT start from where the playable unit is, and insted will force me to choose one of the made up respawn modules. 2. I want the players to unlock new spawnpoints as the game progress. This I know works with a simple trigger "player, present". But when I tick OFF the "Select respawn position" and only use triggers, then the game will not allow me to spawn at all. Does anyone know what I should do here? I've been googling and tubing for so long that i'm going crazy. Thank you so much in advance. - Whale