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  1. PO3 Tyler


    Thanks Haleks. I guess that another thing to add to the Apex Patch.
  2. PO3 Tyler


    @Haleks I've asked this several times before and never got any information. How does the Hunger/Thirst Rate Setting work? Is it done like the Time Acceleration(Higher Values means it decays quicker)? Adding how it works as a tool tip would be great, akin to the tooltip on Time Acceleration.
  3. PO3 Tyler


    I think I've asked this before, but I'm not sure. Is the integer for Hunger and Thirst done the same as the integer for time acceleration? I.E., if it's set to a higher number, you get hungrier and thirstier faster? I've been trying to figure that out since it's annoying how quickly you get hungry/thirsty.
  4. Hey Firewill, sorry for another request, but maybe we can also get an unmanned version of the Taru? I could then write a config file for you that would add the JNS Skycranes as unmanned heavy lift birds for Bluefor using a cross between your naming style and the style of JNS Skycranes. I would probably only config the Bluefor Taru from JNS Skycranes(one of each color of course) that doesn't have a pod as the unmanned one, since mod users can use the Taru Pods Addon by Xeno to attach the pods that way. This would probably mean less work overall for you. If you don't mind me doing this, I would happily do that for you and PM the completed config file to you. That way, you could release it yourself in a future version.
  5. Hey Von Quest, I have a question. I use SSPCM in Singleplayer and I'm wondering if this works in Zeus.
  6. PO3 Tyler


    Hey Haleks, not sure if someone has answered this, but would loot and AI spawn on the Chernobyl Zone map? If not, there's always Chernarus. However, I don't know if you fixed loot/AI spawning on Chernarus, and I'm not really a fan of post apocalyptic missions on Altis/Stratis.
  7. Hey Firewill, I know this might sound odd, but it's kind of an addition to the MH-9U/AH-9U. I'm wondering about unmanned versions of the MI-48 Kajman and the AH-99 Blackfoot. Maybe I could be pointed towards how to do that? Or if not, maybe it's something you could whip up quickly in the future? I'm just thinking that an unmanned version of those platforms would be amazing.
  8. Hey TPW. I love the HUD part of the mod, and I'm wondering if there's any way that I can make the HUD work with every piece of headgear and goggles in the game without having to find and list every single class name. Would using the base helmet/goggles class work for that? Or does the mod require me to list every single class name down?
  9. PO3 Tyler

    Night Vision Google - LUCIE

    These are beautiful! Thank you! I'm a massive fan of slimline night vision goggles.
  10. PO3 Tyler


    Please forgive me for this, but are there any updates on whether the nets will be added to Zeus and/or the Virtual Arsenal? I don't play Multiplayer, and being able to spawn the nets in the singleplayer campaign(using an addon I use) would be amazing.
  11. Oh my gosh Neo, that is beautiful. That is completely readable, even on my smaller screen. How long until you can get it packed into a PBO?
  12. Oh my gosh, Neo, that would be amazing. I'd do one myself, but my coding knowledge is extremely rudimentary. Sure, I've released a couple mods, but I've had a ton of help with those. I'm better at changing values than anything.
  13. So, after the Eden Update dropped, a lot of the text in game has been tiny on the Small Interface Size setting. The Tiny text is the ones on the tooltips, the bottom bar, the action menu, and a couple other places. With the game set to Normal for the Interface size, I can see everything fine, except for the fact that a lot of the stuff takes up a large portion of screen real estate. I've been trying to figure this out for a while, but seeing as BIS' Bug Tracker is down and the 15thMEU's Help Desk is not helpful, my only hope is here. Main Menu http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/547557505835414789/1EA0CCABB049E0DBF8A3B78724286B93B23A9CA4/ Stratis Loading Screen http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/547557505835414891/C5527D2EDD7408586E1C569E68A74EE91A75C999/ Stratis Airfield http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/547557505835414991/7CBB06F7D111D3AC1A094189100E96A254ACFFCE/ I know that BIS added a new font with the Eden Update, and I've tried the Parista Font addon that a BIDev made, but it didn't help. It actually made it worse. I've also tried changing the color of the UI to the Gray that's included by default, but there's no noticeable difference in the text visibility. It appears as though the font's size is 8pt instead of the 12pt it used to be. The 8px size difference is the difference between unreadable and readable. Any help I could get on this would be much appreciated.
  14. PO3 Tyler


    I agree. I have a mod that allows me to access the Virtual Arsenal and Zeus in Singleplayer, and it would be amazing to be able to use this. You can spawn the boxes in with MCC, but that has been known to break single player missions badly.
  15. PO3 Tyler

    PG Services (PMC)

    I hope you can get this updated soon-ish, but take your time. When it gets done, it gets done. I haven't been playing much ArmA 3 lately since my connection speed is shit and it takes a long time to redownload all the mods that went bust. So, I'm really not in much of a hurry.