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  1. Yes, how can I unbinarize the file?
  2. It remains white 😕 and when I try to import a DayZ SA file, this happens. I know, I'm a very noob modder on ArmA/DayZ, I have modded only on SAMP.
  3. I forgot that, thanks! Edit: How can I apply the textures to the model? All the times which I do it as the normal way, when I save the p3d, and I try to open it back is always white (no textures).
  4. Hello, how I can set the Arma Properties? (Is a model for Dayz Standalone) Default. No, I didn't, but at the same way, the last time it worked with an other object. Just the object, it's composed from like 36 polygons.
  5. 2.79b This one ----> Sure, all the times which I try to export a model, it doesn't works.
  6. Hello, nice Addon but I have a problem, when I try to export a model, this happens. A 0 byte file... And when I try to open it, this happens. Do you know what I can do in this case?