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  1. 9 hours ago, SuperCoolDude said:


    Those must have been added in the last update since I played, as there previously were only US and European servers. Still, the Ping on these "Asia" servers is still atrocious, I get higher ping connecting to a U.S. West server than I do connecting to an "Asia" server, even though I'm in Asia. There's not one server I can connect to that is under 200 ping.

    That would be completely based on where you live in the Asia region or possibly your internet connection. 

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  2. 4 hours ago, SuperCoolDude said:


    Asia has no servers, which is part of the issue, so we have high ping in all games as we have to connect to servers from other continents.


    This influences all players, we have high ping and lower FPS, and other players just see us lag about or bullets take longer to register when shooting at us, leading to the frequent situation of players killing each other at the same time, or being killed as soon as you peak due to your game taking longer to register movements with the high ping.

    I wasn't asking if asia has servers. I am telling you. ASIA has its own servers. 

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  3. 56 minutes ago, SuperCoolDude said:

    One possible reason is that some regions don't even have a single server yet, so they are stuck with incredibly high ping in other regions server, which just makes the games in general more unstable.


    In Asia, our average ping will always be above 300 when connecting to the U.S. serves and above 400 when connecting to European ones.

    Asia has servers? Are you sure your not filtering them out?

  4. 1 minute ago, Tzup said:

    Well even your statement isn`t true. If i blaze in with my MXM 6.5 sniper rifle on a obj i can get killed my one with a Tire 1 assault rifle... just because i have less bullets then him, and don't secure my surroundings or... you figure out the other factors.

    Like I said. Im not disagreeing with you. 

  5. 6 minutes ago, Hand_Solo said:

    What??????   A lot of players run in the middle of an open field and then get snipe buy someone on a hill with a dmr and they start to scream that they died because the other player had a better gun.


    2 minutes ago, Tzup said:

    Actualy Hand_Solo is right, better guns dont make better players. I was also lvl 20 and now i`m back to 10, after i started again from 1.


    At 20 i got killed by low levels just because i didn't know my enviroment. The game is about Information not just "see and kill"



    again. I NEVER said anything about guns being the only factor. i simply stated that with a better gun it is easier to kill someone is good at the game. or even if they are bad and dont see it coming. 

  6. 1 minute ago, Hand_Solo said:

    Why do u ppl always complain about the weapons?In a game where it takes just a few bullets to kill your target any weapon is as deadly. You now have level a lot of level 15-10 vs level 1 players.Does that make it fair? According to you,no so lets just keep every one at level 1 then because "fair".In this game u die a lot from the mistakes u make during that game,not because the other player had a "better" weapon.So please spare me the bullshit about the weapons!

    I NEVER said that it isn't fair. I simply stated that if a veteran player was to jump in with a navid on day 1 it wouldn't be fair. The whole point is to work your way up the ranks while improving your skill. It would be very unfair for someone who has no skill and continuously gets shredded by someone with the best gun in the game. 

  7. If the devs gave back "veterans" points and levels that would make it so unfair for new players who have just got into the game now its actually on steam. Think about a level 1 with a TRG vsing a level 25 with a Navid. The idea of the wipe was to start everyone anew and make the game playable for those who have no experience. 

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  8. I do believe this is against the EULA although I don't understand why there isn't a FOV slider or at least an option to change it to a preset. Hopefully they will add it in the future but for now (or until a dev clears it as okay) I would avoid changing it as you could receive a global Battleye ban.

  9. I've found that there is a complete randomness in the balance of the 9.3mm Ammunition. At long distances it can one shot kill but at close range it takes up to 3 shots sometimes for the person to die. I understand that balance is being changed and this is only a suggestion, But 9.3 should 1 shot body shot. Given its caliber and Muzzle Velocity.

    for a suggestion i would like to see the Marksman DLC make an appearance in the VR Training Course and the Firing Drills. Obviously bipods aren't a thing YET, but i would like to learn how to efficiently use a Bipod and the mechanics in a VR Training Course or even a Showcase of "Marksman Content".

    On the otherhand i have noticed a Backpack in the Dev Patch (1.41) called "Dismantled Autonomous MG" and "Dismantled Autonomous GMG". When these vehicles (assuming they are drones) make an appearance i think it would be a nice idea to have them implemented in the UAV Showcase as i feel they are needed.

    All in all thanks for reading my post.